God's amazing grace

When I spoke with Richard on the phone his voice was deep with a pronounced southern drawl.  Richard Lovelace Sr. is a targeted individual.  With an eighth grade education this young man always worked hard, usually having two jobs.  He studied diligently and became a machinist and tool maker.  Says Lovelace, “I’m a mechanical engineer.” An expert at designing and producing tools.

Richard is 67 years old today.  His targeting with DEW’s started in 1974 and escalated in the 1990’s: possibly for telling people about what he thought was biological warfare research being done on his family and friends. “They do this to you without your knowledge and consent.” One of the many victims in his family, was a six month old granddaughter.  “She was playing on a rug on the floor when she just stopped breathing and died.”

Support for targeted individuals is international.  Oct. 18 2007 Carole Smith wrote for Global Research, here is an excerpt: “… the capability of ultrasound and infra-sound (electromagnetic pulse and microwave assault) to cause cardiac arrest, and brain lesions, paralysis and blindness, as well as blinding by laser beam, or inducing asphyxia by altering the frequencies which control breathing in the brain, epileptic seizure – all these and others may be at the fingertips of those who are developing them. And those who do choose to use them (DEW’s) may be sitting with the weapon, which resembles, say, a compact mobile telephone, (flashlight, ) on the restaurant table next to the bottle of wine, or beside them at the swimming pool.”

Back to Richard Lovelace, he said in 1987, “… pulsing microwave weapons hit my spine hard. It inflicted so much pain.  It destroyed my home.  Then in 1988 they attacked me so hard they made me blackout. I lost my memory. Kept me sick, took me off my job. When I wasn’t able to work anymore… started crying.”  Carole Smith wrote for Global Research in October 18, 2007: “This is essentially about humiliation, and disempowerment. It is a manifestation of rage acted out by those who fear impotence with such dread, that their whole effort is directed into the emasculation and destruction of the terrifying rival of their unconscious fantasies… These men may be mad enough to believe they are creating a ‘psychocivilised world order.”

Carole Smith goes on “… Unfortunately, the problem of credulity does not necessarily cease with frequent mention, as in the United States, in spite of the number of reported cases, there is still not sufficient public will (or help…) to make strenuous protest against what is not only already happening, but against what will develop if left unchecked.   It appears that the administration believes that it is necessary and justifiable, in the interests of (U.S.) national security, to make experimental human sacrifices, to have regrettable casualties, for there to be collateral damage, to suffer losses in place of strife or war.  This is, of course, totally incompatible with any claims to be a democratic nation which respects the values of human life and democracy, and such an administration which tutors its servants in the ways of such barbaric tortures must be completely condemned as uncivilized and hypocritical.”  –Thank you Carole Smith, Global Research from 10-18-2007.

On the wire
In 2000, Lovelace went to Federal Prison for nine months for what he says was, “A first offense, I didn’t do anything. That is where they micro-chipped and wired me.” He brings up the litigation of Richard Cain V. Department of Defense, saying that Cain had the same thing done to him without going to prison…  “By his own doctors.”  (And dentists.)  -Lovelace talked about the spyware inside his body, “I just want mine out and over with. If I can get the chips… I got Xrays and MRI films- I got a chip you can see. It is on Xray. You don’t get no medical help when you are on ‘the program.”
(Posted by Sean Anthony from Flow of Wisdom radio, on June 8, 2015 in Alternative News; concerning the R. Cain litigation evidence.)  Cain told Anthony; “My family and I have been the subjects of Government funded human research and/or hate crimes. These crimes are being covered-up by using the words ‘National Security.’ The fact that my two minor children have the same and/or similar devices in their little bodies speaks for themselves. My sons were ages 3 and 4 when the discoveries took place. Their x-rays, blood & urine analysis present the true facts. The devices can only be introduced into the body, while being in a medical facility. All three of us were patient of the same defendant hospital.”  More from Anthony’s interview:

When in Federal Prison Lovelace said he had “Burns on my face from microwaves. I stayed in the SHU (Solitary confinement; now called Special Housing Unit,) isolated most of the time. Talking with the prison psychologist he admitted I was being microwaved. I had burns all over my body at different times. And they loaded me up with chips and wires.”

