‘Chakra’ is a Sanskrit word literally meaning “wheel of light.”  Most cultures acknowledge seven chakras in the human body, the Tibetan accept six.  Two exist directly outside the human body, bringing the total to nine.  What are they?   Scientists today believe like great ancient cultures- that the mind is not in the brain, but in energy fields in and around the human body… The chakras are energy centers (vortices of spinning light and energy,) produce electromagnetic fields that exist in layers inside and outside our bodies- which some people see as ‘auras.’

Books of mastery since time began including the Bible reflect this ancient knowledge: ‘Ye are the light of the world;” Matthew 5:14 and “Shine thy light before men;” Matthew 5:16.  To be full of light is literally to be energetically whole and well.

Each chakra has a color frequency.  The color of a person’s aura is the color of the chakra they use the most.    “The Navajo still have a doll that they insert tiny stones into the same locations of the chakra,” by Carla Goddard, from the Global Healing Exchange.   Goddard notes that in Christianity the Seven Sacraments represent the aspects of the seven chakras.  Many pictures of Christ depict not only a glowing heart chakra, but the crown chakra above the head.    In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, written before the time of Christ, it is recorded that life force/energy in the body is called ‘sekhem,’ and can be intensified by breathing exercises.  The third eye (chakra) is usually portrayed on the foreheads of people in many cultures and in hieroglyphs painted on tomb walls under the great pyramids.   In Chinese medicine Chi is the life force energy flowing in paths called meridians through the body.

In Rosalyn Bruyere’s 1989 book “Wheels of Light” she notes, “… Native Americans are the only people who have a natural relationship with the chakra system that has not been dogmatized…  They have not had to make their world view fit that of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism,” when it comes to using chakra colors to assess values and prejudices in society.   Native American are the ‘Rainbow’ people, literally.

Author Bruyere takes from scientific research that each chakra has a certain size and shape that rotates or spins producing its own electromagnetic field.  Together the chakras manufacture auric fields.  In the 12th century Sufis were called ‘whirling dervishes’ in Persia.  Sufis believed that if one spun around repeatedly while praying a source of ‘perfection’ could be reached eventually.  The planets spin, water spins in a sinks going down the drain, vines grow twirling.  Our chakras spin.  When a person regularly spins their soul is nourished and one can hear higher knowledge according to the custom of ‘sama.’


One targeted individual I spoke with- we will call him Gene- believes the Large Hadron Collider 16 miles in circumference and 574 feet underground- that warps space and time through magnetic spinning- is nothing compared to what the human chakras can do.    And he says, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will never create the miracles and intelligence a human mind, heart and soul can manifest.

Gene says the chakras are actually wormhole portals.  With the ability to transport us in time travel, or aid us in appearing simultaneously in two places… to have the ability to manifest anything.  Gene notes people who have died and come back throughout the centuries-  (including modern ‘Near Death Experiencers’) recall going down ‘tunnels’ of light as they travel to the ‘other side’ and must be actually using a chakra worm hole to journey home.

Humans,” Gene says, “…have been taught to leave their gifts of God to the ‘authorities’ of man-made religions whose followers are encouraged never to wake up or even use their own God-given powers.”  But the Bible tells a different story, with Jesus saying, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am.”  -John 14:12-14.

Can an artist create a painting with focus and intent of God in mind, and by doing so does God grant this image to become alive on paper or canvas?  Inside the ‘tunnels of light’ projected in photos above originating from my dog, and a painting… you can see the revolutions inside- as if these cords ‘grow’ twirled like a vine, or actually spin.

What does human electromagnetic pulse have to do with a blog on targeted individuals?  Well, TI’s can only be targeted if their EMF is downloaded into a computer.  Then gangstalker’s cell phones, computers, etc. isolate the EMF.  Once located and singled out, directed energy weapons then deploy dangerous, criminally assaulting frequencies disrupt a body’s energy causing physical pain and inflicting untold suffering through torture, rape, sleep deprivation, mind control through brain computer interface and eventual death.

