No Coincidence

Karen Stewart (Former NSA employee noted on,) said she found out anyone bringing a law suit against the NSA are labeled ‘terrorists.’ Katherine Horton (physicist,) believes high powered spy agencies farm out their services to the wealthy to subjugate anyone standing up against a major corporation. Ramolla D. claims radiation weaponry is being used against people standing up against injustice.  She notes media will not report on the weapons due to the media being involved in this program of social redesign.

Since returning from being out of town thirty days, last three weeks the directed microwave weapon frequency is dead center on stomach 24/7.   Causing feelings of sickness at night. In the day time it is centered on stomach and skull non-stop depleting energy.

The same day the Springfield, Missouri Police Department computer crashed, so did the SPD 911 computer… and within a day- the Springfield, Missouri Library system computers crashed.   I don’t believe in coincidences.   Two reports I requested weeks ago were finally copiable and released by SPD supervisor Matt behind the headquarters reception desk after my third visit.  A woman in line wondered out loud while waiting to talk with an SPD official- if reports could be modified, when a computer is being ‘updated’ after crashing?  Thought that was interesting.

One report startled me made by Officer Shipley #1404 who found it odd that I asked if a Geiger counter or EMF reader could be taken in my home by a safety inspection team from the Fire Department during a free home ‘safety inspection’.   A Captain Pennington of the Springfield Fire Department spoke with me regarding this question and he said, ‘No,”  I told him it was odd that a city our size did not own either important piece of safety equipment.‘    Officer Shipley’s report was filed 7-27-2016 a month after dangerous levels of magnetic frequencies suddenly started.

Chad from City Utilities of Springfield, Mo. also wondered out loud if the readings on our EMF units might be caused by radiation.  Readings so high originated from areas in my home where no electricity used.  If a City Utility employee wonders if what is being recorded is radiation or electrical frequency.    Perhaps it can then be said my need to know what caused my sizzling and a dogs death… was rational too?   Or would the SPD also find Chad from City Utilities ‘paranoid’ and ‘mentally ill,’ for wondering if a Geiger counter was necessary?

Officer Shipley is the woman who pretended to write down her name and badge number.   She and Officer Bernet #1564 drove away leaving not a trace.  Found the paper she handed me empty.  Officer Bernet had his hand on stun gun in his belt the entire time he talked.  (The above information was posted at this site in April of this year. )   It is from this very first request for help to the Springfield Fire Department’s Capt. Pennington, that I was labeled ‘mentally ill’- and “a person of interest.”   Shipley made sure to concur with Captain Pennington of the Springfield Fire Department about the psychiatric assessment he made from two very short phone calls.  Shipley even attempted to have the Council of Aging diagnose me as mentally ill or put under lock and key for diagnosis, but they turned her down.

If we jump to Officer Helmes visit at my home three weeks ago, (by request to document the third ‘breaking and entering of my home’) he classified my ‘belief’ in the changed out nails and screw in the padlock on door jam as ‘miscellany.’  Said I was paranoid seventeen times and ‘needed help’ even more.  And he based his ideas from Shipley’s report, before meeting me.

After submitting an Internal Affairs application to the Springfield Missouri Police Department on Friday, May 26, 2017…

I was immediately emailed this letter on on the same day of May 26, 2017 from the Attorney General’s Office.    I really don’t believe in coincidences.


Danielle Rackers includes a letter from the General Counsel Mr. John F. Black from May 12, 2017…  was it coincidence that the Office of the Attorney General stopped assisting the same exact day I filed a Springfield, Mo. Police Dept. Internal Affairs report?

Now let us go to the next working day after the weekend holiday when two police officers, Welsh and Lilly #1511 make it a point to come to my home May 30th, 2017. Remember I filed an IA application on Friday.   Tuesday both men appear at back gate yelling my name loudly and repeatedly.  Hear them and get up from my task at hand in the back yard, to see both officers staring.  I ask why they are here?  In a nutshell… Officer Welsh from the Crisis Task force of the SPD says he thinks I need help.  Oh my God.

To make a long story short I recorded our conversation-  they just flat out said it was schizophrenic to say I was being electrocuted.  Really?  Mentioned to both officers that the Attorney General had consented to ‘assist’  due to the photos of my EMF unit having recorded danger readings of over seven magnetic frequency, and City Utility EMF units registering a frequency of 6.20, way over 1-2.5 milliguass which is above safety levels for electromagnetic radiation according to the EPA.   Officer Welsh said he did not want to see any paperwork from the Attorney General’s office (which would denote the directed microwave weapon attacks were from a physical source and not mental.)  Officer Welsh said he would ask me again to write into his iPad to contact a Burrell counselor (from the state funded mental health clinic.)

Was this his intent in coming to my home?   And did he want to have me seen as mentally incompetent and admitted to Burrell because I filed an IA application a day earlier?  He left saying he would call in a ‘hotline‘ report to the Council on Aging because I needed help…  OK.  The only reason Welsh claimed I needed help was because Captain Pennington of the Springfield, Missouri Fire Department told police I was mentally ill for asking if a Geiger counter and EMF reader be used in my home. And because I admitted to Police for the first time, in the past two days to being electrocuted.  OK.

