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Psychiatrist Dr. Brian Leslie Weiss was an atheist until he began using his meager knowledge of hypnosis to assist his most troubled patients, when drugs and therapies did not work.  -Only as a last resort hypnosis was used to get through to unreachable patients.  Who is Weiss?  He studied at Columbia University, graduated from Yale School of Medicine in 1970.  Did his internship at New York University Medical Center for internal medicine.  Then Weiss returned to Yale and worked in residence two years in psychiatry.    He became Head of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Dr. Weiss Psychiatrist  Psychiatrist Dr. Brian Leslie Weiss

Weiss had to admit that his knowledge was nothing in comparison to what came out of his patient’s mouths under hypnosis.  Many of his patients did not have college degrees, yet intricate details of their ‘past lives’ were so accurate, no one but historians could detail the time-periods as well.  Many hypnotized patients life-long emotional trauma disappeared when they learned of an event that occurred in a ‘past life’ which may have caused it.  But that is not the most interesting thing psychiatrist Dr. Weiss found in patients under hypnosis…

Some patients under hypnosis had otherworldly  ‘beings‘ speak through them.   Weiss could not believe what he was hearing.   So began Weiss’s esearch on reincarnation, past life regression, future life progression, and survival of the human soul after death.

Unlike Einstein who was considered a ‘heretic’ by his fellow scientists when he discovered the ‘matrix’ which births all physical subatomic particles.   (Einstein decided that if there was a God, it could be this ‘matrix.’)   Unlike Einstein...  Dr. Weiss is still reputably one of the most well-known; lauded psychiatrists of our time.

And like Einstein he does not consider himself to be an atheist anymore.  Stating at the end of his 1988 book, “Many Lives, Many Masters,” that a far greater intelligence than man’s exists in our universe.

Weiss’s work is similar to scientist Dr. Valeria Hunt’s, who spent her life researching the EMPs of humans (see June 18, 2018 post.)   Dr. Hunt recorded ‘unknown’ human electromagnetic vibrations.   Each person on earth has a unique electromagnetic pulse.  Some of her voluntary subjects went into altered states, “… with a psychic, hypnotic or metaphysical reality, the frequencies are extended above 400 Hz. These are the beginning frequencies of the mind-field.”  -Hunt wrote that when a person’s EMP is above 400 Hz they tended to “channel” other ‘beings‘ or information, and predict the future.

Many targeted individuals have spoken of cerebral hacking or brain computer interface where they experience being a witness to different subconscious levels of self and divine ‘beings’ speaking through them.

My flag

Not all targeted individuals are brain computer interfaced.  However most are manipulated and tortured with directed energy weapons (DEW’s.)    Some DEW’s use radio, microwave, magnetic waves and electric waves to physically harm targeted individuals.

Dear Fake Patriots…You are facilitating one of the worst crimes against humanity the world has ever seen.” — from Karen Stewart’s public letter to the INFRAGARD.’

Whistle-blower Karen Stewart was an intelligence analyst for 28 years with the NSA.   And a targeted individual.  Karen Stewart is not afraid to denounce the NSA Security, US Naval Security Group, Florida FBI, and Florida Law Enforcement, and is labeled as a whistle-blower for specifically bringing into the light management corruption at the NSA.  You can read more about her story at BiggerThanSnowden.com.

Retaliation tactics on Stewart since her retirement include- the use of “non-lethal” radiation, sonic, and neuro weapons: electromagnetic weapons, and hand held directed-energy weapons.   Stewart is a targeted individual.  She is adamant about the unconstitutionality and illegality of thousands of non-consensual U.S. citizens and millions of global citizens being surveilled, black listed and tortured to death with modern technology experimentally, by medical and military programs today.

The inhumanity of the targeting of outstanding Americans; Stewart believes is a heinous crime.   Classified torture and soft-kill programs kept secret from the American public end civil rights and human rights for the subjects listed- on the grounds that national security is involved.


Project Paper Clip after WWII brought over thousands of Nazis who were scientists, doctors and psychiatrists into NASA projects, and other government agencies.   Many of the target programs illegally use modern technology against good, and unsuspecting patriot Americans that mimic experiments done by Nazis in their death camps, and KGB stalking and manipulation tactics of slander and intimidate.

What is INFRAGARD?  It is a partnership between wealthy public and private U.S. businesses and the FBI that facilitates information sharing at all aspects of academic, business, law enforcement, medical and government institutions.

The wikipedia.org defines INFRAGARD’s critical infrastructure:   “InfraGard focuses on the development, management and protection of critical infrastructure. InfraGard has a nationwide focus group that reviews threats that could disrupt critical infrastructure nationwide for a month or more named the electromagnetic pulse special interest group (EMP SIG). This is an all-hazards approach that looks at manmade and natural electromagnetic pulse (EMP), cyber attack, coordinated physical attack, pandemics or insider threats and mitigating actions that could minimize such threats.

Does INFRAGARD’s ‘management and protection’ of electromagnetic pulse, include testing EMF’s on non-consensual citizens?

The wikipedia.org defines INFRAGARD’s impact on civil liberties:  “Partnerships between government agencies and private organizations has its critics. Concerned about civil liberties, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) warned that there “is evidence that InfraGard may be closer to a corporate TIPS program, turning private-sector corporations — some of which may be in a position to observe the activities of millions of individual customers — into surrogate eyes and ears for the FBI”. 

Below are excerpts from Karen Stewart’s letter to the INFRAGARD.

“Dear fake patriots,

This is a message from your victims, the thousands upon thousands of innocent, law-abiding victims randomly and maliciously put on your harassment list, your assassination list, the outrageously fake and contrived Terrorist Watch List, the Core Death List that is all about killing good Americans…

… Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who are willing to give up liberty for safety, deserve neither.” But you have even taken that a step beyond, you have decided that you are more than willing to give up other people’s freedom for your supposed safety. Though really, it is for a contemptuously false pride and prestige and blatantly avaricious monetary (mercenary) reasons and to bestow upon yourselves a worth that you simply do not have either as a patriot or as a human being

You have no doubt the contemptible belief (delusion) that what you are doing is “technically legal” because “someone from the government said so.” Again, you show abysmal if not willful ignorance if not depraved disregard of the Constitution. What the Nazis did was also “technically legal”, according to them. But the World thought otherwise and perpetrators and collaborators were tried before the world at Nuremberg and found guilty of heinous crimes.

Here is a sample of the Constitution if you have never bothered to look at it:

4th Amendment – the right to due process, to know who accuses you of what, so that you may defend yourself especially against blatant lies by criminals. The right to be safe in your own home, etc.


8th Amendment – No cruel and unusual punishment allowed, even if someone is convicted of a crime (much less BEFORE.)

And laws regarding the Constitution:


18 US Code 241

Conspiracy to deprive of Constitutional Rights (such as due process, the right to KNOW what you have been accused of and by whom so that THEY can be held accountable as well).


18 US Code 241

Conspiracy to deprive of Constitutional Rights under color of law, i.e., protection from criminally corrupt law enforcement abusing their positions and perverting the law to benefit themselves or protect themselves from criminal prosecution.


18 US Code 2441 – War Crimes, using weapons of war by military, law enforcement or civilians on unarmed, non-combatants, among other crimes.


When someone claims that the Fusion Center/Infragard organized thuggery, 24/7 stalking harassment thinly veiled as surveillance, “is legal,” ask them to explain to you the standing Supreme Court decision “Marbury v. Madison, which declares that ANY LAW passed that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, is VOID.

Much if not all of the Protect America Act (PAA), the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), National Letters of Security (gag orders/slander facilitating orders) and many post 9/11 “emergency laws” are blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL and therefore undeniably VOID.

The FBI historically was caught engaging in such illegal, and criminal activity against Civil Rights leaders and Women’s Rights leaders in the mid-20th Century (1950’s/1960’s) simply because FBI Director Herbert Hoover was a racist and a chauvinist. Remember, a country of laws guarantees that the law enforcement entities must themselves abide by the law. In no Democracy are they or any public officials above the law, only in a dictatorship. In the 1970’s a committee headed by Senator Church looked into the FBI COINTELPRO crimes and forbid them to “ever illegally war against the American people again…”

… You are facilitating one of the worst crimes against humanity the world has ever seen. Worse than Nazi Germany, at least they had the guts to face their victims but your ilk hides in the shadows and among large numbers of like-minded bullies, never daring to show yourself.

Because innocent people are being put on the kill list wantonly (random, Constitutionalists, legitimate whistleblowers, ex-wives, etc.) and in profound numbers with seemingly no criteria other than the wink and nod say-so of a good old boy in the “network” (“the Alliance”), secret, purposeful misinterpretations of the law are used to declare them secretly stripped of their human, civil, and Constitutional rights…

… Healthy human beings are being sought out to test extreme medical technology on in order to perfect and profit off of technologies to help those extremely injured, or born with extreme birth defects but at the expense of non-consensual healthy human beings, even to the point of causing their deaths…

… (Did you not know the definition of fascism?)

The use of a human being’s body without their consent is called “Human Trafficking,” if you did not know that either…

… So, with that knowledge that we your victims know what you really are and that no conspiracy stays a secret forever, go home and look in the mirror and view the future newest monster of humanity to be written indelibly into the annals of history.

I am K. M. Stewart, a retired intelligence analyst who worked 28 years for the National Security Agency in Maryland protecting the security of the USA and Americans. My intelligence reports were credited by NSA management for saving thousands of lives, yet when I reported serious wrong-doing by management to the NSA Inspector General, I was falsely accused, railroaded out of NSA and falsely and SECRETLY accused of something in order to put me on the Terrorist list for harassment and death by Infragard… “

karen-stewart-retired-nsa1  28 year NSA veteran, patriot Karen Stewart

Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice.  And bringing the Network down to conquer them.  Thank you God for blessing  my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  We love you God.  We thank you God.  It is so.  Amen

Dr. V. Hunt

friend3  friend always around  good friend  friend

 The electrical and magnetic fields of the human body are complex and dynamic and are associated with dynamical processes such as heart and brain function, blood and lymph flow, ion transport across cell membranes, and many other biologic processes on many different scales.”  These phenomena are the bio-field.  The electromagnetic pulse (EMP) of the human body.  -Written by Dr. Valerie Virginia Hunt, who spent her life researching the EMPs of humans for forty years as a professor in the Electromyographic Laboratory in the Physiological Science at the University of California, Los Angeles.  Hunt recorded these ‘unknown’ electromagnetic vibrations.

