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Targeted Individuals experience the same side effects and illnesses that people do who live near microwave towers or electric transmission lines.  A landmark experiment studying EMF effects on humans by Elaine Fox from the Psychology Dept. at Essex University set a standard in Europe.  Today Elaine Fox works in Experimental Psychology at Oxford still doing research for the telecommunications industry.   Continuing with 2012 film by James Russell, “Resonance- Beings of Frequency”:

Russel interviewed Graham Lamburn from Powerwatch about the ‘landmark’ research Fox did.   Lamburn- “They needed about 132 people in their study… What they got was 44.  So from the very outset they only had a third of the data they expected. What they ended up finding was… the people who claimed that they were sensitive, showed that they were sensitive with a significance of about 90%.” A scientific paper must prove their objective at 95%.  So Elaine Fox’s work, “… was not a statistical finding at all.”  And says Lumburn, “It was written off that people aren’t electrically sensitive at all.”  Russel went on to note that the many of the voluntary subjects suffered side effects from exposure to EMFs in Fox’s study.

One man began to bleed from his rectum after his participation as a subject, and seven years later tested positive for colon cancer.

Russell asks, “How could such a botched experiment be held up as such a definitive piece of research? Could it be anything to do with those that provided the funding? The Essex experiment, was one of the many experiments funded by Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research (MTHR.) A company set up and funded by the mobile industry itself.”

David Coggan the Chief Scientist at MTHR says that the company is “Funded by the UK government and the mobile telecommunications industry. And it funds research into possible adverse health effects related to mobile phone technology… And because of restraints of doing research with human subjects you’re not going to have perfect research studies. ”

Michael Connarty MP Council of Europe told Russell: “I’ve done a lot of work with the telecommunications industry… I think they would like to be objective… but they are driven particularly… by market share, by profit.”

Dr. Roger Coghill Bioelectromagnetic Researcher spoke of ethics with Russell- “The whole issue of who funds electromagnetic research is a thorny issue. I know many scientists like myself, who when they get a new study to read, the first thing they turn to is the back of the page where it says who funded it… Scientists aren’t pop stars, they don’t earn a lot of money. Who can blame them for recognizing that if they find the wrong results they’re not going to get another job. From that source at any rate.” Regarding whether EMF’s affect humans adversely Dr. Coghill asserted that when companies study their own products they usually find a ‘negative’ effect for any adverse reaction. “There are some really solid statistics showing that there is an issue over electromagnetic field effects. The studies funded by the utilities or by the power industry or the radio industry or by the mobile phone industry tend to be significantly negative. Where as the studies funded independently by universities tend not to be so.”

Professor Denis Henshaw from Bristol University says, “There are psychological pressures… There are clearly psychological pressures to conform. And to please the organization providing your funding. You feel obliged.”

Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe an emergency room doctor talks about EMF illness, “Is this a real condition? Yes it absolutely it is. At present the World Health Organization (WHO) statements is that it is real and symptoms can be severe and disabling. On a cellular level 100% of people are reacting…” That means, says Mallery-Blythe that “The consequences of not taking EMF illness seriously is potentially huge.”

Russel, “Although the WHO acknowledges Electrosensitivity, the only country helping it’s sufferers is Sweden. Where 2.5% of the population are currently being treated.”

In the 1980’s microwave towers were raised to support a new industry. Now says Russell: “Since then the mobile phone companies have erected over 5 million masts (towers) around the world. Amazingly… they didn’t conduct a single piece of research to ensure there wouldn’t be any long term health effects from exposure. The grid was built without first making sure it was safe.”

Russel interviews a man holding a device that emits sounds of microwaves. The noise is deafening- “One thing you notice,” he says, “… is it doesn’t stop. 24/7 this is what is coming out of the mast.  (Microwave tower.)  If you can see the mast you are exposed to it… If you are within 200-300 meters you are exposed to it 24/7. ”

Reacting to the noise made by microwaves Russel said, “When you can hear it, it changes everything. Imagine if you could see it. With the constant smog of man-made frequency surrounding our daily lives… is it any wonder that people’s bodies are starting to react? ”

Russel interviewed Eileen O’ Connor who when in her thirties, lived near Wishaw mast- microwave tower. She said there was no history of breast cancer in her family. She lived a really healthy lifestyle. “I’d been living next to a phone mast, it was seven years… it was a hundred meters from the house.” O’Connor had been experiencing symptoms of EMF illness, but did not know about sensitivity to EMFs at the time. “I’d been having vertigo, sleep problems, headaches and sharp pains to my head. I’d often visit the doctor to be told it was either stress or a virus. Then just out of the blue I was diagnosed with breast cancer. And it was the biggest shock of my life.” O’Connor started her treatment and began to bump into neighbors at the hospital. They all lived in a small village. Most of her neighbor women were from 30-50 years of age. “That was five of us all diagnosed at once within six months of each other with breast cancer.”

Russel- “There were only eighteen houses in the village surrounding the phone mast. So Eileen decided to conduct a survey. To see if anyone else had suddenly started to suffer ill health. ”

O’Connor- “What came back really frightened us. We had people reporting same symptoms I had been suffering for years… But there was other young women in the village who were having fertility problems, precancerous cervical cells, or there were young ladies who had… benign (breast) lumps. And there were other conditions of cancer as well in the area. One of our neighbors who was only 51 had developed motor neuron disease; he unfortunately died. So we unearthed a horrendous can of worms. We did a count of 77 people in the houses.”

Russel- “And of the 77 people how many people were there suffering biological effects?”

O’Connor- “Last estimate was around 70% who’d had biological effects… sleep problems, rashes, benign lumps, or cancer. Yes, it had a big impact on people in the village. I think this is a global massive problem. We found since then that we were not the only cancer cluster around a phone mast. There are many cancer clusters around phone masts.”

Russel- “With so many phones and masts and a mobile phone industry worth $trillions, you would hope by now a strict governing body would have been installed. An iron fisted regulator. That insures the telecom industry errs on the side of caution. Someone to set strict levels to protect the public. Someone to ensure that what we are being exposed to is absolutely safe. Unfortunately we don’t have any of that.”

(Targeted individuals suffer the same illnesses that people living under microwave towers experience and endure- however the EMF attacks follow us everywhere we go.  There are no safety standards set for the experimentation we endure as involuntary human subjects.  Network ‘gangstalkers’ use hand-held devices to deliver microwaves and EMF frequencies.  They are notified when we leave our homes, our states, our nations when we are anywhere near their devices.   Our own personal human EMP alerts their devices.  If our EMP’s are locked into a ‘gangstalkers’ hardware they get paid.)

Russel spoke with three experts in the field of EMF’s who agreed that Europes International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection or ICNIRP was set up to study non-ionizing radiation. ICNIRP always sided on it’s members being from industry. Guidance standards set by ICNIRP adopted by most countries in Europe, are guidelines based on evidence from appliances like microwave ovens. Microwaves heat things. Tissues included. The rules of the ICNIRP have nothing to do with health. All the rules governing microwaves are set for heating effects, and acute effects- none have been set for long term health effects. There is no regard for safeguarding the general public.

Russel- “Almost every country sets their public exposure limits to wireless technology based on ICNIRP’s guidelines. ICNIRP’s guidelines have nothing to do with long-term health effects from exposure to wireless technology. The average age of a child when they receive their first phone is just eight years old.” Russell noted that 4 billion people in 2012 owned a mobile phone.  Today on earth, 6.8 billion people own cell phones.

Russel, “ The way a mobile (cell) phone works is by sending and receiving microwaves frequencies to and from the base station. So having a phone pressed to your head inevitably means your being exposed to those waves. Does the brain react to these waves? A recent American study shows it absolutely does.“  -At 50 minutes of the 2012 “Resonance- Beings of Frequency” by James Russell with John K. Webster. Thank you.

In January 2000, Lockheed Martin Neuroengineer; Dr John D. Norseen, a former Navy pilot, was quoted (US News and World Report, 2000) regarding his research on the electrohypnomentalaphone, a mind reading machine.  Norseen says he is ‘agnostic’ on the moral ramifications, that he’s not a mad scientist – just a dedicated one. “The ethics don’t concern me,” he says, “but they should concern someone else.”’


A TI’s Diary entry- All last night 7-24-2018 no sleep. Involuntary hand twitching, arm flopping, and involuntarily movement of skull to shoulder. New EMF energy weapon directed on top 3″ of skull making it numb.  Remote EMF rape.  Interrogated by voice to skull and BCI.

Took a while to force limbs to move at 2am to go to bathroom. Fell completely backwards into bed after achieving standing position. Intense dizziness only at top skull. -Twice in life felt blood rush from head when rising from prone position too fast… this was not that.  This lack of coordination and unusual isolated head numbness/dizziness was something never experienced before.

Oval area of energy at top of skull locked-in and targeted by new DEW. Incapacitated. Motor function to stand and walk; not available under this new EMF attack on head.  Fell back three times into bed.  Not released from whatever energy locked onto?  Never experienced anything like this.  

Resolute about crawling to bathroom just to prove could will self to move above and beyond cerebral hacking. 

Then crawled all the way back to room where bed was. -Still unable to stand. Put metal 3′ by 3′ sheets over covers, and slept an hour till alarm clock woke dogs. The effects of locked-BCI was gone.  Could stand by holding onto walls and door frames, walking as if drunk to kitchen to make coffee this morning. Hands shaking all day as if with palsy.  Top of head pain.  Not headache but sharp pain.

