Are You Secure?

what a cloud Beautiful.

“Perhaps I am more seasoned now than fifty years ago when I thought my students and I could change the world.  Now I know that we can, because this time I think I know the way, through the education and freeing of the mind-field.”  –Dr. Valerie Hunt wrote in 1989 ‘Infinite Mind’s,’ chapter five: “How strange that we cannot accept that all the marvelous things we invent or discover “out there” are really prototypes of the body and the mind-field… With mind-field knowledge, we would have less need of the CIA or FBI or satellite spying…  I believe that all the great and profound ideas ever expounded… are available to us today in their original vibrational forms.  They can be retrieved directly…”  Dr. Hunt went further… ” If you can accept as truth… these ideas, or if you have been stimulated, or even shaken a bit, then perhaps you can imagine how difficult it was for me, a didactically-trained researcher, to arrive at such opinions.  I had to weaken my material referents and reevaluate much of what I had learned as truth from “holy” science…”

“I suggest that human emotion is the organizer of energy fields.”  Hunt- “… current information about emotions was ground in the scientific emphasis on material existence… belief that emotions are rooted in the nervous tissue and biochemical substance of the brain.”   Dr. Hunt emphasizes, “Emotions arise from an altered electromagnetic environment.”   She knew in the 1960’s what our satellites pinpoint today:  “Your energy field signature will show dominant patterns just like a fingerprint.  -the field will remain the same until the emotions which have organized it have likewise changed.”

Hunt-In grounded states, energy is located in feet, legs and lower torso, while in ungrounded or altered states, energy is truncated in the upper trunk, limbs and head.  Electronic recordings often showed energy pouring out the crown in great plumes, sometimes four and five times the amplitude of ordinary states, making the top of the head feel extremely hot.  This is characteristic of most young children and the seriously ill…”  Dr. Valerie Hunt writes, Expanded consciousness encompasses a complete spectrum of vibrations with grounding in the lower frequencies combined with great power in the higher ones.  Here any level of reality one desires is available.

Hunt documented the main differences in human energy field recordings, “…extremely low frequencies, (ELF.)’  And, “The extremely high frequency (EHF) patterns ally with the mind-field and awarenesses…  Lower vibrations exist with material reality, higher ones with mystical reality, and a full vibrational spectrum with expanded realty.  To describe it another way, one’s experience of reality is a direct measure of the vibrational organization patterns of that individual.”  Hunt’s research found that “grounded states in material reality shows energy field ranges from about 350 to 600 cycles per second, while an altered state exhibits ranges of frequencies extending as high as 200,000 cycles per second.”  Hunt notes that if someone is not ground in lower frequencies, their “thoughts have little reference to the material world and they have trouble recalling daydreams.”  – Just how easily can DEWs effect a targeted individual’s EMP,  if it is not protected by believe in self and God?

Hunt defines the abilities of ‘mystics’  who- “… read material thoughts in vibrational patterns or experiences held in the field state.”  -Just like computer screens when a human brain is interfaced.

One of Hunt’s friends was a willing subject in her research.  Upon raising her energy frequencies this psychic began to exude an odor.  “As she went up in vibrations and started to image, we both smelled the unique odor of sandalwood…  All of us can experience an odor coming from a field, regardless of whether its source is a chemical or a thought form.” 

Many targeted individuals speak of smelling harsh chemicals like ammonia,  or bleach on their person during targeting with directed energy weapons.   One TI  told me that he smelled pesticides in his environment often.   These odors can be easily produced by an electromagnetic vibration.  And told to the wrong person, ‘diagnosed’ as ‘mental illness.’  History has shown time and time again that most of the clinical books on psychiatry today have been written  by CIA funded psychiatrists who wrote exactly what the government wanted them too.