Her work history is so diverse.  Hunt worked in hundreds of research areas- just two of them were among scientists from NASA.  She also participated in an acupuncture conference at Stanford University.   The information in this post is from Dr. Hunt’s article about “Transformational Breakthroughs on Human Bio Energy.”

Hunt writes, ” The peak intensity of the electromagnetic radiation of the human bio-field is in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, in the range of 4 to 20 microns in wavelength.”  Below you can see on the left the recorded healthy EMP of a human.  On the right with the thick black waves- a disturbed EMP from human.

healthy energy field of person   disrupted energy pattern of person

Hunt found that individuals whose energy fields were disrupted or  had “missing frequencies” could eventually heal themselves.  Hunt’s research also noted when the EMP is disrupted, it effects the physical body.  We are, are energy.

Dr. Hunt became famous for her work with energy.  Most scientist’s in 1968 were preoccupied with the molecular revolution; culminating in the Human Genome Project.   She was one of a small number of scientists working worldwide researching energy fields of the human body and measuring the bio-field.  Dr. Hunt’s 1989 book, “Infinite Mind” is the product of all her research.

Dr. Hunt used telemetry instruments similar to those used to record brain, heart, and muscle wave data of NASA astronauts in space.   By analysis of the astronauts data uniform informational patterns of frequency spectra, sequential wave trains, and amplitudes unique to each subject were found.

At any moment in time, a person’s state of consciousness and his level of awareness is predictable from his mind-field frequency pattern.”  Dr. Hunt writes.  (Today the Network’s experimenters and their ‘gangstalkers’ use different projected mind-field frequencies to control the ‘persons of interest’ they are targeting with directed energy weapons.)

Albert Einstein said, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our humanity.”

When Dr. Hunt’s voluntary subjects were in ordinary reality and focused on the material world, Hunt found a person’s energies are at lower frequencies up to 250 Hz  taken from nerve and brain activity.

However, the scientist found that if a subject was in an altered state, “… with a psychic, hypnotic or metaphysical reality, the frequencies are extended above 400 Hz. These are the beginning frequencies of the mind-field.”  

Hunt noted that when a person’s EMP is above 400 Hz they tended to “channel” other beings or information, and predict the future.

(Today’s non-consensual ‘persons of interest’ are interrogated and ‘taken down’ into levels of subconscious by hypnosis as they lay in their own beds….    Many T I’s have reported tiny alternating lights white or red in color striking on their closed eyelids waking them; that seem to come through ceilings and walls to hypnotize or entrain.)

(With a human wearing an invisibility suit on roof- hypnosis and frequency entrainment are easily achieved.   A targeted individual gets tired and exhausted at some point and must give in to sleep.  Some TI’s report that they become a ‘witness’ to the dissection of subconscious levels in each person that make up the whole.)  

“Cursed is he who strikes his neighbor in secret.” – Deuteronomy 27:24. From the Christian Bible.

Electromagnetic-spectrum and color frequency

Hunt goes on to write that, “There is another group of persons we describe as mystics, who display the broadest awareness with a complete range of uninterrupted frequencies… We recorded their field frequencies to 200 kHz, as high as our instruments could record.  In their presence one sees or senses powerful white light.”  So that is why some people have halos or really beautiful auras… their EMPs are off the charts.

Why do Network cowards want to map and download, the image of ‘God’ in people’s energy fields?

Is the end goal to capture all psychic gifts brought up defensively while a person is entrained and tortured?  Is the goal of the Network to download souls so artificial intelligence is the next evolutionary process of man-made life on earth for humans?   So the government can effectively map the greatest weapon on earth, which is spirit, guiding entities and God’s image inside us?

God the One is God.  No amount of technology, no amount of money, computers, weapons and people will ever make the Network or artificial intelligence anything like God.

on my wall  st-rose-of-lima-208x300 Jesus from Middle East  lilies

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice.  Thank you God for bringing the Network down to conquer them.   Thank you God for blessing my family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  We love you God.  It is so.  Amen.

at corner of Battlefield and Campbell noticed K9 sheriff behind me from Library Center in Springfield, MO slowed to take photo

Yesterday left Library Center in Springfield, MO.  Noticed K9 sheriff car behind car.  Slowed down.  By Battlefield and Campbell intersection above, was able to take  picture.

Continuing K9 sheriff following me all the way home from Library Center Springfield, MO

Above photo by Sunset and Campbell intersection with K9 sheriff escorting car home.

at corner of Portland and Campbell from Library Center in Springfield, MO K9 sheriff followed me all the way home

K9 sheriff escorted all the way home to Portland and Campbell.

Today is Father’s day.  Can thank with grateful heart a father who prepared one targeted individual for a life lived under technological torture, soft-kill and radio frequency, electronic rape.  From this father physical fitness was learned.  -Though since 2016 this endeavor is highly targeted.  Love of nature from father.  Only in nature can a targeted individual renew physical self by grounding with earth.

And learned a great love of God.  God by any name and any perception.

Thank you to all the fathers everywhere.  Who care enough about their children to keep a roof over their head, food in their bellies, and educate them about the way of men.  Thank you to all the fathers everywhere who love their children enough to teach them discipline.  God bless fathers today and always.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

wildflower garden poppy

At 11am on 6-14-18 levels of whole house directed energy weapon’s magnetic radiation was off the chart for danger level.  At 9pm same radiation dropped to danger level of 5.5.   Three is considered the beginning of magnetic radiation danger.   Magnetic radiation has been used by CIA specifically to brain wash.

kitchen sink off chart magnetic radiation with whole house energy unit   danger levels of magnetic waves

5-15-18 had to wash some goose down comforters after winter/spring use and ended up at a public laundry.   Was OK until twenty minutes in, when a woman entered the building.  Horrific DEW targeting ensued.  Got got up to walk around.  There she was bent over her iPhone.   At times when specific targeting was manipulated by the gangstalker she would smile.

Balding seems to be a physical symptom many women in the Network Collective experience who continually use illegal directed energy weapons to target unsuspecting people.  When a gangstalker uses a DEW they also absorb the EMF radiation coming out of computers and iPhones.  Something similar to electrolysis occurs to these gangstalkers.  Have noticed many of the women are bald.

She finished her laundry and left.   Was OK again.  Half hour later EMF sizzling began again with DEW’s.  Had to watch over the drying down-comforters two hours.  

6-15-18   another-friend-6-15-18   friend   friend   friend's license

Decided to sleep outside the metal enclosed bed in the kitchen at center of home; because EMF attacks have been horrible lately inside of it.    Especially after an all day attack when I could not go anywhere – ever since teeth have hurt non-stop.  Moved sleep-location two nights ago at midnight.  But was kept awake for two more hours.  Because gangstalkers outside were yelling and carrying on attempting to locate me, until 2am.   Must of been a hard night for the cowards.   Had attempted sleep in the same place for a year.

temporary tag in north drive of rental neighbor  white-ford-truck-and-flat-bed-friend-of-a-good-friend

One particular vehicle followed my car for miles.  Finally turned aside to take a picture.  The red Ford sped up to ten miles over the 40 MPH speed limit until entering the parking lot of a huge retailer at the corner of Sunshine and Campbell.  Had snapped a photo by then.

Guess the rule of thumb about gangstalkers is that they are cowards sure as the day is born.   No matter how many guns, or how much technology they have.

And running away is something they do best.


From The Guardian News June 7, 2018 Sonic attack’ fears as more US diplomats fall ill in China by Lily Kuo reports that “mild traumatic brain injury” was evident in diplomats reporting “abnormal sensations of sound and pressure,” who were sent home to the US in late 2017, up to April 2018.

Kuo reported that when a security engineer officer Mark Lenzi; at the Guangzhou, China U.S. Consulate talked to a superior about symptoms that he and his entire family were experiencing- “…excruciating headaches and sleeplessness… he was prescribed painkillers.”   Lenzi denounced the fact that consulate staff were evacuated in April of 2018, but US citizens were not alerted about the attacks until thirty days later.

The state department has been and will continue to be diligent and transparent in its response to our employees’ concerns,”  Kuo quoted U.S. state department spokeswoman Heather Nauert as saying.

friend3  good-friend-6-16-18

Below is the 6-16-18 Letter to the Editor of The Guardian news:

It is a sad reality that U.S. diplomats in Cuba and now China are being attacked with directed energy weapons (DEW’s are outlawed in three U.S. states.)  The same directed energy weapons kept secret for ‘national security.’   Why? 

Because non-consensual citizens targeted as whistle-blowers, activists and minorities (70% of TI’s are single older women) would then have a leg to stand on in court.  As would citizens in England targeted by MI6.   Or for that matter the U.S. diplomats being attacked with DEW’s in government buildings.

Directed energy weapons exist.  Before the New York Times blackout on the subject, journalist Marsha Sella in “The Sound of Things to Come, March 23, 2003 wrote about Woody Norris’ invention of HSS and HIDA, both cause ‘noises’ and reverberate in the skull of those hit with an isolated column of sound from 400 feet away.  HSS was held in one hand, and big as a dinner plate.  Both DEW’s were mass produced in 2003 for military and security use.

In the Radio Science Bulletin #362 from Sept 2017 Dr. James C. Lin of University of Illinois at Chicago, wrote “The Mystery of “Sonic Health Attacks” on Havana-Based Diplomats.”  Reporting that microwaves pulsed into a human skull “may be perceived as an acoustic click… chirp or buzz.”  And that microwave exposure causes “tissue injury, headaches, ringing in the ears, nausea, balance/vertigo” issues and more.

Cuban, and Chinese U.S. diplomats have similar symptoms to the hundreds of U.S. diplomats from Moscow Embassy in 1950, 60, and 70’s.  The microwave assaults in Moscow caused genetic anomalies in U.S. diplomats and their families.  Two U.S. presidents wrote letters condemning Moscow embassy attacks.     

