my-owners-cuddlingThe smiling dog is Buddy who is deaf.  He has perceptions most dogs do not.  Got Buddy at a shelter, he was house-broken from the start.  Buddy tends to bark at the gangstalkers around my home.  Buddy has been targeted with DEW’s for the past two weeks and it now afraid to go outside.  Even though there is a dog door, Buddy now pees in the house.


The whole house directed electromagnetic energy unit from north is always ‘on,’  causing high levels of magnetic energy in my home day and night.  Then there are the special DEW weapon assaults on specific-body parts hand-held by gangstalkers constantly outside my home.   Since notified weeks ago by Civilian Police Review Board when hearing would be- my heart, head, feet, right lung and right kidney constantly horrifically targeted.  Last night specific-targeting on feet began while reading.  My dog Buddy constantly barking during the hour endured targeting.  Got tired of the barking and left house with an antique wood baseball bat which I use for a walking stick since my property is a natural garden; and a flash camera to take photos in the dark.

Found another man on vacant house porch at 1561 S. Campbell at corner of Portland and Campbell, less than a hundred feet from where I sit in my home- (as the crow-flies-through-walls, like electromagnetic weapons devices work.)  The vacant rental always-in-question is now owned by Bancorp South.   Julie Clemmer First Vice President of Bancorp South Bank has been kind enough to work with me to put a lock on the fence gate.  However constant use of the front porch to assault me with DEW’s warrants a camera or light on at all times at this address.  Sent her an email today regarding episode.

Took the man’s picture five times, but the camera did not work  and all pictures came out muddy except one.  The camera worked fine after and before incident.   Perhaps the electrical interference from his DEW caused the technical difficulties?  After taking photos, I told the man to leave as I waited at the driveway.   (Would have loved to call 911 for removal of the gangstalker that was assaulting me with DEWs from the vacant rental next door.  But had been told by Springfield, Missouri Police Mental Health Liaison, Melissa Daugherty that I could never  again call 911 for any reason except if someone was ‘getting hurt.‘  I have all Daugherty’s comments in a transcript from the recording she agreed to.)

Never once was I within twelve feet of the gangstalker for my own safety.

Followed twelve feet behind gangstalker- to get him off the rental property and down sidewalk in front of my home as he headed north toward Parkview Highschool.   The gangstalker kept turning to spit and blow his nose at me.  He yelled, “What would the police think about you ‘c..t’?  With that baseball bat!  You f…ing!  This sidewalk is public property.  The police could get you for having that baseball bat with you c.nt!  You ‘f…ing, c.nt!”  Held the wooden bat at my side entire time, it’s head hitting the ground with each step helping me- as a walking stick.

I yelled then for the only time– at the gangstalker; “This is my property, get off…  As for the Springfield police, we know how honest they are.”

Realized the gangstalker’s referencing the Springfield police meant that he felt protected by the police.   OK.  Once inside home noticed all hand-held directed electromagnetic weapon assault had stopped.  Went back out to take pictures of the vacant house.  Noted front blinds shut on front windows.  Next day went out and front blinds open on same windows.  This was the first time ‘thought’ to take pictures of proof that someone is inside this empty structure.

blinds open from night before same shut

Two hours later upon laying down to sleep, fried with a vengeance all night long… third night now without sleep.   Wondered if it was the same man.

Did he work with police?

The Network’s goal is to have me appear ill; unable to speak properly, and unable to think at the hearing.  Sleep deprivation is classic torture among other harsher methods.

God serves.  God protects.   They have no idea how Archangel Michael watches.  Local authorities attempts to discredit me before the hearing are encountering angels and saints.  I love you God.

It is fascinating how group mind works.   (Not the CIA ‘hive mind’ which allows brain computer interfaced agents to communicate with each other via thoughts printed out on computers.  -Documented in “Project; Soul Catcher” by Ex-CIA Robert Duncan.)

I’m referring to how the average person feels in a group together when they are doing something criminal, covert and murderous.. they feel powerful.   Especially if government, military, police, city utility, and the medical industry support their illegal acts.   Power generated by that kind of help, can encourage a human mind to blur the edges of right and wrong.   And you can see it in gangstalker’s eyes.  

at Equine clinic       9-20-17

Talked with a friend last Wednesday.  Within the hour my feet started frying in shoes.   Got up from a chair to look out their window to see a man walk quickly away.   My friend said the building the man entered was part of a Catholic school.   OK.

This friend seemed shocked that someone assaulting me could be part of a faith-based business.

Afterwards sat down to stillness.  But twenty minutes later feet started frying again.  Got up to see same man walking away once more to enter the school building yet again.   With my friend as witness, took six pictures of the man and his vehicle from the window; they all were in the memory card and came out well.   Revealed then to my friend, I had to stop going to Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Springfield, Missouri.

Even though they have a very large security team; (men in suits, wearing ear pieces with a woman in charge,) I still got fried every Sunday.

Went to the Station Library after meeting with my friend.  Once on the computer, all the pictures concerning this recent assault disappeared out of memory card.

From library went back to take one more photo of the building.

It is a well-known fact that the Vatican sheltered many Nazis during and after WWII. (A Catholic “Operation Paperclip…” even though the church has had brainwashing down pat for centuries.)   Unlike the U. S. “Operation Paperclip” that admitted 1,800 Nazi’s in exchange for their mind-control research and inventions, using their documentation about the experimentation on prisoners at Auschwitz and elsewhere.   Vatican authorities wanted stolen art, silver and gold metal work in exchange for sheltering Nazis.   Why do I still like going to church then?   As a Catholic enjoy the peace of sitting by venerable Mary statues, saying Rosaries and lighting candles.   A feeling of space and glowing stained glass, filling my soul.

good friend    really good friend   hacker-man

According to the New York Times Sept. 16, 2017 article, “Cuba Mystery Grows: New Details on What Befell US Diplomats…” from Associated Press.  Reports the U.S. government first admitted to the directed electromagnetic assaults nine months after they were documented by embassy officials.  Symptoms reported by the New York Times are, “mild traumatic brain injury, permanent hearing loss… brain swelling, dizziness, nausea, severe headaches, balance problems, tinnitus and prolonged ringing in ears.”

According to the Wall Street Journal of Sept, 17, 2017; “Tillerson Says U.S. Is Weighing Closure of Embassy in Havana”…health attacks,” reported were, “hearing loss, concussions and others…”

In the Guardian newspaper of Sept. 14, 2017, “Mystery of sonic weapon attacks at US embassy in Cuba deepens…” it was reported that “symtoms” included, “permanent hearing loss, speech problems… mild brain injury…  Some felt vibrations, and hear sounds- loud ringing or… crickets or cicadas… grinding noise… ringing in ears… nose bleeds.  Other symptoms have included brain swelling, dizziness, nausea, severe headaches, balance problems, tinnitus, and prolonged ringing in ears…  The attacks seemed to come at night.  Several victims reported they came in… bursts.  Yet others heard nothing, felt nothing.  Later, their symptoms came.  Some victims now have problems concentrating or recalling specific words, several officials said, the latest signs of more serious damage than the US government initially realized. “

So why does our government, and investigating FBI claim not to know what happened to the 21 diplomats in Cuba?

A year ago I read the New York Times Magazine of March 23, 2003 “The Sound of Things to Come.”  Journalist Marshal Sella writes about technology our government authorities just can’t seem to admit exists.  Of course the location where all this technology comes from is San Diego, California.  The article itself written at an outdoor San Diego Mall.   (Woody) Elwood G. Norris age 64 at the time is the inventor; ”Watch that lady over there,” he says, unable to conceal his boyish pride for the gadget in his giant hand. ”This is really cool.”  (How fun right?)  He aims an “aluminum plate connected to a CD player,” attached to an “odd amplifier that directs sound just as a laser beam directs light.”  This sonic (HyperSonic Sound; HSS) device causes one shopper to jerk and look around as she hears a rainforest reverberating in the bones in her head.   No one else outside this column of sound can hear what she hears.  ”Look at that,” Norris mutters, chuckling as the lady turns around. ”She doesn’t know what hit her.”  Both journalist Sella and inventor Norris get a kick out of aiming the devise at non-consensual shoppers who are involuntarily experimented on from over one hundred feet away.   Norris is not the only inventor of devices that can target people.

HSS can travel hundreds of feet to its target.  Norris said recorded all manner of natural sounds that can be heard within a ‘column‘ or “… a single sphere of (sound), self-contained, like a bubble,” which can be walked into and out of.   Wrote Sella.

(Much like what the Cuban U.S diplomats experienced.)   From the Guardian Newspaper article above, some victims…”awoke with ringing in their ears and fumbled for their alarm clocks, only to discover the ringing stopped when they moved away from their beds… The attacks seemed to come at night.”   From the New York Times articles mentioned above: “Victims told The A.P. how they walked in and out of what seemed like powerful beams of sound that hit only certain rooms or even only parts of rooms.” 

