two deep layers of perfect concrete slabs torn out of ground today across from home where all water and gas pipes under ground

Today sidewalk demolition in front of home, perfect slabs taken out.  Why?  Twice this year same area dug up and water/gas pipes worked on, some redone directly to my home.  Now wonderful sidewalks torn up again.  Where is all this money coming from?

perfect sidewalks removed why    perfect slabs of concrete walk torn up at tax payer expense for what

After taking photos of tax payer money used to tear up a good side walk, suddenly a white Springfield, Missouri City Utility truck pulled up and several City Utility vans.  Men got out to talk with demolition workers.  One worker yelled,  all work stopped leaving dirt where perfect slabs of concrete used to be on busy S. Campbell Ave.

perfect walkways torn up   after city utilities trucks and van came to talk to workers all demolition stopped on sidewalks

Many DEW’s and invisibility weapons and suits only work in a radius near power source.

another-texas-friend-used-as-power-source-hood-opened-today-for-effect Texas plates HRG-5760

While taking photos of workers today noticed ‘neighbors’ put hood up on Texas car- to denote troubleafter red vehicle placed strategically in front of my home was blog-posted.

Much goes on in our world with technology that most people are unaware of.   Unfortunately people targeted with directed energy weapons are experimented on with any manner of technological devices that produce effects in our person physically, mentally, spiritually- to break us, so we are controlled.   Our homes are also physically damaged by the same directed energy assaults that are soft-killing us.   All this technology is illegal to use on non-consensual U.S. citizens.  It is criminal to use off the battlefield.  It is killing us.

Today ran an errand.   Exiting the first place.   Found a friend.

friend outside

I know how this happened to me.   Have sought truth my whole life.  Loved the earth, nature and God my whole life.  Am a psychic.  And stood up to my former employer.

Stalked, harassed and intimidated four years.   Wanted to go to the press for help.  What press?   After deciding tell someone what was happening to me… within the week felt ‘electrocuted’ in my home… first began in June 2016.   Until that time lived peacefully in Springfield, Missouri.   Never had anything stolen.   Have never had trouble with police, or the fire department… never called them except for all the accidents out front at So. Campbell and Portland.  Started this blog in October 2016 for posterity.  It has been a year now writing here.  From my home taken from the Kabbalah:

Since then, have learned so much.  Am so grateful.   Know they are killing me.  But am so grateful to know what is happening on this earth and not be asleep anymore.  Awful way to find out.  But true.   Book after book I read points to extremism, fascism, white supremacy, religious-right (including both Christian and Jewish,) being instrumental in an organized crime base called the Network that consists of all the authorities, security, military, government and wealthy.   This all began after WWII.

It is either technology or God.  Money or God.  Power or God.  Make your choice.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

Run Around

Today got a phone call from Springfield, Missouri police Officer Kibby.  Was handed a post-it with his name and number on it at SPD headquarters as being the investigating officer for the three incident reports, I have not been able to see for four months now.

Reports paid to have copied.  Reports I asked for to document attacks to property, animals and person.  Officer Kibby stated over the phone today, “I’m not investigating any of these reports.”  He then told me that none of my reports were open for investigation.  OK.

Have been told three times the reports are under investigation, have two recordings of front desk clerks at SPD headquarters saying they cannot release these reports because they are under investigation. 

So will head back into SPD headquarters to talk with Matt who is one of the people in charge of records, who first told me three reports were unavailable to be copied because they were under investigation…  Will hand Matt the receipt for $10 to show I paid to get all five reports copied because at the time none were open for investigation.   Received only two report copies, because those were not UNDER INVESTIGATION.

With such air tight organizational skills like this – does the Springfield, MO Police Department Headquarters re-organize computer files as it suits their needs?  Or does the SPD just out and out play with home-owners wanting copies of incident reports of crimes being committed on their property?

Is this why the city of Springfield is ranked 11th in the nation for violent crime.    The SPD doesn’t have the time to be educated about modern, covert crime and high tech illegal weapons invented, produced and used as of twenty years ago- what with all the administrative work the SPD does.

St. Louis is #1, and Kansas City #10 in the U.S. for violent crime.   Missouri has three of the most ‘violent and dangerous cities‘ in the U.S.   Rankings  by 24/ count homicide, robbery, rape and assault in cities per 100,000 people.  Wonder if that includes directed energy weapons violence of electrocution 24/7 for 18 months;  brain computer interface, and assault with green laser point by a ‘neighbor’ as well?   Missouri holds the honor of the only support letter ever written by a U.S. politician Missouri State Representative Jim Guest for inventor James Walbert and his family targeted with directed energy weapons and satellite weapons back in November 2008.   With advancements in technology; proliferation of directed energy weapons and gangstalking in Missouri; even backwoods sheds stockpiled with firearms could contain DEWs.

last rose of fall

Springfield, Missouri is headquarters to one of the biggest retailers in firearms- that sells guns after the three day waiting period to buyers whose background check is still pending.   Bass Pro Shops was asked to stop the practice by thirteen U.S. senators in 2015 who wrote a letter requesting a change in gun sales policy- the retailer never bothered to answer the letter.   Now on September 2017 the 90+ stores in the Bass Pro Shops chain; acquired Cabela’s for $4.1 billion almost doubling it’s retail size.   (In July 2017- Bass Pro Shops paid $10.5 million to complainants in a lawsuit alleging hiring discrimination… BPS always denied.)   

IMG_9960   IMG_9961

Above are sidewalks in Springfield, Missouri that will be completely torn up and redone on S.Campbell in front of home this week.  Nothing is wrong with these sidewalks except ‘neighbors’ vegetation in the cracks.  Why is taxpayer money being spent to redo perfect sidewalks?  Twice this year already these sidewalks were torn up to change water and gas pipes… some redone directly to my home.

Below is a letter written on behalf of James Walbert a targeted individual:

William J. Taylor Agency Investigations                                                                             November 21, 2008
To whom it may concern,

The undersigned is a licensed Private Investigator, licensed in the state of Florida and the state of Connecticut. The undersigned is not an expert in electronics nor an electrical engineer certified to conduct these issues. The undersigned has however been successfully locating and identifying electronic devices that are designed to eavesdrop in individuals and harass for numerous known and unknown reasons for over forty years. References are available on request.

On or about 1500 on January 6, 2008, the undersigned met with and interviewed Mr. James Walbert of Wichita, Kansas. Mr. Walbert related to the undersigned that he believed he had been subjected to various forms of electronic surveillance and electronic harassment by persons known or unknown to him, for reasons known or unknown to him. (I shall not violate Mr. Walbert’s confidence by memorializing his suspicions in this report as Mr. Walbert is involved in a legal matter relating to this harassment.)

During the course of the afternoon of the 6th of January 2008, the undersigned tested Mr. Walbert’s person for radiation using a JM-20PRO, 1MHz – 3GHz. Portable R.F. Detector and a JM-20F RF Finder Bar Graph Display RF Frequency Detector.    The undersigned found that the JM-20PRO detected a low signal coming from Mr. Walbert’s right upper back area of his person. Upon scanning Mr. Walbert with the JM-20F the undersigned found a low bandwidth signal of a fairly steady 288MHz. (A background signal of the area was 800 to 900 MHz.)

It is also worthy of mention that while viewing Mr. Walbert through a Bushnell 26 4202G Night Vision Infrared Viewer there was a very definite visual distortion of light on Mr. Walbert’s back area.   These tests and results were witnessed by a credible third party with the permission of Mr. Walbert.

Respectfully,  William Johnstone Taylor, LPI

Below is another letter for targeted individual James Walbert:



And a letter below regarding Freedom of Information Act request and release of information concerning directed energy weapons (DEWs,) back in 2006.   This response letter is an admission in and of itself that these weapons existed back in 2006 even though authorities in Missouri say directed energy weapons do not exit:IMG_9973


When at the library, can type on screen- words written to express how I feel about those hacking into my computer… the same gangstalkers always there no matter what time of day or night.  It is fun to see their reactions.   The Network uses technology that allows gangstalkers to hear thoughts and see thoughts in writing on computer screens.  Most wear earphones, though some with brain ‘nets’ get information downloaded directly.  Usually two or three gangstalkers work together hacking my computer.  They call this hive mind in the CIA manuals; according to ex-CIA Robert Duncan.   A targeted individual can therefore communicate with the very people subjugating them through computers- by typing to them.   They don’t like it one bit.   It must be hard to spy and be told how awful you are as a spy- by the very person you are killing and whose privacy you invade at all times.  

When a gangstalker pulls a trigger on a ‘non-lethal’ weapon the military term “soft-kill” takes place over months or years.  Eventually culminating in murder by natural causes, murder by accident and murder by mind controlled suicide.

Directed radio waves, microwaves, acoustic and radar weapons constantly bombard a ‘person of interest.’   This radiation lowers their immune system, weakens cell tissue, destroys anything rooted like eyes, teeth, and hair.

DEW’s also cause physical damage -hemorrhage, burns, and injuries like the Cuban diplomats: brain swelling, and brain damage, vibrations, numbness, hearing loss, etc.  Then there is the constant pain of sizzling.  And remote EMF torture and rape.