(Here are other examples of experimentation on prisoners…)  Harvard University biochemist Edward Cohn and the U.S. Navy experimented on 64 Massachusetts prisoners by injecting them with cow blood in 1942.
*Near Joliet, Illinois, in the 1940s, the Stateville Penitentiary Malaria Study was a controlled experiment of the effects of malaria on prisoners.  An experiment conducted by the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago, the United States Army and the State Department.
*In 1950, 200 female prisoners were infected with viral hepatitis by Dr. Joseph Stokes from the University of Pennsylvania.
*A Sloan-Kettering Institute experimenter Chester M. Southam, injected live cancer cells into Ohio State Penitentiary prisoners in 1952.
*From 1961 and 1962, in the Utah State Prison ten inmates were injected with radioactive chemicals.
*University of Washington experimenters in 1963 irradiated the testicles of 232 prisoners.  After the men left prison, at least four of their children had birth defects.  Since follow up research was not conducted- it is unknown how many more children were effected.
*Testing if sulfuric acid was dangerous as a food additive, the Louisiana State Board of Health experimented on “Negro prisoners” five weeks.  Documentation noted prisoners didn’t “object to submitting themselves to the test, because it would not do any good if they did.
*1964 to 1968, nine out of ten prisoners at Holmesburg Prison were experimented on.  One experiment at Holmesburg paid prisoners to test chemical compounds.  The head experimenter, Dr. Albert M. Kligman of U of Pennsylvania marveled, “All I saw before me were acres of skin…  It was like a farmer seeing a fertile field for the first time.”  Another experiment tested mind-altering drugs on 320 prisoners to find the minimum dose to disable them- the U.S. Army paid $387,000 to professors Kligman and Copelan to have this done.
*2018 -From the Office of Justic Programs, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) article #269 “Challenges of conducting Research in Prisons.”  Documents prisoner participation in prison research.

During the interview with Richard Lovelace he stated that after decades of being targeted he realized his medication was altered X10.  “I throwed all medication in the trash. Started swimming… and going to Planet Fitness.  After being sick 25 years, I was cured in six months.”

Then in 2012 Richard’s family was poisoned with what he called “Smart dust, black dust. I’m a severe case trying to survive. The more I try to get help and help other people, the worse it is on me. It’s hard. Difficult. They try to isolate you. That gives them opportunity to hit you more. Barry Trower, (a British physicist and former MI6 Secret Service agent) said it best, they are hitting us with 5G weapons. Powerful stealth weapons.”

2014-15 Richard was so sick he almost died. “I had fungus coming out the top of my head. I had black patches all over my back. Some kind of programed nanobots. A doctor- she held up some kind of an infrared scope to me. Shows up black through skin on my right hand and forehead. Blood doesn’t show color. They fixed me, where I couldn’t cure myself again.”

Asked Richard what he thought the black was, he said “The sign of the beast.”  Then  Richard clarified about the physical properties- “I don’t know. I hate to speculate. I just know I haven’t seen um cure anybody. I’ve seen em kill a lot of people. It’s global. They are going to take control of humanity.”

In 2015 Richard went to a doctor in California.  A forensic psychologist and industrial toxicologist. “The lady expert,  when she clearly identified frequency locations, found black crystals in blood.  Worldwide certified experts, holds up in court.  IHS, Integrated Health Systems.   Targeted Individuals use them.  All they do is give you analysis. That is what is important.”

“2016 in Atlanta, an ex-military alternative medical doctor diagnosed me with programed nanobots in blood.”

Richard Lovelace said, “I had to watch my wife’s feet and hands twitch in her sleep. I done that to her. By being near me, they did the same to her. She told me… my wife was crying and she said, “They are more powerful than you know about.” She knew. But God holds all the power. God holds all power on heaven and earth. People may have money and position, but Gold holds the power.”    Richard’s wife died of “… some kind of chemical poisoning…  My poor old wife had her cell phone, kept it on her all the time.   In my opinion my wife was murdered.  They kill people remotely with frequencies…  But it can be proven. I don’t have the money to prove it.  You let em (the authorities) know.”   Richard notes, “I don’t have WIFI.   Nothing in my home.”

Lovelace- “Family, friends, society don’t care. They won’t help us (TIs) and they can be silent all they want to. But it is already happening to them– they just are not being hurt. People are being dumbed down and mind controlled. I tell everybody, what is being done to me today, is coming to you’alls house soon. Then you’ll find out.”