(Other government DEW technology like the voice to skull- targets only a particular person’s body via their electromagnetic pulse.  Sounds which no other person can walk into.)  Which is why they are called directed energy weapons… a person could be targeted in a crowded elevator and unlike Norris’ HSS– no one else on the elevator would feel the sound or electromagnetic pulse of a DEW.

Popular Science magazine gave Norris a grand prize for his HSS invention in 2002.  Norris referred to his gift of invention- ”I’m not even an engineer,” he says, though he can only mean this in the most technical terms. ”I don’t have a college degree; I hire guys with college degrees…”

Referring to his family, author Sella quotes inventor-Norris as saying, “I was embarrassed by some of my relatives…  All they ever did was drink. I had a terrible fear of not being normal — of not seeming normal. So I went to the library and read every psychology book I could find. Anything about how normal people behave.”  (I do not believe Norris’ HSS device was used in Cuba to harm people, but another… a copy-cat device was used.)

Norris helped NASA scientists once and told them:   “Well, I can give you a one-piece system so you won’t need a boom mike at all.   (In their space helmets:)  The sound can come through the bones in your head!’   Norris sold this ‘NASA’ device for $75 million to a Dutch company.   His first invention, the Transcutaneous Doppler became the medical sonogram which made him wealthy over 35 years ago.   Norris’ company is American Technology Corporation or ATC.

However Norris’ high intensity directed acoustics was invented for the government to cause harm to people.  Wrote Sella: ”HIDA can instantaneously cause loss of equilibrium, vomiting, migraines — really, we can pretty much pick our ailment,’‘ Norris says brightly. ”We’ve delivered a couple dozen units so far, but will have a lot more out by June. They’re talking millions!” (A.T.C. cut a five-year, multi million-dollar licensing agreement with General Dynamics, one of the giants of the military-industrial complex.)

So tell me now… why does not the U.S. government know about Norris’ invention from 2003?  Or do they just keep devices like HSS classified for ‘national security?’   A secret no one can know about unless they experience it?   Then those of us who question what is happening… become ‘national security risks’ because we are experimented on- and we know the criminal games our government plays.

All the ‘silent holocaust’ weapons like non-existent DEW’s and non-existent invisibility suits assisting with the non-existent brain computer interface of hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting U.S. citizens are classified as secret.   So who do you think assaulted 21 diplomats in Cuba with DEW’s?

I think I know who might want to cause trouble for Cuba…   Do you?

From site ‘Freedom SOS’ at a Targeted Individual writes about the CIA/DoD Stargate and Grill-Flame programs that are, “The Manhatten Project of the Mind…” 9-21-2017.   Scientists at San Diego, California’s SAIC, and those at Stanford Research Institute have military contracts/funding to keep mass producing devices such as invisibility suits called chameleons used in the Silent Holocaust happening in U.S. today.

Current mind-control programs achieve with electromagnetic weapons and BCI what: physical electrodes, drugs and deprivation experiments accomplished in the 1950’s.   The Targeted Individual writes, “The tactics to achieve the… (mind-control) goals are straight out of the MK-ULTRA freedom of information documents and the CIA torture report, and they can be applied remotely in the 21st century. To name just a few, they include: sleep deprivation, sadistic trauma based torture, psychic driving, intense pain, psycho-sexual torture, simulated heart attacks, brutal threats, and beyond evil operant and Pavlovian conditioning attempts.”  (Done remotely with no-touch, directed electromagnetic weapons which are defined as ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in Michigan state law introduced and in committee as of April 2017… Bill No. 4513.)

Targeted Individual notes, “As mentioned, these crimes and treasons are quite easy to investigate, but as of now a blind eye is being turned to this silent slaughter, and you can believe the corporate media isn’t going to do anything.  Furthermore, the age-old tactic of psychiatric reprisal is used to unscientifically and unconstitutionally scare or silence the victims as of now – it’s the same tactic that was used on the women’s suffrage marchers 100 years ago, for having the “insane” audacity to demand voting rights.”   Thank you Targeted Individual.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you dear God.  Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.

on ceiling at ventilation duct readings as high as at fuse box  readings three feet from fuse box

Called many ‘security’ agencies in Springfield, Missouri attempting to find out how much it would cost for someone to ‘sweep’ my home for microphones, transistor chips, and cameras.   When I asked this question people’s voices lowered as they told me they don’t do that kind of work.   Others seemed slightly hostile, as if an individual had no right to know if their home was compromised.   Odd.  But supposedly the Network is composed largely of security companies and their employees, friends and ‘neighbors.’

Last place called was ‘Beyond Secure,’ didn’t do that kind of work either, but guy gave me the number of a company that does.   Thanked him and called.  The owner said it would cost $400-500 to sweep a 1,000 square foot home for ‘bugs.’  Can’t afford that.  Had a light bulb moment that perhaps could use an EMF reader to ‘sweep’ home and basement since readings so high in house at floor.  For perspective, above left photo EMF reader inches from fuse box, right photo shows same EMF unit three feet away from fuse box.

Swept basement ceiling and noticed patch of polyken339 tape…  Interested, looked it up and polymeric composite adhesive tape patent #WO 200805229 A2, was entered in the books on October of 2007.  Bought my home in 1995.   When tape removed, a shiny new aluminum screw was holding flap to opening shut.   That is when I called friends.  Two came over.  We all watched as one took out the new screw.  We did EMF readings before and after.  EMF’s at the patch of tape were as high as fuse box. Photos show patch;  patch removed showing cuts in metal and new screw;  EMF readings taken before screw removed; and showing 4″ by 4″ opening to ventilation system and readings by hole.

As a woman living alone my entire life, I have never purchased a single aluminum nail or screw in my life.  Had noted this to Springfield, Missouri Police Officer Helms who called me ‘paranoid, delusional and ‘mentally ill’,  as he filed a report I requested for documentation of breaking and entering at my home- on the basis that three nails in a front door padlock (held originally by a screw and two nails) were aluminum.  Officer Helms didn’t understand how a home could be broken into when nothing was taken. Wanted to tell him, (but stopped myself,) that I assumed something had been done to my home.  (Such as the removal or incorporation of bugging devices.)  But figured the informed, intelligent Officer Helms might not be aware ‘bugging’ devices exist.  Just as he was not aware that some people enter homes illegally to vandalize them, and don’t take anything either.  

One security expert on the phone said bugging devices can be as small as computer chips.  Small enough to insert between the wood floor boards.  I don’t know if my home is ‘bugged,’ and no one seems to know why there are high readings of EMF’s where there isn’t electricity.  But since authorities here deny help unless I pay for it, I’m working on my own.  God bless Officer Helms.

Went upstairs and took pictures and EMF readings on floor of closet at bottom left and on top of mattress in guest bedroom two feet off floor are off scale in danger level.

After writing the above just found an interesting report on Officer Helms entitled, “Prosecutor: man shot self with police officer’s gun after scuffle,” from July 22, 2016 news account by KY3.   Regarding the resolution of an incident in 2015 when Magnum Phillips of Springfield, Missouri was killed with Police Officer Helm’s gun. The news account from KY3 documented that Phillips was armed with a knife and “was suicidal.”   That witnesses “heard’ Phillips arguing with Officer Helms and “heard” Officer Helms command Phillips to “let go of the officer’s gun.”  OK.  Well.

“Paranoid, ‘mentally ill’, and delusional” is what Officer Helms said I was for “imagining” my home broken into.   Tired from traveling a day and after being away a month from home- called Police second day back to report the third breaking and entering in a years time.  While I was away the padlock was removed and haphazardly, newly re-attached.   Was calm and rested when Officer Helms walked up to my door.

If Springfield, Missouri Police Officer Helms has a habit of arguing with anyone he is called to assist.  For God and the angel’s sake… Helms should NEVER, EVER be allowed to talk down a suicide. 

All I wanted was a police report made to document that someone had been in my home while I was away.   Instead helmes diagnosed me as mentally ill and repeatedly said I should sign into his i-Pad for a state mental health consultation.  If I were mentally ill reporting a crime this verbal abuse would be all the worse.  Is this how the mentally ill in Springfield, Missouri are treated?

Asked Police Officer Helms for his medical credentials since he was diagnosing me. In reply, said he was part of the ‘Crisis Intervention Team.’   I offered that the only ‘crisis’ in my home was him and after 27 minutes of verbal abuse, asked that he leave.

Wanted to make the report on my front porch, being more comfortable there. But instead Officer Helms asked himself into my home, I said OK.  Then he attempted to shut the front door, (which I forbade Helmes to do.)  

After which Helms preceded for 27 minutes to tell me how mentally ill I was to want a police report made to document a breaking and entering.  Because of his discriminatory, intimidating behavior I jumped into my car after he finally left, and drove to the town newspaper in disbelief of what just happened.   Being  law-abiding, voting, hard-working, and a homeowner for 22 years in Springfield, Missouri thought perhaps the local paper could help?  How wrong I was.

Talked with Matt Peterson a news reporter who listened to the story punctuated by my apologies for being visibly shaken.  Showed my Missouri Attorney General Joshua Hawley’s paperwork and photos documenting assistance (to City Utilities of Springfield asking what the high levels of EMF were.)  Was relieved to talk with Matt, he is professional and personable man, his photo above- by employer’s logo.

