Personal Targeting


Conspiracy charges can be drawn up on someone who agrees voluntarily to do something with another person, (or Network) in partnership for criminal purposes. Each member of a conspiracy is an agent of these criminal actions, even when actions carried out by another partner. Cornell University law school defines ‘conspiracy,’ as “Two or more persons acting illegally… in conspiracy called ‘target offense.’ Conspirators can be punished for illegal acts carried out by other members even though they are not directly involved.  Conspiracy is applied to civil and federal offense.”  Cambridge University legal dictionary defines ‘conspiracy’ as-   “A secret plan made by two or more to do something bad, illegal or against someone’s wishes.”  Conspiracy is also when “Parties use legal means to accomplish illegal results or illegal means to achieve something lawful.”

The weekend of March 18th was blasted with a plasma gun from the rooftop.  It hit the sheet of metal over me, as I lay asleep on a cot in fireplace room.   (Nights previous hit by high frequencies, so keep moving from room to room.)   The plasma assault felt like someone’s fist hitting the metal surface hard.  At first thought the cowards were using the ‘Hand of God’ weapon but then this ‘fist’ mushroomed out on the surface of the metal to the size of a dinner plate…  I said out loud was “very impressed” to have experienced the plasma electromagnetic weapon.   But would “rather sleep.”  It never happened again.

So lets see… this is what I personally have experienced since June 2016 when 24/7 assault began with illegal directed energy weapons (DEW)-

*A ‘whole house DEW unit’ which keeps readings in my home at high/danger levels at all times, effecting anyone inside the structure and effecting the structure’s integrity itself.  For experimentation, torture and eventual ‘soft kill’ of target.

*Hand held ‘Hand of God’ weapon which mimics human touch.  Over six times.  For experimentation and torture.

*Hand held V2K or ‘Voice to Skull’ weapon which lets you hear through bone resonance inside skull a ‘voice’ which is not your own revealing information the Network wants their target to react to.   For experimentation and torture.

*CO2, Nano Particle Injection weapon which uses CO2 to propel desired Nano particles into target’s living human body.  Environment within six feet of target becomes extremely cold regardless of temperature in room (2016 summer temperature of 89 degrees- is suddenly 25 degrees,) then what feels like long needles entering body of targeted individual.  Each ‘needle’ presence felt like injection approximately 2-3 inches, but was actually Nano particle driven through flesh.  In arms, legs, and stomach.   For experimentation, torture and eventual ‘soft kill’ of target depending on what ‘ingredients’ are put in the Nano particle propelled into body. This weapon evidently is heavy, as heard it being dragged across roof before hour before experience- a heavy metal object.

*Hand held directed energy microwave weapon used to target heart, head, stomach, genitals, feet, etc. to cause…  racing heart once an exhausted target lays down to sleep. Causing the brain itself to vibrate to intense frequencies bombarding it, resulting in diminished ability to think, confusion, headache- with eventual result dementia.  Causing such vibration in stomach and organs in surrounding area resulting in lack of appetite, diarrhea, or constipation- also feelings of extreme need to relieve oneself often when targeting specifically on bladder… feeling as if stomach will literally split open from assault. Causing hyper stimulation of genitals resulting in rape hours on end.   Targeting of feet hits most nerve endings in human body resulting in localized intense heat and pain with some toes numb or without feeling permanently, or without circulation.  Resulting in overall diminished nerve function of entire body.  For experimentation, torture, and eventual ‘soft kill,’ or institutionalization/incarceration.

*Brain computer interface achieved by torturing targeted individual with DEWs turning up the ‘volume’ at night resulting in sleep deprivation.  Once target exhausted and weak enough to be ‘pliable’ then alternating intense white lights (size of a pea) strike the closed eyelids of sleeping target inducing a state of hypnosis through electromagnetic frequencies.  (Had privilege to wake instantly once and see these tiny, sharp alternating lights coming through rooftop, tabletop above me and metal sheets/pots and pans above to strike against pupils when my eyes flew open.)  Once ‘under hypnosis’ the rooftop cowards used hand held microwave DEWs to torture into submission through pain and remote EMF rape, at which time began to hear interrogators asking about work experience with former employer of twenty years, doctors and work injuries.  The MU wave can be used as a frequency to stop all voluntary physical movement.

** While at a local FedEx shop a ‘customer’ came in and got on a computer.   He had to have locked onto my electromagnetic pulse/brain waves from previous BCI (brain computer interface) downloads or mapping…    At the counter waiting to pay for an order, my hands began turning back on themselves unnaturally in a way could not do myself .  What was happening was physically impossible.   The fingers were curled entirely backwards over back of my palms with the fingertips upside-down by the wrist.   My good hands acting as if they had a mind/abilities of their own.   Instantly thrust hands between my body and the side of tall counter- manually straightening them to then press and squeeze flat until the BCI was stopped to manipulate my hands.  Looked over at the ‘customer’ who kept typing into computer… he was staring at me smiling, in reflection of a window (it was night.)

Once BCI achieved-  heard repetitive voices of interrogators in sync with a CD of God-music I play at night, all night to offset BCI.   It was as if the interrogators were singing the same phrase over and over and over with the beat of the music…  “You are bad.

Sonic Sound DEW projecting horrific ear/brain piercing sound into home at night.  Used for experimentation, torture.  See article in New York Times, “The Sound of Things to Come” by Marshall Shella March 23, 2003.”

The above and more has happened since June 2016 when assault began 24/7 with illegal directed energy weapons on property, pets and person at 1551 S. Campbell Ave. Springfield, Missouri 65807…

Years before DEW’s started was gangstalked since 2012 after filing for work injuries at my former employer of twenty years.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and for bringing the Network down to conquer them. Amen.

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