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Continued review of chapter ten- ‘2006’, of Mary Gregory’s 2011 “Microwave Experiment: Story of Government Testing on a United States Customs Officer.”  (My comments are in pink and parenthesis.)  Mary wrote that suddenly in an email the, “DHS (Department of Homeland Security,) wants to know whether I have a cellphone.”  Mary did not.  She did not have a T.V.  In fact being so attacked by EMF weapons, she had city utilities shut off electricity permanently from her apartment, the gas and running water were left on.  When she researched the phone number in the DHS email message, the area code was from a suburb in Maryland: “Could this be a psyop?”  Mary wrote, “I boarded the “F” train at Roosevelt Avenue…”  and began a conversation with a woman in the train who asked Mary, “Do you have a cell phone?” “No,” I said.  “Are you sure?” She looked at me suspiciously as if she did not believe me.  What did she mean, am I sure?  Who was she, anyway?  …as soon as we pulled into the next station, I dashed out onto the platform and rushed into the next car.”

Mary began moving her bed to different rooms in the apartment attempting to stop being attacked with EMF weapons.  (Ditto.)  The only place she found that worked the best was in the kitchen.   She found the metal refrigerator- (which she never used), stove and other metal appliances made it harder for EMFs hit on target.  (EMF weapon targeting occurs when I visit friends.  Usually end up in their kitchens for all the metal appliances in them.  Wrapped in blankets on the floor in order to get a couple hours sleep.  For friends who do not know am a targeted individual, always management to get up before anyone rises.)

Mary- “Dear reader, do you see the danger that exists when the federal government recruits local police to carry out its affairs under the guise of homeland security?  The cops are given only a little information on a need to know basis. Hence, they fully participate in the Pentagon’s Nazi experiments, get much needed information for the feds, and yet they remain oblivious to their complicity.”

US Customs Officer Mary Gregory walked everywhere, took trains and buses to get places.  “I noticed that every time I approached a corner on a back street, a vehicle would suddenly appear and make a left turn or a right turn directly in front of me.  It was always a white box truck. As this happened more often, I became more and more indignant.”  (When visiting friends in California, if attacks with directed energy weapons  are too harsh always go outside to walk in the night.  On a last visit, at each corner  at least three cars, sometimes up to five cars all in a row would speed to the corner was ready to cross… and do U-turns right in front of me before heading back the direction from which they came.)   One day Mary decided to have some fun, and she takes a chair to sit on the sidewalk at a corner.   Mary writes that those driving the white trucks didn’t know what to do, “The same white box trucks, with the same people in the cab, drove around and around the block, turning at the corner and glaring at me as I obstinately sat in my folding chair on the corner…”  On another day Mary once again took her folding chair and,  “Invariably, a parade of vehicles materialized.  One after the next, all in a conga line, they turned the corner a block away, came up one short block to where I was perched on my seat, drove around me, and back in the other direction.  I noticed that the same parade, comprised of the same cars, was circling the block over and over again.”  (Love Mary, she is a TI after my own heart.  Caught myself laughing out loud in the Library Center in Springfield, MO and quickly refrained so as not to disturb others, while reading her book.)

Being a thinking individual and one who questions- which is why most TIs are targeted… Mary reasoned from all her research and experience that, “Now that I look back on this, I understand that the Pentagon was using Rego Park as a test site for urban warfare.  That is where the entire robotic car program was headed: towards navigating the urban environment while carrying military weapons aboard (DEWs); that is what DARPA’s Urban Challenge (for driverless cars) was all about; that is what the British Ministry of Defense’s Grand Challenge sought to accomplish…  Now that I know about DARPS’s Urban Challenge, I know that the car that will intercept pedestrians during urban warfare in the future will be driverless.”

Mary documented that she began hearing cyclic, rhythmic sounds in her sleep.  Some metallic and others a “… tapping against the window glass directly to the left of my bed…I resolved to ask all the neighbors… whether they heard distinctly electronic sounds that vanished the moment they awoke.  It turn out that several women living alone did and that over time, they found it extremely annoying. They added that the furniture and appliances often shook. Then things started to get progressively more creepy at night.”

Mary writes that she received a singular “... tap on the comforter on my bed repeated like clockwork and that always happened just moments before the alarm clock was set to go off at 4 AM.”

