Asked Regina Cooper director of Springfield, Missouri library system last week if two librarians might write letters of support for the hearing with the Civilian Police Review Board.  She asked kindly, what it was for?  Told her the computer hacking and electric frequencies around computers I use at the library.  Cooper said OK.

That very day asked one librarian if they could write a letter in support of the high levels they had witnessed first hand and which I recorded from EMF reader with a photograph?  At the time had even held EMF reader in lap away from working computer to show reading danger.  (Same librarian also witnessed that after moving to another computer and switching other computer on, (I had moved out of range of the directed electromagnetic weapons or DEW which he also saw.)  At which time the EMF reader went to normal levels.   Which same librarian acknowledged as witness.

When asked if they would write a letter for me, the Springfield, Missouri librarian seemed instantly scared and apologetic, saying he remembered the incident.  BUT- this kind person said, “I don’t want to get involved with what is happening to you.”  (And I wouldn’t want targeting to ever happen to them.)  Understood totally.  Then asked… if they could write an anonymous letter?  The librarian again said, “no.”   And kept apologizing.   Told them I totally understood and didn’t want them to feel bad.  It is enough to know that there was a witness to my being targeted with DEW’s at a Springfield, Missouri library.

The head of Library Center then came to talk with me, a gracious woman Jessie East.  We discussed art.   After speaking to her about what was happening to me,  Jessie suggested instead of individual letters of support, since librarians “thought highly” of me, perhaps a letter supporting my character would be OK?  Told her it would be great.  She would talk to director, Regina Cooper to find out.

Away from the library a couple days when came in today, asked for Cooper to see what they had decide.  Jessie East came, looking confused saying she left a message on my phone, (never received it-)  my phones have been tampered with for years now.    Jessie went on to say the library could not get involved.   But that individual librarians could write letters if they were not on library letterhead.  Thanked her.  Honestly I don’t think that will happen either, so won’t be asking again.

People are so scared of what our government is doing covertly to innocent people.   Love the Springfield, Missouri librarians- they have been wonderfully kind and helpful, as were Regina Cooper and Jessie East when they on the phone and in person.  Thanks.

So what happens next?  The minute I sat down at the Library Center today was electrocuted.  Got up and moved around.   It stopped.   After writing above paragraphs, again felt electrocution.   Turned to actually see the woman who had been sitting near- now up and standing ten feet behind me, pushing buttons on her device (which was in a little beige pouch with a drawstring) as she aimed it directly towards me, causing electrocution on my skull.  When she saw me looking at her, she startled but kept working at torturing me.

Library tape from cameras would show this, if they were turned on where I was sitting by the Grisham room.  Unbelievable.   Immediately got up to ask the librarians a question regarding my computer and as I did, the woman looked at me as if I were dirt.  I ignored her.  Stayed up by the librarians who had no idea what was going on, and within minutes the gangstalker who hated my guts without even knowing me left the library.  I guess she thought I was notifying librarians what she was doing to me.

Keep reading Robert Duncan’s book, “Project Soul Catcher.”   Duncan is a Harvard University and Dartmouth college graduate with an A.B., S.M., M.B.A., and Ph.D., an ex-CIA Engineer, black project scientist.   When he found out innocent U.S. citizens were being targeted with electromagnetic weapons for experimentation, he became a whistleblower.   How can a targeted individual have their very thoughts known?  Duncan writes, “Once a mind hacker connects to a target mind, visual information is shared so stealing a (computer) password through the visual cortex reconstruction is one possible way to get passwords.  This technique of grabbing visual information is called screen scraping.  Additionally, passwords are sounded out internally… mimicked out loud with a system called TAMI.  The Standford Research Institute first publicly demonstrated this capability of using brain patterns to have a computer speak the internally vocalized words of a human being in the 1970’s.   (An MIT journal site months ago on this blog, gives same data.)  …”Obviously, the most important capability of mind hacking is to be able to listen and see through the subject’s eyes and ears.  But before this can happen, the target mind needs to be mapped.”  Duncan records “The CIA’s program initially was called “RHIC- radiofrequency hypnotic intra-cerebral control...  Once any part of the mind is mapped, a clone can occur or input sensor information can be transformed into traditional digital analogues for display.”