Eminent psychiatrist James Cameron, M.D. was President of all these organizations… The American Psychiatric Association;  Canadian Psychiatric Association;  World Association of Psychiatrists; and Cameron was Founder of Canadian Mental Health Association and Chairman of Canadian Scientific Planning.  – Bowart…   “1926- James Cameron, M.D. one of the most notorious Psychiatrists of all time began his career at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  He used illicit methods of behavior modification in research sponsored by the CIA- Dr. Cameron held the… (above) titles over the period of time that he conducted experiments on humans.”  -FROM  Walter H. Bowart’s “Operation Mind Control” in 1978

friend3 temporal lobe in yellow  The temporal lobe of the brain is behind the eyes and ears.  The temporal lobe aids memory, hearing, learning and speech.  Often targeted individuals speak of being targeted in their ears and eyes.  Perhaps the real target is the temporal lobe?   The dangerous levels of magnetic radiation in my home recorded where no electricity is running, started 24/7 in June 2016 to September 2018 at danger levels 7 and 8 set on magnetic 0-3 range.    For two years now could not be in kitchen without body shaking, eyes jiggling from whole house DEW coming from north neighbor.  Had to store all food in bedrooms so my sustenance was not completely homogenized and ‘cooked’ before I prepared, and ate it!

Home magnetic radiation has been lowered to magnetic 3 on the range of 0-3 now…  Since interviewed on New York’s InOtherNewsRadio by host Geoff Brady, on June 11, 2018 about being a TI.  (The same time my name was added to a lawsuit.)

at kitchen counter 9-20-2018.jpg –9-20-2018 in home.                    at Library Center computer 'tower' magnetic energy at same level as in my home.jpg –Public computer tower  9-25-2018 photo on right, at Library Center showing same level radiation throughout my home now.   – EMF reader sits atop Dr. Hunt’s book.

All brain waves enter and exit the ears, scientists note-  is V2K and cerebral hacking of TIs brain at temporal lobe?  When magnetic radiation consistently hits the temporal lobe “radiation necrosis” can occur in this location causing personality change, memory loss, and amnesia.   Are the powers that be in Springfield, MO  attempting to cause memory loss or change in personality?  

Back to ‘Infinite Mind’ by Dr. Hunt.  Her research showed that a human’s EMP ‘fingerprint’ or, “…field will remain the same until the emotions which have organized it have likewise changed.”  -Good news for TIs, their EMP’s can go off ‘radar’ literally by changing their energy fields.

Once during research willing subjects were meditating and Rolfing (a technique of deep tissue manipulation releasing and realigning psychic tension,) while having their EMPs recorded by Hunt.  Part of the experiment was that a psychic would read each subject’s auras: as Hunt read the EMFs on telemetry equipment.   One person’s energy field could not be found.  Hunt and the psychic ‘found’ the field, “...hovering about eight feet away from the body.  This should not be confused with an eight-foot expanded field in strong contact with the body.  Visually, this aura seemed disconnected from the body’s surface… But in this instance the sudden drop in voltage apparently signaled a state of cosmic consciousness.  (Resembling the ambient background of universal electromagnetism.)  During this state the vibrational patterns were similar to, but of considerably lower voltage, than during a coma.”   Hunt notes, “The boundaries of the human field become more permeable as the positive charge on the skin’s surface weakens, loosening its grip on the aura.”

Hunt explored what happened to psychics in deep trance with no recall of what ‘beings’ spoke through them, “Although it is somewhat unique for each medium, the energy field during trancings shows massive explosions in a narrow range of EHF, not the highest frequencies, and with no apparent connection to the lower frequencies.  This explains why they (trancers) cannot remember.”  

Dr. Hunt studied medical phenomena including effects on the human body energy field produced by anti-psychotic drugs.  “Individuals had different psychopathological diagnoses and were on different medications.  Many complained that they were “wired,” plugged into an electric light socket, and they described how painful it was.”  Again, the only evidence I have found of ‘electric’ feelings are when anti-psychotic drugs are used on humans, or the drugs once removed cause ‘electric’ feelings during withdrawal… or a person is targeted with DEWs.

