sorely missed Never to be forgotten.

Every targeted individual may want to know the information in James Russel’s 2013 film; ‘Resonance- Beings of Frequency.’  On vimeo at  Below are excerpts and information transcribed from 21 of the 90 minutes of film: 

Russel documents in the beginning that Professor Winifred Otto Schumann of  University of Munich- defined the physics of electricity  noting that a sphere within a sphere can create electrical tension and subsequently a frequency.  In 1954 Schumann found the earth’s sphere and the ionosphere created tension produced a frequency of approximately 7.83 hertz.   Russel noted- “Our planet has a pulse, a measurable frequency that surrounds life on earth.”  Earth tension is discharged by lightning in the earth’s ionosphere cavity.    This 7.83 Hertz has become the defining frequency of life on earth which scientists and physicists now call the ‘Schumann-Resonance.’

Scientist Hans Berger created an EEG machine and was the first to measure electrical frequency transmitted by human brain waves.  Berger called the brain waves, alpha waves. The frequency of the alpha waves recorded by Hans Berger were identical to Schumann-Resonanz of 7.83 hertz- the frequency of the earth.

Russell asserts that the earth’s frequency is also the frequency of our brains (7.38 Hertz) controlling our creativity, performance, stress, anxiety,  and immune system. The pulse of the earth is the pulse of all life on earth.   Explaining the stuff we are made of Russel said, that frequency of a wave is measured in Hertz, “… referring to the number of oscillations a wave makes each second.  Frequencies range to a billionth of the size of an atom to the length of the universe itself. Frequencies are endless.”

In early 1960’s Max Planck Institute scientist R. Wever, created an underground bunker to track circadian rhythms – the day, night cycle of man.  He devoted 30 years studying effects of underground living. Wever discovered that “Electromagnetic fields of extremely low frequency have been shown at a high statistical level to influence human circadian rhythms.  This means that circadian rhythms can be used as very sensitive indicators to test the influence of ELF electromagnetic fields on human beings in general.”  He found that the volunteering student’s mental and physical health suffered when not interacting with the natural frequencies of the earth.

Russel recorded Bio Magnetic Researcher Ingrid Dickenson’s explaination, “Underground you don’t have Schumann-Resonanz, you only have the magnetic field from in the earth…  The interesting thing was, that when Wever introduced the Schumann… 7.83 frequency with a magnetic pulse generator…” the students immediately felt well again.

James Russell’s film voice over- “Schumann would secretly introduce the 7.83 Hertz frequency into the bunker with a man-made transmitter.  Each time he did so he noted the ill effects suffered by the volunteers either disappeared or decreased. Their stress headaches or emotional stress was reduced and their sense of well-being was restored.  All by the introduction of Schumann Resonance.  Wever’s research had revealed an incredible connection between human health and the natural frequency of the planet.”

Russell-  “And in 2011 groundbreaking research suggested something even more impressive.  That the Schumann Resonance to the beginnings of life itself.” The groundbreaking research Russel noted was done by Montagnier:

Luc Montagnier won the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV.)  Long-time researcher at Pasteur Institute in Paris. Currently working as professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China: Montagnier has done incredible research on electromagnetic signals from bacterial DNA.  Montagnier spoke at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany June 2010 and stunned colleagues by advocating the use of homeopathy to detect viral infection.

Russell says of work Luc Montagnier did in 2011:  “The professor was conducting water-memory experiments.   Examining how water could retain a memory of substances that had previously been dissolved in it.  When he stumbled upon something that would challenge the very principles of science. All life comes from life.  This is a fundamental principle of science. One which has never been violated in any experiment. Life can only exist where life has existed before.  And the mechanism for this has always been understood to be a material one. Such as egg and sperm. Or spore and cell division. But Luc Montagnier experiments have offered a very different hypothesis.”

Russell said, “The professor showed that DNA sequences -the very building blocks of life: communicate with each other.  In water. By emitting low frequency electromagnetic waves. Even when the DNA was kept in separate test tubes the professor still recorded electromagnetic wave communication between them.  How sophisticated could this communication be? Well, Luc Montagnier showed they were able to organize nucleotides…  The ingredients which actually make up DNA into brand new DNA.”

Scientists combined these ingredients countless of times before, but no experiment have they ever been able to recreate the spark of life and transform nucleotides into actual DNA.  Not without DNA already being present… But in Luc Montagnier’s experiments the DNA had already been completely filtered from the water, yet new DNA was still found.  Just how was this possible… create life where no life was present?” -Asked the film maker.

Russell documented, “There was the presence of a frequency.  (7.83 Hertz) A frequency which when removed would cause the experiments to fail.  But when present would insure that they succeed. That frequency was 7.83 Hertz. The Schumann Resonance.  A delicate relationship had been struck between life and the frequency of the planet. An interaction between living organisms and electromagnetic frequencies.  A reliance. A bond.”

