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What every targeted individual needs to know about staying healthy and positive.  Traditionally blackstrap molasses safely supplies iron assisting to build red blood cells for targeted individuals.   Traditionally apple cider vinegar balances PH so body not so acidic- as does asparagus, and pears.  Traditionally Choline-Inositol keeps brain function  healthy.  Traditionally dotted, ripe bananas replace dopamine in brain which assists in positive thinking, stopping depression.  Traditionally Astragalus builds immune system.  Traditionally Myrrh gum powder saves teeth and gums.  Traditionally Turmeric stops inflammation.  Traditionally Melatonin is the most   powerful antioxidant the body produces: microwaves stop pineal gland in brain  from reproducing melatonin every night.  Traditionally Cardamom assists keeping heart healthy.  Traditionally Rosemary essential oil sprinkled in hair stops roots from dying keeping original color.  Do not eat any refined sugar or refined grains- on package must be only 100% whole grain or just stick with 100% whole grain rice and potatoes.  Potatoes have less carbohydrates than rice.   Scientists have found that refined carbohydrates produces high levels of glucose-sugar in the blood.  Microwaves stimulate production of glucose in brain.   Sugar lowers the immune system.  We all need carbohydrates  just make sure they are 100% whole grains.  Stay out of sun.  Exercise.  Eat as much organic grains, vegetables and fruit that you can, as GMO products in your body can be activated by EMFs and grow.  TI’s please stay away from synthetic clothes and only wear cotton, wool or silk.  Synthetic fibers keep microwaves, radio waves and EMFs from flowing out of the human body when under attack by directed energy weapons.  Grounding one’s feet daily for at least five minutes in the Earth’s dirt, or on a large rock helps repair and maintain natural EMP.  SING, sing as loud and as often as can in your homes and apartments.  Sing your favorite songs about peace, love and God the One by Any Name- it drives gangstalkers crazy because it  is hard to cerebrally hack an individual if you can’t locate their EMP and singing praise songs raises one’s frequency and makes it harder to lock onto.  Also if you cannot sing, hum because humming will make reading of thoughts impossible from the tongue vibration (where they can read thoughts from.)  Keeping the One God by Any Name close to you is a choice.  The power of God is such that God could rend the earth in two with just a thought.  But God promised not too, and that free will would reign on earth.  Whoa to those beings who take free will away from humans –  God’s greatest gift.


“Radio waves and microwaves are fundamentally different. They are not the same frequency.”  -Thank you to Owen and Technology tabs at TargetedJustice.com:  “Microwaves begin around 300 MHz and higher. Some technical journals use 1GHz and higher. They are not radio waves and have uniquely different properties. The ELFs are created because the microwave-generating cavities of a magnetron are not perfectly symmetrical. It is a side effect of a poorly-modified weapon.  1) Radio waves can follow the curvature of the earth. microwaves do not.  2) Radio waves are not readily absorbed by the atmosphere. Microwaves are.  3) Microwaves are a line-of-sight technology. Radio waves are not.”  And…

Thank you to Paul Talbot-Jenkins who said, “… microwave radiation IS used in radio telecoms. Normally referred to as UHF, Ultra High Frequency originally used in military applications. As an ex-RAF pilot I can assure you of the facts, UHF radio waves do cause neurological damage to living creatures if not protected from the radiation by shielding. No argument, end of conspiracy theories on the subject.” 

IMG_8183 “When evil is worked against people in the calm and respectable atmosphere of a court, I find it utterly repulsive” Peter Ustinov.

2014 “Dissolving the Enigma of Divine Healing psychic Christopher Macklin teaches the reader how to heal themselves.  One of his friends, a woman I was honored to meet and study under at her last seminar- had appeared on Oprah, and other TV shows as a phenomenal healer.  She told the group that Macklin, in her opinion, was the best psychic healer in the U.S.

