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at Library Center computer 'tower' magnetic energy at same level as in my home Yesterday  response to yesterday's post.jpg In response to yesterday’s post.

The above photo on left shows level 3 on Magnetic 0-3 range sustained last   couple months from a whole house directed energy weapon.  The danger level of 7-8 Magnetic 0-3 range since June 2016 was lowered after being interviewed by a talk show host on InOtherNewsRadio of New York June 11, 2018 by Geoff Brady about being a targeted individual in Springfield, MO.   After posting the level for the first time yesterday, by the time I left the Library Center in Springfield, MO to arrive home was once again living in danger 5.5 Magnetic at 0-3 range.   Noticed it because my eyes were jiggling in their sockets and body was ‘sizzling.’  So took a picture.

2 law enforcement vehicles in library parking lot when leaving.jpg  At Library Center leaving yesterday.

Do ‘mentally ill’ persons in the United States have human rights and legal rights when reporting directed energy weapon attacks like those US diplomats in Cuba, China and Moscow endured?  Or do only ‘mentally well’ persons in the US have human and legal rights when reporting directed energy weapon attacks like those US diplomats in Cuba, China and Moscow endured?  Does the law enforcement in the US investigate criminal reports made by persons with ‘mental health’ issues as thoroughly as they do for ‘mentally well’ citizens?  

In 2016 the Springfield, MO Police Department categorized a TI in a ‘report’ as a ‘person of interest’ defining them as ‘possibly mentally ill’ and attempted to put the TI in a mental health lock down.  Because the TI asked Captain Pennington of the Springfield, MO Fire Department for a free home safety inspection due to an ‘electric current’ running through home for the first time in twenty years owning it.  (The Springfield woman in question did not know to define what felt like ‘electric current’ as magnetic or microwave radiation attacks- which are called electromagnetic frequencies.  And she did not know that the four years of stalking, harassment, intimidation, and the 2016 property crime attacks were part of organized crime activity.)   She finally went to the Library Center in Springfield, MO to use the internet in Springfield, MO,  seeking justice when three months later a pet died from injuries sustained from the dangerous EMFs.  The TI in question?

A woman who spent twenty years at her employer’s $billion corporation making the owners and the founder rich men and advocating for women’s rights and workplace ethics.  Once researching on the internet the TI realized she had been attacked with directed energy weapons in the work place for seven years as well…

Case studies on human rights and fundamental freedoms: a world survey,’ 1975 by Veenhoven, Willem; Ewing, Winifred; Samenlevingen, Stichting note, “The use of hospitals instead of jails also prevents the victims from receiving legal aid before the courts in some countries, makes indefinite incarceration possible, and discredits the individuals and their ideas.”

In 1975, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in O’Connor v. Donaldson that involuntary hospitalization and/or treatment violates an individual’s civil rights.  The individual’s behavior exhibited must show danger to themselves or others and a court order must be in hand for anything over 72-hour detention.   This judgement severely limits involuntary treatment and hospitalization in the United States.  The statutes vary somewhat from state to state.

Government agencies supporting involuntary treatment of US citizens are National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)..  The American Psychiatric Association.  And the Treatment Advocacy Center.

curled-hands courtesy of computer coward at F E -At a Springfield business.

As of 1990s, many states adopted Assisted Outpatient Commitment (AOC) laws.  AOC allows government agencies to ‘commit’ US citizens involuntarily outside psychiatric hospitals.  Forty-five states presently allow for outpatient commitment. 

In the 2005 Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry, “Psychiatrists have been involved in human rights abuses in states across the world when the definitions of mental disease were expanded to include political disobedience.”    Jonathan Metzl wrote about activists in his 2010 “The Protest Psychosis: How Schizophrenia Became a Black Disease,“As scholars have long argued, governmental and medical institutions code menaces to authority as mental diseases during political disturbances.”  

bass-pro-shops president-jim-hagale good-friend still works for my former work place really-good-friend- good-friend2 5-18-2017 friend 5-24-18 friendly

‘Medicine betrayed: the participation of doctors in human rights abuses,’ 1992 by  Zed Books:  “Psychiatry can be used to bypass standard legal procedures for establishing guilt or innocence and allow political incarceration without the ordinary odium attaching to such political trials.” 

How have some US medical ‘laws’ been made?  Please excuse the following documentation but it is a fact that in 1851 US physician Samuel A. Cartwright made up the illness “drapetomania” defining what caused black slaves to flee ‘owners’.  Cartwright is quoted having said “whipping the devil out of them” is prescribed remedy for disease.  A hundred years later in 1942, a white man Frances Farmer was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital for visiting the USSR.

During the Civil Rights Movement an African-American pastor, Clennon W. King, Jr was arrested and committed to mental hospital for stepping onto the campus of University of Mississippi to enroll as a student- it took twelve days in 1958 for doctors to prove his sanity for his release. 

Sociologist Erving Goffman, wrote that mental illness is an explanation of societies judgements to have power over non-conformists.

In the 1960’s the Ionia State Hospital in Michigan diagnosed African Americans that had “civil rights ideas” with schizophrenia.   (The DSM-2 was responsible.)

Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, insisted mental illness was a myth defining moral conflicts.

In the 1970’s psychiatrists used the term “Martha Mitchell effect” to denote mental health misdiagnoses when facts and accurate claims are disregarded as delusional.  Martha Mitchell had publicly alerted friends regarding President Nixon’s covert actions towards her and husband US Attorney General John Mitchell and diagnosed by doctors as “paranoid.

1971 Frank Kameny of the Gay Liberation Front stated, “Psychiatry is the enemy incarnate. Psychiatry has waged a relentless war of extermination against us. You may take this as a declaration of war against you.”  When American biologist Alfred Kinsey and US psychologist Evelyn Hooker gave research to the APA regarding homosexuality not being a mental illness.  In response the next year in 1974 APA’s, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-ll) diagnosed homosexuality as only a  “sexual orientation disturbance.”

Clinical psychologist Bruce E. Levine, wrote that the diagnosis of ‘oppositional defiant disorder‘ in DSM-V was purely psychiatric abuse.

San Jose, CA ‘Mercury News‘ 2014  article noted psychotropic drug use in the California foster care system.  As prescribed by state medical doctors.

California’s section 5150 ‘involuntary psychiatric hold’ is a law whereby the opinion of law enforcement officials holding no medical qualifications can cause the incarceration of ‘persons of interest‘ in mental hospitals.

true friends parked in front of friends house where I stay -San Diego

Whistleblower  NYPD veteran Adrian Schoolcraft was forced by a supervisor to falsify crime statistics.  After reporting this coercion he was committed in handcuffs to a psychiatric hospital and suspended from the force.   Secret tape-recordings of coercion were sent to the AP.  –Associated Press of October 9, 2010.

Unethical human nonconsensual experiments in the United States are documented in news, movies, documentaries and books as having exposed US citizens to deliberate-  infection from known diseases,  biological/chemical weapons,  forced mind-altering drugs,  toxic/radioactive chemicals,  interrogation/torture experiments,  and other experiments.  Most unethical was the fact that mainly  women, children, mentally disabled citizens, poor people, racial minorities, prisoners, and ill or disabled citizens were used as human subjects.  With project MKULTRA designed and funded by US CIA along with the AMA and American Psychiatric Association, US Army, DoD and more…   The CIA’s wholesale use of US citizens as nonconsensual experimental subjects took on a whole new meaning.  The CIA’s hypnosis, sexual abuse, drugs, EMFs and torture for mind-control involving  involuntary human experiments are still being done today under a different name.

After WWII the Declaration of Helsinki , the Nuremberg Code and the UN Ethical Considerations Regarding Access to Experimental Treatment and Experimentation on Human Subjects by Edgar and Cruz-Coke- defined protection of human rights during experiments.

Human Rights First website notes, “42 retired Generals and Admirals wrote, “Torture violates our core values as a nation. Our greatest strength is our commitment to the rule of law and to the principles embedded in our Constitution. Our servicemen and women need to know that our leaders do not condone torture of any kind.”

Yet Trump noted in his first TV interview recorded in the Guardian News of January 26, 2017 that “... torture “absolutely” works…”   Trump said, “... absolutely I feel it works.” 

Nonconsensual experimental subjects legally define their treatment as torture.

The Los Angeles Times of February 19, 2017 “Donald Trump’s pro-torture rhetoric could help bring abuse to a neighborhood near you” by Darius Rejali noted, “… Trump’s repeated pro-torture statements have already created a more permissive atmosphere for torture. The effects may be felt sooner, and closer to home, than we would like to think.”  Rejali wrote, “… the “black sites” run by the CIA after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were not the only places where Americans have interrogated and tortured detainees.  Secret interrogation locations appeared domestically decades before the CIA began using them overseas.”

Journalist Rejali, “More recently, in 2015, the Guardian broke the story of a police-run black site in Chicago, Homan Square, noting that the city’s police practices had begun to “echo” the abuse of detainees in the war on terror.  There is a long history of soldiers bringing torture techniques into police departments.”  Rejali noted, “Trump’s stance on torture is dangerous regardless of whether he succeeds in reviving its use in the war on terror.  His rhetoric can be read by law enforcement as permission to work outside the rules.”     Thank you Rejali.   -Professor Darius Rejali’s book, “Torture and Democracy,” won the American Political Science Assn.’s Human Rights Book of the Year Award in 2007.

Close up of people hanging out lookind down as Army chopper flys over home Short Army chopper flaps down circling house  Five hours of 2 helicopters circling home in Springfield, MO.   Have five hours of photos proving the aerial intimidation and harassment took place.

What happens when a ‘person of interest’ eludes involuntary mental health facility detention and law enforcement decide to incarcerate the US citizen on trumped up charges?  Aren’t there safeguards in place where this cannot happen?  Sept. 27-2018 National Public Radio today reported California is the first state in the US to end bail for suspects awaiting trial.  California’s bail system has been declared unconstitutional.   New law goes into effect October 2019.  -Instead, local courts will decide who stays in jail and who is released to await trial.   Judges will decide.  It will be interesting to see how many ‘persons of interest,’ activists, political dissidents, and whistle blowers will be released before trial.   Or kept in jail.

love woven Sometimes a targeted individual can see what the CIA wants them to see.  Their emails are hacked and WordPress.com blog posts hacked.   Anyway that a TI can be ridiculed and discredited -it will be done to them… especially if the TI is  making strides in bringing the U.S. CIA program of DEW targeting, non-consensual military/medical experimentation, and mind-control- to the public eye.  

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God. So be it.  It is so.  Amen.

Are You Secure?

what a cloud Beautiful.

“Perhaps I am more seasoned now than fifty years ago when I thought my students and I could change the world.  Now I know that we can, because this time I think I know the way, through the education and freeing of the mind-field.”  –Dr. Valerie Hunt wrote in 1989 ‘Infinite Mind’s,’ chapter five: “How strange that we cannot accept that all the marvelous things we invent or discover “out there” are really prototypes of the body and the mind-field… With mind-field knowledge, we would have less need of the CIA or FBI or satellite spying…  I believe that all the great and profound ideas ever expounded… are available to us today in their original vibrational forms.  They can be retrieved directly…”  Dr. Hunt went further… ” If you can accept as truth… these ideas, or if you have been stimulated, or even shaken a bit, then perhaps you can imagine how difficult it was for me, a didactically-trained researcher, to arrive at such opinions.  I had to weaken my material referents and reevaluate much of what I had learned as truth from “holy” science…”

“I suggest that human emotion is the organizer of energy fields.”  Hunt- “… current information about emotions was ground in the scientific emphasis on material existence… belief that emotions are rooted in the nervous tissue and biochemical substance of the brain.”   Dr. Hunt emphasizes, “Emotions arise from an altered electromagnetic environment.”   She knew in the 1960’s what our satellites pinpoint today:  “Your energy field signature will show dominant patterns just like a fingerprint.  -the field will remain the same until the emotions which have organized it have likewise changed.”

Hunt-In grounded states, energy is located in feet, legs and lower torso, while in ungrounded or altered states, energy is truncated in the upper trunk, limbs and head.  Electronic recordings often showed energy pouring out the crown in great plumes, sometimes four and five times the amplitude of ordinary states, making the top of the head feel extremely hot.  This is characteristic of most young children and the seriously ill…”  Dr. Valerie Hunt writes, Expanded consciousness encompasses a complete spectrum of vibrations with grounding in the lower frequencies combined with great power in the higher ones.  Here any level of reality one desires is available.

Hunt documented the main differences in human energy field recordings, “…extremely low frequencies, (ELF.)’  And, “The extremely high frequency (EHF) patterns ally with the mind-field and awarenesses…  Lower vibrations exist with material reality, higher ones with mystical reality, and a full vibrational spectrum with expanded realty.  To describe it another way, one’s experience of reality is a direct measure of the vibrational organization patterns of that individual.”  Hunt’s research found that “grounded states in material reality shows energy field ranges from about 350 to 600 cycles per second, while an altered state exhibits ranges of frequencies extending as high as 200,000 cycles per second.”  Hunt notes that if someone is not ground in lower frequencies, their “thoughts have little reference to the material world and they have trouble recalling daydreams.”  – Just how easily can DEWs effect a targeted individual’s EMP,  if it is not protected by believe in self and God?

Hunt defines the abilities of ‘mystics’  who- “… read material thoughts in vibrational patterns or experiences held in the field state.”  -Just like computer screens when a human brain is interfaced.

One of Hunt’s friends was a willing subject in her research.  Upon raising her energy frequencies this psychic began to exude an odor.  “As she went up in vibrations and started to image, we both smelled the unique odor of sandalwood…  All of us can experience an odor coming from a field, regardless of whether its source is a chemical or a thought form.” 

Many targeted individuals speak of smelling harsh chemicals like ammonia,  or bleach on their person during targeting with directed energy weapons.   One TI  told me that he smelled pesticides in his environment often.   These odors can be easily produced by an electromagnetic vibration.  And told to the wrong person, ‘diagnosed’ as ‘mental illness.’  History has shown time and time again that most of the clinical books on psychiatry today have been written  by CIA funded psychiatrists who wrote exactly what the government wanted them too.