This covert EMF experimentation is slow and murderous.  Effects bizarrely similar to when right hand’s fingers curled over back of hand touching wrist when in a Fed Ex office 2016.  Manipulated by only other customer in store at computer. 

A new brand of EMF weapon, and new style of targeting on specifically two areas of body began July 2018.

A vacant home used by criminals for two years was finally rented July 2018.  –End of diary entry.

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Psychiatrist Dr. Collin Ross- From ‘BiggerThanSnowden.com’:
​”Collin Ross is a practicing psychiatrist that focusses much of his research on the very real – yet suppressed – abuses carried out by psychiatrists, and the CIA, on American civilians. In his 2009 book, The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists, Ross launches an unparalleled investigation into the MK-ULTRA family of mind and behavioral control programs. While just a fraction of the documents have been released, and evidence of a “limited hangout” & dual file system is exposed, Dr. Ross finds and presents ample information on numerous heinous torture programs – including the remote manipulation of humans with electromagnetic radiation. The more traditional torture, conditioning, and manipulation tactics (also exposed in his analysis of the declassified FOIA documents) are shocking as well. These tactics laid the groundwork for the torture methods that are now being applied remotely on a growing number of innocent Americans through the Monarch Program a.k.a. the Targeted Individual program.”

Investigative Journalist Lawyer Cheryl Welsh, J.D. -At BiggerThanSnowden.com
“Cheryl Welsh is a respected journalist in the field of research related to the Deep State’s illegal use of electromagnetic weapons on American citizens. She became aware of these “experiments” – that have now transformed into treasonous crimes – in 1987 when she was targeted & assaulted with electromagnetic weapons for purposes of sadistic torture, subjugation, and behavioral control. Welsh took a stand in 1996, by launching her human rights website, Mind Justice. Since then, she has made numerous appearances on large television networks, and has delivered many excellent interviews. Her writing is prolific and highly praised, as well. Welsh’s articles serve as a great resource for the growing number of victims being deceived; attacked; exploited; and enslaved by electromagnetic weapon assaults.”

CIA & MI5 Operative Carl Clark- From ‘BiggerThanSnowden.com’.
“Carl Clark worked as an operative for numerous intelligence services, including the C.I.A. and the MI5, from 1980 until 2003. Upon retirement, he began exposing the massively illegal operations he was involved with. Clark openly speaks about his clandestine duties of performing organized stalking on victims, and the deployment of Microwave [electromagnetic] Weapons to anonymously inflict pain and terror. In a 2010 interview he reveals that: “People can be tracked anywhere by radar, satellite, a base station and complimentary computer programs. For example, three radar devices would sometimes be positioned in the vicinity of the target. The radar emits electromagnetic waves, some of which pick up the target and the result is then evaluated…. This form of localizing the target made it easy to deploy the weapons accurately. My colleagues could see exactly where to aim and also observe how the target reacted.” Carl grew repulsed by the operations, and he described the individuals targeted in the 2000s as “not political, quite normal, nice people, not criminal or economically dangerous.”

Naval Acad. Graduate, Former Officer David VoigtsBiggerThanSnowden.com.
“While at the Naval Academy, David Voigts, gained a solid education and grounding in ethics. So when he was in the service, he was disturbed to find out about classified government programs that were illegally using Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) on US citizens for various purposes, including, subjugation, entrainment, experimentation, and retaliation. As a result of his investigations, Mr. Voigts, became a target of these weapon systems.   Voigts wrote, “Targeted Individuals’ are non-consensual human subjects who are used in illegal experiments and tests for human-machine interfaces, or harassed for the purposes of subjugation. This process is also used to prey upon the targets with directed energy weapons, electronic control and harassment, gangstalking and manipulative methods such as gaslighting. The most distressing aspect is that government agencies are using these methods for retaliatory, revengeful and silencing campaigns that involve torture, rape, abetment to suicide and public violence. This is not merely an American but a global concern, with thousands in the US and tens of thousands around the world reporting of being targeted. These acts are now well documented and corroborated.”

National Security Agency veteran 28 years of service, Karen Stewart-  At BiggerThanSnowden.com.  
In 2006, Karen Stewart voiced complaints to her superiors at the NSA about credit for her work being stolen, through the proper channels. The agency responded with a harassment campaign that involved organized stalking and intimidation. Eventually she filed a lawsuit against the Agency, and instead of addressing her valid complaints, they retaliated by starting an illegal campaign of torture with Directed Energy Weaponry a.k.a Electromagnetic Weapons.

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We have failed to comprehend that the result of the technology that originated in the years of the arms race between the Soviet Union and the West, has resulted in using satellite technology not only for surveillance and communication systems but also to lock on to human beings, manipulating brain frequencies by directing laser beams, neural-particle beams, electro-magnetic radiation, sonar waves, radio frequency radiation (RFR), soliton waves, torsion fields and by use of these or other energy fields which form the areas of study for astro-physics.   Since the operations are characterized by secrecy, it seems inevitable that the methods that we do know about, that is, the exploitation of the ionosphere, our natural shield, are already outdated as we begin to grasp the implications of their use.[Excerpt] From the Centre for Research on Globalization- GlobalResearch’s Carole Smith, October 18, 2007 wrote ‘On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology.’

More from GlobalResearch: Smith goes on to write about human targeting with directed energy weapons and BCI… ‘It is necessary to emphasize that at present there is not even the means for victims to gain medical attention for the effects of radiation from this targeting. Denied the respect of credulity of being used as human guinea pigs, driven to suicide by the breakdown of their lives, they are treated as insane – at best regarded as ‘sad cases’. Since the presence of a permanent ‘other’ in one’s mind and body is by definition an act of the most intolerable cruelty, people who are forced to bear it but who refuse to be broken by it, have no other option than to turn themselves into activists, their lives consumed by the battle against such atrocities, their energies directed to alerting and informing the public of things they don’t want to hear or understand about evil forces at work in their society.’ (Amen sister.)

She also documents that, ‘ In January 1998, an annual public meeting of the French National Bioethics Committee was held in Paris. Its chairman, Jean-Pierre Changeux, a neuroscientist at the Institute Pasteur in Paris, told the meeting that “advances in cerebral imaging make the scope for invasion of privacy immense. Although the equipment needed is still highly specialized, it will become commonplace and capable of being used at a distance. That will open the way for abuses such as invasion of personal liberty, control of behavior and brainwashing. These are far from being science-fiction concerns…and constitute “a serious risk to society.” (“Nature.” Vol 391, 1998.’)

From the international magazine Nexus in 2006 the following was reported: In Feb. 1994 the Wall Street Journal noted that military researchers created an electronic microchip using living brain cells, creating biological computers.

Storm Conspiracy charges can be drawn up on someone who agrees voluntarily to do something with another person, (Network Collective) in partnership for criminal purposes.  Each member is an agent of these criminal actions, even when actions are carried out by another partner. Cornell University law school defines ‘conspiracy,’ as “Two or more persons acting illegally… in conspiracy called ‘target offense...  Conspirators can be punished for illegal acts carried out by other members even though they are not directly involved. Conspiracy is applied to civil and federal offense.” Cambridge University legal dictionary defines ‘conspiracy’ as- “A secret plan made by two or more to do something bad, illegal or against someone’s wishes.” Conspiracy is also when “Parties use legal means to accomplish illegal results or illegal means to achieve something lawful.”  

Directed energy weapons (DEW’s) are classified by the U.N. as ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and on in international law as ‘illegal weapons’.  In the U.S. three states, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Maine classify DEW’s as illegal on the grounds they are ‘weapons of mass destruction.’

Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice. And bringing the Network down to conquer them. Thank you God for blessing my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. We love you God. We thank you God. It is so. Amen

at south wall of kitchen no electricity running reading 4 set on Magnetic 0-3 range Where I sit near south wall in kitchen is danger level 4 on Magnetic 0-3 range.  No electricity running.

at kitchen sink today 7-24-18 reading 6 on Magnetic 0-3 range  At kitchen sink danger 6 on Magnetic 0-3 range no electricity running.

at front door no electricity running using flash camera reading 3 on Magnetic 0-3 range  EMF reader on knob of front door reading 3 on Mangetic 0-3 range no electricity running.

ten feet from front door in hall way no electricity running reading 6 on Magnetic 0-3 range  Danger 6 on Magnetic 0-3 range, ten feet from front door in hall.  Notice the jump of three danger levels ten feet inside home.  No electricity running.

on floor in guest room reading 6.5 set on Magnetic 0-3 range On floor rug in guest room danger 6.5 on Magnetic 0-3 range, no electricity running.

at north wall of bedroom by Iranian doll reading 6 on Mangetic 0-3 range Next to Iranian doll at north wall in a bedroom.  Level 6 in danger on Magnetic 0-3 range, no electricity running.

Today delivered a book to a friend and had to travel Sunshine and Glenstone in Springfield, MO.   Turning on to Glenstone a Sparta Police car began tailgating.  From rear-view mirror just looked like a civilian SUV with cargo carrier bars on top.  Was in ‘slow lane’ going 40 miles per hour as the speed limit directed.  Finally pulled to the side and took a picture as he kept going.