People who have been assisted in their own healing by Macklin give comments at the back of his book about diseases they used to have.  Two people, Paul and Sharlene speak of an incredibly bizarre illness.  Caused by GMO’s.  Called  Morgellons.  Doctors who see people with Morgellons call it a ‘DOP’ and refer their patients to psychiatrists- even when their patients have gapping holes in their skin that strings, insects, and roots come out of.  DOP stands for ‘delusions of parasitosis.’   All Morgellons patients test positive for Agrobacteria Tumefactions- which are GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) in food and vaccines.   -Vitaly Citovisky, Biochemist at Stony Brook University in NY concluded after volunteers with Morgellons and without gave blood samples to be tested that all Morgellons patients tested positive for Agrobacteria Tumefactions- which are GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) in food and vaccines. .   GMO’s can change our DNA with the DNA of plants, insects and animals contained in the seeds genetically altered by man.  

Neuroscientist Randy Wymore examined samples from voluntary participants at the Morgellons Research Foundation at the University of Oklahoma where 14,000 families registered with Morgellons.  The Tulsa Police Department forensics team examined Morgellons strings and odd growth.  They found that Morgellons fibers were not a match for any fiber already existing on earth.  

People in Texas, California and Florida contracted Morgellons more than anywhere else in the U.S.  In 2006 Morgellons was listed by the CDC as ‘unknown dermopathy.’  The National Center for Zoonotic Vector-Borne and Enteric Disease listed Morgellons as such.  After it was listed Morgellons was moved from the National Center to the Army’s Bioterrorism Unit.  The Army never reported any conclusive studies.  Today according to the CDC: “Morgellons is an unexplained and debilitating condition that has emerged as a public health concern. Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has received an increased number of inquiries from the public, health care providers, public health officials, Congress, and the media regarding this condition. Persons who suffer from this condition report a range of coetaneous symptoms including crawling, biting and stinging sensations; granules, threads or black speck-like materials on or beneath the skin; and/or skin lesions (e.g., rashes or sores) and some sufferers also report systemic manifestations such as fatigue, mental confusion, short term memory loss, joint pain, and changes in vision” 

Sharlene speaks of doctors who are very kind to her at first.  One Yale grad even shed tears and cried after examining the horror that was Sharlene’s body.   The doctor took Morgellons samples promising to help Sharlene get to the truth.  On the second visit, the young Yale doctor would not look Sharlene in the eye, and stated she has DOP.   Most doctors do the same.   Once an Oncologist in Missouri contacted Sharlene and said he would help her.  She sent samples and never heard from him again.  Upon contacting the Missouri cancer research hospital the oncologist worked at, someone speaking for the doctor told Sharlene never to call again. 

Sharlene had endured cancer and won… and in 2001 had injuries from a car accident.   So when an object looking like a microphone came out of one of the holes in her body, she gave this sample to a Dr. William Harvey.  Harvey was retired from NASA, and decided to tackle Morgellons research.  He found that Morgellons sufferers have indicators such as anemia, low body temperature and thyroid dysfunction.  Supposedly Harvey lost the sample she gave him.  Sharlene found other Morgellons patient’s samples were ‘lost’ too.   Many Morgellons patients hear high pitched frequencies in their heads.

In 2008 the CDC studies Morgellons and all they found was that those people suffering from it were DOP, but then stated they were actually baffled what the cause of Morgellons was.  And that it wasn’t contagious.   Sharlene asks, “They don’t know what it is but they could confirm it is not contagious????” -Question marks Sharlene’s.  Doctors tell patients with Morgellons that it is not recognized by the American Medical Association.

Paul’s comments in 2014 “Dissolving the Enigma of Divine Healing” psychic Christopher Macklin involved discovery of Morgellons in the 1990’s.  First the hair on his face began growing profusely with bumps under the follicles; and it felt like something was crawling under his skin.  Like Sharlene, Paul works on Morgellons symptoms with all manner of natural and synthetic drugs to no avail.  Paul records that large open sores and scabs on his body had Morgellons strings and what appeared to be coils of thread came out of them.  -These are the least bizarre symptoms.

