Dr. Barrie Trower


With a degree in physics, a professor Dartmouth College in chemistry, and mathematics.  Dr. Barrie Trower is also a British citizen, and ex-military Royal Navy microwave weapons scientist and M15 UK Intelligence Services Agent.  When he finished his time in the military he was asked to carry on with the microwave weapons research.  He believes all the microwave towers in cities today can be used as weapons and are already in place if needed.   Dr. Trower spends much of his life, speaking in support now for targeted individuals.   At http://www.stopthecrime.net, you can see a Dr. Barrie Trower in a video entitled ‘Microwave Frequency Warfare, the Real Co.’   Below are some of his ideas, and comments…

Trower states that governments all over the world have been lying to their citizens about the existence and effects of microwave weapons, and microwave towers for fear of law suits and reprisals.  Dr. Trower believes that the World Health Organization in complicit with world governments in keeping people in the dark about health effects of different electromagnetic wave frequencies.  He believes what is happening today covertly is as horrendous as the outcome in number of deaths from global war.

Dr. Trower said the U.S. government, military, medical agencies and scientists “used their own people as guinea pigs.”   It has been published that when a child uses a regular cell phone for two minutes, frequencies cause a child’s brain to have to recoup itself for two hours before it returns to normal.   However when a child makes a phone call every couple hours the child’s brain will be entrained permanently.  He worries about the microwave towers around schools that are entraining children’s brains early in life.

Dr. Trower said different physical or mental illness can be caused in ‘ordinary, sane, (healthy) persons’ by using an infrared device to follow a person with a pencil thin microwave source to target a gland, eye, brain, heart, etc… to cause different issues. He noted during this experimentation that when a subject became incarcerated or institutionalized for criminal behavior or insanity, the researchers  considered their work  a ‘success.’   He said people have been driven to insanity and death by the thousands in experimentation in the United States.  And smiled when reporting that ‘voices’ in the brain ‘are the easiest thing to do,’ and the ‘fastest way‘ to drive a person to doubt themselves, eventual mental instability, or insanity.

In terms of different electromagnetic directed energy weapons, he talks about the magnetic component or wave which tends to go inside the body, while the electric component goes around the surface of the skin.  (Most of the recorded frequencies in my home at 1551 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, Missouri 65807, are magnetic waves in high concentrations.)

It is now possible to genetically change virus and bacteria, said Dr. Trower.  By using both together.  By placing a live virus inside a dormant bacteria, you can literally spread this bacteria in a public place, or a forest- then activate it with electromagnetic pulse such as HAARP, and it will come to life after the perpetrators are far gone.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network in to the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.

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