Sparta police car tailgated since Sunshine on Glenstone in slow lane till I was able to pull over 7-24-18

A good book based on life events of Dan Millman is 1980, “Way of the Peaceful Warrior.”  Where one learns peace by battling oneself.  A story within the book reminds me of what it is like being targeted with directed energy weapons 24/7 since June of 2016…

Millman documents a story that his teacher ‘Socrates’ said his Grandmother told him – “There was once a beloved king whose castle was on a high hill, overlooking his shire.  He was so popular that the nearby townspeople sent him gifts daily, and his birthday celebration was enjoyed throughout the kingdom.  The people loved him  for his renowned wisdom and fair judgments.

One day, tragedy struck the town.  The water supply was polluted, and every man, woman, and child went insane.  Only the king, who had a private spring, was spared.

Soon after the tragedy, the mad townspeople bean speaking of how the king was acting “strangely” and how his judgments were poor and his wisdom a sham.  Many even went so far as to say that he king had gone crazy.  His popularity soon vanished.  No longer did the people bring him gifts or celebrate his birthday.

The lonely king, high on the hill, had no company at all.  One day he decided to leave the hill and pay a visit to the town.  It was a warm day, and so he drank from the village fountain.  

That night there was a great celebration.  The people rejoiced, for their beloved king had “regained his sanity.” 

Unfortunately it isn’t as easy for a targeted individual to speak openly about what is happening to them and be believed, as it is for the king to be accepted once again by drinking poisoned water.   It is the true stories a targeted individual relates that are ‘insane’ and not the targeted individual telling the stories.

No one wants to believe that their ‘fellow man’ is paid with U.S. tax dollars to experiment on innocent U.S. citizens for their bravery, talents, hard work, intelligence and honesty.   The human mind cannot conceive the evil covert programs rogue government, and military/medical agencies created that are contracted by the wealthy, their corporations and security when dealing with whistleblowers and workers standing up for their rights.

good-friend-6-16-18 friend-always-around friend1 7-23-18 some enjoy their work

Once again, taking up the 90 minute 2013 film; Resonance- Beings of Frequency by Film Maker, James Russell.  At 25th minute resuming…  On vimeo at  https://vimeo.com/54189727.   (In a book written by ex-CIA official, it was reported magnetic frequencies were used to facilitate mind control.  Magnetic frequencies have been recorded in danger zones in my home since June 2016.)

In his film James Russell teaches the viewer, “All life has magnetic sense.”  Saying, “Chryptochromes are a class of flavoproteins…  And are involved in the circadian rhythms of plants and animals, and possibly also in the sensing of magnetic fields in a number of species.”   

Russel interviewed Professor of Chemistry at Oxford University, Peter Hore who spoke of chryptochromes-  “Discovered in 1990’s in plants where their function is to absorb blue light which is to regulate growth.  They have since been found in insects, animals, mammals, humans are mammals… and birds.”  Hore- “Birds literally see the magnetic field perhaps as a light or dark spot superimposed on their field of vision… Goodness knows what it would be. Which allows them to orient while they are flying.”

Professor of physics and astronomy at University of California- Thorsten Ritz, found the Robin’s navigational sense came directly from the chryptochrome cells located behind the eye.

Russel interviewed Professor Denis Henshaw from Bristol University.  Henshaw said: “The chryptochrome molecule… was actually responsible for giving the magnetic compass information in birds.”  Henshaw speaking of Ritz- “The way he tested that was to expose birds to radio frequency fields to see if it actually disturbed their magnetic compass…  the radio frequency field did indeed disrupt the migration of robins, but it did so at very, very low intensities of fields.  Very low level radiofrequency fields interfered with the robins compass…”

Russel voices that the level of manmade frequency affects the magnetic compass of birds at a level far lower than the ‘safety’ levels of frequency allowed humans.  Safety levels made by the International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection.  Many other experiments done with insects and birds, also show that their magnetic compass was disturbed by radio frequencies well below the public exposure limits made by ICNRP.

Alasdair Philips an Electronics and Bio-effects Engineer- agrees telling Russel  that insects and birds have safety levels for EMF frequency much lower than that set for humans.

Russel notes that, “Over the last 25 years a number of species which, rely on the earth’s magnetic fields to navigate, have mysteriously gone into decline.  109 species of Arctic migratory birds have declined dramatically in numbers…  62% of Asia’s migratory water birds declining or extinct.   45% of all Europe’s common birds have declined in numbers. 36 species of Australian shore birds have decreased in numbers by 75%…”  (When the giant electromagnetic HAARP ionospheric research instrument in Alaska is turned on- it uses a high-power radio frequency operating in the high frequency (HF) band.   And usually exits along the Earth’s EMP near Sydney, Australia.  -Their politicians have asked the U.S. government that HAARP not be used as it causes unprecedented flooding and other unnatural Earth-responses.)  “190 different species of bird face imminent extinction.”

Russel reported that, “… 50% decline in all European grassland butterflies.   Bee numbers have dropped by up to 70%.   4 species of American Bee decreased in numbers by up to 98%.”  

How much has our electromagnetic environment changed in the last 25 years?  One expert tells Russel- “In the last 25 years it has changed beyond recognition… millions and millions of times in terms of electromagnetic energy… It completely swamps the Schumann waves that we have evolved with.”

“Measuring Schumann resonance in or around a city has become absolutely impossible.   Electromagnetic pollution from cell phones has forced us to make our measurements at sea.” -Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig Physicist.

In an interview with Dr. Roger Coghill a Bioelectromagnetic researcher, he told Russel,  “The former Radiological Protection Board in one of their documents said…‘The radiation environment… had increased many millions of times from what it was 50 years ago. Many millions of times. “

40 years ago, Russel reports- Lawrence McGinty documented Robin Baker’s research with children and their sense of direction.  When blindfolded and ear muffed, children age ten or older when turned in circles while sitting in a chair could accurately report the correct direction they were facing when the chair was stopped.  (North, south, east or west.)  But when a magnet was placed on top of their heads, it disrupted this ability.

The film maker questions that if humans were as magnetically sensitive as bees, butterflies and birds to magnetic frequencies we may also be as vulnerable to them as well.  Russel notes that electrosensitivity is when people’s bodies start reacting to electromagnetic fields.

One man interviewed regarding this subject was Brian Stein.  Russel and Stein spoke of his electrosensitivity, agreeing that wireless communications are the number one; most injurious of EMF’s.   Cell and cordless phones, and towers being second.   These frequencies, said Stein effect the head first.  Stein noted if he doesn’t leave his home everyday, he gets pains in his stomach from EMF’s.

Stein told Russel that he had to make radical changes to his home, turning two rooms into a Faraday Cage.  Stein showed Russel a device that recorded EMF’s while it made noise.  The louder and higher the sound, the higher a magnetic frequency was recorded.  When metalized-glass windows were shut by Stein the device’s sound ceased.  Stein pointed across a field to a microwave tower that had been put up a half mile from his home which was the cause of his EMF-sensitivity.

(Think of what targeted individuals must contend with, when DEW’s are isolated and locked onto their EMP’s to harm, no matter where they go.)

Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe an emergency room doctor told Russel during an interview that EMF sensitivities include; “… headache, visual disturbance, and vertigo,” among other symptoms.  “Different… unusual sensations in their body.  It can affect endocrine function, thyroid function… the list is really endless. The symptoms are so diverse.”  

Mallery Blythe says that most physicians are not trained to recognize this EMF-sensitivity and resulting illness. “Our understanding of it is entirely embryonic at this stage.  We are in the very first steps.“  Mallery-Blythe  explains that when an organism detects and reacts to an electromagnetic field, “… you could say that, that’s a response to life itself…  Since all of life is an electric field.  If we are looking to an organism for the presence of life, we are really looking for the presence of electricity… When we see a presence of that, that’s a sign that there is life.  So in a way… you could say that all of life is electromagnetically sensitive.”   Stop viewing 90 minute 2013 film; Resonance- Beings of Frequency by Film Maker, James Russell at 34 minutes.  Thank you James Russel.

dark and stormy night

Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice. And bringing the Network down to conquer them. Thank you God for blessing my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. We love you God. We thank you God. It is so. Amen

Magnetic at 6.5   kitchen sink no electricity running no microwave oven in home ELF .01

Today’s EMF readings in home.  The Earth’s frequency or pulse as scientist’s call it is 7.83 Hertz.  The natural frequency of the human body, a blade of grass, a grasshopper, a Robin, a fish (all of life on the surface of Earth) is 7.83 Hertz.  When a City Utilities employee of Springfield, MO used an EMF reader in my home in 2017, his meter recorded frequencies at 5-6 milligaus set on 60 Hertz and as low as 1.95 milligaus at 60 Hertz.  While my EMF reader set on Magnetic always off numerical chart near end of red line.  See below:

chads-meter-by-madonna-in-kitchen  my-reader

The levels in home are way above legal safety levels set by the EPA and are extremely high in regards to the natural pulse of the Earth and the natural EMF frequency of humans: 7.83 Hertz.

To have such high readings in house since June 2016 is clear evidence that targeting with EMF’s is happening.  Yet Springfield, MO Police and Fire department have done nothing but harass, intimidate, and label me as a ‘person of interest’ for respectfully and calmly contacting them to document crimes to property, person and pets in police reports.  

