Blue Morning Glory and pollen Beauty by the One God by Any Name.

Continuing with Mary Gregory’s 2011 book, “Microwave Experiment: Story of Government Testing on a United States Customs Officer.”   Because of all the EMF attacks on customs officers and their subsequent deaths while working at the World Trade Center before September 11, 2001.  After 9/11 Gregory began researching on internet all manner of phenomena she believed was caused by EMF and Microwave weapons at her work places.  In 2003 Mary found that, “…it is scientifically feasible to use resonance to shatter solid objects above or below the ground by focusing an electromagnetic wave on it that resonates at the same frequency as the object…  Nikola Tesla had done it in 1887 or 1888 in the building that housed his laboratory on 48 East Houston Street, NY, NY.”

Mary writes that Bernard J. Eastlund’s patent US4,686,605 for electropulse directed at the ionosphere basically made thermonuclear weapons obsolete.  Mary noted: “Because a very delicate balance exists between the electromagnetic field surrounding the earth… a concentrated electromagnetic pulse directed at the ionosphere and then deflected down can shake tectonic plates beneath the ocean and bring about earthquakes. “

HAARP  HAARP #2 2 photos of HAARP.

Eastlund’s patent US 4686605 is now owned by BAE Systems and is titled under ‘Classification’ as a “Directed Energy Weapons, i.e. devices that direct a beam of high energy content toward a target for incapacitating or destroying the target.” Priority date 1985.  HAARP works by transmitting radio waves into the ionosphere, between 60-90 miles in altitude.  The waves literally bounce off clouds and can be aimed anywhere on earth. 

In Gakona, Alaska the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was built in 1993 by the US Air Force, Navy, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  HAARP was designed and built by BAE Advanced Technologies.   BAE systems Inc based in London, is the world’s second biggest defense contractor.   Annual revenue (from US tax dollars?) is $10 BILLION.   There is a ‘Special Security Agreement’ that BAE operates under with US programs.

Mary wrote, “… I thought that the Pentagon uses weather control in its military theater: it can achieve its desired ends and the people under attack do not even suspect that they are being targeted.” 

Chapter Eight is about 2004 under President Bush.  Mary quotes, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” -Lord Action, Letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton from April 3, 1887.

From her research Mary documents that during, “1946-2001 the DoD trained more than 61,000 Latin American soldiers and police at the school of the Americas at Fort Benning in Georgia.

She records personally being effected by the, “CIA staged a coup in Cyprus in 1974 … I lost the house that I inherited from my father.  The Turks, at the behest of the Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, invaded the island; they occupied my house and threw out my uncles… He died of pneumonia sleeping outdoors in the winter time.  The Turks, with the support of the United States, ethnically cleansed Cyprus of 160,000 Greek Cypriots and invited 50,000 Turks to take over their homes. The USS Little Rock was stationed in the Mediterranean to assure Turkish victory.”  Gregory surmises that it was over oil.  “In 1975 the Union Oil Company of California, dba Unocal, made plans to construct an oil pipeline across the Middle East through Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, …and through Turkey.  Unocal was acquired by Chevron in 2005.”

Soon Gregory’s coworkers began asking her questions about world politics.  Mary answered one saying, “On December 19-20, 1983, Rumsfeld went to Baghdad and gave Saddam mustard gas and nerve agent… bis-(2-chlorethyl)-sulfide, also known as mustard gas and ethyl N, N-dimethylphosphoroamidocyanidate, a nerve agent known a talbun.  And then in March 1984 Saddam used these two chemicals on Iranian soldiers. Then in 1988 he dropped poison gas on Kurdish civilians, his own people, from American-built helicopters.”

Gregory ran across evidence that in 2000 the, “DoD began running every domestic telephone conversation through the DARPA computer looking for keywords…”

International destruction of religious sites and governments chosen by their people, caused Mary to write- “The globalist agenda is to methodically erode and eradicate every last vestige of  national identity and religion on the planet. When that has been accomplished, men will no long unite to defend their ‘tribe’ against those at the corporate top because there will no longer be any identity to defend.”  

On 3/11 2004 on a commuter line in Madrid, Spain ten bombs exploded and 1,800 were murdered.  Gregory- “I thought that the purpose of 3/11 was to Nazify Europe…” Mary noted fear controls people beyond reasoning, as it did in the US after 9/11;  “First they scare the uneducated, uninformed masses with a terrorist attack, then they saturate the air waves with conservative talk radio.”  -Mary even voiced her findings to coworkers before going to her desk.  “I entered my cubicle and sat down.  A thunderous CRACK! Resonated against my metal clothing closet inches from where I sat.  Then there was a SNAP! Bouncing off the plastic countertop in front of me. Then I got a sharp pin prick to the center of my chest just beneath my neck.  It stung like a needle-thin dagger that had penetrated deep beneath the surface of the skin.”