The Springfield News-Leader did not do a story about what happened to me with Officer Helms.  That call was Matt’s editor.

Went back to the newspaper weeks later, on the way home after turning in a Civilian Police Review Board report to SPD Headquarters.   Matt Peterson again spoke with me.    Submitted a half-inch stack of transcripts and evidence asking they be copied.  (Since first visiting Matt, three more SPD officers came to my home uninvited.  When I accepted their offer to talk and record them, (as I did with Helms,) they were still intimidating, discriminatory, and harassing.   Two specifically said I was ‘schizophrenic’ and repeated  everything Helms said.  They invaded my privacy by contacting people important in my life and telling them I was in need of help.  None wanted to see any evidence of physical assaults to property or person.)

Matt said he would give the evidence copied to his editor who would decide about making a news report.  He suggested if an article didn’t come out, I could submit a letter to the editor and they might publish it.   He said publication of the letter would be up to the editor.

Efforts for help and support from authorities in Springfield, Missouri to aid me legally, to have my human, political and civil rights upheld- were denied.   And never in the two decades living in this town have I ever asked for help from the newspaper.   The Civilian Police Review hearing I requested is on Oct.3, 2017.

Update: Today on 9-21-2017 spoke with many news agencies in and around Springfield, Missouri encouraging them to cover Tuesday’s hearing.  News editor Jess Rollins called back and reaffirmed he was indeed a news editor.   After a couple minutes Jess Rollins let me know he wasn’t interested in the discriminatory behavior of five SPD officers.

But at the library now, looking on the Springfield News-Leader website Rollins is listed as ‘storytelling coach.‘  OK.  Is the Springfield News-Leader website itself  not newsworthy?   Typed Rollins name in the computer and found news articles he wrote entitled, “Conspiracy theories can be a chilling thought” Nov. 8, 2014 and “Intersection built by Aliens?” from July 7, 2014…

From Sept. 8, 2017, ‘The EveryDay Concerned Citizen by Ramola D:  “Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy and Neuro/Bio Weapons.

Notice of Criminal Trespass

Notice of Theft of Intellectual Property

Notice of Impending Criminal Charges

Notice to One is Notice to All

28 August, 2017

…(T)he prohibition of crimes against humanity, similar to the prohibition of genocide, has been considered a peremptory norm of international law, from which no derogation is permitted and which is applicable to all States.”United Nations Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect

By this Notice, dated the 28th of August, 2017, let it be known, to all individuals, groups, corporations, agencies, organizations, foundations, governments, militaries, and citizens worldwide and in every Nation State, that:

1) According to Article 7 of the 1998 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which established the International Criminal Court, and constitutes the primary treaty and “latest consensus from the international community” on this matter, the full text of which may be found online at the United Nations Genocide Prevention web site and elsewhere, and is enclosed herein:

A.) The following crimes which are being committed today by individual, group, and corporate members and veterans of Militaries, Defense Departments, Defense/Security contractors, Air Force and Army Bases, Justice Departments, Intelligence/Security agencies, Intelligence/Security contractors, Law Enforcement departments, Fusion Center organizations, Bureaus of Investigation, Citizen Watch and Neighborhood Watch groups, University “researchers,” and random citizens in neighborhoods, communities, and places of employment recruited to assist in programs to covertly target, surveil, stalk, “gang-stalk,” swarm, gaslight, vandalize, sabotage, and assault select civilians–

      1. With electromagnetic radiation, pulsed microwaves, wifi, radio frequency (RF) signals sent to non-consensual RF implants, sonic pulses, and ionizing radiation using sonic weapons, neuroweapons, portable Directed-Energy Weapons, cell phones, apps on cell phones, and other means of transmitting carcinogenic radiation;
      1. All in the guise of “surveillance programs,” “experimentation programs,” “neuro-experimentation programs,” “behavior modification programs,” “behavioral intervention programs,” “predictive policing programs,” “criminal justice programs,” “pre-crime programs,” “medical monitoring programs,” “public safety programs,” “social engineering programs,” “countering violent extremism” programs, and other means of hiding these deadly programs of sadistic and brutal assault under Secrecy, Classification for National Security, Biomedical and Behavioral Intervention, public safety, “legitimate” and “legal” military/Intelligence experimentation, and criminal justice covers;

      1. And conducted as State-sponsored “legal” domestic counter-terrorism/counter-proliferation/counter-Intelligence/suppression/pacification activities on whole swathes of civilian populations in towns, cities, states, and regions, with full “knowledge of the attack” —

are Internationally understood to be Crimes Against Humanity, and include:

1. Enslavement—in this case, Electronic Enslavement, by virtue of Continuous Clandestine Tracking and Locating via Non-consensually implanted tracking Microchips, Bio-MEMs, Nanochips, or/and Brain Prints or Brain Bio-Resonance Frequencies,and GPS/GIS tracking satellites; Continuous “Electronic Surveillance” or Assault with Electromagnetic Radiation; Punitive Physical and Neural Assault with Electronic Weapons; Continuous Audio and Video Surveillance with planted bugs and recording and tracking devices in homes and vehicles (Article 7, (c));

2. Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law—in this case, Electronic Imprisonment, by virtue of severe encroachment and criminal trespass into homes and onto bodies and brains with the use of electromagnetic radiation/sonics, continually or periodically applied (Article 7, (e));

3. Torture –in this case, Electronic Torture, by virtue of assault, remote bodily access and manipulation, regular sleep-deprivation, injection of synthetic dreams, images, voices, sensations, remote electro-shocking, remote electrical vibrations, remote neuro-takeover, biohacking and bio-robotizing, all induced with electromagnetic weapons, sonic weapons, neuroweapons, bio-communications devices such as implants and transponders, BCI systems (Brain Computer Interface), and other weapons facilitating covert or clandestine assault (Article 7, f)

4. Rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence of comparable gravity—in this case, Electronic Rape, Electronic Sex Trafficking, Electronic Sexual Slavery, Electronic Sexual Violence, and Electronic Enforced Sterilization, by virtue of sexual assault and violence aimed at the private reproductory and urino-genital systems of women, young girls, men, and young boys, conducted remotely, at a distance, using radiation weapons, sonic weapons, and non-consensually implanted microchips, neurostimulators, transponders, and Wireless Body Area Networks (Article 7, g).

5. Persecution…on other grounds universally recognized as impermissible under International Law—in this case, 1) Electronic Persecution, by virtue of continuous assault & torture with electromagnetic weapons, remote bodily manipulation, remote brain and bodily control, remote EEG cloning and heterodyning (imposing others’ Brain Frequencies on one, permitting partial or full-body neuro-takeover), remote cerebral trauma, all induced with the weapons named above; 2) Psychological Persecution, by virtue of subjecting individuals to non-stop electromagnetic tracking and assault, non-stop physical stress creation, non-stop sensory stimulation, forced disruption of activities, non-stop sleep-deprivation, and non-stop COINTELPRO stalking, swarming, interrogation, vandalism, break-ins, gaslighting, employment sabotage, character ruination, social isolation, slander and defamation, public mockery and street theater (Article 7, h).

6. Enforced Disappearance of Persons—in this case, Sabotage and Ruination of individuals’ Business, Reputation, and Character Assassination, by virtue of dissemination of lies, slander, libelous and defamatory statements about individuals within their own neighborhoods, work and life communities, areas and cities of residence and employment, often rendering individuals homeless, jobless, blacklisted, and unemployable (Article 7, i).

7. Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health—in this case, Remote Body and Brain Access, Manipulation, and Assault using the electronic weapons described above, and effecting

        • Bio/Neuro-Hacking and the Theft of Personal Intellectual Property (one’s brainwaves—whether thought, emotion, sensation, memory, intention, cogitation, mentation, inner voice, or any other);
        • Bio-Robotizing—which is essentially the neural takeover of a person’s brain and manipulating a person’s limbs, organs, joints, and entire body from outside;
        • Continuous Psychological, Mental, and Internal Torture via Voice to Skull and Synthetic Telepathy running abusive monologues inside individuals’ brains, an intrinsic aspect of Trauma-Based Mind Control, and prelude to bio-robotizing;
        • Continuous Psychological and Social Trauma caused by non-stop assault of individuals with Psy Ops-defined inputs related to the individual’s life, picked up by intensive surveillance, including neuro-surveillance;
        • and the very act of Trauma-Based Mind Control, which is the effecting of remote control of people’s brains and bodily movements and behaviors by inflicting physical and psychological trauma on them (Article 7, k).

To repeat, these acts of extreme remote brain and body access, assault, and manipulation are internationally understood, as per Article 7 of the 1998 Rome Statute of the ICC—and understood by us, the international US-Europe Joint Investigation Team seeking to investigate and prosecute those committing these crimes–to be Crimes Against Humanity.