Eminent psychiatrist James Cameron, M.D. was President of all these organizations… The American Psychiatric Association;  Canadian Psychiatric Association;  World Association of Psychiatrists; and Cameron was Founder of Canadian Mental Health Association and Chairman of Canadian Scientific Planning.  – Bowart…   “1926- James Cameron, M.D. one of the most notorious Psychiatrists of all time began his career at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  He used illicit methods of behavior modification in research sponsored by the CIA- Dr. Cameron held the… (above) titles over the period of time that he conducted experiments on humans.”  -FROM  Walter H. Bowart’s “Operation Mind Control” in 1978

friend3 temporal lobe in yellow  The temporal lobe of the brain is behind the eyes and ears.  The temporal lobe aids memory, hearing, learning and speech.  Often targeted individuals speak of being targeted in their ears and eyes.  Perhaps the real target is the temporal lobe?   The dangerous levels of magnetic radiation in my home recorded where no electricity is running, started 24/7 in June 2016 to September 2018 at danger levels 7 and 8 set on magnetic 0-3 range.    For two years now could not be in kitchen without body shaking, eyes jiggling from whole house DEW coming from north neighbor.  Had to store all food in bedrooms so my sustenance was not completely homogenized and ‘cooked’ before I prepared, and ate it!

Home magnetic radiation has been lowered to magnetic 3 on the range of 0-3 now…  Since interviewed on New York’s InOtherNewsRadio by host Geoff Brady, on June 11, 2018 about being a TI.  (The same time my name was added to a lawsuit.)

at kitchen counter 9-20-2018.jpg –9-20-2018 in home.                    at Library Center computer 'tower' magnetic energy at same level as in my home.jpg –Public computer tower  9-25-2018 photo on right, at Library Center showing same level radiation throughout my home now.   – EMF reader sits atop Dr. Hunt’s book.

All brain waves enter and exit the ears, scientists note-  is V2K and cerebral hacking of TIs brain at temporal lobe?  When magnetic radiation consistently hits the temporal lobe “radiation necrosis” can occur in this location causing personality change, memory loss, and amnesia. 

Back to ‘Infinite Mind’ by Dr. Hunt.  Her research showed that a human’s EMP ‘fingerprint’ or, “…field will remain the same until the emotions which have organized it have likewise changed.”  -Good news for TIs, their EMP’s can go off ‘radar’ literally by changing their energy fields.

Once during research willing subjects were meditating and Rolfing (a technique of deep tissue manipulation releasing and realigning psychic tension,) while having their EMPs recorded by Hunt.  Part of the experiment was that a psychic would read each subject’s auras: as Hunt read the EMFs on telemetry equipment.   One person’s energy field could not be found.  Hunt and the psychic ‘found’ the field, “...hovering about eight feet away from the body.  This should not be confused with an eight-foot expanded field in strong contact with the body.  Visually, this aura seemed disconnected from the body’s surface… But in this instance the sudden drop in voltage apparently signaled a state of cosmic consciousness.  (Resembling the ambient background of universal electromagnetism.)  During this state the vibrational patterns were similar to, but of considerably lower voltage, than during a coma.”   Hunt notes, “The boundaries of the human field become more permeable as the positive charge on the skin’s surface weakens, loosening its grip on the aura.”

Hunt explored what happened to psychics in deep trance with no recall of what ‘beings’ spoke through them, “Although it is somewhat unique for each medium, the energy field during trancings shows massive explosions in a narrow range of EHF, not the highest frequencies, and with no apparent connection to the lower frequencies.  This explains why they (trancers) cannot remember.”  

Dr. Hunt studied medical phenomena including effects on the human body energy field produced by anti-psychotic drugs.  “Individuals had different psychopathological diagnoses and were on different medications.  Many complained that they were “wired,” plugged into an electric light socket, and they described how painful it was.”  Again, the only evidence I have found of ‘electric’ feelings are when anti-psychotic drugs are used on humans, or the drugs once removed cause ‘electric’ feelings during withdrawal… or a person is targeted with DEWs.

Hunt researched these feelings of electrical shock in the humans taking anti-psychotic drugs.  “Their metaphors seemed somehow correct- their bodies literally buzzed.  So I decided to place electrodes also over the chakras to check their electromagnetic fields.  All the recordings from the crown (or top of their head) were so intense and of such high frequency that even without amplification these sounded like the buzzing of a bee.  We could feel the electromagnetic energy pouring out of the crown in plumes that actually stung our hands.  Also, no patient showed any recordable vibrations below the waist.  The acute truncation of energy in the head with absence in the body made them literally electromagnetically top-heavy.  There was a very narrow banding in the extreme upper ranges of human vibrations and little in the grounding lower ones…”   Did Hunt accidentally and innocently do research  inside a government program?  I do not believe that Hunt was  aware of working on psychiatric patients who were nonconsensual  experimental subjects in a CIA funded experiment in a California institution.  Perhaps the powers that be were interested in the results of her electric field data.  

During the first DEW attacks–   When in June 2016 the entire north side of home exhibited highest danger levels of magnetic frequencies from a whole house DEW unit, I had to deconstructed Virgin Mary alter in kitchen.   Where  used pray daily.   

neighbor-is-a-nurse-at-yellow-brick-rental  IMG_8621 Left eye hit with laser point from a north neighbor’s house.

Back to “Infinite Mind”–  Doing research with coma patients in hospitals Hunt found, “… the field is  temporarily reprogrammed so strongly that ordinary consciousness is delayed or never recovered…  There is a weakening of the will which makes any course of action difficult…  While in a coma, both the lower ELF and the high EHF ranges of frequencies were extremely weak and equal in all body areas.”  Hunt noted few psychic healers had success in changing a coma field.  Instead her research found that,  “It seems that only strong, uncomplicated love energy crosses the coma barriers to make contact!”  

Hunt observed psychic or energy healing.  Studying people who suddenly could not move or speak from emotional trauma affecting their human EMF field.  Due to accident or illness.   Hunt wrote of one small patient she assisted, “Her emotions had caused her field to be so reorganized that memories were frozen.  It was this field block which created the major part of her neurological and speech handicaps.  She learned to walk and to run again… and became a verbally assertive little girl who progressed well in school.”  Hunt writes of medical healing today,  noting only symptoms are treated, “not the cause.”

What about reports of hospital patient’s doctors subliminally asking them during surgery to ‘rub their ears‘ upon waking from anesthesia?  Hunt looked into synthetic drugs interfering or aiding  awareness.  Her research led her to Dr. Benett of the University of California Medical School at Davis. “He noted… EEG brainwave was totally inactive during anesthesia, ruling out the idea that an active nervous system produced the memory.”  (To rub ear upon waking.)   Hunt- “From my research, I found out that this memory is held in the mind-field, where the new emotional organization limits its retrieval.”

Another person Hunt assisted was so traumatized as a child that she stayed five years old forever after being hypnotized by her psychiatrist.  Hunt found that one episode in the patient’s life caused vibration to go so high that her energy “…poured out the crown chakra,” until the energy field slipped from her physical body.  “... it was like trying to ground a helium balloon.  In this state individuals do not know the way back and many do not will to return.  Finally I helped (patient) know how to put on the brakes so as not to lose consciousness.  We walked up and down the vibrational consciousness scale until material imagery came… We helped her reprogram her energy field.  In the process of reprogramming she found the emotion which organized the field and the behavior which resulted.”

Writes Hunt, “In order to heal and to evolve (past anything, evolve past being targeted with directed energy weapons,) we must learn to coherently organize our emotions and to use this emotional energy to expand the mind-field.  This is often slow and tedious work, but when we have done it, we are free to evolve into the magnificent beings that we are capable of being…”  Hunt wrote that, “…energy transfer across space, through fields interacting on a biological level,”  changed molecular structure.

Dr. Hunt’s chapter sevenTelepathic knowing the transfer of thought” is one after the hearts of all CIA brainwashing-cowards who probably read Hunt’s book in 1989 when it was first published.   The following sounds like something a CIA instructor would say to a class of gangstalker-cowards learning how to brain computer interface their involuntary subjects.  Hunt-Telepathic communication of thought requires decoding and bringing to awareness information held in frequency codes.” 

According to an MIT journal it was actually the subatomic movement made by and recorded of the tongue -while a person is thinking, that allowed ‘mind reading’ to be projected via EMF’s onto a computer screen into words.  (The subatomic movement of the tongue mimicked regular speaking movement of the tongue when audible words produced.  This subatomic tongue movement was reduced to frequency translated into print on plasma.)   

Hunt in the 1960’s- Scientists don’t touch it (thought) except to record brain waves, the activity during thought; but brain waves do not resemble anything as mercurial as thought… mind reading and thought transfer will be a conundrum until we envision a field of thought occurring in a larger mind field.”  -Hunt of course is speaking of the lovely, and most powerful organic computer located in each human body- the brain and it’s mind-field ‘cloud.”

“If one uses auditory memory skills to decode an information field, one hears sounds or voices.  If one translates thoughts through visual memory, one see pictures or print.”  By combining all sight, hearing and smell, Hunt writes that “one knows.”  Just like the angels know.

During research many people receive important thoughts, ideas or understandings  preceding or following sleep, meditation or daydreams.  “This reminds us that the field never sleeps; sleep belongs to the brain.”   Dr. Hunt writes, “One’s thoughts, especially when amplified by intent or emotion, leave an imprint on matter, that is, will directs all energy…”   Hunt- “In extended energy field recordings, we found dynamic shifts that may come from the energy fluctuations of thought waves themselves.” 

Dr. Hunt instills in her readers that we are all responsible for our thoughts.  “Most thoughts never leave the auric field of their creator.  Only those (thoughts)  firmly structured and vitalized by emotion have sufficient power to be broadcast.  Because we know how powerfully we communicate through our thoughts, I suggest that we use them consciously and creatively… If we actually believe that we can get what we ask for, we will…  Today there are extensive practical reasons for tapping into universal thought,”  i.e. God.  Thank you God for bringing the Network Collective that is gangstalking, experimenting, torturing, raping and slow-killing people into the light for justice and thank you God for bringing the Network Collective down to conquer them.  Love you God.  Amen

did his best to look official standing outside

Today, lay down in a different room than usual to attempt sleep in afternoon.  Targeted so hard last couple days have no energy or bed ridden.  Stomach so ‘hot’ to touch during the night from directed microwave weapon targeting.  In the morning once get up and move around stomach cools like rest of body temperature.  It is harder to hit a moving target than one laying down.  Because of DEW microwaves aimed only at stomach, urine nowl smells as if in a urine bag attached to terminally ill person in hospital.

At stop light by Library Center in Springfield, MO 3 towers visible:

at stop light three towers visible.jpg three towers visible at stop light.jpg radio tower is #3 at stop light.jpg

A fourth tower is seen from library parking lot to the south:

fourth tower from library parking lot.jpg  Just what are all these towers for in Springfield, MO?

yesterday's work on tower across from library

Close-up above of 3 men visible on tower across from Library Center yesterday.  Adding new equipment.

What are the biggest security firms in the world?

Eric Prince founder of  Blackwater.jpg  Ex-US Navy SEAL Erik Prince founded Blackwater USA, in 1997.   With help of private investors  the company changed hands and became ACADEMI in 2011.  It offers “stability and protection to people and locations experiencing turmoil...”. working with, “federal, state and local government clients, global commercial customers, numerous law enforcement and intelligence organizations and agencies and allied governments worldwide.”  Today ACADEMI maintains headquarters in Reston, VA.  A 4,000-acre training facility in Moyock, NC.  With, “… training facilities in Salem, CT, and San Diego, CA, and a 10-acre forward operating base in Kabul, Afghanistan.”  ACADEMI’s San Diego, CA location has a 61,000 square foot training facility indoors- with an indoor 25 yard firing range supports pistols, shotgun and carbine ammunition to 7.62mm X 51mm.  “All ammunition must be non-incendiary (no tracer.)”  ACADEMI SW is located at 7685 Siempre Viva Rd. San Deigo, CA 92154.   Blackwater’s new name ACADEMI sounds academic.  But the fact is they made their name as mercenaries and made $millions off the backs of US tax payers.  *ACADEMI received $15 Billion of tax payer funds from Department of Defense Counter-Narcotics Technology Program Office.  Annual figures not available.

Here are some other big name security firms:

*ICTS International N.V. (former Israel Security Agency and El Al Israel Airlines.)  $98.8 Million annually.

*Northbridge Services Group from Dominican Republic with offices in Kentucky.  $50.5 Million annually.

*Triple Canopy from Reston, Virginia and Chicago, Illinois. $1.5 Billion annually.

*Prosegur of Europe, Asia, Oceania and Latin America.  $233 Million annually.

*Aegis Defense Services a British firm $497 Million annually.

GK.jpg *GK Sierra of Washington, D.C. and Portland, Oregon employs Mossad operatives.  No figures available.

*KBR from Houston, Texas $540 Million annually.

*Corps Security, from Britain no figures available.

*Defion Internacional of Lima, Peru.  No figures available.

*ICTS Europe, $479 Million annually.

*Chubb Fire and Security out of England.  No figures available.

*Andrews International at Los Angeles, California $44 Million annually.

*Asia Security Group of Afghanistan and US.  No figures available.

*Erinys International of Britain, no figures available.

*TSU Protection Services of South Africa no figures available.

*International Intelligence Limited of Britain no figures available.

*Unity Resources Group of Dubai, UAE, no figures available.

*Senaca Group, of Ireland no figures available.

*Pinkerton Government Services, of Chicago, Illinois no figures available.

*The Brinks Company, of Virginia $3.9 Billion annually.

*CACI International,  from Santa Monica, CA $3.8 Billion annually.

*Booz Allen Hamilton of Virginia, $5.8 Billion annually.

*Control Risks of London, England $223 Million annually.

*GardaWorld of Montreal, Quebec $399 Million annually.

*CynCorp of Annandale, Virginia $3 Billion annually.

*AlliedBarton of Pennsylvania $1.9 Billion annually.

*ADT Corporation of Boca Ranton, Florida $3.1 Billion annually.

*Seuritas AB, of Helsingborg, Sweden $10 Billion annually.

*G4S, of London, England $12 Billion annually.

wild morning glory Wild Morning Glory outside Library Center on cloudy day.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God. So be it.  It is so.  Amen.