Since the World Trade Center Customs Offices phenomena, “Everyone heard the violent snaps and clicks that resonated off the (office) furniture.  (Microwaves.)  Several people called them “pings.”  Everyone heard them, they all acknowledged that they were surrounded by them, and yet no one admitted that he was stung by them. Back then I wondered whether I had ingested a state of the art, dust-sized RFID tag.” Only Gregory got the tiny burns in her flesh.

Customs officer Mary Gregory got transferred again, to just down the hall where she worked.  (She would retire in three and a half years after this move.  Her new office was a cubicle that did not have a lock on it’s door.  Mary was made to work in the cubicle where a Jewish, 54 year old man, Bart had just died.   -Even though the lights in the cubicle would not turn on until 9-10am.  (She was not allowed to take over the cubicle where a coworker had just retired.)  Mary was the replacement for these two coworkers.  It was a shock then, when two employees in her new section, suddenly died.   Mary-“... two more employees died: …a single Christian woman, and …a married Jewish man.  Hence, the Customs supervisors had to attend three funerals.”

Sitting in her cubicle Gregory notes, “... a new form of harassment began and it was nasty indeed: every morning at 6:30 AM thick, strong cigarette smoke would be blown into my cubicle from the air vent directly above my chair… It became a challenge to see how much work I could accomplish in the morning before the cigarette smoke overwhelmed me at 6:30 AM… I sent my supervisor an email message, but my effort proved to be futile.  I had to live with the stench emanating from the vent over my head until the day I retired. Today there is no doubt in my mind that this was part of a military intelligence experiment… I was a lab mouse with a badge.”

Mary Gregory wonders if  the electrical shocks are behavior modification?  “Does the method used consist of first tearing down the subject with shocks and then building him up into something different?”

In July of 2004 Mary Gregory heard sound materialize midair in her apartment then saw sizzling and crackling.  Between her floor and ceiling several feet above Mary’s prone figure resting in bed -something like miniature lightning appeared momentarily.

In the summer of 2004 the author finds a cat and names her Misty.

On September 11, 2004 Gregory was listening to the Greek radio show ‘Cosmos’ FM on WYNE 91.5 NY.  The show’s regular programing was interrupted for a special announcement… a helicopter just crashed into the Aegean moments before… the entire hierarchy of the Greek Orthodox Church (especially Petros VII, Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa) on the African continent.  …The helicopter was a twin engine U.S. Army Chinook helicopter that was only 1 ½ year old.  Visibility was good that morning. It carried 12 passengers and 5 crew members; everyone aboard died in the crash.”  Gregory believes that any significant political occurrence that takes place on the 11th day, or 9/11, “… is the telltale sign of U.S. intelligence agencies carrying out covert activities and false flag operations…”  Mary gives details of the people who died in the crash.   Printing the entire letter Petra wrote to Bush pleading how Orthodox Christians and the Muslims were enjoying relative peace, so Bush not invade Iraq.   –Will continue with Mary Gregory’s 2011 “Microwave Experiment: Story of Government Testing on a United States Customs Officer.”

unmanned Shadow Aircraft

RQ-7 Shadow 200 locates, recognizes and identifies targets up to 100 miles. Today the Shadow unmanned aircraft carry payloads of sensors for surveillance and electronic warfare systems.

Note: Raytheon, BAE Systems and Applied Systems Technology to find, an article by Norma Autry in Aviation Week & space Technology from July 30, 2001 records the three each having won $3.5-million contracts (U.S. taxes) from the U.S. Army to begin development of a signals intelligence sensor for the service’s Shadow 200 tactical unmanned aerial vehicle.  Today in 2018, the RQ-7 Shadow 200 unmanned aircraft by AAI a defense contractor is in service with the US Army and US Marine Corps.

In March 2002, AAI received a contract valued at $22.3m to extend TUAS production, bringing the value of the TUAV programme to $135m. AAI Corporation developed the airborne video surveillance (AVS) capability demonstrated on the Shadow TUAS, with the US DOD Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).  The Global Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Market 2011-2021  –This project forms part of our recent analysis and forecasts of the global unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) market available from our business information platform Strategic Defense Intelligence.”  -From

By January 2010, the US Army, Army National Guard, Army Special Forces and Marine Corps ordered 116 Shadow 200 systems.  91 Shadow systems delivered by January 2010.  In May 2010, Saab awarded $31.4m contract for two Shadow 200 systems for the Swedish Armed Forces.  In July 2010, $64m order from Italian Army for four Shadow TUASs.   In August 2010, Australia contracted $175m for 18 RQ-7B Shadow 200 TUASs for Australian troops operating in Afghanistan. Delivered in August 2011 and first half of 2012.  US Army $358m (tax dollars) for 45, RQ-7B Shadow TUASs received 2013.  -From

Pink Glory in the morning  Thank you beauty for letting us see.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

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