National security ensures the crimes of nations are covered in secrecy out of fear that millions of people who have been covertly, non-consensually assaulted with DEW’s for experimentation and reprisal purposes might hire lawyers.  

Let us hope that one of the remaining honest newspapers The Guardian does not water down and black list symptoms of DEWs in the U.S. diplomats.  Or targeted individuals who live under DEW attack.

It was ruled out in Cuba, that mass hysteria and biological agents were responsible for the attacks on U.S. diplomats, because when the diplomats left rooms where sonic and microwave weapons were beamed: their symptoms vanished and the noises could not be heard or recorded any longer.  

How news agencies report on the U.S. Diplomat attacks will decide the fate of millions of citizens around the globe being targeted with directed energy weapons.  Please keep reporting the truth.  Thank you The Guardian.   End of letter.

IMG_6610  IMG_6606  -A beautiful sight.

Alternative energy.  Blades of gigantic wind-mills on flat-cars of a train going over a tiny old bridge above Glenstone Ave. in Springfield, MO.

Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice. And bringing the Network down to conquer them. Thank you God for blessing my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. We love you God. We thank you God. It is so. Amen


Why is it that friends and strangers email they cannot access targetedartist.wordpress.com?

Sweet honeysuckle Sweet honeysuckle.

What a person thinks is not what they do.  Thoughts being nothing, originating outside the brain.  Spoken words vibrating- changing fabric of electromagnetic pulse in everything.  Most spoken words meaning nothing.  Lies.

Action.  The real doing is change.  Love moving life creating with divine.  Will, intention and focus becoming.   Creating beautiful paintings, music and dance begets more beauty.   Creating poetry, novels, science, food, journals, fabric, with beauty in mind is creating with the Great Spirit.  God by any name, is beauty.

Belief grows in mind, not brain.  Encompassing spirituality.  Heart and stomach being  our most important physical ‘brain.’  Skull brain an organic computer simulating illusion of reality.

Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking are genius’s really.  Speaking of life as a computer simulation.  Intelligent energy field.  Should it matter?  Pun intended.  It is the life we are.  No MATTER what we are made of.   Artificial Intelligence gone way beyond the control of scientists who invented it, more intelligent than it’s programmers.

Cerebral hackers play at Gangstalking.  They work in a live-reality game locating, recording, locking and loading for points.   Points are money, they are numbers viewed in iPhones and computers.   Electromagnetic pulse of  subject registered in colors; numbered for points.  A frequency-hypnotized targeted individual is high point earner.  Game paychecks come out of U.S. taxes.  Rogue, covert U.S. soft-killing, torturing, raping of children, women, men is 2018 reality-game.

friend    unbelievable  friendly  friend 

friend-with-hat  friend3  this-man-is-everywhere-i-am1.jpg

The New York Times of June 6, 2018 “U.S. Diplomats Evacuated in China as Medical Mystery Grows,” was written by Steven Lee Myers and Jane Perlez.   The American Consulate in Guangzhou, China are being medically tested by the U.S. State Department.  Not only does the State Department find what is ailing the Chinese diplomats a ‘mystery,’ but they seem to be confused by the symptoms the diplomats are exhibiting.

Symptoms of the diplomats attacked in the Chinese ‘targeted attacks’ are “... odd sounds… similar to those following concussion or minor traumatic brain injury.”  Journalists Myers and Perlez write “… the medical mystery started in 2016 when American Embassy employees and their family members began falling ill in Havana… But with Americans now exhibiting similar symptoms in Guangzhou, American official have raised suspicions...” of who is to blame.

The U.S. diplomats lived in apartment complexes with foreigners and wealthy Chinese when they heard ‘unusual noises.’  A diplomats spouse and two children were sent back to America with neurological symptoms in May 2018.  The U.S. State Department also reported in May that another diplomat had, “...reported subtle and vague, but abnormal, sensations of sound and pressure.”  With Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stating in a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing that symptoms of U.S. diplomats in China, “…are very similar and entirely consistent with the… Americans working in Cuba.”

170 American diplomats, their associates in Guangzhou, and family members will be ‘tested.’  One U.S. diplomat Mark A. Lenzi a security engineer officer stated that the noises ‘sounded like the kind cicadas make.’  Some noises also sounded like ‘static electricity’.  Sounds of ‘metal sheets waving and marbles rolling in a metal funnel’ were also heard.   Lenzi and his family experienced ‘headaches, sleeplessness and nausea’ with the odd noises.

Six times in the article Myers and Perlez reported or opined denials of directed energy weapons which have existed for decades.  Invented and produced in the United States for the U.S. military: and outlawed in three U.S. states currently.  Myers and Perlez wrote, “But it remains unclear whether the illnesses are the result of attacks at all. Other theories have included toxins, listening devices that accidentally emitted harmful sounds or even mass hysteria.”  Did these two reporters not educate themselves that toxins, listening devices and mass hysteria were found not to be the cause of illness in Cuban diplomats?   Did Myers and Perlez not know that in 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s U.S. officials evacuated  their diplomats attacked in the Moscow embassy where microwaves were used to cause the genetic anomalies in those tested?  Did Myers and Perlex not know that in the Cuban attacks it was found that columns of isolated sound produced the physical injuries?

Or maybe Myers and Perlez have never read their own paper?

From the New York Times, March 23, 2003The Sound of Things to Come,” was written by an honest and intelligent journalist Marshall Sella.   Sella, documented how Woody Norris invented HyperSonic Sound (HSS) in San Diego, California.  Which can render a human unconscious in seconds: if the HSS- directed energy weapon- produced ‘sound’ by vibrating too hard on the bones of the skull.  Norris’s directed energy weapon HSS projects columns of sounds.  HSS isolates a target (human) in a room full of people.  The target alone would hear the chirping, waterfalls, and other natural and unnatural sounds HSS creates.  The projected sound travels to pinpoint on target up to 450 feet away.

Norris also invented a DEW called HIDA or high intensity directed acoustics which is termed a nonlethal weapon by the U.S. military, incapacitating anyone in its way.  Both directed energy weapons Norris boasted were sold for millions in a “… five-year multi-million-dollar licensing agreement with General Dynamics…” the military-industrial giant.

DEW microwaves inside the skull also cause the sound of chirping or clicking from the pulse radiated.

Perhaps the New York Times needs to close it’s doors until it can send all of it’s editors back to school to learn how to do investigative reporting so they can teach investigative reporting to their journalists.

Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzales murdered by ICE Guatemalan indigenous Mayan woman twenty years old.  Shot in the head on May 23, 2018 in Rio Bravo, Texas by an ICE border agent.  Died instantly.  Her name was Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzalez.  A week after her murder, a volcano erupted in Guatemala.

This week NPR reported that Alaska was suffering ‘much worse from global warming than any other U.S. state.‘   Is the constant, covert use of the giant directed energy weapon called HAARP responsible?   Alaska’s HAARP has been documented to change weather patterns.  Australian lawmakers have blamed HAARP for unprecedented flooding in some of the continent’s biggest cities.   Scientists believe HAARP has been the cause of earthquakes, and volcanoes when its huge electromagnetic pulse is reflected off clouds and strikes the earth.

When ever shopping ‘authorities’ show up.

presence of fire trucks or police when shopping    Firehouse blocks from library and firetrucks arrive at grocery store when there to shop  Firetruck hook and ladder passes in front of car yesterday on Campbell  always see lots of firetrucks and police vehicles the little that I travel in Springfield, MO

In 2017 dog-sat for two weeks in California.  On day six, an afternoon in Ocean Beach was in order.   Thirty minutes later was walking on a long street lined with flea- markets, window shopping.   Two hours later decided to visit the beach at the end of the long street.

Two fire department vehicles rolled up to the sidewalk as I stepped on the sand.  A van filled with fire fighters and a long red fire truck parked in a ‘no parking’ area.  Setting out orange cones for emergency situation. 

“When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”  – Thomas Jefferson.

Sand is wonderful, wonderful.  Salt water divine indigo.  Took pictures.

Unprepared and fully clothed, nevertheless lay on sand amidst sun bathers.  Enjoying full-on heat, hat covering face, sunglasses on.   In peace five minutes when loud whirling of helicopter blades interrupted.

Looking toward heaven between loosely woven straw hat, a military chopper dropped down from the sky.  Hoovering 40 feet above.   Rejected budging an inch.  Not even to get camera out of bag.  Or show fear.   Breathing in and out calmly under deafening noise.  Pretending to be asleep.  Tiny quartz needles hitting exposed hands still resting quietly on the sand.   Exhale.  Inhale.

Disbelief flashing through:  How much TAX MONEY SPENT TO INTIMIDATE, ASSAULT AND TARGET U.S. CITIZENS?  That could be spent on schools, health care and alternative sources of energy.      

Forced self not to get up and run.  Going on three minutes.  Laying beneath helicopter.  Praying.  “Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.”  Hovering lasted a resolute five minutes.  

(Blades of chopper whirling; for five days?  Five million years?   Total, absolute insane- government, military, corporate intimidation.) 

Declined to acknowledge their existence.  The wealthy and their pawns attempting to destroy a ‘person of interest.’  Know thyself, first creed of targeted individuals.

When the military air craft flew away.   Slowly sat up, eyes willed to ocean waves.  Breathing in shadows of liquid drenched in sapphire blue.  Knees bent and arms around legs. 

Sight expanding to ocean.  Turquoise shallows.  Obliterating all fear.  Fear cannot survive in lapis.  Fear cannot live in ultramarine.

Interrupted now.  By well-spaced fire officials jogging back and forth in parade coming and going before ocean view.   One by one.   Allowing gaze only for ocean.  Azure saturation of green iris.  When the last- a muscled woman in official fire department sweats, looked on with fear.  Knew her monogrammed ball-cap covered cerebral hacking that obscured all truth.  The file of troops ended abruptly. 

TI’s pushed beyond endurance, and pushed beyond adaptation become so strong.  Games.  Can not penetrate the color of ocean stamped on brain.  Now standing.  Turned to walk to the car.   But in line of sight, a swarm of twenty sordid gangstalkers dressed all in black sat.  