Pioneer Dr. Hunt

Dr. Hunt.png Dr. Valerie Hunt

“Most of us identify the mind with the cellular brain, we don’t recognize it as a wireless transmitter and receptor.”  -wrote Dr. Valerie V. Hunt in 1989 “Infinite Mind.”  Hunt’s degrees included biology, physiological psychology, science education and physical therapy.  She pioneered research at Colombia University, and UCLA, on the human electromagnetic frequency for fifty years.  In chapter four “Field Transactions” Hunt notes, “I believe that all diseases are caused by a break in the flow or a disturbance in the human energy field.  Eventually, this disturbance is transferred to the organ system creating functional, and ultimately, destructive changes.”  Dr. Hunt knew in the 1960’s human EMFs were the best way a ‘doctor’ could assist a ‘patient’ to “… diagnose field disturbances and to treat them (energy fields) months or even years before they are manifested in the physical tissue.”   This non-invasive healing is not a money-making venture.   No disease, no money for doctors.

healthy energy field of person    disrupted energy pattern of person

Above are two photos from Dr. Hunt’s extensive research.  The photo on left is of a healthy human energy field.  The photo on right a disrupted energy pattern of a person becoming ill, or already ill.   So which comes first?  The chicken or the egg? Neither.  Energy vibration and frequency comes first… then chicken or egg.  

Hunt-  “Theoretically, I accept that the mind is the most powerful force in the world, more powerful than the split atom- because it is beyond physical force….  There have been some organized groups which created weather changes.”  (Native Americans were also able to do this.)  “Many individuals have experienced such mind-power which can be measured through the field.”  Hunt wondered if this power could be administered at will?  Or only with emotion…  “This can explain a pattern of vibration which starts the storm, and another which stops it.  This would mean that we would not need physical force to blow away or stop the storm because the factor which created the storm was not mechanical but vibrational… By the same token, rain or snow can be created and objects can be moved.”

Think of what humans have been taught NOT TO DO WITH THE IMAGE OF GOD THAT WE ARE CREATED IN!  Scientists on the other hand have created machines called HAARP and EISCAT to augment, create or destroy.  Solely with vibration and frequencies.   HAARP is in Alaska, EISCAT in Tromso, Norway.  And similar facilities in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, China and Russia.  -All devices which effect the physical anywhere on Earth.  Without a signature of  governments, militaries or human attack.  Creating earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, volcanos, havoc and economic hardship to nations?   And when aimed at areas of population?  Do the frequencies  cause mental-manipulation, and physical un-wellness for whole cities of humans?  

Yes.  Nikola Tesla created the technology that created HAARP.  A patent by Bernard Eastlund, US PATENT #4,686,605 original assignee APTI, Inc is defined as HAARP patent.   May 22, 2014  NBC’ Stephanie Pappas wrote; “Venezuelan leader Huge Chavez stated HAARP or a program like it caused the Haiti earthquake in 2010.  HAARP cost more than $290 million (US tax dollars) to build… a 180-antenna array is spread across a 40-acre site at Gakona, Alaska.” at http://www.nbcnews.com.   

Rebecca Boyle May 30, 2014 wrote for Popular Mechanics, “At its heart, HAARP is a radar system, using 360 transmitters and 180 antennas to produce 3.6 megawatts of power. Radio waves in the 2.8 to 10 megahertz spectrum reach 62 miles and 370 miles above Earth. This energizes electrons in the ionosphere…

Loren Holmes of Anchorage Daily News writes August 29, 2018 “HAARP… the world’s most powerful high-frequency radio transmitter.”

HAARP  HAARP Alaska.jpg   Every TI might want to get the 1995 book, Angels Don’t Play This Haarp, Advances in Tesla Technology” by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning.   Above photos of HAARP when activated, and still.  –Constructed by BAE in 1993, funded by- the US Air Force, US Navy,  and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA.)  Since 2015, HAARP is owned by the University of Alaska at Fairbanks.  Who is BAE?  A British multinational defense, security, aerospace company headquartered in London, England.

A covered BAE drone, right before flight – This BAE unmanned air system (drone) “sustains surveillance, targets, gathers intelligence, deters adversaries and carries out strikes.” In May 3, 2018 DefenseNews article, “BAE Systems partners with drone specialist for solar-powered UAV” by Andrew Chuter.   One learns that unmanned PHASE-8 drones are solar-powered UAVs.  Moving on the edge of space providing surveillance for months without landing.   Transmitting data past line-of-sight communications- for military and private sectors cheaper than satellites.  The drones are called ‘high-altitude pseudo-satellites, or HAPS.’   -writes Chuter. 

DARPA awarded BAE Systems two contracts for radio frequency technology in drones.  Worth $5.4 million for DARPA’s CONverged Collaborative Elements for RF Task Operations program or CONCERTO.   The CONCERTO program puts, “… electronic warfare, communications and radar systems…”  inside ‘radio frequency architecture.‘  -by Jane Edwards, June 6, 2017 “DARPA Taps BAE to Develop Multifunctional RF Payload for Drones.”  In ExecutiveBiz in C41SR, News.  Randall Lapierre, a tech manager at BAE noted a “RadioFrequency virtual processing platform” is in the works.

DARPA asked scientists to invent new ways of recording the human brain in  February 2, 2016 “Government Seeks High Fidelity Brain-Computer Interface…” -by author Adam Piore for MIT Technology Review(DARPA contracts have  been awarded to Massachusetts General Hospital, and the University of California, San Francisco for BCI inventions recently.  And DARPA also funded other BCI programs to control the feelings and thoughts of US troops.) 

Returning to Valerie Hunts, “Infinite Mind.”   If journalist Mike McPhate had read Dr. Hunt’s 1989 book, he would have known on June 11, 2016 that the hundreds of symptoms TI’s suffer are real and produced by frequencies.  Instead McPhate’s NYT’s article disrespected millions of people world wide who are targeted with directed electromagnetic weapons (DEWs.)   TI’s seek justice, and speak/write about truth regarding corporations, and their nation’s crimes.   All symptoms, and experiences targeted individuals know first hand are manifestations of high levels of extreme attacks of radio, microwave, EMF frequencies from Directed Energy Weapons.

uneducated journalist  Happily, uneducated ‘journalist’ Mike McPhate.

Hunt writes about frequencies that create/emanate odors.  Frequencies can also stop all sound or create sound.  -After visiting one research location Valerie Hunt later learned animal sacrifices had been conducted there for centuries.  The frequency-odor of sacrifice was so horrific it made her nauseous.   She wrote, “Many others have smelled the same odor while there, and unless they knew, as I did not, or decoded the vibrational information, as I did, they just think it is a strong, unpleasant odor. Odor is a pattern of vibrations that the mind can decode.”

In an article dated March 12, 2013The Human Energy Field: Dr. Valerie Hunt Interview (Part 1)” at http://www.awaken.com,  Hunt said;  “It wasn’t until the discovery of the atom early in the 19th century, that we started really understanding electromagnetism, but by this time the biochemical paradigm was already locked in. The first research into electromagnetism was also concerned only with material substance; it had to do with atoms and the physical things of the earth. The study of bioelectromagnetism, the subtle, invisible energy fields which enfold and animate physical matter, is much more recent than that, such as the work done by Nikola Tesla in the 1950′s.”

Hunt’s book documents levels of consciousness associated with frequencies.  Before falling asleep, “... you are shifting consciousness and minimizing awareness of the material level but not the mind level.  In this sense the mind is then freed and can go anywhere to dream in different places and times.”   Many targeted individuals minds/EMF’s are quickly locked onto the moment in they are in a horizontal position.  For BCI brainwashing  programs before and during sleep when this frequency shift occurs.

Hunt- “The expressions “in” and “out-of-body” refer to the awareness of the person… Invariably, the person’s body frequencies rose higher as energy in their feet and legs decreased and energy in the crown increased…  this is a consciousness experience and a vibrational one with a shift of frequencies and locations.”  Hunt noted her work, “...led me to hypothesize that the energy field is the  highest level of the mind of man, and that it is through this level that we interrelate with the cosmosphere.”

Back to the article dated March 12, 2013 “The Human Energy Field: Dr. Valerie Hunt Interview (Part 1)” at http://www.awaken.com.  Hunt said diseases like cancer manifested from very high, weak energy fields.  Specifically suppressed emotions as consciousness soars.  “I have measured the fields of people with cancer many, many times, and it’s always the same pattern…  I established a pattern of emotions connected with neurological energy.”  She noted that people get cancer more readily when they force themselves to stay in what they perceive to “… be the more positive emotions.”  When the interviewer asks Hunt- “Are you saying that cancer is a passive-aggressive disease in the sense of the person’s emotional make-up?”  Dr. Hunt replied, “I wouldn’t say passive/aggressive.  I would say it’s passive, not aggressive.” 

Working with NASA Hunt noted astronauts monitored in space electromagnetically.  She said, “When I heard about this, I got in touch with NASA and the young scientist who had first made that telemetry instrumentation, and had him build for me the first telemetry electromyography instrument.”  Using  radio FM frequency, Hunt recorded human electromagnetic fields.

In “Infinite Mind” Dr. Hunt used mechanical devices to record EMF data from psychics who were laying hands on voluntary subjects to heal.   Finally Hunt attempted to learn, “.. reluctantly… I did not want to be a mystical healer…”  to lay her hands on people and ‘heal’ with EMF energy.  (Dr. V. Hunt considered herself first and foremost a scientist.)  She reported aiding a person who was traumatized in childhood and “lost” all memories from that time.  Hunt- “The strong vibrations from my hands assisted the subjects in raising their vibrations so that they assumed the states they were in when the experiences first occurred.  This is where the memory existed.”  

Dr. Hunt reveals childhood EMFs are stronger before adult learned emotional responses and thinking alter EMFs, “The children of Fatima and the recently publicized Chinese children with highly developed sensing capacities… could expose film in a light-proof container.  When channeling information, the children seemed to emit light quanta and electrical waves that could be picked up by special biodetectors… from the High Energy Institute… The value lies in the clear-cut examples of the human capacity to experience higher consciousness.”

Back to the article dated March 12, 2013 “The Human Energy Field: Dr. Valerie Hunt Interview (Part 1)” at http://www.awaken.com.  Hunt noted, “Then there are the Kirlian devices which photograph the subject.  Kirlian himself was supposed to have exposed the photographs through his own mind; he didn’t have any film in the camera. What he was doing was recording the energy in his mind and then putting in on the tape. That’s why it took so long for Kirlian photography to develop. I used to work in Kirlian photography using films.”   Kirlian method is photographing an object by exposing film in a dark room to the light from electronic and ionic interactions in an intense electric field. 

asked God to see spirit of angel painting  IMG_5868 IMG_5867 These photos of my paintings (and a seated friend,) were taken while asking God to show  spirits inside the living images on canvas and paper.  Kirlian could photograph without film, the above photos are made with film in cameras.   Digital cameras can also exhibit same evidence of spirit-  if a person so wishes to see.  And asks God to show them.

Back to 1989 “Infinite Mind.”  Hunt writes about humans accessing other beings through their energy fields.  “But remember that channeling occurs at a soul level, not at the level of physical beings, and we must not become emotionally dependent on a personality that doesn’t exist on this level.”

“In Other News Radio” August 13, 2018,  Geoff Brady interviews a psychic  targeted individual.  An entity (an angel) spoke through the psychic while they were nonconcensually cerebrally hacked and entrained with directed energy weapons.   Listen at inothernewsradio.com/tag/geoff-brady/ 

Hunt writes that thoughts have spirits too. “Thoughts, of course, are not material; they do not occupy space with size and weight, but each has its own energy pattern… It has space-shaped like words do.  If it’s emotional strength is sufficient, it will travel any distance like the speed of light. If decoded correctly- or even incorrectly- there is a transfer of information… Infinite space belongs to field transactions…  In telecommunications, unseen, unheard and unwell essences come from infinite space where energy flows back and forth in patterns of interrelationships.”

Dr. Valerie Hunt writes, “We know the frequencies of thoughts are neither consistent nor constant; they exist, cease to exist, and exist again, in a continuous on-and-off pattern.”  Einstein discovered what he called ta ‘matrix’ that was a “nothingness” that “everything came out of.”   At the end of his life, Einstein was labeled a heretic by his collogues for  claiming that if there was a God, the matrix would be ‘It.’   From this nothingness, Einstein said all existence emerged.  Physicists today note that all of ‘life’  emerges from the matrix and goes back into it instantly.  (Just like the blinking lights of a an LED scrolling message board which appears to have moving words, but is just a pattern in  series of blinking, stationary lights.)   Physicists claim life is stationary, blinking on and off at all times into and out of God.   That is how miracles occur.  

smoke-like-cloud-with-pattern-and-structure-visible-2-4-above-ground-measuring-6-10-big-in-yard-while-assaulted-with-directed-energy-weapons Photo of wrist and palm of hand held up to camera belonging to someone in an invisibility suit.  Note nodule-sensors pattern on metametal suit along wrist with five fingers above palm.  Invisibility suits are means by which directed energy weapons are deployed against most targeted individuals.  Invisibility suits refract light- in a frequency that may be the same as that of spirits.  Possibly why psychics are able to take photos of invisibility suits too?  Multi-billionaire Bill Gates, owns most private patents for meta-metal materials that make invisibility suits.  Below invisibility patents:

In 1994 US Patent 5307162 By Richard Schowengerdt.