Hunt researched these feelings of electrical shock in the humans taking anti-psychotic drugs.  “Their metaphors seemed somehow correct- their bodies literally buzzed.  So I decided to place electrodes also over the chakras to check their electromagnetic fields.  All the recordings from the crown (or top of their head) were so intense and of such high frequency that even without amplification these sounded like the buzzing of a bee.  We could feel the electromagnetic energy pouring out of the crown in plumes that actually stung our hands.  Also, no patient showed any recordable vibrations below the waist.  The acute truncation of energy in the head with absence in the body made them literally electromagnetically top-heavy.  There was a very narrow banding in the extreme upper ranges of human vibrations and little in the grounding lower ones…”   Did Hunt accidentally and innocently do research  inside a government program?  I do not believe that Hunt was  aware of working on psychiatric patients who were nonconsensual  experimental subjects in a CIA funded experiment in a California institution.  Perhaps the powers that be were interested in the results of her electric field data.  

Before first targeted 24/7 with directed energy weapons  was sporadically attacked  with DEW’s for a few days.  Literally heard the ‘buzzing of bees.’   Was glad to note Hunt record this phenomena.  (Never before or since have experienced it and while it occurred no electric feelings evident.   The sound of buzzing quit suddenly upon hearing a voice (V2K?)   Instantly total peace enveloped and miraculous clear  thinking.   Physical body’s extreme high energy immediately calm once more, blood pressure INSTANTLY reversed from high to below normal.  In other words instantly felt normal.  That night could sleep again immediately upon laying down as have since childhood.   -This was the first time targeted with DEWs.

During couple days of  ‘bee buzzing,’ noted ‘neighbor’ to north always outside on  back steps.  (This was before the laser point hit left eye from rental house window on second floor where man silhouetted  -which served to warn of  ‘neighbor’s’ participation in covert program.)  

During the first DEW attack–  a man in red truck visited frequently: cleary seen advising or ‘teaching’ this neighbor.   He had a Texas license plate which has been deleted from this site on   Sometimes Texan would walk below my kitchen window to tell neighbor what I was doing.  Once he said, “She is praying.”  And I was.  When in June 2016 the entire north side of home exhibited highest danger levels of magnetic frequencies from a whole house DEW unit, I had to deconstructed Virgin Mary alter in kitchen.   Where  used pray daily.   

neighbor-is-a-nurse-at-yellow-brick-rental  IMG_8621

Back to “Infinite Mind”–  Doing research with coma patients in hospitals Hunt found, “… the field is  temporarily reprogrammed so strongly that ordinary consciousness is delayed or never recovered…  There is a weakening of the will which makes any course of action difficult…  While in a coma, both the lower ELF and the high EHF ranges of frequencies were extremely weak and equal in all body areas.”  Hunt noted few psychic healers had success in changing a coma field.  Instead her research found that,  “It seems that only strong, uncomplicated love energy crosses the coma barriers to make contact!”  

Hunt observed psychic or energy healing.  Studying people who suddenly could not move or speak from emotional trauma affecting their human EMF field.  Due to accident or illness.   Hunt wrote of one small patient she assisted, “Her emotions had caused her field to be so reorganized that memories were frozen.  It was this field block which created the major part of her neurological and speech handicaps.  She learned to walk and to run again… and became a verbally assertive little girl who progressed well in school.”  Hunt writes of medical healing today,  noting only symptoms are treated, “not the cause.”

What about reports of hospital patient’s doctors subliminally asking them during surgery to ‘rub their ears‘ upon waking from anesthesia?  Hunt looked into synthetic drugs interfering or aiding  awareness.  Her research led her to Dr. Benett of the University of California Medical School at Davis. “He noted… EEG brainwave was totally inactive during anesthesia, ruling out the idea that an active nervous system produced the memory.”  (To rub ear upon waking.)   Hunt- “From my research, I found out that this memory is held in the mind-field, where the new emotional organization limits its retrieval.”