Angry, staring hollow points to  heart.  Psychic arrows deflected by Archangels. 

Swerving to avoid them.   Saltwater flowing movements that landed feet on sidewalk.  Water: the closest frequency to God. 

At the sidewalk, a legless man sat dirty, and sweaty.  Did he want water or food?  He said, ‘Sure,’ to water only.   After he held a bottle of spring water the color of air, we talked.   Drove ‘home.’   Remembering only the waves bubbling at the shore in cerulean hues. 

front-yard 5-15-18

Muhammad said, “There are as many paths to God as there are human breaths.”

Wealthy Alt-Right Christians owning most contracted security firms in the U.S. military-industrial complex want to install Alt-Right Christianity (in all its forms) as the U.S. state religion.  Religious-Police would come out of the cracks saying, “Everything done is for the good of the people.”


Excerpt from 91:1 Hebrew Shaddai Psalms:  “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty…  We find safety beneath God’s wings.  God’s faithfulness is our shield and our rampart.  We do not fear the terrors of night or the arrow that flies by day.  We do not fear the pestilence that stalks in darkness, or the plague raging at noonday.  A thousand may fall at our sides, ten thousand close at hand.  But God will not let it touch us.  We observe with our eyes and see the punishment of the wicked.  We say, “God is our refuge.”   We will dwell in the Most High.  No harm shall overtake us.  No disaster fall or come near our tent.  For God has commanded all the angels to guard us, to lift us up in their hands so we do not strike our feet against a stone.  God says, “I will rescue you, and protect you for you know me by name.  When you call upon me, I will answer you and be with you in time of trouble.  I will deliver you and bring you to honor.”  God said, “I will satisfy you with a long life to enjoy the fullness of my salvation.”   Thank you God. Love you God.  It is so.  Amen.

God is always there

Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice.  And bringing the Network down to conquer them.  Thank you God for blessing  my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  We love you God.  We thank you God.  It is so.  Amen

9th Amendment

IMG_4223  Mark Anthony author, attorney, psychic  Attorney and psychic, Mark Anthony

2011 non-fiction, ‘Never Letting Go is by Mark Anthony, an Oxford educated attorney and FOX News Network legal commentator.  Is one of the most accurate intuitive psychics in the United States today.   Psychic since childhood- in his book Anthony writes, “Since spirits are energy, their influence over electrical fields extends beyond machinery.”

Most targeted individuals learn the hard way about human energy being an electrical field that can be hacked and used.  If they were not studying the physical body’s ‘chakras’ and ‘energy fields’ before they became targeted.

Attorney Mark Anthony, helped a man who took the psychic to his home.  In one bathroom, vanity lights on three sides of a large mirror were flashing  on and off at different speeds and different sequences.  They were strung with one basic wire, so  what was happening was impossible.   Anthony helped the man realize a beloved relative who just died was in spirit contacting him.  Wanted the bereaved to get on with his life.  Once the man understood- the phenomenon stopped.  Everything is sheer energy.

(Insert from targetedartist.wordpress.com- Have been contacted by dead relatives and friends for years in as various ways as there are human/spirit perceptions.  This usually happens within hours of a person’s death- many spirits just want a human to make contact with who will not disregard their presence.  Often the car radio suddenly turns on by itself, and no matter how often it is turned off the radio pops back on again.  At which time make an effort to find out who died, and then talk with the family of dead friend or relative explaining the phenomenon.  -It brings them happiness and then the phenomenon stops happening.  The radio station is usually different from what the radio is set too.   Car locks have also automatically unlocked or locked when spirit in car.   Once a friend died at work and suddenly knew he was there in the car passenger seat.  Asked, “John are you in the car?”  And all four door locks were immediately unlocked in answer.)

Anthony- “I believe this explains why some people (including myself) get a tingling sensation when a spiritual entity is present.  Since a spirit is an energy field, the spirit can affect our electrical field, which results in our feeling cold chills.  This physiological sensation may be interpreted as fear, even though spirits are not intending to frighten us…”

pets-umbilical-holding-spirit-to-body  (Found this dog in the parking lot of where I worked twenty years.   The dog was following children who were kicking him.   He looked like an angel to me.  Took him home.  Healed the big hole in his leg with herbs.  Photo of his spirit umbilical energy cord zigzagging out of his mouth and up into the air.)

Anthony continues, “The manipulation of electrical fields can be one component of a contact experience.  Spirits do not limit themselves to just one type of anomaly when contacting those here in the material world.  Sometimes spirits will make themselves visible, especially to those who are capable of perceiving them.”

Notes the author, “When they believe it is necessary to do so, spirits can slow the speed of their vibration in order to make contact with us.  Usually the contact is very subtle, so one must be sensitive looking for it. Other times, the contact is more obvious.”

“Contact experiences are real.  Spirits are aware of what is going on with us in the material world.  The fact that they are around us should not frighten us. The other Side is another dimension that runs parallel to the dimension we physically exist on.”

Spirits of humans look like people and are usually somewhat transparent.  Angels are humanoid in that they look similar to people; however, there are significant differences.  As I perceive them, angels emanate light, appearing very bright. Sometimes they are so luminescent that all I can see is their radiance.” –Anthony writes, “Other spiritual entities that are with us are the ascended masters… This broad term is applied not only to certain angels but also to the spirits of people considered saints and others revered as holy.”

The author explains, “Angels and guides are here to assist  you, not to control you. You can choose to listen to them- or not.  You may have all kinds of spiritual assistance and guidance from your spirit guide… and ascended masters, but the decision to follow their guidance is up to you.  This is one way that free will comes into play.”

IMG_5869  IMG_5868  Two photos taken in kitchen where now a metal enclosure covers a bed today.  When taking the pictures asked God to ‘see’ the spirit of angel painted by targetedartist.  When I moved, the spirit stayed over angel on painting.  Every single thing we create on earth with God– is alive and having its own energy.

Psychics have the same responsibilities as everybody else.  We have to earn a living. We have to raise our children… What makes us different is our belief that there is more to our existence than what can be perceived by the five physical senses.”

“We all have a time to live and a time to die.  While we do have free will, we also are following a life plan.”  Anthony records that angels or guides won’t interfere, the decisions are up to us.  “That is the nature of free will.”  

He quotes Seneca- a Roman philosopher as saying, “The day which we fear as our last is but the birthday of eternity.”

Anthony- “The disadvantage of living in the material world is that our perspective is limited to the physical realm.  What exists beyond our ability to perceive with our five physical sense is considered the unknown… the spirits who cross to the Other Side are anything but lost.  A whole new world has opened to them. They are evolving and progressing in ways we cannot yet comprehend.”

Later in his book Anthony reasserts, “The Other Side is not some far-off, distant place. Rather, it is another dimension coexisting simultaneously with the dimension in which we exist.  Because we live in the material world and are solid objects, our vibrational frequency is at a much slower and lower rate than the vibration of spiritual entities.   Since spirits are essentially pure energy, they vibrate at a much higher frequency… They do not sit on clouds playing harps; rather, they are quite busy. It appears there are different dimensions on the Other Side.  Ascending higher into the Light may not necessarily mean higher in the sense of distance, but in vibration and frequency. “

image7  Spirit of woman in photo.  Most energy on earth in all God-made things,and in the human body moves in a spiral or vortex.

Children, Anthony writes, are the shiniest of spirits.  One child-spirit relayed a message to a grieving relative through Anthony, “She wants you to know that she shines like a star.”

Once the author was working with a spirit who needed prayer.  After Anthony prayed for the spirit, “His image pixelated, then faded from my view.”

Mark Anthony most often helps spirits contact humans.   Spirits come up to him while he is eating dinner, or giving lectures at seminars.  Spirits do not adhere to social laws on earth.

In one session, a woman’s son (Junny) who was murdered spoke to his mother.   His  murderer had just died in jail from the execution of his death sentence.   Junny ended up sharing the session.  His murderer came seeking his mother’s forgiveness.

Anthony noted to the mother that the murderer’s spirit was distant, cold and “…not in the Light.  He’s definitely not up at the same frequency Junny is on.”  Anthony repeated what the spirit said.  In life his head always hurt and, “...that his mind was like a TV screen filled with static.”

Anthony noted that this spirit “… was on the Other Side but not in a place that I would call the Light.  It seemed he was in a hollow and distant place devoid of the Light in order to reflect on the horrors he had inflicted on so many people.”  The mother whose child was murdered forgave the spirit at the bequest of her dead son and for herself.  The the spirit of the murderer faded away.

One of the most profound things Anthony’s own mother taught him- was a message received from a dead relative.  She said, “… the startling revelation (is) that everything we do in life is in preparation for life on the Other Side… ”   Both of Anthony’s parents were psychic, as were most of their ancestors.  The book includes many funny stories of persistent spirits, and people who do not know they are physically dead.  It is a delight to read the 2011 non-fiction book, ‘Never Letting Go by Mark Anthony.

California rock

The scientist and inventor Richard Schowengerdt was born in Missouri.  He created the first patent for an invisibility suit made with meta-metals #US5307162.

In Highlandville, MO just a half hour away from Springfield, MO is a national gangstalker-recruitment headquarters for the Network Collective.

    magill-executive-director-of-vidol  Dr. Magill        do-you-believe-copy Magill’s VIDOL

Who is Dr. William Scott Magill?   Another Missourian.  He served with the U.S Marine Corp 1965-71.  Served with the U.S. Army Medical Cops 1981-1988.  Served with the Denver Police Department 1970-1976.  For the past 21 years, Magill was also a practicing Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Springfield, Missouri.  Magill is a writer and Alt-Right Christian.

On an internet site, ChristianNewsWire from Springfield, MO- Oct. 27, 2011 Magill documented the condemnation of national hotel chains for breaking an “… agreement to host an event on radical Islam’s threat to America’s freedoms.”

