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FEMA spokesman Tom Kenney stated on live TV news, “We’re currently one of the first teams that was deployed to support the city of New York for this disaster. We arrived on late Monday night (September 10), and went into action on Tuesday morning. And not until today did we get a full opportunity to work the entire site.”  

Tom Kenney speaking on live TV about FEMA being at World Trade Center site on 9-10-2001 FEMA’s Tom Kenney.

World Trade Center targeted on cover of FEMA Emergency Response brochure from 1999 Cover of 1999 FEMA brochure.

3 alarm drill on 6-6-18 3 alarm drill on 7-6-2018 7-6-2018 three-alarm drill at the southeast corner of Sunshine and Campbell in Springfield, MO?

3 alarm fire 7-7-18 3 alarm fire 7-7-2018 Very next day, 7-7-2018 three-alarm fire at the northwest corner of Sunshine and Campbell in Springfield, MO?

Everyday driving to and from the library, see people in cars staring into iPhones.   See people walking on sidewalks staring into iPhones.   Just how far along is the US public completely mesmerized/entrained by microwaves?   Walked into an eatery this morning and a woman sitting by the café door had an iPhone held up.   She actually turned to smile directly at me the moment I walked in.   And there on the iPhone she held up for me to see, was a figure in black against a screen of green.   She was exhibiting pride from ‘locking’ onto a targeted individual’s electromagnetic pulse (EMP), and wanted her ‘target’ to see the gangstalker’s  iPhone program.  Some people don’t have lives.  And must destroy other’s lives to validate themselves.

The EMP is what our military and law enforcement now call the new ‘fingerprint.’  Like snowflakes and fingerprints- each EMP is completely unique.   Wherever a TI goes, their EMP is traced by satellite.   A TI’s EMP will activate a ‘gangstalker’s’ iPhone or computer if they are close by, so their EMP can be locked onto.

At a health food store in Springfield, MO am targeted this past month every time, by a white haired old white man.   Doesn’t matter where a TI goes, the Network Collective is there.   Some people really don’t have lives.  And must destroy other’s lives to validate themselves.

friend friends

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Marisol Olmeda made a petition and presented it to the United States Congress.  – Stop people from using psychotronic weapons.”  Her petition was made on the website   She lists the symptoms of targeted individuals (TIs) and gang-stalking manipulation; that has been documented by millions of TI’s world wide.  Here is what Olmeda writes about  targeting innocent humans with directed energy weapons, “According to victims, it is vicious, amoral, sadistic and cruel…   Most victims describe the experience as very debilitating and liken it to… prison or total destruction of the quality of one’s life…  It is like a slow death…  Targets who are also being “gang stalked” experience chains of sabotaged jobs, relationships as well as destroyed vehicles and homes. Our computers are often invaded and our writings altered in ways that make us look crazy and/or stupid.

Marisol Olmeda’s factual list of symptoms that are caused by DEWs:

Chilling of Skin/ Instant Coldness – Generalized or Localized
Thermal heating, nighttime, severe night sweats
Thermal heating, daytime, discernible “microwave hot spots” on skull
Intense Itching
Benign or Malignant Tumors
Ringing in Ears
Body Manipulation
Induced Imagery/Thoughts
Induced Sleep
Sensation of Blunt Trauma to Head
Induced Smells
Coughing up Blood
Sensation of Electric Current Running through the Body
Sudden onset asthma
Irregular Heartbeat
Hyperactive bladder, sudden incontinence
Sensation of Objects being Forced into various areas of the Body
Deterioration of Cognitive Abilities
Jaw or Tooth Pain
Severe facial and glandular swelling
Sleep Deprivation
Dizziness or Loss of Balance
Blackouts or loss of consciousness
Severe disorientation while driving
Lesions on Internal Organs
Sudden Rashes –(Morgellons)
Sudden appearance of large burn marks
Dream Manipulation
Memory Loss
Thought Monitoring/Manipulation
Electronic Rape
Metallic Taste in Mouth
Thyroid Problems
Extreme Fatigue
Topical & Internal Burning
Genital Manipulation
Vision Loss/Impairment
Hair Loss
Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious
Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations
Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves
Manipulation of emotions
Reading thoughts remotely
Causing pain to any nerve of the body.
Remote manipulation of human behavior from space
Harassment, stress symptoms such as helicopters flying overhead
Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly
Control of sleep patterns.
Computer-brain interface, control and communication
Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities
Microwave hearing.  The hearing of voices in the head from an outside source, but nobody else can hear the voices except the targeted individual.”