Today at my general physician’s office attained two legal forms to document my wish for the world to see: no anti-psychotic drugs, no mind altering drugs and no electric shock therapy, (I’ve been attacked with directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic wave and radar weapons in home now for a year and it isn’t fun.)   These legal documents have been notarized and signed by two witnesses.

And then Springfield, Missouri would finally be rid of a woman who will not stand down in seeking help for property and personal assault taking place 24/7 for a year… In Michigan they have laws against using electrical frequencies to ‘torture’ people- as recorded in this site.  In 2008 Missouri, State Representative Jim Guest wrote in support of a man being tortured by his former employer, as recorded in this site.  Judge Pullman heard the case of James Walbert. Walbert claimed stalking, spying, destruction of  property, and REPEATED breaking and entering of his house besides electrocution was being done to him and his family by his former employer.  The court ruled in Walbert’s favor.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God so be it, Amen.


This post continues  a review of 2014 book written by a 1996 JFK Profile in Courage Recipient; Dr. Corkin Cherubini.   ‘Gang Stalking The Threat to Humanity.’   At one point the author conveys how our privacy has been taken away by RFID chips, laser surveillance, satellite surveillance, drone surveillance, among others.  He writes that authors Orwell and Bradbury upon returning to present day United States might say, “This is the society that even Hitler could not have conceived!”    Chrubini notes, “Many of us will not accept this gross invasion of privacy.   But we are a dying generation.  Already, they are preparing our children and grandchildren.  Hitler was not worried, either, about the dissidents who would not accept the Nazi doctrine, saying confidently, “I have your children.”  

Indeed have had several government ‘spooks’ threaten family.   -Neighbors and strangers.  God bless them. Archangel Michael is a personal friend of mine.   

Cherubini knows that many individuals were targeted before there was public knowledge of TIs and DEWs on the internet.  Great people dying suddenly of brain, lung, and breast cancers, aneurysms and heart attacks.

On October 1, 2013 a month into his journal Corkin writes about being stalked and DEW targeted upon retirement… “A month of watching  your life’s dream disintegrate before your eyes and seeing all become ashes in a hell.”

Cherubini’s notes the American Civil Liberties Union stance in ‘Targeted Killings,’  a book by Finkelstein, Ohlin and Altman.   “The CIA and the military are carrying out an illegal ‘targeted killing’ program in which people… are… killed without charge or trail.” 

Cherubini and his ‘wife,’ were teachers.  Ate healthfully their whole lives, buying organic food.   Kept physically fit.  Believe at one point Corkin mentioned being Vegan?   While at an Organic Growers Fair, he learns about HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program,) and how frequencies alter animal behavior, especially humans.  Then he begins to wonders if he was ‘targeted’ years earlier when he began saying odd things that he would not even think.  Corkin even admits to playing with those he knew listening in, invading his privacy, by supplying them with his own brand of disinformation.  (I have done the same… it is fun.)

At one point Corkin quotes Paul Baird from ‘Satellite Tyranny.’    “The U.S. Patriot Act, for example, protects governments and connected criminals from criticism and/or detection and prosecution.  Under this act anyone whistleblowing or fighting the system on a major concern, is arbitrarily deemed to be unpatriotic.”

Corkin writes on October 9, 2013… “I keep thinking of the rat experiments of the 50’s and 60’s and how the lack of privacy and space killed almost every mouse in the experiment.  And it was irreversible.”   On October 18, 2013 he quotes from the 2005 book ‘Spychips,’ by Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre:  “No matter how much you trust your government, giving it unchecked ability to observe and control your life is like putting a noose around your neck and hoping the guy on the other end never pulls the rope.  You might think you’re handing that rope to Mother Teresa only to find yourself one day staring into the eyes of… Adolph Hitler.”

On October 25, 2013 Corkin finds out from an employee of an electronic surveillance shop that a person can use a cell phone camera to document if a laser is aimed at them.   March 8, 2014 Cherubini uses a quote by Ted Gunderson a former FBI Chief, “It appears that those who administer the program (Gang Stalkers,) can call any location in the U.S. for surveillance, a telephone tap, or.. harassment directed at a victim, and immediately dispense manpower to the source.  This well-greased covert operation makes the old FBI COINTELPRO look like a Sunday School class.”  

On April 2, 2014 there is a quote by Max Williams, from ‘The Silent Massacre.‘   “The intelligence community in the U.S. operates with an almost limitless secret budget without Congressional oversight.”  Near the end of his book on June 25, 2014 Cherubini finds evidence of a microchip in his body.   This journal and research are the most honest, rational evidence I have read in my search for answers.   Corkin Cherubini’s 2014 book ‘Gang Stalking The Threat to Humanity,‘ is a gift to humanity. At the back of his book are marvelous letters written by his ‘wife,’ to any authority she believes could help her husband.  There is also a fantastic list of books provided to educate anyone on the subject of gangstalking and targeting.  Thank you JFK Profile in Courage Recipient, Dr. Corkin Cherubini.


Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.   Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God.  So be it.  Amen.

Dr. Corkin Cherubini


In the 2014 book, ‘Gangstalking The Threat To Humanity,‘  by JFK Profile in Courage Recipient Dr. Corkin Cherubini, he details in journal enduring property and bodily assaults from August 30, 2013 to July 28, 2014.   The woman he married is referred to only protectively as ‘my wife.’    This woman experiences several DEW attacks as well, however both admit it is Corkin who is ‘targeted’ most specifically because of his work in civil rights,and peace groups his entire life.  They are retired, in their seventies.

Black helicopters that fly over Cherubini’s home and drones so close to roof top-  can almost be touched are as common as the constant pain caused from poisoning with chemicals  or radiation measurable on Geiger counters.   It is assumed these air-vehicles distribute poisons whether chemical or radioactive, as well as gangstalkers breaking and entering their home on the ground.   Corkin is also hit with radiation from DEWs.  Documented is the non-stop procession of police cars accompanying them everywhere they go.

Cherubini writes about huge sores on his skin, his vision being ‘destroyed for an hour,‘ then coming back…  and heart palpitations none of which he has ever experienced.   And these are just some injuries from non-consensual human experimentation that he endures.  -Do not like saying ‘symptoms’ because in reality these are injuries from weapons and not physical or mental illness.  Therefore these injuries cannot be categorized rationally as ‘symptoms’.    Months into this torture Corkin researches on the internet and finds ‘gang stalking’ by the ‘government.’  The definition of ‘gangstalking’  fits exactly the violent attacks taking place.  Attacks that alter the privacy and integrity of the Cherubini’s property, bodies and mental space.

My heart goes out to Corkin and his ‘wife.’   The horrifying descriptions of torture. Their comprehension slowly dawning.    Just like Gloria Naylor’s ‘1996…‘  people of stature being treated the same as me.  Brings great saneness and peace to my own involuntary remote DEW and gangstalking torture.

While reading books written by these targeted individuals at times I laughed out loud.  Their courage brought great relief to me.   After almost a year of sheer physical and mental torture by directed energy weapons, brain computer interface, remote EMF rape, and five years of gangstalking these authors touched my soul.   Why laugh in relief knowing I’m not alone?

Because most authorities do not believe anything targeted individuals tell them.  A targeted individual can either laugh or cry.  Laughter cures all ills of the body and soul.  It is good to know that there are other wonderful people who endure exactly what I do.

No one.  Absolutely no one, wants to believe that what a targeted individual says or writes is true.   Why would a civilization that is asleep want to awaken to the knowledge that half the people living right beside them including agencies of government, military, medical, police, city utilities (the wealthy  and their corporations)  are involved in the classified program that ‘controls’ human brains and soft-kill human bodies LITERALLY?     Is the truth of such evil too incredible to believe?   There are tons of factual paper trails existing that lead to the powers-that-be devising this plan for decades.

What does this classified psychotic, covert civilization want to do to anyone questioning their power?  Lock them away.

To have such good people like like Naylor, and Cherubini and his ‘wife’ tell it like it is- documenting their process of disbelief, shock, despair, torture, and finally their calm detection of who is doing the tortureis vilification sustaining any TI.  To understand we are being tortured and soft-killed for our courage, great sense of justice and investigative talents is incredibly sad.  So I laugh in relief.  I laugh to survive.  I laugh to get well.  Laughter is the best medicine.

Thank you Naylor, and Cherubini for being courageous and documenting for all humanity what has happened to those living their lives in truth.

Corkin and his ‘wife,’ note research from a 2004 book, “…called ‘Homeland Security,’ edited by Norris Smith and Lynn Messina.  “We learned that inspectors use cesium to produce a powerful gamma ray to scan the contents of steel-walled containers arriving at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA.”   The couple believe radiation was delivered by black helicopters injuring their health.  Same helicopters they originally felt used xray technology to see inside their home.   Corkin found gangstalkers had  irradiated their bed pillows.  Because when Corkin scanned the pillows on their bed with a Geiger counter- it began ticking loudly.

Corkin puts many great quotes in his 2014 book, ‘Gang Stalking The Threat To Humanity,’ one of them is by Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde from her book “Microwave Mind Control.”  Kilde said, “Microwave mind control is the biggest threat to humanity and the most sinister plan to enslave the human race forever.”   Cherubini reports, “The new controllers of the world will be the ones who are stockpiling trillions of terabytes of surveillance records.  They will produce only the data they want to make public; they will suppress all else.  They will control the past history and the future as well.’

My spell check on WordPress is not being allow to work… please excuse the hacking.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God, so be it, Amen.



POEM: There is no fear.  You know who you are.  Trees, plants, and dirt love you.  The sun and moon sing to you.  It does not matter what humans do to you.  Your soul is that untouchable speck of God.  It shines in colors radiating rainbows.  The angels stay with you at all times.   Without your permission- humans can remotely map and erase mind… rape and torture.   Still your colors shine.  Outside.  Wind whipping  hair.   Trees sway in dancing admiration.    Stand in joy praising God.  Thanking God for everything.  Trees, nature, the Mother Earth.   Nothing humans do to you changes knowledge gained.   Water dripping through fingers, unstoppable.  Loved by God.