Bruyere records in her book ‘Wheels of Light,’  “A thought can be referred to as a potential or static electromagnetic field pattern… the thinking process represents continually changing or dynamic electromagnetic field.  As thought changes from a static to a dynamic field, it imparts energy to and receives energy from the thinker during the course of the thinking process.  When the process ends, the resultant thought is stored (a memory) as a static electromagnetic field pattern in the auric field.”  -Just like a man-made plastic and metal computer, or ‘cloud’ stores data.

At one point Gene questioned if the organized covert criminal Network utilizes the ‘person of interest’ programs to achieve two aims at once?   The network he says targets persons of interest in an ongoing ‘silent holocaust’ to remove activists, whistle blowers, and people who stand up for themselves.   Who are the bravest, truest, greatest thinkers in the U.S. today.   Gene notes that is why their brain downloads are stored in military mainframe computers in Maryland and Colorado.

The U.S. government has been working on psychic weapons since the 1950’s.  During the ‘cold war’ Russia led developments in psychic-spying.  Russian spies were trained to remotely influence (and garner secrets from) the brains of U.S. diplomats.

Gene believes the U.S. government is creating these machines with souls because the wealthy support their research- some wanting immorality.   But he speculates the real reason behind the downloads is to perfect a military vehicle with psychic ability to be used for the greatest weapon.   Created from defensive phenomenon replicated in computer programs accumulated from psychic targeted individuals who have been tortured with directed energy weapons while brain computer interfaced.

TI-Gene said that humans are fascinating organic, living ‘computers’ God made that reside in flesh bodies to live and feel, smell, see, taste/eat, grow, decay and die.  Their data is stored electromagnetically.  The greatest difference between man-made computers and a God-made creation is that everything created by God has a soul exacting God’s image.   Even a blade of grass.  Gene accepts scientists are attempting to- or have already downloaded- human souls into man-made computers and robots.

How brilliant is all this?  Not too brilliant.  This evidently has been going on for centuries in Tibet using the human mind alone.

It is known in Tibet that monks can transfer their consciousness at will before death.  ‘Po-wa’ is the technique utilized for centuries by Tibetan monks from the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha.  From the Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive by Lama Thubten Yeshe #323 044;  Lama Yeshe says of consciousness transference, “It is not a fabrication…  It was given by Shakyamuni, passed down through the oral transmission lineage, came to Tibet, and is now part of the Tibetan tradition.”

Yeshe says that,  “Due to our life force being stuck in … our sense gravitation attachment body with no way  out… yogis train in such a way that they facilitate the transfer of their consciousness out of the sense gravitation body… So when they feel they are free… to transfer their consciousness, they can do it by applying the appropriate technical meditation…  It is important for Westerners to know about this because up until now you’ve largely neglected conscious phenomena and the ability to use your mind meaningfully and instead have busied yourselves with material things.” 

Yeshe notes that the crown of the head (a chakra) is the most successful way to have one’s consciousness leave their body.    He says that when these monks leave they cannot have an attachment to anything physical- not even a single material atom, or the transference does not work.SriYantra_colorQuote from Jesus regarding ascension or enlightenment; written down by medium  Aurelia Louise Jones…    “Knowing the supreme glory of that hour, I can but urge each dear child of God to prepare for that glorious moment!  When the hour comes and the summons from the Father of Light reaches your heart, you will also know the full and true purpose for human incarnations.  It is to prepare your consciousness to become a Sun of Light within yourself, free of the wheel of birth and death, and a master of energy and vibration.”

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  God bless family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, and plants.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  Thank you dear God.  I love you dear God.  So be it.  Amen.


hacked camera cardsThis is what just one camera card looks like when opened.  Files I worked so hard on.  Photo evidence inside files were deleted.  The icons left in place empty.   Found two days ago on personal home computer never connected to internet that most correspondence to the Attorney General of Missouri, Joshua Hawley has been deleted, as has above evidence that was copied to personal computer: again icons exist but nothing inside.

Below is email response to the letter that I sent to Chief of State Donald Trump:response.jpg

This is the letter that I sent  to Chief of State Donald Trump:

Dear Chief of State Donald Trump,

Pleased to be able to contact you, Sir.    In the past three years began flying frequently on airlines to friends so I could watch their dogs.  Since that time have experienced the following:

On every other trip, checked luggage is searched by Transportation Security Administration.   Have photographed items: broken; wrapping paper on gifts torn off; and when not wrapped- unsecured gift boxes and bags sliced open with knives.  Why?  These are not ‘random’ searches, they are frequent.