2.) These crimes are currently being investigated, and all those committing these crimes are being monitored.All individuals, groups, and corporate members and veterans of Militaries, Defense Departments, Defense/Security contractors, Air Force and Army Bases, Justice Departments, Intelligence/Security agencies, Intelligence/Security contractors, Law Enforcement departments, Fusion Center organizations, Bureaus of Investigation, Citizen Watch and Neighborhood Watch groups, University “researchers,” and random citizens in neighborhoods, communities, and places of employment recruited to assist in the performance of these Crimes Against Humanity on the bodies of select individuals, presented deceptively by Nation State and military “authorities” of any kind as legitimate or lawful or legal targets of surveillance, monitoring, investigation, or experimentation are being monitored by name, place of residence, place of employment, occupation, and association (to determine connection with Military/Intelligence/Law Enforcement/Neighborhood Watch if any.)

3) These crimes will be prosecuted in the International Criminal Court, in courts of Common Law, and in new, incorruptible People’s Courts and Tribunals to be focused on addressing Crimes Against Humanity.

4) Every single person or entity participating in these crimes in the smallest way, whether by pointing a cell phone issuing a wifi signal at a human being identified to them as a legitimate target or “test subject,” using an app on a cell phone to direct deadly radiation on such an identified human being, via the Global Electronic Control Grid (using cell towers, satellites, drones, sensors, air, space, ground -based and mobile tracking, sensing, and transmitting platforms), or using a portable directed-energy weapon or antenna system or transducer handed to them by an “authority” organization such as a Defense contractor/military branch/Air Force Base/Intelligence agency/Security agency/Law Enforcement agency/Investigation agency/Neighborhood Watch group is being monitored, and will be documented by name and photographic record.

5) Participants in these crimes (deceptively termed “legal”) are hereby informed they are participating in actuality in the crimes of Non-consensual Rape, Sex Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Enslavement, Imprisonment, Torture, Sexual Slavery, Persecution, Enforced Disappearance, Bio-Hacking, Bio-Communications, Neuro-Hacking, Psychological Trauma, Physical Trauma/Assault, and Criminal Bodily Trespass—all of which are Crimes Against Humanity, as described above.

6) Participants in these crimes are also hereby informed that Crimes Against Humanity they are recruited into performing, whether conducted and protected under cover of “National Security,” “in protection of the Homeland,” “legitimate military/criminal justice experimentation,” “research projects,” “socio-behavioral research,” “social engineering,” or “legitimate investigation,” are still, and primarily, Crimes Against Humanity, and will be prosecuted as such.

7) Participants in these Crimes Against Humanity—whether salaried employee of an organization as described above or paid/unpaid community volunteer–can both anticipate criminal charges, continuous written and photographic documentation of their actions and words, and open publication at any time online and otherwise of their names, photographs, and places of residence and employment.

SIGNED: The Members of the US-Europe Joint Investigation Team

Dr. Katherine Horton, Ph.D, Particle Physics (Oxford); Former CERN Physicist, Publisher: Stop 007

Karen Melton-Stewart, Retired NSA Intelligence Analyst

Dr. Millicent Black, Doctorate: Christian Education and Social Justice

Melanie Vritschan, Founder, ICATOR(International Coalition Against Electronic Torture and Robotization of Living Beings)

Ramola D, Press Officer, Journalist, Author, Publisher: The Everyday Concerned Citizen

POSTED: 30 August 2017

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.   I love you dear God.  So be it. Amen.


Brandon Urich came back.  Was so sick after Sunday night could not get out of bed until Monday afternoon.   The metal sheets used as protection that are a couple feet above where sleep- rattled all Sunday night from extremely high electromagnetic assault.   James Earl Griffin has been back as well.   Perhaps he never left.

Reading books written by ex-CIA and books by targeted individuals. Each targeted life is different yet all have one thing in common: the deconstruction effort concentrated on them by hundreds, if not thousands of people over years with electromagnetic weapons, brain computer interface, poison and economic-demolition.  These ignorant individuals experimenting on, targeting, and gangstalking TI’s are given U.S. tax dollars to do their jobs.   Authorities, wealthy, military, gangstalkers and ‘neighbors,’ work the TI puzzle of hell today, knowing the completion of this puzzle will enslave the entire human race in future.

Targeted individuals like myself, speaking out are actually aiding those subjugating us.  We are the first to be tested by every no-touch, invisible, covert weapon available for it’s impact on the human body and mind.  Our mental struggles with this and survival skills used are downloaded and added to computer databases of mind-control programs to offset future TI’s from thinking and acting the same way.  A quandary, if it were not for God.  Rationally one should give up then so as not to give the Network any more information about how this technology effects TI’s.  But it is against human nature to give up.

All the same old white men are nearby wherever I go.  It is they who are responsible for what goes on in Springfield, Missouri with the Network.  They have sold their souls for greed, power and ‘country.’  Their country is the one where white men are at the helm. Period, end of story.  Leaving women, Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians, Middle Eastern people, LGBT’s and anyone else, in their country’s dust.   Understand from books that most ground-troops in the Network are brain computer interfaced themselves.  But that does not condone their criminal, illegal use of directed energy weapons that are referred to in Michigan’s law against DEW’s as ‘weapons of mass-destruction.’  (Michigan DEW Act 256 2003 effective  2004.)  In the Geneva Convention DEW’s are against all laws governing war, because you cannot see them; therefore you cannot fight your ‘enemy.’

Have had a lot of time to think in the past year and a half while being fried-to-debilitation-every-day.   You have to rest a lot due to constant lack of sleep or relaxation due to continual electrical bombardment on physical body and brain. Targeted individuals are good people.  Those targeting us are told lies, so those torturing, raping and murdering us 24/7 have a clear conscious.  (How they can be clear that covert and illegal weapons use is OK, have no idea…)  Usually we are targeted ‘for national security.’   In which case, those pawns and cowards doing the illegal, criminal acts are exempt from the law:  all the high tech equipment, invisibility suits, BCI and the like- must encourage these people to think they are gods.  Do these cowards feel a rush to know that when they torture someone, rape someone, and slowly-cook-murder them to death, they are invincible and protected by the highest law in the land?   

Ah- friends but there is a higher power.  The highest power of all.  Whether you believe in God the One, by any name… or not.   Can you imagine the terror these cowards and pawns will feel when they must face God?  Can you imagine the horror upon the instant of death that these Network scientists, experimenters, politicians, and wealthy will experience when they stand naked before their God?

Every night that I lay down and am assaulted worse than when I am a standing, moving target… God is with me.   God, Archangel Michael and Mother Mary will be with me until the end, and beyond.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today for my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  Thank you sweet God for bringing the Network into the light for justice.  Thank you God for bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God.  So be it.  Amen


Today will review the book, “Tavistock Institute” from 2015 by Daniel Estulin.  It deals with social engineering through mind-control.   Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is a British non-profit created in 1947 whose goal was to program the world’s population into submission using psychology and psychiatry as a weapon to break down existing democratic-constitutional institutions through policy and to alter the minds of man using mind-control techniques.   This has been done, Estulin writes by establishing; “…democratic fascist regimes using media control, encouraging mindless team spirit, conspiring with psychiatrists to destroy memories and egos of men, and through “…secret societies, intelligence agencies and governments use of literature (and movies,) to indoctrinate their cadres into becoming mind control slaves...”

The Rockefeller family sponsored Tavistock’s work from it’s inception.  Rockefeller talked at that time of a global world government.  Writes Estulin, “This was a war not to be fought by bullets alone; psychological warfare operations were ramped up at the same time as BlueBird went into full swing, and what William Sargant, (British psychiatrist,) would call in 1957 ‘The Battle for the Mind‘ had began.”   (Belgian Nobel Prize-winning author Maurice Maeterlinck wrote “The Blue Bird,” a children’s book in 1909.)   Of the doctors using mind-control writes Estulin, “The most advanced among the brutal practitioners… was Dr. John Rawlings Rees.” 

Back in 1945 “psychological science” books were outlined by Rees who was considered the “grand master of psywar counterinsurgency,” Estulin;  Dr. Rees, “… called for the development of psychiatric shock troops in order to develop “methods of political control based upon driving the majority of the human population… through procedures of so-called programmed behavioral modification.”   Rees’ mission, notes Estulin was to have a,  “…conspiracy of psychiatrists…  build a society where it is possible for people of every social group to have treatment… even when they do not wish it, without the necessity to invoke the law.”  (Sounds like what goes on in Springfield, Missouri with the sanction of Fire Capt. Pennington, and Police Chief Williams- and their officers.)

The CIA wanted to know why U.S. POWs returning from Manchuria after the Korean war, espoused Communist doctrine.   They came to believe the mind-control used on U.S. prisoners was the most complete they had ever seen.  So began the quest by U.S. intelligence agencies to create the perfect ‘Manchurian candidates.’