In 2006 US Patent 20060131478 By Ray Alden…

In 2007 US Patent 7206131 By Ray Alden with the US Army…

In 2008 US Patents- 200801654412 By Wenshan Cai with the US Army… 20080165442 A1 By Cai, Shalaev, Chettiar, and Kildishev with the US Navy…

In 2010 US Patents- 20100156556 by Nathan Cohen… 7795596 By Aref Chowdhury awarded by US Air Force… 20100156573 By David Smith with the US Army… 20100110559 By Wenshan Cai with the US Army…

In 2011 US Patents- WO2010021736A9 By David Smith for U.S. Air Force… CA2832795A1 by David Kaplan awarded by US Air Force… 20110085229 By Oleg Lavrentovich with the US Navy…

In 2012 US Patents- 8,253,639 B2; 20120319798 A1 both by Nathan Cohen… 8195244 by Clinton Smoyer… 8094378 By Alexander Kildishev with the US Army…

In 2013 US Patents- 20130010346 By Steven Risser… CN103181025A By 大卫·卡普兰 – ‎塔夫茨大学 Contracted by US Air Force… 8490035 By Anthony Grbic awarded by US Air Force… 8509578 By Igor Smolyaninov with US Navy… 20130017348 By Atsushi Sanada with the US Navy…

In 2014 US Patents- 8867121 By Oleg Lavrentovich… WO2014182398A1 By Andrea Alu grant from US Air Force…

In 2015 US Patents- 893757; 20150130563, 9134465 B1 all by Nathan Cohan… WO2015195286A1 By Andrea Alu awarded by US Air Force… 9140444 By Robert Connor…

In 2016 US Patents- 20160320531 By Seyedeh Mahsa with the US Army … 9482474 By Nathan Cohen…

In 2017 US Patents- 9659297 By David Russell… 9677824 By Nathan Cohen… 9557547 B2 By Joseph Choi with the US Army… 9677856 By John Pendry with the US Navy…

bird bath far left in front flower garden  water still crystal clear after almost two weeks in summer heat what is in the Springfield MO water.jpg At thirteen days of hot summer still no mosquito larva or pupae in clear water of bird bath.    Leaf particles and a dead bug float on top.  What is in the tap water coming into my home at Springfield, MO?    First photo above- bird bath seen left side of garden photo.

new Jones on Campbell  old friend nobody.jpg jim-hagale img_52512

All targeting with directed energy weapons coming from the north again.  Same direction- originating from second floor of rental house a man shot out left eye with laser point and police report filed;  where license plates reflect ideas:

assault to eye with green laser point from second floor window of north rental neighbor  sp1-god-license-at-rachels-party

And a white truck brought friends to work:

north 'neighbor' delivery truck MO OWX-243.jpg

Morgellons’s disease active again?  Was dormant three weeks. Photos from September 24th & 25th, 2018

scalloped rash outburst 9-24-2018.jpg  rash outbreak 9-23-2018 strings.jpg

today's photos of morgellons.jpg  liquid filled bumps and strings in skin.jpg

Last night two giant yellow fire trucks stopped on either side of the southeast corner of Portland and S. Campbell Ave. alarms blaring, red lights blazing 9:30pm.  Both trucks sat two minutes, see photo below from home window.  Another drill in Springfield, MO on S. Campbell Ave?    

Two fire trucks park on Portland the other on Campbell but no fire. Porch of rental house lights on far right

Yesterday after closing out targetedartist.wordpress.com post and Gmail site was watching Stephen Colbert interview Hillary Clinton.  I suppose my hackers thought it would be funny to put this over the entire screen?  Closed out, went home.

watching stephen colbert with hillary clinton this is what happened to public computer at library.jpg

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.


Walter H. Bowart wrote “Operation Mind Control” in 1978.   –That was over 40 years ago that the CIA, FBI, NSA, military/medical agencies were using innocent US citizens in covert nonconsensual experimental brain washing to accomplish their fondest wish... to control the human mind.  Bowart updated the book in 1994.

In Chapter 41 “A Repealing Thought.Bowart writes, “There are six new lawsuits over radiation experimentation and carelessness (August 1994.)  That’s six more out of 165,00 workers in a 1.5 billion industry I know of twice that many mind control suits shaped up in the same time.  One thing that the mind control suits and the suits against the DOE or most other agencies have in common… all but a few are thrown out of court when the National Security Act is invoked.”

Bowart writes, “See, the National Security Act says that “in the interest of national security” you’re not entitled to a fair trail… all your civil rights can be suspended in the “interest of national security.” And what is national security? Nobody knows.”

18th year since 9-11.jpg

The Washington Examiner on Sept. 10, 2018 revealed, “Trump renews extraordinary post-9/11 powers” by journalist Robert Donachie.  “President Trump is renewing a post-9/11 emergency proclamation that gives him broad powers to mobilize the military…  For the second time during his presidency, Trump announced Monday his administration is renewing the post-9/11 emergency proclamation. Trump is the third president to renew the proclamation.”

trump-oval-office.jpg  “Because the terrorist threat continues, the national emergency declared on September 14, 2001, and the powers and authorities adopted to deal with that emergency must continue in effect beyond September 14, 2018,” Trump said in a notice to be sent to Congress.  Former President George W. Bush signed Proclamation 7643 in 2001…   The National Emergencies Act requires that the president renew the emergency at the end of each year or at the date the proclamation lapses. Congress is also supposed to review the state of the emergencies ever six moths, but it, notably, never has. ” – Wrote Robert Donachie for the Washington Examiner 9-10-2018. 

This is the eighteenth year of the United States has been declared to be in a ‘state of national emergency.’   A ‘state of national emergency’ allows that Homeland Security has special ‘powers’ that enable the privacy, possessions and rights of US citizens to be consumed by their government- if their government so chooses.  (Who is our government?  WE THE PEOPLE.)

The word ‘cryptocracy’ means “secret government, or invisible government.”

(Why  have 17 spy agencies  been allowed to exist in WE THE PEOPLE, and countless private security agencies to become $multibillion corporations with our tax dollars?)

Bowart- “Happily, the cryptocracy cannot sustain its secrecy because, to quote McLuhan, “When information travels at the speed of light there is no secrecy…  Clearly now, we’re seeing the effects of the information age.  There are leaks in the national security dike.” 

Mondo2000 was a glossy magazine published in California during the 1980s and 1990s. It covered cyberculture topics like virtual reality. One writer, ‘Xandor Korzibsky‘ wrote: Have you figured it out yet? OK, let me spell it out for all you… They know exactly which ELF frequencies, waveforms, and code sequences (brainwave-frequency region pulse-code modulation superimposed widely on power lines, radio, TV, and microwave transmission) to use and can create any emotion or pathology they please. You don’t. And you probably don’t own a real ELF detector! You… don’t even know they’re ALREADY using ELF generators in malls, restaurants, and bars to maximize throughput and revenues… It will all be duly captured by (a) SmartCard which will store your brainwaves and monitor all transactions every where you go, so the Thought Police can download it any old time via the data superhighway and issue the ultimate ACCESS DENIED…”

Bowart notes that Nobel Prize recipient Pavlov understood that, “... if an individual is traumatized all conditioned behavior patterns implanted can be abolished and other patterns of behavior can take their place…  civil unrest, rape, family violence…  These studies were done prior to the advent of television, subliminal seduction, microwave studies, etc…  If the change was programmed to deliberately change their behavior, then they have been indoctrinated by a means of mind control.  In the 1990’s this is rampant and out of control due to technology, research and the advent of telecommunications.”  

man working on microwave tower across from Library Center in Springfield, MO Huge microwave tower across the street on the highway  Campbell Ave from the Library Center being augmented with new technology?  See the tiny man dangling underneath the giant microwave outdoor base station?  This monolith is just one of FOUR microwave and radio wave towers within site of the Library Center parking lot, in Springfield, MO.

man on microwave tower Another view of man’s face underneath crane on giant outdoor base of microwave tower across the street from Library Center in Springfield, MO.

James Cameron, M.D. was President of all these organizations… The American Psychiatric Association;  Canadian Psychiatric Association;  World Association of Psychiatrists; and Cameron was Founder of Canadian Mental Health Association and Chairman of Canadian Scientific Planning.  – Bowart…   1926- James Cameron, M.D. one of the most notorious Psychiatrists of all time began his career at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  He used illicit methods of behavior modification in research sponsored by the CIA- Dr. Cameron held the… (above) titles over the period of time that he conducted experiments on humans.”  -Will review more of  Walter H. Bowart’s “Operation Mind Control” in 1978 in next post.   Thank you Bowart.

God's wonder Night beauty in the daylight.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

changed haircolor as many women do

John Steinbeck, in East of Eden wrote “... nearly all men are afraid, and they don’t even know what causes their fear- shadows, perplexities, dangers without names or numbers, fear of a faceless death. But if you can bring yourself to face not shadows but real death, then you need never be afraid again, at least not in the same way you were before.”

When a targeted individual is tortured with microwaves and electromagnetic frequencies bombarding them 24/7- during the day a person moves around a lot. But at night if a TI dares to lay down and is a stationary, nonconsensual, experimental guinea pig… they are targeted for remote brain computer interface, for remote rape and remote torture.   It is not death that most TI’s fear. But how long we will live under these conditions of being targeted individuals.

John Steinbeck also writes in East of Eden, “When a man comes to die, no matter what his talents and influence and genius, if he dies unloved his life must be a failure to him… All novels, all poetry, are b ult on the never-ending contest in ourselves of good and evil. And it occurs to me that evil must constantly respawn, while good, while virtue, is immortal…” Steinbeck then wrote, “And this I believe: that the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world. And this I would fight for: the freedom of the mind to take any direction it wishes, undirected. And this I must fight against: any idea, religion, or government which limits or destroys the individual.”

Springfield MO Police stationwagnon-type vehible leaving quickly Impossible photo of Springfield, MO Police Department black and white quickly fleeing without sirens or roof lights blazing.   Was so targeted with directed energy weapons (DEWs) this weekend.  On Tuesday- 9-18-2018,  was first able to get out of bed at 1pm due to being bedridden.   Last night ‘ran’ for the first time in about 8 months.  Leaving a good home which is paid for- that was afraid to sleep in because of DEW attacks by ‘neighbors.’  Driving miles away to turn off car in a parking lot, hoping to catch up on sleep.   After a half hour- remote rape began from microwave DEW attack.   Slid up in seat of car to look out driver door window.   Saw a police officer sitting in a police vehicle staring straight at me 70 feet away.   The officer reacted immediately upon seeing movement.  Started up the black and white to speed west on Battlefield near the corner of Kansas Expressway.  The time in photo notes early morning.

Am glad to FINALLY know the truth about the Springfield, MO Police Department.

Since 2016 I have been harassed, slandered, intimidated, and stalked just by ‘authorities.’

Now understand when in the past two years both City Utility and SPD vehicles were seen outside buildings was targeted in… they were there for a reason.

Have always made excuses…  Was never certain.  But  all my life have given the benefit of a doubt to all people.   Seeing that speck of God in everyone.  Have written in this site before that I tried out to be an SPD officer about 18 years ago, but realized after passing physical tests could not carry a gun.  Opted out going any further.

The question being asked today is, do all black and white vehicles contain cowards hiding behind badges with guns on their hips?

Grown men and women involved in the military/medical experimentation program assisting the targeting of innocent US citizens as contracted by local security firms, wealthy individuals, and their corporations… and as ordered by higher ups?

Lately have noticed a lot of ‘designer’ black on etched black SPD and government vehicles sliding by on the streets of Springfield, MO with all sorts of gizmos and antennas sticking out of them.  Just how much tax payer money goes to aggrandizing our law enforcement officers so their uniforms win national prizes and they feel snug and tight in their government designer vehicles?   How many gates and fences and locked public doors are keeping US government employees ‘in’ and their taxpaying employers called US citizens, ‘out?’   Are the microwave towers, iPhones, computers and the fluoride in public water keeping government workers and the majority of the US citizens pacified and entrained?  And just what are all these government employees afraid of?

in-car-outside-home-for-hoursquite the fellow someone in charge such a good friend neighbor-is-a-nurse-at-yellow-brick-rental

Went to the Springfield, MO Attorney General Joshua Hawley’s office on 9-18-2018  to get copies of assistance he gave me in 2017.  Hawley’s office wanted to assist in finding out what magnetic danger levels meant and where dangerous high levels of magnetic radiation was coming from and how it got into my home suddenly starting on June 2016.

Upon entering the public government building on the square in Springfield, MO facial recognition cameras scan a visitors face.  (Upon entering any MallWart a shoppers face is scanned by facial recognition cameras also.  At one MallWart in the south a flash photo was taken from the facial recognition camera as I walked in.  )

These cameras  spit out data on any individual in state and federal computer bases.

The data immediately appeared on the guard’s computer screen in the foyer of the public government building on the square in Springfield, MO- that I was a ‘person of interest.’  How did I become a ‘person of interest?’  Asked Captain Pennington of the Springfield MO Fire Department for a free home safety inspection.  When he asked what was happening in my home, told him there was an electric current suddenly running through it.  And the rest is history.   Pennington called the SPD instead of coming to do a free home safety inspection.  The two SPD officers (one with hand on stun gun entire time) talked with me cordially for five minutes and left.  The SPD incident report from that visit categorized me as a ‘person of interest’.  Since this information was put in a federal  computer data base?  All luggage on airplanes in the hold and on top is searched by TSA at airports.   In many stores am followed by security: or find SPD officers standing at the store exit when I leave.  

Who AM I?  Well… three months after being targeted with directed energy weapons in June of 2016 have written a BLOG.  Oh my gosh.  A blog.  We still have freedom of speech in America yes?  Started the blog because my dog died from DEW attacks; and I wanted to document the unbelievable actions and physical pain caused to me by my fellow humans.  In this blog have researched and talked about  targeted individuals and the crimes committed to ensure a continual ‘State of Emergency’ allowing Homeland Security laws to work their magic on innocent US citizens.  

Lucky for me when news agencies around the world reported US Cuban diplomats being targeted too…  there were some pretty important people who were being attacked… just like I was.   Technically I am no one important.  So who AM I?  A sixty-one year old woman who has been an artist and gardener her whole life: while working long hard hours making tons of money for anyone I ever worked for.  Have paid taxes and voted whole life.  Don’t do drugs, alcohol or ever been arrested.  Always RESPECTED the law.  As of 2015 been on disability from hand work injuries at former employer of 20 years.  And in June 2016 became targeted with directed energy weapons attacks that torture 24/7.  

When the elevator in the government building opened kindly asked a woman inside where the Attorney General’s office was?  She said the tenth floor.  Got in and felt her direct, cool stare.  At the tenth floor got off the elevator as she did and attempted to open the Missouri Attorney General’s office but it was locked.  The woman from the elevator came along side me and questioned why I was there?   Instead of answering her.   I asked why a public door was locked?  She replied, “It is good to have a door...”  I said, “Yes, I know.  I have doors on my home.”   I asked if there had been break-ins at the Attorney General’s office?  She said, no.  And asked again what I was there for?  Said that Joshua Hawley had assisted me in 2017.  She pushed some buttons, and let me in the public door of a US government building paid for with US tax dollars.  She stopped five feet inside the office lobby and turned.  Obviously I was not to go any further.  She asked again, what I was there for.