Why was I labeled a ‘person of interest?’  As law abiding citizens do, reached out to Fire Department Captain Pennington in Springfield, MO immediately called police when told him calmly over phone needed a free home safety inspection with EMF reader or Geiger counter due to an electric current running through home.  Pennington arrived at my home in his vehicle.  He asked my symptoms.  Told him felt like an electric current running through me.  He called the police and jumped in his car and left without saying a word.   Below see Shipley’s report where her documentation is not factual.  I asked Shipley why Pennington jumped in his car and left suddenly without conducting free safety inspection?

When two police arrived outside my home also spoke calmly with them in garden area.  Even though officer Bernet had his hand on stun gun entire time.  When they asked for symptoms explained how once I hugged a friend who minutes before had undergone radioactive-chemotherapy and felt her sizzling Saying that the effects of electromagnetic radiation in home for weeks now felt similar.

Note the ‘pet’ mentioned died of EMF weapon attacks 2 months later.  Told Shipley had contacted the EPA for help first, which Shipley calls a ‘club;‘ but the EPA agent said they could only investigate if a whole block of homes had same EMF anomaly.

Also mentioned to Shipley that her partner officer Bernet laughed when I told him my symptoms.  Also asked Shipley to stop yelling at me, as she was acting like I was deaf or impaired in some way, at which time she began to talk with me normally.  How could Shipley, Bernet and Captain Pennington believe asking for a free home safety inspection and reporting dangerous EMF frequencies of unknown origin … was cause to label me a “person of interest?”  For twenty years lived in same home as very productive member of community without any theft occurring or dangerous EMF frequencies.

Classified as 'person of interest' asking for Home Safety inspection w Geiger countere and EMF reader, then Capt Pennington illegally diagnosedOfficer Shipley might want to become a journalist because her 'reporting' is filled with lies and misunderstanding

Nothing like this has occurred before in the home that is paid for and in which I have lived, and worked forty hours a week- gardened and painted pictures for 22 years.  I have never been- arrested or on the wrong side of the law.  Do not drink alcohol, or do drugs.  Was a gymnast, and gymnastics coach, have always run 3 miles a day or worked out an hour a day.  Wanted to be a cop myself until the age of 50, applied and went through the physical tests passing them.  Then realized could not carry a gun, called trainer and told him I could not be a cop.   This year am 61 years old.  Since June 2016 my home has been broken into 2-3 times, all garden statues stolen, my car was tampered with and my dog murdered by EMF weapons.

Does “Protect and Serve” only apply to U.S. citizens who are not targeted individuals?


Below are photos of how much hacking I endure each and every time I attempt to work on a post.  It takes me hours just to print one post.  For the past week hackers at the Library Center in Springfield, MO have delighted in playing with the photos so important as evidence, making them disappear, so I cannot see them for half hour on end.

Gangstalkers are cowards that have no lives and destroy the good lives of brave, intelligent, hard working, fine people by attacking them with directed energy weapons.  We are called Targeted Individuals.

Below first photo hackers empty photo gallery on WordPress.com blog targetedartist.wordpress.com.  Second photo on public computer at Library Center in Springfield, MO during hack on ‘view’ of already printed post no photos as noted on ‘edit.’   Same with last photo- empty gallery on WordPress.com.

no photos notice time, doesn't help to move to other computers they get hacked at the Library Center in Springfield Missouri as well  no photos will show up when push on 'view' to see if there are any photos between paragraphs when working in 'edit'   no photos notice time, doesn't help to move to other computers they get hacked at the Library Center in Springfield Missouri as well

Photos below of first time at public computer was attacked with EMF weapons.  First two photos Magnetic radiation at level 4.5 of 0-3 scale with computer on.  Librarian witnessed in person.  Next two photos taken, after moving to computer ten feet away, computer turned on and needle at ‘0.’  -Even put EMF reader closer to computer.  The difference in readings?  At one computer was targeted with EMF weapons and at the next computer, under librarians gaze was not.  EMF weapons are cell phones or computers that have a program whereby EMF’s can be sent to a target once their EMP frequency is locked on.

img_2645 img_2644      img_2651 img_26541

Today’s readings at kitchen sink at home where no electricity running:

today's Magnetic 0-3 range at 6.5 or 7 at kitchen sink where no electricity running 6.5 Magnetic on 0-3 range  microwave ELF at .01.5 at kitchen sink no electricity running ELF Micro .01.5

Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice. And bringing the Network down to conquer them. Thank you God for blessing my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. We love you God. We thank you God. It is so. Amen

sorely missed Never to be forgotten.

Every targeted individual may want to know the information in James Russel’s 2013 film; ‘Resonance- Beings of Frequency.’  On vimeo at  https://vimeo.com/54189727.  Below are excerpts and information transcribed from 21 of the 90 minutes of film: 

Russel documents in the beginning that Professor Winifred Otto Schumann of  University of Munich- defined the physics of electricity  noting that a sphere within a sphere can create electrical tension and subsequently a frequency.  In 1954 Schumann found the earth’s sphere and the ionosphere created tension produced a frequency of approximately 7.83 hertz.   Russel noted- “Our planet has a pulse, a measurable frequency that surrounds life on earth.”  Earth tension is discharged by lightning in the earth’s ionosphere cavity.    This 7.83 Hertz has become the defining frequency of life on earth which scientists and physicists now call the ‘Schumann-Resonance.’

Scientist Hans Berger created an EEG machine and was the first to measure electrical frequency transmitted by human brain waves.  Berger called the brain waves, alpha waves. The frequency of the alpha waves recorded by Hans Berger were identical to Schumann-Resonanz of 7.83 hertz- the frequency of the earth.

Russell asserts that the earth’s frequency is also the frequency of our brains (7.38 Hertz) controlling our creativity, performance, stress, anxiety,  and immune system. The pulse of the earth is the pulse of all life on earth.   Explaining the stuff we are made of Russel said, that frequency of a wave is measured in Hertz, “… referring to the number of oscillations a wave makes each second.  Frequencies range to a billionth of the size of an atom to the length of the universe itself. Frequencies are endless.”

In early 1960’s Max Planck Institute scientist R. Wever, created an underground bunker to track circadian rhythms – the day, night cycle of man.  He devoted 30 years studying effects of underground living. Wever discovered that “Electromagnetic fields of extremely low frequency have been shown at a high statistical level to influence human circadian rhythms.  This means that circadian rhythms can be used as very sensitive indicators to test the influence of ELF electromagnetic fields on human beings in general.”  He found that the volunteering student’s mental and physical health suffered when not interacting with the natural frequencies of the earth.

Russel recorded Bio Magnetic Researcher Ingrid Dickenson’s explaination, “Underground you don’t have Schumann-Resonanz, you only have the magnetic field from in the earth…  The interesting thing was, that when Wever introduced the Schumann… 7.83 frequency with a magnetic pulse generator…” the students immediately felt well again.

James Russell’s film voice over- “Schumann would secretly introduce the 7.83 Hertz frequency into the bunker with a man-made transmitter.  Each time he did so he noted the ill effects suffered by the volunteers either disappeared or decreased. Their stress headaches or emotional stress was reduced and their sense of well-being was restored.  All by the introduction of Schumann Resonance.  Wever’s research had revealed an incredible connection between human health and the natural frequency of the planet.”

Russell-  “And in 2011 groundbreaking research suggested something even more impressive.  That the Schumann Resonance to the beginnings of life itself.” The groundbreaking research Russel noted was done by Montagnier:

Luc Montagnier won the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV.)  Long-time researcher at Pasteur Institute in Paris. Currently working as professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China: Montagnier has done incredible research on electromagnetic signals from bacterial DNA.  Montagnier spoke at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany June 2010 and stunned colleagues by advocating the use of homeopathy to detect viral infection.

Russell says of work Luc Montagnier did in 2011:  “The professor was conducting water-memory experiments.   Examining how water could retain a memory of substances that had previously been dissolved in it.  When he stumbled upon something that would challenge the very principles of science. All life comes from life.  This is a fundamental principle of science. One which has never been violated in any experiment. Life can only exist where life has existed before.  And the mechanism for this has always been understood to be a material one. Such as egg and sperm. Or spore and cell division. But Luc Montagnier experiments have offered a very different hypothesis.”

Russell said, “The professor showed that DNA sequences -the very building blocks of life: communicate with each other.  In water. By emitting low frequency electromagnetic waves. Even when the DNA was kept in separate test tubes the professor still recorded electromagnetic wave communication between them.  How sophisticated could this communication be? Well, Luc Montagnier showed they were able to organize nucleotides…  The ingredients which actually make up DNA into brand new DNA.”

Scientists combined these ingredients countless of times before, but no experiment have they ever been able to recreate the spark of life and transform nucleotides into actual DNA.  Not without DNA already being present… But in Luc Montagnier’s experiments the DNA had already been completely filtered from the water, yet new DNA was still found.  Just how was this possible… create life where no life was present?” -Asked the film maker.

Russell documented, “There was the presence of a frequency.  (7.83 Hertz) A frequency which when removed would cause the experiments to fail.  But when present would insure that they succeed. That frequency was 7.83 Hertz. The Schumann Resonance.  A delicate relationship had been struck between life and the frequency of the planet. An interaction between living organisms and electromagnetic frequencies.  A reliance. A bond.”

