In 1960 Dr. Barrie Trower worked with underwater bomb units in the Royal Navy.  Trower also worked on microwave warfare and radar.  Trained in all aspects of microwave technology- another job was to question captured spies from Russia during Cold War.  Currently Trower is a consultant to governments regarding microwave technology.

Microwaves are now used in all communications instead of radio waves.  Unlike radio waves, a microwave can go through any solid structure, as well as humans.  Low level microwaves cause immune system dysfunction, then neurological problems, then brain dysfunction...   In over 8,000 papers Dr. Trower said he has read, it is reported that the last stages of microwave torture is mental illness and cancer.   There are 19 published legal orders he knows of in Europe, that have demanded towers be taken down due to established documentation on cancers.

Dr. Trower documents how electromagnetic directed energy weapons (DEWs) are being used to induce magnetic pulse frequency to the brain to induce psychiatric illness with audio and visual hallucinations.  Saying that, 6.6 pulses per second of a certain wave can induce sexual rage in men. Then a ‘person of interest’ can be committed to jail or institutions as needed by manipulation of electromagnetic pulse on certain body parts of a human.  Lungs, heart, brain can all be targeted.  Targeting of glands for hormonal changes is easy, he said.  With half our countrymen employed by the Network Collective targeting innocent U.S. citizens, perps are never detected, never arrested and the crime of gangstalking and targeting eludes justice.

Trower says that no human being can legally be experimented on without his or her consent.  And before a voluntary subject gives their consent they have the legal right to understand all the health problems of the future and have the legal right to say ‘no.’  -This law is taken from the Nuremberg Treaty. The only exception of experimentation is if it is a doctor who wants to experiment on himself.

Trower relates that the World Health Organization is watching to see how many illnesses occur- as an experiment regarding microwave exposure- before they come out and give conclusions on health effects of microwaves.  The Nuremberg Treaty can be invoked.  An international law has been broken.  One environmental law published in Europe in 2004, established that damage to an environmental water supply, or the habitats of animals and insects or nature conservation area- is against the law.   Bees and animals dying, crops failing, as all the above can be caused by the microwave industry and held accountable by law..  Dr. Trower believes the effects of pesticides on the bee population is less dangerous than the microwaves prevalent everywhere.

Dr. Trower claims that if the rate of electromagnetic, microwave technology continues to flourish.  That if more and more towers, phones, and machines emitting these frequencies are constructed and brought into homes,  cars and environment…  Then the world as we know it, all- humans, animals, plants, and insects will be genetically altered until the damage incurred will be worse than damage from full scale nuclear war.

Above, from in a video from 2010 entitled Dangers and Lethality of Microwave Technology, with Dr. Barrie Trower.  Thank you Dr. Barrie Trower.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

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