Olmeda’s “Fuller tactic list: (results of gangstalking)
Appliance Tampering
Helicopter/Airplane home flyovers
Being Followed
Blacklisting/death threat
Car Tampering
Home Monitoring
Community-based Harassment
Workplace Harassment Activity
Mail Tampering
Computer Tampering
Noise Campaigns
E-mail Monitoring/Interference
Street Theater
Emergency Vehicle Harassment (police, fire trucks,. ambulances)
Targeting of Pets and Insects like bees, kids can die because of bees stings and animal bites
Unexplained Sounds in Home
Estrangement of Family or Friends
Wiretapping/Electronic Surveillance
Food Tampering
Harassment from family and friends (manipulation of those individuals to frighten or harm the victim)
Theft of belongings and documents of the victims”

Olmeda lists other DEW symptoms:

*Chronic fatigue. Sudden changes or blurriness of vision, or eye irritation.  A feeling like static or a tingling feeling on your head.  * Remote sexual manipulation and abuse with pedophilia.  *Projected Sound Attacks.  *Aneurism… stroke… heart attack.  *Media Mirroring.  * LUPUS… autoimmune diseases are caused by over doses of microwave energy.  * Morgellons Disease: This and many other illnesses that we THINK are natural are actually being inflicted by microwaves.” 

Thank you Marisol Olmeda for your courage.

God's grace  Continuing with book review of 2010, “Forbidden Gates” by Thomas and Nita Horn subtitled, “How genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, nanotechnology and human enhancement herald the dawn of techno-dimensional spiritual warfare.”  Excerpts below:

The Horns write that The National Science Foundation and the US Department of Commerce published a government report “Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance” envisioned- “The transhuman body being more durable, healthy, energetic, easier to repair, and resistant to many kinds of stress, biological threats and aging processes. Brain-machine interfacing will transform work in factories, control automobiles, ensure military superiority, and enable new sports, art forms and modes of interaction between people… vastly improved awareness of cognitive, social, and biological forces… enabling far better adjustment, creativity and daily decision… Factories of tomorrow will be organized around increased human-machine capabilities.”

Most government agencies –the Horns note, understand what is “currently echoed in military corridors, where sentiments hold that failure to commit resources to develop GRIN (Genetics, Robotics, Information Technology and Nanotechnology,) as the next step in human and technological evolution will only lead to others doing so ahead of us and using it for global domination.   The new arms race has been named, “HUMAN 2.0”.

Horns- The computer scientist Bill Joy; a level-headed Silicon Valley scientist and co-founder of Sun Microsystems was a “chief scientist for the corporation” when Joy wrote about how “…GRIN would threaten in the very near future to obliterate mankind.”  In fact Joy knew that he and every other scientist working on GRIN would build the machines that, “…will enable the construction of the technology that may replace our species.” Bill Joy was burdened especially by the “unprecedented threat of…out-of-control replication or viruses leading to machine systems or computer networks being disabled…”   Joy wrote, Uncontrolled self-replication of nanobots or engineered organisms would run a much greater risk of substantial damage in the physical world… I think it is no exaggeration to say we are on the cusp of the further perfection of extreme evil, an evil whose possibility spreads well beyond that which weapons of mass destruction bequeathed to the nation states, on to a surprising and terrible empowerment.”documented by the Horn’s.

The Horns report that Craig Venter an American biotechnologist, biochemist, geneticist and businessman sequenced a second human genome “transfecting a cell with a synthetic chromosome.”  Venter knows that he ‘self-replicated the Synthia species.’    Horns-Parasites such as the mycoplasma mycoides that Venter modified to create Syntheia can be resistant to antibiotics and acquire and smuggle DNA from one species to another, causing a variety of diseases.”  Joy’s comment are truthful about how humans will be impacted by self-replicating synthetic life forms, “… the first moment in the history of our planet when any species, by its own voluntary actions, has become a danger to itself.”