Concerning the Joint Terrorism Task Force: This multi-agency effort (including Western District of Missouri,) led by the FBI combines resources of federal, state, and local law enforcement…  which leads me to the following:  Have lived peacefully in Springfield, Missouri and was employed twenty of my twenty-two years here at ______________ until work injuries placed me on disability in 2015.  Am sixty years old now.  Since 2016, the Springfield, Missouri Police Department has made a concerted effort to dismiss the organized criminal assaults that began happening to property (own my home 22 years) and person/pets (dog was killed- and my left eye shot with green laser point,) for the first time.  I requested documentation by police to record these crimes.  

Instead was ‘diagnosed’ by non-medical practitioners (police officers and Capt. Pennington of Fire Department) as mentally ill- violating all HIPAA laws.  SPD officers contacted relatives with their illegal diagnosis, again violating HIPAA law.  Five SPD officers at different times, attempted to coerce, intimidate, and harass me into signing an  i-Pad for counseling; saying my home was never broken into.  When I refused – was threatened with hotline calls to Area Council on Aging, (ACA.)   But the ACA refused two hotline requests by the SPD to have me placed in 96 hour mental evaluation holds.  The SPD’s discriminatory, intimidating, harassing behavior and, HIPAA violations are protected by Chief Paul Williams who classified an Internal Affairs report I submitted concerning these issues as a ‘miscellaneous complaint.’   Why?

Chief of State Donald Trump, I politely ask what ‘list’  am I on?   I have the right to know why.  Please assist me in finding out, Sir.

The local police have also tailgated and ‘escorted’ me in two other cities when I visit friends.  Once again, I respectfully ask you Sir: what list am I on and why?

The U.S. Patriot Act includes using local police to investigate ‘persons of interest.’  Why would I be a ‘person of interest?’  In June 2016 for the first time I had feelings of electrocution in home.  Called local Fire Dept asking for free home safety inspection.  When Capt. Pennington asked why?  Told him.  One of the SPD threatening a hotline call said, “If you feel electrocution, you are schizophrenic.”  He went on to say that Capt. Pennington told SPD that I needed mental health assistance.   Since then I fear all law enforcement… that is a shame.

Have no internet at home, so three months into this phenomenon that killed my dog, went to library and found Mo. Rep. Jim Guest’s letter of November 2007- where he speaks for U.S. citizens experiencing what is called ‘targeting with electromagnetic weapons.’   When local ‘authorities’ would not help me find out the source of dangerous levels of the magnetic radiation suddenly registering in home (to this day,) wrote to Missouri Attorney General Joshua Hawley who assisted with City Utilities to find out where this high level of electricity was coming from.  However nothing came of it, as City Utilities’ lawyer Mr. Black refused to acknowledge high levels recorded in home by CU at 5 and 6 milliguass on 60 Hertz, but only addressed CU’s recorded 1.9 milligauss levels.   Our Environmental Protection Agency classifies any electromagnetic frequency- EMF reading above 1.5 milligauss as unsafe.

Domestic terrorism: As defined by the FBI on their website is perpetrated by individuals and/or groups inspired by or associated with primarily U.S.-based movements that espouse extremist ideologies of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.    However I don’t belong to any organization or group, I go to Catholic church when able, vote, and have only stood up for myself since this has been going on.    In my huge family, 90% of the men fought in WWI and WWII, Vietnam- and enlisted to serve in peace time.  I wanted to become a cop most of my life.   I volunteered four summers in hospitals during school years, sat on two city committees in my 30’s in Fayetteville, Arkansas, volunteered at shelters, and given my paintings (am an artist) for charity auctions when able.  I’m a patriot American, Sir.  I believe in ‘We the People’ being the heart of our government.