After WWII labor production was increased in Britain and the U.S. using Tavistock brainwashing techniques.  Estulin writes, “… the intensification of labor at the expense of one’s health.  In other words, Rockefeller induced self-motivated destruction of the self… The purpose is to function under a spiraling reduction in standard income and working conditions… often at the expense of safety and the physiological well being …  Anyone who protests is told they are maladjusted… The idea was to re-create a family dynamic… that by attacking someone’s sovereign identity in the group… Such techniques play upon the “vulnerable person’s guilt, shame and regret… He begins producing more.”

Estulin notes organizations and companies influenced or founded by the Rockefeller family that use mind-control techniques in their policies include the YMCA, Cornell University, Harvard University, Ford Foundation, U.S. Steel Corporation, Coalition of Labor Union Women of 1974, German Trade Union, International Jewish Research Foundation on Human Relations in Israel, Psychological Institute at Kyushu in Japan, American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association, New York State’s: Rockland State Hospital and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, Centra d’Etudes de Problemes Humaines de Travail and Association pour la Recherche et L’Intervention Psycho-sociologiques in France, American Federation of Labor, National Institute of Mental health, National Security Council, National labor Relations Board, and many, many more.

As with the U.S. military, CIA and Britain’s Tavistock psychiatrists tested mind-control on their own MI6 agents   “…graduate trainee programmers were given huge electric shocks after ‘training…’ then be instructed to sit on chairs facing a large window… to de-stress the brain… whilst gazing blankly at the sky… ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ (1977) by ELO was sometimes played at this point, to rejuvenate their spirits.”  In these and other mind-control programs Estulin notes, “… those who had been picked to ‘remote’ view’ (were to) … come back like ‘homing pigeons’ when called by the programmer.”  

Both the CIA and MI6 agents used mind-control efforts on Vladimir Putin during his rise to power in Russia.  Estulin writes that “In 1994, Putin struck back… MI6 laptops began to disappear in Europe.  Putin and his associates were tracking down the MI6 Senior Officers who held the color-coded information of the tailored mind control programs for their officers and agents, within their laptops… (British Intelligence agent Richard Tomlinson…)  Tomlinson explains that “once the codes are broken, it is relatively simple to control any of the operatives listed as well as guess how to control others who were ‘indoctrinated’ in a similar way and then to turn them against their ‘masters.'” 

Before 1994 brain computer interface and electromagnetic frequencies were used to control MI6 agents.   This same technology has been used here in the U.S. experimentally on it’s own citizenry since the inception of mind-control programs in the 1940’s till today.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.



From Springfield, Missouri Station Library MOBIUS loan, ‘The Search For the Manchurian Candidate’ 1977 by John Marks reveals how immoral and corrupt the CIA mind-control experiments of the 1950’s were.   Just imagine how horrific the no-touch, directed electromagnetic torture experiments on TI’s today are…  The first mind-control projects were under the direction of George White, a CIA contract agent, a private detective and former New York police officer,  and Dr. Sid Gottlieb a CIA chemist.   CIA officer Frank Olson, an honest, trustworthy family man was given a dose of LSD by White and Gottlieb without his consent, then murdered by the CIA days later in 1953.  A false psychiatric diagnosis was given as the reason for Olson’s demise.   (He was one of thousands of mind-control guinea pigs the CIA experimented on in their covert, non-consensual programs.)

In 1950 Olson had told CIA co-workers and Alice, his wife that what they were doing at the CIA was wrong.  Before he could blow the whistle on White and Gottlieb’s mind-control work, he was assassinated.   Below- left to right photos of CIA’s killer George White.  Murder victim Frank Olson in the middle photo.  And torturer Dr. Sid Gottlieb.  Below is a quote from White to Gottlieb:

George White Murdered Frank Olson  Dr. Sid Gottlieb

Author Marks quotes; George White in a letter to Dr. Gottlieb regarding his CIA career. “Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape, and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?”

God bless us all.  This was happening with tax payer money back in the 1950’s.  Think of what our rogue government covert agencies are doing today.

White and Gottlieb had police cooperate in their mind-control on prisoners. Gottlieb utilized surveillance equipment to film, and recorded experiments… Marks writes, eventually ‘safe-houses’ for experimentation were funded.  Hundreds of prostitutes were CIA-employed, “...officials wanted to find out everything they could about how to apply sex to spying.”   CIA safe-houses known of, were in New York and San Francisco.

The CIA project was called “Operation Midnight Climax.”   White became famous for having Billie Holliday arrested in 1949.  Marks quotes one agent talking about working with George White, “He was a pretty wild man.  I know I was afraid of him. You couldn’t control this guy.”  Writes Marks of White, “He was a law-enforcement official who regularly violated the law…. in the name of “national security.”  

Marks notes that the CIA used sex as a tool of war, “…the CIA did use sex as a clandestine weapon.”  One MKULTRA agent is quoted by Marks as saying, “We began to understand that when people wanted sex, it wasn’t just what we had thought of- you know, the missionary position…  We started to pick up knowledge …we found all these exotic ways to waste the taxpayer’s money…”   

Is the U.S. making war on it’s own citizens today by enrolling them in mind-control experiments without their permission that involve brain computer interface and rape with directed electromagnetic weapons?

CIA, MKULTRA representatives went on expensive trips around the globe to find every natural mind altering plant drug and poison.  The Mexican ‘magic mushroom’ called “God’s flesh,” was found in a village in the mountains above Oaxaca.   CIA Gordon Wasson experienced this mushroom attended by indigenous Indians.  Author Marks, excerpts Wasson’s diary notes “… the effect of the mushrooms is to bring about a fission of the spirit, a split in the person… with the rational side continuing to reason and observe the sensations that the other side is enjoying.  The mind is attached by an elastic cord to the vagrant senses.”  Is this literally the cord my family and I have photographed?  This ‘split’ Wasson refers to is known by many TI’s undergoing BCI interrogation- the TI observes as a witness, the illegal interrogation of different levels of their subconscious hacked by frequencies while their brains are downloaded.

Two spirit umbilicals photographed below twenty years apart.  What will all those CIA, NSA, the wealthy, military and security involved in targeting innocent U.S. citizens do when faced with their own natural deaths and standing before the One God?  This life and its technology has made mere mortals believe they are gods.  How will these cowardly men and women look God in eyes?



CIA’s MKULTRA Dr. Harris Isbell experimented on nine black inmates in Kentucky without their consent.   Other CIA psychiatrists experimented using hypnotism to create multiple personalities.  One involved two 19 year old girls.  Most of these hypnotized government subjects performed tasks having amnesia afterwards.  Some tasks included planting bombs or killing people.   MKULTRA Dr. Ewen Cameron’s mind-control experiments 1930-1960’s would reduce subjects to vegetable states with electroshock, or turn their brains into clean slates.   At times subjects were induced into coma for five hours a day through electricshock, this went on for 50 days.  CIA sponsored Camerson, invented ‘psychic driving’ using loops of tape played for hundreds of hours into government subjects ‘helmets’ and earphones, along with constant electroshock 2-3 times daily, (today’s chatter boxes or bots do the same looping during brain computer interface and the DEW’s conduct electromagnetic frequency to subjugate, torture, rape and eventually, slowly, experimentally terminate hundreds of thousands of TI’s.) 


Thank you John Marks for your investigative journalism in 1977 “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate.”

Once a TI’s brain has been hacked, they can be accessed at anytime, anywhere. They can be induced through hacking to do things in public they normally would not do- which shame the TI if they even remember what they have done.   Constant programming while asleep ensures that each time a TI lays down they become more and more under the control of U.S. government experimenters. Until some TI’s are relegated to institutions and prison… talked through suicide, or into killing those they believe are harming them.  It is my belief the CIA’s ultimate quest is to download the God-response in humans to use divine gifts and light as the ultimate tool in warfare and control of the world’s citizens. As a journalist, I once interviewed a man and his family running from the CIA back in 1994.  The CIA wanted to know from him how to contact the ‘entity’ used by his friend; a sniper who never missed a target in the Vietnam war.  They said they wanted to control the ‘entity’ to create the perfect weapon. 

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you dear God.  Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.

Reading a book from the Central Methodist University that is on a Springfield, Missouri Station Library MOBIUS loan.  ‘The Search for the Manchurian Candidate’ published 1977,  by Cornell graduate, journalist and Foreign Service veteran John Marks.

In 1973 Marks writes, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Richard Helms retired.  But before he did all CIA drug testing records were destroyed- hoping the scandals surrounding this sanctioned U.S. program would be forgotten.   (Helms was famous for interviewing Hitler in 1936- and going to the “… same Swiss prep school as the Shah of Iran.” Marks notes.)  His successor, James Schlesinger ordered all CIA agents to report any known illegalities.   Later, President Carter allowed the world to see 16,000 pages of CIA documents discovered packed away and preserved from Helms’ shredding.  The author uses these government documents, interviews psychologists and CIA officials to complete his book.