David Voigts  David Voigts former Officer with the U.S. Navy became a targeted individual for speaking up after finding out that “...classified government programs were illegally using Directed Energy Weapons on U.S. citizens for various purposes, including, subjugation, entrainment, experimentation and retaliation.”  From   David Voigts at the Naval Academy studied “brain-machine interface systems.”  Voigts said that “Targeted individuals have reported harassment and intimidation, and physical and sexual torture around the clock through technology… orchestrated by an alliance between criminal elements in the government and the power elite.”  Voigts reports of DEWs, “These weapons are classified and meant only for use on  enemy combatants in declared war-zones abroad.  It is illegal and unconstitutional to use them in  one’s own country and against one’s own citizens for revenge and silencing campaigns.

Leonard Euler created a mathematical equation that locates God, supposedly.   Stanford University mathematics professor Keith Devlin said of the Swiss mathematicians equation…  it is “…like a Shakespearean sonnet that captures the very essence of love, or a painting that brings out the beauty of the human form that is far more than just skin deep, Euler’s equation reaches down into the very depths of existence.

Technically,  e^(i*pi) + 1 = 0… means God exists.

So even if someone doesn’t believe in God.  God mathematically exists.  Even Einstein saw God in his discovery of the ‘matrix’ of nothingness that everything comes out of. 

So gangstalkers…  no matter how many computers; covert weapons; and  ‘persons of interest’ you EMF remotely torture…  your power evaporates in front of GOD. 

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.


Such beauty can never be known unless understood by the heart.   A Poem.  A Rant.  A Promise.  2017.  When not ‘present’ the program is running.  Artificial intelligence.  Created and run by cowards. Cowards hiding behind suits of invisibility that do not yet exist…  Cowards using directed energy weapons that do not yet exist…  Cowards in plain clothes and uniforms hiding- behind badges, behind fences, trees, houses, cars, laboratory tables, machines…  Cowards breaking into homes, ripping up flowers, stealing Madonna statues.  Cowards hiding as bosses, friends, neighbors and strangers.  Cowards hiding as security in stores, workplaces and churches.  Cowards hiding in broad day light in public buildings, hacking computers.    Cowards who are priests, ministers, PhD’s and persons of authority.  Cowards destroying everything good worked for in a life time.  Cowards using through wall radar technology and brain computer interface to film torture, experiments, rape, and the soft-kill murder ‘persons of interest’ who just want to sleep, just want to live, just want to be with family and friends; just want to work, just want to be LEFT ALONE.

How many cowards does it take to control and subjugate one U.S. citizen? 

Hundreds against each targeted individual; because cowards do not have lives of their own.

Cheer up.  Live.  Look the other way.  Stop struggling!  Stop standing up.  Comply.  Don’t write a blog about targeting by a former employer- their security, city and state.

Hundreds against each targeted individual; because cowards lack intelligence and the ability to think. 


“Cursed is he who strikes his neighbor in secret.”  – Deuteronomy 27:24

It is said that the highest result of education is tolerance.  Everything is illuminated:  to members of the known Civilian Police Review Board- Chairman Dwayne Black, Lynne Mitchell, Bruce Menzies, Paul Kalapathy,  James Williams,  Mayor Ken McClure,   SPD Chief Paul Williams,  Springfield City Manager Greg Burris…

A citizen in your town who asked for your support after living, owning a home, and working in Springfield, Missouri peacefully twenty-two years was denied civil rights aid, human rights assistance, and law enforcement services since 2016. 

“People dead inside work hard to maintain the illusion that they have souls.  They depend on motion to give them breathe,”  noted Sue Grafton.

Today talking with a friend was targeted so severely had to lay down.

If you don’t want to be a national security risk, stop thinking.   AND SMILE.   Don’t speak what you know.  Don’t think…   U.S. citizens must never reflect on the… truth about 911,  truth about HAARP,  truth about nuclear power,  truth about chemicals,  and nonconsensual human experimentation;  truth about Monsanto, truth about nano particles, pharmaceuticals and medical research; truth about chem-trails; truth about colliders and truth about the crimes of the military, wealthy and nations…  -Such deliberations, words written and spoken- and subsequent thoughts… here that you are reading are ALL treasonous communications… according to the NSA, Homeland Security.  

She stood up for herself for once in her life in 2015.  Instead of walking away injured…  But she is glad to have learned what humanity is about.  Glad to finally understand why the world is the way it is.  Glad to know and love God her whole life.

“Nobody would do anything if they knew what they were in for.”  Milagro Bean Field War. 

Today outside home they are putting a ‘new’ sidewalk over brand new sidewalk and existing good sidewalk… What is Springfield- and their City Utilities covering up?  Janet Phelan in her book published 2014- “Exile” wrote about the covert use of city “double line” water systems used to deliver genetic and chemical weapons to murder ‘persons of interest.’   Phelan. spoke of the U.S. double line city water systems in Geneva at the United Nations outlining how her country, the United States is targeting its own citizens who are whistleblowers, activists and anyone standing up for their rights.

Twice this year at utility-customer expense they opened up the ground and planted new pipe.  Now the city will redo sidewalk at taxpayer expense all the way down the same block in front of my home from Parkview Highschool to the Purple Burrito on Campbell Ave. Springfield, Missouri.


Someone has been working in basement crawl space in vacant home next door at 1561 S. Campbell Ave. Springfield, Missouri 65807-  pictures taken yesterday below.   This vacant home’s crawl space it is thirty feet from where I sleep at home next door to right of home in photo above- using through-wall radar; DEW’s; and their health-injuring frequencies.


Why does it take hundreds to subjugate one- until the one is murdered by ‘accident, natural causes or suicide?‘   -A question asked by Gloria Naylor in her book ‘1996,’   asked by Corkin Cherubini in his book ‘Gang Stalkers; A Threat to Humanity,‘ asked by Janet Phelan in her book ‘Exile,’  asked by Robert Guffey in his book about Dion Fuller  ‘Chameleo,’ and asked by Josephine Grace in her blog

Angels of God our guardians dear to whom God’s love entrusts us here.  Ever this day be at our sides to light and guard, to rule, guide and protect family, friends  our territories, tools and vehicles, animals and plants.  Amen.

Cowards have ungodly power that fry their own hearts to shriveled husks.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God.  So be it. Amen.

Janet Phelan

where elves pick flowers

Janet C. Phelan author of 2014 “Exile,” writes that she suffered at the hands of the Los Angeles, California Police Department.  One of the first times Phelan was literally dragged away by the LAPD who suddenly burst into her home is because they say, she was making “excessive 911 calls” and “threatened someone.”

Phelan and Dr. Catherine O’Loughlin submitted human rights violations against whistleblowers, activists and human rights defenders in the United States to the United Nations in 2010; at the Seventh Review Conference for the Biological Weapons Convention. 

Phelan spoke in Geneva about the covert use of “city water systems” and ‘impostor pharmaceuticals‘ or ‘poison pills‘ used to deliver chemicals to murder unsuspecting citizens.  She believes both practices facilitated by the United States government rids the US of people who question authority.  Phelan’s speech to the U.N. took place after she endured a decade of murderous targeting by gangstalkers.

It all started when Phelan reported on Army genetic weapons.  Writing on a “…1970, ‘The Military Review’ by Dr. Carl A. Larson, entitled “Ethnic Weapons,” that are used against ‘targeted populations.”   She found military scientist’s IRS-tax-funded “gene therapy” eventually became “gene weapons,” to target specific people and their “specific genetic structure.”  Phelan wrote that these weapons could be delivered “…as gas and aerosol..” (as well as) “…added to water supplies…”   Phelan recorded that “… ethnic specific biological weapons do exist.”  Her information source from an “Emerging Technologies Genetic Engineering and Biological Weapons2003 paper, the Sunshine Project, Background Paper #12.

Phelan notes that “… citizen DNA… culled by law enforcement agencies, now recorded at about 13 million samples in the FBI databank... has been ongoing in some states as far back as the 1970’s.”  Including newborn DNA collection.    Phelan records Robert Lederman discussing the Human Genome Project in 2000;  R.Roy Blake’s “Genetic Bullets- Ethnically Specific Bioweapons,” article from 2000; and Ronald Kessler’s “In The President’s Secret Service”  all containing truth about how genetic weapons are used to target groups of people, and can be tailored for a particular citizen’s DNA- when it is necessary to dispose of that one person.

Phelan’s “Exile” offers a glimpse of life in the United States (in the third biggest military funded state in the union; California.)  The first being Virginia, second being Texas.  However California has the biggest production of invisible weaponry; suits and directed energy weapons.  Many targeted individuals report that once a citizen is labeled a ‘person of interest’ by Homeland Security; the names of these journalists,  activists or whistle blowers are trickled down into state and local law enforcement computers and given to state FUSION centers.

Americans are quick to point our fingers at Russia where journalists and activists are killed by a shirtless-Putin; whose radiation is ingested unknowingly through food or drink… sort of like Karen Silkwood who was poisoned with radiation in the United States decades ago by her employer.

Janet Phelan not only suffered through and survived multiple incarcerations in various institutions, but she was physically assaulted as well.   At one point in her book “Exile” Phelan describes not being able to eat dinner because she is helping someone in trouble.  She places her food to the side in it’s Styrofoam container to finish later- only to find it had been stolen by a homeless person sitting nearby.   Next day, she found out he died after eating her dinner.

