Ex-CIA engineer Robert Duncan’s book, “Project: Soul Catcher,” validated everything assumed from deductions made about whole-house electromagnetic energy unit, and hand-held DEWs used to target specific body areas.   Assaults perpetrated by humans wearing invisibility suits.)   For this I profoundly thank Robert Duncan- for putting names and government condoned policies to the torture, rape and slow murder of targeted individuals.

However, there are some areas of Duncan’s book that were upsetting to say the least.   Above photos from Duncan’s book, taken from two letters by David Hambling are FILLED with hypnotic triggering cues.   Style of print typeface, size and boldness changes on random words.  The print changes are not logical.   Hambling’s first letter with hypnotic cues is in the introduction on page ‘iii;’ his second letter strewn with triggers starts on page 102.   Targeted individuals should avoid reading these two letters at all cost.  My question is, why would Duncan have these letters in his book without warning the reader?

Why also does supposedly ex-CIA Duncan encourage TI’s to think their neighbors are not involved in their subjugation?   Duncan never mentions ‘neighbors’ as gangstalkers in the Network (participating with the wealthy; and federal, state and local ‘authorities,’ military or security companies) involved in subjugating TI’s.   Why the subterfuge on Duncan’s part?

In fact at one point he lets the reader know that if thoughts about a neighbors involvement comes up, it is probably due to some form of brain interface suggestion. Yet, the FBI has admitted for decades that it’s most common method of surveillance is to move their married agents into rentals next door to spy on, and target ‘persons of interest.’  The CIA, NSA also move agents in their mind control programs right next door to keep track of and target with DEW’s persons of interest.  Duncan’s book is just one of many that I have read.  Ten years earlier read another ex-CIA book.    The author claimed emphatically the best way to keep track of a target is to move FBI agents into homes next door.  The pretend FBI neighbors usually “…consisted of two parents and 2.5 children.”  Why again the subterfuge on Duncan’s part?

Duncan allows two pages for information about invisibility suits… but does not mention they are mass produced today.  Or used for a decade now to assault targeted individuals with directed electromagnetic weapons.   Duncan is very ambiguous on the subject of this most important and secret weapon.

If a government, military or wealthy corporation has invisibility what could they not do to employees they don’t like, not to mention competitors?   They have ‘power’ like gods…  and do indeed believe they are gods.  Why would those in power ever want to alert a sleeping public that invisibility suits are used to exterminate,  and experiment on U.S. citizens?

Is Duncan still ‘in this power grid?’

At one point in his book ‘Project: Soul Catcher,’ Duncan mentions not straying from the terms which were laid out for him by the CIA- when he writes about cybernetic warfare conducted on an unsuspecting American public.  Duncan’s ability to ‘double-speak’ while writing his book… a book supposedly shedding light on what is happening to targeted individuals: is disingenuous to say the least.  Especially concerning his lack of information about invisibility suits which are being produced and used to target civilians for some time now.

One of the greatest weapons those in authority use is FEAR.   Scared people are the most oppressed.  Duncan’s book is so blunt in it’s delivery that most people reading it, would be incapacitated with fear.  Yet he offers little hope to counteract effects of these weapons and BCI.

Why did Duncan not reveal how the CIA keeps detection of their agents electromagnetic signature hidden? 

Why didn’t Duncan write about how to stop DEW, or BCI assault headed towards TI’s?  

Was sincerely glad to know everything I deduced about my torture and the research of it from other more sincere books,  is true.   And thank you again Robert Duncan for the information you gave that was true.

The Network’s street theater came to the Library Center… in the form of a ‘handler’ and psychic-slave (one of Duncan’s CIA-names to define a person totally controlled by brain computer interface in every aspect of life.)   The ‘handler’ who had on a blue baseball cap was using computer interface communication with this entrained individual.

The ‘psychic-slave’ man sat behind me, rapidly turning encyclopedia pages.  Finally after he rifled through his tenth huge encyclopedia- got up to introduce myself…  Turns out his name was Ben.    Asked if he had photographic memory?  He said, “I speed read.”  Proudly stating he would read entire encyclopedia set at library…

Ben seemed highly intelligent and subdued.  Did he understand the thousands of pages he was scanning?  Ben said, “No, only my subconscious does, not my conscious,” rarely taking his eyes from turning pages.  When he did, his eyes seemed to stray as if moving on their own accord.  Ben seemed to be in some kind of hypnotic state.   After Ben and I talked, both men left immediately walking out of the library together.

Several days before the incident above.   On 9-3-2017 at 3:30pm, a tall, muscular, angry, black haired, white man sat behind me turning pages of an encyclopedia with six large, stacked volumes on the table.   Turning pages so loudly it sounded like they would tear.  This occurred for twenty minutes by the Grisham room.  I turned once to look at the tall man and became afraid.  This man was here to disturb and frighten me.  He was doing a good job.

Then Angry-man got up exuding even more hostility and stalked toward main entrance, turning abruptly like an automaton to come back to flip more pages.   The man’s behavior was so strange, a mother picking up her daughter stared and frowned with worry.  Two such men in a matter of days?  One subdued and the other hostile, both madly flipping pages in encyclopedias sitting behind me?  Sorry. 

Don’t believe in coincidences.

These antics and excruciatingly painful targeting and rapes intensified after I was notified the Civilian Police Review Board of Springfield, Missouri moved the hearing I requested back by a month.    More time for gangstalkers to work on my ‘deconstruction’  here in Springfield, Missouri?   It would greatly benefit the powers that be in Springfield, MO. if I were to appear before the Civilian Police Review Board completely desperate and distressed.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

Thank you God for my mind.

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