The weapon pictured above is a ‘Dazzler’ a hand held DEW (directed energy weapon) developed by the Air Force intended to disorient and blind a target.  But the Air Force wants tax payers to know that the dazzler only causes temporary blindness or disorientation therefore it is just a non-lethal weapon falling outside the 1995 United Nations Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons.  It is sold to security persons and law enforcement in the United States.

The only hand-held DEW shown to me by a gangstalker.  The DEW he had used to ‘sizzle’ me with EMF attack for hours- was the size of a very large black flash light three inches around, with a shiny metal swirled nozzle at one end coming to a point.  DEWs come in all shapes and sizes, most don’t even look like guns, or flashlights.  Most are cell, iPhones and computers with a program notifying the gangstalker when a targeted electromagnetic pulse of a human is near.  If the gangstalker can lock onto the TI’s EMP, they get paid.  According to a Highlandville, Missouri gangstalker recruiting video: the newbies start at $40 an hour.

The plasma directed energy weapon, DEW- projects a stream of plasma, beam or bolt. Plasma is a state of matter composed of electrons and nuclei among others.   As far back as 2005,  scientists were displeased at the U.S. military for funding development of a PEP (pulsed energy projectile) weapon, that bursts and expands plasma upon hitting something solid.  This laser pulse causes horrible pain, incapacitating its target without permanent injury… another ‘non-lethal’ weapon developed by the Navy.  The expanding plasma triggers impulses in nerve cells maximizing pain without directly killing its subject.   PEP weapons can be used for torture, says John Wood at the University College London.  Professor John Wood is a sensory neuerobiologist.  He collaborates with scientists in Europe, United States, Korea, Japan and Australia in research.

Boeing receives U.S. tax dollars for military contracts and is developing a ‘transient medium’ or  shield to stop shock waves and reduce densities of the frequency waves from DEW’s.  Regarding this force field Evan Ackerman who is a senior writer for IEEE Spectrums’ award winning blog Automaton writes- “The general concept is to use an electromagnetic arc to create this intermediate medium in mid-air on very short notice by using a stupendous amount of energy to heat the air into a plasma.”  

The last four nights (March 14-17) have been hit hard, no sleep to speak of.  Constant, increased levels of electrocution, above and beyond the whole-house directed energy weapon unit running 24/7 sending danger levels of Magnetic frequency at 5-7 registering on a 0-3 range.  This extra hurtful targeting alternates on stomach, heart or legs. Last night (3-18-2017) was interrogated again.  And asked three different times, ‘What do you want?  We want to work with you…’    These interrogations involve one realm of my consciousness, so I am ‘present’ only as a ‘being’ in complete darkness, listening to experimenters talk to a layer of consciousness they choose to work with.  

Thousands of people use their computers and phones to target each single targeted individual.   Such bizarre technological assaults… ( once had the ‘Hand of God’ repeatedly poke metal sheet on stomach until I awoke… )   Which is why I spend all my time- what is left- researching to be aware of the technology attacking me 24/7.  If a targeted individual ever began to doubt their reality, it would destroy them.   But that is what the Network strives to do.  Which is why knowledge of the weapons used is so valuable.  The Network wants to destroy their targets.  A destroyed target is a success.  

Published on April 15, 2013- University of Missouri created a plasma device that can be easily transformed into a hand held weapon by the Navy.   Randy Curry,  Professor of Engineering  proudly says this weapon is the ‘Holy Grail of plasmas.’  For the first time- ‘without any magnetic fields, or the use of powerful electromagnets, the pulse created generates a ring of plasma for about two feet, which stays together in mid air for tens of milliseconds…  ‘ Almost like ball-lightening or a forerunner to ball lightening,’ Curry says.   The weak plasma launched from this device is hotter than the sun, but very small, hitting a square metal target in the laboratory with unbelievable force.   This project was funded by the Office of Naval Research and MU.   Seen on munews.missouri.edu, News Bureau at University of Missouri, story by Timothy Wall and video by MU News Bureau.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

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