Explained Russell-  “Our sensitivity to detect frequency became deeply connected to our ability to sense another of the planet’s phenomena.”  (Magnetic fields)  “Two billion years ago magnetotactic bacteria formed a simple but intriguing relationship with the earth’s magnetic fields.  The single-celled organism contained particles of magnetic material. This enabled it to act like the needle of a compass. An orient around the magnetic lines of the earth.  As organisms became more complex so did their reliance on the magnetic fields. “

The film maker James Russell cuts to Nornman Carrick with the British Beekeepers Association.  Carrick spoke with James Russell about bees. “We do know bees are sensitive to magnetic fields.  We know that within their bodies they contain particles of magnetite. And laboratory studies have shown that they are indeed sensitive to magnetic fields.”  Carrick said in laboratories creating magnetic fields bees could be controlled in navigation as to how they created their honeycombs.  

Large print on Russell’s film announces the fact that- “Around 70% of the world’s food crops are pollinated by bees.  In 2006 the unthinkable happened. Bee colonies around the world began collapsing.  And nobody could explain why.”

Russell reported that Maryann Frazier the senior extension associate for bee keeping at Pennsylvania State University spoke on Agricultural Radio USA about how beekeepers in Pennsylvania lost 30-90 percent of their beehives.   Frazier said, “… symptoms are that the bees are relatively healthy and strong and in a very short period of time…”  they all left.  Leaving behind hives containing their young and plenty of honey.  Never to return.

Several international newspapers flash in front of the viewer in Russel’s documentary.  I read how ‘German research has long shown that the behavior of bees changes when they are placed near to power lines.’   And that Jim Landers a journalist for the Dallas Morning News wrote from Washington that “Entomologists from across the country are meeting in Maryland to puzzle over a strange phenomenon call Colony Collapse Disorder, where bees in 25 states so far leave their hives and never return.  A German study blamed cell phones, but U.S. bee scientist say that theory is flaky.”   Headlines also read that bees began to sting their keepers to death.

Russell states that the only research conclusively explaining why bees don’t return to their hives is Dr. J. Kuhn’s research at the University of Koblenz in Landau… Scientist Kuhn placed a regular deck (mobile) phone in each of four of the eight beehives he conducted research on.  Russell- “The results were astonishing.”  The bees returned at the normal rate in four beehives without a phone inside.   The film maker  says, But in the hives that contained a deck phone, the bees hardly returned at all. In one hive containing a deck phone not a single bee returned.”    

Deck phone base stations send out electromagnetic frequency waves or microwaves to headsets, Russell notes…  ‘Mobile phone masts’ or microwave towers do exactly the same thing when they communicate with cell phones.  A deck phone, or a cell phone is a miniature version of a microwave tower.   So Russell reasons that if a bee is affected by a deck phone, it will most definitely be affected by a microwave tower.   When James Russell published his film “Resonance- Beings of Frequency” in 2013 there were 4 BILLION mobile phone users in the world.  In 2017 there were 4.5 BILLION cell phones in use across the globe.  

The United States in 2017 had 237.72 million people with cell phones.  As of 2018 the number of cell phones in the U.S. is more than the U.S. population itself because some people own more than one cell phone.  The U.S. population today is 326,766,748 million.

Russell-  “The bees magnetic sense allows it to navigate using the magnetic lines of the earth.  An ability it has spent millions of years fine tuning and developing. Does it stand to reason then such an acute sensitivity would be affected by even the slightest change in the electromagnetic environment.  So what about a gargantuan change?”

Thank you James Russell for your documentary film: “Resonance- Beings of Frequency” concerning what is happening in our world today with EMF pollution affecting all of life on earth.  Thank you and God bless you James Russell.


When Mr. R. Jones and his friend moved into the rental across the street bringing only their clothes and everything else was rented… within the hour of moving in Jones pointed to two rental houses next door and then my own.  Jones moved away a month ago.

neighbor-is-a-nurse-at-yellow-brick-rental  in-car-outside-home-for-hours  neighbor that drives a white truck

Rachel Williams, Dorothy and her brother pay for a two story rental house north of my home for some years but rarely stay in their house the last 3-4 months.  When Mr. R. Jones moved out the trio came back to occupy their north rental; all three cars were in evidence. 

IMG_8621 Laser point hit to left eye from a second floor window in 2016.

The vacant house to the south was a headquarters for criminals, gangstalkers and people targeting with DEW’s for two years… was finally rented and occupied this month of July 2018.   At which time- the three north neighbors left off living in their rental.  Their driveway has been empty ever since.   A former employer wants hand-held DEWs, and two whole-house DEW units always aimed at home and person regardless how much transferring of Network personnel needs to be relayed and maneuvered.

north rental neighbors gone since vacant home occupied and different targeting with DEW's began   north rental empty since vacant home occupied– Since early July empty north drive.

Targeting continues with two whole house DEW unites as seen in EMF reader photos belowFirst DEW whole house unit started June 2016 at danger levels of magnetic radiation still running strong everywhere in north side of home at 6 on 0-3 magnetic level- where no electricity running.  Second DEW whole house unit started April 2018 is ELF radiation which experts say begins at .01 microwave radiation- my home runs between .01- .02 microwave radiation.   Bottom photo EMF reader against motor of large fan set on high- showing magnetic radiation at 5.

danger levels of magnetic whole house DEW radiation started June 2016 registers at 6 of 0-3 rangeMagnetic 6   microwave ELF radiation in home since April 2018  ELF .01 .02 microwave radiation classified as ELF at .01 since April 2018 ELF .02

next to running large fan magnetic radiation not as high as home DEW magnetic radiation Running large fan with EMF reader against motor photographed at 5 magnetic radiation- LESS than at sink where no electricity runs and magnetic whole house DEW at 6.