Please Chief of State Donald Trump… What ‘list’ am I on?  And why?   This is what I need assistance with Chief of State Donald Trump – along with the SPD being held accountable for their actions.  Thank you.  Looking toward hearing from you soon, Sir.                    Sincerely,  Josephine Grace

When walking for exercise the same cars follow, do U-turns and come back.  To intimidate.  I’m not talking one car, sometimes five cars continually U-turn and drive back and forth.  The people or gangstalkers driving are paid with U.S. tax dollars.same cars driving by as I walkSince June 2016 have contacted in writing and by phone; hundreds of news agencies and news programs in the United States regarding criminal assaults happening.   Have written to appropriate authorities regarding the behavior of the Springfield, Missouri Police and Fire Department.   No one has sanctioned these public servants.

Will the United States be purged of those who would stand up for justice?  While everyone sleeps pursuing the ‘American Dream?  Is everyone really so busy that the fate of our country means nothing?  So be it.

Note to readers:  Above woman created ‘TARGETED ARTIST’ website that documents her life in writing and with streaming videos.  Her site was created months after my own appeared here.   Why she chose the same name as my site is interesting.   But this is not me.  The information in her site has nothing to do with me.  Who ever this woman is, I wish her well and God Bless her.  Thank you.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

Richard L. Cain vs DoD Lawsuit

Phoenix_Blue_Billboard_Cropped (2)

On July 23, 2014 Richard L. Cain filed  a lawsuit against the Department of Defense; United States Central Intelligence Agency; Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command; the United States Army Research Material Command-  and private individuals.   Siting them to be in conspiracy to violate his 4th, 5th, 14th, and 8th Amendments.   For unreasonable search and seizure; violation of due process; and cruel and unusual punishment.

Preliminary statement #1 records that an “…evolving criminal conspiracy perpetrated by: the DoD and its components… and its defense subcontractors, who authorized, funded, conspired, and concealed the fact that the Plaintiffs are human research subjects… covertly and nonconsensually implanted with (BIONI) and (MEMS) submillimeter and millimeter prototype military grade biomedical devices… (violating) …the Bill of Rights as Amended into the Constitution of the United States.  Defendants’ devices are Radiofrequency (RF) controlled and powered… capable of data collection, human research, surveillance, behavior modification, and many other heinous crimes.”

In Preliminary Statement: Cain and his two young children were illegally implanted with these devices; while at dental and medical facilities that receive money/grants from the DoD under written contract.   In #2 of Preliminary Statement; Cain notes the nanotechnology devices used are legally manufactured, but were illegally implanted without consent.  Cain writes these devices electrically stimulate muscles and ‘other body parts,’ for behavior modification and mind control.  Cain notes in the Introduction of his lawsuit, that National Security Letters (NSL’s) and phone calls to medical establishments  stop the nanotechnology being removed (when they are able to be,) from the Plaintiffs bodies when Cain requests them to be taken out.

Cain writes in #4 of the lawsuit Introduction that the most “...barbaric implants have been discovered (through X-rays and CAT scans listed as evidence in the lawsuit,)  in the skull and brain of the Plaintiff, and are known in the biomedical community as “Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) devices.  …All of the devices have been traced back to Fort George G. Meade, Maryland.”

Cain writes in the lawsuit Introduction #10 that many of the illegally implanted devices can deliver biological agents, including hormones, and can provide “visual and auditory biofeedback data.”

Introduction #11 sites DoD sought out neighbors to surveille Cain’s family, “… the Defendants, deputized neighbors, and rouge government agents (to) communicate with the implanted (RF) controlled device(s) in excess of 200 feet or more.”

#12, recorded military devices found inside Cain and his two children are- “… microtransducers, transmitters, coils, transducer-telemeters, stimulating metallic electrodes, power receivers, control circuitry, digitizer, telemetry circuitry, and other unknown biomedical devices, and all of them assist in the primary purpose of data collection, tracking, and human research related surveillance.”

The DoD is allowed to use these electrical devices in consensual patients in the Neural Prosthesis Program and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke- to stimulate neuromuscular function in paralyzed muscles for limb movement. 

Introduction #13 sites- this is why his children get little sleep due to uncontrolled limb movements, pain and distressed breathing in their beds at night.

Richard L. Cain is a U.S. citizen born in Chicago, Illinois.   He has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with Pre-Law Minor from California State University, Los Angeles (2006) and a Masters of Law in International Taxation and Finance from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2012.  Cain never served in the military or stepped foot outside the U.S. and wonders why 24/7 unwarranted alleged domestic counter-terrorism tactics are being used against him and his African American family.

