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1989 ‘Infinite Mind’ by Dr. Valerie Hunt is life affirming.   Hunt’s book that records twenty years of research on the human body’s electromagnetic pulse from the 1960’s; could be a ‘bible’ for targeted individuals today.   Dr. Hunt used telemetry systems equipment similar to NASA’s to pick up electrical signals from a body’s surface from surface-sensors wired to tiny battery-operated radio transmitters and amplifiers on belts strapped to voluntary subjects.  The electrical body is broadcast by FM radio frequency carrier, and picked up airborne in laboratory by radio receiver, recorded on tape or disk.

Hunt writes that the connective tissue in the human body is a ‘scaffolding’ of “electromagnetic energy throughout the body at the finest level.”  She was one of the first scientists to map the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) of humans.   However there are energy centers in the human body that have their own electric fields comprising awareness, called chakras.

Dr. Hunt did not know what chakra’s were.  After twenty years of research she writes, “The idea of chakra stems from Eastern philosophy and  yogi doctrine.  These describe wheel-like vortices of energy over nerve plexes and endocrine centers of the body, as well as the third eye and the crown of the head, with small vortices at each joint.”    Hunt noted that numerous researchers have shown elevated electronic recordings from these locations particularly with person s in higher states of consciousness or with extrasensory abilities.   She found that most scientists were finding it difficult to explain life by mechanical or biochemical means anymore,  because Hunt believed, “life is electromagnetic.”

Hunt assert there are two main electrical systems in the human body.  One is the alternating electric current of the nervous system, the brain, neurons, and the nerves, which causes muscle contraction, nerve transmission, ect.  The other has emanated from atoms and cells – some call this energy an  ‘aura.’  Hunt is proud to note, “electrical currents associated with mind phenomena and human consciousness were first researched in my laboratory at U.C.L.A.”

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Dr. Hunt recorded electrical fields faster than any neurological signal and decided “These might point to the illusive auric field.”

Fascinating to the targeted individual is how Hunts research echoes the belief that memory is stored in body tissues, and the body’s EMP effects memory.   Some of her laboratory work was aiding voluntary subjects physically or mentally ‘ill’ who had their EMF fields recorded while psychic healers worked on them.  The healer’s energy was recorded also.  Hunt exclusively documented psychic healers, masters of meditation, gurus in their altered states.

Hunt’s technology caught a strong “cyclic energy shift back and forth between the throat and third eye,”  but only during imagery or spontaneous pictures occurring in the voluntary subject.

All energy in the body has a color frequency.  Hunt found that violet-pink color frequency calmed pain.  Higher consciousness states or imaging in the mind was connected to white color frequency.   Blue-white-violet fields healed hypertension pain.  Red-orange-amber field aided hypoglycemia and hypothyroidism.   Red energy regenerated muscle, bone and nerves.  Green-yellow frequencies aided nerve disorders or degeneration.

Hunt also found that all body organ’s have individual ‘waves’ of frequency.   These wave were recorded before stimuli altered the physical organ.  “This led us to postulate that a person’s primary response in his world takes place first in the auric field, not in the sensory nerves nor in the brain.”

Positive ions make people irritable and sometimes ill if they are exposed to higher levels for days.  “Likewise,” Hunt writes, “we found that the human electric field expanded when the person was in the mountains or near the sea, possibly because of the increased negative ions present in these environments.”

Interestingly when the human auric field or “auric cloud was separated from the body, it could not be corroborated by our instruments or techniques.”   Hunt noted that human meditation techniques were not dependent  on the activity of the five senses, rather on an “interaction of the biological field with atmospheric ones.”  Hunt believed the breathing or prana, the exchange between air and body -resulted in higher levels of meditation.

At the physics department ACLU MU lab where electromagnetic energy could be removed from the room: Hunt recorded voluntary subjects bursting into tears due to the body needing a release when their electric bodies had nothing to  interact with in the environment around them.  All electrical energy Hunt found could alter people’s moods, emotions and feelings…  as well as their sensory-motor capacities, coordination, and kin esthetic awareness.

Regarding the electric fields themselves?  Hunt could not use standard statistical procedures.  “It seemed that we had uncovered an information system that we could not decode completely.”   In the 1980’s new fractal mathematics the ‘geometry of nature,’ was developed, and Hunt used it to analyze the data regarding electric bodies.   Hunt- “Furthermore, when very complex information is processed by fractal geometry the orderly pattern, called the chaos attractor, rapidly appears as though it was near the data surface.”  Hunt found the chaos attractor pattern in brain and heart frequencies and every aspect of the human body.  “What is significant is that he energy field of the human, the most complex of all living systems, disclosed this magnificent order in only three seconds worth of data.”

Hunt, found scientist Priogogine’s data to be true for humans regarding decay of physical matter:  “Transition to a higher order, according to Ilya Priogogine, is universally accompanied by pertubation.  He has show that if energy is introduced to matter, the disintegration process is altered and matter takes on a higher organization.  Hunt quotes another scientist as saying that “The possibility that consciousness has an entropy reducing capacity which creates an ordering influence on otherwise random physical processes, thereby reversing their normal thermodynamic tendency of disintegration.”   –Thank you Dr. Valerie Hunt for your 1989 research book, ‘Infinite Mind.’  Will continue on page 43 next post.

Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice. And bringing the Network down to conquer them. Thank you God for blessing my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. We love you God. We thank you God. It is so. Amen



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