From International Genetically Engineered Machine- it is documented: “Our Focus iGEMers are building a better world by solving problems with the help of synthetic biology. The iGEM Competition inspires nearly 6,000 students each year to work in teams to address unique challenges in their local communities. Browse through iGEM projects and learn how teams are solving real world problems… In 2017 iGEM launched the After iGEM program. This program supports over 30,000 iGEMers — students and instructors — who has gone through the competition since its inception in 2004. This global network is leading the field, taking what they learned in the competition and expanding it to continue to build a better world. Learn more about iGEM’s global After iGEM community where members take what they learned and experienced in the competition and expand it to continue have an impact on the world.”  This years iGEM Giant Jamboree will be held at the Hynes convention center Oct. 24-28, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts.  Ingrid Swanson Pultz, Jason Kelly and George Church will be speakers.

The Horns write that the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM) is won by the best team “... splicing, and dicing DNA into task-fulfilling living entities.”  The 2009 iGEM winner,built “E.chromi – a programmable version of the bacteria that often leads to food poisoning… commonly abbreviated E.coli.”   This winning invention, as well as the contest are, “... exasperating security experts who see the absence of universal rules for controlling what is increasingly available through information networks as threatening to unleash a “runaway sorcerer’s apprentice” with unavoidable biological fallout… Venter and his collaborators … have joined in calling on Congress to enact laws to attempt to control the flow of information and synthetic “recipes” that could provide lethal new pathogens for terrorists.”

hugo de garis De Garis is retired.

Professor Hugo De Garis is an artificial brain designer. He was born in Sydney, Australia in 1947.   He spent a lifetime researching sub-field artificial intelligence and evolvable hardware.  De Garis- “It would be nice to be an artilect, a god, a supremely powerful omnipotent being. I could be such a creature. It’s possible. It’s not an unattainable dream… All I can do here is attempt to convey some measure of the strength of “religious” feeling that I and others will make public this century.”     -As a targeted individual, I beg to differ with De Garis.   Transhumanism as a new way life: will never be made public until ‘posthumans’ no longer control anything, not even their own bodies and brains via implants and microwave technologies.  Our trusting public i.e. ‘natural humans’ will be obsolete and enslaved by  the very creatures created by man.  Creatures made in secret, with our tax monies, under the guise of each ‘civilized’ government’s ‘national security’.   Synthetic DNA, nano-cybernetic machines resembling enhanced humans and uploaded with every TI’s brain wave data including intelligence, emotions and psychic abilities.  

How is all the above possible?  Free nonconsensual human experimentation makes it possible.   Millions of kind, good, law-abiding ‘natural humans’ called Targeted Individuals are being experimented on nonconsensually all over the Earth.   So who is going to win this latest ‘arms race‘ our governments are in?  Unfortunately who ever wins… this ‘race’ will make natural-humans obsolete.   This ‘arms race’ will consume and destroy millions of lives -surpassing  the death tolls in all modern wars.   These murders, will be as relevant in the eyes of nation’s leaders as those of the deaths of laboratory rats.

“All of the boundaries are up for grabs. All of the boundaries that have defined us as human beings, boundaries between a human being and an animal, and between a human being and a super human being or a god.” Leon R. Kass, former chairman of the President’s Council on Bioethics.     The Horn’s knowledge and belief in the Holy Bible inspire them to write, “… genetic engineering and transhumanist aspirations seem literally hell-bent on repeating what…”  they believe transpired in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Horns- “As far back as the beginning of time and within every major culture of the ancient world, the astonishingly consistent story is told of “gods” who descended from heaven and materialized in bodies of flesh. From Rome to Greece- and before that, to Egypt, Persia, Assyria, Babylonia, and Sumer- (including) powerful beings known to the Hebrews as “Watchers” and in the book of Genesis as in b’nai ha Elohim (son’s of God) mingled themselves with humans, giving birth to part-celestial, part-terrestrial hybrids known as “Nephilim.”   (If you have been reading scientific reports for decades and thinking on your own as many ‘natural humans’ refuse to do without permission from ‘authorities’.   It should come to no surprise that science has been level pegging with ancient divine teachings for some time now.)

