changed haircolor as many women do

John Steinbeck, in East of Eden wrote “... nearly all men are afraid, and they don’t even know what causes their fear- shadows, perplexities, dangers without names or numbers, fear of a faceless death. But if you can bring yourself to face not shadows but real death, then you need never be afraid again, at least not in the same way you were before.”

When a targeted individual is tortured with microwaves and electromagnetic frequencies bombarding them 24/7- during the day a person moves around a lot. But at night if a TI dares to lay down and is a stationary, nonconsensual, experimental guinea pig… they are targeted for remote brain computer interface, for remote rape and remote torture.   It is not death that most TI’s fear. But how long we will live under these conditions of being targeted individuals.

John Steinbeck also writes in East of Eden, “When a man comes to die, no matter what his talents and influence and genius, if he dies unloved his life must be a failure to him… All novels, all poetry, are b ult on the never-ending contest in ourselves of good and evil. And it occurs to me that evil must constantly respawn, while good, while virtue, is immortal…” Steinbeck then wrote, “And this I believe: that the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world. And this I would fight for: the freedom of the mind to take any direction it wishes, undirected. And this I must fight against: any idea, religion, or government which limits or destroys the individual.”

Springfield MO Police stationwagnon-type vehible leaving quickly Impossible photo of Springfield, MO Police Department black and white quickly fleeing without sirens or roof lights blazing.   Was so targeted with directed energy weapons (DEWs) this weekend.  On Tuesday- 9-18-2018,  was first able to get out of bed at 1pm due to being bedridden.   Last night ‘ran’ for the first time in about 8 months.  Leaving a good home which is paid for- that was afraid to sleep in because of DEW attacks by ‘neighbors.’  Driving miles away to turn off car in a parking lot, hoping to catch up on sleep.   After a half hour- remote rape began from microwave DEW attack.   Slid up in seat of car to look out driver door window.   Saw a police officer sitting in a police vehicle staring straight at me 70 feet away.   The officer reacted immediately upon seeing movement.  Started up the black and white to speed west on Battlefield near the corner of Kansas Expressway.  The time in photo notes early morning.

Am glad to FINALLY know the truth about the Springfield, MO Police Department.

Since 2016 I have been harassed, slandered, intimidated, and stalked just by ‘authorities.’

Now understand when in the past two years both City Utility and SPD vehicles were seen outside buildings was targeted in… they were there for a reason.

Have always made excuses…  Was never certain.  But  all my life have given the benefit of a doubt to all people.   Seeing that speck of God in everyone.  Have written in this site before that I tried out to be an SPD officer about 18 years ago, but realized after passing physical tests could not carry a gun.  Opted out going any further.

The question being asked today is, do all black and white vehicles contain cowards hiding behind badges with guns on their hips?

Grown men and women involved in the military/medical experimentation program assisting the targeting of innocent US citizens as contracted by local security firms, wealthy individuals, and their corporations… and as ordered by higher ups?

Lately have noticed a lot of ‘designer’ black on etched black SPD and government vehicles sliding by on the streets of Springfield, MO with all sorts of gizmos and antennas sticking out of them.  Just how much tax payer money goes to aggrandizing our law enforcement officers so their uniforms win national prizes and they feel snug and tight in their government designer vehicles?   How many gates and fences and locked public doors are keeping US government employees ‘in’ and their taxpaying employers called US citizens, ‘out?’   Are the microwave towers, iPhones, computers and the fluoride in public water keeping government workers and the majority of the US citizens pacified and entrained?  And just what are all these government employees afraid of?

in-car-outside-home-for-hoursquite the fellow someone in charge such a good friend neighbor-is-a-nurse-at-yellow-brick-rental

Went to the Springfield, MO Attorney General Joshua Hawley’s office on 9-18-2018  to get copies of assistance he gave me in 2017.  Hawley’s office wanted to assist in finding out what magnetic danger levels meant and where dangerous high levels of magnetic radiation was coming from and how it got into my home suddenly starting on June 2016.

Upon entering the public government building on the square in Springfield, MO facial recognition cameras scan a visitors face.  (Upon entering any MallWart a shoppers face is scanned by facial recognition cameras also.  At one MallWart in the south a flash photo was taken from the facial recognition camera as I walked in.  )

These cameras  spit out data on any individual in state and federal computer bases.

The data immediately appeared on the guard’s computer screen in the foyer of the public government building on the square in Springfield, MO- that I was a ‘person of interest.’  How did I become a ‘person of interest?’  Asked Captain Pennington of the Springfield MO Fire Department for a free home safety inspection.  When he asked what was happening in my home, told him there was an electric current suddenly running through it.  And the rest is history.   Pennington called the SPD instead of coming to do a free home safety inspection.  The two SPD officers (one with hand on stun gun entire time) talked with me cordially for five minutes and left.  The SPD incident report from that visit categorized me as a ‘person of interest’.  Since this information was put in a federal  computer data base?  All luggage on airplanes in the hold and on top is searched by TSA at airports.   In many stores am followed by security: or find SPD officers standing at the store exit when I leave.  

