dog's umbilibcal  Dog’s energy photographed.

Continuing with Valerie V. Hunt’s 1989 “Infinite Mind”.   Sometimes it takes weeks to get a book into the library that is being loaned from another, but when they come in I have to stop reviewing the ones that are from my book shelf  And read the library-loaned jewels.

In her book Hunt writes, “Recorded brain waves are composed primarily of vibrations from zero to 24 cycles per second.”   She notes that the centuries old restricted model of only viewing the human body in physiological systems research had, “... no reference to the (electromagnetic) fields of living tissue nor to those of the cosmos.”   She wrote, “Pasteur found that electrical polarization distinguishes living from dead matter even though the chemical compositions were identical.”

Scientist and engineer Dennis Gabor won a Nobel Prize in 1971 for discovering the concept of holography.   Hunt notes, Stanford neurophysicist, Dr. Pribram, “… concluded that the brain is also a hologram,” which is why people can remember things after “parts of the brain are destroyed.

(From Tab Window Manager 1998 “The Holographic Brain” by Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove and THINKING ALLOWED Conversations on the Leading Edge of Knowledge and Discovery” is an interview with Karl Pribram PhD about the holographic brain.   Excerpts of the interview:

Mishlove “When you take into account that there are billions of these single cells operating in the brain.

Pribram- “That’s right. And the connections between them… there are trillions of connections between them. They operate on the basic principles that have been found to also operate at the quantum level. Actually, it was the other way around. The mathematics that Gabor used, he borrowed from Heisenberg and Hilbert. Hilbert developed them first in mathematics, and then Heisenberg used them in quantum mechanics, and Gabor used them in psychophysics, and we’ve used it in modeling how brain networks work.”

Mishlove-What is a mental image, in space-time? How would you describe that, as a neuroscientist?”

Pribram-Well, let’s see. I’ve got my image of your face right now…That’s mental imagery.”

Mishlove-You wouldn’t try and tie that to resonant neural patterns?”

Pribram-Oh sure, I’ll be happy to do that. There are two kinds of mechanism — I mean, you can sort of divide things up into twos and threes and so on. But if you divide neural activity, you can divide it into propagative nerve impulses on the one hand, and then these slow potentials — hyperpolarizations, steep polarizations — that don’t go anywhere. And they form this holographic-like pattern, and it’s those that I feel — and I have some evidence to support this — are what we experience as images.

Mishlove- “Would these sort of be like standing waves in the mind? Am I reaching too far here?

Pribram– “You said it — “in the mind” — again. The waves aren’t in the mind.”

Mishlove- “Standing waves in the brain.”

Pribram- “In the brain. They could be thought of that way. Again, I use the matrix analogy as well, just so we don’t get too far into the waves. But sure, some kind of standing wave forms that are there temporarily. Sometimes they last longer, and sometimes they are very brief and we are not even aware of them. But the longer they last — Sherrington had this idea, and he said there seems to be a reciprocal relationship between reflex and mind; the more reflex the less mental, and vice versa.”

Mishlove-OK. That relates somehow to free will also, I gather.”

Pribram-Well, there we get into a different set of problems, now. Sure, to some extent if you get into your potential mode, then new things can happen. But usually free will is conceived of in terms of how many constraints are operating, and we have in statistics a notion of degrees of freedom. I think our will essentially is constrained, more or less. We have so many degrees of freedom, and the more degrees of freedom we have, the more we feel free, and we have freedom of choice.” – END From Tab Window Manager 1998 “The Holographic Brain” by Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove and THINKING ALLOWED Conversations on the Leading Edge of Knowledge and Discovery”  with Karl Pribram PhD at

Back to Dr. Hunts book, “Infinite Mind,” She writes of English physicist Bohm’s advanced cosmos hologram model, “It follows then, that if we accept that the human brain contains a personal memory hologram, and that there is also a cosmic hologram of the memory of everything that has happened in the universe, and if we accept that we are a part of the cosmos, then there must exist some kind of scientifically testable interface between these two holograms.”  Hunt’s research of other scientific work found the biosphere and cosmosphere are massive organic holographic computers “…plugged together by a frequency of 7.8 cycles per second.”   She notes that “For some years the cosmic and ionic fields have been clearly described, but not the bio-field,” of the human body.

prsence of spirit in front of woman Woman’s energy field caught on camera.