It became evident to me that Phelan has so many angels protecting her.

Sadly at the beginning of Phelan’s book, she writes how her mother is taken away and institutionalized in state and local ‘homes’ for the aged.   It is rare Phelan ever is allowed to see her mother.   In this way Phelan is kept busy in her attempts to free her mother and has to stop her investigative, journalistic endeavors.  Through gangstalking efforts Phelan becomes homeless, which probably kept her alive, as she was always on the move.  This strong and beautiful woman learned how to survive on the streets.

Eventually as the book’s title indicates, Phelan must leave her homeland- to live; without constantly being targeted with directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar weapons.  Phelan’s mother dies in the home she is last incarcerated in, and local government takes Phelan’s inheritance.

Phelan documents how the food she regularly buys suddenly makes her sick.  Phelan had to start changing what she eats and where she buys food.  She is only poisoned again when buying take-out, and lands in hospital.   .

On the streets, she was told several times, the NSA made a $10,000 bounty on her head.  Writing, “By the time I got off the streets in 2006, the bounty was up to $50,000.”  Which Phelan says she was in constant danger.   Phelan left California several times.  In Phelan’s ‘Exile’ she is given a ride by a trucker who told her to never accept anything from government food banks.  For the trucker said,  food banks are the easiest way to get rid of unwanted people like the poor.  

In Phelan’s “Exile,” she wrote that in 2013 the South African health council found Dr. Wouter Basson (of Project Coast) guilty of “unprofessional conduct,” because he worked with the U.S. CIA in contaminating rivers in South Africa with the bio-weapon “Ebola.”  To kill certain, ethnic citizens.  Phelan notes that anthrax and cholera were used in Zimbabwe with the Marburg virus to infect groups of people.

Phelan  researched ‘double line water systems‘ laid in most cities today for the express purpose if delivering biological and chemical attacks on citizens that need to go away.  Her findings are published in the article “Public Extermination Project.”

Phelan researches the U.S.A. Patriot Act and says that “…section 817 states the U.S. government and agents do not need to adhere to the restrictions written into domestic biological weapons legislation.  And therefore are free develop, stockpile, transport and deploy biological (weapons) at will.”  This she included in her speech at the United Nations.

Even with everything going on, the valiant Phelan at one point works to save an antiwar activist and former U.S. congressional staffer falsely charged and incarcerated in 2005.  Phelan wrote that the “... government-approved forced drugging might actually kill her.”   According to the U.S. media reported the woman (Susan Lindauer) was accused of spying.  Then released as mentally unfit to stand trial, and in 2009 all government prosecution was dropped.

Why is it that when women know the crimes of a nation,  a religion or the crimes of wealthy… they are declared mentally unfit and put away?

Phelan writes- that in the United States we have “God given” constitutional rights, that are “only salient if the system acknowledges them…  When I am asked why I left the United States, I generally reply that my rights were being violated.  In fact, it was clear to me that I had no rights.  How it is that a person who had never been charged with a crime can lose all her rights is an issue that is beginning to come to public attention.  More and more people are cropping up with similar stories of police misconduct, judicial corruption and the use of proxies to stalk and… assault.  Some of these people, like Clare Wehrle, have ended up dead.”

Janet Phelan author of “Exile” goes on to write that Constitutional protections are “… not to shield us from terrorist attacks or invasions from a foreign power.  These protections are there to constrain our government from invading the privacy of its citizens, from robbing its citizens and yes, killing its citizens, without due process.” 

Thank you Janet Phelan, for writing about why and how you were targeted inside the borders of the United States.   Phelan, a brave, true U.S. citizen now resides in Mexico.

Below new improved lock on gate at vacant house to south just feet away from my home where criminals shine bright lights in bedroom windows- and dump furniture.  Lock put on today by a bank maintenance person.


Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.


Exile” published 2014 by Janet C. Phelan is another great book by a targeted individual, who had to leave her homeland U.S.A. due to repeated attempts on her life and incarcerations in mental health facilities during multiple lock-down evaluations forced by police.  Phelan’s book; like Gloria Naylor’s “1996;” and Corkin Cherubini’s “Gang Stalking: The Threat to Humanity” are three testimonies that cannot be put down once started.  They tell the truth about living life while enduring assaults by the Network: organized covert crime- that includes gangstalking and the use of directed electromagnetic weapons.  For a targeted individual like myself, who endures 24/7 torture alone these books are a breath of fresh air.   Reflecting what is happening in my life; encouraging hope (not only because am not alone…) but because the authors courage to speak up heals.  Will report on ‘Exile’ in next blog.

In the past two weeks have reached out for support to a Targeted Individual Awareness Meetup group on the internet that have been a member of for almost a year.  Just occasionally writing something on that site also gives me hope knowing I’m ‘speaking to’ others who are enduring assaults like myself.  Also reached out to who I consider are important people established on the internet as targeted individual leaders.  They have made a great difference in my life in the week I have known them, through their overwhelming support.

The decision by the Civilian Police Review Board in Springfield, Missouri lacked any justice for the violations of U.S. human rights laws- that I endured in the past year and a half by the Springfield, Missouri Police Department and Fire Department.   If I had not the privilege to have  targeted individuals extend a hand of support to me…  would be crushed right now. 

Believe these cowards torturing me would never be able to endure what they have administered.   Authorities in Springfield, Missouri and all across our nation don’t want to admit this is going on.  Either that, or they are involved.

Within the targeted community itself, there is a fear that those contacting us on our sites or by phone may not be who they say they are.   We are all so careful.  Do you know why?  In order to live our ‘everyday’ lives we must practice being vigilantly 200% present in our world to keep ourselves together.   We do not have the luxury of being just the 50%-cell-phone-in-hand-latte-fix-harried-at-work-present most U.S. citizens exhibit day in and day out- for this distracted way of living would be our end.   Every single moment a TI must be present to protect ourselves and exist.  Pain will do that.

When you are tortured as badly as I have been you can subconsciously call out your dead mother’s name over and over out-loud until upon hearing it you are surprised that you are doing so.  When you are tortured as badly as I have been you can wish one of the cowards holding a directed energy weapon mistakenly slips on the trigger and your heart is fried and stops beating.  Because death would be preferable to a year and a half of constant torture.   Oh, this is not a death wish by any means.  It is acknowledging that you live in a society, in a country so asleep (or so evil) to allow innocent people to be tortured in broad day light:  Only God can hold a person (that is in such pain) still enough to see beyond the experimentation going on to live productively through it and to conduct themselves ‘normally’ in an ignorant, uneducated society.

It is one thing to be tortured in a jail or holding cell.  It is another thing to be tortured in your own home and in your work place: at the grocery store and library.  When you tell someone you are tortured in a jail you are believed.  If you tell someone you are tortured in ‘enemy hands’ you are a ‘hero.’   Dare to tell someone  you are being tortured in your home, work place, grocery store or library and you are ‘crazy.’  Dare to tell an authority you are being tortured- and efforts are made to have you put away to be victimized further.

Been thinking about ‘evidence.’   So many targeted individuals have brought factual evidence forward to their police, fire departments, city utilities, state attorney generals- and most of the time these officials overlook the evidence because the idea that such assaults are occurring in the privacy of homes or in public among other people has never been heard of or done on such a large scale.   Let us hope it is an ignorant and uneducated government and not an evil government.  

Guess that is why it took the U.S. officials nine months to respond to U.S. diplomats calling for help in Cuba.  Nine months.  Some are brain damaged now.   The heavy-hitters- those leaders in the targeted individuals community who supported me with phone calls and letters for the hearing- have all been assaulted with DEW’s a lot longer than just the year and a half that I have been (or for the ten months the Cuban diplomats were.)  A year and a half of sheer hell.   The leaders in the TI community- some have endured this for over a decade.   When are our federal, state and local authorities going to take notice of all 500,000 of us?

In the Guardian newspaper of Sept. 14, 2017, “Mystery of sonic weapon attacks at US embassy in Cuba deepens…” by Wash. Assoc. Press, “symptoms” included, “…permanent hearing loss, speech problems… mild brain injury…    Some felt vibrations,    and heard sounds- loud ringing or… crickets or cicadas… grinding noise… ringing in ears… nose bleeds.  Other symptoms have included brain swelling, dizziness, nausea, severe headaches, balance problems, tinnitus, and prolonged ringing in ears…  The attacks seemed to come at night.  Several victims reported they came in… bursts.  Yet others heard nothing, felt nothing.  Later, their symptoms came.  Some victims now have problems concentrating or recalling specific words, several officials said, the latest signs of more serious damage than the US government initially realized. ”   Do you really think a diplomat would tell the world they were ‘raped’ by a directed energy weapon?  No.   This blog is for posterity.   Many targeted individuals are raped.

There is a special place in hell for cowards that torture, rape and murder in hiding.

Just why do U.S. press agencies find it OK to report the Cuban DEW assaults, but not DEW assaults occurring in their own country?   It appalls me that the free press in the United States refuses to report the huge organized crime effort of the Network covertly assaulting 500,000 citizens.   Why can’t they report news?