Explained Russell-  “Our sensitivity to detect frequency became deeply connected to our ability to sense another of the planet’s phenomena.”  (Magnetic fields)  “Two billion years ago magnetotactic bacteria formed a simple but intriguing relationship with the earth’s magnetic fields.  The single-celled organism contained particles of magnetic material. This enabled it to act like the needle of a compass. An orient around the magnetic lines of the earth.  As organisms became more complex so did their reliance on the magnetic fields. “

The film maker James Russell cuts to Nornman Carrick with the British Beekeepers Association.  Carrick spoke with James Russell about bees. “We do know bees are sensitive to magnetic fields.  We know that within their bodies they contain particles of magnetite. And laboratory studies have shown that they are indeed sensitive to magnetic fields.”  Carrick said in laboratories creating magnetic fields bees could be controlled in navigation as to how they created their honeycombs.  

Large print on Russell’s film announces the fact that- “Around 70% of the world’s food crops are pollinated by bees.  In 2006 the unthinkable happened. Bee colonies around the world began collapsing.  And nobody could explain why.”

Russell reported that Maryann Frazier the senior extension associate for bee keeping at Pennsylvania State University spoke on Agricultural Radio USA about how beekeepers in Pennsylvania lost 30-90 percent of their beehives.   Frazier said, “… symptoms are that the bees are relatively healthy and strong and in a very short period of time…”  they all left.  Leaving behind hives containing their young and plenty of honey.  Never to return.

Several international newspapers flash in front of the viewer in Russel’s documentary.  I read how ‘German research has long shown that the behavior of bees changes when they are placed near to power lines.’   And that Jim Landers a journalist for the Dallas Morning News wrote from Washington that “Entomologists from across the country are meeting in Maryland to puzzle over a strange phenomenon call Colony Collapse Disorder, where bees in 25 states so far leave their hives and never return.  A German study blamed cell phones, but U.S. bee scientist say that theory is flaky.”   Headlines also read that bees began to sting their keepers to death.

Russell states that the only research conclusively explaining why bees don’t return to their hives is Dr. J. Kuhn’s research at the University of Koblenz in Landau… Scientist Kuhn placed a regular deck (mobile) phone in each of four of the eight beehives he conducted research on.  Russell- “The results were astonishing.”  The bees returned at the normal rate in four beehives without a phone inside.   The film maker  says, But in the hives that contained a deck phone, the bees hardly returned at all. In one hive containing a deck phone not a single bee returned.”    

Deck phone base stations send out electromagnetic frequency waves or microwaves to headsets, Russell notes…  ‘Mobile phone masts’ or microwave towers do exactly the same thing when they communicate with cell phones.  A deck phone, or a cell phone is a miniature version of a microwave tower.   So Russell reasons that if a bee is affected by a deck phone, it will most definitely be affected by a microwave tower.   When James Russell published his film “Resonance- Beings of Frequency” in 2013 there were 4 BILLION mobile phone users in the world.  In 2017 there were 4.5 BILLION cell phones in use across the globe.  

The United States in 2017 had 237.72 million people with cell phones.  As of 2018 the number of cell phones in the U.S. is more than the U.S. population itself because some people own more than one cell phone.  The U.S. population today is 326,766,748 million.

Russell-  “The bees magnetic sense allows it to navigate using the magnetic lines of the earth.  An ability it has spent millions of years fine tuning and developing. Does it stand to reason then such an acute sensitivity would be affected by even the slightest change in the electromagnetic environment.  So what about a gargantuan change?”

Thank you James Russell for your documentary film: “Resonance- Beings of Frequency” concerning what is happening in our world today with EMF pollution affecting all of life on earth.  Thank you and God bless you James Russell.


When Mr. R. Jones and his friend moved into the rental across the street bringing only their clothes and everything else was rented… within the hour of moving in Jones pointed to two rental houses next door and then my own.  Jones moved away a month ago.

neighbor-is-a-nurse-at-yellow-brick-rental  in-car-outside-home-for-hours  neighbor that drives a white truck

Rachel Williams, Dorothy and her brother pay for a two story rental house north of my home for some years but rarely stay in their house the last 3-4 months.  When Mr. R. Jones moved out the trio came back to occupy their north rental; all three cars were in evidence. 

IMG_8621 Laser point hit to left eye from a second floor window in 2016.

The vacant house to the south was a headquarters for criminals, gangstalkers and people targeting with DEW’s for two years… was finally rented and occupied this month of July 2018.   At which time- the three north neighbors left off living in their rental.  Their driveway has been empty ever since.   A former employer wants hand-held DEWs, and two whole-house DEW units always aimed at home and person regardless how much transferring of Network personnel needs to be relayed and maneuvered.

north rental neighbors gone since vacant home occupied and different targeting with DEW's began   north rental empty since vacant home occupied– Since early July empty north drive.

Targeting continues with two whole house DEW unites as seen in EMF reader photos belowFirst DEW whole house unit started June 2016 at danger levels of magnetic radiation still running strong everywhere in north side of home at 6 on 0-3 magnetic level- where no electricity running.  Second DEW whole house unit started April 2018 is ELF radiation which experts say begins at .01 microwave radiation- my home runs between .01- .02 microwave radiation.   Bottom photo EMF reader against motor of large fan set on high- showing magnetic radiation at 5.

danger levels of magnetic whole house DEW radiation started June 2016 registers at 6 of 0-3 rangeMagnetic 6   microwave ELF radiation in home since April 2018  ELF .01 .02 microwave radiation classified as ELF at .01 since April 2018 ELF .02

next to running large fan magnetic radiation not as high as home DEW magnetic radiation Running large fan with EMF reader against motor photographed at 5 magnetic radiation- LESS than at sink where no electricity runs and magnetic whole house DEW at 6.

Interestingly the above analog EMF reader the TriField Model 100XE is now selling at $300-$700 at Amazon.  Last year bought same EMF reader for $125.00 on Amazon before closing down credit cards.   The TriField Model is one of the only analogs available.  Is this EMF reader being made unattainable due to many targeted individuals wanting to document proof to bring the covert military/medical experimentation program to justice?    Became a TI on June 2016- had no debt.  Since then used credit cards to run from gangstalkers; buying all manner of product to protect self; and spent at least seven days in hotels desperately seeking sleep.  Only to be targeted worse at hotels than in own home.  

vacant home occupied by new neighbor   American flag out front of hotel on Glenstone in Springfield, MO.

As of July 2018 targeting with hand-held DEW’s has changed, in fact it feels like a different EMF weapon is being used; and definitely a new person with a fresh way of doing all sorts of imaginative targeting.   The hand-held DEW’s have been aimed on head, and torso a lot.  So have been spending more time than ever out of my own home.  Feet have not been targeted as hard, and for the first time in a while they look almost normal; not burned or swollen.  Sitting on the front porch in the sun, took these pictures two months apart:

Feet burned at night, no circulation in toes swollen ankles appearance in morning upon waking  Foot almost normal size and color since all targeting centered on head and body after vacant home filled

On the July 6, 2018 was driving to library when at the south side of Sunshine and Campbell was a three alarm fire.  Going with the flow of traffic turned into intersection once again- where a fourth fire engine drove by the three alarm fireThen an ambulance turned toward the three alarm fire.  Note times.

three-alarm- three-alarm-on-east-side-of-sunshine and-campbell- -a three-alarm-fire-note-time

ambulance-for-three-alarm-fire- note-time-of-3-alarm-with-4th-fire-truck-on-way at Campbell and Sunshine behind-4th-firetruck-

The very next day on the same corner, there was another three alarm fire at the McDonald’s on the west side of Sunshine and Campbell intersection.

mcdonalds-three-alarm-fire three-alarm-fire-on-7-7-18- McDonalds three-alarm-fire-

Much later in the week, had to get out of home.  New DEW targeting focused on head since beginning of July, caused me to be bedridden an entire day.   Next morning head hurt and felt in a fog, so went to sit in a public place and get my wits about me.  Went to a safe place, the Springfield, MO. Battlefield Mall.

The first fifteen minutes were great, reading a newspaper and drinking regular coffee.   Sizzling began with electromagnetic waves from a DEW.  The only new people around were a couple.  The man in black put his back and side to me.  A woman with him continued to laugh nervously.  The man programmed an iPhone  in one hand the entire time he talked and laughed with the woman.  Upon seeing my camera the woman pulled the man away and they fled fast.

7-13-18 both ran minute see camera  this couple laughed while using DEWs

All was quiet sitting in the mall, until ten minutes later began sizzling again.  Looked up see that a man and his son sitting down on sofas in the aisle in front of the JCPenney’s Department Store.   Hate when gangstalkers use their children.  Kept hoping it wasn’t them.  Everyone else around me eventually got up and left within the hour, while the boy kept turning to look my way.  Father kept looking into his iPhone laughing and the boy watched his dad or me.  Sizzling got worse.

Kept reading the Wall Street Journal until targeting by DEW became too painful.  Gangstalkers indoctrinate their children -it is the second worst thing a gangstalker can do… worse than targeting innocent adults.  Targeting of children is the worst and most horrific crime gangstalkers do.  I know children that are targeted with DEWs.

Forced once more, reluctantly took out camera the exact same moment the boy looked over.  Then child immediately got up and the cowardly father left with his son.   Peace again.  Half hour later decided to walk the Battlefield Mall for exercise and enjoyed the rest of the time there.  Saying hello to two mall security men.

