Professor Steven L. Garrett at Penn State University taught acoustics.  He doesn’t believe the Cubans attacked the 24 U.S. diplomats in Cuba with directed energy weapons (DEW’s.)  (Two more family members of diplomats found suffering effects from attacks.)  Garrett, doesn’t think the Russians attacked our diplomats either.   Russia’s expertise is in infrasound and ultrasound weapons in underwater  applications.  Germany, France and the United States however have perfected, produced and used directed energy-sound weapons for years.

In “New audio adds to mystery of attacks on US diplomats”  By Zachary Cohen with Rizzo, Oppmann and Labott; CNN from October 14, 2017-  Dr. Jeffrey Kim of Georgetown University; a professor of otolarynology noted that in MRI research infrasound can effect many areas of the human brain including the emotions, memory and cognition.

In the same article, Professor James Parker from the University of Melbourne in Australia who researches both law and sound, knows that the U.S. military and their private companies have excelled at infrasonic devices since 1990’s.  Parker noted that infrasound and ultrasound weapons can, “… cause behavior changes at frequencies too low to be audible.”

In Carl Zimmer’s, “A ‘Sonic Attack’ on Diplomats in Cuba…” from the New York Times of Oct. 5, 2017…   Zimmer wrote about Professor Steven L. Garrett from Penn State University who would experiment with ultrasound beams in his classes.  While  research underway, Garrett often suffered from nausea, and headache until he wore earmuffs over earplugs to protect his ears.   It took our U.S.  government nine months to respond to 22 U.S. diplomat’s complaints of criminal attacks and their subsequent physical injuries.   Dr. Garrett noted that something should have been done immediately to identify the weapons used in Cuba.   Garrett stated something as simple as cellphone or iPhone apps and microphones can record data on sonic attacks...  “I think they missed their chance,” he noted.

Penn State has one of the U.S. Navy’s most advanced civilian research facilities in science and engineering that aids our defense industry by inventing and testing hi-tech weaponry.   Established in 1945, the Department of Defense designated Penn State Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) to be ranked at #2 in U.S. Navy University Affiliated Research Centers for DoD laboratories.

ARL has six separate research divisions. Two of them are:  1. The Fluid and Structural Mechanics section comprised researching fluid dynamics, and computational mechanics.  2.  Research and Academic Programs experimenting in acoustics, and information sciences.   The Structural Acoustics Laboratory research specializes in reverberant and acoustic tank measurements and calibrations of  transducers and sonar devices- their frequencies, and radiation.   At the Large Anechoic Chamber in Warminster,  Pennsylvania (a former Naval Air Warfare Center) electromagnetics used in defense and commercial systems are invented.

In an article from Sept. 2008 by Bryan Farrell entitled “PSU’s weapons research tests the limits;” it is noted that one device from Penn State called the Light Emitting Diode Incapacitator or the “puke-ray” caused dizziness, vertigo and nausea.  -That was in 2008.  Think of the devices invented, produced and used on unsuspecting U.S. citizens today… and their symptoms.

Farrell wrote that sound devices being developed in Penn State labs in 2008 were mostly ‘non-lethal,’ but he also noted human testing could only go so far as the decibel range went beyond ordinary sound.   He also notes that non-lethal is a term hotly disputed.  (Targeted individuals are used for experimentation today.  Human testing has been and is being done on non-consensual U.S. citizens; 70% of whom are single women- for the express purpose of gathering data to finish patent processes on weapons, and for retribution.   The cost of human testing is exorbitant- better to use ‘persons of interest’ as experimental subjects for free; (with permission from governments and the wealthy that own them.)

Under Freedom of Information -FOIA request, a targeted individual Dr. Black, asked the release of top secret documents (now unclassified) from Army Intelligence and Security that document directed energy weapons exist.  An excerpt of a documents below by Joint Chief of Staff C.E. Wilson on consensual-human-experimentation laws:

consensual human subjects rights...

Following letter is an FOIA response from the Department of the Army’s Investigative Records Repository Director Brad Dorris, to Dr. Black’s request for documents regarding horrific 24/7 torture with directed energy weapons:

Dr. Black's letter

What are psychotronic weapons?  They are defined in dictionary as:  “Electronic harassment: The use of radio frequency, sonic, laser and other types of devices to remotely inflict a variety of effects on the mind and/or body.   Many humans today unknowingly suffer the effects of electronic harassment: remote electronic assaults, gangstalking, organized stalking, cause stalking, brain computer interface, synthetic telepathy, voice to skull, hand of God, cloaking with invisibility devices and suits.”  The following is 2005 letter from a former Vice-President of our country’s U.S. Psychotronics Association:

letter regarding official authority admitting DEWs exist and are used on nonconsenual U.S. citizens
Below is excerpt from unclassified document, page one regarding psychotronic weapons and their effects:
page one of unclassified documents

Below is excerpt of page two unclassified document regarding brain computer interface and voice to skull weaponry:

page two unclassified document

Below is excerpt from page three about how remote electromagnetic frequencies assaulting a human brain during experimentation to control thoughts (and reception of thoughts) with psychotronic weapons.  Please note last two paragraphs underlined in document are about hearing loss, and years of Army experimentation. 

5th paragraph ability to hear and project thoughts to subjects

Below is unclassified document page four noting human ‘puppetry’ accomplished with remote directed electromagnetic frequencies…

symptoms of DEWs

It would be great if the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) could learn how to detect these covert electromagnetic weapons, as they are getting past the ‘guards’ employed by the TSA at airport check points.  Many targeted individuals are horribly electromagnetically assaulted on commercial airlines and being passengers in a confined space cannot even move away.

One symptom of electromagnetic assault (besides electrocution; sizzling; pain; never being allowed to sleep; diminishing eye sight; immune system dysfunction; lowered energy; rape and more…)  is the destruction of any ‘root’ on the human body from electromagnetic frequencies.  Teeth, eye and hair ‘roots’ are greatly effected.  During nonconsensual experimentation of entrainment, hypnosis and brain computer interface when EMF’s are directed at the skull; hair loss occurs as a ‘symptom.’

Isn’t it interesting that the victims of bizarre crimes are often treated as criminals or insane if they stand up for themselves?   When in actuality victims of covert techno-eugenics programs –experience criminal and insane assaults- with directed energy weapons funded with tax dollars and approved by ‘authorities.’  Two very distinct, different understandings.

Below left is painting where I asked God to see the spirit inside the angel on watercolor paper in the photo taken.  Middle photo is of a Madonna and Child.  And last photo, is of the divine umbilical God created (that is in every living being- even a blade of grass,) to hold the spirit of my dog Tioga, in his physical body.  There is a God.  The One God, and all life forms must answer to God for their actions.   Hell, is the greatest prison system in the universe.  It has multiple levels.  The lowest level is for cowards who hide while assaulting to eventually remove God’s greatest gift: free will.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you dear God.  Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.

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