Told her with a big smile that she had helped me the year before and pointed to her office around the corner.  Well that was OK then.  What if she had not helped me the year before?   The public servent went behind a four foot tall counter and faced me at their desk area.  I stood on the other side of their four foot tall counter.  Let them know that the year before had recommended them to their boss in a phone call because of all the kind and professional service shown me.    (A year ago the public door to Joshua Hawley’s office was not locked.)

We discussed that I needed copies of all communications between Joshua Hawley’s office and myself in 2017.  Unlike the year before, the public servant did not immediately check in their computer to see if the paperwork requested was still logged inside and could just be printed out.  The government employee would have to call Jefferson City instead.  And would only hear back by ‘tomorrow.’   After our discussion,  I thanked the public servant for their assistance and left the tenth floor public office in a public government building paid for with tax payer funds.  

Wasn’t it Jefferson who said something like, when people give up freedom for security they live in tyranny and no longer democracy? Believe Carter wrote a great letter couple years ago, about how the military/law enforcement state was growing out of control in the US. And perhaps it was Eisenhower who wrote about the threat of the then new military-industrial complex which he foretold in decades to come; would become un-governable? Would have to look that all up to be sure.

Interesting when the law enforcement vehicles today have ‘in God we trust’ on the sides or backs of their government vehicles.  Do they really believe that one day all of us will face God?   Wonder if God will be impressed by shiny badges, beautiful perfect uniforms, designer police vehicles and gadgets?   We will have to see.  Don’t believe there are any privacy fences or bushes to hide behind at the Pearly Gates- (as uniformed and plain clothes detectives in Springfield, MO have done at my home.)

After I get on the elevator and it opens onto the foyer on the ground floor of the public government building lo and behold suddenly two sheriffs (or highway patrol officers)  were evident.  Didn’t recognize the brownish beige uniforms.  These officers: one a man and the other a woman looked directly at me as I left.  A security guard was evident in the lobby as well.   Gosh, how much protection is needed for a 61 year old woman who has a blog, has been an artist, a gardener and worked for the biggest most important corporation in Missouri- (who stood up to them for medical assistance with work injuries?)  

If I had never been targeted would have continued visiting the library once a week only to check out books and DVDs.  If I had never been targeted with DEWs- being a very private individual would never have started a blog for ‘posterity.’   If I had never been targeted with DEWs would have remained exclusively a home-body as have been whole life… reading, attempting art and starting a new life after being let go from a job of 20  years, for work injuries that did not heal.  Go to the library daily now to escape the constant 24/7 targeting with DEWs at home from ‘neighbors’…  It is not where I would choose to go daily, if not being attacked.  -If didn’t need a semi-neutral space to exist hours each day for health reasons.

beautiful tree cut down because roots near water line going to my home Global warming.  Why was an old healthy tree cut down in Springfield, MO?  Because it’s roots were near water pipes at Portland and Campbell intersection?   In the past two  years since targeted with directed energy weapons by a $multibillion corporation in Missouri…  the street in front of home has been torn up repeatedly over water pipes.   -As documented in photos in previous posts.   After a multiple digs directly across from home, and more on either side by fifty feet- began to wonder.  Luckily was reading the book, 2014 “Exile,” written by Janet C. Phelan.   She is a targeted individual.  And has spoken before the United Nations with evidence that bioweapons are delivered into American homes where ‘persons of interest’ live.  The bioweapons are delivered by a second set of public water pipes.

double water line system in place in US for 'persons of interest' to recieve different water.png  -Evidence Phelan showed at a United Nations meeting.  Blueprints of water system in Spokane, Washington with a double-line.

Phelan- “As this blueprint reveals, the water system picture here is vulnerable to insertion of unknown substances via the second line.”  Her statement was given to the UN in Geneva, Switzerland on November 9, 2016 at the Biological Weapons (bw) convention.  Phelan noted to the UN gathering, “… a representative of the US Department of Homeland Security, Dr. Daniel Gerstein, gave a power point demonstration, putting up on a screen the US’s bioweapons legislation. The problem is, Dr. Gerstein showed you a law which had been superseded and changed beyond recognition. “The actual current bw legislation, codified Section 817 of the USA Patriot Act, gives the US immunity from violating its own bioweapons laws. Specifically, the current bw law states that “the prohibitions contained in this section shall NOT apply to any duly authorized US governmental activity.” Plainly put, the US government does not have to obey the prohibitions codified in its own bw law.-From Nov, 24, 2016 Natural Health News article on NaturalBlaze “NGO Provides Details to the UN on the US’s Offensive Biological Weapons Program, by Janet Phlan.

double water system in Washington state From Janet C. Phelan on PPJ, “Homeward Bound: the planned use of water as a weapon, Feb. 24, 2011“- “The city of Spokane was contacted for their input on the attached blueprints. These blueprints were photographed at a work site meeting in Spokane, and show with great clarity the double water lines, which are color coded blue…   Marlene Feist of the City of Spokane changed her tune and told me that the two parallel water lines were not at the same depth.”

Phelan continued- “Extending the water situation to a global perspective, it is of interest to note that American Water Works (AWW), which was up until recently a subsidiary of German blue chip utility corporation RWE, has been quietly buying up municipal water systems across country.  There is water everywhere, and American Water Works wants to own it.   AWW currently operates in thirty-two U.S. states, and is considered the largest investor-owned water supply company operating within the United States…  AWW is not to be confused with AWWA (American Water Works Association), which sets the standards for water systems world wide, including the problematic “double-line” system.”   

RWE is privately owned; a huge energy corporation in Western Europe that bought German Texaco decades ago.  “RWE continues to run some of the largest coal operations in Europe,’ -Kiyo Dorrer wrote in 12-16- 2016, “Peruvian farmer loses round in lawsuit against German power company RWE.

From- counterpunch Sept. 16, 2016 “The Ghost of IG Farben: Can Monsanto Reform Bayer?” by Victor Grossman.    “August 1947 the US-organized Nuremberg War Criminal Tribunal against IG Farben began, with U.S. prosecutor Telford Taylor stating:These IG Farben criminals, not the lunatic Nazi fanatics, are the main war criminals.”   Dr. Otto Ambros praised IG Farben’s friendship with the SS for fast construction of the Auschwitz-Buna plant in a letter to IG Farben manager Fritz ter Meer in early 1941   In 2008, researchers in England found a connection between thalidomide and Otto Ambros’ nerve gas research.  U.S. Department of Energy hired Ambros as a consultant on coal hydrogenation based on IG Farben research.” -Grossman.

From Janet C. Phelan’s PPJ Ruthie Report, “Homeward Bound: the planned use of water as a weapon, Feb. 24, 2011”-  “IG Farben also supplied the fluoride additives to the water in the concentration camps…  Fluoride was known even back then to act on the hippocampus in the brain, rendering those imbibing it passive and docile.”  PURE and Brita water filters do not filter fluoride out of public drinking water. 

beautiful old tree cut down because near water line underground The huge tree in photo cut down just days after yet another 20 foot deep hole was dug in the street ten feet from this tree.  A hole dug because more attention to public water pipes was needed.    -That was over eleven days ago.  Have kept track of the ‘bird bath’ water in front yard since then.  Use a stainless steal bowl as a bird bath, as it is much easier to empty and provide clean water to birds in yard.

The water you see below was put out in bowl when the street was once again dug on opposite side where water pipes are.  As an experiment have not changed the water since then.  Oddly there are still no mosquito larva or pupae to be seen in the bird bath water, even though temperatures have been in 70’s to 90’s.  What is in the Springfield, MO public water delivered to my home, that mosquitoes cannot breed in it?

no mosquito larva

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

dog's umbilibcal  Dog’s energy photographed.

Continuing with Valerie V. Hunt’s 1989 “Infinite Mind”.   Sometimes it takes weeks to get a book into the library that is being loaned from another, but when they come in I have to stop reviewing the ones that are from my book shelf  And read the library-loaned jewels.

In her book Hunt writes, “Recorded brain waves are composed primarily of vibrations from zero to 24 cycles per second.”   She notes that the centuries old restricted model of only viewing the human body in physiological systems research had, “... no reference to the (electromagnetic) fields of living tissue nor to those of the cosmos.”   She wrote, “Pasteur found that electrical polarization distinguishes living from dead matter even though the chemical compositions were identical.”

Scientist and engineer Dennis Gabor won a Nobel Prize in 1971 for discovering the concept of holography.   Hunt notes, Stanford neurophysicist, Dr. Pribram, “… concluded that the brain is also a hologram,” which is why people can remember things after “parts of the brain are destroyed.

(From Tab Window Manager 1998 “The Holographic Brain” by Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove and THINKING ALLOWED Conversations on the Leading Edge of Knowledge and Discovery” is an interview with Karl Pribram PhD about the holographic brain.   Excerpts of the interview:

Mishlove “When you take into account that there are billions of these single cells operating in the brain.

Pribram- “That’s right. And the connections between them… there are trillions of connections between them. They operate on the basic principles that have been found to also operate at the quantum level. Actually, it was the other way around. The mathematics that Gabor used, he borrowed from Heisenberg and Hilbert. Hilbert developed them first in mathematics, and then Heisenberg used them in quantum mechanics, and Gabor used them in psychophysics, and we’ve used it in modeling how brain networks work.”

Mishlove-What is a mental image, in space-time? How would you describe that, as a neuroscientist?”

Pribram-Well, let’s see. I’ve got my image of your face right now…That’s mental imagery.”

Mishlove-You wouldn’t try and tie that to resonant neural patterns?”

Pribram-Oh sure, I’ll be happy to do that. There are two kinds of mechanism — I mean, you can sort of divide things up into twos and threes and so on. But if you divide neural activity, you can divide it into propagative nerve impulses on the one hand, and then these slow potentials — hyperpolarizations, steep polarizations — that don’t go anywhere. And they form this holographic-like pattern, and it’s those that I feel — and I have some evidence to support this — are what we experience as images.

Mishlove- “Would these sort of be like standing waves in the mind? Am I reaching too far here?

Pribram– “You said it — “in the mind” — again. The waves aren’t in the mind.”

Mishlove- “Standing waves in the brain.”

Pribram- “In the brain. They could be thought of that way. Again, I use the matrix analogy as well, just so we don’t get too far into the waves. But sure, some kind of standing wave forms that are there temporarily. Sometimes they last longer, and sometimes they are very brief and we are not even aware of them. But the longer they last — Sherrington had this idea, and he said there seems to be a reciprocal relationship between reflex and mind; the more reflex the less mental, and vice versa.”

Mishlove-OK. That relates somehow to free will also, I gather.”

Pribram-Well, there we get into a different set of problems, now. Sure, to some extent if you get into your potential mode, then new things can happen. But usually free will is conceived of in terms of how many constraints are operating, and we have in statistics a notion of degrees of freedom. I think our will essentially is constrained, more or less. We have so many degrees of freedom, and the more degrees of freedom we have, the more we feel free, and we have freedom of choice.” – END From Tab Window Manager 1998 “The Holographic Brain” by Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove and THINKING ALLOWED Conversations on the Leading Edge of Knowledge and Discovery”  with Karl Pribram PhD at homepages.ihug.co.nz/~sai/pribram.htm.

Back to Dr. Hunts book, “Infinite Mind,” She writes of English physicist Bohm’s advanced cosmos hologram model, “It follows then, that if we accept that the human brain contains a personal memory hologram, and that there is also a cosmic hologram of the memory of everything that has happened in the universe, and if we accept that we are a part of the cosmos, then there must exist some kind of scientifically testable interface between these two holograms.”  Hunt’s research of other scientific work found the biosphere and cosmosphere are massive organic holographic computers “…plugged together by a frequency of 7.8 cycles per second.”   She notes that “For some years the cosmic and ionic fields have been clearly described, but not the bio-field,” of the human body.

prsence of spirit in front of woman Woman’s energy field caught on camera.

Hunt made it her area of expertise to research the electromagnetic fields of the human body. Inside the laboratory and outside in the natural environment.  She recorded that “Most women displayed little or no energy in the legs and thighs, with strong head activity and asymmetrical energies throughout the body, an electromagnetically ungrounded condition. The men showed strong fields in the legs and thighs, with uneven energy in the body and less in the head. There were apparently no racial or ethnic differences.”

(Is this why modern scientists involved in the targeting of non-consensual experimentation of citizens around the globe use women as 70% of involuntary research subjects?   According to Dr. Hunt, Women have more energy in their heads, and ‘mind control’ is done by manipulating the human brain.)

Dr. Valerie Hunt notes that three famous scientists from her time: physicist Bohm, neurophysicist Pribram and physicist engineer Beck, “found that when persons possess extrasensory capacities for knowing about past, present and future events…(and are) “tuned in,” their brain waves are 7.8 cycles per second.”

An experimental physicist Bob Beck developed sensitive instruments to record the brain waves of psychics, mystics and clairvoyants- doing etheric work- their brain waves were 7.8 cycles per second, like the Shumann resonance frequency. – Hunt writes that the  scientist Shumann discovered the 7.8 hertz frequency from a, “… magnetic field that thrust upward from the earth rather than downward, as does the gravitational field.”

spirit of morning glory

She writes about how animals and insects use magnetic bacteria and other magnetic substances in their bodies to orient themselves to the north and south poles. Noting that in humans, “Magnetism from iron in hemoglobin may account for our directional sixth sense.”

Hunt questions in the 1960’s if the “… electromagnetic atmosphere of the electronic age (will) significantly change the harmonic properties of material substances and with it their resonating capacities?”   Though she writes positively that “new frequency generators” resonating at 7.83 hertz are healing humans.    Hunt emphasizes, “It behooves us, therefore, to recognize that the health of the (human) electromagnetic field is critical because this leads to the health or disease of the entire biological system.”  Certain EMFs build up immune response in organic living things, Hunt noted- the 7.83 hertz.