You take delight in butterflies gliding.   Charmed by dragonflies originating from petals of flowers.  Bees buzz with cheer.  Turtles crawl near to be held. All birds as musical choir sing to be heard – with same ears burned at night by humans.   Animals know you by your energy.   They take delight in seeing you.  This man-made  torture and destruction of body and mind- don’t touch  soul.   No matter how tedious daily torture schedule on computer screen: there is love.   Time isn’t in eternity.   Rejoice now.  Heaven is forever.   Hell perpetual.

Inscribed in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, Greece the ancient Egyptian, ‘Know Thyself.’   Is printed on you.  Like the Madonna’s legions of Angels know their commander- the Mother of Heaven.   Courage is your truth.  God is your savior.  With wings your soul flies.   God is faithful.   Flowers perfume the air for you.  The air rejoices filling your lungs.  You love God.   So be it.  Amen.

Last visit to the Brentwood Library in Springfield, Missouri a government ‘spook’ looking for all the world like an FBI agent, sat next to me and began a conversation. Was working on Officer Helmes’ transcript, and dots began again running merrily across screen from hacking.   Finally told man was aware of who he was.  Said he looked like a nice man.  When the government ‘spook’ got up to leave, he verbally threatened my family.   He the coward moved behind stacks of DVDs and texted for half an hour, keeping an eye on me.  Directly thereafter hundreds of numbers appeared in the transcript of Officer Helmes.

Family and friends have been attacked by DEWs.

If every targeted person walked away from their blog sites what then?   We might sit and meditate all day so God could  let miracles fly through us, transcending the insanity of the Network Collective.   Action is so much easier than stillness.   Yet it is in stillness -God.

Picture at top of this blog is on home property of a person who owns and uses DEWs.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God, so be it.  Amen.

Cheryl Welsh

Mermaids give thanks The greatest weapons on earth are the human soul and human mind.

At the end of Gloria Naylor’s book ‘1996,‘  she writes that her research is what is saved her from despair during 24/7 DEW attacks from ‘locals,’ and the NSA.   Naylor reviews Cheryl Welsh’s,  ‘2003 Survey of Evidence Regarding Mind Control Experiments,’ from January 3, 2003.  Cheryl is the director of a nonprofit ‘Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse, (now Mind Justice.)  She writes, “A strong case can be made that the US, Russia and major countries are developing and conducting classified and control non-consensual experiments.

Cheryl calls DEW’s directed electromagnetic radiation weapons or EMRs.  She reports, “Human rights experts and top political figures make comparisons of EMR s to the atomic bomb, the most powerful weapons on earth.  Freedom of thought can be obliterated with EMR weapons’ attack on the brain in addition to the body. … EMR weapons are silent, undetectable and leave no trace.”

Miss Welsh knows that major world powers are not being held accountable for the development of mind control weapons that work on the human body as well.  She writes, “Mind control weapons are a serious enough threat to be included along side nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in a document published by the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research.”   

Cheryl Welsh notes that directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar weapons attack the mind and body- causing forced muscle movements, sexual manipulation and abuse,  thought reading, and thoughts projected to target mind.

She goes on to write that ‘black bag intelligence tactics surrounding these EMRs include: mail tampering, manipulation of electronic equipment, forcing moving cars sideways with electromagnetic frequencies, heavy blows to body or exploding objects in home, and finally wrenching a person’s home or building structure to crack, causing loud noises encouraging sleep deprivation.

Welsh ends her article by listing US and Russian mind control projects, as well as political discussions and legislation of mind control weapons.   Thank you Cheryl Welsh for your research and for supporting TIs.

Thank you god for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down God to conquer them.  I love you God.  So be it.  Amen.

Immaculate Conception Church


Decided to color the padlock nails to know when a ‘neighbor’ enters my home making detection possible -leaving the aluminum alloy nails intruder used.   The house to the south of me that has been used as a gangstalker haven.   At the corner of Portland and Campbell, a Mr. Weber owned this house and rented it out during the time I lived next door- according to public record.  It is now owned by BancorpSouth Bank, of Tupelo, Mississippi.

In the library system in Springfield, Missouri the Brentwood Library computers seem to be the most easily hacked.  Last time there- dots just kept running across the page uncontrollably, no matter what a librarian did to help.   However it is at the Main Library where am physically attacked with DEWs most often from the minute sit down, until I leave, no matter what time get there.

Went to the Attorney Generals Office today on the square in Springfield, Missouri. Talked with a kind woman regarding the on-going assistance requested of Springfield, Missouri City Utilities deciphering three different EMF unit readings.   Attorney General Joshua Hawley is still providing assistance.   Thank you Mr. Joshua Hawley.