High blood pressure was manufactured in Cain, and asthma in his children- both medical issues abundant in the black  community.  #16, sites Caucasian physicians, surgeons and rogue government agents “... seem to have the “Willie Lynch Syndrome…because these medical practitioners never reveal the “… obvious implanted biomedical (RF) devices which appear in the X-rays, CT scans and MRI’s…”   Cain notes that “… Defendants’ scheme also involves labeling the (RF) devices as being lymphomas, artifacts, fatty tissue, and any other medical term that will allow them to mask their illegalities.”  All private individuals and their medical establishments are named in his lawsuit.

Introduction #38, records Cain’s child born in 2006 had X-rays show submillimeter and or millimeter nanotechnology (RF) microstimulators in his body.  But Cain’s doctors say the X-ray (exhibit 7) was ‘normal.’  Many doctors conspired to conceal these devices.

#70 in lawsuit sites one subcontractor of the DoD disseminated false information and defamed Cain’s character alleging his involvement in criminal activity by calling a family member.  There were also numerous sirens of emergency vehicles constantly going off around the Plaintiffs house to cause fear while Cain was working to find out what had been done to his family.  #78 records one doctor fraudulently changed medical records.  This same doctor attempted to claim that the Plaintiff was ‘mentally ill’ when Cain reported strange medical symptoms.

IV. #83 asserts that Cain was slated for a murder-by heart attack or diabetes.  And his children initially implanted at birth and subsequent dental and doctor visits.

V. #88 sites Cain describing “… jolt to the left temple area of his head.”  Exhibit 9 shows true copy of 2011 MRI of Plaintiffs skull.

#93, notes a 4-4-2004, x-ray said to be normal- however Plaintiff later found out the x-ray showed “…implant leads on the inside of his body and extending downward from his ears to his chest and wrapping around the left side of his body and ending in his back.”   Some leads or wires noted in x-ray penetrate the left and right sides of Cain’s heart and are impossible to remove.  Exhibit 11.

In Plaintiff’s child born 2007 x-rays show submill/millimeter devices implanted or injected into aorta, which cannot be removed.  Exhibit 12.

Cain notes Santa Barbara Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, American Ambulance, Fire Department all stalked, tracked and intimidated Plaintiff everywhere he traveled- including aircraft.   Cain writes, “Plaintiff ignored their actions, as he knew that he was an innocent man which had not engaged in any type of criminal activity.”  Siting the DoD and its subcontractors “… objective was to disseminate misinformation and lies in order to further alienate and isolate Plaintiff so that he could not reach out to anyone for help to combat horrific events that he was being subjected too.  Defendants merely used law enforcement to intimidate, harass, and collect very important research data relating to the Plaintiff’s responses to their tactics and experiments.”

#138, reports the desired outcomes of such torture is to drive “… the subject crazy, induce medical conditions, induce mental illness, and or induce physical aggressiveness.  … causing one to be jailed or placed in a mental institution.”  Cain notes once subject is jailed or institutionalized they are discredited, allowing the DoD to continue their domestic-counter-terrorism tactics on other ‘persons of interest.’

#140 sites DoD and their subcontractors as commandeering neighbors homes, apartments, buildings and other structures “… in the name of “National Security” in order to gain close proximity to the Plaintiffs/research subject to inflict the maximum pain.”  Cain attempted to stay in hotels to escape torture but realized, “… he was not safe anywhere.”

#146 records DoD used RF devices to “... administer harmful electrical shocks and pulsations to plaintiffs…”  A videotape of Cain’s children being triggered during sleep is Exhibit 27.

When Cain sought legal help, National Security Letters and phone calls went out to perspective lawyers stating any support to the Plaintiff would, “… constitute “material support” to the enemy or terrorism.”   The Plaintiff writes that he and his children have “… never conspired against the United States...” or could be identified as “… a lone wolf, terrorist or person(s) of interest.”

Cain writes that in 1977 a U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence found illegal CIA activities concerning human biomedical research on non-consenting U.S. citizens resulted in the deaths of many Americans.  #159 asserts that to date no U.S. government researcher has ever been prosecuted for non-consensual human experimentation.