From decades of science and engineering studies Hunt knew that when compatible harmonic frequencies come near each other they interact.   However that was not always the case in humans with compatible frequencies!   Some energy fields in humans refused to interact with other humans energy fields even though the fields themselves were  compatible.  Does that mean the multiple energy fields in humans are intelligent unto themselves?  Yes.  -One can also note the intelligence of human DNA strands that have been separated in purified water then isolated in different test tubes.   Scientists found that the human DNA could still communicate with it’s separate strands: through the H2O, and glass test tubes, via electromagnetic frequencies.

Negative ion particles act to enrich and energize human electromagnetic fields.  Hunt notes that in ‘heightened energy fields’ negative ions are usually in large supply and have a positive effect on all living organisms.   Crashing waves produce a huge energy force, as do volcanic areas, and the lunar tides.   -Hunt knows because she took her electromagnetic frequency (EMF) measurements everywhere.  Most of the voluntary human subjects working with Hunt were psychics or meditators.   Hunt noted that when people meditated under trees that were gnarled and dwarfed, a “gentle twist” of energy “spiraled as it flowed upward.”


But if people were meditating, sitting under the tall straight-trunked pine trees, “Great lofty pines exerted a strong energy suction upward, causing the consciousness of the meditators to soar-” as documented on EMF devices.

Resonating with a frequency can be either good or bad depending on the frequency’s cycle per second.   Notes Hunt: “We have learned that microwave ovens create a wave vibrating at between 3 and 11 megahertz, millions of cycles per second. When the microwave is introduced to the double helix of the genetic code, it resonates directly.   This means that the important information center in body cells has a direct affinity to microwave frequencies…the body must either adapt or suffer destructive consequences.”    -Most nonconsensual experimental subjects called targeted individuals know this.

Hunt writes back in the 1960’s, “The American Cancer Society acknowledges that geomagnetic forces affect the incidence of cancer: near the North Pole and near high tension electrical sources, the incidence is much higher. They do not conclude, however, as do some researchers, that cancer is an electromagnetic disturbance.”

Blue Morning Glory and pollen  Morning Glory with pollen.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

Religion and Science


FEMA spokesman Tom Kenney stated on live TV news, “We’re currently one of the first teams that was deployed to support the city of New York for this disaster. We arrived on late Monday night (September 10), and went into action on Tuesday morning. And not until today did we get a full opportunity to work the entire site.”  

Tom Kenney speaking on live TV about FEMA being at World Trade Center site on 9-10-2001 FEMA’s Tom Kenney.

World Trade Center targeted on cover of FEMA Emergency Response brochure from 1999 Cover of 1999 FEMA brochure.

3 alarm drill on 6-6-18 3 alarm drill on 7-6-2018 7-6-2018 three-alarm drill at the southeast corner of Sunshine and Campbell in Springfield, MO?

3 alarm fire 7-7-18 3 alarm fire 7-7-2018 Very next day, 7-7-2018 three-alarm fire at the northwest corner of Sunshine and Campbell in Springfield, MO?

Everyday driving to and from the library, see people in cars staring into iPhones.   See people walking on sidewalks staring into iPhones.   Just how far along is the US public completely mesmerized/entrained by microwaves?   Walked into an eatery this morning and a woman sitting by the café door had an iPhone held up.   She actually turned to smile directly at me the moment I walked in.   And there on the iPhone she held up for me to see, was a figure in black against a screen of green.   She was exhibiting pride from ‘locking’ onto a targeted individual’s electromagnetic pulse (EMP), and wanted her ‘target’ to see the gangstalker’s  iPhone program.  Some people don’t have lives.  And must destroy other’s lives to validate themselves.

The EMP is what our military and law enforcement now call the new ‘fingerprint.’  Like snowflakes and fingerprints- each EMP is completely unique.   Wherever a TI goes, their EMP is traced by satellite.   A TI’s EMP will activate a ‘gangstalker’s’ iPhone or computer if they are close by, so their EMP can be locked onto.

At a health food store in Springfield, MO am targeted this past month every time, by a white haired old white man.   Doesn’t matter where a TI goes, the Network Collective is there.   Some people really don’t have lives.  And must destroy other’s lives to validate themselves.

friend friends

friendly chief.jpg  friendly2.jpg

Marisol Olmeda made a petition and presented it to the United States Congress.  – Stop people from using psychotronic weapons.”  Her petition was made on the website http://www.change.org.   She lists the symptoms of targeted individuals (TIs) and gang-stalking manipulation; that has been documented by millions of TI’s world wide.  Here is what Olmeda writes about  targeting innocent humans with directed energy weapons, “According to victims, it is vicious, amoral, sadistic and cruel…   Most victims describe the experience as very debilitating and liken it to… prison or total destruction of the quality of one’s life…  It is like a slow death…  Targets who are also being “gang stalked” experience chains of sabotaged jobs, relationships as well as destroyed vehicles and homes. Our computers are often invaded and our writings altered in ways that make us look crazy and/or stupid.

Marisol Olmeda’s factual list of symptoms that are caused by DEWs:

Chilling of Skin/ Instant Coldness – Generalized or Localized
Thermal heating, nighttime, severe night sweats
Thermal heating, daytime, discernible “microwave hot spots” on skull
Intense Itching
Benign or Malignant Tumors
Ringing in Ears
Body Manipulation
Induced Imagery/Thoughts
Induced Sleep
Sensation of Blunt Trauma to Head
Induced Smells
Coughing up Blood
Sensation of Electric Current Running through the Body
Sudden onset asthma
Irregular Heartbeat
Hyperactive bladder, sudden incontinence
Sensation of Objects being Forced into various areas of the Body
Deterioration of Cognitive Abilities
Jaw or Tooth Pain
Severe facial and glandular swelling
Sleep Deprivation
Dizziness or Loss of Balance
Blackouts or loss of consciousness
Severe disorientation while driving
Lesions on Internal Organs
Sudden Rashes –(Morgellons)
Sudden appearance of large burn marks
Dream Manipulation
Memory Loss
Thought Monitoring/Manipulation
Electronic Rape
Metallic Taste in Mouth
Thyroid Problems
Extreme Fatigue
Topical & Internal Burning
Genital Manipulation
Vision Loss/Impairment
Hair Loss
Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious
Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations
Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves
Manipulation of emotions
Reading thoughts remotely
Causing pain to any nerve of the body.
Remote manipulation of human behavior from space
Harassment, stress symptoms such as helicopters flying overhead
Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly
Control of sleep patterns.
Computer-brain interface, control and communication
Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities
Microwave hearing.  The hearing of voices in the head from an outside source, but nobody else can hear the voices except the targeted individual.”

Olmeda’s “Fuller tactic list: (results of gangstalking)
Appliance Tampering
Helicopter/Airplane home flyovers
Being Followed
Blacklisting/death threat
Car Tampering
Home Monitoring
Community-based Harassment
Workplace Harassment Activity
Mail Tampering
Computer Tampering
Noise Campaigns
E-mail Monitoring/Interference
Street Theater
Emergency Vehicle Harassment (police, fire trucks,. ambulances)
Targeting of Pets and Insects like bees, kids can die because of bees stings and animal bites
Unexplained Sounds in Home
Estrangement of Family or Friends
Wiretapping/Electronic Surveillance
Food Tampering
Harassment from family and friends (manipulation of those individuals to frighten or harm the victim)
Theft of belongings and documents of the victims”

Olmeda lists other DEW symptoms:

*Chronic fatigue. Sudden changes or blurriness of vision, or eye irritation.  A feeling like static or a tingling feeling on your head.  * Remote sexual manipulation and abuse with pedophilia.  *Projected Sound Attacks.  *Aneurism… stroke… heart attack.  *Media Mirroring.  * LUPUS… autoimmune diseases are caused by over doses of microwave energy.  * Morgellons Disease: This and many other illnesses that we THINK are natural are actually being inflicted by microwaves.” 

Thank you Marisol Olmeda for your courage.

God's grace  Continuing with book review of 2010, “Forbidden Gates” by Thomas and Nita Horn subtitled, “How genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, nanotechnology and human enhancement herald the dawn of techno-dimensional spiritual warfare.”  Excerpts below:

The Horns write that The National Science Foundation and the US Department of Commerce published a government report “Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance” envisioned- “The transhuman body being more durable, healthy, energetic, easier to repair, and resistant to many kinds of stress, biological threats and aging processes. Brain-machine interfacing will transform work in factories, control automobiles, ensure military superiority, and enable new sports, art forms and modes of interaction between people… vastly improved awareness of cognitive, social, and biological forces… enabling far better adjustment, creativity and daily decision… Factories of tomorrow will be organized around increased human-machine capabilities.”

Most government agencies –the Horns note, understand what is “currently echoed in military corridors, where sentiments hold that failure to commit resources to develop GRIN (Genetics, Robotics, Information Technology and Nanotechnology,) as the next step in human and technological evolution will only lead to others doing so ahead of us and using it for global domination.   The new arms race has been named, “HUMAN 2.0”.

Horns- The computer scientist Bill Joy; a level-headed Silicon Valley scientist and co-founder of Sun Microsystems was a “chief scientist for the corporation” when Joy wrote about how “…GRIN would threaten in the very near future to obliterate mankind.”  In fact Joy knew that he and every other scientist working on GRIN would build the machines that, “…will enable the construction of the technology that may replace our species.” Bill Joy was burdened especially by the “unprecedented threat of…out-of-control replication or viruses leading to machine systems or computer networks being disabled…”   Joy wrote, Uncontrolled self-replication of nanobots or engineered organisms would run a much greater risk of substantial damage in the physical world… I think it is no exaggeration to say we are on the cusp of the further perfection of extreme evil, an evil whose possibility spreads well beyond that which weapons of mass destruction bequeathed to the nation states, on to a surprising and terrible empowerment.”documented by the Horn’s.

The Horns report that Craig Venter an American biotechnologist, biochemist, geneticist and businessman sequenced a second human genome “transfecting a cell with a synthetic chromosome.”  Venter knows that he ‘self-replicated the Synthia species.’    Horns-Parasites such as the mycoplasma mycoides that Venter modified to create Syntheia can be resistant to antibiotics and acquire and smuggle DNA from one species to another, causing a variety of diseases.”  Joy’s comment are truthful about how humans will be impacted by self-replicating synthetic life forms, “… the first moment in the history of our planet when any species, by its own voluntary actions, has become a danger to itself.”

From International Genetically Engineered Machine- igem.org it is documented: “Our Focus iGEMers are building a better world by solving problems with the help of synthetic biology. The iGEM Competition inspires nearly 6,000 students each year to work in teams to address unique challenges in their local communities. Browse through iGEM projects and learn how teams are solving real world problems… In 2017 iGEM launched the After iGEM program. This program supports over 30,000 iGEMers — students and instructors — who has gone through the competition since its inception in 2004. This global network is leading the field, taking what they learned in the competition and expanding it to continue to build a better world. Learn more about iGEM’s global After iGEM community where members take what they learned and experienced in the competition and expand it to continue have an impact on the world.”  This years iGEM Giant Jamboree will be held at the Hynes convention center Oct. 24-28, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts.  Ingrid Swanson Pultz, Jason Kelly and George Church will be speakers.

The Horns write that the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM) is won by the best team “... splicing, and dicing DNA into task-fulfilling living entities.”  The 2009 iGEM winner,built “E.chromi – a programmable version of the bacteria that often leads to food poisoning… commonly abbreviated E.coli.”   This winning invention, as well as the contest are, “... exasperating security experts who see the absence of universal rules for controlling what is increasingly available through information networks as threatening to unleash a “runaway sorcerer’s apprentice” with unavoidable biological fallout… Venter and his collaborators … have joined in calling on Congress to enact laws to attempt to control the flow of information and synthetic “recipes” that could provide lethal new pathogens for terrorists.”

hugo de garis De Garis is retired.

Professor Hugo De Garis is an artificial brain designer. He was born in Sydney, Australia in 1947.   He spent a lifetime researching sub-field artificial intelligence and evolvable hardware.  De Garis- “It would be nice to be an artilect, a god, a supremely powerful omnipotent being. I could be such a creature. It’s possible. It’s not an unattainable dream… All I can do here is attempt to convey some measure of the strength of “religious” feeling that I and others will make public this century.”     -As a targeted individual, I beg to differ with De Garis.   Transhumanism as a new way life: will never be made public until ‘posthumans’ no longer control anything, not even their own bodies and brains via implants and microwave technologies.  Our trusting public i.e. ‘natural humans’ will be obsolete and enslaved by  the very creatures created by man.  Creatures made in secret, with our tax monies, under the guise of each ‘civilized’ government’s ‘national security’.   Synthetic DNA, nano-cybernetic machines resembling enhanced humans and uploaded with every TI’s brain wave data including intelligence, emotions and psychic abilities.  

How is all the above possible?  Free nonconsensual human experimentation makes it possible.   Millions of kind, good, law-abiding ‘natural humans’ called Targeted Individuals are being experimented on nonconsensually all over the Earth.   So who is going to win this latest ‘arms race‘ our governments are in?  Unfortunately who ever wins… this ‘race’ will make natural-humans obsolete.   This ‘arms race’ will consume and destroy millions of lives -surpassing  the death tolls in all modern wars.   These murders, will be as relevant in the eyes of nation’s leaders as those of the deaths of laboratory rats.

“All of the boundaries are up for grabs. All of the boundaries that have defined us as human beings, boundaries between a human being and an animal, and between a human being and a super human being or a god.” Leon R. Kass, former chairman of the President’s Council on Bioethics.     The Horn’s knowledge and belief in the Holy Bible inspire them to write, “… genetic engineering and transhumanist aspirations seem literally hell-bent on repeating what…”  they believe transpired in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Horns- “As far back as the beginning of time and within every major culture of the ancient world, the astonishingly consistent story is told of “gods” who descended from heaven and materialized in bodies of flesh. From Rome to Greece- and before that, to Egypt, Persia, Assyria, Babylonia, and Sumer- (including) powerful beings known to the Hebrews as “Watchers” and in the book of Genesis as in b’nai ha Elohim (son’s of God) mingled themselves with humans, giving birth to part-celestial, part-terrestrial hybrids known as “Nephilim.”   (If you have been reading scientific reports for decades and thinking on your own as many ‘natural humans’ refuse to do without permission from ‘authorities’.   It should come to no surprise that science has been level pegging with ancient divine teachings for some time now.)