Next went to the Springfield, Missouri Police Headquarters and asked if the four other reports concerning vandalism and assault on my home since being targeted-  were ready yet?    Unasked for the manager of SPD front desk came out to let me know that my copy request was up next to be done.   Wondered why a week earlier an operator behind same window, told me the same thing.  This kind woman in charge of the front desk, let me know perhaps they had worked on one set of reports all that time.  Sure.

Actually got to speak with Detective Welsh today who had no idea what report of mine had been opened for review in the past two weeks even though told  he was heading the investigation.   OK.  After leaving the SPD foyer, Welsh came back saying that he gave the report to another police officer to review.  OK.  So if  Springfield, MO police have trouble even knowing who is reviewing a police report, wonder how murders and rapes get solved.   Surely I’m not being given the run around even though I’m a victim of a sad crime.   Sounds very intensive as investigations go.  Just think about what it takes to open a seven month old report that no one wanted to investigate until I asked that it be copied.   Tax payer money spent well.

(Half of all IRS tax monies going to covertly soft-kill, experiment on, and subjugate unsuspecting U.S. citizens…  according to money expert Catherine Austin Fitts in her Solari Report.)

Soft-kill is defined by the military as when a person is murdered by ‘accident,’ murdered by ‘suicide,’ or murdered by ‘natural causes.’  Murder by ‘insanity,’ should probably be in there as well according to Gloria Naylor’s book, ‘1996.’

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Springfield, MO is where I have suffered directed microwave attack continually by parishioners (or people posing as such) while attending mass.   This Sunday got there late.  It is easier to see who follows you in then… and as sat down, saw a man enter right behind.  He  purposefully watched where I sat, then came to sit directly in front of me.   No respect for God at all.  And directed microwave attack began.

Quietly got up in Immaculate Conception Catholic Church and moved to another seat in the vestibule. From a window watched as the  man moved again so I could see him.   Decided right then and there no one would run me out of church, so went to sit in his pew, and introduced myself to him.   This coward left directly thereafter not even staying for the mass.   The psychopathic mentality of humans who bring vile actions into churches, temples and synagogues has taken place throughout history.   Perhaps Great Spirit has a special place planned for these people who desecrate God’s house.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and for bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God, so be it.  Amen.

Gloria Naylor My Hero

At the Library Center in Springfield, Missouri checked out two books in house on targeted individuals.  Also received yesterday from MOBIUS; Gloria Naylor’s book ‘1996‘ documenting her targeting by the NSA with microwave weapons.  It made me quite ill to read that someone of stature (an incredibly accomplished author and poet who received the National Book Award for her first novel ‘The Women of Brewster Place,’) had gone through what I am.  Probably because it makes what is happening even worse to know that other innocent people are suffering too.   Gloria Naylor became a targeted individual when a neighbor encouraged law officials and the NSA to go after Naylor by lying about how, she was “dealing drugs.”

Life is so interesting.  Reading the book I was  shocked.   I still do not want to believe such evil exists.   Even though am slowly being murdered by cowards who hide, don’t want to believe it.   Have been researching to understand what is happening to  the eleven months now.  Naylor gives proof of neighbors attacking her with DEWs.

Medicine people of indigenous tribes never accept physical reality.  So even though researching non-stop for facts for this blog…  never, ever believe what is happening even though DEW attacks cause such pain and harm to physical body.   A hard tight rope to walk.  To not believe in physical reality makes it less so.  Today’s research by physicists prove this to be true.  And any medicine man can tell you that by not believing in physical reality is how miracles occur with assistance from God.

At one point Naylor writes about  the great community participation.  That she had, ‘…practically become a prisoner in her own home.’   -Which many TIs mention also.  Naylor was followed 24/7.   Her garden poisoned, things were constantly moved in her home, bugging devices put in home and car, and constant synchronized noise.  Still she did not  spiral into depression.   Wonder what Officer Helms would say about Gloria Naylor?  Or better yet still what would SPD Chief Williams say about Gloria Naylor?

In her book, ‘1996’  NSA, local stalkers and experimenters were ordered to raise stalking and microwave mind-reading assault levels when Naylor did not leave town.  The agents ‘playing’ with Naylor received a device that sent their thoughts to her brain.  In US patents many of these devices are called a ‘Voice to Skull’ weapon.

After attack levels were raised, when Naylor did not fall to pieces, the ‘community’ around her was allowed to upgrade attack levels again, so a device could be used to  read her thoughts.

Naylor went to a counselor after her attacks started, her counselor was approached by the NSA.  He was audited by the IRS after he did not turn over Gloria Naylors file to them.  The counselor was honorable,  and he also did not believe Naylor had done anything to warrant a national security risk as the NSA suggested.  

Wonder what I have done to warrant a national security risk?   Write poems about 9/11 and chemtrails?  When did freedom of speech and press constitute a national security risk?

After reading her book, I couldn’t stop.   Went to get more books on and by targeted individuals.  Education is the only way for the average citizen to deal with atrocities being committed against them.  Read the Library Center’s ‘Tortured in America,‘ by Michael D. Fleming about the ‘Life of a Targeted Individual.’   And once done with that, moved on to  ‘Gang Stalking, The Threat to Humanity,‘ by Dr. Corkin Cherubini.   (Wonder if these books will remain on the shelves.)   Got to bed late gobbling up these books, but was so happy that important people, as well as the average citizen like myself, experienced being targeted as well.

