There is the bridge between the heart and the soul.  The bridge between the inner and outer worlds.  Some would say this bridge is made of love.  Many believe love to be the purest energy existing.  Love is God, God is love.  Great Masters know that love can heal a human body, love can heal a human mind, and that love is the greatest force on earth.  Love can create miracles.

This is quite evident when I’m being jolted with electromagnetic frequency and have no love for those hurting me.  Have no love for those who murdered my dog.  Have no love for those targeting relatives in two different states.  Devout Christian and Hindu friends- believe love is the answer to stop what is happening to me.  (One of the Christians is a targeted individual themselves.)

After  reading the diary excerpt scribbled upon waking, of interrogators saying I was a ‘hero...’ and “because of you, the United States will be even greater.”   Knew defensive-psychic-abilities were downloaded.  What woman doesn’t fight back when physically when being attacked or raped?  If a MU wave is used to stop all movement in a human body, one can only fight back energetically while being remotely tortured.  One can only use their mind to stop remote EMF rape during brain computer interface.   Will all TI’s defensive psychic abilities be put into helmets for troops to wear?   It is only human to defend yourself during inhumane, painful torture.

If these were metal bullets shot instead of frequencies, there would be evidence- and everyone would believe what was happening.  A TI can only transform through personal work, their DNA to the fifth dimension to change their own frequency thus evading notice.   A TI can only use their mind to hack back into the very computers cerebrally hacking them to delete all the data on brain waves stored in computers.

With evidence one can proceed on a physical level to legally bring change.  Without evidence only miracles and God can stop what is going on that TI’s endure daily.  The frequencies used to harm targeted individuals are literally closer to God than most ‘things’ in our physical reality, excepting our minds, souls and water.   But these same frequencies are being used to harm instead of heal.

It is quite fascinating how gangstalkers resent those who stand up for themselves. But if you think about it, gangstalkers are sanctioned to ‘keep in line’ persons of interest marked by our authorities- (government, military/medical agencies and wealthy corporations.)   And gangstalkers believe they have THE RIGHT to remotely: torture, rape, brain computer interface and soft kill their targets by murder or insanity. They believe targeted individuals have no right to react other than to submit.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God.

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