Invisibility technology


Photos from 12-21-2017.  Last nights directed electromagnetic weapons assaults coming from what look like smoke-clouds in yard that have pattern and structure in them.

smoke-like-cloud-with-pattern-and-structure-visible-2'-4' above ground measuring 6'-10' big in-yard-while-assaulted-with-directed-energy-weapons

Isn’t it interesting that the victims of bizarre crimes are often treated as criminals or insane if they stand up for themselves?   When in actuality victims of covert techno-eugenics programs –experience criminal and insane assaults- with directed energy weapons funded with tax dollars and approved by ‘authorities.’  Two very distinct, different understandings.  I need librarians help all the time, as I am not technologically savvy.

The week of December 3, 2017 sat down with the Springfield, Missouri Library Director Regina Cooper; Assistant Director and Head of Security Jim Schmidt; and head of Information Technology David Patillo.  For the sole purpose to meet the authorities face to face who have helped me so much, and to let them know who I am.

My hope is that Schmidt – a kind man will check into the directed energy weapons being brought into libraries that look like iPads, cell phones and iPhones.   Perhaps Schmidt could use his expertise to invent a device capable of identifying dangerous levels of electromagnetic frequencies emitted from commonly carried chipped devices.  He would quickly become a very wealthy person because of it.

(And it would be great if the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) could learn how to detect these covert electromagnetic weapons, as they are getting past the ‘guards’ employed by the TSA at airport check points.  Many targeted individuals are horribly electromagnetically assaulted on commercial airlines and being in a confined space cannot even move away.) 

During the library meeting- presented evidence of what was happening in the lives of targeted individuals.   Director Cooper, offered many times that the Springfield Library system cannot be held responsible for the hacking of Gmail and on public computers.   My response was “Yes, I know,” and “I’m not blaming you.”

Though it was interesting to note Springfield, Missouri Police Department computers crashed and upgraded the same week (in the summer of 2017) that Springfield Library computers crashed and were ‘fixed.’

At the end of our meeting-  Cooper, Schmidt and Patillo were shown a picture of the human body areas designated by military for manipulation with directed energy weapons assault.  A line pointed out corresponding symptoms caused by specific electrocution.    (On someone’s blog a targeted individual commented that DEW assault 24/7 is similar to having a stun gun set on low, strapped to various body parts.  Have mentioned this comment in previous blogs here.)

Have a kidney constantly assaulted often now producing the same smell and reddish brown fluid similar to contents of a urine bag attached to an ill person in hospital…  (Was a Candy Striper four years at Barnes Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri during summers of highschool transporting patients and their urine bags wherever they were needed.)   A lung now has symptoms of pain, asthma and cough… when no illness is evident.

In the same picture shown at library meeting to authorities- the human penis and vagina were also body parts slated to be assaulted in targeted individuals.   Amazingly these last two medical terms are the most egregious to mention verbally or in writing; and boom abominably in the human psyche when spoken of in conjunction with electromagnetic torture and rape.   Yet these body parts are as easily manipulated by DEWs as the eyes, brain and heart…

Cooper, Schmidt and Patillo were kind to meet with me.  Thank you for reading what was presented before you, listening to… and meeting face to face.   As always; thank you to the librarians.   God bless you all.

graph of how color is an electromagnetic frequency Graph of how each color has an electromagnetic frequency.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.  So be it.  Amen.

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