A Prayer


POEM below is ‘A Prayer’ made specifically for Targeted Individuals everywhere; from all faiths, who believe in the One God of any name or perception:

Being of I AM’s creation, we know that all nano/chip  receivers and transmitters, electromagnetic frequencies, vibrations, brain computer interface, implants, and manipulations, do not exist within us now as we are created in God’s image.   Thank you, I AM

OM, is the sound of your name God- OM, is your vibration.

Mother Mary, we are thankful for our lives, health, intelligence, creativity, sanity, and beauty as breathed into our being by God and shining in praise; protected by your legions of angels, and heavenly hosts, with Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Rafael.  Mother who protects and guides earth mothers and their children; watch over us all.  Thank you Mother Mary.

Allah, aid us in thanking all the animals, plants, insects, dirt, water, air, sun and oil that are your creations: healing, sustaining, and nurturing our families, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  Thank you Allah.

Four Corners of the Universe created after waters separated – beauty and wisdom of Mother Earth- pray for us.  Thank you.

Diana, aim true when our energy and our physical bodies are being taken from us.  Patroness of childbirth, nursing and healing take care of us.  Thank you.

Yemanja thank you for washing us clean with your waters; clean from all remote influence of artificial intelligence, machines, man-made manipulations and anything else we know not of  inflicted upon your children-of-water.  Thank you Yemanja.

Tioga teach us how to love the earth; to sit in nature now and just BE.

Nammu, we command all GMO’s, radiation, chemicals, biological warfare, and poisons…  along with any unknown error and evil miraculously disappear with Your assistance  this very instant from our food, drink, air, water, metal, fire and earth; and our family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me…  Thank you Nammu.

Buddha give us your wisdom to breath and move with focus and intention now.  Thank you Buddha.

Mother Theresa show us how to smile as we go forth today.  Thank you Mother.

Shiva, we release to you all those who would harm us, and be our enemies- now with forgiveness while asking your protection and guidance.  Thank you.

Jesus, with your assistance aid us in resurrecting all aspects of our lives now.   We most especially ask for aid in resurrecting all forms of our privacy, our wellness and our abundance now.  Jesus, you so loved little children, take care of our targeted infants and children now.  Thank you Jesus.

Jehovah all miracles manifest with blessing upon your name when we raise our hands and praise you.  Assist us in manifesting our reality on Earth as in the fifth dimension ‘heaven.’  Thank you Jehovah.

Mohammed divinely inspire us to the will of God.  Thank you Mohammed.

St. Jude, patron of lost causes and the impossible, we welcome you into our lives now and in all the lives of targeted individuals everywhere to stop the insanity of horrendous crime, and subjugation inflicted upon us now.  Thank you St. Jude.

Yaweh, we were made in your perfect blueprint of light -protected and loved past, present and future in any dimension now, we thank you Yaweh.

Holy Spirit your wind strengthens us in delivering up to you now; all evil assaulting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  We seek your justice with love.  Thank you Holy Spirit.

Marduk, we seek assistance with those beings manifesting hell on earth, destroying our lives and assaulting our property, animals and persons.   We ask with due cause.  Thank you Marduk.

St. Dymphna, watch over us and our sanity daily; as those who would take our sanity from us are under the influence of the devil.  Thank you St. Dymphna.

Supreme Being, assist us now in transfiguring our atomic structure with rainbows of light removing all error till heaven manifests within us.  Thank you Supreme Being.

Maat, we humbly ask you bring to justice all aspects of governments, militaries, corporations and wealthy participating in the silent holocaust today.  Your truth, morality, harmony and order are much needed in our world today.  Thank you Maat.

Almighty, alter each cell, DNA strand, chakra, our hearts, mind and energy bodies by saturating us with your unconditional love, light and protection now.  Thank you.

Goddess, we liberate any limitations and error; past, present and future from our lives this very day; while abundance in all forms manifests within us and in our lives now.  Thank you Goddess.  We love you Goddess.

Asarualimnuna may your armies protect our lives now.   May your armies induct gangstalkers and Network employees into their ranks today, to fight FOR all targeted individuals now and against all evil.   Thank you Marduk.

Bridget thank you for keeping targeted individuals focused on bringing to light what is happening all over the world.  Please give us the strength to never back down.  Thank you Bridget.

Elohim, thank you for everything exactly the way it is today.  We love you Elohim.

Krishna, Shakti, Isis, Maat, Gaia, Diana, Green Tara, Joseph, Kali, Aine, Artemis,  Bridget, Athena, Morrigan, Anna, St. Pasqual, St. Theresa, Turtle Island and all the names belonging to the One Holy of Holies, all the angels, saints and archangels- protect, guide and love each one of us now who are targeted with directed energy weapons, gangstalked and subjugated.  We ask this of you now.   Thank you.

We are, I Am in your image God, therefore no pain or error exist because our physical bodies are not real.   We love you unconditionally Great Spirit,  may your hand be with us.   May your legions of angels be with us.  We thank you One by any name.  We love you One.  So be it, so it is.  Amen.  -By Josephine Grace 2018 Copyright

spirit of morning glory

A targeted individual who is a pregnant woman asked that this prayer be said by anyone every night that wishes to assist all targeted individuals.  Eight o’clock p.m.

God bless this woman and her child.  Bless all the grandparents, mothers, fathers and their children targeted with directed energy weapons and brain computer interface.  Look after them and keep them safe, healthy and protected.  We thank you God. We love you God.  It is so.  Amen.

This POEM ‘A Prayer’ can be reproduced.  Thank you.

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