God is watching us all, no matter what name you call the One.  Mr. Jon Black is the City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri general counsel… in his final response to Attorney General of Missouri Joshua Hawley: he answers unintelligibly, no way deciphering the original question promised to be answered by City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri employees, “What do the three EMF unit readings mean?”  The City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri employees Russel, Chad and Manager Chris Bell promised an answer to that question months ago.  CU is my electrical provider.

City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri fronted by general counsel Mr. John Black, has chosen to not provide  answers regarding the intensity or type of EMF’s bombarding property, animals and self at my home in Springfield, Missouri near the corner of Sunshine and Campbell.  He also does not answer what all three different readings mean together as a whole, and how these different frequencies of electricity impact property, animals or me.   The visiting CU employees had no idea where electrical readings in my home came from as no electricity was on, or existed in areas where highest levels were recorded.   Is it hard, Mr. John Black for you to comprehend the question “What do these three EMF unit readings mean?”  You were given hard copy photos of the meter face recordings and written frequency levels.

Furthermore,  City Utilities Mr. John Black, offers no explanation of his picking UNC’s References and Resources standard of…   “C95.6 – 2002 IEEE Standard for Safety Levels with Respect to Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields 0 to 3 kHz,”  in it’s relation to the data sent via Attorney General’s office in an April 8, 2017 response letter regarding all three EMF unit photographs and written EMF readings:

  1. Chad’s EMF read 6.20 mGuass, 60 Hertz field- three feet to the right of my kitchen sink. My EMF read 8 milliguass (danger zone) magnetic field.    And at same location Russel’s EMF read -00.0 ACV 200.
  2. When my electric stove burner was turned on high Chad’s EMF read 5.46       mGuass on 60 Hertz field.  Russel’s EMF at electric stove burner turned on high was 00.3 ACV 200.   Do not have a picture of my EMF at that location, but can turn a burner on high and send picture with a reading if you require it.
  3. At basement windows Chad’s EMF read at 1.96, 1.76 mGuass on 60 Hertz field. Russel’s EMF read -00.0 in same location.  My EMF read at 7, 8 milliguass magnetic field- danger zone.
  4. At the Madonna statue in front hall, four feet above floor, no electrical appliances anywhere near… Chad’s EMF read 5.68 mGuass at 60 Hertz field.  Russel’s EMF read 00.0 ACV 200 at Madonna.  And my EMF read at 8 magnetic milliguass in same location.
  5. Outside at meter on house, Chad told me his EMF read 40 mGuass at 60 Hertz field. Russel’s EMF information lacking in this area.   Mine was off scale at meter outside. (ALL PICTURES WERE INCLUDED IN THIS RESPONSE to Mr. John Black.   Same pictures posted  in this site months earlier.)

How… Mr. John Black am I supposed to decipher your offering of what is safe when I do not know what UNC’s References and Resources standard of…   “C95.6 – 2002 IEEE Standard for Safety Levels with Respect to Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields 0 to 3 kHz,” MEANS?   I AM NOT AN ELECTRICIAN, Mr. John Black what is a ‘kHz’?

A ‘kHz’ frequency, is not the same thing as CU Chad’s EMF unit setting of AC (60 Hertz.)  City Utility employees promised to say what all the frequencies meant, all together.   Just looked up ‘kHz’ on Google.  ‘kHz’ is radio waves  having frequencies as high as 300 GHz and as low as  3 kHz?  But my EMF was recording magnetic waves, and again CU Chads was recording on AC (60 Hertz) so  ‘kHz’ frequency has nothing to do with any of the readings taken from my home?  Nothing, Mr. John Black.

The ‘kHz’ safety and danger levels therefore cannot be used as a standard for AC or magnetic settings.

Mr. John Black, what in my front hall (no where near appliance, electrical lamp or outlet,) causes CU Chad’s EMF unit to record 5.68 mGuass at 60 Hertz field, and mine at 8 magnetic milliguass?  What do these readings mean in regard to each other and by themselves?    If all you have to offer to me, Mr. John Black is an understanding that 0-3 kHz is SAFE, then obviously both Chad’s at 5.68 and my EMF unit readings at 8 ARE BIGGER NUMBERS AND LOGICALLY NOT SAFE, (if you are to go by numbers alone…)

State employees at the Attorney General of Missouri’s office in Jefferson City, Missouri on Daniell Rackers desk have seen the color hard-copy photos recording levels much higher than ‘3’ in  home from City Utility EMF units and my own.