The Horns document in the Book of Jasher.  In Joshua 10:13 and, 2 Samuel 1:18- Jasher records the fall of the Watchers.  He wrote “… Watchers had instructed humans “in the secrets of heaven.” (Then) “… the sons of men began teaching the mixture of animals of one species with the other in order therewith to provoke the Lord. (4:18).”   The Horns, “Such as pig DNA with humans like science is doing today…”   The Horns believe Genesis 3:15 – that God’s promise of a Savior being born a man, to destroy Satan, actually encouraged the intermingling of falling angels and demons to be with women of the human race to attempt to stop the Savior’s birth.    Hence the great flood occurred, the Horns reason because only one family was left purely created in God’s image.

Now the Horns believe that a hybrid physical body, “… made up of human, animal and plant genetics known as Nephilim,”   is a  “… fit extension” into which the Watchers could extend themselves.”  Another possibility they suggest is, “... if dead Nephilim tissue were discovered with intact DNA,”  a government cloned/genetically modified Nephilim DNA (with human fetus,) could create “the ultimate super soldier- Homo-Nephilim.”

Are the Horns beliefs too unbelievable?   Some say yes.  But what the public is allowed to know and what is really happening in scientific military/medical agencies and out in the world with Targeted Individuals who are lab ratsare two separate realities.

In Live Science Magazine of Sept. 6, 2018 the article, “Extreme Long Shot, Scientists say” by Mindy Weisberger documents, “A team of scientists in Siberia is hopeful that a mummified 40,000-year-old baby horse can provide critical genetic material for cloning the extinct ice-age species.”  Live Science previously reported that, “Scientists from Russia and South Korea… are already collaborating in an attempt to clone a woolly mammoth…” -www.livescience.com    

The Horns question, “Is the factual reappearance on earth of such legendary beings verified by Isaiah, who also foresaw transhuman creatures such as satyrs, (transgenic half men, half goats) accompanying the return of giants in the end times, or why other apocryphal books like 2 Esdras 5:8 prophesy the birth of “monsters” for the same period of time?” The Horns note that in Zephaniah 2:11, “The Lord will be terrible unto them: for he will famish all the gods of the earth.” Also the Horns quote the Lord of Hosts as saying; “‘Behold, I will punish the… gods’ -Jeremiah 46:25.”

The Horns remember the ancient Book of Jubilees,The malignant evil ones…  were bound in the place of condemnation, but a tenth part of them were left that they might be subject before Satan on the earth. These are for corruption (the Horn’s ask- corruption of DNA as in the days of old?) and leading astray men before Satan’s judgment. Jubilees 10:7-12.”

Louis Pauwells and Jacques Bergier wrote “The Dawn of Magic” published in France in 1960.  The Horns take an excerpt from their book, “Hitler’s aim was neither the founding of a race of supermen, nor the conquest of the world; these were only means towards the realization of the great work he dreamed of. His real aim was to perform an act of creation, a divine operation, the goal of a biological mutation which would result in an unprecedented exaltation of the human race and the “apparition of a new race of heroes and demigods and god-men.”   (Hitler murdered countless innocent and fine human beings in Nazi concentration camps during heinous and torturous experiments.)   The Horns assert, “One cannot read the conclusion by Pauwells and Bergier regarding Hitler’s… ambition without seeing how it corresponds perfectly with the goals of transhumanism, even to the connection of creating posthuman bodies fit for deity incarnation through genetic engineering.”  -1,600 Nazi scientists, Nazi psychiatrists and Nazi physicians between 1945 and 1959 were allowed in Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida, to enhance the U.S. in the cold war and space race with Russia.

Thank you Thomas and Nita Horn for 2010, “Forbidden Gates” subtitled, “How genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, nanotechnology and human enhancement herald the dawn of techno-dimensional spiritual warfare.”

Poster_Child_for_TI_s from PACTS International Children are targeted individuals.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God. So be it.  It is so.  Amen.

first Missouri fall colors

Did you know that the United States has been in a ‘State of National Emergency’ since 9/11 for the past 17 years?   Did you know that this state of ‘national security’ will end on Sept. 14, 2018?  Unless it is extended by Trump for another year as in 2017, and like Bush, Obama before him?  Below is photo of document and listed extensions…  Homeland Security was created after 9/11.

Declaration of state of national emergency in 2001.

dates of extension of national security

Perhaps Homeland Security can use more laws when in a ‘state of national emergency?’   When traveling my luggage underneath and on top has been searched by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) since 2011.  The same year I asked employer of twenty years that my hands be seen for work injuries.

With the US being in a state of ‘national emergency’ for seventeen years it is easy to get noticed by Homeland Security if someone in authority does not like you, or if a friend who knows people in authority wants to cause trouble for you.   It is easy for a US citizen to have their name to be called in anonymously to be put into the FBI data base for ‘persons of interest.’   ANYONE can be a person of interest just by obeying all laws, working hard to make your employer lots of money, voting, paying bills, being a home owner and honest person.

look up at the beauty

June of 2016 called for a free home safety inspection and Captain Pennington of the Springfield, MO Fire Department had police file a report on me.    Because I said to him in a phone conversation that lasted three minutes that suddenly, in the “past two weeks an electric current” was running through my home of twenty years.   That Springfield, Missouri police report categorized me as a ‘person of interest.‘  Found out three months later after using library computers- I was what is called a ‘targeted individual.’    Since June 2016 I’m a U.S. citizen that has been attacked with directed energy weapons on U.S. soil.

good-friend still works for my former work place bass-pro-shops president-jim-hagale friendly-man

Was emailed a video regarding the 2013 Department of Defense (DoD)  Nano Domestic Quell  unclassified project.   The DoD allegedly wants to make US-PRODUCTS out of the US-GMO nanoparticles that become hybridized when consumed.   Allegedly this occurs when engineered water and food are consumed  and ‘infection’ rates are reached that are satisfactory.

In law school dictionaries it states the US government holds no legal distinction between a ‘state of national emergency’ and a ‘state of war.‘   We have been in a ‘state of national emergency’ for 17 years.   It is documented that Homeland Security’s main focus is on ‘domestic threats,’  i.e. domestic terrorism.   Many targeted individuals claim that all TI’s are is non-consensual human experimental subjects for military/medical patents and directed energy weapons research.

bush-fishing with morris and son President Bush & John Morris are fishing buddies.

Below, photo of cover of unclassified Nano Domestic Quell (NDQ) alleged Department of Defense (DoD) document.  Second photo is page one of the NDQ protocols.

Page one allegedly notes the percentage of nano particles in food products and in public drinking water in Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta (to name a few?)   Allegedly microwaves (from phones, towers and computer, etc. or other EMF frequencies) will mechanically-activate the nano particles consumed into organized creations of cybernetic organisms in humans.   The DoD uses the term ‘posthuman‘ in many of their reports- instead of artificial human.

front of unclassified document  Cover of DoD‘s unclassified Nano Domestic Quell.


phase four water supply and products

Since WWI, all US citizens are allegedly seen as potential domestic enemies at all times, but especially during ’emergencies’.   Homeland Security was created after 9/11 in a ‘state of national emergency.’   (Why was a ‘state of war’ not proclaimed on 9/11 instead?   See targetedartist.wordpress.com August 31, 2018 post.)  So when any emergency such as economic collapse occurs: allegedly all private property (homes and cars, etc.) under 1933 Amendment to the Trading with the Enemy Act– now called the Emergency Banking Relief Act can be claimed as US government property.   To keep banks afloat when the Stock Market collapses in ‘national emergencies.

That is not all.

Allegedly in the future when an ‘national emergency‘ arises and it is ‘bad enough’ that all the guns are taken away from US citizens… then the amount of US nano tech (via GMOs in food) in a US citizen’s blood will decide whether they are ‘infected’ enough to be a hybridized-property of the US.   Allegedly they can be taken away as property of their makers i.e. slaves.  Do you think that is impossible?  I grew up in Paris, Tennessee where black U.S. citizens were allowed on the town square to shop three days a week or they were arrested.  And there were “whites only” metal signs hung with metal chains on water fountains in U.S. public parks and on park bathroom doors.   Nothing is impossible when people are not vigilant and do not seek to educate themselves and work peacefully and legally to change- what is happening under their noses in their own country!

The DoD report above claims allegedly that as of 2012 GMO nano infection rates had exceeded projections.

sky  chemtrail X over home   Chemtrails have been analyzed with nano-particles -that contain what?  That can contain anything.  In photo a  couple chemtrails on drive home from library.   And a photo of sky with ‘X’ above my home.   Thank you dear God for the democratic laws and for the justice that reigns in the United States of America where I live.

explosion from demolition at top down  explosions  9/11

From 2010, “Forbidden Gates” by Thomas and Nita Horn subtitled, “How genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, nanotechnology and human enhancement herald the dawn of techno-dimensional spiritual warfare.”  Excerpts fromForbidden Gates” on the latest technology below:

The Horns report that the US Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) documents GMO nano-bio-cybernetic organisms om food, “… linger inside the human body…” The IRT documented “The only published human feeding experiment verified that genetic material inserted into GM soy transfers into the DNA of intestinal bacteria and continues to function. This means that long after we stop eating EM foods, we may still have their GM proteins produced continuously inside us.”

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not require food labeling or package warnings on GMO foods and health products. Thomas and Nita Horn write, “You and I are now the biggest lab rats of all time in a “wait-and-see” experiment…”

In 1974 Synthetic Biology research began in earnest. Sounds funny, but US citizens have been taking ‘synthetic drugs’ for half a century now or longer.  However the Horns note- in 2010 the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) “… created an entirely new form of life nicknamed “Synthia” by inserting artificial genetic material… chemically synthesized, into cells that were then able to grow.”   JCVI documented- “... scientists are digitizing biology by converting… chemical makeup of DNA into 1’s and 0’s in a computer.”   Creating the first, “... cell controlled completely by a synthetic genome.”

The University of Copenhagen researchers are creating a “… third Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA) strand- a sythetic hybrid of protein and DNA- to upgrade humanity’s two existing DNA strands from double helix to triple.” -Horns

The authors of “Forbidden Gates” document that “… Monsanto’s “terminator” seeds.”   Decades ago impacted the “economy of rural workers and farmers,” due to the,  “patenting” of transgenic seeds, animals, plants and synthetic life-forms…”

In the 1990’s the Horns write that ‘Dolly’ the sheep was cloned using “somatic cell nuclear transfer.”    They note that, Supreme Court’s, Justice Elena Kagan opposed “…any effort by Congress to prevent humans from being cloned specifically for experimental purposes, then killed.”

Biotechnology’s, “Dr. James Hughes wants transgenic chimps and great apes uplifted genetically so that they achieve “personhood… Among other things,” the Horns write, “this would lead to nonhuman “persons” and “nonperson” humans… Most would argue that any human fits this bill, but women and blacks were not included in these rights in 1776 when Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.”

The Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies is a team- MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) the Army and industry- working together to discover and field technologies that dramatically advance Soldier protection and survivability capabilities.” -from isnweb.mit.edu     -Incidentally the only U.S. states to outlaw directed energy weapons – that are classified as “weapons of mass destruction” are Massachusetts, Michigan and Maine.   Why then do the Springfield, MO police department and it’s police officers,  not believe directed energy weapons exist outside the military?    Who educates our police departments?

The Nazis with Adolf Hitler operated their eugenics torture and experimentation in concentration camps in WWII “… under the banner of “racial hygiene.”   -The Horns note.  In the early twentieth century- “Researchers in the US, Britain, Canada, and Germany…” studied eugenics, “to insinuate heritability between certain families and illnesses such as schizophrenia, blindness, deafness, dwarfism, bipolar disorder, and depression… to develop state laws in the 1800’s and 1900’s…” to prevent, “passing on” their genetic inferiority to future generations.”

Germ-Line genetic engineering via nano particles was initially invented to “create superior humans via improved genetics through selective breeding through genetically modifying human genes in very early embryos, sperm, and eggs,” -Horn.   But germ-line engineering, “is considered by some conservative bioethicists to be the most dangerous of human-enhancement technology… because as changes to “downline” genetic offsprings are set in motion, the nature and physical makeup of mankind will be altered with no hope of reversal, thereby permanently reshaping humanity’s future.”

Is the targeting of unsuspecting citizens around the globe happening to cut costs for human-experimental subjects in the patenting process, and deny bad research outcomes?  Is this also a main factor in the non-consensual GMO experimentation today with US food products?

What I find most interesting in the alteration of humankind by man is that what is ‘created in God’s image,’  and having God’s gifts is deemed ‘supernatural’ today.   Because when humans throughout time and today have exhibitd their ‘gifts’ from God, such as apportation, astral projection, aura reading, automatic writing, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairvoyance, conjuration, divination, dowsing, energy manipulation, energy medicine, hydrokinesis, levitation, mediumship, precognition, prophecy, psychic surgery, psychokinesis, psychometry, remote viewing, second sight, scrying, and telepathy- the people with the gifts are seen as mentally ill or ‘bad’.

Oddly the transhumanist agenda lauds the idea of man-made “post humans” with the gifts from animal’s genes that are God-gifts.   These man-made “post humans” will be lauded as ‘superior men.

It is also interesting that authorities have been saying the earth is overpopulated for some time now.   Because man-made ‘posthumans’ will have the ability to self-heal and in some cases due to certain animal genes live for centuries.

What the above means, is that the agenda on earth is to destroy anything God-made, including the planet.  And accept with open arms anything man-made including ‘posthumans.’   So the agenda here is not science.

The agenda is to perfect a being that will make God obsolete.   Just who would want to do that?   -In this final war between good and evil the goal is to obliterate God and free will for all life forms… forever.

Pink Glory in the morning

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God. So be it.  It is so.  Amen.


My Beliefs and Others Beliefs

a posey of purple flox

I live in Springfield, MO in the United States of America.  My patriotism is as genuine as the current Secretary of Homeland Security-  Kirstjen Nielsen.  Am a US citizen like the Commander in Chief.   Have the same rights as an NSA or CIA agent.   Am equal in intelligence as an FBI agent.   Am as significant in humanity as any police officer or fire department captain.  My perceptions and understanding of health are as valid as a doctor’s or psychiatrist’s.  Have the same strength and bravery as any military troop.  My concept of right and wrong is as valid as any city utility employee’s.   My sense of morality and ethics is as logical as a senator’s, a governor’s, a city manager’s or a lawyer’s.  In my opinion am as abundantly wealthy in life as the $multi-billion employer and their security worked for twenty years.  

