So close to God Blessing above front porch today.

Does the Network Collective, (and their wealthy supporters like former employers) based out of Highlandville, MO thirty minutes from where I live… install cameras, or train non-stop radar in homes of involuntarily targeted individuals?  See photos below where on EMF reader saw danger 6 magnetic set on 0-3 range at kitchen sink and ran to get camera.   As leaving kitchen heard someone outside cuss.  Minutes later back with camera, the danger level 6 had dropped on EMF reader to danger 4.5 magnetic set on 0-3 range.  Minutes later took another photo and reading down lower still at 2.5.  Half hour later took photo of completely low magnetic wave at 1.75.

Are those targeting with directed energy weapons (DEWs,) attempting to make sure there is no evidence that shows a 24/7 whole-house DEW unit beaming danger magnetic waves into home since 2016?   This whole-house DEW unit’s magnetic wave danger is above and beyond the high microwaves aimed from hand-held DEW’s during- remote torture, BCI, remote EMF rape and slow-kill since June 2016.  Note times below from Sept. 20, 2018.

4.25 Magnetic set at 0-3 range, minutes earlier on 6 but no camera then 4.5 magnetic danger 7:44 pm, (down from #6 minutes earlier.)

cameras in home or radar keeps track in home after camera retrieved Magnetic waves kept falling 2.5 magnetic at 7:48 pm

kept falling after getting camera 1.75 magnetic at 8:30 pm – This level of radiation in home which seems low is actually a slightly higher level than the EMF reader leaning up against a public computer- by it’s tower at Library Center in Springfield, MO.  See below:

at library center up against running computer reads 1.5 magnetic on 0-3 range much lower than at kitchen sink reading 7 -Taken August 1, 2018 at 1.5 magnetic set on 0-3 range.

Continuing with Mary Gregory’s 2011 book, “Microwave Experiment: Story of government Testing on a United States Customs Officer.”  Gregory records psyops during 1992 when she worded at the World Trade Center (WTC) and in her apartment.  “I am convinced that a military intelligence agency was experimenting with us, mostly single women living alone.  We were the object of psyops, germ warfare resulting in death, and a barrage of electromagnetic waves that would eventually cause obsessive-compulsive behavior, autoimmune disease, difficulty focusing, the inability to concentrate and the loss of memory.”  Mary noted that during the night after office hours in WTC  Customs Offices the desks would be moved, personal items and office reports taken, and some co-workers found semen on the floor by their desks and swastikas drawn in dust on office furniture.

“… a single, white woman, living alone,”  Mary wrote is, “The lab mouse of choice for the Nazi mind.”  Documenting that single women living alone, the handicapped, (and minorities) are, “… considered to be marginal members of society.  The experimenters choose as subjects people who live alone for a very important reason: when psyops are conducted at the person’s residence, there are not witnesses present to testify in court or provide corroborating testimony.  The Pentagon selectively chooses situations where there are no witnesses…  Government experimentation on unsuspecting, non-consenting American citizens is much more widespread than is commonly thought…”  -circa 1992.

IMG_5186  Two home break-ins in April 2017 after twenty years living peacefully at the home I own outright.  A padlock on outside of front door was removed completely and put back haphazardly when I was away.  See picture above. 

In the past two days, since helicopters circled my home…  the lock closed onto the padlock enclosure, has been opened and left dangling from hook when I get home.   The bolt lock in front door remained locked on both days when padlock opened.

Text messages from cell phone get to relatives and friends days later or not at all.  Mail is disrupted or late, never did receive home-taxes last year and had to go in to city hall to pay on time.  When targeting first started in June 2016 if talking on phone, there was such static heard on other end… that friends and relative inevitably asked, “Do you hear all that static?”  -Since then targeting with hand-held DEWs stops when I’m on the phone so there is no evidence of EMF disruption of phone signal.

(From Merriam-Webster Dictionary psyops– is defined as military psychological operations, that conveys selected information and indicators to the ‘enemy’ audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of organizations, groups, and individuals.)

