Dr.  Valerie Hunt wrote, “As a result of my work, I can no longer consider the body as organic systems or tissues.  The healthy body is a flowing interactive electrodynamic energy field.”   Hunt’s human EMP research culminated in her 1989 book “Infinite Mind” that brought together twenty years of discoveries of psychic phenomenon and electromagnetic fields that make up the human body.  As a targeted individual it is important to me, to know every single thing about the science pertaining to the truth of my own physical body.

Continuing with Dr. Hunt’s “Infinite Mind,” from page 44, she reminds the reader that “ The importance of repeating studies is not to determine “truths” but to disclose many truths- different pieces of information to fill in the puzzle…  The resulting model of the world has been described as a gigantic machine connected with a linear chain of events… It implies that everything will go on as it is without our having a chance to change it, except perhaps to build a bigger machine and push matter around…  Psychology and psychiatry considered man a machine with bestial ideas, impulsive and unconscious drives that directed him…  Such science has told us about the lowest level of reality, but has provided us with little information about the higher realms.”

Targeted Individuals are experimented on by the “machine” of military and medical communities who are literally taking us apart grid by energy grid to find out how the human EMP works and sustains the human physical body.  Our wealthy and their corporate security- may put a contract for targeting within this covert program on a person of interest or former employee for retribution purposes.   One targeted individual told me that it is important for TI’s to know that their energy systems once downloaded through cerebral hacking can move back into the very computers subjugating TI’s and delete important data programs that are enslaving millions.  Currently there are no laws against  hacking with one’s own energy field; or mind.

Dr. Valerie Hunt asserts, “… the overwhelming idea of the oneness of life impinged upon their consciousness….   On the atomic scale, physicists saw that what they used to measure data: “created” and determined what they found…  James Jeans, a famous mathematician, wrote that the universe began to look less like a machine and more like a thought system.”

Hunt-  “The deeper one probes material systems, the more one encounters field aspects or the substances’ underlying electrical pattern…   Fields that are no longer connected to a substance, but instead to behaviors and thoughts, have been classified by the English biologist Rupert Sheldrake as morphogenic fields.”  (Sheldrake believes) “When a certain number of individuals of a particular species learn something, it seems to positively affect the learning of all other individuals of that species.”    

TI’s might want to read 1982, “the hundredth monkey,” by Ken Keyes, Jr. which at the time was the peaceful ‘no-nukes’ activist’s manifesto when I was working with Missourians for Safe Energy who were compiling petitions to put the issue of the Calloway, MO nuclear power plant on the ballot for U.S. citizens to vote to stop construction of.  Because there was and still is no high-level radioactive waste repository in the U.S. to safely store spent uranium fuel rods… and they are kept on each reactor’s site to this day in what are called ‘swimming pools.’

Dr. Hunt wrote, “Behavioral science researchers have coined a picturesque expression, “the random rat” for subjects who nullify otherwise clear-cut results and distort correlations.”   (Sound like me as a targeted individual.)  Hunt continues, “The reality of the world lies in fields which interact with other fields of energy in dynamic chaos patterns that are always evolving to higher levels of complexity… What we know as truth, intuition and consciousness all operate interdependently with matter.  Furthermore, they transform matter as they are transformed by it.” 

Hunt-  “As Jahns and Dunne put it, physical theory is not complete until consciousness is acknowledged as an active element in the establishment of reality…  it was the “Santa Fe Group” which first articulated a unified theory of living systems.  They called it complexity theory- a major revolution in science. (Lewin).”  According to Hunt; physicists working on the chaos theory used descriptions like “the global nature of the universe” to explain “field phenomena and holographic concepts which help to explain organized information.”

Hunt wrote, “Possibly, the term “chaotic hologram” is more appropriate for patterns representing spectrum distribution of energy over time, unrestricted by the level of energy.”

Hunt believed that this new way of looking at human reality applied to “the softer sciences of consciousness, creativity, psychic phenomena and subtle energies is essential…  I discontinued correlation studies to focus on patterns of the human field.  Chaos and complexity theories offer the first sound framework for understanding my complex dynamic data; they also provide me with new ways to interpret mystical phenomena.”