7-13-18 another friend and his child sees camera, then immediately they get up and leave

All gangstalkers are cowards, they do not have the bravery to face those they are torturing, and remotely DEW-raping when they are attacking them.   Cowardly gangstalkers do  not have the courage to face those they murder by accident, murder by natural causes and murder by suicide.   Gangstalkers will not have dignity to look their God in the eye when they die their natural deaths.  Gangstalkers as cowards will stand naked before their God without their technology and they will be unable to do anything but look down and tremble.

Why do mainly old white men in the United States want to control the minds, hearts and souls of their fellow countrymen and women?  Why do old white men in the United States want the ‘good old days‘ back: when women and minorities had no rights?

friend3  7-13-18 friend  7-16-18  good-friend-6-16-18  7-13-18  friend-always-around

Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice.  And bringing the Network down to conquer them.  Thank you God for blessing  my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  We love you God.  We thank you God.  It is so.  Amen


Dr.  Valerie Hunt wrote, “As a result of my work, I can no longer consider the body as organic systems or tissues.  The healthy body is a flowing interactive electrodynamic energy field.”   Hunt’s human EMP research culminated in her 1989 book “Infinite Mind” that brought together twenty years of discoveries of psychic phenomenon and electromagnetic fields that make up the human body.  As a targeted individual it is important to me, to know every single thing about the science pertaining to the truth of my own physical body.

Continuing with Dr. Hunt’s “Infinite Mind,” from page 44, she reminds the reader that “ The importance of repeating studies is not to determine “truths” but to disclose many truths- different pieces of information to fill in the puzzle…  The resulting model of the world has been described as a gigantic machine connected with a linear chain of events… It implies that everything will go on as it is without our having a chance to change it, except perhaps to build a bigger machine and push matter around…  Psychology and psychiatry considered man a machine with bestial ideas, impulsive and unconscious drives that directed him…  Such science has told us about the lowest level of reality, but has provided us with little information about the higher realms.”

Targeted Individuals are experimented on by the “machine” of military and medical communities who are literally taking us apart grid by energy grid to find out how the human EMP works and sustains the human physical body.  Our wealthy and their corporate security- may put a contract for targeting within this covert program on a person of interest or former employee for retribution purposes.   One targeted individual told me that it is important for TI’s to know that their energy systems once downloaded through cerebral hacking can move back into the very computers subjugating TI’s and delete important data programs that are enslaving millions.  Currently there are no laws against  hacking with one’s own energy field; or mind.

Dr. Valerie Hunt asserts, “… the overwhelming idea of the oneness of life impinged upon their consciousness….   On the atomic scale, physicists saw that what they used to measure data: “created” and determined what they found…  James Jeans, a famous mathematician, wrote that the universe began to look less like a machine and more like a thought system.”

Hunt-  “The deeper one probes material systems, the more one encounters field aspects or the substances’ underlying electrical pattern…   Fields that are no longer connected to a substance, but instead to behaviors and thoughts, have been classified by the English biologist Rupert Sheldrake as morphogenic fields.”  (Sheldrake believes) “When a certain number of individuals of a particular species learn something, it seems to positively affect the learning of all other individuals of that species.”    

TI’s might want to read 1982, “the hundredth monkey,” by Ken Keyes, Jr. which at the time was the peaceful ‘no-nukes’ activist’s manifesto when I was working with Missourians for Safe Energy who were compiling petitions to put the issue of the Calloway, MO nuclear power plant on the ballot for U.S. citizens to vote to stop construction of.  Because there was and still is no high-level radioactive waste repository in the U.S. to safely store spent uranium fuel rods… and they are kept on each reactor’s site to this day in what are called ‘swimming pools.’

Dr. Hunt wrote, “Behavioral science researchers have coined a picturesque expression, “the random rat” for subjects who nullify otherwise clear-cut results and distort correlations.”   (Sound like me as a targeted individual.)  Hunt continues, “The reality of the world lies in fields which interact with other fields of energy in dynamic chaos patterns that are always evolving to higher levels of complexity… What we know as truth, intuition and consciousness all operate interdependently with matter.  Furthermore, they transform matter as they are transformed by it.” 

Hunt-  “As Jahns and Dunne put it, physical theory is not complete until consciousness is acknowledged as an active element in the establishment of reality…  it was the “Santa Fe Group” which first articulated a unified theory of living systems.  They called it complexity theory- a major revolution in science. (Lewin).”  According to Hunt; physicists working on the chaos theory used descriptions like “the global nature of the universe” to explain “field phenomena and holographic concepts which help to explain organized information.”

Hunt wrote, “Possibly, the term “chaotic hologram” is more appropriate for patterns representing spectrum distribution of energy over time, unrestricted by the level of energy.”

Hunt believed that this new way of looking at human reality applied to “the softer sciences of consciousness, creativity, psychic phenomena and subtle energies is essential…  I discontinued correlation studies to focus on patterns of the human field.  Chaos and complexity theories offer the first sound framework for understanding my complex dynamic data; they also provide me with new ways to interpret mystical phenomena.”

Along with the global nature explanation of the universe Hunt used the ‘new fractal mathematics of nature.’  “Fractal formulas fed to computers created fractal energy graphics- magnificent, intricate, flowing, lumpy patterns carrying both deep and global information… Lorenz, the meteorologist, first named the unique geometric form of the chaos pattern the “strange attractor.”   Hunt noted that there was a proclivity for one field to be drawn to another, and she observed in people unexplained connections, like “extrasensory awareness or Psi K.”  Writing, “It may even be that genetic tendencies operate through chaotic attractors in the field.”  Setting aside her scientific persona Hunt extrapolated, “I personally believe that mind-field attractors from other ‘lifehoods’ will replace the ancient concepts of karma… Physics has found that by periodically introducing energy into chaotic systems they can be pulled back toward order.  Because the human energy field is so resilient, manipulation techniques such as hands-on healing, subtle energy devices and body therapies introducing subtle energy into the system can more effectively preserve health than those therapies using chemical or mechanical intervention.  I believe controlling chaos anywhere in the body via the field will be faster and more enduring than testing specific biological subsystems.”  Hunt believed that working with the human electromagnetic field first would circumvent physical illness.

Hunt goes on to note, “The Institute of Noetic Sciences in Scientific Positivism: the New Dualism concluded that, “… the ultimate stuff of the universe is consciousness.”  Ultimate reality is contacted not through the physical sense of the material world, but through deep intuition.  Such an idea of matter emerging out of human consciousness seems quite foreign to our Western mind because we have no experiences of altering matter by “will.”  However, there is growing evidence that in expanded consciousness, man has access to the primary reality of frequencies.  Living is a transaction, an interaction with other force fields, with an element of choice.  This is a domain beyond time, space, and mass where only vibrations exist.

Hunt quotes Eddington as saying, “The shadow nature of physics’ reality paradoxically leads many scientists toward metaphysics or a mystical view of the world, like so many…  Bogm, Einstein, Heisenberg, Jung, Penfield, Eccles, Eddington and Schroedinger.   Jahn and Dunne have quoted Charles’ Third Law… “In science we do not explain things away, but we do get closer to the mystery…”  Actually,”  Hunt writes,  “science and mysticism cope with the same things- the broadest  extension of reality.  One could view mysticism at one pole and science at the other, the two most important poles for understanding the universe.”

In Chapter 4, Hunt makes it clear, “Understandably, it is much easier to study the cosmos out there than to study it in here- within our own bodies where emotions confound things.”

In the Gnostic Gospels the Gospel of Thomas version found in Oxyrhynchus, Egypt in 1898- is the following, “The Kingdom of god is inside/within you (and all about you), not in buildings/mansions of wood and stone.  (When I am gone) Split a piece of wood and I am there, life the/a stone and you will find me.”  Many scholars think the Gospel of Thomas was written between 200-400 AD.

Hunt laments, “Modern instruments have made microcosmic tissue information available, to to date biology has not attended to the extensive macroscopic field information of the body…   Each of us carries our own elaborate biosphere within our tissues and fields.”  Searching for answers, Hunt, three scientists and an artist went into the UCLA Anaechoic Room where there is no natural or man-made electrical energy.  They wanted to test their EMP fields under such conditions.  When they sat still and meditated all five of them experienced three separate pulsing electrical rhythms they had never experienced before in their bodies.  They came to the conclusion that these pulsing energy fields were their neurological, circulatory and neuromuscular systems searching for a response from the electromagnetic world around them.  And when one was not forthcoming, these energy systems in the human body began to pulse.

Hunt notes, “The telereceptors, senses of sight, smell and sound, bring in “out there” information about the physical world at a gross level.  But it is the ”sixth sense” coming from the human field, the finest of all senses, which gives us the elaborate, distant knowledge about the happenings in the cosmosphere I reject the idea that vibrations of the universe interface without body vibrations solely through  the brain waves, because currently recorded brain waves are composed primarily of vibrations of from zero to 24 cycles per second.”   

Bob Beck an experimental physicist found the mystical states of psychics and clairvoyants were related to brain waves.  He recorded their brain waves at 7.8 cycles per second; while they did psychic work.  Shumann recorded ‘power spots’ on earth radiating from dirt at seven and eight cycles per second.  Hunt also documents that  Pribram, a neurophysicist at Stanford won a Nobel Prize for a far reaching idea in which he concluded, “… that human memory is present throughout the entire brain rather than being located in any single part of the brain… that the brain is also a hologram with each part carrying a representation of all of it.”  Hunt noted, the Shumann resonance of upper harmonics is 7.83 cycles per second which is also the dominant frequency pattern of psychic ‘healers’.