#197 declares the DoD have Cain and his children in a “… prolonged and indefinite form of “virtual” imprisonment, detention and or improper designation… in violation of Federal statutory and Constitutional law.”

God Bless Richard L. Cain and his family.  Keep them safe God and protected.  Thank you God.

After coming back from dog-sitting for my friend out west found the adhesive I placed along top of a front door security gadget removed.  Letting me know that gangstalkers can enter my home anytime they want.  The piece of adhesive was draped over padlock which had been taken off and replaced.  A basement window was tampered with as well.  Hard copy documents are missing.

No, I did not call the Springfield Missouri Police Department to ask for a report on this third home break-in, since targeting began in June of 2016.  Why would I call Springfield, MO law enforcement authorities?  Melissa Daugherty of the SPD said I could never again call “…unless someone was getting hurt.”  Besides, last time my home was broken into and Officer Helms arrived to take the report- he wanted me to sign into his i-Pad for counseling.   When I did not oblige him… within the month a team of four SPD Officers and their liaison came at various intervals– in a concerted effort appearing unannounced at my home… to pressure me into going along with their desire to place me in 96 hour mental evaluation holds.   Did the SPD use discrimination, intimidation, harassment, invasion of privacy,  and violation of HIPAA laws to cause me undue harm? 

In the three days back in Springfield have been targeted by hand-held DEW’s outside my home so badly; that heart pain, palpitation, racing occurs non-stop.   Perhaps murder by heart attack?   Upon entering kitchen physical body sizzled from electricity and danger levels of magnetic energy showed on EMF reader.  Whole-house directed electromagnetic weapon readings below:

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.


Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Helicopter fly overs, some of the choppers bombarded targeted individual below with directed microwave weapons.

Writers are encouraged to keep things light here at WordPress.com.  Would love too.   Please understand it is ‘heaven’ to have a voice, no matter how small regarding what is happening in the United States today.   To be able to practice freedom of speech and freedom of press is lovely.  As a U.S. patriot who is a targeted individual- my writing is always toned down in diary aspects of this blog.   If what is recorded here is not ‘light’ apologies to WordPress.com. – a resounding ‘thank you’ for freedom of press.  Above pictures are one third… I repeat one third, of the fly overs able to photograph in past three days- too exhausted to get up at all last night when worst microwave bombardment occurred.  Why is U.S. tax money being spent intimidating, harassing and microwaving me from the skies in this manner?

Have been in San Diego for about a week now watching my friend’s dogs in a ‘posh’ neighborhood; (‘posh’ according to one ‘neighbor’.)

On the way to California at Little Rock, Arkansas Airport another non-random search of checked luggage was performed by the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA.   Below pictures:  Traditional-medicinal herb bag cut into though bag twist tied.  Collector’s box for a numbered Polish Christmas Ornament was sliced through by TSA with a knife though box not wrapped or secured in anyway.   TSA also slashed with knife an open plastic bag filled with acrylic paints.  What list am I on that the TSA constantly searches my checked luggage and breaks or harms my possessions?  These non-random searches have taken place for three years.   Exactly why are ‘persons of interest’  non-randomly searched?  What are they hoping to find?


Yesterday got out of friends San Diego house in ‘posh’ neighborhood first time in four days of dog watching; and began walking under a cloudy sky to a grocery store half mile away.   Lovely four inches of rain in San Diego.  Good to be out in flower scented air, when back in Springfield, Missouri temps below twenty degrees.   At first corner – a San Diego Police sedan, drove by slowly.   OK.  Am a law abiding citizen who wanted to be a cop once… thought nothing of it.  At the next corner, a San Diego police SUV drove by.  OK…  don’t really believe in coincidences.   Two corners later at a stop light San Diego Police vehicle waiting to take a left.  All different drivers, different Police vehicles.  OK…

Is this how San Diego Police Department spends U.S. tax dollars? 

Before I entered the grocery store called Von’s to pick up eggs and bread ten minutes later, saw THREE different San Diego Police and drivers slowly drive by.   Photos unable as drive bys too fast.  All righty then.   Six law enforcement vehicles in a small community in San Deigo during a walk to grocery store.  I have never been in trouble with the law, and have always believed the U.S. police were decent, brave people wherever I have lived.  -That opinion is slowly being changed by the behavior law enforcement involved in Homeland Security ‘person of interest’ targeting.