Along with the global nature explanation of the universe Hunt used the ‘new fractal mathematics of nature.’  “Fractal formulas fed to computers created fractal energy graphics- magnificent, intricate, flowing, lumpy patterns carrying both deep and global information… Lorenz, the meteorologist, first named the unique geometric form of the chaos pattern the “strange attractor.”   Hunt noted that there was a proclivity for one field to be drawn to another, and she observed in people unexplained connections, like “extrasensory awareness or Psi K.”  Writing, “It may even be that genetic tendencies operate through chaotic attractors in the field.”  Setting aside her scientific persona Hunt extrapolated, “I personally believe that mind-field attractors from other ‘lifehoods’ will replace the ancient concepts of karma… Physics has found that by periodically introducing energy into chaotic systems they can be pulled back toward order.  Because the human energy field is so resilient, manipulation techniques such as hands-on healing, subtle energy devices and body therapies introducing subtle energy into the system can more effectively preserve health than those therapies using chemical or mechanical intervention.  I believe controlling chaos anywhere in the body via the field will be faster and more enduring than testing specific biological subsystems.”  Hunt believed that working with the human electromagnetic field first would circumvent physical illness.

Hunt goes on to note, “The Institute of Noetic Sciences in Scientific Positivism: the New Dualism concluded that, “… the ultimate stuff of the universe is consciousness.”  Ultimate reality is contacted not through the physical sense of the material world, but through deep intuition.  Such an idea of matter emerging out of human consciousness seems quite foreign to our Western mind because we have no experiences of altering matter by “will.”  However, there is growing evidence that in expanded consciousness, man has access to the primary reality of frequencies.  Living is a transaction, an interaction with other force fields, with an element of choice.  This is a domain beyond time, space, and mass where only vibrations exist.

Hunt quotes Eddington as saying, “The shadow nature of physics’ reality paradoxically leads many scientists toward metaphysics or a mystical view of the world, like so many…  Bogm, Einstein, Heisenberg, Jung, Penfield, Eccles, Eddington and Schroedinger.   Jahn and Dunne have quoted Charles’ Third Law… “In science we do not explain things away, but we do get closer to the mystery…”  Actually,”  Hunt writes,  “science and mysticism cope with the same things- the broadest  extension of reality.  One could view mysticism at one pole and science at the other, the two most important poles for understanding the universe.”

In Chapter 4, Hunt makes it clear, “Understandably, it is much easier to study the cosmos out there than to study it in here- within our own bodies where emotions confound things.”

In the Gnostic Gospels the Gospel of Thomas version found in Oxyrhynchus, Egypt in 1898- is the following, “The Kingdom of god is inside/within you (and all about you), not in buildings/mansions of wood and stone.  (When I am gone) Split a piece of wood and I am there, life the/a stone and you will find me.”  Many scholars think the Gospel of Thomas was written between 200-400 AD.

Hunt laments, “Modern instruments have made microcosmic tissue information available, to to date biology has not attended to the extensive macroscopic field information of the body…   Each of us carries our own elaborate biosphere within our tissues and fields.”  Searching for answers, Hunt, three scientists and an artist went into the UCLA Anaechoic Room where there is no natural or man-made electrical energy.  They wanted to test their EMP fields under such conditions.  When they sat still and meditated all five of them experienced three separate pulsing electrical rhythms they had never experienced before in their bodies.  They came to the conclusion that these pulsing energy fields were their neurological, circulatory and neuromuscular systems searching for a response from the electromagnetic world around them.  And when one was not forthcoming, these energy systems in the human body began to pulse.

Hunt notes, “The telereceptors, senses of sight, smell and sound, bring in “out there” information about the physical world at a gross level.  But it is the ”sixth sense” coming from the human field, the finest of all senses, which gives us the elaborate, distant knowledge about the happenings in the cosmosphere I reject the idea that vibrations of the universe interface without body vibrations solely through  the brain waves, because currently recorded brain waves are composed primarily of vibrations of from zero to 24 cycles per second.”   