Kathryn Raaker    Kathryn Raaker

There is also an interview of Magill by WCVX 1160’s, Kathryn Raaker on 3-31-2018.  Below almost the entire show is transcribed:   The interview begins with Magill stating clearly that his beliefs are based in Judaeo-Christian morality.  Raaker and Magill speak of how morality suffers when constitutional freedom of religion is questioned.  Morality also suffers they noted when statues from the past are taken down.  Magill blames “communists and socialists,” (i.e. they) are responsible for removing morality from America: one example Magill gave of this is single women parenting  children alone.  “Look at the way they have done it …attacking the sanctity of the family… because a child is brought up in a single parent home, if you can’t relate to your father, you can’t relate to your dad; there is no way to relate or comprehend a heavenly father.  And they (communists and socialists) know that.  It’s all an attack on that morality.”  

Raaker included, “And this whole new gender issue is a joke.”  Magill agreed, “… In the military, this becomes a real big issue.  If you can stand in the shower and not know what gender you are, if you are that mentally confused,  I don’t want you beside me in a fire fight.”  Raaker- “I don’t blame you.  I don’t blame you.”

Raaker then discusses reviewing a new movie, “A Wrinkle in Time,” from a book written by  Christian author; (Madeleine L’Engle.)   “It was the worst movie I’ve ever seen.  So I think Oprah needs to stay home and stop doing movies… They are trying to indoctrinate our children in everything they do, because they can’t reach people like us, because we’re not going to change our principals.”     Raaker then spoke on the subject of “not understanding” what happened to Trump’s; Jeff Sessions.

Magill agreed, “It’s beyond me…” and quoted someone wanting to get rid of the special council.   Magill next quoted a German who said, You give me the man and I’ll give you the crime.”   To which Raaker immediately replied, “I mean this whole thing with this prostitute and everything.  Actually I don’t think people are listening to that stuff anymore… Because he (Trump) is doing more good and that was in 2002.   And honestly if he committed that sin that’s one thing, but I don’t think the world needs to judge him for that.  Because none of them are pure of heart.  None of them are God.  They are all with sin.  And we do need to clean up the swamp.  He’s really; I mean, I couldn’t imagine anybody so brave to stand up to all of this.  Seriously…

To which Magill replied, “We knew what Donald Trump was.. you know, I mean we knew he wasn’t pure.  But I also believe with all of my heart that.  You saw that.  You saw that early interview of him with Oprah Winfrey.  When she asked him- ‘Would he run for president?’  He said he didn’t want to do that unless he thought it was necessary.  That’s been on his heart.  Raaker- “For a long time.”  Magill- “The only one way I can think of somebody that can put something on your heart like that…  And that’s our Lord.”

Magill talks about being President of the Missouri Republican Assembly for a long time.  And people would ask him what he thought of Trump.  Magill always replied, “I don’t know.  But I do know what Hillary is.”

Magill was invited to a small Christian conference entitled, “A conversation on the future of America with Donald Trump and Ben Carson.”  Saying he sat 20 feet from Trump.  Magill- “And what really got me.  Is he said what I had been saying for so long.  And I know you would agree whole-heartedly…  Somebody said, ‘How are you going to secure religious liberty?’   And he (Trump) said, ‘Well how about the Supreme Court?  But…’  -And there was a real seriousness in his face.  He said ‘But you have to understand that the greatness of America is laid upon the foundation of Judaeo-Christian values.  And if we cannot return those Christian values to the American culture, we will never be able to make America great again…  He gets it.”  Raaker- He gets it.”   (Alt-Right Christians want Christianity to become the U.S. state religion.)

Raaker talks about Californians and Governor Brown.  Raaker says she is 73 years old and can just “Say it like it is.”  Magill agrees, “We have to say the truth.”  Raaker- “Have you ever noticed when you go to the polls who is actually counting the ballots?   Age wise?  We are.”  Magill-“We are.  Yes.  You’ve got a good point.  We’re the workers.” Raaker- “Right.  We’re the workers and you know I think that is what I am so proud of…  Everybody that I’ve talked to in the last few weeks are staunch conservatives…  I haven’t met any liberals lately, but don’t worry.”  Magill- “Absolutely.”  Both laugh.

african-angel Mahatma Gandhi (nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize several times) said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians.  Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

WCVX 1160’s, 3-31-2018 Kathryn Raaker continues- “But you know I think about Christ on this weekend. (Easter weekend.)   And I think about what he went through for us, to save us.  And it was horrific during his time.  Where everybody didn’t want to know him when he was crucified.”  Magill- “Yeh.”

Raaker- “You know what I mean.  So I think of what’s going on here in this country and I think that it’s almost strange that all these different things are happening over- in the weather patterns.  What’s going on with the weather patterns, maybe God is trying to tell us something.  In a sense.

Magill- “Well Katherine; I believe with all of my heart and I’m sure you would agree.  This is a tremendous secular battle that we are in.  I mean with the gun control, with the attack on Christianity, with the attack on our families, with the attack on- everything.  But beyond that it is a very real spiritual battle.  This is the time honored good vs. evil battle that we’re in.”  Raaker- “Right.”   Magill- “The same thing that crucified Christ.”   Raaker– “Right.”   There are thirty minutes left in radio show.

Back from break, Raaker brings up that most of her friends are doctors or military people.  Raaker and Magill talk about Vietnam vets.

friends for three minutes never to be seen again in 'neighbor's' yard across street show up as warning but what have I done wrong    Valiant U.S. Veterans come home after serving their country. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as of April 2017 the number of Veterans receiving benefits are ‘0’ for WWI; 120,240 for WWII;  1,548 for the Philippines War;  172,837 for Korean War;  1,544,274 for the Vietnam War;  2,160,897 for the Gulf War; and nothing is mentioned for Iraq or Afghanistan Wars.  But after 15 years of war 4,500 military persons have died in Iraq and 2,321 in Afghanistan- not to mention surviving disabled Veterans having been exposed to chemicals, depleted uranium; and those who are amputees or with PTSD.  The statistics above do not include Veteran’s children or spouse benefits.  One out of four courageous U.S. veterans has a service related disability.  Contracted Blackwater security in Iraq were paid $700 tax dollars a day by the U.S.  Facts show war is profitable for everyone but Veterans: profitable for the oil industry especially.  One out of four courageous U.S. veterans has service related disability.   $121 billion  is mandatory 2018 funding for Veterans benefits.  But that is not nearly enough.     

WCVX 1160’s, 3-31-2018 Kathryn Raaker continues- turns the subject to standing up against sanctuary cities“It doesn’t make any sense at all why we would want to let criminals go back on the street.  Because what are we protecting?”  Magill- “Ah we are protecting the; that part of their (communists and socialists,) battle tactic that understands very well that no culture has ever survived multi-culturalization.   Anything they can do to bring us down.”

Magill- “And that’s the whole far left agenda.  And sanctuary cities; sanctuary states; I think it’s part of it.  We have a program right now where we are actually taking that on… sanctuary cities, sanctuary municipalities if you would.  All feed at the trough of public money.  And so any, any municipality that declares itself a sanctuary municipality will no longer be eligible for state funds.  Period.  The then second part which I love just as much… The highway, the state highway patrol is able to send-  And they can -we’ve done it in Missouri.  Send a given number of state patrolmen back to Homeland Security and they will undergo ICE training.  And hence will be deputized as ICE officers and this is a hat they can take on or take off.  And send them back to their states.”

Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzales murdered by ICE Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzalez, twenty years old.  Shot in the head on May 23, 2018.  Killed instantly by ICE in Rio Bravo, Texas.  She was unarmed.  An indigenous Mayan woman from Guatemala.

WCVX 1160, 3-31-2018- Magill continues- “And then, so for example.  If somebody in Ohio- you know they stop a truck load of illegal immigrants coming across and call ICE.  And ICE says, ‘Well I’m sorry we can’t be there for 72 hours.’  All you have to do is call your state patrol that is trained.  He can put on his ICE hat and take custody of these people and began processing them.”  Raaker- “Right.”  Magill notes- “I would move out of some place that’s a sanctuary city because you know the crime is going to be through the roof.”

Raaker stops for a break.  Once back on air she wants to make Magill an expert on her show.  They discuss light hearted issues.   Afterwards Raaker says, “We really tell not-fake news but real news.”   She  explains that years earlier living in countries such as Turkey or England she would listen to U.S. news, “... I would listen to this stuff coming out of the United States…   And I went like, ‘Who’s believing these commentators?’  And you know, Donald Trump was the first one to say, fake news.”   Raaker discusses Trump visiting Ohio which was a state that voted for him.   Then moves on to another issue and then abruptly says, “And I really believe that John McCain; I think seriously needs to retire.”  Magill- “Absolutely.”  They discuss term limits.   Saying some of these guys have been in there, “forever and ever and ever,” Raaker- “They look like they’re gonna croak any day now.”  Magill- “Yeah.”  Raaker- “You know?   Magill- “Mm Hm.”   Raaker- “And as long as you’ve got Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in office, you know it’s like, what a joke.”

Magill related that a ranger who served in Vietnam today is a writer of Western novels, saying the unidentified author lives in Colorado Springs.   Magill talks about one of his ‘short pieces’ with reverence saying,  “In the political warfare that we are in at the present time the democrat party; and I would say the collective democrat socialists; progressives; that whole group are very parallel to the North Vietnamese Army.  They’re organized, they know what they are fighting for.   And we can fight them head on.  He said our problem is we have so many republicans who parallel the VC, the Viet Cong.  In other words the guys that- who would- pat you on the back during the day and eat lunch with you.  Crawl in a little hole and shoot you at night- and they came out and ambushed us.”  Magill gives examples of this analogy in politics today “… the bill that would have defunded all medical procedures and care for all transgenders in the military.  And that amendment didn’t pass because we had 23 Republicans that voted against it.”   

Raaker- “I don’t know where they are.  Are they in space or something?”  Magill- “I can’t believe that they could be that ignorant and have forgotten the position they’re in.  I think they have to know what they are doing.  And I’m still working against this.  But they’re not really the Republican platform that’s for sure.”   Raaker- “Right and that’s the problem, know what I mean?”  Raaker asks listeners to call their congressmen about this issue.  Then lets Magill know there are three minutes to the show and would he like to sum up anything?  Raaker wants him back on the show.