Sincerely hope no one from Danielle Racker’s office comes to Springfield, Missouri and talks with our Police officers Shipley, Helmes, Lilly and for that matter Captain Pennington of the Springfield, Missouri Fire Department about the documented high levels of EMF going on in my home- as they would be reported by the Police as  ‘paranoid,’ ‘mentally ill,’  ‘persons of interest,’ and ‘schizophrenic’ for acknowledging dangerous levels of electricity that can cause electrocution.

When City Utilities came over- CU Chad’s EMF unit read as high as 6.20 and  5.68-  set at mGuass, on 60 Hertz.

How can Mr. John Black not answer intelligently to a customer who pays his salary and who is living in a home with dangerous levels of EMFs for the past year?  My dog died from electrocution.   I want my life back, Mr. John Black.

Did you purposefully not assist me at all?

Black writes, “… it is difficult to know exactly which pictures Ms. Grace refers with regard to the question, the settings are generally apparent from the pictures.”   Mr. John Black please read the following carefully, you know and I know that the settings are apparent from the pictures… however they are different on each of the three EMF units in the photos.    My question has always been,  for CU to interpret all the readings via their settings  It is obvious you have side stepped discerning the levels of electromagnetic radiation/energy in my home, AS PROMISED by City Utilities Manager Chris Bell.

Now the really big question is WHY?

What does City Utilities have to gain from not assisting a GOOD customer in the same home location for 22 years, when electrical EMF readings are in danger zones for the past year?

Does having power and money mean that you stop telling the truth?

Do you stop telling the truth to aid friends?

Are your ‘friends’ the owners, heads of security, and CEO of the mega corporation in town that owns Springfield, Missouri?  If not the whole state of Missouri?

Is every single person in authority in Missouri owned by this mega corporation?

I’m glad the general counsel of City Utilities Mr. John Black picked a safety level of 0-3 kHz, because it has nothing what so ever to do with danger readings of differing AC and Magnetic electric frequency settings  ‘generally apparent’ on EMF units recorded in my home and submitted as documentation to the Attorney General.  And I’m glad Mr. John Black that you admitted in writing, to have seen the hard copy photos documenting legally forever, once and for all… the high EMF levels on City Utility equipment and my own-  that can cause electrocution.  With no source of these dangerous levels found.

If that is the only thing that Mr. John Black- public servant…  (who makes over one hundred dollars an HOUR- each hour he works for City Utilities )  has helped me with– I appreciate his assistance.    Documentation of a crime is important.

As of this June one year of non-stop electrocution without answers, has come and gone.

Can an employee or public citizen who remains silent regarding their knowledge of criminal activity in Springfield, Missouri be prosecuted?

Could an employee’s silence incriminate the company they work for in any way?

If an employee knows that another woman in Springfield, Missouri has been treated the same as myself- (being ELECTROCUTED)  is that employee required by law to go to the Police?  (Course the Police might call the Area Council on Aging to put that employee in a 72 hour lock down for psychiatric observation.) It would depend on how old an employee is.

The hardest questions of all:

Why wasn’t Mr. Black’s referenced 0-3 kHz safety levels asked to be explained in relation to Cu’s AC frequency and my magnetic frequency?   (EPA reports levels over 1 to 2.5 milliguass being unsafe.)

Did Mr. John Black knowingly choose radio waves (kHz) as a form of electromagnetic measurement having nothing to do with AC frequencies, and Magnetic frequencies (if you are establishing a safety level for either.)

Would have liked to respond to Mr. John Black’s letter.

Did a general counsel of a City Utilities knowingly mislead an Attorney General’s office?

Or did a general counsel of a City Utilities know absolutely nothing about electrical frequencies and should not have been answering questions regarding safety and danger levels of electromagnetic frequencies?


Why was all assistance from the Attorney General of Missouri in a case deciphering three EMF unit readings dated and reported as closed in an E-mail letter, on the same day I filed an Internal Affairs report at Springfield, MO Police Department?


Do authorities believe I ENJOY calling and seeking their assistance and writing a blog?  Far be it.  Have only been forced to seek their resources because  property, animals and my person have been assaulted 24-7 for one year this month.  Forced to document for the world to see, because believe the electrocution will eventually destroy physical body.  Exhausted from researching.   In pain from electrical frequencies the minute enter my home.