When the 21 diplomats in Cuba wrote and called Washington to alert them of directed energy weapons assaults; why were they not put in 96 hour mental evaluation holds?   Conversely, when the bravest of targeted individuals speak out in the U.S. regarding their assaults 24/7 with DEW’s why is it a policy to incarcerate them for 96 hours of mental evaluation?   Does it take just one U.S. diplomat to be believed regarding DEW assault, or does it always take 21 U.S. diplomats to report directed energy weapons assaults before our government responds?   And why is the FBI ‘confused’ and uneducated about DEW’s used in Cuba?  Woody Norris’ inventions HSS and HIDA in a New York Times article dated from March 2003 by Marshall Sella reports the government funds many of his 100 plus patented inventions.    Our FBI does not read the newspapers, or know what the DoD is up too?  Glad I never contacted the FBI about the organized crime and DEW assaults in Springfield, Mo.   Actually had been going to when first seeking help… but have learned since then, the FBI are quick to put TIs in mental evaluation lock-downs if they seek their help.

My front door.

my front door

Haven’t had a good nights sleep since this all began.   Sometimes I sit dreaming of laying down and my body being still… no shaking, no vibrations, no sizzling, no pin-prick sensations, no pain, no heart racing, fibrillation or jumping, no organs rattling, no head numbness or pain, no frying of feet or ears, no points of light in eyes, no jerking limbs, no rape.  Sometimes I hesitate before laying down because am afraid of what the night might hold for me.   But always have to lay down anyway.   And when I wake up from a couple hours of sleep, it is a good day when the sizzling is on my body and not my head.  And

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you dear God.  Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.

“An ignorant and uneducated police department is beneficial to criminals.”  By Josephine Grace.   Went to Springfield, Missouri Police Department for the decision letter today from the Civilian Police Review Board; never came by US Postal Service.

Am sorry to say that nothing, absolutely NOTHING was done regarding the lack of criminal investigation, the intimidating harassment, discrimination, invasion of privacy, slander, HIPAA violations and illegal-diagnosis by Springfield Police, when a twenty-two year home owner dared to report criminal, physical assaults to property, animals and self.  Please forgive all who were hopeful like myself that any effort in Springfield, Missouri could shine justice on organized crime and directed energy weapons use in Springfield, Missouri and United States.

Civilian Police Review Board Hearing decision made Tuesday 10-3-17.

letter had to go get today from SPD as never arrived at my home

The action items requested were to remove all illegal diagnosis and violation of HIPAA laws from the criminal reports requested of the SPD to document assaults to property, animals and person.  The action items also requested were to have the Springfield, Missouri Police department admit directed energy weapons; DEW’s exist; so no one should have to endure what I have from an uneducated Springfield Police Department concerning the effects DEW’s have on the human body.

What Mr. Dwayne Black wrote is correct; what is “wondrous to one is strange and unknown to another…”    With all due respect, here are the facts…


image7   pets-umbilical-holding-spirit-to-body

The fact that SPD officers and Internal Affairs does not believe directed energy weapons exist is a problem because there are laws in Michigan, Massachusetts and Minnesota acknowledging these weapons to be as dangerous as “weapons of mass destruction.”   Evidence of DEW’s in U.S. laws today!   An ignorant and uneducated police department is beneficial to crime.   Did the Springfield News Leader newspaper not cover reports of the 21 U.S. diplomats in Cuba that had directed energy weapons assaulting them nine months before the U.S. government reported it publicly and removed personnel?   (What were the 21 diplomat’s symptoms?  According to the Guardian News of Sept. 14, 2017 Wash. Assoc. Press:  “The health attacks… mild brain injury…  vibrations, chirping crickets or cicadas (in their ears... nosebleeds… concussions… brain swelling, dizziness, nausea, severe headaches, balance problems and tinnitus, or prolonged ringing in the ears.“)  These reports came out only after I filed for a Civilian Police Review Board hearing.

It is a fact that our SPD Chief of Police Paul Williams refused to acknowledge  transcripts from recordings concerning three of his officers Helms, Welsh, Lily- and liaison Daugherty verbally-diagnosing me and recording me as ‘mentally ill‘ on paper  (violating every HIPAA law known.)   Chief Williams refusal to acknowledge DEW’s or his associates committing civil rights violations is a willful disregard of the law itself.   (Further all officers and liaison refused to look at documented legal correspondence through the Missouri Attorney General’s office showing dangerous levels of electromagnetic frequencies in home recorded by City Utilities and me.  Have never once been approached for evidence by Officer Kibby during the ongoing ‘investigation’ first started since I asked for copies of police reports. )

The fact that our SPD Chief of Police Paul Williams and not an outside party… decided on the outcome of an Internal Affairs report is similar to nepotism.  By doing this Williams has encouraged SPD partiality, bias, and just good ole’ boy politics at the sake of a victim suffering horrific ongoing crime living in Springfield, Missouri.   He shelved the report as a ‘miscellaneous complaint.’

It is fact that the Internal Affairs decision letter named the Civilian Police Review Board as a contact (within 45 days,) for further SPD inquiry.   Black’s letter shows… after the fact that information can only be given to the Civilian Police Review Board through “certain approved channels” (which were not made known to me.)   Is “the scope and control of this board” non-existent for all ‘civilian’ purposes and needs?  Libby Harris secretary of the board said documents would be accepted until the hearing.   Which was not true.  If the secretary doesn’t know the rules, how can a person with a query?

How many Civilian Review Board members read anything submitted to each and every one of them?  Considering all the slander that went before, it is amazing we were allowed to meet at all.  The respect established in hearing is a testament to Mr. Dwayne Black and the rest of us there- our open minds and kinds hearts.  But nothing in the outcome supported the atrocity happening to me.  Where are the laws?  I’m not a diplomat.  What Springfield authority is supporting my reports of crime happening for over a year?

The fact that the Civilian Police Review Board gave only five minutes to speak about the SPD’s discriminatory, harassing, intimidating, invasion of privacy, violations of HIPAA laws, and more… is quite outrageous.   Unfortunately not seeing the blurb about five minutes allotted in Harris’ letter turned out well,  as the board kindly allowed fifteen minutes to speak.

Chairman Dwayne Black wrote in his decision letter “Springfield, Missouri is a growing town…  we are trying to become a big city and offer some of what comes with the resources of a big city.”  However the bigger Springfield, Missouri grows the more it’s weaknesses will deepen into the fabric of this city if they are not addressed now and corrected honestly.   Education is the key.  When will this happen?

Was I seen by the board in their decision letter as an “… artist of many varieties to people of more traditional trades… (needing) a little patience with one another as we live and learn together?”   If so, then did the Civilian Police Review Board not hear me say I worked twenty years with an establishment of the most exacting, right-wing, republican, hardest-to-work-places in Springfield for any duration.  Much less twenty years total.  This wealthy corporation was preceded by ten years as a journalist with a town newspaper; ten years as a health food store buyer; a YMCA, Chesterfield, and Webster Groves, Missouri gymnastics-coach for five years.  A day care center worker for three.

When is a citizen good enough, sane enough and understood enough to be believed by law enforcement in order to get their protection?  I’ve worked forty-plus hours each week of my adult life and put on numerous art shows each year!  The fact that I am on disability due to work  injuries since 2015 should not make law enforcement protection any less viable for me or make me any less believable.  If I were mentally ill, law enforcement protection should work for me too.  While with this employer- the footwear crew and myself made $5million in that one department in twelve months; a sum never surpassed since.  Does the amount of money a worker makes their employer equal how much law enforcement they are entitled to or how much they can be believed?  The fact that I am an artist as well, does not negate the ability to work twenty years in one of the most  “traditional trades...”  as Mr. Black writes.

What if I didn’t have photos of art; photos of dangerous EMF readings; photos of screens torn off basement windows; photos of spirits, etc.?  What if my art had not been bought by a museum, or shown for decades at Springfield Art Museum?  Who would I be without evidence?   Myself… is that good enough for SPD protection?

Mr. Dwayne Black writes of patience.  With all due respect patience is enduring constant directed electromagnetic weapons assaults for a year and a half.  Some people experiencing it, refer to DEW assault as ‘torture.’  Or what about patience with Springfield gangstalkers for five years?  The terms ‘gangstalkers’ and ‘DEW’s’ first learned on web site three months into home electrocution.   No one knows patience Mr. Dwayne Black- and board members…   unless they have turned to authorities for help and are victimized further because the authorities available are uneducated and ignorant of modern organized crime- so you have to attempt to teach them by going through legal channels available to bring the truth out– the victim is at the same time labeled/slandered as ‘mentally ill’ for being brave enough to do so.   Patience Mr. Dwayne Black is being a  victim of horrific crimes and knowing you dare not speak of them or you will be put in a 96 hour mental evaluation.

With all due respect to the Civilian Police Review Board members, Springfield, Missouri is a town where all the authorities and residents are asleep, content, and superior in their NOT KNOWING about modern crime under their noses.   They are right and I am wrong…   But what of the 21 U.S. diplomats in Cuba who were patient for nine months?  I’ve waited 22 months for justice Mr. Dwayne Black.  I’ll keep going up the ladder patiently seeking justice; always respectfully approaching those systematically next in line hoping they dispense it.  In the mean while my life is being destroyed by directed energy weapons assaults 24/7 no authority is stopping it.