Interestingly the above analog EMF reader the TriField Model 100XE is now selling at $300-$700 at Amazon.  Last year bought same EMF reader for $125.00 on Amazon before closing down credit cards.   The TriField Model is one of the only analogs available.  Is this EMF reader being made unattainable due to many targeted individuals wanting to document proof to bring the covert military/medical experimentation program to justice?    Became a TI on June 2016- had no debt.  Since then used credit cards to run from gangstalkers; buying all manner of product to protect self; and spent at least seven days in hotels desperately seeking sleep.  Only to be targeted worse at hotels than in own home.  

vacant home occupied by new neighbor   American flag out front of hotel on Glenstone in Springfield, MO.

As of July 2018 targeting with hand-held DEW’s has changed, in fact it feels like a different EMF weapon is being used; and definitely a new person with a fresh way of doing all sorts of imaginative targeting.   The hand-held DEW’s have been aimed on head, and torso a lot.  So have been spending more time than ever out of my own home.  Feet have not been targeted as hard, and for the first time in a while they look almost normal; not burned or swollen.  Sitting on the front porch in the sun, took these pictures two months apart:

Feet burned at night, no circulation in toes swollen ankles appearance in morning upon waking  Foot almost normal size and color since all targeting centered on head and body after vacant home filled

On the July 6, 2018 was driving to library when at the south side of Sunshine and Campbell was a three alarm fire.  Going with the flow of traffic turned into intersection once again- where a fourth fire engine drove by the three alarm fireThen an ambulance turned toward the three alarm fire.  Note times.

three-alarm- three-alarm-on-east-side-of-sunshine and-campbell- -a three-alarm-fire-note-time

ambulance-for-three-alarm-fire- note-time-of-3-alarm-with-4th-fire-truck-on-way at Campbell and Sunshine behind-4th-firetruck-

The very next day on the same corner, there was another three alarm fire at the McDonald’s on the west side of Sunshine and Campbell intersection.

mcdonalds-three-alarm-fire three-alarm-fire-on-7-7-18- McDonalds three-alarm-fire-

Much later in the week, had to get out of home.  New DEW targeting focused on head since beginning of July, caused me to be bedridden an entire day.   Next morning head hurt and felt in a fog, so went to sit in a public place and get my wits about me.  Went to a safe place, the Springfield, MO. Battlefield Mall.

The first fifteen minutes were great, reading a newspaper and drinking regular coffee.   Sizzling began with electromagnetic waves from a DEW.  The only new people around were a couple.  The man in black put his back and side to me.  A woman with him continued to laugh nervously.  The man programmed an iPhone  in one hand the entire time he talked and laughed with the woman.  Upon seeing my camera the woman pulled the man away and they fled fast.

7-13-18 both ran minute see camera  this couple laughed while using DEWs

All was quiet sitting in the mall, until ten minutes later began sizzling again.  Looked up see that a man and his son sitting down on sofas in the aisle in front of the JCPenney’s Department Store.   Hate when gangstalkers use their children.  Kept hoping it wasn’t them.  Everyone else around me eventually got up and left within the hour, while the boy kept turning to look my way.  Father kept looking into his iPhone laughing and the boy watched his dad or me.  Sizzling got worse.

Kept reading the Wall Street Journal until targeting by DEW became too painful.  Gangstalkers indoctrinate their children -it is the second worst thing a gangstalker can do… worse than targeting innocent adults.  Targeting of children is the worst and most horrific crime gangstalkers do.  I know children that are targeted with DEWs.

Forced once more, reluctantly took out camera the exact same moment the boy looked over.  Then child immediately got up and the cowardly father left with his son.   Peace again.  Half hour later decided to walk the Battlefield Mall for exercise and enjoyed the rest of the time there.  Saying hello to two mall security men.

7-13-18 another friend and his child sees camera, then immediately they get up and leave

All gangstalkers are cowards, they do not have the bravery to face those they are torturing, and remotely DEW-raping when they are attacking them.   Cowardly gangstalkers do  not have the courage to face those they murder by accident, murder by natural causes and murder by suicide.   Gangstalkers will not have dignity to look their God in the eye when they die their natural deaths.  Gangstalkers as cowards will stand naked before their God without their technology and they will be unable to do anything but look down and tremble.

Why do mainly old white men in the United States want to control the minds, hearts and souls of their fellow countrymen and women?  Why do old white men in the United States want the ‘good old days‘ back: when women and minorities had no rights?

friend3  7-13-18 friend  7-16-18  good-friend-6-16-18  7-13-18  friend-always-around

Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice.  And bringing the Network down to conquer them.  Thank you God for blessing  my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  We love you God.  We thank you God.  It is so.  Amen

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