The reason I love Naylor’s book is because her goodness and simplicity shines through.  She by the way- did cuss at the experimenters who were sending their thoughts and reading hers.  Via Voice to Skull microwave weapons.  So she and I are alike in that way too we say things in the privacy of our own homes which only our assaulters can ‘hear.’   When you are being tortured you tend to tell it like it is at home to those invading your privacy with electronic equipment.

(I go to confession at church over it.)  Have almost stopped the practice of cussing in the privacy of my own home at the gangstalking neighbors outside, because I don’t like to say mean things.   My goal was to verbally hurt them as much as they have physically hurt me.  The book does not say that Naylor was tortured with directed microwave weapons like I am, so perhaps more coward’s ‘play toys’ have been invented since 1996?

In her book ‘1996’, Naylor’s  stalkers and experimenters begin to hate her  (because their job depended on driving her crazy and she just wasn’t going crazy.)   They also hated her for uncovering their surveillance, (she was smarter than they.)   The honest NSA officials watching their stalkers experiment on Naylor, admired her for not giving in to their suggestions of suicide and self-demeaning thoughts projected by V2K on her.

The local Police were part of the project to drive Naylor ‘crazy’.  At the beginning of her stalking police harassed her and then after being found out, gave the job of harassment to others up the chain of command.   Like to think that Officer Helms of the Springfield, Missouri Police Department just parroted what he was told to say- by rogue cops further up the chain of command in SPD.   There are all kinds of police and maybe Officer Helms just did what he was told.  My Uncle Carl was an honest cop.  I also wanted to be a police officer my entire life.

I’ve been told that a Springfield, Missouri Police Detective has asked neighbors to report immediately should anything transpire regarding me.   Yet this same SPD investigating officer has never talked to me about what evidence I have about home break-ins.

Also love Naylor because the library was her haven –where she learned about targeting that was being done to her.  When she ran to live in a new location those  stalking, targeting and mind reading Naylor, followed and secured rentals all around her where they could effect her sleep and keep torturing her 24/7.   At one point in Naylor’s book, a community presence of 50 cars followed her everywhere in shifts of two to five cars.  She always took down their licenses.  The NSA acquired community help, and rentals, by using slander of Naylor saying: ‘drug dealing’ and ‘national security risk,’  to secure people’s confidences.

Wonder what the stalkers, invisibly suited torturers, neighbors and experimenters say about me?  What have I supposedly done to be tortured to death or tortured to insanity?   Naylor- “…Even though you’ve learned through a lifetime of experience that some things need to be shoved aside if you’re going to go on.  You are changed by an experience like mine.  I would no longer look at this country with the same innocence as before…”    Neither do I.

After running to a new place to live, Naylor realized there were only a couple rooms in her home she could actually use and not be tortured- (just like the home she ran away from.)   At one point when she realizes running away did nothing, that her torture would follow her everywhere, she writes, “At first there was a flush of anger, and then I became very sad.  I’d stopped asking, “Why?” a long time ago.  Now it was, “What kind of people would do this?”  Didn’t any of them, as individuals, question the insanity of all this?  Or were they just blindly following orders?”  

Finally going to the library Naylor looked up what was happening to her after months of torture.  This act is what Naylor believes saved her.    However those assaulting her became angrier and angrier because she was making their job difficult.   So they played loops on the computer Voice to Skull device of the same ‘thoughts’ over and over in her head to drive her mad.  At that point she stopped responding in thoughts to them and shut her brain down.  (I do this with repetitive prayer.)  She had one thought that squeezed out, that they were ‘monsters.’   They responded with “We’re not monsters, bitch.  You’re the monster.

And that in a nut shell is what has fascinated me from the beginning about my neighbors.  They take great offense that I know they have tortured me.   One of the two best statements  ever heard in my brain originating from brain computer interface, in the last eleven months were from the neighbor to the north of me- who commented while ‘watching’ me be  remotely-raped with directed microwave weapons for the first time via through wall radar on computer screen.   My neighbor said, “I’m so sorry.”   This woman could have stopped them but stood by and told me she was ‘sorry?’   I find that very funny.   During a second all-night electromagnetic weapons-rape and interrogation episode,  heard  “I made you who you are.”  And thought that was pretty funny too.

God created me.  God made me who I am.  With gifts from God know most of those stalking and attacking me on sight.