Just how will this reflect on the ‘growing city’ of Springfield Mr. Dwayne Black and all the Civilian Police Review Board members write about?  When some authority further up the ladder responds with knowledge and understanding of modern criminal organizations operating in Springfield, Missouri and the United States using DEW’s and gangstalking, I will rejoice.  My conscious will be clear.  Until then will do everything I can legally.  How will SPD and city authorities in Springfield react if I am supported by a greater authority one day and they are called to task?

Am very grateful for having more time to speak at the hearing Mr. Dwayne Black.  Thank you Libby Harris and Civilian Police Review Board members.  God bless you.  However  it is my belief that none of you addressed the issues set before you, in any way.  The fact is that this U.S. city Springfield, Missouri; (large or small) is not protecting its citizens from organized modern crime with DEW’s or gangstalking  which is against all principals in our constitution.   The U.S. Constitution establishes fundamental laws, and guarantees basic rights for its citizens.  This has been denied me in Springfield, Missouri since reporting crimes against me.  And it doesn’t matter how many facts collected or evidence there is…  I stood before you in the short time allowed asking for legal assistance and correction of wrongs done believing that you would assist me, but you didn’t.  Thank you.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

In 1948, CIA’s Dr. Paul Hoch (a New York State Commissioner of Mental Hygiene,) said of mind-control experiments “It is possible that a certain amount of brain damage is of therapeutic value.”    –This quoted by John Marks, author of “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control,” published in 1979.  According to Marks, the Human Ecology Society (HES) within the CIA worked hard to create the perfect image for themselves, while creating a perfect U.S. population.  HES offered ‘social scientists‘ funding they would not have taken from the CIA for moral reasons.   The Human Ecology Society (HES)  gave out ‘grants’ for mind-control research to individuals from U.S. taxpayer-monies.   For instance, $192 grand to Carl Rogers, $300 grand to neurologist Harold Wolff, etc. (Wolff’s money in 1957 would be $2.5million today.)  Martin Orne of Harvard got $30,000 to research hypnotism.  Marks notes that when the CIA had an especially tough nut to crack, they would then go to these scientists to find out how.

CIA’s chief brainwashing experts in HES were Harold Wolff from Cornell University Medical College in NY, and his associate Lawrence Hinkle.  They figured out that during experiments when a subject would mutter or break down from stress- interrogation needed to begin.  Inconstancy in answers seen as “guilt,” Marks notes.

After using Cornell University for its credentials and overstaying it’s welcome- HES was out on it’s own in 1957.  Prestigious board members from psychiatric and neurological departments of major universities like John Hopkins were brought on.  One board member Adolf A. Berle a former Assistant Secretary of State wrote in his diary about HES, “I’m frightened about this one.  If the scientists do what they have laid out for themselves, men will become manageable ants.”  Wrote Marks.

CIA’s specialty in mind-control is sexual torture and experimentation with subjects.   Prisoners (in jail for sexual abuse) were experimented on.  The CIA believed that if they could mind-control these men, they could control anyone.   MKULTRA psychologist John Gittinger talks about  picking the brain of Erwin Goffman of University of Pennsylvania- (considered the leading sociological theorist.)   MKULTRA Gittinger said that unwittingly Goffman “… gave us a better understanding of the techniques people use to establish phony relationships”- a subject of interest to the CIA,” records Marks.   Phony relationships being useful in today’s gangstalking ‘neighbor’ program; if you make friends with the person you are targeting with directed energy weapons they will never suspect you, or feel confused if they do.

The CIA is a government agency that was created after WWII, in 1940’s to spy on and control the minds of U.S. citizens.   CIA ‘socialization’ is achieved for the most part through current psychiatry and psychology handbooks used for diagnosis by mental health association today- written by CIA doctors decades ago.  These handbooks use diagnosis to legitimize ‘mental illness symptomsbrought on by mind-control programs running covertly in the U.S. today in conjunction with directed energy weapons and brain computer interface use.    Hence the word ‘electricity’ brought up by victims to Police or authorities ANYWHERE in the U.S. is now seen as ‘schizophrenia,’ when in fact the only ‘electricity’ documented to be felt by mental patients is when they stop taking anti-psychotic medications and experience withdrawal symptoms of electricity running through their bodies.   Notes Marks,  “In general, the Human Ecology Society served as the CIA’s window on the world of behavioral research.  No phenomenon was too arcane to escape a careful look from the Society, whether extrasensory perception or African witch doctors…. recalls an MKULTRA veteran, “but you also knew Einstein was considered crazy. You couldn’t be so biased that you wouldn’t leave open the possibility that some crazy idea might work.”   To control people’s minds.

Records Marks, CIA’s “...Gittinger created a unique system for assessing personality and predicting future behavior.”  (The Personality Assessment System or PAS.)  The military, government and large corporations use this test to control their workers.  Marks- “Gittinger wrote that his system “makes possible the assessment of fundamental discrepancies between the surface personality and the underlying personality structure- discrepancies that produce tension, conflict an anxiety.”   It is the discrepancies that are used to ‘break’ and control a person.  The CIA’s HES, Marks records, “… gave about $140,000 to David Saunders of the Education al Testing Service, the company that prepares the College Board exams.”  Saunders realized a connection between a person’s brain EEG and their PAS scores.  Then Martin Orne of Harvard, and Gittenger, worked on what ‘personality patterns‘ went easily into trance during hypnosis and which could not be hypnotized.   The Wechsler test was then given to students, doctors, engineers: anyone the government could convince… to analyze their associates.   The data was put into computers.  Gittinger was enthusiastic about any deviant form of personality.   Then the CIA went about using the PAS testing to learn how to compromise people.  They found anything to do with sex to be one of the best ways to compromise an individual’s concept of self and morals.  Much of what they learned was used on their agents to exploit them.

Documents author Mark-, Technical Services Staff (TSS) scientists had faith that the CIA’s behavioral research was, “…A logical extension of the efforts of American psychologists, psychiatrists, and sociologists to change behavior-“ in U.S. citizens.  Social engineering.  “In 1961, according to TSS psychologist Jonhn Winne, the CIA and the Korean government worked together to establish the newly created Korean Central Intelligence Agency, (KCIA.)

In 1954 Morse Allen was CIA’s first behavioral research czar, of ARTICHOKE (an offshoot of MKULTRA.)  He learned how to hypnotize people and experimented on his own secretary who hated guns.  Allen told a made-up story to his secretary about another secretary.  And that, “her rage would be so great that she would not hesitate to kill,” the other woman when she woke up.  He left  an unloaded gun near her.  When she awoke, she took the gun and ‘fired’ it at the other hypnotized, sleeping secretary.    -Wrote Marks.  And so hypnosis as the #1 tried and true method of mind-control took off.  Also in 1954 Marks writes that Allen petitioned the CIA to do ‘terminal’ mind-control experiments with hypnosis.  Hypnotic amnesia being a favorite form to Manchurian candidate a subject.   (This is interesting for me to note because six months into directed energy weapons assaults 24/7- my body woke me one night because alternate, intense flashing pinpoints of light were hitting each eye.  These lights went through my roof, ceiling, metal sheets above my bed and the wood holding the metal.  How?  It doesn’t matter how.  I’ve worn welder’s glasses/goggles to sleep every night since.  And listened to David Cases’ CD for tinnitus, or theta wave music.  Does it sound insane to wear welders goggles to bed?  It isn’t.  It is rational.  What is being done to me is insane- as are the people doing it.)

At the end of the book, “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate” by John Marks, it is noted that the biological and chemical control of human behavior became “less clandestine.”  And the “remote control” of humans through “brain stimulation” more so.  The CIA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD) took over behavioral research in 1962, Marks notes.  Psychosurgery with electrodes, and later electric frequencies was the norm for modification of a human mind in ORD.   One scientist joked about finding the “radio frequency” of the human sphincter…  That has been done.  This weapon causes even the greatest warrior on the battlefields to run to the bathroom, and has been tested in the middle east. 

The author John Marks asked the CIA and ORD for Freedom of Information Act documents on  “… bio-electrics, electric or radio stimulation of the brain, electronic destruction of memory, steriotaxic surgery, psychosurgery, hypnotism, parapsychology, radation, microwaves and ultrasonics…” and they wrote him back and said, the ORD “identified 130 boxes of material that are reasonably expected to contain behavioral research documents.”

Here now are the last sentences that John Marks writes in his 1979  book, “Human behavior is so important that it must concern all of us.  The more vigilant we and our representatives are, the less chance we will be unwitting victims.”   James Earl drove the truck for a year with temporary overdue license plates.   He took part in targeting from the roof.  When posted name and truck on blog months ago, he split like a banana and all targeting with hand-held DEW’s ceased until the ‘new’ neighbors moved in.   James always pulled drape aside to look out at my home.  When the silver car renters above moved into James Earl’s former living quarters… same drape pulled aside.   Maybe James Earl never left?   Tend to notice things when being soft-kill-murdered 24/7.  Vehicle below FPO-83F had license removed immediately (see below) to be parked for months in drive.


Finally took photo 10-7-17 of license-less vehicle, (without even posting on blog,) and presto-chango… the silver vehicle disappeared from driveway next day.


Some of James Earl’s friends today with different car in same drive;


A law-abiding TI can take pictures and keep a blog.  Don’t watch through windows unless hear a noise…  but when take dogs out, get mail, go places, if something odd happens- photograph it.   The camera is a great tool.   Monday, Columbus Day was hard because Springfield, Missouri libraries closed.  Home all day FRIED.  (Months ago went to Battlefield Mall to walk… but targeted entire while.)