Most names in the 16,000 pages were blacked out.  To protect the CIA, and it’s agents from legal repercussions.  Marks investigates and finds all the names.  He is triumphant in his ‘Introduction’ upon discovering the last name blacked out… Maitland Baldwin.   Marks notes that Baldwin’s research at the National Institutes of Health in 1955 was funded by the CIA.  (Baldwin wanted to do terminal sensory deprivation experiments on humans but wasn’t allowed.  Instead he performed lobotomies on chimpanzees and botched attempts at transplanting severed heads of monkeys onto different headless monkey bodies.)   Marks writes that the CIA did careless and immoral psychological experimentation on unwilling U.S. citizens- funded with U.S. tax dollars.  All to create the world’s ideal spy- (who wouldn’t break under interrogation,) and the perfect warrior.”

In 1941 President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the Coordinator of Information  (COI) office headed by General ‘Wild Bill’ William J. Donovan- a Columbia law school graduate.  From which evolved the WWII Office of Strategic Services (OSS) -a daring, risk-taking agency, with four directors- Dulles, Helms, Colby and Casey.    The OSS transmuted into the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which was calamitously run by Helms who kept secrets from, and was convicted of lying to Congress.   Marks writes that in 1946 the Nuremberg Code was “…official American policy...” that limited, “… what scientists could do to human subjects, even when a country’s security…” was at risk.   Before the Nuremberg trial verdicts were in- Marks notes- scientists were pouring over the Nazi Dachau experimental records the military could use.   From the CIA U.S. website- ‘Operation Paperclip’ was “The secret intelligence program to bring Nazi scientist to America.”   In 1947.

Marks notes- Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, headed CIA’s postwar mind-control program to investigate; amnesia by electroshock; worldwide searches for natural poisons and mind altering drugs; stress creation; and more.  In the 1950’s the Top Secret CIA operation BLUEBIRD used teams of psychiatrists, polygraph experts and technicians to experiment on prisoners of war; and the mentally ill at a Richmond, Virginia hospital causing shock, convulsions, hypnotic trance, deep sleep, temporary brain damage and amnesia in their subjects, Marks records.

In 1952, $100,000 was given to BLUEBIRD for “… neurosurgical techniques” -presumably lobotomy-connected.” Marks records.  Other research at the time concentrated on, “…ultrasonics, vibrations, concussions, high and low pressure… various gases in airtight chambers… radiation and changing light…”  Marks writes, “American officials have pointed to the Cold War atmosphere… as an excuse for crimes and excesses committed…” in the CIA.

1950-52 BLUEBIRD mind-control program was renamed ARTICHOKE by the CIA.  In 1953 Sid Gottlieb, son of Hungarian Jewish immigrants who received his Ph.D in chemistry at California Institute of Technology, was chosen to head the new MKULTRA program at the CIA.  (MK- a digraph meaning ‘a project sponsored by CIA’s Technical Services Staff.’  ULTRA- designating the ‘most secret classification of WWII intelligence.’)  Marks notes that “… Gottlieb later testified the purpose of these programs (MKULTRA, MKDELTA and MKNAOMI) was “to investigate whether or how it was possible to modify an individual’s behavior by covert means.”

CIA psychiatrists wrote medical books on mental illness public psychiatrists would use to diagnose U.S. citizens.   Diagnostic books to keep U.S. government subjects of CIA programs defined as mentally ill, due to symptoms caused by the covert, Top Secret mind-control experimentation.    A 1963 Inspector General’s report Marks documents, “Research in the manipulation of human behavior is considered by many authorities in medicine and related fields to be professionally unethical”; therefore, openness would put “in jeopardy” the reputations  of (CIA) outside researchers.”   This CIA Inspector General, Marks writes; “… declared that disclosure of certain MKULTRA activities could result in “serious adverse reaction” among the American public.”  

Will stop at page 99, of John Marks book, “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate.”

Assaults have intensified since new hearing date set for Civilian Police Review Board on Oct. 3, 2017.   Skull sizzled, or top of head three inch radius slammed.  Constant electromagnetic targeting to right lung and kidney.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you dear God.  Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.



Ex-CIA engineer Robert Duncan’s book, “Project: Soul Catcher,” validated everything assumed from deductions made about whole-house electromagnetic energy unit, and hand-held DEWs used to target specific body areas.   Assaults perpetrated by humans wearing invisibility suits.)   For this I profoundly thank Robert Duncan- for putting names and government condoned policies to the torture, rape and slow murder of targeted individuals.

However, there are some areas of Duncan’s book that were upsetting to say the least.   Above photos from Duncan’s book, taken from two letters by David Hambling are FILLED with hypnotic triggering cues.   Style of print typeface, size and boldness changes on random words.  The print changes are not logical.   Hambling’s first letter with hypnotic cues is in the introduction on page ‘iii;’ his second letter strewn with triggers starts on page 102.   Targeted individuals should avoid reading these two letters at all cost.  My question is, why would Duncan have these letters in his book without warning the reader?

Why also does supposedly ex-CIA Duncan encourage TI’s to think their neighbors are not involved in their subjugation?   Duncan never mentions ‘neighbors’ as gangstalkers in the Network (participating with the wealthy; and federal, state and local ‘authorities,’ military or security companies) involved in subjugating TI’s.   Why the subterfuge on Duncan’s part?

In fact at one point he lets the reader know that if thoughts about a neighbors involvement comes up, it is probably due to some form of brain interface suggestion. Yet, the FBI has admitted for decades that it’s most common method of surveillance is to move their married agents into rentals next door to spy on, and target ‘persons of interest.’  The CIA, NSA also move agents in their mind control programs right next door to keep track of and target with DEW’s persons of interest.  Duncan’s book is just one of many that I have read.  Ten years earlier read another ex-CIA book.    The author claimed emphatically the best way to keep track of a target is to move FBI agents into homes next door.  The pretend FBI neighbors usually “…consisted of two parents and 2.5 children.”  Why again the subterfuge on Duncan’s part?

Duncan allows two pages for information about invisibility suits… but does not mention they are mass produced today.  Or used for a decade now to assault targeted individuals with directed electromagnetic weapons.   Duncan is very ambiguous on the subject of this most important and secret weapon.

If a government, military or wealthy corporation has invisibility what could they not do to employees they don’t like, not to mention competitors?   They have ‘power’ like gods…  and do indeed believe they are gods.  Why would those in power ever want to alert a sleeping public that invisibility suits are used to exterminate,  and experiment on U.S. citizens?

Is Duncan still ‘in this power grid?’

At one point in his book ‘Project: Soul Catcher,’ Duncan mentions not straying from the terms which were laid out for him by the CIA- when he writes about cybernetic warfare conducted on an unsuspecting American public.  Duncan’s ability to ‘double-speak’ while writing his book… a book supposedly shedding light on what is happening to targeted individuals: is disingenuous to say the least.  Especially concerning his lack of information about invisibility suits which are being produced and used to target civilians for some time now.

One of the greatest weapons those in authority use is FEAR.   Scared people are the most oppressed.  Duncan’s book is so blunt in it’s delivery that most people reading it, would be incapacitated with fear.  Yet he offers little hope to counteract effects of these weapons and BCI.

Why did Duncan not reveal how the CIA keeps detection of their agents electromagnetic signature hidden? 

Why didn’t Duncan write about how to stop DEW, or BCI assault headed towards TI’s?  

Was sincerely glad to know everything I deduced about my torture and the research of it from other more sincere books,  is true.   And thank you again Robert Duncan for the information you gave that was true.

The Network’s street theater came to the Library Center… in the form of a ‘handler’ and psychic-slave (one of Duncan’s CIA-names to define a person totally controlled by brain computer interface in every aspect of life.)   The ‘handler’ who had on a blue baseball cap was using computer interface communication with this entrained individual.

The ‘psychic-slave’ man sat behind me, rapidly turning encyclopedia pages.  Finally after he rifled through his tenth huge encyclopedia- got up to introduce myself…  Turns out his name was Ben.    Asked if he had photographic memory?  He said, “I speed read.”  Proudly stating he would read entire encyclopedia set at library…

Ben seemed highly intelligent and subdued.  Did he understand the thousands of pages he was scanning?  Ben said, “No, only my subconscious does, not my conscious,” rarely taking his eyes from turning pages.  When he did, his eyes seemed to stray as if moving on their own accord.  Ben seemed to be in some kind of hypnotic state.   After Ben and I talked, both men left immediately walking out of the library together.

Several days before the incident above.   On 9-3-2017 at 3:30pm, a tall, muscular, angry, black haired, white man sat behind me turning pages of an encyclopedia with six large, stacked volumes on the table.   Turning pages so loudly it sounded like they would tear.  This occurred for twenty minutes by the Grisham room.  I turned once to look at the tall man and became afraid.  This man was here to disturb and frighten me.  He was doing a good job.

Then Angry-man got up exuding even more hostility and stalked toward main entrance, turning abruptly like an automaton to come back to flip more pages.   The man’s behavior was so strange, a mother picking up her daughter stared and frowned with worry.  Two such men in a matter of days?  One subdued and the other hostile, both madly flipping pages in encyclopedias sitting behind me?  Sorry. 

Don’t believe in coincidences.