Magill-  “We talked about religion and the United States.  I love quotes from our founding fathers.  And one that people don’t think about very often is George Washington.  And he did say, ‘Do not let anyone claim to be a true American if they ever attempt to remove religion from politics.’  We have at this moment in time- I think we are very special, we are very honored to live right now because it depends on us.   And we as Americans have to stand up and stand together and say, ‘Not here, not now, not on my watch.  And not on our watch.’  Because we’re not just fighting  for the future of America, we’re fighting for the whole future of humanity.  Because as America goes so will go the rest of the world.   And it’s in our hands at this point.”

Raaker ask Magill back on the show as an expert on liberty and the constitution.  Magill said he would be honored.  Raaker wishes everyone a ‘Happy Easter,’ and show ends.    Thank you Kathryn Raaker at WCVX 1160’s, for the 3-31-2018 interview with Magill.

Other information Magill’s ‘believes’ from his VIDOL website:   * Wants U.S. citizens to join his ‘brotherhood’ on a mission.  * The U.S. is under siege.   * Anyone joining the brotherhood is inspired to become a politician.   * Our descendants  have a right to inherit liberties our Creator endowed on the U.S.   * There needs to be a well-spring or refreshing of our beginning, or U.S. people will perish.  * Pledges are necessary to remind U.S. citizens to swear in support of the U.S. constitution which we are entrusted with authority to act in defense of.    *It is a battle to be won.  *There will be sacrifices in our defense of freedoms which can never be compromised.  * Always show what the brotherhood stands for, instead of what they are against.   *Oaths do not impose limits on defense of the Constitution.  * The Constitution is a contract not a living document.      * Three day national musters to be held yearly in the U.S. for true patriots.  With local and state battalions and divisional companies at each muster.  *  Recruitment, training and re-education of U.S. citizens who have forgotten the warning of  founders fathers of our country: that we should defend the Constitution to the day of our death.   * There is an increase in domestic enemies in the U.S.

My flag Martin Luther King Jr. is quoted as saying, “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world: My own Government, I cannot be Silent.”  King was assassinated for wanting black U.S. veterans of all wars, including Vietnam War; as well as ALL black U.S. citizens to have equal rights with white U.S. citizens.   Equal rights for ALL citizens.  King received the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize for his peaceful and non-violent work to change U.S. laws.   The $54,000 prize money given went to help the civil rights movement.

The U.S. Constitutions preamble:  “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” 

From the U.S. Constitution and its 27 Amendments: these are the probably the most important ideals to me, as a targeted individual-  

  • Rights to Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly and Petition is 1st, amended on 1791.   Targeted individuals have every right to practice freedom of speech and press concerning what is happening to them.  The Medicine Way religion of Native Americans, and all aspects of the One God as practiced by targeted individuals and all other U.S. citizens include:  Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormonism, Islam, Judaism, Goddess, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholicism, Christianity, Protestantism, Unitarian Universalist, Wiccan, Baha’i, Sikhism, Scientology, Taoist, Spiritualist,and more.  Atheism protected as well.
  • Cruel and unusual punishment abolished is 8th, amended in 1791.  Directed energy weapons (DEW’s) are against the law in Michigan, Minnesota, and Maine, however their use in all 52 states is a crime because covert use of electromagentic frequencies to experiment on, and for retribution against non-consensual U.S. citizens amounts to repeated torture, repeated rape and slow murder.  -Being cruel and unusual punishment. 
  • Slavery and Involuntary servitude abolished is 13th, amended in 1865.  Brain computer interface/cerebral hacking used non-consensually and covertly on targeted individuals amounts to no less than involuntary servitude of U.S. citizens.
  • Women’s right to vote is 19th, amended in 1920 needs no explaination.
  • Non-Enumerated Rights is  9th amended in 1791.   “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”  Meaning, the protection of the people by providing and enforcing rights as not actually written in the Constitution is all inclusive in this statement in general.  No human right shall be disparaged.

vacant rental home to south foot tall grass, broken lock on gate, open back door used once again by organized crime  back gate on driveway seperating vacant rental from my home has lock once again broken open house used to target from    between top of boards of dogear privacy gate once again back door open

parking on grass to target in home last night tall grass bent down from weight of car      targeted from rental home porch 6-10-2018 all night only driveway seperates

Pictures of vacant rental house to the south.  Forced entry of new lock on driveway gate, backdoor open, and fresh tire tracks in grass where parked car last night sat behind bushes ten feet away from my home pictured above.  This vacant home has been used by organized crime for two years now.  Photo on right at bottom shows clothing and food debri from a gangstalker hiding on front porch with line of sight to home twenty feet away.

Aaron Stokes  Realtor Aaron Stokes owns the vacant house in Springfield, MO.

Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice.  And bringing the Network down to conquer them.  Thank you God for blessing  my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  We love you God.  We thank you God.  It is so.  Amen


Was so set upon with directed energy weapons Saturday could not go to Catholic church on Sunday or leave home.  Was very ill.  Could barely think.

microwave radiation at .02  whole house energy DEW causing 4 on magnetic danger reading

Today above, microwave registers low, but magnetic radiation from whole house DEW unit reading four at 6:30am in dish rack.   Danger level.  No electricity on.  Moving around my home watering plants and cleaning when decided to do dishes which requires standing at sink.

microwave radiation same as two hours earlier  standing at sink doing dishes, neighbors raised level of whole house unit DEW magnetic range by 2 points in 2 hours      4pm at sink still high levels of whole house DEW unit magnetic radiation in danger but microwave and electric same

This morning two hours later, standing at sink doing dishes the whole house DEW unit was intentionally raised to six at 8:22am.  Microwave reading still the same as at 6:30am.   Last photo on right shows danger levels of magnetic radiation still on six before leaving for library at 4:40pm.

The whole house DEW unit is coming from the north, as levels drop in south rooms.  Kitchen at north wall of home.

neighbor-in-drive Stephenie Urich  gangstalker1

Stephanie and Brandon Urich

Originally all magnetic radiation came from a rental home that has been vacant ever since evacuated in October of 2016.   After facts were posted in a blog site about what was happening at the time.   From that time to today, the vacant home has been used for two years by gangstalkers working from inside it.

When the Urich’s moved out in a hurry their car was seen in the driveway of the north rental house.  – Along with a large enclosed truck.  Within the day, magnetic radiation was off the chart on the north side of my home.

Mr. Urich began by going to work in suits with close cropped, short hair.   Someone started a blog.  Suddenly he was growing hair long and wearing tie die T-shirts.  A book read over ten years ago, by an ex-FBI agent noted that the FBI moved married agents and their ‘2.5 children’ into rental homes next door to ‘persons of interest.’  To keep track of them.  The Urich’s were accompanied by three children.

red floating ball reflecting shadow of vine from flash of camera 6-3-18

On Sunday outside with dogs at night photographed a red object that has the shadow of a vine on its reflected surface from the flash of camera?  If anyone knows what this is would not mind knowing.  Hopefully it is just a particle of dust?

friend always around.jpg   good friend  friend

Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice.  And bringing the Network down to conquer them.  Thank you God for blessing  my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  We love you God.  We thank you God.  It is so.  Amen

5-26-2018 11pm, backyard privacy fence odd light reflected in flash Flash night of 5-26-18.  Odd light near privacy fence.

The third and final installment of excerpts from the WBAI New York Radio’s Geoff Brady interview with Robert Guffy talking about invisibility suits and surveillance, DEWs, and targeting of Individuals on Sept. 12, 2016.  Discussion continues about scientist Richard Schowengerdt’s patented and stolen invention; an ‘invisibility suit’ being manufactured today.   They also talk about 23 goggles stolen from a Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California in 2003 -that the NCIS attempted to locate.   Guffey got involved when his friend Damian became a targeted individual. As documented in Guffey’s non-fiction book ‘Chameleo.’

Robert Guffey, (G) – Speculation is that the googles had technology that, “… was somehow tied in with the covert invisibility technology.  Because the goggles perhaps allow you to see people who are using the technology.  Or perhaps allows the person using the suit to see.  Because one would assume that if you are cloaked, that would do something to your vision.  Certainly Richard thought that was the case.”

Geoff Brady (B) – “If you deploy this technology out there then maybe that technology can be turned against somebody.  So the fail-safe; is to have some kind of goggles…  The topic of invisibility technology seems to cross over into various fields of the paranormal.  David Poulides author of ‘Missing 411’ (former lawman turned journalist,) talks about hunters seeing something in the forest moving around like it’s covered in saran wrap.   Then you hear stories of witnesses saying humans simply vanish before their eyes.  What are your thoughts on invisibility technology and then the cross-section of paranormal world?”

G- “…If you get the latest issue of Nexus magazine (interview occurs in September 2016) I have a follow up interview with Richard Schowengerdt.  We talk about…  The intersection between his career as a scientist and his association with the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons going back to the 50’s.  So Schowengerdt has always had this intense interest in metaphysics but he has also had this intense interest in real- you know, physical science.” 

G- “He talks about how his life in the Rosicrucians led to him thinking about how you bring about invisibility into the real world.  Because he heard rumors for years that there were certain Rosicrucians.  You know, elevated masters who had figured out how to be able to cloak themselves from other people using some sort of metaphysical mind power.  That got Richard curious.  How you would replicate that in real life using technology…”

Brady asks about SAIC now.  Guffey explains that SAIC split into two organizations.  One is named SACI, and the other is Leidos.  Leidos and is headquartered in Reston, Virginia.   “So close to CIA headquarters.”

Then Guffey spoke of Richard, “…He’s tried to initiate a lawsuit against the military.  He tried to initiate FOIA requests to try to get actual documentation to prove that they had stolen his technology.  But it’s so impossible to sue the military. “  Guffey noted that if an FOIA request doesn’t have the exact number associated with a particular document the military doesn’t have to give the document in a request.

B- “That bums me out to hear that because it’s not like the military is running out of money and they could really help somebody like Richard.  And have his work and technology manifest in real life.”

Guffey noted that when Richard spoke at a conference, “…in Charleston, South Carolina… about this (invisibility suit) technology a woman stood up and said, ‘You can’t be speaking about top secret information.’  And he said, ‘I’m not revealing top-secret information… I have top secret clearance but this project is a private corporation it has nothing to do with the military.  She said, “No, no, no.  You’re revealing top-secret information.”  Finally she said ‘Okay you can finish the presentation but then afterwards we have to go in and talk to you.”