Hunt made it her area of expertise to research the electromagnetic fields of the human body. Inside the laboratory and outside in the natural environment.  She recorded that “Most women displayed little or no energy in the legs and thighs, with strong head activity and asymmetrical energies throughout the body, an electromagnetically ungrounded condition. The men showed strong fields in the legs and thighs, with uneven energy in the body and less in the head. There were apparently no racial or ethnic differences.”

(Is this why modern scientists involved in the targeting of non-consensual experimentation of citizens around the globe use women as 70% of involuntary research subjects?   According to Dr. Hunt, Women have more energy in their heads, and ‘mind control’ is done by manipulating the human brain.)

Dr. Valerie Hunt notes that three famous scientists from her time: physicist Bohm, neurophysicist Pribram and physicist engineer Beck, “found that when persons possess extrasensory capacities for knowing about past, present and future events…(and are) “tuned in,” their brain waves are 7.8 cycles per second.”

An experimental physicist Bob Beck developed sensitive instruments to record the brain waves of psychics, mystics and clairvoyants- doing etheric work- their brain waves were 7.8 cycles per second, like the Shumann resonance frequency. – Hunt writes that the  scientist Shumann discovered the 7.8 hertz frequency from a, “… magnetic field that thrust upward from the earth rather than downward, as does the gravitational field.”

spirit of morning glory

She writes about how animals and insects use magnetic bacteria and other magnetic substances in their bodies to orient themselves to the north and south poles. Noting that in humans, “Magnetism from iron in hemoglobin may account for our directional sixth sense.”

Hunt questions in the 1960’s if the “… electromagnetic atmosphere of the electronic age (will) significantly change the harmonic properties of material substances and with it their resonating capacities?”   Though she writes positively that “new frequency generators” resonating at 7.83 hertz are healing humans.    Hunt emphasizes, “It behooves us, therefore, to recognize that the health of the (human) electromagnetic field is critical because this leads to the health or disease of the entire biological system.”  Certain EMFs build up immune response in organic living things, Hunt noted- the 7.83 hertz.

From decades of science and engineering studies Hunt knew that when compatible harmonic frequencies come near each other they interact.   However that was not always the case in humans with compatible frequencies!   Some energy fields in humans refused to interact with other humans energy fields even though the fields themselves were  compatible.  Does that mean the multiple energy fields in humans are intelligent unto themselves?  Yes.  -One can also note the intelligence of human DNA strands that have been separated in purified water then isolated in different test tubes.   Scientists found that the human DNA could still communicate with it’s separate strands: through the H2O, and glass test tubes, via electromagnetic frequencies.

Negative ion particles act to enrich and energize human electromagnetic fields.  Hunt notes that in ‘heightened energy fields’ negative ions are usually in large supply and have a positive effect on all living organisms.   Crashing waves produce a huge energy force, as do volcanic areas, and the lunar tides.   -Hunt knows because she took her electromagnetic frequency (EMF) measurements everywhere.  Most of the voluntary human subjects working with Hunt were psychics or meditators.   Hunt noted that when people meditated under trees that were gnarled and dwarfed, a “gentle twist” of energy “spiraled as it flowed upward.”


But if people were meditating, sitting under the tall straight-trunked pine trees, “Great lofty pines exerted a strong energy suction upward, causing the consciousness of the meditators to soar-” as documented on EMF devices.

Resonating with a frequency can be either good or bad depending on the frequency’s cycle per second.   Notes Hunt: “We have learned that microwave ovens create a wave vibrating at between 3 and 11 megahertz, millions of cycles per second. When the microwave is introduced to the double helix of the genetic code, it resonates directly.   This means that the important information center in body cells has a direct affinity to microwave frequencies…the body must either adapt or suffer destructive consequences.”    -Most nonconsensual experimental subjects called targeted individuals know this.

Hunt writes back in the 1960’s, “The American Cancer Society acknowledges that geomagnetic forces affect the incidence of cancer: near the North Pole and near high tension electrical sources, the incidence is much higher. They do not conclude, however, as do some researchers, that cancer is an electromagnetic disturbance.”

Blue Morning Glory and pollen  Morning Glory with pollen.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

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