Mary Gregory

Beauty can be found anywhere Beauty finds a way to shine.

Targeted Individual Mary Gregory’s 2011 book, “Microwave Experiment: Story of Government Testing on a United States Customs Officer” documents how U.S. Customs officials and her co-workers knew secrets about the World Trade Center where their offices were located, and knew secrets found in the luggage and crates entering or leaving the U.S.   She writes that co-workers under constant microwave attacks in customs offices became the the perfect employees.  The author speculates… “Consider this: if the Pentagon can find a way… via a barrage of electromagnetic waves, it can produce a super soldier, one who is far more efficient, and who does not mind overextending himself in his efforts.”    

In 1991 Gregory notes, “I believe that at least three of my coworkers across the hall were casualties of microwave radiation.  First, Alexis, a very lovely lady… suddenly got sick and died of ovarian cancer.  It happened very fast…  She was a young woman, only 41.”  Then a “… woman who succeeded her in the office contracted pancreatic cancer...”  “There was also a man who worked in that office… He died after his transfer.” 

One of Gregory’s Customs supervisors asked if, “… anyone would be interest in spending 90 days working on another floor?”   Mary volunteered.   During these 90 days she met Danielle, “One day in the distant future I would be greatly saddened to learn that this lovely person suddenly contracted cancer and died after 9/11.”   But Charles suffered the, “… scariest fate of all…  he had a very youthful appearance.”  Gregory said, “…  he resembled a 20-year old.  By 2002 he looked like an 80-year old man…. there is ample scientific literature that indicates that electromagnetic waves disrupt the sleep patterns of human beings; lack of sleep causes accelerated aging.   It is a scientific fact.”  

During the Reagan years, Mary begins to document case histories of co-workers.  Specifically those who lived alone and “dropped dead” in their homes after 9/11:      She says of one co-worker, “… right after 9/11, Edmund was one of a dozen people living alone who mysteriously dropped dead.”   Edmund’s “… mother suddenly died,” too.   A man named Karlton collapsed and died.  Of Jeanne? “It turned out that she had lived alone and had suffered a heart attack.”   Mary notes, “We had an amiable and much-loved mail clerk, Ilana…  I was greatly saddened to hear that she suddenly collapsed and died right after 9/11.”    Mary documented Christine who, “… went home after work, opened the front door of her house, walked directly to her bed, and collapsed dead over it.”   Mary Gregory wonders about U.S. Customs co-worker Sahara-  “Our clerk suddenly died immediately after 9/11.  Had the government finished with its little experiment and tied off loose ends?”  

In the Queens apartment building across the street;  Mary found that targeting with directed energy weapons was occurring nightly just like in her own apartment building,  “… several single women who live alone state that they receive burn marks to their skin that eventually become permanent little red dots; they get taps on their blankets that feel as if something has dropped on the the bed; metal rods that they insert beneath open windows to keep them open are knocked out of the window frame and across the room.”  The women also, “…are awakened in the middle of the night by a sudden scream that erupts in midair just inches from their ears.  In addition, there have been an inordinate number of residents on my block who have died of brain cancer.”

The apartment building across the street from Gregory’s had a friend die of pancreatic cancer, and “…it is significant that five other people in her building also died of cancer that same month.”  Customs officer Gregory reports, “The reason that I hold that my sleepy little street in Rego Park has been chosen to be the site of a DARPA experiment is because of the multitude of driver-less cars that I have seen here.   Since August of 2005, I have observed more than two dozen vehicles with no driver in the driver’s seat.  So have my neighbors.”   Were invisibility suits being mass produced and used to target individuals with directed energy weapons- and weaponized nano-particles containing all manner of diseases?  Are invisibility suits equipped with jet packs for easy access to rooftop targeting or fire escape targeting?

Gregory quotes Juvenal, from Satires (1st-2nd century AD,) “But who will guard the guards?”

Gregory writes in 2011, “Today, I look vastly different from the way that I did just one year ago.  I look like an old woman.  And I know why…   My sleep is interrupted every night with electrical shocks to my brain; deep stabbing daggers to my stomach, liver, and pancreas; deep sharp pinpricks to my arms, legs and torso that first draw blood and then leave little brown dots; the moving wave rippling across my blanket all by itself when I lie perfectly still in the solitude of the night; the Nazis maliciously focus the wave on the groin area to harass their victims even more… I cannot return to sleep… EMs can wake someone up or put him to sleep … this is called brain entrainment.”

duck at park My friend at the park.

Today received some emails with traditional ways of dealing with Morgellon’s disease.   One TI advised, “Get peppermint oil. Mix in bowl and a plastic sprayer bottle, dawn dish detergent & warm water… scrub and spray – it works.”  Sage advice.   The TI from another country peacefully working with activists against chemtrails, noted that, the whole group became targeted with, “… helicopters and planes, and drones spraying them with what they soon learned was morgellons.”  Thank you TI friends for your support.

5 chemtrails above friends apartment house two days after Thanksgiving img_8101 yesterdays chemtrail  Photos of chemtrails above the residences of friends in Missouri and Arkansas.  The ‘X’ is over my home.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God. So be it.  It is so.  Amen.

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