Back to 1992.  Mary Gregory writes that one by one, customs officers spent a couple months in the Custom’s fraud investigation department– to learn their techniques at WTC.  When it was Mary’s turn she met Nia, a 32 year old Chinese-American.   Leyla a white woman in her 30’s.  Johnson an African-American in his 50’s.   And Monty a thirty year old African-American.   Writes Gregory- “I met them all and grew to love and respect them…  That is why I was devastated when they all died, one by one, all around the same time, all in the same year.  They all worked on the same floor…  Leyla died suddenly over the weekend.  Monty also collapsed unexpectedly.  Everyone was surprised that someone young and in excellent health would suddenly fall ill and die.  Nia contracted cancer and died; Johnson also died of cancer.”   Mary Gregory, wonders if experiments with EMF’s and ethnic-germ warfare were responsible- “As far back as November 1970 the Military Review disclosed that it was the government’s intention to develop ethnic weapons that are designed to kill certain races.  The Military review is an official publication of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.”

Another single woman customs coworker, Alexandra died in 1995 the moment she retired.   A co-worker Madeleine was “very bright and intelligent.”  Gregory wrote of Madeleine’s efficient office.  But after the EMF attacks started, “… electromagnetic waves continually ricocheting off the metal cabinets and acrylic walls,” harming Madeleine’s brain so bad she soon exhibited obsessive-compulsive behavior that was uncontrollable.   Raymond, a white, Jewish co-worker developed colon-cancer.   Mary notes, “Project Pandora has proven that EM’s cause all kinds of cancer.”   

In the 1977 “Zapping of America” by Paul Brodeur cumulative military and private studies on microwave effects over decades on humans are brought forth to the reader.  Brodeur documents all evidence research concluded-  physical body parts most effected by microwaves and EMF’s- are the eyes, brain, elimination-organs and nervous system to name a few.  DNA is mutated.  Brodeur noted that hypochondria and obsessive-compulsive behavior was the most notable psychological impacts of EMF attacks.

Custom’s officer Mary Gregory – (and U.S. Diplomats in Moscow from 1950’s-70’s) knew DNA mutates under EMF attack.  “... mutations in mitochondrial DNA…”  from neuronal degeneration results from,  “… disturbances in calcium homeostasis.  Calcium-ion efflux!  Dr. William Ross Adey has demonstrated in the lab that… electromagnetic waves causes physiological changes in the brain, including changes in the binding of calcium- and this leads to changes in perception and behavior.” 


Chapter Six is on the 2001 presidential year of George Bush.  Under the heading Mary writes –“A military operation involves deception.  Even though you are competent, appear to be incompetent.  Though effective, appear to be ineffective.”  -Sun TZU from the 5th century BC, in “The Art of War.” 

Mary went to work, and she recalls in her notes that, “… in the World Trade Center at 5:30 AM… The magazine store opposite the Disney Store… was not open.  This was unusual because in the past it had always opened between 5-5:30 AM.  … However, not only had that particular stand not yet opened, all the newsstands which regularly opened early were closed.  It looked like everyone was taking his time.  …I wondered whether there would be any more busloads of tourists today.  I did not see any… 6 AM.  I opened the door to my office and turned on the light.  … I greeted some of my coworkers…  At 8:46 AM we heard a muffled metallic thud.  We all looked up.  It sounded as if someone had thrown over a filing cabinet upstairs.   Suddenly we heard another heavy metallic thud.  (First plane hit WTC.)   We looked up at the ceiling again.  It did indeed sound like filing cabinets were being overturned.  …Suddenly a GS-14 (manager) came running down the hallways with terror in his eyes.  “Let’s get out of here!” 