Who AM I?  Well… three months after being targeted with directed energy weapons in June of 2016 have written a BLOG.  Oh my gosh.  A blog.  We still have freedom of speech in America yes?  Started the blog because my dog died from DEW attacks; and I wanted to document the unbelievable actions and physical pain caused to me by my fellow humans.  In this blog have researched and talked about  targeted individuals and the crimes committed to ensure a continual ‘State of Emergency’ allowing Homeland Security laws to work their magic on innocent US citizens.  

Lucky for me when news agencies around the world reported US Cuban diplomats being targeted too…  there were some pretty important people who were being attacked… just like I was.   Technically I am no one important.  So who AM I?  A sixty-one year old woman who has been an artist and gardener her whole life: while working long hard hours making tons of money for anyone I ever worked for.  Have paid taxes and voted whole life.  Don’t do drugs, alcohol or ever been arrested.  Always RESPECTED the law.  As of 2015 been on disability from hand work injuries at former employer of 20 years.  And in June 2016 became targeted with directed energy weapons attacks that torture 24/7.  

When the elevator in the government building opened kindly asked a woman inside where the Attorney General’s office was?  She said the tenth floor.  Got in and felt her direct, cool stare.  At the tenth floor got off the elevator as she did and attempted to open the Missouri Attorney General’s office but it was locked.  The woman from the elevator came along side me and questioned why I was there?   Instead of answering her.   I asked why a public door was locked?  She replied, “It is good to have a door...”  I said, “Yes, I know.  I have doors on my home.”   I asked if there had been break-ins at the Attorney General’s office?  She said, no.  And asked again what I was there for?  Said that Joshua Hawley had assisted me in 2017.  She pushed some buttons, and let me in the public door of a US government building paid for with US tax dollars.  She stopped five feet inside the office lobby and turned.  Obviously I was not to go any further.  She asked again, what I was there for.

Told her with a big smile that she had helped me the year before and pointed to her office around the corner.  Well that was OK then.  What if she had not helped me the year before?   The public servent went behind a four foot tall counter and faced me at their desk area.  I stood on the other side of their four foot tall counter.  Let them know that the year before had recommended them to their boss in a phone call because of all the kind and professional service shown me.    (A year ago the public door to Joshua Hawley’s office was not locked.)

We discussed that I needed copies of all communications between Joshua Hawley’s office and myself in 2017.  Unlike the year before, the public servant did not immediately check in their computer to see if the paperwork requested was still logged inside and could just be printed out.  The government employee would have to call Jefferson City instead.  And would only hear back by ‘tomorrow.’   After our discussion,  I thanked the public servant for their assistance and left the tenth floor public office in a public government building paid for with tax payer funds.  

Wasn’t it Jefferson who said something like, when people give up freedom for security they live in tyranny and no longer democracy? Believe Carter wrote a great letter couple years ago, about how the military/law enforcement state was growing out of control in the US. And perhaps it was Eisenhower who wrote about the threat of the then new military-industrial complex which he foretold in decades to come; would become un-governable? Would have to look that all up to be sure.

Interesting when the law enforcement vehicles today have ‘in God we trust’ on the sides or backs of their government vehicles.  Do they really believe that one day all of us will face God?   Wonder if God will be impressed by shiny badges, beautiful perfect uniforms, designer police vehicles and gadgets?   We will have to see.  Don’t believe there are any privacy fences or bushes to hide behind at the Pearly Gates- (as uniformed and plain clothes detectives in Springfield, MO have done at my home.)

After I get on the elevator and it opens onto the foyer on the ground floor of the public government building lo and behold suddenly two sheriffs (or highway patrol officers)  were evident.  Didn’t recognize the brownish beige uniforms.  These officers: one a man and the other a woman looked directly at me as I left.  A security guard was evident in the lobby as well.   Gosh, how much protection is needed for a 61 year old woman who has a blog, has been an artist, a gardener and worked for the biggest most important corporation in Missouri- (who stood up to them for medical assistance with work injuries?)  