(Brandon Urich’s red car, white van and two family cars all came and went for a year in the drive of what is now the vacant rental house with the blinds that move up and down today (below.)  When I mentioned how odd it was to someone working for my former employer…  the White van disappeared forever next day, and red car next day had its license removed and was forever parked- as if broken.)

neighbor-in-drive Stephenie Urich  gangstalker1

The impeccable Mr. Ron Jones.

Are his cars from a dealership in town? Day job?  Still puzzled why pointing to my home and two others to the south (vacant house included) within the hour that he- a ‘new’ neighbor moved in rental across street on 12-02-2016?   And why was every piece of furniture- wall-pictures, tables, bed, mattress, sofa, floor lamps…  rented?

A neighbor will leave his car backed into drive to face my home, lights on, engine running and go inside for ten minutes on end after driver out, and  inside.  (I had been bravely sitting enjoying front porch first time all summer…)  Electromagnetic assault began.  Regardless, sat fifteen minutes more watching, until had to go inside from pain.  Was DEW in car?  Minutes later looked out, and neighbor had turned car engine and lights off.


90% of the gangstalkers who have harassed, intimidated, and used directed energy weapons on me, are white men and women.  Computer hackers are white old men.

Got a phone call from someone named John from San Diego, California.  Have stopped ID number identification on land line to save money.   Did not verbally record phone number in message.   Please call back.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network and their computers into the light for justice.  And thank you God for bringing the Network and their computers crashing down to conquer them.  I love you, and thank you God.  So be it.  Amen.

Invisible Patents

Below are a few of the hundreds of published U.S. patents for invisibility and chameleon suit materials, invisibility cloaking for devices, and invisibility detection devices.

In 1994 US Patent 5307162 By Richard Schowengerdt.

In 2006 US Patent 20060131478 By Ray Alden…

In 2007 US Patent 7206131 By Ray Alden with the US Army…

In 2008 US Patents-  200801654412 By Wenshan Cai with the US Army…   20080165442 A1 By Cai, Shalaev, Chettiar, and Kildishev with the US Navy…

In 2010 US Patents- 20100156556 by Nathan Cohen…  7795596 By Aref Chowdhury awarded by US Air Force…  20100156573 By David Smith with the US Army…  20100110559 By Wenshan Cai with the US Army…

In 2011 US Patents-  WO2010021736A9 By David Smith for U.S. Air Force…  CA2832795A1 by David Kaplan awarded by US Air Force…   20110085229 By Oleg Lavrentovich with the US Navy…

In 2012 US Patents- 8,253,639 B2; 20120319798 A1 both by Nathan Cohen… 8195244 by Clinton Smoyer…  8094378 By Alexander Kildishev with the US Army…

In 2013 US Patents- 20130010346 By Steven Risser… CN103181025A  By 大卫·卡普兰 – ‎塔夫茨大学 Contracted by US Air Force…  8490035 By Anthony Grbic awarded by US Air Force…   8509578 By Igor Smolyaninov with US Navy…   20130017348 By Atsushi Sanada with the US Navy…

In 2014 US Patents- 8867121 By Oleg Lavrentovich…  WO2014182398A1 By Andrea Alu grant from US Air Force…

In 2015 US Patents- 893757; 20150130563, 9134465 B1 all by Nathan Cohan… WO2015195286A1 By Andrea Alu awarded by US Air Force…  9140444 By Robert Connor…

In 2016 US Patents- 20160320531 By Seyedeh Mahsa with the US Army … 9482474 By Nathan Cohen…

In 2017 US Patents- 9659297 By David Russell…  9677824 By Nathan Cohen…   9557547 B2 By Joseph Choi with the US Army…   9677856 By John Pendry with the US Navy…

sunlit web

Poem- Spun shards of light   Rainbow hued   Broken pane of glass   No rhyme or reason   Lacking symmetry   Silken strands  Lit by a sunray   Illuminated   Zigzagged across  green ivy   Filaments   Seemingly unremarkable  Beaded prisms  Unrestricted beauty.  End of poem.

day after posting brown painted shed on wheels it dissappeared

After posting photo of silver shed on wheels- next day it was moved from right side of house to left.  And painted brown.  Yesterday upon posting photo of brown shed, went outside and found it gone today.  Red car still in position.

Richard Neal Schowengerdt is an engineer from Liege, Missouri.   Schowengerdt held the first patent for an invisibility suit in the U.S.   This man’s accomplishments are many.  Oct. 2014, Schowengerdt retired after 52 years with government and military.   Worked for Northrop Grumman Corporation at El Segundo.   In his spare time Schowengerdt experimented with electro-optical camouflage.  In 1993 he invented Project Chameleo with Dr. Felix Schweizer.  Project Chameleo is the first patented invisibility suit.

Above left picture of Richard Neal Schowengerdt. 

Summer 2016 ran outside home with camera photographed above right picture.   Could see invisibility suited people in daylight and at night- wanted to photograph them.  Heard walking and running on roof while targeted by cowards using hand-held directed energy weapons.  Was very puzzled as did not have a ladder anywhere outside or against house.

Then saw twice in day time…  body hugging ‘suits’ of a black outline- a man’s body that was see-throughnot there- but obviously wearing an invisible suit.   Wondered what was going on until heard audible cussing of a human from roof top…  knew then, a coward was in some kind of cloaking suit on roof.   One night ran out to see a shiny outline highlighting a man that wasn’t there- a reflection of radiance from porch and street lights.

Photo above shows shiny outline  of something looking like an upside-down icicle in photo  lower left corner in full summer heat.   To this day, am still hearing them walking on roof, most often at night when worst targeting with handheld DEW’s occurs.

Journalist Robert Guffey wrote an article entitled, “To See The Invisible Man,” about invisibility-suit technology on March 2007.

Guffey interviewed Schowengerdt about the first U.S. patent dated April 26, 1994  #5307162 for invisible cloaking.   Guffey quotes Schowengerdt:  “Project Chameleo was conceived with the idea that we could take a background and present it on a surface surrounding an object or in front of an object and portray the background on this image giving you the same effect as if you were looking through the object, seeing the background behind it.”   (Schowengerdt said some suits would need a power source placed hundreds of feet away for them to work… placed in parked cars?)

Jeep below always placed in front of home when targeting occurs… though four houses away plenty of room to park at owner’s home.

jeep placed four houses away from owners home directly in front of friends house when targeting occurrs

When Guffey asked who might be interested in his project, Schowengerdt replied, “The Navy has shown some intense interest.”  Guffey reports that Schowengerdt spoke 45 minutes at a military sensing symposium where the Air Force, Army and Navy were present.  The Army gave Schowengerdt clearance to be there.  During Schowengerdt’s speech, he was told that he made a ‘stop secret’ revelation.   (Schowengerdt had top-secret clearance during his entire career.)   But notes Guffey;  Schowengerdt proved immediately his information came from a brochure released to the public from NATEC regarding the Future Soldier program.

Guffey quotes Schowengerdt as saying that his idea to create Project Chameleo came from WWII camouflage:  “… in Russia, many times they would camouflage railway trains by painting on the roof.  They would paint the railroad tracks on the roof of the train so if you’re looking down from above, all you see is the railroad tracks.”   At one point Guffey asks if Project Chameleo could be used “in the psychological warfare arena as well.” 

Schowengerdt answered …”Yeah, it could be used for psychological warfare.  You could create a situation where a person thinks he’s not seeing what he really should be seeing…. And, right, you could do things that would greatly disturb the psyche of a group of people.”  Guffey then asked, “...could you target a particular person?

Schowengerdt replied to Guffey; …”To target one person is very difficult because of the optics of the situation.  You would have to know exactly where the person is you want to deceive.  You’d have to know the coordinates exactly in order to do that, and that may be very difficult to achieve… I think in the future we’ll be able to do a lot of those things.   We’ll be able to pinpoint where people are by geographical coordinates, … select those people to be targeted…”   (I’ve lived in the same place 22 years.)

Guffey writes that Schowengerdt was approached in 2002 by Science Applications International Corporation, (SAIC) of San Diego, California.   Schowengerdt told Guffey, … “I think they were picking my brain… I agreed to meet with this guy from SAIC… He was amazed that Dr. Schwizer and I… had come up with the same thing they had been working on in isolation… He was telling me a lot about what they were doing, that they had a contract with the Army and that they were doing things with the Army.”    Schowengerdt believed SAIC was producing the invisibility suit for the Army right then in 2007.   He told Guffey, “..I came to the conclusion that these people were already doing it.”

Guffey voices an opinion that Schowengerdt’s patent and ideas may have been used by others without him getting the credit.   Schowengerdt responded, “… You can have a secret patent pending, but when you file and release it, it’s put in a public book.   The patent office issues a book, and so it cannot be classified at that point in time.  So if the military is using things, they can do it in a clandestine atmosphere that’s protected by U.S. patent laws.  …The military is allowed to use anything they want.

Guffey asked what would happen next with Project Chameleo?   Schowengerdt said, his collaborator wants, “… something small and hand-held so that you can move around with.”    Schowengerdt had never gotten a contract to produce his Project Chameleo from the Army or the Navy-  even though his patent was one of the first.