Bob Beck an experimental physicist found the mystical states of psychics and clairvoyants were related to brain waves.  He recorded their brain waves at 7.8 cycles per second; while they did psychic work.  Shumann recorded ‘power spots’ on earth radiating from dirt at seven and eight cycles per second.  Hunt also documents that  Pribram, a neurophysicist at Stanford won a Nobel Prize for a far reaching idea in which he concluded, “… that human memory is present throughout the entire brain rather than being located in any single part of the brain… that the brain is also a hologram with each part carrying a representation of all of it.”  Hunt noted, the Shumann resonance of upper harmonics is 7.83 cycles per second which is also the dominant frequency pattern of psychic ‘healers’.

Hunt records, “… if we accept that the human brain contains a personal memory hologram, and that there is also a cosmic hologram of the memory of everything that has happened in the universe, and if we accept that we are a part of the cosmos, then there must exist some kind of scientifically testable interface between these two holograms.”

Targeted individual’s should know that a simple microwave oven creates waves between 3-11 megahertz, or millions of cycles per second.  And Hunt records what happens when humans are near microwaves.  When the microwaves are “… introduced to the double helix of the genetic code, it resonates directly.  This means that the important information center in the body cells has a direct affinity to microwave frequencies.”

Hunt further notes other effects on the human electromagnetic pulse.  That fibers compatible with human vibrations are cotton, wool and silk.  Synthetic fibers are not as they hold static electricity and interfere with the natural energy field.  Her work also recorded that magnetism, “… from iron in hemoglobin may account for our directional sixth sense.”  Which may be why leukemia is so prevalent in targeted individuals- if part of this covert program of targeting experimentation is to document the God response.

Hunt noted that increased magnetic fields at the South Pole improved human coordination and rejuvenated the human body taking away aches, pains and increasing the health.  She found that sitting under trees could also rejuvenate the human energy field.  Recordings of gnarled, ancient apple trees and dwarfed pines, “… exerted a strong energy suction upward.”  But “Great lofty pines exerted a strong energy suction upward, causing the consciousness of the meditators to soar- a very different effect from the full, contained richness of the field inside a greenhouse.”  Hunt found rows of planted trees created a “lattice-like field of energy” that jumped around, was stimulating but jumbled.

Hunt- “… the second law of thermodynamics states that all matter progresses from organization to disorganization and then to turmoil.  According to this law, humans from birth progress to disorganization and finally to death.”  However she notes that, “Prigogine found, that when energy was introduced into any field, its complexity increased with concomitant refinement.  It did not disintegrate rapidly by entropy…  In human terms, when energy is introduced into the body, it becomes more complex and refined; it “moves” upward toward light and life and away from death…  To take a step further, we have known that tumbling water produces negative ion particles and amps up the electromagnetic pool.”  Invigorating it.   Hunt also noted that mountains gave off more negative ions that flat ground which rejuvenated the human body energy fields.

Interestingly Hunt read a book by Wilson, “Cosmic Trigger” which documented computer scientists at Stanford programming computers to plot the great technologic and scientific events of man from 4,000 BC.  From the wheel, to splitting of the atom and computers.  The computer fell into a hyperbolic curve “that flattened out at 1975,” then took a sudden upsweep going off the computer graph at the year 2011.  At the time Hunt’s book was published it was 1989.  As we know from our news media the Mayan Calendar ended in 2011.  But our press reported the world might end.  However the Mayan calendar  Hunt notes ended in 2011 when the Fifth Age of Man, the Age of Intellect ended.  After 2011 Hunt asserts the Mayan’s recorded the Sixth Age of Man, the Age of the Gods began.  -Something our press left out.

It is said in the Bible Ephesians 2:2,  “The prince of the power of the air.”  Satan has deceived all of mankind (Revelation 12:9).   Perhaps with soulless men and artificial intelligence downloading human EMF waves into machines, robots and cybernetic life forms, this ‘Age of the Gods’  does not apply to humans, but man-made abominations.  Perhaps with our minds, multiple energy fields like rings of an onion- and with God’s help (God by any name) humans will survive.  Even triumph.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God and thank you God.  God bless our family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.   It is so.  Amen.



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