From Springfield, Missouri Station Library MOBIUS loan, ‘The Search For the Manchurian Candidate’ 1977 by John Marks reveals how immoral and corrupt the CIA mind-control experiments of the 1950’s were.   Just imagine how horrific the no-touch, directed electromagnetic torture experiments on TI’s today are…  The first mind-control projects were under the direction of George White, a CIA contract agent, a private detective and former New York police officer,  and Dr. Sid Gottlieb a CIA chemist.   CIA officer Frank Olson, an honest, trustworthy family man was given a dose of LSD by White and Gottlieb without his consent, then murdered by the CIA days later in 1953.  A false psychiatric diagnosis was given as the reason for Olson’s demise.   (He was one of thousands of mind-control guinea pigs the CIA experimented on in their covert, non-consensual programs.)

In 1950 Olson had told CIA co-workers and Alice, his wife that what they were doing at the CIA was wrong.  Before he could blow the whistle on White and Gottlieb’s mind-control work, he was assassinated.   Below- left to right photos of CIA’s killer George White.  Murder victim Frank Olson in the middle photo.  And torturer Dr. Sid Gottlieb.  Below is a quote from White to Gottlieb:

George White Murdered Frank Olson  Dr. Sid Gottlieb

Author Marks quotes; George White in a letter to Dr. Gottlieb regarding his CIA career. “Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape, and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?”

God bless us all.  This was happening with tax payer money back in the 1950’s.  Think of what our rogue government covert agencies are doing today.

White and Gottlieb had police cooperate in their mind-control on prisoners. Gottlieb utilized surveillance equipment to film, and recorded experiments… Marks writes, eventually ‘safe-houses’ for experimentation were funded.  Hundreds of prostitutes were CIA-employed, “...officials wanted to find out everything they could about how to apply sex to spying.”   CIA safe-houses known of, were in New York and San Francisco.

The CIA project was called “Operation Midnight Climax.”   White became famous for having Billie Holliday arrested in 1949.  Marks quotes one agent talking about working with George White, “He was a pretty wild man.  I know I was afraid of him. You couldn’t control this guy.”  Writes Marks of White, “He was a law-enforcement official who regularly violated the law…. in the name of “national security.”  

Marks notes that the CIA used sex as a tool of war, “…the CIA did use sex as a clandestine weapon.”  One MKULTRA agent is quoted by Marks as saying, “We began to understand that when people wanted sex, it wasn’t just what we had thought of- you know, the missionary position…  We started to pick up knowledge …we found all these exotic ways to waste the taxpayer’s money…”   

Is the U.S. making war on it’s own citizens today by enrolling them in mind-control experiments without their permission that involve brain computer interface and rape with directed electromagnetic weapons?

CIA, MKULTRA representatives went on expensive trips around the globe to find every natural mind altering plant drug and poison.  The Mexican ‘magic mushroom’ called “God’s flesh,” was found in a village in the mountains above Oaxaca.   CIA Gordon Wasson experienced this mushroom attended by indigenous Indians.  Author Marks, excerpts Wasson’s diary notes “… the effect of the mushrooms is to bring about a fission of the spirit, a split in the person… with the rational side continuing to reason and observe the sensations that the other side is enjoying.  The mind is attached by an elastic cord to the vagrant senses.”  Is this literally the cord my family and I have photographed?  This ‘split’ Wasson refers to is known by many TI’s undergoing BCI interrogation- the TI observes as a witness, the illegal interrogation of different levels of their subconscious hacked by frequencies while their brains are downloaded.

Two spirit umbilicals photographed below twenty years apart.  What will all those CIA, NSA, the wealthy, military and security involved in targeting innocent U.S. citizens do when faced with their own natural deaths and standing before the One God?  This life and its technology has made mere mortals believe they are gods.  How will these cowardly men and women look God in eyes?



CIA’s MKULTRA Dr. Harris Isbell experimented on nine black inmates in Kentucky without their consent.   Other CIA psychiatrists experimented using hypnotism to create multiple personalities.  One involved two 19 year old girls.  Most of these hypnotized government subjects performed tasks having amnesia afterwards.  Some tasks included planting bombs or killing people.   MKULTRA Dr. Ewen Cameron’s mind-control experiments 1930-1960’s would reduce subjects to vegetable states with electroshock, or turn their brains into clean slates.   At times subjects were induced into coma for five hours a day through electricshock, this went on for 50 days.  CIA sponsored Camerson, invented ‘psychic driving’ using loops of tape played for hundreds of hours into government subjects ‘helmets’ and earphones, along with constant electroshock 2-3 times daily, (today’s chatter boxes or bots do the same looping during brain computer interface and the DEW’s conduct electromagnetic frequency to subjugate, torture, rape and eventually, slowly, experimentally terminate hundreds of thousands of TI’s.) 


Thank you John Marks for your investigative journalism in 1977 “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate.”

Once a TI’s brain has been hacked, they can be accessed at anytime, anywhere. They can be induced through hacking to do things in public they normally would not do- which shame the TI if they even remember what they have done.   Constant programming while asleep ensures that each time a TI lays down they become more and more under the control of U.S. government experimenters. Until some TI’s are relegated to institutions and prison… talked through suicide, or into killing those they believe are harming them.  It is my belief the CIA’s ultimate quest is to download the God-response in humans to use divine gifts and light as the ultimate tool in warfare and control of the world’s citizens. As a journalist, I once interviewed a man and his family running from the CIA back in 1994.  The CIA wanted to know from him how to contact the ‘entity’ used by his friend; a sniper who never missed a target in the Vietnam war.  They said they wanted to control the ‘entity’ to create the perfect weapon. 

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you dear God.  Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.

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