Robert Guffey has a master of Fine Arts from California State University at Long Beach.   His short stories have appeared in many magazines.  Guffey wrote at length about his friend Dion Fuller in 2003, who experienced  and saw the invisibility suited people  targeting him with directed energy weapons.  He was gangstalked as well.   Please note all this was going on in 2003 in San Diego, California!    Guffey went on to write an excellent factual book on Dion Fuller called, “Chameleo,” published in 2015.  Really enjoyed reading it.  Just like enjoyed, targeted individuals- Gloria Naylor’s book, “1996,” and Dr. Cherubini’s book, “Gangstalking: The Threat to Humanity.

Dion Fuller, is only the second targeted person know of, to see with his own eyes invisibly suited cowards targeting them.  What is happening to targeted individuals is illegal, and evil.    What is happening to targeted individuals is insane.   If we were being shot with metal bullets, we would be protected by our law enforcement and justice system.   People would be climbing all over themselves to help us.  TI’s relating their assaults are not insane… what is happening to them is insane.

Why are TI’s not protected- when we are targeted by the same directed energy weapons that the 21 diplomats in Cuba were assaulted and harmed with?  It took the U.S. government nine months to make public the Cuban diplomats cries for help.  (Good thing Springfield, Missouri Police Officers Helms, Welsh, Lilly and liaison Daugherty did not answer their calls.)   How long will it take for the U.S. government at the federal, state and local level to acknowledge that there are 500,000 targeted individuals seeking justice as victims of crime and torture in the U.S?   In Springfield, Missouri and elsewhere?   Again, Targeted Individual’s relating their assaults are not insane… what is happening to them is insane.

In Japan, Professor Susumu Tachi’s “retro-reflective projection technology” (RPT) publicized 2012 possible as “active camouflage” only with use of cameras projecting backgrounds onto fabric…  looks see-through but is not invisible.  The suits I saw were not Professor Tachi’s.  The suits I saw were totally invisible except for an outline (and heard movements, footfalls and audible cussing coming from coward’s mouths.)

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

Texas Cybersecurity

Why are so many gangstalkers in cars with Texas license plates here in Springfield, Missouri?   Maybe because Texas is rife with industries emerging in the cybersecurity field.   Texas is home to many corporations that the government contracts for security and defense.   Take for instance, San Antonio-  Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland recently became home to the Air Force Cyber Command (24th Air Force).  The Lackland-based Air Force is expert at computer warfare operations.

The Lackland joint base works directly with U.S. Cyber Command in Fort Meade, Maryland.   Is Fort Mead, Texas where one of the biggest underground mainframe computers is located that stores data of human brain downloads from millions of U.S. citizens?   Citizens who did not consent to be experimentally hacked?  Ex-CIA Robert Duncan’s, “Project- Soul Catcher” documents that it is so.     In existence since 2011, the Air Force Cyber Command has 5,400 employees and in 2015 received $509 millions in government funding with U.S. taxes.   11,000 Air Force reservists and Air National Guard members 24/7 assist this U.S. cyber security performance.

Do cybersecurity companies help conduct covert non-consensual brain computer interface experimentation on ‘persons of interest’ in the U.S.?    Does a U.S. citizen becomes a national security risk when they know the crimes of a nation, just from reading a newspaper and thinking?   (Even U.S. patents that ‘infringe’ on a covertly mass-produced security product like the ‘stealth or chameleon-invisibility suit’ can be relegated from public view to a government secret if a government/Homeland Security deems it so.  Is this to keep the U.S. public from knowing what is being done to them in the name of national security?)

Ex-CIA Robert Duncan notes in his book “Project- Soul Catcher,” that invisibility suits are a more powerful weapon than the atomic bomb, and that any nation having this technology will control the world.  

If you are invisible nothing can stop you… and you can do anything.  Even involuntarily experimentally torture your own citizens (those activists, whistle-blowers, older women and minorities knowing too much because they think, or are different…) until you work out the defects in the weapons and  license them?  

Does eugenics also enter into the nonconsensual human experimentation by creating an unquestioning society when subjects are ‘soft-killed’ to death?  Soft-kill is a military term for what happens when directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar weapons are used on humans.  The military spokespeople will  tell you that all DEWs are ‘non-lethal’ weapons.   -Perhaps military subjects voluntarily experimented on with DEWs get  to eventually go home after so many hours. 

There is plenty of documentation of murdered targeted individuals having been soft-killed to death by non-lethal weapons.

The U.S. Department of Defense in San Antonio aids cybersecurity with constituents like the National Security Agency’s Texas Cryptologic Center; Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency; Joint Information Operations Warfare Center; Air Force Electronic Warfare School; and the Air Force Cryptologic Systems Group.

Six up and coming cybersecurity companies in San Antonio, Texas are:  Globalscape, Demin Group, Fulcrum Biometrics, Secure Logix, Digital Defense, and Infocyte.  Austin, Texas has twelve rising-star cybersecurity companies.  Austin also has 80 businesses that provide defense technology, contributing to it being a cyber-city.

Texas is number three state in the nation for government contracts, and military spending…  Bechtel locations in Texas include the cities of Austin, Katy, Houston, and Sugar Land…  (its headquarters in San Francisco, California.)  Bechtel supports nuclear infrastructure, concentrating on nuclear deconstructing and renewable programs.  Bechtel is contracted by our government for security projects; they work in the chemical weapons industry; and assist U.S. Navy programs.   The Navy is one of the military branches that has designed and uses brain computer interface products, as well as directed electromagnetic weapons and chameleon suits.

-When Naval Academy graduate and former officer David Voigts spoke up about the unethical, covert use of DEWs on U.S. citizens to experiment, retaliate and subjugate them; he became a targeted individual himself.   His story on

Then there is defense contractor KBR (Kellogg, Brown and Root) a private military contracting company founded in Texas and now located in Houston.    KBR is a global provider of professional services and technologies.   Involved in cryogenics early on; then contracting with the Peoples’ Republic of China; until during the Vietnam War- building Navy infrastructure.  KBR was owned at one time or another by Dresser Industries, Halliburton and General Electric.   Many KBR employees have legal immunity- as KBR contracts with the U.S. government fall under national security and therefore above the law.  (If something is defined as ‘secret’ or is for ‘national security,’ it is above the law.)  -Which is why unsuspecting U.S. citizens can be experimented on with DEWs, and brain computer interface using chameleon suits… it is for the good of the nation.

What companies in Texas get Pentagon contracts besides all the above?  Lockheed Martin is in Fort Worth.  L-3 Communications is close to Dallas and L-3 Ocean Systems in Garland, Texas.  Textron which makes drones and armored vehicles is in North Texas.  Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant (Lone Star) was in Texarkana, Texas and today clean-up of the site is costing tax payers millions.

Bloomberg did a government study that went state by state analyzing defense spending: ‘Bloomberg Government Study ” from 2011 by Levinson, Shah and Connor.  They found the state of Virginia overall has the highest defense spending.  California is second and Texas is number three in the U.S.  Of the top ten locations for U.S. military spending Texas ranks number two at Fort Hood.  In the state of Texas the Bloomberg Study notes that Amarillo, Fort Bliss, Grand Prarie, Greenville, Deer Park, For Sam Houston, Corpus Christie, San Antonio, Lackland AFB, and Fort Hood are the top military spending locations.   With  Lockheed Martin, Bell-Boeing, L-3 Communications, Shell, Raytheon, Valero Energy, Textron, Boeing, Petromax Refining, and Hensel Phelps being the top contractors.  Textron given the most funds.

Why are many of the cars with gang-stalkers in them from Texas?  Are most of the  high-tech, cybersecurity, directed energy weapons/brain computer interface trained individuals contracted by private companies and government security come straight out of Texas?

October the third came and went without fan fare. The Civilian Police Review Board met with me at the Busch Municipal Building at 1:30pm Tuesday for a hearing, as planned. After two months of preparation was allowed to speak fifteen minutes, and for that am so thankful, (the usual allowed time is five minutes.) A sincere thank you to the Civilian Police Review Board, in Springfield, Missouri.

Could not have gone into the Civilian Police Review Board Hearing without help from the Targeted-Individual-Awareness Meetup group.  The site itself is an organized, clean, productive space that encourages kindness among members, and peaceful displays out in the world working within existing laws of the United States- to educate a sleeping nation about the covert targeting of ‘persons of interest’ with DEW’s, BCI, and gang-stalking.

Received many phone calls from targeted individuals. Had only talked with one TI, in the 18 months targeting started at my home, with a whole house directed energy weapon unit.   So was saddened but also relieved, to meet so many others like myself over the phone and through emails, who are bravely enduring horrific assaults with electromagnetic weapons.  They lifted my spirits and supported my endeavor to meet with Springfield, Missouri officials to make sure no one else is treated the way I have been since asking for assistance once for a free home safety inspection: and for reporting home break-ins, and one laser attack to eye.

The morning of the hearing the levels of electromagnetic frequencies from a whole-house directed energy weapon unit coming from the north- were for the first time in a year… halfway normal (all photos are where no electricity in my home is running.)   However hand-held DEW’s are still in full force on specific parts of body; right lung, right kidney, feet, head and heart from the moment walk in my home of twenty-two years.  Below see September and October 2017 readings at same location.