God bless ALL the San Diego Police Department.  I can still say that sincerely.

As the last two vehicles drove by was brave enough to photograph but nothing turned out.   Six different Police and their cruisers escort a targeted-Missourian to California grocery store.   OK.  On the way back home from Von’s encountered only two more San Diego Police cars...  perhaps bravely and legally photographing them assisted in stopping the drive bys?

Today…  wanted to walk to a local second-hand clothing store.  Had ripped the only jacket brought with me on trip.   Coming down steps traveling six feet to sidewalk in front of my friend’s home, a San Diego Police squad car rolled by in the street two feet away- OK.  WOW. 

Are there no crimes being committed that some law enforcement have leisure time to pursue other paid activities?

In San Diego always taking multiple pictures of flowers and birds flying around, especially parrots.

The friend whose dogs am watching had a palm tree topped off (cut off) five days ago; presumably by ‘neighbor.’   The palm obstructed a big window in front of my friend’s house.   The window where attempt to sleep on sofa.  Took pictures of palm below mutilated by Network.   Guess clearing space outside the window made it easier to target a sixty year old woman laying down?  Cowards.

The way the Network murders ‘persons of interest,’ is similar to the 1934 novel by Agatha Christie called  ‘Orient Express.’   (Educator Corkin Cherubini said, 70% of targeted individuals are single, older women, in his 2014 book, “Gang Stalking the Threat to Humanity”.  Author, and 1996 John F. Kennedy profile in Courage Award winner Cherubini- wrote that hundreds of gangstalkers targeted him; helicopters flew over his home; and the police force where he lived were escorts.)

When you have hundreds of people assaulting a targeted individual for years with what looks like cell phones and iPhones, not to mention hacking and targeting with  computers, no single Network employee is responsible for the DEW remote torture, rape and murders.  All of them are.   Could fictional world renown investigator Hercule Poirot arrest every single gangstalker conspiring to harm just one targeted individual?  Impossible.  In Agatha Christie’s ‘Orient Express’, multiple people kill one man, and all are to blame for his death.  The man in question kidnapped, and murdered a child.  99.9% of all TIs are innocent of any wrongdoing but all are being DEW attacked by hundreds of gang stalkers who target with DEWs.

In a conspiracy to harm– even a person driving a gangstalker to ‘work’ is guilty, as are the husband or wife who looks the other way when the extra money comes in -is guilty of eventual-murders committed.   In a conspiracy to harm according to U.S. laws, anyone involved shares the responsibility of murder.  Murder by ‘accident,’ murder by ‘natural causes,’ and murder by ‘suicide.’  It is my belief God knows who all these cowards are.

The thing is, all these people have families.  These gangstalkers are torturing and soft-kill-murdering every day on the job.   Nazis loved their families at home during the night, and in the day light worked at Auschwitz stuffing living, breathing humans into gas chambers- or torturing them to death.    The cowardice of gangstalkers to hide is seen by God.  Their soul-rot evident from grey aura thin as cloud outlining their physical bodies.

One last note… When the military chopper kept going round and round my friend’s home bombarding directed electromagnetic pulse- I questioned how a military helicopter could be allowed to do something like that above a ‘posh’ neighborhood with an elementary school five houses down, in San Deigo, California?   None of the photos of the large, long bodied military helicopter turned out distinctly, all are blurry.


Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  God bless all the gangstalkers who pretend to be regular people and are known by God for who they are.  God bless us.  Thank you God, I love you God.  So be it.  Amen.


Man targeted on Southwest during Christmas visit.  Below are photos from past two weeks:  ‘Cloud’ and refracted light phenomenon visible only in images caught by digital camera.   In the two photos at bottom you can see a circle or coil at end nearest the ground on two ‘clouds’ in different locations in yard, far apart from each other.   Modern technology uses manufactured ‘environments’ to hide invisibility suits and other man-made inventions.

The use of prayer and visualization to reverse-hack works.  Invasion of privacy?   Two nights ago during extreme targeting by electromagnetic weapons assaulting physical body causing great pain from gangstalkers outside home…  Said out loud, in own home while praying that I “Loved, and God bless…” those hurting me.   It was 3am.  I was talking in a normal voice.  Instantly a woman outside screamed from ‘neighborsone hundred feet away… “We know you love us, you keep saying it!”   This woman- a gangstalker will have to answer to God.   Those supposedly praying; using DEWs in churches will have a lot to answer for.