These antics and excruciatingly painful targeting and rapes intensified after I was notified the Civilian Police Review Board of Springfield, Missouri moved the hearing I requested back by a month.    More time for gangstalkers to work on my ‘deconstruction’  here in Springfield, Missouri?   It would greatly benefit the powers that be in Springfield, MO. if I were to appear before the Civilian Police Review Board completely desperate and distressed.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

Thank you God for my mind.


Dr. Ewen Cameron was employed by the CIA to experiment on people who had not given their permission for brain computer interface.  “…to erase their souls and minds.”  Writes ex-CIA author Robert Duncan, in his 2010 book, “Project: Soul Catcher;”  The torture helps to depattern the good behaviors for survival, so that detrimental ones can be programmed in their place.”  Duncan goes on to note that the CIA and DoD are developing ways to “kill better,” and bring government subjects to the “edge of death during interrogation.”  Acknowledging that today’s private sector BCI inventions 50-60 years behind are conversely being developed to “save lives.”

In a Pentagon declassified 2002 legal document, as well as in the Bush White House rape (defined as ‘mental rape’) and torture by our U.S. government agencies was approved, “…as long as the people doing it didn’t take pleasure in it.”  Duncan notes.

Psychic soldiers are interfaced with targeted individuals.  They are ‘mind handlers’ so to speak.  If they twirl around physically, Duncan writes, the target feels dizzy.  There are also electromagnetic weapons that can produce same effects on the TI’s inner ear.  Sound like science fiction?  Science reality is brain computer interface toys on the market today that allow manipulation of toy helicopters and cars by a mere thought from a human brain.  By computer monitoring of a targeted individual’s electromagnetic pulse; the new fingerprint- they can be singled out in a stadium full of people.

Something called “Mind Mirror” is used so a TI tortures themselves just by their responses mapped from past BCI with ‘chatter boxes,’ automated and played back.  When the TI no longer responds to the ‘voice’ causing shame, insecurity, guilt, anger and fear, Duncan notes the bot no longer have any control regarding these issues.

Documents Duncan, “The torture and depatterning duration lasts from months to years depending on when the specific mind breaks or splits.”   During interrogations, TI’s under BCI are taken further and further into their subconsciousness for the specific purpose to locating a level of consciousness willing to work with experimenters.  (The idea that scientists create ‘split personalities’ is false.  They just find a ‘level’ of the TI that is most vulnerable and willing to do anything for approval and make sure that this aspect of the whole conscious is dominated by it.)  Duncan writes… “… the target’s memory will be erased.”  (Selected areas of memory.  Leaving CIA approved perception of self intact.  Though usually ‘erased’ memory comes back in most subjects over months or decades.)

TI’s go through physical weight changes among other modifications.  “Altering the targets diet for malnutrition is important in depatterning,” Duncan reports.  As well as character perception changes, “Same games are used to make the target feel that they deserve to be tortured and are not worthy and did something wrong..”  

Duncan- “It appears that in over half a century there has been little cultural maturation in CIA and related intelligence agencies.”

Duncan notes the CIA uses the Bible, “In Enoch, the ‘watchers’ are angels apparently dispatched to Earth simply to watch over the people.”  But the ‘watchers’ abuse their powers from God by having sex with humans.  The children from these relations are ‘Nephilim.’  “God sends the Great Flood to rid the earth of the Nephilim, but send Uriel to warn Noah so as not to eradicate the human race.  The ‘watchers’ are bound “in the valleys of the Earth” until Judgment Day.  See Jude 1:6… Operation: “Noah’s Ark”-  Downsizing the Human Race.”   Duncan writes that many “Veterans of the U.S. Intelligence community…” end up being deleted with the Noah’s Ark because of what they know.  This particular operation documents cultural as well as cerebral/psychological differences special to particular families and individuals.

Eventually one day, Duncan warns the “cybernetic global brain project” will be in control of life on earth.  “Pollution would be irrelevant as would be plant and biological life forms… Human ideas and values could continue…”  inside electronic, silicon entities that would continue our “human life consciousnesses.’   Duncan quotes a whistleblower, “I got to see what they have been working on with enormous ramifications to all social order, a new world order of electronically controlled humans without their knowledge or consent.”   CIA statistics excuse their global brain endeavors by the fact that, “95% of populations do not and cannot think for themselves due to their strong herding algorithms.”

Near the end of Duncan’s book ‘Project: Soul Catcher,’  he writes that DARPA lists humans as ‘animals.’  Adding, “The psychology community has been used to dispose of some of the greatest thinkers of our time... (using terms like,) Satanic Panic and False Memory Syndrome...” to define what targeted individuals dare speak of that is happening to them.   Duncan– “… people who report these horrific crimes have been discredited according to many CIA documents...”  And just who is responsible?  Duncan writes, “120+ institutions were implicated… But the simple answer is that the Department of Defense supplies the budget, the NSA supplies the top scientists, and the CIA/DIA supplies the behavioral scientist and operators with flexible morals.”  And “There have been reports of satanic ritual abuse all over the world in large number, yet not a single satanic cult is listed in the FBI’s top 300 terror groups.  Why is that?  Is it because they are mostly CIA, NSA, and DoD funded projects?” asks Duncan .

Under the Bush administration, as well as today DIA/CIA lawyers do not view the human electromagnetic brain and body as being ‘electrical circuitry’ and therefore never worry about the illegal human BCI and torture-to-death experimentation, falling under any U.S. government Electronic Surveillance Act laws.  Duncan notes, “Even ion Doppler scatter sensing of neural activity, breathing and heartbeats movement of organs, through wall radar, or IR laser bounce from windows is considered LEGAL surveillance techniques…”   (The NETWORK uses these imaging devices to record torture and rape with directed energy weapons.  Then places these ‘movies’ on their internet site for member’s and gangstalker’s viewing and study.)

Duncan quotes a targeted individual who heard the following during BIC: “The Constitution says that civilians can be recruited during time of war.  The U.S. is always at war.  Mind controlled, tortured, raped and brainwashed, it clearly doesn’t specify.  What  a grotesque illusion of a country we have become.  Scam artists, liars, cheaters, and poor thinkers…   I am just the artificial conscience of what they were supposed to be.  Mankind is obsolete.”

If you have been tortured, you realize there are things far worse than death.”  -A United States MKULTRA project.” – From ‘Project: Soul Catcher.’   Author Duncan quotes FBI, CIA, DoD and NSA officials, “We are not torturing people a computer is.  We do not say we will kill their families.  We have a recording to do it…  We are not spying on the American people electronically; we are just actively and passively sensing their ion gradients…  Yes, all our officers swore to uphold the Constitution, but as long as we outsourced our crimes we are not responsible…  We are not murdering people.  They are killing themselves by our influence…”  A 1991 Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects is how 17 government, military and federal agencies conduct policy on informed consent from experimental subjects.   Duncan records that inside this same 1991 protection policy is a waiver, “Unless otherwise required by law, department or agency heads may waive the applicability of some or all of the provisions of this policy.”

Duncan wonders at one point near the end of his book what “evidence” besides that of “the testimony of hundreds of people,” would work to convince governments and their citizens of the injustice of what is illegally happening to TI’s all over the world and in the United States.  Duncan further notes “One must remember that these are mastermind criminals whom have gotten away with murder and torture for many decades…”  running these experimental programs that torture, rape and murder targeted individuals.

This is the last sentence in Duncan’s book, “As it stands the 21st century will be known as the age of spiritual machines and soulless men.”  Thank you Robert Duncan for your 2010 book,Project: Soul Catcher.’

God bless us all.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.



“We have been trying to concentrate evil as humans understand it to create weaponry that attacks the information systems of the brain and body.  I didn’t know what we were fully doing at the time I served.  I regret what I did.”  A former DARPA scientist said-   Below is more from author Robert Duncan from the 2010 book “Project: Soul Catcher.”   He notes that, “A friend and madman from Yale (who was) reintroduced in the Skull and Bones Club during a Harvard/Yale football game spoke of the downfall of the United States and new unobserved country borders… “The Phoenix is rising from the ashes of this empire to construct a more permanent and powerful control system of aristocracy.”

CIA personnel are even involved in Hollywood production of films.  “While the public is stupefied about these advanced technologies and left 60 years behind reality, Hollywood has additionally science-fictionalized them.”  Making it easier to label TI’s reporting their torture to authorities as ‘mentally ill.’

Duncan notes that the CIA’s B.R.A.I.N. (Biometric Recognition and Identification Network) “…can run an incredible number of bio-signature metrics...” that can be used to “…frame people to be disposed of by local authorities.”  Duncan has a picture in his book of a woman’s face being ‘scanned’ by CIA imaging hardware.  Included in scans are retina’s, facial hair, ear shape, walking gates, brain signatures, and more.  The CIA’s C.H.R.I.S.T. (Common Human Routines inference Software Technology) is software for “personality atonement and classification.”

