Absolutely no amount of brainwashing can stop the incredible knowledge encoded in our DNA of the difference between good and evil that all human beings are born with.  Therefore, no amount of delusion inside people in the Network can excuse their insane- torture, rape, experimentation and soft-kill to mentally and physically murder targeted individuals.

Talked with one targeted individual who met with me expressly because he was working for a former employer.   Then this ‘TI’ shaved his head directly after our meeting hoping I would not recognize him.   When we met supposedly by accident, he questioned me about what I knew about the Network and my targeting.   He was the best actor I’ve ever met, (besides a boss who majored in acting where I used to work for twenty years…) My former employer is paying for the gangstalking, remote torture and remote rape that will eventually lead to murder by accident, murder by natural causes, or murder by suicide very slowly.  The military calls it ‘soft-kill.’

Talked with another targeted individual who really believes that the Network is composed of angels or special humans who work to bring great change to targeted individuals through pain, deprivation, and mental/physical illness.  OK.   After hearing this a couple times finally told him believed him to be wrong…  Said, he did not have to improve himself- as he is a totally awesome, GOOD PERSON.   Let him know if anything these people illegally soft killing targeted individuals were demons and just really bad people who experiment on humans who can ‘think.’

Upon hearing this the TI replied God could not help him then… because Satan had dominion over the earth according to the Bible.  OK.  Does this man sound insane to you?    Before you respond, think about if you were a good person- who is tortured six years straight as he has been -without a break…   And let me know how you would rationalize the remote EMF weapons torture that is covertly happening you.

This man really believes he has done something ‘wrong.’  And he would rather believe that–  than to know the world is so evil;  and so asleep.

This friend of mine totally subjugated by the gangstalkers living around him: is hard-working, kind, generous, law-abiding, and the most ethical person I’ve known. Consequently life for him today is constricted to what he thinks are the rules and regulations of what those targeting him want.  In this wonderful man’s quite sane mind– he cannot fathom why he has been stalked, harassed, intimidated, and harmed…    Only hopes that one day he is ‘good enough’ to be left alone and the torture stopped.  If he feels any anger about his targeting and the alterations it has caused in his life- (and he is so hard on himself for these feelings,)   he reproaches himself, for each of these angry thoughts deemed ‘not good enough.

We all exist in our own personal heaven and hell.   Gangstalking and targeting is so horrendous many can only blame themselves wondering what they surely did  wrong. Everyone who is gangstalked and targeted reacts differently.   You can read about criminals who have served their time, coming out of jail and being targeted for crimes already served…  But most TI’s are really, really good people.

When is targeting with directed energy weapons OK?   NEVER.

Is targeting OK when a criminal evades the legal system and lives free continuing to break laws and harm people?   NEVER.

Who decides who gets targeted?   Governments, military and medical agencies, city utilities, wealthy people and their corporation security heads.  Sometimes a TI is attacked with DEWs because an insane person can afford to buy a DEW off the internet, or from a government employee.   Anybody who can afford to buy a DEW can target anyone they don’t like.  There is no sanity behind targeting or the people doing it.  

Those of us targeted are being used by insane, cruel, righteous people believing that they have the right to harm others for fun, for revenge, retribution…  FOR ANY REASON.    Most targeted individuals are innocent of wrong doing.   Nothing they have done deserves years of torture.   Nothing

This is experimentation plain and simple by the powers that be.  And insanity and retribution by the wealthy and any coward who can afford to buy a DEW off Amazon.

Gangstalkers, invisibly-suited cowards with DEWs, experimenters, who delude themselves into thinking their actions are for the good of national security, or to protect wealthy corporations, etc.  know deep inside that they are just power/money-hungry and really deep down know they are ‘insane’ to remotely subjugate, enslave, rape, torture, sicken and soft-kill their ‘persons of interest.’

Absolutely no amount of brainwashing can stop the incredible knowledge encoded in our DNA of the difference between good and evil that all human beings are born with.   Gangstalkers have made their choices and will face their God.  The One God.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God.

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