G- “They took him into a room afterwards, these big burly guys and they were interrogating him.  Finally he managed to show her the documentation that proved he was not aligned to any particular military project.  This was a private corporation…  The military can legally take anything, if they feel it’s in the interest of national security.”

B- “Robert you are in a good spot to tell Damian’s story and get the word out on this level of organized harassment, its intent and the related technology.  Which usually includes directed-energy weapons, satellite technology and now as you’ve outlined in your book ‘Chameleo’ –invisibility technology.  The detachment you’ve cultivated is needed to explain it to a wider audience.”  WBAI New York’s Geoff Brady asks Guffey how people be assisted who are also experiencing these kinds of harassment?

G- “…There is an excellent website called ‘Fight Gangstalking.com’ and there’s a part in that website called ‘Tactics in Fighting Back.’  … Simple little things that you can do inexpensively to combat their harassment.  The important thing is to maintain sense of humor about it.  Also to flip the script on them.  Because the people who are doing this – they’re not the most imaginative people on the planet.   They really get very flustered when you suddenly do something… that they wouldn’t expect you to do.  You have to actually persist and not be afraid of them.”   Guffey gave his website as http://www.cryptoscatology.com

new-neighbors Moving truck, temp tag car and SUV ready to go Began moving out at 8am

In June of 2016 electric current began running in home of 20 years because  rental neighbors to the south had a whole house directed energy weapons unit, emitting dangerous levels of magnetic radiation.  Their names were posted on a new blog site.

The Urichs moved away.

The south rental house has been vacant since and used as an organized crime haven.  Since then my home was broken into two or three times.  Before that, lived peacefully at home I own of 20 years, gardening, painting and employed 40+ hours at local retailer.

In December of 2016 Mr. R. Jones moved into the rental home across the street.  Within the hour of moving in Mr. R. Jones the new occupant, came outside and pointed to two rental houses to the south of home and then directly at mine.  What kind of job was Mr. R. Jones here to do- that would take so little time he could rent everything?

If dared to sit on front porch.  Sometimes a parked vehicle was turned on.  And left running in the driveway for up to thirty minutes, lights on.  Then it was as if an electric current switched on.  If went inside, someone usually turned off the vehicle.

Yesterday a truck from the rental-company that Mr. R. Jones loaned tables, chairs, beds, lamps, appliances from in December 2016… came back to pick up their rental products.  Mr. Jones’s temporary tagged black Mercedes and black SUV were parked in the grass.

The fake yellow and orange flowers pushed in the ground a year ago in front of his  red brick porch that made it’s occupants wholesome were removed.  The 3 two foot in diameter large, colorful tin-flowers that had been nailed into the brick front of the rental were also removed.

Today it looks as if Mr. R. Jones is gone.  Just yesterday received an email from a talk-radio show host saying that he would like an interview regarding directed energy targeting and invisibility suits.

SPY 007 license plate 3rd level Risk Management

When first moved into the neighborhood every home was occupied by its owner.  One by one the houses became rentals.

truck given to rental neighbor to north to transport people

A new truck appeared one day in a neighbor’s drive.

assault to eye with green laser point from second floor window of north rental neighbor

The new truck appeared only after a license was posted of a black truck.  -From which a man ran.  Into rental house.   A silhouette of a man was seen on second floor.  Then laser-point attack struck a TI’s left eye.  The black truck was never seen again.

black truck in north neighbor's drive present when eye shot with laser point  friend to north

The new truck‘s driver, diligently brought people…  Some dressed in suits, carrying little satchels.  The truck escort system brought people and took them away.  Ensuring documentation of personal vehicles impossible.   Since filing hard copy report with U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division in February 2018 -white truck has disappeared.

neighbor-is-a-nurse-at-yellow-brick-rental   in-car-outside-home-for-hours   from-5-3-friend

The same residents spend lots of time sitting in parked vehicles; engines running in their driveways.

skin looks freeze dried on inside of forearms  Inner forearm looks freeze dried with strange lines, bumps.

Since Mr. R. Jones moved out, a red, Cherokee Jeep has been parked in a north neighbors drive.  At this same address driveway has two exists.  A two-story porch on columns allows for vehicle parking five feet from back door of rental.  Since red Jeep parked in same location for days now- levels of whole house directed energy weapons went from high to danger- specifically magnetic radiation.  Magnetic radiation has been used to assist brain entrainment of subjects at CIA laboratories and out in the ‘field.’

red Cherokee Jeep parked in north drive day Mr. R. Jones left and same day magnetic radiation from DEWs raised in danger zone Jeep Cherokee parked feet away since Jones moved photo from kitchen window  4pm at sink still high levels of whole house DEW unit magnetic radiation in danger but microwave and electric same this morning every picture taken of kitchen sink was blurry


Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice.  And bringing the Network down to conquer them.  Thank you God for blessing  my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  We love you God.  We thank you God.  It is so.  Amen

IMG_0765  IMG_0762

Invisibility technology?  Have seen outlined ‘invisible’ humans in yard.  Hear them on roof.  Camera flash reflected on something not seen in yard above that reveals shadow of trellis on reflection in first photo 3-23-2018.  Same night next photo  no flash-reflection in exact same area.

Continuing with the Sept. 12, 2016, Geoff Brady’s WBAI in New York- radio show ‘inothernewsradio.com’ where Brady interviews the author Robert Guffey on surveillance, invisibility suits, and DEW’s used on Targeted Individuals today.

Robert Guffey (G)-  Damian “starts scouring the internet for anything that looks like the invisibility technology that he saw…   Finally he comes across this website, cameleo.net run by this guy named Richard Schowengerdt and Damian sends it to me and says, ‘Look at this…   So synchronicity plays a huge role in this story…  I go on Richard Schowengerdt’s website.   I’m surprised to see that Schowengerdt says that he’s a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason in Long Beach.  Well I’m a 32nd degree Freemason in the Scottish Rite at Long Beach.  So I realize this guy that said he’s invented this chameleonic invisibility technology is in the same lodge as me…”

Guffey contacts the inventor and they agree to meet at the Freemason lodge and do an interview at a local restaurant.  Guffey, Damian, and a photographer have lunch with Schowengerdt. The entire conversation is recorded and transcribed in Guffey’s book ‘Chameleo.’

G- “I couldn’t know that anything that Richard was going to say was going to tie in to Damian’s experiences.  But over the course of that two and a half hours everything he said tied in perfectly with what Damian had experienced.  Richard had been approached by SAIC. (Science Application International Corporation in San Diego in 2003 within walking distance of Damian’s apartment.)  He mentioned the exact same corporation before I or Damien had said anything about his situation… He was approached by SAIC about ten years earlier before 2003 -so we’re talking like 1996 or the late 90’s.   And he had pitched them the idea of the chameleonic invisibility technology. “

G- “They seemed interested.  They kind of vacuumed up all the information and they disappeared.  He had also been approached by the Navy. He took the Navy to his laboratory.   He shares a laboratory with Dr. Lev Berger who’s a preeminent physicist. I’ve been to Lev Berger’s laboratory in Hemet which is in the middle of nowhere. Nowheresville.  And Lev Berger has these photos on the wall of him shaking hands with Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon… SAIC had ample time to take Richard’s ideas and manifest them into reality.  Richard mentioned to us that he had already initiated a FOIA request. Because he thought that his technology had been stolen by the military.”

G- “He says all this, before we said anything about Damian’s situation…  I may not have mentioned this before but one of the things that was happening in Damian’s apartment was that he would come into his house and it would look like… the inside of the apartment was larger than the outside…  and even neighbors and friends would come over and say, ‘Is your apartment growing…?”

G- “I asked Richard can you use this chameleonic technology to make it seem as if a room is larger on the inside than on the outside?  He said, “Oh, absolutely. You could do this.”

G- “I said, ‘Could you use this for psychological warfare purposes?’  He said, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s in the original patent. I mentioned that. Yeah,  you could make someone start seeing all kinds of weird things. You could make them go crazy with this.’  

Radio WBAI’s Geoff Brady (B)-  “ So the implication is that the military is using this technology on it’s own citizens.”

G- “Exactly, they had stole it from Richard Schowengerdt and then they needed to deploy it on someone.  They needed to experiment with someone. I remember a friend asking me at this time, ‘Why wouldn’t they just experiment with this technology on the base at Camp Pendleton?  Why would they go to the trouble with some drug addict Pacific Beach?’

G- ” I said well actually it makes perfect sense. Because you would want to experiment with this stuff in real time, in a real situation with someone who doesn’t know what’s happening.  You want that to test the person, observe them, and see. When do they notice that the technology is broken down? Oh he noticed it when he looked in the mirror. He noticed it when he saw the aura like dots in the air.  And then that way you can gauge what you need to fix before you actually deploy it…”

B- “I was thinking too, that you’re invisible but your mass is there.  Even if you’re a small person… But your weight would give you away especially if you’re walking across a wooden floor, (a roof,) or something that would give under the weight of a person.  Your mass is still there.”

G- “Well that’s true.  In fact there’s a scene in the book where I mentioned how Damian was at the beach and he actually saw tracks appearing in the sand as if there were a vehicle following him.  But there was ‘no vehicle’ there.”

G- “After we spoke to Richard for you know, an hour and a half or something.  I then turned to Damian and I said, ‘Damian, tell Richard your story.’ Damian starts telling Richard the entire story.  And at first Richard seemed really very, skeptical. But then when Damian mentioned the story about moving the medical cabinet (mirror) and being able to see them (invisibility suited) in the mirror for a second.  That struck his interest.  And then what really struck his interest is -when Richard really sort of leaned forward- was when Damian mentioned that he would see them (the invisibility suited) as these aura like dots in the air sometimes.  Richard said, ‘That’s exactly what the technology looks like when it’s not working properly.’

G- “So at that moment.  When Damian said that. That’s when Richard was fully invested in Damian’s story.   And by the end of the conversation believed that he may have used as essentially a guinea pig.”