Mary raced from her office in WTC building 6- across a footbridge to take shelter in  WTC building 7.   “Soon there was a crowd of Customs people standing in front of Seven looking up.  … Suddenly we were stunned to see a man falling 60 stories to his death…  Soon after that another man fell down the side of One into the alleyway.”  Walking to stand next to her GS-14 Mary documented,  “Why are these people jumping?” I asked hoarsely, trembling and disoriented.  “Because it is so hot up there that they can’t stand it,” he answered every softly and gently.  And there we stood, suspended in surreality, as we watched one person after the next jump to his death.”   Mary decided to go, but was not allowed to leave building Seven.   That is when she remembered that the Secret Service and CIA were located in Seven.   It is at this time Mary Gregory was told by a security guard of the CIA coming in at 6 AM and moving out all their belongings.

Highly intelligent, ever inquisitive and perhaps in disbelief, Mary sought out and asked two other security guards and heard again the same story about CIA removing all their files from WTC Building 7 that morning.  Mary notes, “Floors 9-10 of 7 WTC were occupied by the U.S. Secret Serves; floor 23, New York City’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM); floor 24, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS); floor 25 was shared by the IRS, the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).”   Mary Gregory- “I strongly suspect that the CIA had timed its evacuation with the utmost precision, as it always did, when carrying out a false flag operation.”

Custom’s officer Mary Gregory wrote, “…after the second plane hit Two, at 9:30:11 AM, the security guards opened the doors and let us leave.  One suspects that the people who were directing them through their walkie-talkies were waiting for the second plane to hit…According to The 9/11 Commission Report, Flight 175’s transponder code was changed twice and air traffic controllers had to guess its position by its near misses with other aircraft.  If the controllers could not locate and identify the plane at every moment, how did they know that it was heading toward the World Trade Center?”  As all good people do who cannot believe the actions of evil people, Mary questions herself even though she was there and lived through it…  “Was I correct in arguing that the people who were directing the security guards must have had prior knowledge and were waiting for the second plane to hit before letting us out?” 

After being released from WTC Building 7,  Mary instinctively ran in a straight line from the towers but on a diagonal path counting on other tall buildings to be protective barriers in case the top of Building One fell and broke off.   Building Two fell first however, and a white cloud of debris thundered behind her, stopping just one block short of where she had turned to look back.  The debris later analyzed was filled with asbestos dust, glass dust, and steel dust.  Gregory notes to the reader that Building Two was the farthest from her-  “I am having difficulty typing this… I cannot bear to imagine… what would have happened… if One had fallen first.”   At 59th Street Bridge, Mary was pleasantly surprised that a caravan of empty buses pulled up to pick up survivors who were walking, noting- “Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was certainly well organized.”

On 9-11-2001 upon finding herself at home, Mary Gregory listened to three hours of French, practicing her diction and keeping herself sane.    When she finished her French practice, at 5:25 PM she turned on the news, “I was stunned to learn that WTC Seven, the great glass fortress in which my coworkers and I had found temporary shelter, had just fallen to the ground, at 5:20 PM.  And to think that I had sought shelter in that building just hours before!”


U.S. patriot Richard Gage- created the documentary film “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth,” in 2006 along with 3,020 other architects and engineers who are today supported by 22,185 citizens.   In Gage’s documentary, Building 7 was never hit by a plane, yet fell straight down into its architectural ‘footprint’ as did Buildings One and Two.

Custom’s Officer Mary Gregory, was allowed to go back to WTC Building Six on Thursday the 13th, to retrieve items from her desk which she could not get to…  Instead she took “souvenirs” of several catalogues from the lobby that were covered with a fine dust.  Writing that she should have saved the dust and had it analyzed.  Gregory-  “I should have sent them to a lab to check for residue of explosives: there is testimony on tape that people heard explosions on multiple floors in the towers.”  

Saturday, September 15th Mary Gregory purposefully goes to talk with a neighbor who has a family member married to police officer in the 112th Precinct.  The woman tells Mary that- “The doughnut shop on this address and the kiosk at that location packed up and disappeared on September 10.  What do you think of that?”  The neighbor further stated, “… boarded up their doors and vanished into thin air.”

