Walter H. Bowart wrote “Operation Mind Control” in 1978.   –That was over 40 years ago that the CIA, FBI, NSA, military/medical agencies were using innocent US citizens in covert nonconsensual experimental brain washing to accomplish their fondest wish... to control the human mind.  Bowart updated the book in 1994.

In Chapter 41 “A Repealing Thought.Bowart writes, “There are six new lawsuits over radiation experimentation and carelessness (August 1994.)  That’s six more out of 165,00 workers in a 1.5 billion industry I know of twice that many mind control suits shaped up in the same time.  One thing that the mind control suits and the suits against the DOE or most other agencies have in common… all but a few are thrown out of court when the National Security Act is invoked.”

Bowart writes, “See, the National Security Act says that “in the interest of national security” you’re not entitled to a fair trail… all your civil rights can be suspended in the “interest of national security.” And what is national security? Nobody knows.”

18th year since 9-11.jpg

The Washington Examiner on Sept. 10, 2018 revealed, “Trump renews extraordinary post-9/11 powers” by journalist Robert Donachie.  “President Trump is renewing a post-9/11 emergency proclamation that gives him broad powers to mobilize the military…  For the second time during his presidency, Trump announced Monday his administration is renewing the post-9/11 emergency proclamation. Trump is the third president to renew the proclamation.”

trump-oval-office.jpg  “Because the terrorist threat continues, the national emergency declared on September 14, 2001, and the powers and authorities adopted to deal with that emergency must continue in effect beyond September 14, 2018,” Trump said in a notice to be sent to Congress.  Former President George W. Bush signed Proclamation 7643 in 2001…   The National Emergencies Act requires that the president renew the emergency at the end of each year or at the date the proclamation lapses. Congress is also supposed to review the state of the emergencies ever six moths, but it, notably, never has. ” – Wrote Robert Donachie for the Washington Examiner 9-10-2018. 

This is the eighteenth year of the United States has been declared to be in a ‘state of national emergency.’   A ‘state of national emergency’ allows that Homeland Security has special ‘powers’ that enable the privacy, possessions and rights of US citizens to be consumed by their government- if their government so chooses.  (Who is our government?  WE THE PEOPLE.)

The word ‘cryptocracy’ means “secret government, or invisible government.”

(Why  have 17 spy agencies  been allowed to exist in WE THE PEOPLE, and countless private security agencies to become $multibillion corporations with our tax dollars?)

Bowart- “Happily, the cryptocracy cannot sustain its secrecy because, to quote McLuhan, “When information travels at the speed of light there is no secrecy…  Clearly now, we’re seeing the effects of the information age.  There are leaks in the national security dike.” 

Mondo2000 was a glossy magazine published in California during the 1980s and 1990s. It covered cyberculture topics like virtual reality. One writer, ‘Xandor Korzibsky‘ wrote: Have you figured it out yet? OK, let me spell it out for all you… They know exactly which ELF frequencies, waveforms, and code sequences (brainwave-frequency region pulse-code modulation superimposed widely on power lines, radio, TV, and microwave transmission) to use and can create any emotion or pathology they please. You don’t. And you probably don’t own a real ELF detector! You… don’t even know they’re ALREADY using ELF generators in malls, restaurants, and bars to maximize throughput and revenues… It will all be duly captured by (a) SmartCard which will store your brainwaves and monitor all transactions every where you go, so the Thought Police can download it any old time via the data superhighway and issue the ultimate ACCESS DENIED…”

Bowart notes that Nobel Prize recipient Pavlov understood that, “... if an individual is traumatized all conditioned behavior patterns implanted can be abolished and other patterns of behavior can take their place…  civil unrest, rape, family violence…  These studies were done prior to the advent of television, subliminal seduction, microwave studies, etc…  If the change was programmed to deliberately change their behavior, then they have been indoctrinated by a means of mind control.  In the 1990’s this is rampant and out of control due to technology, research and the advent of telecommunications.”  

man working on microwave tower across from Library Center in Springfield, MO Huge microwave tower across the street on the highway  Campbell Ave from the Library Center being augmented with new technology?  See the tiny man dangling underneath the giant microwave outdoor base station?  This monolith is just one of FOUR microwave and radio wave towers within site of the Library Center parking lot, in Springfield, MO.

man on microwave tower Another view of man’s face underneath crane on giant outdoor base of microwave tower across the street from Library Center in Springfield, MO.

James Cameron, M.D. was President of all these organizations… The American Psychiatric Association;  Canadian Psychiatric Association;  World Association of Psychiatrists; and Cameron was Founder of Canadian Mental Health Association and Chairman of Canadian Scientific Planning.  – Bowart…   1926- James Cameron, M.D. one of the most notorious Psychiatrists of all time began his career at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  He used illicit methods of behavior modification in research sponsored by the CIA- Dr. Cameron held the… (above) titles over the period of time that he conducted experiments on humans.”  -Will review more of  Walter H. Bowart’s “Operation Mind Control” in 1978 in next post.   Thank you Bowart.

God's wonder Night beauty in the daylight.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

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