Duncan goes on to write how audio hacking in humans came to light, “ …they released this information by dishonorably and disgracefully experimenting on American citizens.  Some would even say treasonously.  It has become time that we take away some of the influence of these man children.”

Once brain mapped the targeted individual can have their own or other human’s tracks of emotions such as guilt and shame played in a loop during and after interrogations.  Interrogations through brain computer interface.   This encourages many TI’s to suicide by government gangstalkers.  Duncan reveals a statement made by one of the 650 identified government projects (i.e. targeted human,) regarding mind mapping.  The TI told them his mind handlers said:  “We can make anyone a drug addict living homeless under a bridge.  What do you think we will do with you?”  Duncan notes that, “The department of defense calls these tactics ‘self manipulation’ and thereby hopes to get around the laws of murder through indirection and psychological manipulation of the target to commit suicide…  With just the psychological techniques of the microwave hearing effect, they can talk the target to their death.”  Duncan writes, “Targets are set up to be disposed of by local authorities.”  I personally know two targeted individuals who both attempted gruesome suicides and lived.  Both told me that they went to the spot they were to kill themselves at least three times being told what to do.   They went away twice, but in the end succumbed.

In many religions there are different levels of hell.  For those doing this to innocent and good people, the lowest level of hell would be appropriate; but that is up to God and the really, really dumb people doing this; who think they are gods.   This life time, and this body of mine is temporary.  Hell is for eternity.

Duncan always uses computer lingo first to make it easier for the reader to understand what is done to humans.  “Malicious software can wear down the disk drive by thrashing it and over-exercising the mechanical parts.  Other techniques involve over-clocking the CPU which over heats it and destroys the chip…  Our focus is on the individual mind… There are many ways to destroy the human body and mind through these kinds of extreme stresses.  Using neurological weapons, the brain can be damaged through high constant cortisol levels and neurotoxicity of over excitement.”  This leads to brain, cardiovascular system and adrenal damage;  (heart failure, blood clots and strokes.)  Duncan notes scientists have been able to induce in targeted individuals…  “Errors in cellular information processing (that) are responsible for diseases such as cancer, autoimmunity and diabetes.”

Duncan claims that, “The CIA has been improving their creative ways to scare, control and torture.  In physical renditions, using… sexual humiliation and playing on every fear such as suffocation or threats against family are traditionally used by the United States government…” but the same tactics he says are used through mind control or what he calls, “remote renditions” with directed electromagnetic weapons.

To most readers this sounds like science fiction but this science reality is being done to hundreds of thousands of nonconcensual U.S. citizens today for experimentation.  The state of Michigan has laws against brain computer interface and directed electromagnetic weapons- this law can be read in an earlier blog.  With Manchurian Candidates, other peoples consciousnesses are programmed into them by remote mind control.  At one point Duncan quotes an interview with a Manchurian Candidate who was programmed by government agencies to kill.  Duncan asked the man… “Why did they stop torturing you?”  He replied, “They said that I didn’t create a good enough track record of seeking psychological help.”   Most targeted individuals much less Manchurian Candidates eventually seek help with their community law enforcement, or utility ‘authorities,’ or counselors.   Evidently he was smart enough NOT TO.   

So what kind of CIA agent do they want to employ to spy on- and covertly torture innocent Americans for mind control experimentation?   Duncan writes they don’t want their employees to feel shame or guilt in case they are caught and interrogated themselves, “This is one reason why the agencies look for sociopathic personalities so that they are immune to this type of mind probing tactic.  The cloak and dagger games have become incredibly complex.

Duncan records, “So ( United States) decided many decades ago that the people have no choice but to give up true privacy and freedom in order for security and protection…”  There is a cognitive modeling technique now that maps every targeted individual’s cognitive state and keeps that model in-sync with the original, as a “template of thought patterns within functioning parameters.”  Duncan notes, This technique is called project M.I.N.D., Mentally Integrated Neuron Duplicator.  Many people’s brain signals are stored and tracked in real time on supercomputers housed in the semi-secret command, control and communication underground bases in the U.S.”   The two biggest centers underground being in Colorado and Maine.   Duncan reports that the CIA’s, “… main mission and true purpose of creation was to monitor and control all information around the country and world.”  Wonder what God would think of that.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

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