Richard said, “I don’t know what the agenda is worldwide. Biological, microwave warfare. I can’t speculate on it.” Richard speaks of the people targeting him, “I only know what I know. I don’t trust any of em, more than I can pick up em up and throw em.  I’m just trying to get them off me, so I can live the rest of my life in peace. Don’t look like that’s going to happen.”

He talked about how, “In 1942 up to the 50’s the Pentagon did biological research on all Americans. And in the late 90’s they tested neurodegenerative diseases.

Richard noted he learned one doctor cured the illness most Gulf War veterans came home with; and the doctor was told by authorities that he needed to stop curing them. “You can cure yourself.  But you are not allowed to cure hundreds of other people. Why? A wild guess…  I’ve come to the conclusion it’s a depopulation program. It’s been going on for years. 5G microwave towers and smart meters slows blood flow. Red blood cells start clogging up. People needs to know what to do. Try to block it. Get electricity out of the body.”

Lovelace brings up the 90’s Larson Report.  Entitled, ‘Criminal and Scientific Misconduct Involving Neural Prosthesis Research’ and Funded by NIH/NINDS/NPP and The Alfred E. Mann Foundation.  Written by David A. Larson, which can be found at

About Larson’s report Richard says, “On page 43, he found out that they’ll take chips out of research subjects after they die, to cover their crimes up.   That’s Federal Racketeering.  When you die they go in the morgue and take chips out to cover up their dern evidence. You got to watch em.”

I asked Richard who he has contacted about his targeting? Richard- “I just got through calling D.C. FBI Friday. And I was trying to bring awareness to local and state people. Everybody been fooled from sheriff to law enforcement to participate in this. Saying they had to do this for ‘security’ of the country. These people that push the law know monitoring people with microwaves will kill them.” Lovelace was told by one law enforcement official: “Richard they need to change the law or bring another country in here to change stuff.”

But there have been a few brave, law abiding, law enforcement officials Richard has met who actually attempt to make the law work for him.  Of those that are honest, he says- “Everybody I talked to they ship out. Everybody that tried to help me?  They ship em out.  They no longer work there anymore.”  Richard asked one honest law enforcement psychologist why he was targeted.  The officer said, “Your family’s DNA.”   Richard said, “ So I studied the ‘Human Genome Diversity Project.”

(The Human Genome Diversity Project- Scientists at Stanford University collaborated to understand genetic diversity in human populations. Analyzing genomic DNA from 1,043 individuals globally, to determine genotypes at +650,000 SNP loci, with Illumina BeadStation technology. Started by Stanford University’s Morrison Institute and a global scientists- this research is the result of decades of research by Luigi Cavalli-Sforza- a world renowned scientist. Cavalli-Sforza wanted to understand human evolution and migration. His research has been cited in papers on population genetics, anthropology and heritable disease research.)

“They tried to kill me probably half a dozen times now. They are very mad at me now…” Richard paused, “My agenda like I told the sheriff is to try to help people. Help people keep their health and well being. I’m not trying to make anybody mad. My personal experience and studies have helped me survive.  And I’m still trying to survive it.  I went to court this morning. They hit me hard in court. You push people to change?  And they get angry with you.”

Richard talked about the average U.S. citizen. “The people are surveilled and monitored- and they are people who don’t know.  They are not being harmed, but are being microwaved to be controlled. They are not aware.  Them’s the ones that are dying. They’ll keep dying, keep getting diseases.  Some might realize and say, ”Well, if its the government there is nothing you can do about it.”

Richard thought a moment and said, “It’s the government. Nothing will ever change. All kinds of different people are being hurt.”

With everything that has happened to Richard Lovelace his voice is compassionate for the gangstalkers he has personally spoken with during decades of targeting.  Many of them have died.  I asked Richard Lovelace, “You talked to the gangstalkers?”

He said, “The perps?  Sure!  We all live in the same town.  A dozen have died in the last couple years. The program in their phones give them more EMFs than we get.  I couldn’t explain it to ‘em.  They have no idea what they are dealing with. That’s people killing people and neighbor against neighbor when they do that.”

Today Richard has a Faraday Cage that is 4X4X8 that he sleeps in.  Inside the Faraday Cage he uses a ground shield to absorb energy away from his body. “I use a silver-lined blanket inside for double protection. It blocks enough (DEW’s) to sleep good.”