US Customs Officer Mary Gregory wonders if her body has something in it attracting more directed energy than other people?  “A state of the art, microscopic radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, perhaps?   … In 2001 Hitachi announced the Mu-chip measuring just 0.4mm x 0.4mm and transmitting at 2.45 GHz with a tiny antenna…  On February 13, 20076 Hitachi announced the advent of an even smaller RFID chip, on that measures 0.05mm x 0.05mm, the size of a dust particle- it is called RFID dust.”  Mary wonders if she ate food with RFID dust in it. And could DARPA use RFID dust “… identify the position of specific individuals in a large urban population?” Mary questions every New Yorker she comes in contact with about what is happening to her.  “A cashier in a local drugstore told me that she also gets pinpricks when someone points a cellphone at her… It is also significant that she gets and moving wave across the blanket at night.” Mary asks, “Did DARPA drop RFID dust from an aircraft…”  (what are known as chemtrails.)   

The experimentation on Mary always changed and she began hearing an, “...explosion of sound outside my ear.”  And, “I received burn marks to my skin when lying in bed…  Moreover, I have compared experiences with my neighbors and everyone attests to the fact that soon after they begin experiencing an electrical spark against their flesh or movement across the blanket, their intestines are full of gas.  Again, this provides evidence that microwave is being used to heat up the water in the body.”

“Dear  reader,”  Mary writes, “imagine for a moment the following scenario:  you a re laying in bed fast asleep; it is the middle of the night; you are alone; it is dark; you live on a quiet little street in Queens town where they roll up the sidewalk after dark; suddenly, without warning, a deafening loud “WHAAAAA!” erupts in midair, just a few inches from your left ear.  And it happened again a few nights later. This time it was a 2 second phoneme that sounded like a tape recording of a raucous crowd. It could have been a sound byte of a New Year’s celebration at Times Square.”  (See New York Times newspaper, of August 29, 2003 by Marshall Sella.  An interview with Woody Norris (who occasionally helps NASA,) about his HyperSonic Sound (HSS) hand-held device smaller than a dinner plate.  That can travel 450 feet and put a person in a ‘column of sound’ that includes thunder, waterfall, hail or ANY sound that can be recorded.  And Norris’ HIDA system- “HIDA can instantaneously cause loss of equilibrium, vomiting, migraines- really, we can pretty much pick our ailment,” Norris says brightly.”  In June of 2003, Sella reported Norris’s company “... cut a five-year, multi million-dollar licensing agreement with General Dynamics, one of the giants of the military-industrial complex.”  -Microwaves can cause tapping and pinging sounds on objects, as well as other sounds.)

Mary began covering herself completely to protect her body and face, leaving only her nose, mouth and chin out.  She writes, “I would be abruptly awakened, night after night, by a blast of air directed to my upper lip… How much more could I cover up, I wondered.  I had to breathe… This reveals the absolute precision with which the Pentagon can image through a brick wall. My experience is corroborated by that of a woman, also single and living alone, who lives across the street from me, and who is also awakened night after night by a scream that erupts just inches from her ear.”  

Mary logs in her book “The sadistic psyop continued…”  It didn’t matter what time of day she existed her home, a car would speed by the sidewalk in front of the apartment building and the driver would “… glance directly at me with the accuracy of a champion dart thrower.”  The look on their face was never pleasant.  Mary concludes, “The militarization of space, the driverless cars, the surveillance from afar, the attacks from aircraft, performed in real time, from  a remote location, via a network, have been developed to control the masses.”

Once Mary got to work, she kept a log on all her EMF attacks during the last three years in US Customs office. ( Looking at the log, the reader realizes just how intelligent and brave Mary is to put up with all the attacks she suffered that were intended to break her physically and mentally… to ruin her credibility.)  From one such log, “8:16 AM.  A coworker pays me a visit to confer on a work-related issue.  She sits down in my guest chair and we begin to converse. Suddenly, a powerful metallic SNAP! Strikes off the clothing closet just inches from her head.  Startled, she cried out, “What was THAT?” I am glad that I have a witness. I say that this goes on all day long. She recommends that I talk to the supervisor about being moved to another cubicle.  Then she picks up her works and quickly leaves.”