Sunday, September 16th, Mary noted a homeless-looking man in rags who started to ask her questions about 9/11.  She answered them honestly then noticed he was holding a recorder.  They spoke 15 minutes and then- “… a car stopped abruptly right in front of us and the driver double parked in the middle of the Drive.  She got out and approached the (homeless) man.  “I got one.  It’s a lucky day!” he announced gleefully as he removed the tape deck from his device and handed it to her.  She abruptly grabbed it, turned, piled into her car, and sped off.”  Later Mary realized he must be a NYPD undercover cop.  Then in mid-October of 2001 “vicious electronic phenomena,” attacked Mary Gregory as never before.

That is when, Mary began researching other incidents.  Noting:  “On September 11, 1973 the CIA overthrew the government of Chile.  On September 11, 1990 at precisely 9:09 PM George Herbert Walker Bush…”  spoke before a joint session of Congress about Persian Gulf War- Bush said, “Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective- a new world order- can emerge…”  And Mary wrote-  “On September 11, 2001 the U.S. government staged a false flag operation…”

Mary writes about individuals aiding in the 9/11 attacks- “July 2000 Mohammed Atta… arrived from Hamburg, Germany… stayed in the Florida house of Iran-Contra pilot Charlie Voss.   Voss worked as book-keeper at Huffman Aviation in Venice, Florida;  Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi took flying lessons at Huffman Aviation for five months.  …The Washington Post reported that six of the 19 hijackers lived on U.S. military bases.  …Two of the hijackers, Khalid Almihdhar and Nawaf Alhazmi, lived with an FBI informant…”

Mary Gregory kept digging and found on the morning of 9/11 “There were a dozen mock drills that morning… Who arranged all of these mock drills?  The DoD, of course?”   Mary couldn’t understand why?  “… The debris at the World Trade Center was cleared out… even though the site was a crime scene and at any other crime scene, the evidence would be held indefinitely for forensic analysis by law enforcement agencies.”  Gregory wrote, the debris was “...rapidly transported to Asia where the steel would be recycled into new products.”

Then Gregory mentions the unmentionable.  The Stock Market. “On Thursday, September 6, 2001, there was huge surge in put options for the following companies: American Airlines (operator of Flight 11 and  Flight 77,) United Airlines (operator of Flight 175 and Flight 93), Morgan Stanley (which occupied 22 floors of 1 WTC), Merrill Lynch (headquartered near the WTC), Bank of America, and reinsurance companies Munich Re of Germany, Swiss Re of Switzerland, and AXA Group of France (that had to pay out billions to cover losses from 9/11).”  Gregory explained of United Airlines that between September 6-10 put options were 90-285, “…times higher than normal.”  And lastly,  “… there was a spike in call options on Raytheon (the defense contractor… whose clients include the CIA and NSA.)”


(Raytheon, along with other companies like SAIC mass produce microwave, and EMF directed energy weapons.  SAIC is believed to have produced a viable ‘invisibility suit’ decades ago by allegedly securing Richard N. Schowengerdt’s 1994 patent U.S.5307162 for ‘national security’ military purposes.  Raytheon’s annual revenue in 2017 was $25 billion with 64,000 employees.   SAIC’s revenue is $4.5 billion annually with 15,000 employee globally- SAIC’s new name is Leidos.)

Customs Officer Mary Gregory researched back to 1993 when the FBI were using “... aerial infrared surveillance footage…”  and “… laser pulse weapons…”  Mary writes, “What  we do know for sure is that the FBI employed forward looking infrared radar (FLIR) to image…” and  “… penetrate walls to discern human beings…  It is used for surveillance of people…”  Writing that FLIR in 2011- “...can image in real time.”  Mary noted that a laser pulse weapon can be used to cause explosions, fire and for suddenly ‘stopping’ vehicles; among other attributes.   Gregory-  “Similarly, on 9/11, Flight 93 crashed in Shanksville, PA.     Just before it crashed, someone on a cellphone declared that he had just seen a flash of light outside the plane.”

beautiful sky  Wonderful cloud.  Heading home after library.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

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