Am a targeted individual who has survived directed energy weapon attacks of intense, horrific, perverted, sadistic, torture and slow-kill-murder repeatedly.  Have survived repeated remote directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar weapons attacks including remote torture and remote rape.  Have survived all manner of mental and physical degradation from directed energy weapon and biological-agent attacks since June 2016.   24/7.   No matter what I do.   No matter where I go.   No matter how I live.  No matter the mode of travel and the vehicle sitting in.   No matter where I walk, lay or sit.   I am a targeted individual who has a great relationship with God the One by Any Name.   -Because of God,  am alive.  Thank you God.  Love you God with all might of being and heart. 

Much thanks to a friend Geoff for giving this prayer today… “Dear God, please protect me from any attacks and that the equipment being used in the attacks be destroyed beyond repair.”   

It was Friedrich Nietzsche, the philosopher who coined the phrase, “God is dead.”

Another philosopher and the director of Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University Nick Bostrom believes transhumanism is the only way to evolve.  Bostrom- “Transhumanist values- sonar, magnetic orientation,  sensors for electricity and vibration… infrared radiation, to perceive radio signals, and telepathic sense…” are all attributes humans should have.  (Interesting, because when humans do show these attributes, they are locked away to stop their abilities.)  So it is OK when humans invent life forms with cybernetically enhanced animal and artificial intelligence gifts? But not OK when humans exhibit God-given gifts?  

Many politicians have wanted to outlaw human-animal hybrids invented in laboratories.  Joseph Infranco of the Alliance Defense Fund writes, “We are well beyond the science fiction of H.G. Wells’ tormented hybrids in the Island of Doctor Moreau…”  – from 2010, “Forbidden Gates” by Thomas and Nita Horn subtitled, “How genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, nanotechnology and human enhancement herald the dawn of techno-dimensional spiritual warfare.”  Continuing review from page 138…

The Horns note that a former chairman of the President’s Council on Bioethics Leon Kass writes, “Human nature itself lies on the operating table, ready for alteration, for eugenic and psychic “enhancement,” for wholesale redesign.  In leading laboratories, academic and industrial, new creators are confidently amassing their powers and quietly honing their skills, while on the street their evangelists (transhumanists) are zealously prophesying a posthuman future.  For anyone who cares about preserving our humanity, the time has come for paying attention.”  

The Horns report that the JASONs– are an advisory group for the Pentagon’s ‘Brain,’ the most treasured advisers.    The JASONs are celebrated scientists, “… who now perceive “Mankind 2.0” as the next arms race.”  The JASONs “… are worried about adversaries’ ability to exploit advances in Human Performance Modification, and thus create a threat to national security.”  Specifically Noah Shachtman wrote in his article, “Top Pentagon Scientists Fear Brain-Modified Foes,for Wired magazine, that the JASONs were most worried about “neuro-pharmaceutical performance enhancement and brain-computer interface” technology being developed by other countries ahead of the United States.  

Is this why the free non-consensual human experimental subjects called targeted individuals exist in the millions today?   Is this all really for “national security?”   What honest, democratic, free nation is unwilling to give women equal rights in monetary pay and in their body functions… yet is willing to experiment on women without their permission?  Targeted individuals are comprised of 70%  single, older women.   Why are mostly women nonconsensually experimented on for military/medical gain and for civilized countries to stay on top of the latest ‘arms race’?

look up at the beauty

In December 2012 the Mayan Calendar was purported to end.  In actuality the Age of Man had ended.  And with the end of the Age of Man… all perception of humans as God-created life ended.  Did white American journalists blare the sensational story of the Mayan calendar ending after keeping track of time for thousands of years, to sell more papers than the truth.  The truth is that in 2012 the Mayan Age of the Gods began without a calendar -as foretold by ancients who could ‘see’ (that God-given psychic ability.)   ‘See’ when humans became cybernetic, transhumanist-enhanced creatures so enabled with superhuman attributes that they were like gods? And so the time of the homosapien ended in 2012.

Thomas and Lita Horn’s 2010, “Forbidden Gates: How genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, nanotechnology and human enhancement herald the dawn of techno-dimensional spiritual warfare,” point’s to religious beliefs and GRIN technologies (Genetics, Robotics, Information Technology and Nanotechnology,) as working hand in hand to create a being that would supersede God in all aspects, and enslave non-enhanced humans.   The Horn’s quote Professor Nigel M. de S. Cameron, director of the Council for Biotechnology Policy in Washington D.C. as saying, “…the federal government’s National Nanotechnology Initiative’s Web site already gives evidence of this kind of future vision, in which human dignity is undermined by being transformed into posthumans.”

In ‘Forbidden Gates’, a testimony to  U.S. Congress, by Dr. C. Christopher Hook repeated that the goal of the US embracing transhumanist ideals by supporting research in the US National Science Foundation; the US Department of Commerce; and the NBIC (Nano, bio, info and cognitive technologies) is “for the express purpose of enhancing human performance.”   NBIC program director, Mihail Roco said the expenditure of financial and human capital to pursue the needs of re-engineering humanity by the US government will be second in equivalent value only to the moon landing program.”

The Horns note this “deal with the devil” will create what scientists define as a “golden age” combining technology with the human brain to merge “a single, distributed and interconnected brain.”  Where all is one and one is all?    And all of this is based on ‘national security?’  Where military troops are modified to create the better soldier.   But what happens when the enhanced troops go home? 

The Horn’s document how after Admiral John Poindexter was ‘sacked’ as director of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency during 2002-2003) an act to insure public inspection in the flow of IRS tax dollars.  What was found shocked the (SAC) Senate Appropriations Committee.  Files containing research on: “Time-reversal methods” of technology, unstoppable super-soldiers, communication by thought alone.”  More public inquiry was needed, so investigative journalist, Professor Joel Garreau reported on the SAC found, “The staffers went down the list of DARPA’s projects- found the ones with titles that sounded frighteningly as though they involved the creation of a master race of superhumans and zeroed out their budgets from the defense appropriations bill.”  From that moment on Garreau wrote, “Considerable creative budgetary maneuvering ensued…” and now, “new human enhancement programs are (“camouflaged”) in the pipeline,” and are “as bold or bolder.”  

In the meantime outside the secret government, and military/medical private labs the nonconsensual experimentation on US citizens includes eating genetically modified food for decades now.  The Horn’s document how Dr. Arpad Pusztai, scientist Irina Ermakova, and the International Journal of Biological Sciences have all reported, “genetically modified” (GM or GMO) food had “surprisingly ill effects on the health” of all lab animals they were tested on.  Including, “… the deterioration of every animal organ, atrophied livers, altered cells, testicular damage, altered sperm counts, shortened life spans and cancer development.”   The Horn’s note that the GMO lab findings led to a “biotech industry suppressing the data.”  

Horns document on GMO foods, “The wider ramifications from these and similar controlled experiments suggest that as current technology inserts pesticides, insect genes, animal DNA, and other modified organisms directly into crops, the threat of hybrid viruses, prion contamination and new disease strains- which man can neither anticipate or prepare for- may arise.”  Writing that the prospects of impact to “mammalian health is almost certain to be a “when,” not “if,” concern…”

In their book ‘Forbidden Gates,’ “… the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) documents how functioning genetically modified genes from these food linger inside the humand body, which could be future-catastrophic.  “The only published human feeding experiment verified that genetic material inserted into GM soy transfers inthe DNA of intestinal bacteria and continues to function,” IRT published.  “This means that long after we stop eating GM foods, we may still have their GM proteins produced continuously inside us.”  -Thank you  2010, “Forbidden Gates” by Thomas and Nita Horn subtitled, “How genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, nanotechnology and human enhancement herald the dawn of techno-dimensional spiritual warfare.”

From the Seattle Organic Restaurants, the Genetic Literacy Project, the New York Times, the FDA government website, and Current GMOs on the market today here is a list of just some GMO food and the year they were genetically altered. “The debate over labeling genetically modified organisms still continues in US while 27 different countries have banned GMOs and 50 countries across the globe have required GMO labeling…  Many additives, preservatives and food flavoring are genetically modified. Aspartame in diet drinks is one of the products of genetic engineering.GMO products… “Squash 1995, Cotton 1996, Soybean 1995 i.e. also called ‘edamame’, Corn 1996 (i.e. corn starch, corn syrup, corn oil, Ascorbic acid or Vit C is made from GMO corn, and most cows, pigs and chickens eat GMO corn), Papaya 1997, Alfalfa 2006, Sugar beets 2006, Canola 1999.”  Also included in GMO products are-  apples, potatoes, wheat (and it’s gluten products), tomatoes, strawberries, barley, rapeseed, rice, flax, plum, tobacco, mushroom, farmed salmon, zucchini, cassava, banana, peas, pinto beans, black beans, kidney beans and more.”

sacred flower seems to glow Flower seems to glow.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

U.S. Moscow, Cuban Diplomats

what a cloud Wonderful cloud.

Los Angeles Times news of Sept. 1, 2018 “American diplomats in Cuba were likely attacked with microwave weapons,” by Rich Schapiro notes, “The American diplomats in Cuba who suffered a host of mysterious health problems last year were likely zapped by microwave weapons that caused brain injuries…  The FBI refuse to comment.”  

A good book the FBI and all US government agencies may want to read is– The 1977,Zapping of America: Microwaves their deadly risk and the Cover-up” by Paul Brodeur.   Brodeur documents that the US Moscow Embassy for thirty years during the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s was  bombarded with microwave weapon radiation.   The research concluded as such, down to the saliva swabs taken by US military and government doctors that showed genetic mutations caused by microwave attacks.  Many US diplomats and their families and children died of cancer from these reported microwave attacks by Russia.  -Decades before our government and FBI today ‘investigate’ US Cuban and Chinese Embassy attacks.  Why would our government and FBI knowingly keep truth from the American people?  Why is it a secret that the US has microwave and EMF directed energy weapons- which our IRS taxes paid for?

The Guardian News French press agency in Washington wrote Sept. 2, 2018 “Microwave weapons suspected in US Embassy ailments -report,” documents  “Doctors and scientists increasingly suspect attacks with microwave weapons are the cause of the mysterious ailments that have stricken more than three dozen American diplomats and family members in Cuba and China…  The victims reported hearing intense high-pitched sounds in their hotel rooms or homes, followed by symptoms that included nausea, severe headaches, fatigue, dizziness, sleep problems and hearing loss.  In a study published in March in the Journal of the American Medical Association, a medical team that examined 21 of those affected in Cuba did not mention microwave weapons.”

Guardian’s French press agency continues; “But the lead author, Douglas Smith, director of the Center for Brain Injury and Repair at the University of Pennsylvania, told the (New York) Times microwave weapons are now considered a main suspect and the team is increasingly sure the diplomats suffered brain injuries…  American scientist, Allan Frey, discovered in 1960 that the brain can perceive microwaves as sound. The discovery opened a new field of weapons research in the US…  the envisioned weapons “psychophysical” or “psychotronic…”  The US military also researched weapons applications of microwaves… ”    –Thank you Guardian news.

“The 1977, “Zapping of America: Microwaves their deadly risk and the Cover-up” by Paul Brodeur.

neighbor follows director friend3 always, always around

The FBI and the US government military and medical agencies may want to read what Dr. James C. Lin of the University of Illinois at Chicago wrote, “The Mystery of “Sonic Health Attacks” on Havana-Based Diplomats” for the Radio Science Bulletin No 362; September 2017, It is plausible that the loud buzzing, burst of sound, or acoustic pressure waves may have been covertly delivered using high-power microwave radiation, instead of blasting the subjects with conventional sonic sources. It has been scientifically well-documented that absorption of a single microwave pulse impinging on the head, and conversion of a microwave pulse to an acoustic pressure wave by soft tissues inside the head, may be perceived as an acoustic click or knocking sound, depending on the intensity of the incident microwave power. A train of microwave pulses to the head may be sensed as an audible tune, chirp, or buzz…”  resulting in  “… headaches, ringing in the ears, nausea, and problems with balance or vertigo,” and concussion.

And US government agencies may want to note that if it is not microwave weapons destroying the health of US Diplomats, then sound directed energy weapons may be the culprit.  Marshall Sella of the New York Times in Sept. 6, 2003 who wrote, “The Sound of Things to Come,” records that, San Diego native Woody Norris was mass producing sonic directed energy weapons fifteen years ago.  One such weapon, “...HyperSonic Sound (HSS).  -The aluminum plate is connected to a CD player and an odd amplifier — actually, a very odd and very new amplifier — that directs sound much as a laser beam directs light.”  The sound can be delivered in a column or in a bubble of sound intended to affect a single person or a crowd.  Norris’ company A.T.C. in 2003 had, “… 14 patents in the U.S. and hundreds pending worldwide. The company has spent millions on patents alone.”  Sella wrote, “… there are Defense Department applications… Norris and A.T.C. have been busy honing something called High Intensity Directed Acoustics (HIDA, in house jargon)…  Although the technology thus far has been routinely referred to as a ”nonlethal weapon,” the Pentagon now prefers to stress the friendlier-sounding ”hailing intruders” function.”   Does the FBI and US government agencies not read the New York Times?   Inventor Norris- “HIDA can instantaneously cause loss of equilibrium, vomiting, migraines — really, we can pretty much pick our ailment,” he says brightly. ”We’ve delivered a couple dozen units so far, but will have a lot more out by June. They’re talking millions!” (Last month, (in 2003) A.T.C. cut a five-year, multimillion-dollar licensing agreement with General Dynamics, one of the giants of the military-industrial complex.)”   So why didn’t the FBI want to comment?

hoovering over home helicopter directly over home moving behind trees hoovering over home taking photo under roof

another round behind trees moving behind trees again behind trees yet again

Above photos show half hour of helicopter circling and flying over home in daylight 6:25-7pm.   After I was visibly seen, helicopter flew behind trees while circling home.   -Half hour of harassment is better than five hours of intimidation documented on targetedartist in August 19, 2018 blog post.

first Missouri fall colors  Thank you trees for your beauty.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God. So be it.  It is so.  Amen.