I owe the Attorney General of Missouri Joshua Hawley my freedom today because it is only through this legal documentation and his assistance that I might evade persecution.  Thank you sir for the assistance you gave to me.

God bless you, Joshua Hawley and Danielle Rackers.

As posted earlier in this site  I believe  labeling a human ‘mentally ill’ because they are being electrocuted is against the law…  Mr. Black being a lawyer, would you know if this ‘labeling’ and attempt to put someone into 72 hour lock down for evaluation- could legally be defined as slander, harassment, intimidation, discrimination or conspiring against an individual for standing up for themselves?  

Electrocuting someone purposefully is against the law.    Not aiding a person being electrocuted by whatever means…    should be against the law.  That is why I called the law to document my home being broken into for the third time this year. 

Never, ever reported being electrocuted to the Police because it wasn’t wise.   Only reported to Police property assaults and laser beam strike to left eye.

Only mentioned feeling electrocution to Springfield Fire Department Captain Pennington when first seeking equipment to register what electromagnetic radiation was occurring in my home a year ago.

Mentioned electrocution first time at the SPD the day before filing an IA inquiry while asking for a third time to have copies of reports released.   (The five reports being copied were held up by one report being ‘opened for investigation’ seven months after I requested it be filed, and opened for investigation only after I asked for my reports to be copied.)

SPD officers Welsh and Lilly, brought  up electrocution as a sign of schizophrenia when they came to my home four days after I filed the IA report.  Welsh and Lilly came to my home to specifically get me to go to state funded Burrell mental health facility, or for me to be ‘hotlined’ into a 72 hour hold for diagnosis by the Area Council on Aging.

Submitted photos to the Attorney General of Missouri concerning high danger levels of electricity recorded by CU and myself knowing it is what is causing electrocution. The Attorney General of Missouri then consented in writing to legally  assist me in getting CU to interpret these high readings.

There are all kinds of law, and God is the greatest law in the universe.

When taking the photos above I asked God to let me see the spirit inside each of the angels painted on canvas and paper.  The angel up in left corner has energy coming directly out of her stomach.  The angel persistently shined it’s energy in the two photos I took of her.  These are pictures of old photos.

Months ago in this blog- admitted to being psychic since childhood.   Do not say this lightly.  Even though most movies and best selling books in the United States contain psychic characters in them… (because a fictional character having abilities is desirable…)  in real life, the world populace would just as soon burn someone they didn’t understand than  support a psychic’s God-given ability.   

Electrocution is a lot like burning, isn’t it? 

Not that it isn’t anyone’s business, but I am a medicine woman or a shaman.  Like many people who are psychic can see things, and some can photograph...  To SEE things does not make one paranoid, mentally ill, or schizophrenic:  IT MAKES THEM PSYCHIC.

There are people with high IQ’s, medicine people, witches, born-again Christians speaking in tongues, activists, Jewish mystics, warlocks, Hindu masters, Buddhist monks, whistle blowers, Muslim sages, gurus, priests, people standing up for their rights, psychics, shamans, Wiccans and more who consciously practice their ‘medicine’ or ‘energy’ God gave them spiritually or physically.  None of them, none of us should be ‘put away’, electrocuted or burned- because of what we know about our employers, our governments, who we stand up to, or what we believe in.   Or for telling the truth.  Or for our psychic abilities or beliefs.

To hear the voice of God since you were little, does not make you paranoid, mentally ill or schizophrenic, otherwise the Christian Bible would be the medical book defining psychiatric illnesses.

A person who is psychic has gifts from God.  God made me.  We are electrical beings, everything is energy.  Everyone is psychic in their own way.  God created us all.  And God knows everything.  No one can hide forever no matter how much technology is at their disposal, no matter who they work for, and no matter how powerful they are.

To know, feel and exhibit symptoms denoting you are being electrocuted and seek assistance from authorities to hopefully stop it…   should not be punishable by a 72 hour hold for psychiatric diagnosis.  It just means you know you are being electrocuted and have photos to prove it.

Will sincerely  pray today for everyone involved in anything mentioned in this post.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.   Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice.  Thank you God for bringing the Network down and conquering them.  Love you God, so be it.  Amen.

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