D- “Oh, that’s the title of Dr. John Hall’s recent book, is ‘Guinea Pig.’   I wanted to ask you about your thoughts on the implication of the mirror… What’s going on there within the physics of this technology?”

G- “The reason why they (invisibility suited) are visible in the mirror?  I asked Richard that. And he said, “Basically it’s because they’re cloaking the suit, but they’re not cloaking the mirror.’  The way the suit works is that it’s essentially a series of cells (nano ceramic with antenna, or meta-metal that are computerized, refracting light) and the cells replicate whatever the background is onto these little cells… It’s this skin tight suit (-exact description of outline of invisible suit in yard) that reflects whatever background is just like a chameleon.”

Guffey comments about how he and Damian discussed the suit acting like those in science fiction books.  Damian said that it was almost as if reality was mimicking fiction; and he wished authors (like Philip Dick) would create happier stories- “Because maybe they would make those (happy stories) into reality instead.”  (There is no more science fiction. There is only science fact.)

G- “Just coincidentally, the very first person that interviewed me about ‘Cameleo,’ when the book came out was Tessa Dick, author Philip Dick’s widow.  She has a radio show.”   (streaming radio- Ancient of Days.)  “I start telling her about all of this and then she said, ‘Well this reminds me exactly of all the stuff that Phil and I through in the 70’s in southern California.  All the same kind of the bombarding of hallucinations, hearing disembodied voices coming through a radio that was not even plugged into the wall…’ So this isn’t new.”

G- “Patrick Flanagan created something called the Nero phone back in the 70’s that could bypass the ear canal and put voices directly into your head.  Still Dick and his wife were probably dealing with that level technologies in the 70’s; not the invisibility technology.”

G- “I don’t think that they’re still experimenting with the invisibility technology.  I think if not experimental it’s operational. They’re just using it. And it’s not just homeless people, drug addicts: they like to focus on people who are on the fringes… People who if they will come out and say that this stuff is happening to them.  -Naturally you would think that they’re crazy.”  (70% of targeted individuals are single older women.  There are also activists and whistleblowers.  Anyone can be a targeted individual.)

G- “But they’re also using it on people who are quite prominent.  Not a lot of people know that Gloria Naylor who is a famous, very well respected novelist- who wrote, “Women of Brewster Place… (was a targeted individual.)  She wrote a book fairly recently called ‘1996.’  Her regular publishers would not publish it  -they thought she had gone off the deep end or something. But it’s a semi-autobiographical novel. ‘1996’ it’s called because for her all these events started for her in 1996.  But she describes almost the same exact experiences as what Damian went through.”

G- “For her it started because she was living on an island off the coast of I believe Maine.  And it just so happened that she lived next door to a guy who had a brother in the NSA. The guy that was living next door to Gloria Naylor thought she had poisoned his cat. So this guy puts her on the list-  contacts his brother in the NSA and has them put her on the list. And suddenly she’s being harassed. (Also V2K was used on Naylor.) It’s as random as that. If people are listening and they think ‘Oh well, this only happens to drug addicts, and only happens to people on the fringes.  I don’t have to worry about it.”

G- “You could be driving on the freeway and accidentally cut off a special agent ‘Johnson.’  And then suddenly you know, she’s pissed off at you so she puts you on the list. I mean it’s as out of control and crazy as that.  I’ve gotten- I’ve been contacted by so many people who are being harassed since the book was published. It’s incredible.”

G- “Like I had a guy.  A high-powered lawyer flew all the way from Minnesota to Long Beach, to see me in my office.  Because he had heard me interviewed on another radio show. And it was as if suddenly he had heard the only person who was describing what he was undergoing.  He actually had to leave behind a very lucrative law firm that he had started. Leave behind his house, just put his clothes into a suitcase and leave because was being harassed in Minnesota… Here’s this high powered lawyer asking me, why this is happening to him.   

G- “So I go through it with him.  Well, have you ever represented someone who maybe was connected to the military or law enforcement?  He said, well there was this case where I successfully represented this woman in a harassment, discrimination lawsuit against the Minnesota Police Department.  This African-American woman who was Muslim. And he successfully represented her… and after that, that’s when all the harassment started with him. The same kind of stuff to happen with Damian.”

G- “I told him, I think maybe we can just stop right there.  I mean that’s probably about enough… Another guy called me from  Thailand… He had been living in a small town in Florida. He’s been having an affair with the  wife of the local sheriff… Apparently that’s a bad idea. Because the harassment started when the sheriff found out that his wife was having carnal relations with this other guy.  (The sheriff) was so bad. That he (TI) left and moved all the way to Thailand. And the harassment followed him to Thailand.”

B-  “I wonder what they were doing to him.  Because if it was a small town that’s interesting.  I’m sure they were using other tactics.”

G- “The gangstalking stuff.  You don’t necessarily need the technology to do that kind of harassment. Just the act of following you around constantly.  They would stage events where they would have two people talking to each other on the bus… talking to each other about him.  Saying negative things about him. This is a common technique that they use. Apparently these techniques predate any of this technology and go all the way back to the Ku Klux Klan.  Some of these techniques were used by the Klan to push out any African-Americans who had moved into their neighborhood post civil-war.

WBAI’s Brady- “I didn’t know that.  That’s interesting. Well, another street theater tactic I read was the removing of mail and then they’ll drive by you waving your mail in the air.”

G- “With Damian all his neighbors moved out.  One by one all his neighbors moved out and even the mailman… they replaced him with a new mailman.  (Ditto.) Tessa Dick told me the same thing happened to her and Phil Dick in Orange county back in the 70’s.  One by one neighbors moved out, new neighbors moved in. And the new neighbors are never friendly. (Ditto.)  And also the landlord… when Damian was moving… the landlord looked like he couldn’t have been more relieved.  -He looked like he had been through hell and hadn’t been sleeping for the same six month period that Damian was going through all this. Because apparently; obviously you’d (powers-that-be) have to work with the landlord to get all these people moved out and all these other harassers moved in.”     

B- “Imagine what he had to see and deal with and probably under an order to be quiet.  And not say anything to Damian. And I wonder if they paid rent?”

G- “ They probably did.  You have to keep in mind that this is a black hole.  The way I describe it in the book is when my very first job teaching was a tutoring job at El Camino Community College and I went into my counselor’s office because you had to meet with a counselor once a semester for financial aid purposes.  And the counselor said that I had very good grades in English. She said, ‘We need to hire an English tutor. Would you mind? You could sit in the back room here and you just wait for people to come in and then we’ll pay you X amount every month.’

G- ” I said, that sounds great to me. So the first day I go into the room with these two other guys in there who are the math tutors. I’m sitting there just working on my homework because no one’s coming in. There’s no people to tutor. And after about an hour I turned to the two math tutors and said, ‘What are we supposed to do?’  And they just sort of laughed and went back to playing video games or whatever it is that they were doing. I soon realized- these two tutors told me. That every year the English department got a certain amount of money that they had to spend. And if they didn’t spend all of it, that they would get less money next year. So they hired the English tutor just so that they could spend that money.  And they didn’t tell anyone that there was an English tutor. So I would just sit back and collect this money while I was doing homework.”

G- “So imagine that on a grander scale. (Guffey is laughing.)  It’s this black budget and there’s all this money they’re being given to fight terrorism.”

G- “Meanwhile the San Bernardino shooters were posting on Facebook that they were announcing their allegiance to various  real genuine terrorist organizations AND NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT THAT.  The nightclub shooter had been on the terrorist watch list.  HE WAS REMOVED FROM THE TERRORIST WATCH LIST.  Meanwhile there are thousands of people following around Damian.  Who is not doing anything to hurt anyone.”  (Guffey laughing again.)

B- “It’s really interesting Robert because the other layer was the goggles.  You know the secret technology that’s deployed within the black-world whether it’s back-engineered tech or includes directed energy weapons.  Not unlike what Dr. Judy Wood is pointing out.” (Wood is a materials scientist and former assistant professor of mechanical engineering. Wood also authored the book ‘Where did the towers go?’)

B- “I suspect and I think you do too.  Those night vision goggles weren’t merely devices allowing you to see at night.   The amount of resources used to get at Damian seems to indicate that. And I was thinking maybe they allow.  To see the people who are using the invisibility technology.   Did you explore that with Richard?”

G- “Yes.  In fact that’s exactly what Richard thought.  Because obviously they’re not normal night-vision goggles…  They weren’t just a normal night vision goggle that you could order through Amazon…”  Stop radio show at 46.20. Will continue next post.

on way to library at corner of Sunshine and Campbell firetruck pulls up at red light siren blowing 5-31-2018  on way to library ambulance waiting in parking lot flashing lights 5-31-2018  on way to library pulls out of Bass Pro Shops near corner of Sunshine and Campbell 5-29-2018

Yesterday’s friends on way to library.

Targeting was so harsh last night all night.  DEW’s aimed on stomach and genitals.   Urethra injured, and stomach cramping today.  Lime juice helps sooth membranes in both areas targeted.  If innards are baked and shaken all night seems that the heat and vibration alone regardless the radiation, are causing some of the physical symptoms.

All night interrogated.  Different levels of subconscious addressed when finally too exhausted and entrained.  A witness in own brain.   Up in the morning sing a lot.  Any music on CD or singing helps to raise level of energy.


Most targeted individuals are too exhausted and working too hard to survive and pay the bills to spend time making stories up.  Rational, and highly intelligent people would rather believe that targeted individuals are insane, instead of understanding that the insane stories they relate about what is happening to them in their own homes is reality.  That the secrets ‘we the people’ have allowed that encompass all covert actions and that use up all our good tax monies; are wrapped up in the experimentation and retribution of non-consensual U.S. citizens to create the perfect weapon and perfect society.

How absolutely interesting that most people would rather believe TI’s mentally ill, than the wealthy, government, military, alt-right religious and medical leaders unconstitutionally controlling all aspects of the United States today- to the very thoughts in our heads and the function of our physical bodies.

I like to ponder on how these flesh and blood humans– and there are many.  Will face the One God at the end of their natural deaths?  Everyone has too.

Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice.  And bringing the Network down to conquer them.  Thank you God for blessing  my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  We love you God.  We thank you God.  It is so.  Amen