Radio Hypnotic Intra-cerebral Control- and Electronic Dissolution of Memory, R.H.I.C.-E.D.O.M.  Duncan writes “…induces a hypnotic state from remote locations… to impart hypnotic commands, and erase the memory of the programming.”  These advanced technologies are used to manipulate long and short term memory, Duncan-  “Long term potentiation (LTP) usually occurs during sleep.”   And what occurs while awake?  “… neural noise is caused by cross talk of channels...” which changes center of attention.    Duncan, “The CIA’s program in mind control utilizes behavioral science to induce detrimental behaviors and negative thoughts… Using Chatterboxes like ALICE or TAMI (that) can automate the process of talking someone to their death….  (this policy includes how the CIA gets rid of their own people:)   Suicides are very common among British and U.S. computer scientists who have links to the Navy.”  Chatterbots are artificial intelligence that keep running conversation with TI’s or ‘chatter’ them until mental perception is clouded, then they are manipulated or driven “crazy.”   Records Duncan, “It is an amusing program for those that have heard them chatter.”  Perhaps he needs to experience BCI?   Bots can also mimic thought-speech of the TI.  Writes Duncan, “These chatterboxes (aka chatterbots) are used by the CIA/DoD for menticide, mental disablement, driving the target crazy with voices, brainswashing, hypnosis, but most importantly entraining the target mind.”  A cerebral cortex clone can make a TI slap themselves to humiliate them and let them know they are being controlledOnce bots ensure the target is thinking in words instead of pictures, mind control is easier.

Magnetic frequencies (recorded on EMF readers at Springfield, Mo. home for year in danger zone,)  are the “mode of interfacing” human brains:  ex-CIA Robert Duncan writes.  Psychic driving is “Hypnosis, subliminal suggestion and neural linguistic programming,” on targeted individuals.  “With Radio Frequency Intra-cerebral Control, there is the additional benefit that emotions can be correlated to phases and felt by the target.”  This is used to torture in keeping psychological wounds open and infected, no matter how the TI works to get over past abuses.

Duncan notes that religious metaphors are purposefully used so the targeted sound “crazy” if they talk about what they research.   HAARP is a heavenly name used for a  DEW system in Gakona, Alaska.  “…MEDUSA and GABRIEL voice of god weapons using electromagnetic induction.”   S.A.T.A.N. (Silent Assassination Through Adapting Networks) is a program the U.S. government uses to “behavior modification to death” used for “plausible denial mass murders and eugenics… (and) to create torturers and assassins with sociopathic behaviors.”   By subverting morality in government subjects to create ‘psychic warriors‘ who heterodyn with their ‘host‘ or TI’s mind.

What are the names used in the S.A.T.A.N. program to define torture, manipulation and other actions?   Spell, hex, demon, Medusa, siren and vampire, etc.  THIS IS WHERE MOST OF OUR TAXES GO… To a bunch of overgrown children acting like fraternity brothers inventing a world that only they can control.  Would hate to be them.  When they meet their maker.  Notes Duncan, “All of human pain, fear, and agony have been recorded to be played onto targets.”

One of the subprograms of S.A.T.A.N. is the “Voodoo Doll: No-touch torture,” Duncan writes.  It is a weapon that is categorized  as “worse-than-lethal,” due to extreme pain and mind torture that does not kill the subject.   The above weapons Duncan writes, “… is or can be used without human operators making it illegal by the Geneva Conventions… Similarly, in the U.S. psychic warfare and silent eugenics programs there is no way to surrender as it is practiced.”   How do CIA scientists and technicians think? “Multiplying the risk factor matrix by the induction method success rates matrix will determine the probability of silent death due to behavior modification techniques applied in combination and over a time period.”  Reports Duncan.

Duncan documents an interview of a targeted individual:  “Side notes  Simulated rape and sexual humiliation techniques:  A sweet young woman of Asian descent described her ordeal in this way. I’ll be lying in bed after a day of psychological abuse coupled with physical pains…  The pulsing tinnitus like a phasor sound will become silent and then I can hear a man’s voice speaking to me.  I then can feel him on top of me like a ghost.  He then violates me over and over while telling me that there is no way to stop him…” 

When photographing these flowers today, the smell of pesticide flew in my face.  By the time I reached back door the back of my throat stung.  They want to hurt the targeted anyway they can by removing from their lives the ability to do what makes them happy or fulfilled.   I no longer sit in my backyard due to being targeted with directed electromagnetic weapons, or sprayed with chemicals.  This was the fifth spraying event in backyard since targeting began in June 2017- one spraying was witnessed.

Because Robert Duncan has explained the hive mind in his book, “Project: Soul Catcher,” now understand why those targeting me have no boundaries.  They tend to talk out loud not minding that I can hear them.  The don’t mind I see them.  They have been brain computer interfaced and think in ‘hive mind’ and cannot recall how to act appropriately as a person unto themselves, whether in speech or behavior.   And they include me as a part of themselves, or as their property.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

First three months was targeted with illegal directed electromagnetic weapons would often beg to die during torture.  Writes former CIA Robert Duncan, “Plausibly denied torture often called “no touch torture” or “soft torture” (emphasis in bold type by author, is not being conveyed on published blog due to hacking, and after I write this it is… I’m smiling,) is used extensively by the United States government.  Of course the euphemisms are misleading to readers.  It is a form of worse-than-lethal techniques where the person will beg for death every day but the technologies keep the body alive for further suffering.”  Some of the new technologies he writes, are soft kill “maximum pain weapons,”  He notes that these weapons can make the skin burn without blisters under pulsed 95 Gigahertz microwaves.  And with “Ultrasonic and infrasound can resonate the body organs and cavities to painful circumstances but cannot be proved after the events.”  –Told ‘symptoms’ to Captain Pennington and two Springfield Police Officers he called after I sought help for the first time.  The Police laughed saying, “If your organs shook, you would be dead.”  Below whole house energy unit always in effect.  Highest readings middle to north side of home.  Not included specific body targeting night and day with hand held devices.

at-north-side-of-home-always-on-danger  kitchen

In Robert Duncan’s book “Project: Soul Catcher,”  one gangstalker in Duncan’s book is interviewed.  This ‘sleeper agent‘ is quoted as saying, “Generally the missions seem to have little purpose.  For example, I’ll be asked to go to a location and strike up a conversation with people around me and use specific phrases...”  Every targeted individual hears their thoughts repeated in conversation of strangers around them- this is how it is accomplished… “Thought Sonarization is another disorder…” writes Duncan.   In CIA/American manuals of psychiatry it is defined as when, “subject audibly hears their own thoughts spoken out loud.”

Another “interviewee,” (a targeted individual) told Robert, “They wanted me to tell my story of being tortured in order to scare others through word of mouth that the U.S. government does torture, rape and kill anyone they please.  “If we can do it to you, we can do it to anyone,” they often repeated.  “Go ahead and tell people.  They are dumb, programmed, selfish and cowards.  See for yourself.  You won’t find anyone who will try to stop us.”  Duncan then reports most important tactics used by Network of CIA gangstalkers, brain computer interface scientists, etc…  The first on his list is, “discrediting of witnesses.”  Second, “Induction and mimicry of mental illnesses,”  and in middle of list- “Physical evidence cannot be interpreted by a Jury or Judge.”  – Last what I had hoped the Attorney General of Missouri’s assistance might accomplish, but did not.

Duncan asserts, “Dick Cheney’s white house lawyers lifted the ban on torture which then spread into the homeland for human experimentation trials, practice, data collection and weapons development.  This allowed for the thousands of Americans to be tortured on which the news will not report…. The U.S. has a long history of human experimentation since WWII but it is not taught in public schools… Human dignity is not part of the equation.”

Targeted individuals wonder how nothing is ever believed by those not experiencing all that is done to them in the name of experimentation.  Duncan documents, “More indirect and complicated the truth, lower the probability of belief by a common person.  Most people naturally use Occam’s razor principle, the simplest explanation is usually the truth.  When setting up the perfect crime, even if you happen to have a license to kill, these principals are always used.”

Duncan notes that “burnt rubber and ammonia malodorants” were published by CIA psychiatrists in professional journals as “The Smell of Schizophrenia.”  In dictionaries, ‘malodorants’ is defined as… “a chemical compound whose extreme stench acts to attack olfactory or trigeminal nerves of persons exposed to it.  The malodorant compound is in a carrier liquid.”   Duncan notes that in psychological ‘disorders,CAUSE is everything, but not ever considered.

At the end of another long list entitled, “Dirty Tricks by the tricky dicks in the CIA:” Duncan reports that sleep deprivation and sleep alteration are used.  “Silent and ‘clean,’ hence no blood murders…” and “There is an unperceived technological gap allowing for these kinds of crimes to continue.”   By only using their ‘dirty tricks’ on whistleblowers, activists, older women and minorities… Duncan writes, “The U.S. secret agencies made a classic blunder by testing torture and m ind control techniques on selected Americans.  Napoleon warned, “You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war.” 

Writes Duncan, “In Biblical lore and in information warfare theory, letting the public know the truth to decide in consensus their collective outcome, is the only weapons that can be wielded against the agents of deception who falsely believe that they know better and will therefore decide everyone’s fate.”

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you dear God.  Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.