At the end of Gloria Naylor’s book of ‘fiction’ that has her real name as the ‘character,’ she has copied what she found at the library during the research she conducted in 1996.  Concerning litigation against the NSA by John St. Clair Akwei, filed in Washington D.C. (Civil Action 1:92-cv-00449.)  The lawsuit defines- Communications intelligence, (from Fort Meade in Maryland;)  Signals intelligence remote computer tampering;   Detecting EMF fields in humans for surveillance;   EMF brain stimulation for remote neural monitoring and electronic brain link:   Two-way electronic brain-link:   Remote monitoring/tracking:  Spotters and walk-bys in metropolitan areas (gangstalkers;)   Chemicals and drugs into residential buildings with hidden NSA-installed and maintained plastic plumbing lines;   Brief overview of proprietary U.S. intelligence/anti-terrorist equipment.  No action was taken against the NSA employees named in the litigation.   Will continue with Naylor’s research in another post.  Thank you Gloria Naylor for your bravery.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God.  So be it.  Amen.

Robert Duncan- specifics on torture


In the past two weeks the damage to stomach has been severe from directed  microwave weapons.   Non-stop.  Last night feet also burned from same.  Been trying every idea to stop the remote EMF attacks.  So far, meditation, prayer and leaving the home when able, assists.   Prayer helps me deal mentally with non-stop torture.  Meditation alleviates some of the symptoms.   The ‘no-touch’ torture employed by Zersetzung/Stasi in Germany is being practiced in the U.S. today with DEWs.

Springfield, Missouri Police Officer Helmes and Detective Corporal Welsh might educate themselves and read Dr. Robert Duncan’s article, “Neuropsychological and Electronic “No-Touch Torture.” The Spectrum of “Interrogation” and Torture Techniques Used by the U.S. and It’s Allies.  The Executive Summary was published by Global Research on June 8, 2015. His article defines ‘Torture Methods for Interrogation and Behavior Modification.’

Putting Duncan’s facts together with any TIs experience of being targeted is gratifying because of the acknowledgment of what happens to innocent people by covert cowards:    Dr. Duncan reports that no-touch torture uses cybernetic technology to entrain a targets mind.  One way to experimentally communicate on TIs is through electromagnetic frequencies hitting skull bones being perceived as human speech in the brain.   This can be achieved with the ‘Voice of God,’ ‘Voice to Skull’ and brain computer interface.  Duncan notes, targets are purposefully ‘labeled with mental illness,’ to discredit them.  -And to keep authorities, or human rights groups from aiding TIs.  Duncan writes that sleep deprivation is the number one way to control the targeted individual as it causes memory loss, especially after brain computer interface interrogation.   Sleep deprivation is behavior modification. Cybernetic memory ‘erasure’ is used to confuse, disorient and mimic symptoms of dementia to further enslave the target.

Dr. Duncan’s article defines no-touch torture as the imprisonment and isolation of a target which is ensured when family and friends distance themselves from this ‘…horrific topic… (no-touch torture,)  because it can’t be comprehended that humans can be motivated, or computer programs can be run to do this to other sentient beings.’ Slander of the target in their own community- is a technique used to further isolate by ‘personal and spiritual defamation.

Images and speech are broadcast from a distance into  human guinea pig minds. This can be done with brain computer interface and hypnosis.  Both impact the  brains autonomic nervous system.  Neural linguistic programming can program fear into the non-consenting subjects brain.  Fear and terror being primary ways to manage the individuals behavior.   Duncan writes that motor cortex mapping causes ‘... involuntary twitches‘ of any body part.  To demean the subject.  He notes the ‘Active Denial System‘ can cause the targeted individual to feel physical symptoms ‘…that are not actually happening.’   As for sensitization…  ‘All suffering can be entrained into the minds of the no-touch torture subjects,’ Duncan writes.

Then there is the repetition of the ‘Chatter bots,‘ which is an artificial intelligence program Duncan reports.  It was created to assist covert interrogators from having to repeat their questions verbally repeatedly for hours during neural linguistic torture, experimentation and interrogation.  This repetition all helps with psychological intimidation.  But brain computer interface causes physical symptoms as well.  Duncan write that through no-touch torture a human guinea pig’s brain can be ‘… forced to release dopamine which causes pupil dilation, encouraging sensory overload.’  A body’s metabolism can be altered altered to exhibit physical symptoms of cold or heat.

Duncan reports that of the ‘thousand interviews of no-touch torture...’  there are the ‘… electric shocks and stings,’ to various body parts.  These physically produce pain. And there is rape.  ‘EEG-heterodyning‘ achieves molestation of genitals on men and women being experimented on.  (Heterodyning is a radio signal processing technique.)  Microwave weapons like the ‘Hand of God,’ can be employed.  He notes, ‘…shocking the testicles and nipples are most common due to their sensitivity.’   No-touch-torture rape causes ‘…sexual humiliation,’ as well as rage, fear and subjugation. Duncan reports that with through-wall radar the subject’s ‘rape’ can be watched.   Documented.

As an overview Duncan writes that these ‘government training exercises‘ are ‘malicious efforts to target bloggers, activists, journalists, organizers or anyone who may be an emerging leader,‘ or voice.   He notes that in no-touch torture, ‘… the target will contact everyone who might help them.  Then those relationships can be destroyed to isolate the target.‘  Psychologically intimidation is ensured by those experimented on.  ‘The NSA easily hacks all computer systems…’  Duncan writes- ‘Unfortunately every sample point in the world’s society needs to be studied to improve the weapons systems.  This is why many random people are put into the torture and mind control experiments…’  Duncan reports, “Hyper Game Theory,” is used in war games to determine how to control your enemies and targets.  Game Theory can be used on governments, individuals or for determining propaganda to alter cultures.’