The Horns document in the Book of Jasher.  In Joshua 10:13 and, 2 Samuel 1:18- Jasher records the fall of the Watchers.  He wrote “… Watchers had instructed humans “in the secrets of heaven.” (Then) “… the sons of men began teaching the mixture of animals of one species with the other in order therewith to provoke the Lord. (4:18).”   The Horns, “Such as pig DNA with humans like science is doing today…”   The Horns believe Genesis 3:15 – that God’s promise of a Savior being born a man, to destroy Satan, actually encouraged the intermingling of falling angels and demons to be with women of the human race to attempt to stop the Savior’s birth.    Hence the great flood occurred, the Horns reason because only one family was left purely created in God’s image.

Now the Horns believe that a hybrid physical body, “… made up of human, animal and plant genetics known as Nephilim,”   is a  “… fit extension” into which the Watchers could extend themselves.”  Another possibility they suggest is, “... if dead Nephilim tissue were discovered with intact DNA,”  a government cloned/genetically modified Nephilim DNA (with human fetus,) could create “the ultimate super soldier- Homo-Nephilim.”

Are the Horns beliefs too unbelievable?   Some say yes.  But what the public is allowed to know and what is really happening in scientific military/medical agencies and out in the world with Targeted Individuals who are lab ratsare two separate realities.

In Live Science Magazine of Sept. 6, 2018 the article, “Extreme Long Shot, Scientists say” by Mindy Weisberger documents, “A team of scientists in Siberia is hopeful that a mummified 40,000-year-old baby horse can provide critical genetic material for cloning the extinct ice-age species.”  Live Science previously reported that, “Scientists from Russia and South Korea… are already collaborating in an attempt to clone a woolly mammoth…”    

The Horns question, “Is the factual reappearance on earth of such legendary beings verified by Isaiah, who also foresaw transhuman creatures such as satyrs, (transgenic half men, half goats) accompanying the return of giants in the end times, or why other apocryphal books like 2 Esdras 5:8 prophesy the birth of “monsters” for the same period of time?” The Horns note that in Zephaniah 2:11, “The Lord will be terrible unto them: for he will famish all the gods of the earth.” Also the Horns quote the Lord of Hosts as saying; “‘Behold, I will punish the… gods’ -Jeremiah 46:25.”

The Horns remember the ancient Book of Jubilees,The malignant evil ones…  were bound in the place of condemnation, but a tenth part of them were left that they might be subject before Satan on the earth. These are for corruption (the Horn’s ask- corruption of DNA as in the days of old?) and leading astray men before Satan’s judgment. Jubilees 10:7-12.”

Louis Pauwells and Jacques Bergier wrote “The Dawn of Magic” published in France in 1960.  The Horns take an excerpt from their book, “Hitler’s aim was neither the founding of a race of supermen, nor the conquest of the world; these were only means towards the realization of the great work he dreamed of. His real aim was to perform an act of creation, a divine operation, the goal of a biological mutation which would result in an unprecedented exaltation of the human race and the “apparition of a new race of heroes and demigods and god-men.”   (Hitler murdered countless innocent and fine human beings in Nazi concentration camps during heinous and torturous experiments.)   The Horns assert, “One cannot read the conclusion by Pauwells and Bergier regarding Hitler’s… ambition without seeing how it corresponds perfectly with the goals of transhumanism, even to the connection of creating posthuman bodies fit for deity incarnation through genetic engineering.”  -1,600 Nazi scientists, Nazi psychiatrists and Nazi physicians between 1945 and 1959 were allowed in Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida, to enhance the U.S. in the cold war and space race with Russia.

Thank you Thomas and Nita Horn for 2010, “Forbidden Gates” subtitled, “How genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, nanotechnology and human enhancement herald the dawn of techno-dimensional spiritual warfare.”

Poster_Child_for_TI_s from PACTS International Children are targeted individuals.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God. So be it.  It is so.  Amen.

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