Mary notes that at work the US Customs Office printer will start up when she walks by.  (Interestingly where I worked for twenty years, the printer in the manager’s office would always print an extra copy of whatever I had printed a half hour after I closed out of my employer’s computer work screen.  Even when managers assisted claiming that ‘2’ was pushed for number of copies instead of ‘1’… a coworker would always hand a printout of something copied hours later.   Two years of research since becoming a TI in 2016 understand the phenomena and bizarre ‘symptoms’  suffered the last four years at a work place of twenty years, was from being targeted with EMFs and directed energy weapons…)

On October 11, 2006 at 2:41 PM, Mary Gregory writes that licensed pilot, “Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle’s single-engine plane crashed into the 30th and 31st floors of a 40-story Upper East Side skyscraper.  The circumstances were suspicious… the tragedy occurred a month before Election Day 2006, when control of the House and Senate was a big issue… Lidle’s passport was found on the street, just as the FBI miraculously found a hijacker’s passport in the rubble of the World Trade Center… “  Mary believed the Bush administration made sure the public’s fear factor and memory would support voting for existing republicans who handled 9/11.   She wondered about the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), “The same FAA that destroyed the taped interviews that six air traffic controllers had provided of their communications on the morning of 9/11?”

Mary then writes about many plane crashes that were suspect.  Crucial members up for election in the democratic party died in plane crashes.  As did important people like Senators John Towers and John Heinz who were investigators in the Iran-Contra investigation.  Mary asks, “What is the statistical probability that two senators involved in the Iran-Contra Congressional hearings would die in airplane crashes within one day of each other?”  Mary notes that Governor Mel Carnahan of Missouri, “... died in a plane crash on October 17, 2000; his son, Randy and an aide also perished in the crash.  At that time Carnahan was running for the Senate seat held by incumbent Republican Senator John Ashcroft… Carnahan was ahead in the polls with a 5% lead.”  There were many others Mary Gregory lists.  She notes Michael Connell died in a plane crash, “He was just about to go public about vote-tampering during the 2004 presidential elections and disclose the complicity of senior members of the Bush administration in fixing the election and destroying incriminating emails.”  Military documentation on EMFs or an EMP hitting a plane can cause fire, or stop engines mid flight.  “Prior to Carnahan’s crash there were several eyewitness accounts that there was a bright flash in the vicinity of the aircraft.” -Mary Gregory.

Ever researching- targeted individual Mary Gregory notes, “Saddam Hussein was executed on December 30, 2006… Nine days later, all charges for the Kurd massacre of the 1980’s were dropped.”  Mary wrote that the crime of killing 148 Shiites was chosen to prosecute Saddam Hussein because a later crime involved Donald Rumsfeld who met with Hussein in, “…Baghdad in December 1983 and gave him mustard gas and nerve agent; by 1988 he used what Rummy had given him to kill the Kurds, his own people.  He dropped American poison gas on the Kurds from American-made helicopters.”  If they had picked this later crime to prosecute Hussein, Mary wrote that, “they would have to bring Rummy on trial along with him, and all of the Nazis in the Bush crime family.”

When Mary finally brought her “bug detector” to work it vibrated each time she passed one of the sixty paintings that FEMA donated to the US Customs Office.  Earlier Mary  found all the paintings on a ‘spy’-website as equipment to use in offices to ‘watch and listen to employees.” But the concrete fact of her “bug detector” vibrating in her pocket, each time she passed a painting registered so hard on Mary’s subconscious, that she became quite ill and had to sit down.  Mary wrote, “I felt alone at that moment.

In December of 2006 at home, Mary writes at “… 5:45 AM I entered the bathroom and blew my nose.  Then I looked in the mirror and I was chilled to the bone to behold the gruesome specter in the reflection.  My eyes were two red disks, the white parts having been completely riddled with blood. To make matters worse blood was slowly dripping down from both nostrils…  I was scared. I had to do something.”  She ran to a store.  Bought a bottle of 1,000mg tablets of vitamin C, “... took one tablet every hour and the vitamin C worked beautifully.  By the following morning my eyes and cleared up… Then I had to wonder…”  Mary thought maybe her food had been “laced with pathogens… It appeared that the government was feeding me something that caused me to be a human radio.” (Most TIs have documented their eye-whites are pink or red every morning from horrible attacks with microwaves the night before.)   -End of Chapter Ten in Mary Gregory’s 2011 “Microwave Experiment: Story of Government Testing on a United States Customs Officer.”  Thank you Mary Gregory.

wonderful Dad traveling with son on motorized skateboard Wonderful Dad with son on motorized skate board Wonderful Dad and son slowly moving on public sidewalk on motorized skateboard.  Both having fun in Springfield, MO.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

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