Dr. Jose Delgado, an MKULTRA experimenter and Director of Neuropsychiatry, at Yale Medical School is recorded on Congressional Record No. 26, Vol. 118, February 24, 1974 to have stated:  “We need a program of psycho-surgery and political control of our society.  The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated… The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view.  This lacks historical perspective… Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal.  We must electrically control the brain.  Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain.”

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God.  So be it.  Amen.

Officer Helms


Do you believe in coincidences?  How can eight months of magnetic home radiation be cut in half  after posting the transcript of Springfield Police Officer Helmes, remarks?   What is even more coincidental is that after someone directing microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar weapons into my entire home cut the dangerous levels of magnetic radiation by half.   A renewed, horrible directed energy weapons assault by hand held devices 24/7 is happening now at high intensity instead aimed at specific body parts.  Usually feet or skull.  Some nights it is the heart or bladder.  Sometimes stomach hit so hard it moves from the vibration of EMF wave attack.

Would need high dollar equipment to document the DEW hand held attacks on my body.    My home has been ruined by the whole house directed energy weapons unit aimed at it for eight months.   Wall cracks and leaking roof from EMF attacks passing through the structure of my home.

Never called the Springfield Missouri Police to report being EMF attacked 24/7 night and day for eight months, as most TI’s advise against it.   Two days ago someone ripped off at the base, four stalks of Yucca five foot tall, ready to flower in front yard. Because decided the destruction of four plants that bloom joyfully once a year- would be labeled by Officer Helmes as ‘paranoia.’

What would happen if Catherine Austin Fitts one of the biggest names in MONEY in the United States told Officer Helmes, and Corporal Welsh that there are two civilizations living in our country today.   One legitimate and the other covert, both paid for by U.S. tax dollars.    She worked under President Bush as Assistant Secretay of Housing, Federal Housing Commissioner at HUD.   How would they explain that?

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the network down to conquer them.   So be it.  I love you God.  Amen.

Springfield MO Police


After requesting of the Springfield Police Department copies of five police reports (to prove each report’s validity in calling for law assistance,) one from October 13, 2016: ’16-42996‘ is now under ‘review!’   Wow!  The only Police reports filed on my property were asked for by me to document the the harassment, intimidation, and illegal weapons use by neighbors on myself, property and my dogs.   When paying the $10 dollars for copies on May 12th, none of the reports were ‘active,’ or under review.   Does this seem odd?   Has the Blue Code been activated to support Officer Helmes?    If so the Blue Code been activated erroneously, at the expense of someone attempting to document 24/7 assault by the Network for eight months right here in Springfield, Missouri.

When at the Springfield Police Station purchasing copies- the woman who took my money asked if any reports involved three-party litigation?  I replied ‘no.’ She said while looking into computer that all five reports would be easy to copy and should be done in two to seven days.

Couple days ago phoned SPD, to ask if reports ready?  The operator put me on hold to check, and came back saying that they would most likely be done in a day.  Let me know the reports were up next to be looked at.   But she would still allow 7-10 days for processing from the time of request.   There was no report under review- therefore not copyable at that time.

So today when I walked in the Springfield Missouri Police Department Headquarters to ask if the young woman at the window if copies were ready… imagine the surprise finding Officer Kibby’s report being investigated by a detective.   The other reports 17-20130, 16-42743, 16-30685 and 16-17345 are on same request to be copied.   Woman at the SPD window said, “It can take as long as 30 days for processing to happen.”  Wow.   Detective Corporal Welsh will be very thorough.   I’m guessing there has to be a reason for Officer Helmes’ calling me ‘paranoid’ seventeen times?   Is he involved in assisting those who target innocent U.S. citizens with directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic, and radar weapons?

Mr. Welsh definitely has not contacted me.    Called and left him a message today right in front of the employee at the Springfield Missouri Police Department reception window- asking why he opened to review of a report filed seven months ago- and could he please contact me?   It is probably because our Springfield Missouri Police are so busy solving crimes, that this is the first chance they have to look into a seven month old report.     Also have had no luck securing an appointment to speak with the Police Chief Paul F. Williams- after two attempts via phone message, will leave it up to his secretary Francine whether to call and assist me with this.

Coincidentally as well…  City Utilities General Counsel Mr. John Black (who according to the Springfield News-Leader makes $103 an hour) and City Utilities Amy Austin (twelfth highest paid public employee in Springfield, Missouri) will both be happy to know- that since posting the transcript of Officer Helmes’ conversation last week, the level of magnetic radiation in my home is down by over half for the first time in eight months.  It’s magic!   Still waiting for his Mr. Black’s reply to my last request which Attorney General of Missouri Joshua Hawley, is assisting.  Thank you Mr. Hawley.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  So be it.  I love you God.   Amen.