After silver metal shed on wheels posted on blog, silver shed was painted brown and  moved to other side of rental next day.   Then red vehicle was placed where shed had been directly across from my home.   Sometimes three white cars, a large van and shed- are in drive and stay put for days.

Lots of Texas cars park in rentals around my home.  When first targeted would run with car to park and hide- just to attempt sleep.  But eventually located by gang-stalkers half hour later.  My body would wake from getting fried.  Bolting upright at wee hours of the morning would note a car nearby with lights and engine running- drivers always standing outside the vehicle so as not to get injured by directed microwave weapons in use inside their car.  The minute the gang-stalker would see me awake they would smile while looking directly at me, then jumped in their car and drive away.   Cars can also be positioned to hold power sources within a few hundred feet, for invisibility cloaking that is used in targeting.   (Some chameleon suits from SAIC- San Diego, California.)

At the vacant rental house next door which gang-stalkers have used for a year now to DEW target… a back gate opens to drive between our homes.  The new lock ordered and put on two weeks ago at my request, by vice-president of Bankcorp South, Julie Clemmer is broken already.  A Springfield, Missouri Police Department liaison, and three police officers with the Crisis Intervention Team said I was ‘imagining‘ my home being broken into three times in the past year.  Was ‘delusional‘ to think my front door padlock removed and put back, or basement screens torn off and ripped back.   Julie Clemmer was told by the SPD that I should call ‘911’ when the vacant property was being lived in (which it is,) and damage done to it…  E-mailed Julie Clemmer  and told her SPD’s Melissa Daugherty told me that unless someone was being hurt, never to call 911 again.

new lock ordered put on two weeks ago by Bankcorp South vice-president Julie Clemmer already broken

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

Constant hacking… every name of ‘Estulin’ has been twice changed in this blog to Estubin have had to go back through each time and correct them all…   To continue with ‘Tavistock Institute‘ 2015, by Daniel Estulin.   The author notes evidence that the U.S. CIA (and former MKULTRA) and British MI6 build into their agent’s (as well as non-consensual US citizens experimented on…) control functions from layers of the 2 to 4 year old subconscious within each adult to do tasks assigned.

Since WWII business, government and ‘neighborhood’ models use ‘teamwork‘ specifically to isolate  “brilliant individuals.”  Estulin notes that those isolated are put under constraints, constantly watched and controlled.

The author states, “5% of Americans read more than five books per year.”  (While 100 billion people watch TV’s Oscars.)  In comparison: “Over 75% of U.S. citizens get all their information from the television.”   Estulin-  Hitler influenced Germany by using radio for mass-experimentation.   Radio’s “mass audience” was subjected to “mass psychology.”   Repeating the same words and simple phrases ensured control of listeners’ thoughts.  Hitler was able to suspend their beliefs and insert his own.

In 1944 Theodore Odomo of the Frankfurt Schools postulated that radio and TV could be used to “make people forcibly retarded.”  Estulin writes… “The brainwashers of Tavistock adopted a bestial view that the human mind is simply a blank slate… “It was from this standpoint that the Tavistock Institute developed its peculiar techniques for creating a mass psychology.”

Estulin- “… all television had a dissociation effect on mental capabilities, making people less able to think rationally… surrender their powers of reason to the images and sound coming from the tube.”  –Quoting leaders in mind-control going as far as to say TV made people “stupid.

Most radio corporations were owned by Rockefeller, and Rothschild.  Radio ownership was then extended to the television.   Today’s TV?  Estulin confirms NBC has connections to Bilderberg and Rockefeller foundation.  ABC is indirectly owned by Rothschild, Morgan and Rockefeller Broadcasting.  CBS is indirectly owned by Rothschild and Rockefeller: CBS founder William Paley was trained during WWI in bass brainwashing techniques at Tavistock Institute.  Estulin believes that FOX news, major newspapers and PBS are not much better.  Wikileaks is a direct line for social programmers.  These companies report what they are supposed to.   So far as mainstream TV news broadcasts, Estulin declares that the news anchors utilize “idiot-speech” by using “simple verbs” and “short sentences,” to downgrade the human mind.   Documents Estulin, this form of “idiot” communication creates images instead of thought, forging paths for mind-control.

Estulin notes Aldous Huxley (of Brave New World) stated at a lecture in 1961 that a good police state would be one where people, “love their servitude.”  Stating that “the final revolution” is “a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will, in fact, have their liberties taken away… but… will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing…”   (Many have called the use of directed electromagetic weapons and brain computer interface to torture, rape and soft-kill-murder hundreds of thousands in the U.S. ‘the silent holocaust.‘  Because no news agencies will report on what is happening.)

Estulin on CIA mind-control in public venues;  “On August 17, (when CIA experiment, Woodstock concluded in 1969,) the New York Times reported: “Tonight, a festival announcer warned from the stage, that ‘badly manufactured acid’ (LSD) was being circulated.  He said, “You aren’t taking poison acid.  The acid’s not poison.  It’s just badly manufactured acid.  You are not going to die… So if you think you’ve taken poison, you haven’t.  But if you are worried, just take half a tablet.”  The advice, to nearly 500,000 people, “just take  half a tablet” was given by none other than MK-ULTRA agent Wavy Gravy.”


In the 1970’s Estulin reports that DARPA experiments in conjunction with MIT laboratories found- “The basis of cybernetics… the assumption that the human nervous system does not reproduce reality, but calculates it.   Man… (is) no more than an information-processing system.. and the brain is the machine made of flesh… consisting of feedback loops and communication nodes…”   Estulin maintains that once artificial intelligence (AI) is in place, government scientists believe humans will be “obsolete.”

In the 1940’s Norbert Wiener a professor of mathematics at MIT viewed the human brain as “a binary system” of logic, which Estulin documents, “…social engineers found particularly useful.”  With cybernetics a human can be experimented on and their mind changed covertly by, “…creating artificial ‘concentration camps without tears.”   -The author contends all psychiatry as we know it today; was devised as a method to control and diagnose individuals who are being used by governments experimentally in mind-control programs.   So if anyone speaks out, they will be conveniently diagnosed as ‘mentally ill,’ from symptoms caused by mind-control programs.    Since WWII societies worldwide have been “engineered.”

Estulin- “Cybernetics’ origins can be traced to a series of 10 conferences throughout the 1940s and the 1950s… sponsored by  Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation,”   which later became Macy Long Island Oil, and then Standard Oil, via Rockefeller.  What came out of those meetings was an agreement to experiment on populations by;  “Putting clinicians together with mathematicians, sociologists, and economists to create a theoretical model of extreme stress… and psychosomatic feedback overload…”   Advocating human nervous system overload to foster mind-control through exhaustion, repetition, and stress.   Estulin documents, “What came out of that first meeting was… a demonic drive to create the ultimate engineered society, based on the fusion of man and machine.”

Estulin- “World Federation of Mental Health is a perfect example of… Rockefeller-CIA-Tavistock apparatus…  a network of over 4,000 ‘psychiatric shock troops’ in Rees’s words, who would be at the heart of a world-wide social-engineering apparatus, penetrated into every community.”   Estulin notes Rockefeller-CIA-Tavistock groups believe ‘transhumanism‘ is the way of the future to perfect societies.

The powers that be believe “… educated masses are a horrible idea..” because Estulin asserts; education encourages creative-mental development which does not foster fascism.  Throughout his book to its end; Estulin strongly states that fascism is how mind-controlled populations will be governed.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 is the Civilian Police Review Board hearing I requested in the Springfield, Missouri Busch Municipal building at 1:30 pm.   Have only spoken to one other Targeted Individual in the year and a half I have been assaulted 24/7 with directed electromagnetic weapons.   In the past two weeks have corresponded via email, and spoken with several TI’s supportive of this hearing.  How wonderful is that.

One man wanted to send a support letter to Springfield, Missouri Police Chief Paul Williams.  But he said the email addresses of city officials he had asked for and received from me- which were sent to his own email had disappeared from his mailbox.  Re-sent them.

One Targeted Individual left message on land line recorder.  She was totally supportive, wanting to send each Civilian Police Review Board member a CD containing evidence about TI’s.  The phone number she gave verbally in her message and the number appearing on the phone-screen were the same.  But each time I called over a period of two days, got the same message… “Your call did not go through , please try again… # 121T.”   A friend contacted her private email.  CDs sent.

Was honored to speak with Springfield, Missouri KSMU’s Scott Harvey a reporter and assignment editor for the radio station broadcasting National Public Radio shows.  He responded to a message I left on his answering machine.  Harvey kindly listened to three minutes of what was happening in my life.  Harvey asserted twice during our conversation that I should contact larger news agencies about the fact that high levels of electromagnetic frequencies have assaulted me -for a year and a half- in the home owned for twenty-two years (without incident) in Springfield, Missouri.  Told Scott Harvey that I contacted KSMU because it was a reliable, local news station…

Total silence.

Harvey finally agreed with me that KSMU reports local news and carries national news through NPR.   Asked if he might send a reporter or be present himself to video tape or record the Civilian Police Review Board being held on October 3, 2017.  Tuesday, at Springfield, Missouri Busch Municipal building at 1:30 pm.

He didn’t know.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you dear God.  Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.