Over the past two weeks these individuals have made themselves known to me.

The need to address directed energy weapon (DEW) assaults and change laws to reflect modern, covert crime is important.   But any legal avenue taken is met with total resistance or disregard on the part of authorities in Springfield, Missouri  or at state level.  Why?   Why are our federal government, and state authorities not reacting to the legal reports coming in from thousands of innocent U.S. citizens listed as ‘persons of interest and targeted with DEWs?  Michigan, Minnesota and Massachusetts have laws against directed electromagnetic weapons.  Why is the existence of these covert illegal weapons being hidden from the U.S. public in every other state?

Below is refracted light in room at 2am and 3am after hearing someone on roof.

Contacted both the Missouri Governor Eric R. Greitens and Missouri Director of Public Safety Charles Juden in November of 2017.    Have not heard back from either of these men.  Why?

Also have not heard from the Director of the Springfield LSSM Executive Director Dan. R. Wichmer (former attorney for the city of Springfield, Missouri.)    During our only meeting- Wichmer’s greatest interest was to find out the name of my doctor and where he worked.   Wichmer promised to ask the Springfield, Missouri Police Department Chief Williams if he could get them to remove the violations of HIPAA law evident on incident reports.  Reports asked for to document breaking and entering at home and physical assault by a neighbor.  Wichmer promised after the Thanksgiving he would call me.  Why hasn’t he kept his promise?

Below left military helicopter is similar to one seen during fly over very close to house during Christmas- picture below left taken from internet.   A helicopter very similar circled house multiple times at low levels.  Unfortunately camera did not want to work.   Only photo anything visible is when military copter flying away.

Below photos show more of the bizarre ‘cloud.’  In yard take picture below on right into complete black night and the flash burst against something two feet from my face.  In photo find substance or ‘cloud’ denser than ever seen before.

Below photos show refraction of light at porch.  The light moved up stairs onto porch where no porch light is on as I moved towards it.  The movement of refracted light in green photo show leaves visible in regular shape and movement of light behind leaves.  During the green photo could hear sounds of movement in brush but could see nothing.

The privacy of the brain is of utmost importance for human survival on earth.  Brain computer interface destroys brain privacy.  Now our government/military is experiments on targeted individuals to destroy the privacy of mind...  Which contains all knowledge of human divinity and brain functions.  The mind is in a human’s electromagnetic field and does not exist physically anywhere.

Was the computer-cloud invented from knowledge gleaned from non-consensual human experimentation during brain computer interface?   Is the computer-cloud a copy of God-made electromagnetic human mind that stores our data and memories?

God’s greatest gift is ‘free will.’  Free will is being taken from humans through manipulation and brain ‘washing’ – deleting of memory and knowledge.  We are all beholden to our maker.  We all answer to God for what we do in this life.  Those taking free will from humans are messing with God’s greatest truth for earth.  God by any name, the One God.  Same God no matter who is perceiving God, no matter what race, religion, gender or nationality.

Most Americans do not know that our freedoms are already gone.  I am a patriot, an honorable American; what is being done to all ‘persons of interest’ in the name of experimentation, retribution and eugenics is heinous.  Murder by ‘natural causes;’ murder by ‘accident;’ and murder by ‘suicide.’

CIA paid psychiatrists have for decades written most of the definitive books on psychiatry used at universities since WWII.  What chance do victims of the silent holocaust have to be believed when descriptions of brain computer interface, hypnosis, electronic torture and rape are defined as symptoms of ‘mental illness,’ per CIA accredited doctors?

Billions of U.S. tax dollars spent on understanding how to control the human mind- supposedly to perfect the super spy has turned into perfecting society, perfecting the human being.   And we wonder why our nation falls far behind in scholastic scores, health care, art, music and dance.  Technology is not the answer, God is.

When did ‘we the people’ who are our government forget that the secrets of a nation have repeatedly been found to be crimes of a nation?

tight rope walker

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.   I love you God.

So be it.   Amen.