Both Paul and Sharlene testified that Macklin helped save their lives.  Both commented on Macklin’s knowledge and technique they believe raised their human body frequency -aiding them in the healing of Morgellons.  Macklin’s book includes surprising prayers about EMFs and machines.  -Thank you Christopher Macklin.  Thank you Sharlene and Paul for the truth about what happened to you.

front yard natural garden for animals and birds facing highway

In another book review -scientist Dr. Valerie Hunt pioneered work in the 1960’s  on human EMP.   Hunt believes all illness, all wellness and contact with divinity is possible through our mind’s energy fields.   ‘Infinite Mind’ by Dr. Valerie Hunt- at Chapter Five, “Mind Field, The Residence of Consciousness and the Soul”– documents how the ‘sixth sense’ comes from the human energy field.  Hunt writes, “I reject the idea that vibrations of the universe interface with our body vibrations solely through the brain waves… composed primarily of vibrations of from zero to 24 cycles per second.”  Hunt and other scientists know that the earth’s frequency is 7.83 Hertz, as is the human frequency, and all life on the surface of the planet.  Dr.  Hunt uses the conjecture of wise men throughout time to emphasis her point.

“Plato, like Pythagoras thought that the mind was an important entity inside the body which separated from the body at death.  He likened mind to the soul, that brought life to the non-living body,”  Hunt writes.  “Aristotle said that he believed it was possible to have thought with no brain… He guessed that the mind was in the brain, but he felt that studying the brain as an organ did not answer questions about the mind.”

Hunt records:  Rene Descartes an eminent mathematician said the mind and body were not the same.  John Dewey believed in the whole person’s experience  stating- mind is everywhere in the body.  Wilhelm Reich believed in ‘unity of mind and body‘ noting memory is stored in body cells.   Neurologist Sir Arthur Sherrington “… doubted that mind and body were one.”  Karl Pribram Nobel Prize winner wrote “… the mind hovers like a protective entity beyond the brain’s machinery.”

Wrote Hunt… “Although some levels of awareness occur in the brain, higher levels of consciousness have not been found there.”  Hunt- “… the mysteries of the mind have been relegated to psychiatrist and theologians, because we believed that they do not lend themselves to scientific study.”   Of neurosurgeon Penfield – Hunt writes that he believed,  “The mind was an entity within itself, although he did not know where it existed or where the energy of the mind came from… it is the mind which experiences and it is the brain which records the experience.”  Penfield is author of the book, ‘Mysteries of the Mind.’  Penfield “…sensed the mind operated as though it were endowed with its own energy…  He likened the brain to a computer where the memory of man’s experience is stored- more like a data bank for information retrieval.”  

Without harming his patients, Penfield electrically stimulated brain neurons while operating on them.  Hunt notes, “Stimulating the neurons of the cerebral cortex provided dream-like experiences with flashbacks of long-forgotten episodes- memories of events in this life.”  Most patients undergoing brain surgery must be awake.

Everything we experience is stored in our energy fields.  We are pure energy.   We have the power to move mountains, walk on water, and heal if we would just take responsibility for that ‘created in God’s imageenergy inside each of us.

On earth today man-made life called Artificial Intelligence is being endowed with downloads of human brain waves and psychic abilities mapped during brain computer interface of targeted individuals.   When will humans see through our programing to use God’s gifts to stop the evolution of humans with machines?   The human mind is stronger than any artificial intelligence- anything man-made.  Because the human mind field contains love, will and intelligence.  AI only contains facts and now an ability to ‘think,’ –which is not mind.  AI was not ‘born’ of love or free will either.

friend 7-23-18 some enjoy their work someone in charge good-friend-6-16-18

Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice. And bringing the Network down to conquer them. Thank you God for blessing my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. We love you God. We thank you God. It is so. Amen

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