If I had never been targeted would have continued visiting the library once a week only to check out books and DVDs.  If I had never been targeted with DEWs- being a very private individual would never have started a blog for ‘posterity.’   If I had never been targeted with DEWs would have remained exclusively a home-body as have been whole life… reading, attempting art and starting a new life after being let go from a job of 20  years, for work injuries that did not heal.  Go to the library daily now to escape the constant 24/7 targeting with DEWs at home from ‘neighbors’…  It is not where I would choose to go daily, if not being attacked.  -If didn’t need a semi-neutral space to exist hours each day for health reasons.

beautiful tree cut down because roots near water line going to my home Global warming.  Why was an old healthy tree cut down in Springfield, MO?  Because it’s roots were near water pipes at Portland and Campbell intersection?   In the past two  years since targeted with directed energy weapons by a $multibillion corporation in Missouri…  the street in front of home has been torn up repeatedly over water pipes.   -As documented in photos in previous posts.   After a multiple digs directly across from home, and more on either side by fifty feet- began to wonder.  Luckily was reading the book, 2014 “Exile,” written by Janet C. Phelan.   She is a targeted individual.  And has spoken before the United Nations with evidence that bioweapons are delivered into American homes where ‘persons of interest’ live.  The bioweapons are delivered by a second set of public water pipes.

double water line system in place in US for 'persons of interest' to recieve different water.png  -Evidence Phelan showed at a United Nations meeting.  Blueprints of water system in Spokane, Washington with a double-line.

Phelan- “As this blueprint reveals, the water system picture here is vulnerable to insertion of unknown substances via the second line.”  Her statement was given to the UN in Geneva, Switzerland on November 9, 2016 at the Biological Weapons (bw) convention.  Phelan noted to the UN gathering, “… a representative of the US Department of Homeland Security, Dr. Daniel Gerstein, gave a power point demonstration, putting up on a screen the US’s bioweapons legislation. The problem is, Dr. Gerstein showed you a law which had been superseded and changed beyond recognition. “The actual current bw legislation, codified Section 817 of the USA Patriot Act, gives the US immunity from violating its own bioweapons laws. Specifically, the current bw law states that “the prohibitions contained in this section shall NOT apply to any duly authorized US governmental activity.” Plainly put, the US government does not have to obey the prohibitions codified in its own bw law.-From Nov, 24, 2016 Natural Health News article on NaturalBlaze “NGO Provides Details to the UN on the US’s Offensive Biological Weapons Program, by Janet Phlan.

double water system in Washington state From Janet C. Phelan on PPJ, “Homeward Bound: the planned use of water as a weapon, Feb. 24, 2011“- “The city of Spokane was contacted for their input on the attached blueprints. These blueprints were photographed at a work site meeting in Spokane, and show with great clarity the double water lines, which are color coded blue…   Marlene Feist of the City of Spokane changed her tune and told me that the two parallel water lines were not at the same depth.”

Phelan continued- “Extending the water situation to a global perspective, it is of interest to note that American Water Works (AWW), which was up until recently a subsidiary of German blue chip utility corporation RWE, has been quietly buying up municipal water systems across country.  There is water everywhere, and American Water Works wants to own it.   AWW currently operates in thirty-two U.S. states, and is considered the largest investor-owned water supply company operating within the United States…  AWW is not to be confused with AWWA (American Water Works Association), which sets the standards for water systems world wide, including the problematic “double-line” system.”   

RWE is privately owned; a huge energy corporation in Western Europe that bought German Texaco decades ago.  “RWE continues to run some of the largest coal operations in Europe,’ -Kiyo Dorrer wrote in 12-16- 2016, “Peruvian farmer loses round in lawsuit against German power company RWE.

From- counterpunch Sept. 16, 2016 “The Ghost of IG Farben: Can Monsanto Reform Bayer?” by Victor Grossman.    “August 1947 the US-organized Nuremberg War Criminal Tribunal against IG Farben began, with U.S. prosecutor Telford Taylor stating:These IG Farben criminals, not the lunatic Nazi fanatics, are the main war criminals.”   Dr. Otto Ambros praised IG Farben’s friendship with the SS for fast construction of the Auschwitz-Buna plant in a letter to IG Farben manager Fritz ter Meer in early 1941   In 2008, researchers in England found a connection between thalidomide and Otto Ambros’ nerve gas research.  U.S. Department of Energy hired Ambros as a consultant on coal hydrogenation based on IG Farben research.” -Grossman.

From Janet C. Phelan’s PPJ Ruthie Report, “Homeward Bound: the planned use of water as a weapon, Feb. 24, 2011”-  “IG Farben also supplied the fluoride additives to the water in the concentration camps…  Fluoride was known even back then to act on the hippocampus in the brain, rendering those imbibing it passive and docile.”  PURE and Brita water filters do not filter fluoride out of public drinking water. 

beautiful old tree cut down because near water line underground The huge tree in photo cut down just days after yet another 20 foot deep hole was dug in the street ten feet from this tree.  A hole dug because more attention to public water pipes was needed.    -That was over eleven days ago.  Have kept track of the ‘bird bath’ water in front yard since then.  Use a stainless steal bowl as a bird bath, as it is much easier to empty and provide clean water to birds in yard.

The water you see below was put out in bowl when the street was once again dug on opposite side where water pipes are.  As an experiment have not changed the water since then.  Oddly there are still no mosquito larva or pupae to be seen in the bird bath water, even though temperatures have been in 70’s to 90’s.  What is in the Springfield, MO public water delivered to my home, that mosquitoes cannot breed in it?

no mosquito larva

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

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