Richard Lovelace believes that any targeted individual should be able to prosecute known gangstalkers with the RICO Act.   This U.S. federal law extends criminal penalties and civil cause of action-  for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.   RICO stands for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

-Thank you Richard Lovelace for your time and honesty about what you have experienced being a targeted individual in the United States.

Thank you God

From emails with other TI’s and those of us knowledgeable about microwaves, radio waves and EMF radiation:

Thank you to Paul, who said, “… microwave radiation IS used in radio telecoms. Normally referred to as UHF, Ultra High Frequency originally used in military applications. As an ex-RAF pilot I can assure you of the facts, UHF radio waves do cause neurological damage to living creatures if not protected from the radiation by shielding. No argument, end of conspiracy theories on the subject.”

Thank you Helena: NIJ supported the development of the first standoff through-the-wall surveillance device approved for law enforcement use. 1 The Akela Standoff Through-the-Wall Imaging RADAR; a portable RADAR system that can, from a distance, map and image the internal structure of a building and locate living personnel inside the structure. It can detect a motion as small as the that of a person breathing. The system can be networked, runs remotely using wired or wireless Ethernet, and provides the controls and display through a regular laptop computer. NIJ is funding further development and testing and evaluation in operational settings.” (In late 2011, Akela received a waiver from the Federal Communications Commission to produce a system the use of which is “limited to state and local police and firefighters, and … limited to actual emergencies involving threats to safety of life, and necessary training”. View the complete text of the waiver on Date Modified: January 23, 2015)”

More of Helena’s info:

At least 50 U.S. law enforcement agencies have quietly equipped their officers with handheld RADAR … Brad Heath, USA TODAY … through the wall of ……

Radar Systems for Through-the-Wall Surveillance | Homeland ..  RADAR systems for through-the-wall surveillance are handheld units typically used by law enforcement personnel to detect individuals behind doors, walls and windows.…

Through-the-Wall Surveillance: A New Technology for Saving … Through-the-Wall Surveillance: … and do not constitute product approval or endorsement by the National Institute of Justice. … the RADAR Scope ……

THROUGH-THE-WALL SURVEILLANCE Sylvain Gauthier Surface RADAR Section Walid Chamma Electronic Countermeasures Section Defense R&D Canada – Ottawa

PDF Through-the-Wall Surveillance Technologies – NCJRS ager for through-the-wall surveillance, … eveloping a RADAR-based TWS device that provides … provide video quality images through an exterior building wall …

Surveillance device uses Wi-Fi to see through walls – CNET Surveillance device uses Wi-Fi to see through walls. … works as a “passive RADAR system” that can “see” through … show the first through-the-wall ……

PDF Through the Wall Imaging RADAR THROUGH THE WALL IMAGING RADAR AKELA, … The RADAR is capable of seeing through walls and … meet this operational need for better tactical surveillance information.

PDF Through-Wall Imaging RADAR – MIT Lincoln Laboratory -64 LINCOLN LABORATORY JOURNAL n VOLUME 19, NUMBER 1, 2012 ThrouGh-waLL iMaGinG RADAR ure 3) where the transmit port is fed to only one antenna element (ANT9-21) at a time.…

Officers can use RADAR, cameras and Wi-Fi to see through the ..
“Through-Wall Surveillance for Locating … and search and rescue RADAR through-the-wall technology can … a Wi-Fi signal to see through a wall was ……

friend someone in charge Did this woman change her appearance immediately, cutting some bangs, wearing her hair up, and sporting business-like shirts? 

brendanOnce a man lived at the corner of Portland and Campbell in a rental house two years ago.  This man moved in wearing black business suits, wearing black shiny shoes and carrying a brief case, sporting short, styled hair.  Was he FBI?  After mentioned in this site how attacks with EMF’s stopped in my home when he had parties.  (His family had to park in drive between our houses.)   And posting that I mentioned this to him.   He grew a beard. 

When posted about the beard, he shaved it off.   Months later posted that  he threatened my family when I mentioned to him I would seek assistance with what was happening.  He began wearing old jeans, logo-t-shirts and bandanas around his hair.  Without the bandana, his hair was three inches long… 

gangstalker1  neighbor-in-drive In the beginning there was FBI?  In one book I read an ex-FBI agent wrote: ‘FBI moves married agents into neighborhoods next to ‘persons of interest,’ to surveil them.’  FBI couples usually had on average ‘2.5 children.’  -Wrote the author.

The Urich’s had three.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

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