Hunt records, “… if we accept that the human brain contains a personal memory hologram, and that there is also a cosmic hologram of the memory of everything that has happened in the universe, and if we accept that we are a part of the cosmos, then there must exist some kind of scientifically testable interface between these two holograms.”

Targeted individual’s should know that a simple microwave oven creates waves between 3-11 megahertz, or millions of cycles per second.  And Hunt records what happens when humans are near microwaves.  When the microwaves are “… introduced to the double helix of the genetic code, it resonates directly.  This means that the important information center in the body cells has a direct affinity to microwave frequencies.”

Hunt further notes other effects on the human electromagnetic pulse.  That fibers compatible with human vibrations are cotton, wool and silk.  Synthetic fibers are not as they hold static electricity and interfere with the natural energy field.  Her work also recorded that magnetism, “… from iron in hemoglobin may account for our directional sixth sense.”  Which may be why leukemia is so prevalent in targeted individuals- if part of this covert program of targeting experimentation is to document the God response.

Hunt noted that increased magnetic fields at the South Pole improved human coordination and rejuvenated the human body taking away aches, pains and increasing the health.  She found that sitting under trees could also rejuvenate the human energy field.  Recordings of gnarled, ancient apple trees and dwarfed pines, “… exerted a strong energy suction upward.”  But “Great lofty pines exerted a strong energy suction upward, causing the consciousness of the meditators to soar- a very different effect from the full, contained richness of the field inside a greenhouse.”  Hunt found rows of planted trees created a “lattice-like field of energy” that jumped around, was stimulating but jumbled.

Hunt- “… the second law of thermodynamics states that all matter progresses from organization to disorganization and then to turmoil.  According to this law, humans from birth progress to disorganization and finally to death.”  However she notes that, “Prigogine found, that when energy was introduced into any field, its complexity increased with concomitant refinement.  It did not disintegrate rapidly by entropy…  In human terms, when energy is introduced into the body, it becomes more complex and refined; it “moves” upward toward light and life and away from death…  To take a step further, we have known that tumbling water produces negative ion particles and amps up the electromagnetic pool.”  Invigorating it.   Hunt also noted that mountains gave off more negative ions that flat ground which rejuvenated the human body energy fields.

Interestingly Hunt read a book by Wilson, “Cosmic Trigger” which documented computer scientists at Stanford programming computers to plot the great technologic and scientific events of man from 4,000 BC.  From the wheel, to splitting of the atom and computers.  The computer fell into a hyperbolic curve “that flattened out at 1975,” then took a sudden upsweep going off the computer graph at the year 2011.  At the time Hunt’s book was published it was 1989.  As we know from our news media the Mayan Calendar ended in 2011.  But our press reported the world might end.  However the Mayan calendar  Hunt notes ended in 2011 when the Fifth Age of Man, the Age of Intellect ended.  After 2011 Hunt asserts the Mayan’s recorded the Sixth Age of Man, the Age of the Gods began.  -Something our press left out.

It is said in the Bible Ephesians 2:2,  “The prince of the power of the air.”  Satan has deceived all of mankind (Revelation 12:9).   Perhaps with soulless men and artificial intelligence downloading human EMF waves into machines, robots and cybernetic life forms, this ‘Age of the Gods’  does not apply to humans, but man-made abominations.  Perhaps with our minds, multiple energy fields like rings of an onion- and with God’s help (God by any name) humans will survive.  Even triumph.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God and thank you God.  God bless our family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.   It is so.  Amen.



Infinite Mind

electromagnetic spectrum

Have deleted many photos and extraneous sentences to keep free blog alive and every time I do the percentage goes up, not down.  Today have deleted six posts and the 99.7% has remained the same.  WordPress.com can you do something about the hacking on this site and adjust the content of this site to a correct percent rating?  Thank you WordPress.com.

1989 ‘Infinite Mind’ by Dr. Valerie Hunt is life affirming.   Hunt’s book that records twenty years of research on the human body’s electromagnetic pulse from the 1960’s; could be a ‘bible’ for targeted individuals today.   Dr. Hunt used telemetry systems equipment similar to NASA’s to pick up electrical signals from a body’s surface from surface-sensors wired to tiny battery-operated radio transmitters and amplifiers on belts strapped to voluntary subjects.  The electrical body is broadcast by FM radio frequency carrier, and picked up airborne in laboratory by radio receiver, recorded on tape or disk.

Hunt writes that the connective tissue in the human body is a ‘scaffolding’ of “electromagnetic energy throughout the body at the finest level.”  She was one of the first scientists to map the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) of humans.   However there are energy centers in the human body that have their own electric fields comprising awareness, called chakras.

Dr. Hunt did not know what chakra’s were.  After twenty years of research she writes, “The idea of chakra stems from Eastern philosophy and  yogi doctrine.  These describe wheel-like vortices of energy over nerve plexes and endocrine centers of the body, as well as the third eye and the crown of the head, with small vortices at each joint.”    Hunt noted that numerous researchers have shown elevated electronic recordings from these locations particularly with person s in higher states of consciousness or with extrasensory abilities.   She found that most scientists were finding it difficult to explain life by mechanical or biochemical means anymore,  because Hunt believed, “life is electromagnetic.”

Hunt assert there are two main electrical systems in the human body.  One is the alternating electric current of the nervous system, the brain, neurons, and the nerves, which causes muscle contraction, nerve transmission, ect.  The other has emanated from atoms and cells – some call this energy an  ‘aura.’  Hunt is proud to note, “electrical currents associated with mind phenomena and human consciousness were first researched in my laboratory at U.C.L.A.”

good picture of friend   friend's license  friendly  good-friend-6-16-18

Dr. Hunt recorded electrical fields faster than any neurological signal and decided “These might point to the illusive auric field.”

Fascinating to the targeted individual is how Hunts research echoes the belief that memory is stored in body tissues, and the body’s EMP effects memory.   Some of her laboratory work was aiding voluntary subjects physically or mentally ‘ill’ who had their EMF fields recorded while psychic healers worked on them.  The healer’s energy was recorded also.  Hunt exclusively documented psychic healers, masters of meditation, gurus in their altered states.

Hunt’s technology caught a strong “cyclic energy shift back and forth between the throat and third eye,”  but only during imagery or spontaneous pictures occurring in the voluntary subject.

All energy in the body has a color frequency.  Hunt found that violet-pink color frequency calmed pain.  Higher consciousness states or imaging in the mind was connected to white color frequency.   Blue-white-violet fields healed hypertension pain.  Red-orange-amber field aided hypoglycemia and hypothyroidism.   Red energy regenerated muscle, bone and nerves.  Green-yellow frequencies aided nerve disorders or degeneration.

Hunt also found that all body organ’s have individual ‘waves’ of frequency.   These wave were recorded before stimuli altered the physical organ.  “This led us to postulate that a person’s primary response in his world takes place first in the auric field, not in the sensory nerves nor in the brain.”

Positive ions make people irritable and sometimes ill if they are exposed to higher levels for days.  “Likewise,” Hunt writes, “we found that the human electric field expanded when the person was in the mountains or near the sea, possibly because of the increased negative ions present in these environments.”

Interestingly when the human auric field or “auric cloud was separated from the body, it could not be corroborated by our instruments or techniques.”   Hunt noted that human meditation techniques were not dependent  on the activity of the five senses, rather on an “interaction of the biological field with atmospheric ones.”  Hunt believed the breathing or prana, the exchange between air and body -resulted in higher levels of meditation.

At the physics department ACLU MU lab where electromagnetic energy could be removed from the room: Hunt recorded voluntary subjects bursting into tears due to the body needing a release when their electric bodies had nothing to  interact with in the environment around them.  All electrical energy Hunt found could alter people’s moods, emotions and feelings…  as well as their sensory-motor capacities, coordination, and kin esthetic awareness.

Regarding the electric fields themselves?  Hunt could not use standard statistical procedures.  “It seemed that we had uncovered an information system that we could not decode completely.”   In the 1980’s new fractal mathematics the ‘geometry of nature,’ was developed, and Hunt used it to analyze the data regarding electric bodies.   Hunt- “Furthermore, when very complex information is processed by fractal geometry the orderly pattern, called the chaos attractor, rapidly appears as though it was near the data surface.”  Hunt found the chaos attractor pattern in brain and heart frequencies and every aspect of the human body.  “What is significant is that he energy field of the human, the most complex of all living systems, disclosed this magnificent order in only three seconds worth of data.”

Hunt, found scientist Priogogine’s data to be true for humans regarding decay of physical matter:  “Transition to a higher order, according to Ilya Priogogine, is universally accompanied by pertubation.  He has show that if energy is introduced to matter, the disintegration process is altered and matter takes on a higher organization.  Hunt quotes another scientist as saying that “The possibility that consciousness has an entropy reducing capacity which creates an ordering influence on otherwise random physical processes, thereby reversing their normal thermodynamic tendency of disintegration.”   –Thank you Dr. Valerie Hunt for your 1989 research book, ‘Infinite Mind.’  Will continue on page 43 next post.

Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice. And bringing the Network down to conquer them. Thank you God for blessing my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. We love you God. We thank you God. It is so. Amen




Los Angeles Police Department Chief James E. Davis believed that firearms training was the most important thing an officer should know.   Davis led the LAPD  1926-1929- by corruption, and criminal activity.   “Targets” as Davis called them; received brutal harassment and some had their homes and cars bombed.

