What is happening…


If those in power in the United States government/industry perform an illegal act… the crime can be protected under national security.   By doing so, any citizen who finds out the truth of the crime, and brings it into the light for justice- can be classified as an enemy of the state under Homeland Security laws.

This is happening all over the United States today. Do you think authorities across America for one minute stop to think about getting permission to wire tap, phone tap, use satellite or drone surveillance of individuals they are told are national security threats?  A front page New York Times article three years ago said, ‘no.’

It is no longer necessary under new Homeland Security laws for law enforcement to get permission- if hometown ‘authorities’ believe a citizen to be a ‘person of interest.’  These authorities (military, police, city utilities, etc…) keep people of interest under surveillance- or they know when to look the other way when they are targeted with DEWs. Why are TI’s experimentation, torture and eventual soft kill or insanity by invisible electromagnetic DEW’s and BCI, (brain computer interface,) are never legally brought to light by any ‘authority?’  Why are the Network Collective employees (the puppets or ground troops doing this) NEVER slapped with national, state or international ‘torture’ laws, arrested, tried in a court of law, and imprisoned? 

Political correctness has taken a mutated turn for the worse.  As a teen can remember thinking how wrong it was when the ‘war department‘, became the ‘defense department’ because it softened the concept of condoned political acts of violence and murder.   Have most modern wars including Vietnam War begun for profit, for oil?   Most of my large, third-generation-American-family have served in the military… all of us are good citizens of the United States.  For myself, wanted to become a cop.

How many individuals who know the truth of the crimes of nations, governments, the wealthy, their corporations and security… being eliminated in the silent holocaust?  Why are only individuals attacked today for bringing truth forward and dragged into public light as either criminals or insane?   Why are not those ruling “the land of the free and the home of the brave” ever convicted of the crimes they commit- at what price are “we the people” free today?  Just what constitutes American freedom today?

If only as a child could know then what do nowmy whole life  would have made so much sense.  It isn’t what we do on earth, it is what we know and WHO we know.

In grade school was taught by Catholic nuns that the people living in the United States are our government.  We are our government.  But most U.S. citizens today honestly do not believe that.

In Australia, the citizens are forced to vote at each election- they do not have a choice… and the popular vote is law.  If you are Australian you are required to vote under law.  And each vote counts.  There is no all knowing: better-than   group of people like our electoral college- whose vote overrides the citizen vote.

What has happened to my country?  This is my country!  Let us put this understanding of the United States my country into perspective…    Voluntarily have sat on two city committees for three years, volunteered for over a decade in peace groups and battered women’s shelters- giving paintings in auction to support public institutions, voted,  petitioned to put issues on two separate ballots, years apart, to be voted on by the general public, raised public awareness in over twenty published letters to the editor- and more.  This is my country.

If I believe what is happening today in our country is less of democracy and more  tyrannical law…  does the practice of freedom of speech mean I’ve abdicated citizenship and deserve to be targeted by my former employer and Homeland Security?  

When people are ethical, thinking, hard working, strong and healthy, and voice their opinions- should they be annihilated, institutionalized or incarcerated?  Our current authorities in Washington say, ‘yes these people are domestic terrorists and should be incarcerated  as criminals or rendered into institutions as mentally ill so their knowledge is disregarded.‘  

How else could this Network Collective using covert illegal  weapons for torture; ‘soft kill’ and using brain computer interface experimentation and remote torture subjugate hundreds of thousands of Americans… and be allowed?   How could a Network as large as the one existing today funneling IRS funds away from law abiding citizens… their schools, public institutions, health care, etc. – EXIST without approval of authorities?  

And if the authorities in question are rogue, then why are not the other honest authorities speaking up and braving targeting and slow murder by whistleblowing on their fellow authorities?  Has the ‘brave’ left the hearts of our leaders?

In the ancient CNN article by Anne Hammock January 4, 2010, ‘The Future of Brain-Controlled Devices…’  it is noted that the Pentagon’s technological research division DARPA was working on ‘silent talk’ helmets for troops where communication could occur on the battlefield (or covertly at home,) through brain-thought only.  ‘Harnessing that power “opens up a whole new paradigm for us as human beings,” says neuroscientist Rajesh Rao of the University of Washington.’  He questions the ethics of such endeavors.

Neuroscience professor Michael Crutcher of Emory University agreed.  “If only the rich can afford it, it puts everyone else at a disadvantage.”  He believes many aspects of BCI (brain computer interface,) are “ripe for abuse.”  ‘Just the idea of mucking about with a person’s brain…  “raises questions about safety and efficacy,” Crutcher says.

But what the public knows is 30-50 years behind the military/medical government laboratories.  These ‘weaponized’ helmets are in use today and in fact reduced to the size of chips implanted in humans targeting and subjugating any U.S. citizen who questions and stands up to ANYONE IN AUTHORITY.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network of gangstalkers, experimenters of BCI, torturers, rapists and ‘soft-killers’ into the light for justice.  Thank you sweet God for bringing the Network down to conquer them.  So be it. Amen.

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