Life never ceases to amaze me.  No matter what time go to the library, the same people are always there.  If I change library location, same people suddenly appear. How many people- lawyers, government officials, city utility employees know what is really happening in our country and around the globe to good people used involuntarily for EMF research?  How many of these ‘authorities’ work to keep people who seek help- from getting any?  All manner of slander and manipulation is used to stop those who stand up for themselves and the truth.  Spoken words twisted- which is why the printed word is so important.

Nature is so beautiful.  God created everything so perfectly.  Am constantly thanking God for everything exactly the way it is today, life is a gift.  No matter how it is perceived, it is said one should always be thankful for a gift.

If a person is conspired against.  If a person is set up.  It doesn’t matter what they do to find the truth, it will remain hidden unless there is a miracle.  Unless God and the angels act in behalf of that person, truth will remain concealed.  It doesn’t matter how many manipulations go on- God and the angels can cut right through them.  This world we live in exists on many different levels…    The status quo has all the money, power and support it needs to control their part of the world.  But God is faithful.

In the Springfield, Missouri newspaper- the Springfield News-Leader… the last report on the TOP 100 highest-paid public employees in the Springfield, MO 417-area was from 2014 information.   Of these 100, the 6th highest paid public employee in Springfield, Missouri was Mr. John Black.

Black is a Springfield, Missouri City Utilities General Counsel.  The Springfield News-Leader reported that he made $103 an hour in 2014.  (In 2014 was making $100 a day making my employer of twenty years very wealthy.)  Mr. John Black made $215,886.71 in the year of 2014.  Also pictured in the TOP 100 highest-paid public employees of the Springfield, Missouri area was Amy Austin in the #12 position.  She is Springfield, Missouri City Utilities Associate General Manager over IT and Transportation making $89.88 an hour and pulling in $186,958.99 in the year of 2014.  Good for them.

When an untruthful and erroneous system is supported by a mass of people who cover for each other, anyone on the outside that dares to question… is in harms way.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and for bringing the Network down to conquer them.  So be it.  Amen.

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