In 1928 the Los Angeles Police department was in the national press for multiple unsolved disappearances of children, including one Mira Loma nine year old- Walter Collins.  Son of Christine Ida Collins.   Unknown to the LAPD- Walter was part of twenty boys who had been individually abducted over time and murdered at the Wineville Chicken Coops; by Gordon Norcott and his mother.

Seeking good publicity over Walter Collin’s disappearance,  Chief James E. Davis held a press conference saying Walter had been found.  (The LAPD paid a runaway- 12 year old Arthur Hutchins Jr. to pretend to be the missing boy.)

Even though Collins immediately said upon seeing Hutchins, “I do not think that is my boy.”   A Captain J.J. Jones who was over the LAPD Juvenile Division insisted Christine Collins take the boy home, “on a trial basis,” as her son.

The LAPD had a reporter do a story on how Collins was an unfit mother to offset her pleas that Walter was still  missing.

Meanwhile Captain Jones got a medical doctor to state publicly to Collins, that trauma could shrink a child three inches -and that Walter’s kidnapper must have circumcised Walter while he was a captive.   So Christine Collins went to the press and takes her son’s dental records and a letter from her dentist stating Hutchins was not Walter.  She also brought a letter from Walter’s teacher confirming Hutchins was an imposter.

In response, LAPD Captain J.J. Jones immediately had Christine Collins picked up and confined to the LA County Hospital’s, “psychopathic ward” for weeks for attempting to prove her son was still missing.


July 2018.  Above photo of billboard in Los Angeles, California.

Collins was then diagnosed as delusional, by a doctor paid off by LAPD and forced to take mind altering drugs.  Collins was told she would be released from the the mental ward if she states the child -LAPD found was Walter.  She refused and spent weeks unlawfully confined.   During which time, Hutchins was pressured and admited he lied for the police.

Captain J.J. Jones was suspended from the LAPD for four months without pay.

Gordon Stewart Northcott was found guilty of kidnapping, sexually abusing and murdering three of the twenty boys whose bodies were found at the Coops and hanged.   His mother was sentenced to life in prison, but was paroled in 1940.

children internment centers paid for with tax dollars  U.S. child internment camps 2018.

Why am I writing about TI Christine Collins and what she endured from police in 1928 as a law abiding U.S. citizen? 

June 16, 2018 the Los Angeles Times article, “Was a breastfeeding infant really taken from an immigrant mother?” by Molly Hennessy-Fiske reports:  “A total of 1,995 children have been separated from 1,940 adult guardians who were prosecuted for entering the country illegally from April 19 to May 31, officials said Friday…” some having been returned to South America without their children.

Hennessy-Fiske writes, “Children held by Border Patrol must be turned over within 72 hours to Health and Human Services, whose Office of Refugee Resettlement places them in shelters. HHS contracts with 100 shelters in 17 states. They currently house 11,432 migrant children…  The Casa Padre shelter is run by Southwest Key, an Austin, Texas-based nonprofit, among the largest shelter providers in the country with 27 facilities in Arizona, California and Texas housing thousands of youth. ..  A youth care worker at a Southwest Key shelter in Tucson, Ariz., resigned this week because of what he called under-staffing and chronic problems.  In an interview with The Times, he said conditions at the shelter have led to children running away and attempting suicide…”

LA Times reporter Hennessy-Fiske notes- “CNN reported Thursday that Border Patrol agents took a breastfeeding baby from an immigrant mother. ..   Homeland Security officials denied the CNN report, which quoted a lawyer for the Texas Civil Rights Project relaying the experiences of a Honduran woman.  “We do not separate babies from adults,” an official said, except in cases where a person poses a threat or is believed not to be the parent.”  –Thank you to the Los Angeles Times, June 16, 2018 article, “Was a breastfeeding infant really taken from an immigrant mother?” by Molly Hennessy-Fiske.

Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzales murdered by ICE  This unarmed twenty year old woman was a ‘threat.‘  Caludia Patricia Gomez Gonzales was shot in the head by a U.S. Border patrol agent in Rio Bravo, Texas on May 25, 2018.  She was a Maya-Mam indigenous woman from Guatemala.

If any of the immigrant children, especially the infants taken from their mothers and fathers should die?   Just how would our U.S. Department of Homeland Security office handle the death of an infant in an internment camp?  Homeland Security and Border Patrol agents have received horrible publicity from targeting and killing immigrants, and removing their children who are then put in child-internment camps.   Would it be too much for DHS to reveal the truth if any of the infants die?

And if infants are sent to South American countries their parents have been returned too… but the infants arriving into parents arms are not their childrenwould anyone in U.S. Homeland Security or Border Patrol believe them?

In 1928 (when America was still the ‘good old days’ according to white men) if a U.S. citizen (and mother) was not believed -and put into a mental institution for saying the missing child that authorities gave her- was not her own

What chance do immigrant parents have, who are sent children not their own?   How will they ever find out what happened to their babies?

as seen through side mirror tailed upon entering Benton, Arkansas foot from bumper for miles  backed away after saw camera

Went to small town in Arkansas of 30,000 citizens last week, that has a police department parking lot showcasing SWAT trucks, armored SUVs, police vans and multiple black and white cars.   There are more highway patrol and sheriff’s vehicles in this small town than anywhere I know of.

Have always been followed in the past decade when visiting a friend living there.  Tailgated by law enforcement upon entering the city limits.   As you can see in the photos above when I tried to secretly photograph in side and rear view mirror a law enforcement vehicle tailgating me for miles.  Only two pictures above were good enough to show, but they document two solid minutes of intimidation as I turned   down many side streets in a downtown area.  This law enforcement official persisted in tailgating a law-abiding citizen until seeing a camera up by rear view mirror at which time he backed off.

what are the Springfield MO police so afraid of  5 foot tall chain link constructed in last two months surrounds police parking and buildings

Above photos from Springfield, MO where a five foot tall black chain link fence divides police employees from Springfield civilians.  A fence put up two months ago.    Do protective measures for police denote a fear of their citizenry?   What service have police rendered that would make them so afraid?


From TI Helena, have found out that Akela Standoff Through-the-Wall Imaging RADAR is supported by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ.)    The NIJ supports  development of- “The first standoff through-the-wall surveillance device approved for law enforcement use.  The Akela Standoff Through-the-Wall Imaging RADAR; a portable RADAR system that can, from a distance, map and image the internal structure of a building and locate living personnel inside the structure. It can detect a motion as small as the that of a person breathing. The system can be networked, runs remotely using wired or wireless Ethernet, and provides the controls and display through a regular laptop computer. NIJ is funding further development and testing and evaluation in operational settings.”

And that,  “The NIJ-sponsored Sensors and Surveillance Technology Working Group has completed a market survey of through-the-wall sensor technologies… Through-the-wall surveillance (TWS) technology detects motion through interior or exterior building walls. It can penetrate brick, reinforced concrete, concrete block, sheetrock, wood, plaster, fiberglass and common building materials, but not solid metal (e.g., it can “look” through rebar reinforced concrete but not a solid metal wall).  It can be used, for example, to locate and track individuals inside a building…  Some TWS devices must be placed next to the structure; others can operate at a distance from it, enabling building searches from a vehicle or other safe cover.”  -Thank you Helena. 

And from the nij.gov website #258 Oct 2007; TWS technology helps officers to…  conduct room-to-room searches for suspected terrorists, map the interior of buildings… all through an interior or exterior building wall.  Certain TWS technologies do not even need to be placed against a wall and can be used to perform standoff searches, for example, from a vehicle into a building… Reducing risk to law enforcement…  (And) The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)…  Radar Scope device (is) a portable handheld device designed to penetrate 12 inches of concrete and 50 feet beyond that into a room.  Barely larger than today’s stud detectors, weighing only 1.5 pounds, and running on two AA batteries…    With a projected price of $1,000, this technology is expected to make a quick transition to SWAT teams and, most likely, to general law enforcement…. (and)  The Institute is funding a research project to add an acoustic TWS capability to the TimeDomain system, which uses ultrawide band radar TWS technology. Because radar currently is blocked by metal walls or aluminum-backed insulation, an acoustic capability would allow the TWS device to provide some surveillance capability to penetrate through those walls. A prototype system integrating radar and acoustic capabilities should be complete in early 2008.”

From TI Ella, found out that the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, VA approved for release a 2012 document regarding directed energy weapons in use  today:

  • DEWs have a near-zero time of flight compared to conventional ordnance, allowing longer decision times and quicker reaction times.
  • Electric weapons have a large “magazine” capacity, often limited only by the ability of the power source to recharge the system…
  • … For an electric weapon, the cost per engagement is greatly reduced, making the attack of small targets (the asymmetric threat) less costly and training much more affordable.
  • There is the potential for variable lethality, where the weapon effects can be controlled or attenuated to provide a warning or non-lethal effect.  Otherwise, a full-power setting can be used to destroy the target.
  • Electric weapons have the benefit of increased safety since less ordnance needs to be stored…   Thank you Ella.

Thank you dear God for the protection and safety of all targeted individuals everywhere.   Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice.  And bringing the Network down to conquer them.  Thank you God for blessing  my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  We love you God.  We thank you God.  It is so.  Amen