Another person Hunt assisted was so traumatized as a child that she stayed five years old forever after being hypnotized by her psychiatrist.  Hunt found that one episode in the patient’s life caused vibration to go so high that her energy “…poured out the crown chakra,” until the energy field slipped from her physical body.  “... it was like trying to ground a helium balloon.  In this state individuals do not know the way back and many do not will to return.  Finally I helped (patient) know how to put on the brakes so as not to lose consciousness.  We walked up and down the vibrational consciousness scale until material imagery came… We helped her reprogram her energy field.  In the process of reprogramming she found the emotion which organized the field and the behavior which resulted.”

Writes Hunt, “In order to heal and to evolve (past anything, evolve past being targeted with directed energy weapons,) we must learn to coherently organize our emotions and to use this emotional energy to expand the mind-field.  This is often slow and tedious work, but when we have done it, we are free to evolve into the magnificent beings that we are capable of being…”  Hunt wrote that, “…energy transfer across space, through fields interacting on a biological level,”  changed molecular structure.

Dr. Hunt’s chapter sevenTelepathic knowing the transfer of thought” is one after the hearts of all CIA brainwashing-cowards who probably read Hunt’s book in 1989 when it was first published.   The following sounds like something a CIA instructor would say to a class of gangstalker-cowards learning how to brain computer interface their involuntary subjects.  Hunt-Telepathic communication of thought requires decoding and bringing to awareness information held in frequency codes.” 

According to an MIT journal it was actually the subatomic movement made by and recorded of the tongue -while a person is thinking, that allowed ‘mind reading’ to be projected via EMF’s onto a computer screen into words.  (The subatomic movement of the tongue mimicked regular speaking movement of the tongue when audible words produced.  This subatomic tongue movement was reduced to frequency translated into print on plasma.)   

Hunt in the 1960’s- Scientists don’t touch it (thought) except to record brain waves, the activity during thought; but brain waves do not resemble anything as mercurial as thought… mind reading and thought transfer will be a conundrum until we envision a field of thought occurring in a larger mind field.”  -Hunt of course is speaking of the lovely, and most powerful organic computer located in each human body- the brain and it’s mind-field ‘cloud.”

“If one uses auditory memory skills to decode an information field, one hears sounds or voices.  If one translates thoughts through visual memory, one see pictures or print.”  By combining all sight, hearing and smell, Hunt writes that “one knows.”  Just like the angels know.

During research many people receive important thoughts, ideas or understandings  preceding or following sleep, meditation or daydreams.  “This reminds us that the field never sleeps; sleep belongs to the brain.”   Dr. Hunt writes, “One’s thoughts, especially when amplified by intent or emotion, leave an imprint on matter, that is, will directs all energy…”   Hunt- “In extended energy field recordings, we found dynamic shifts that may come from the energy fluctuations of thought waves themselves.” 

Dr. Hunt instills in her readers that we are all responsible for our thoughts.  “Most thoughts never leave the auric field of their creator.  Only those (thoughts)  firmly structured and vitalized by emotion have sufficient power to be broadcast.  Because we know how powerfully we communicate through our thoughts, I suggest that we use them consciously and creatively… If we actually believe that we can get what we ask for, we will…  Today there are extensive practical reasons for tapping into universal thought,”  i.e. God.  Thank you God for bringing the Network Collective that is gangstalking, experimenting, torturing, raping and slow-killing people into the light for justice and thank you God for bringing the Network Collective down to conquer them.  Love you God.  Amen

did his best to look official standing outside Trying for all the world to look official?  

Today, lay down in a different room than usual to attempt sleep in afternoon.  There I was targeted till could not get up.  Hours later able to rise and immediately looked out window of room.   Man outside on sidewalk.   Had lay down during the day because last night horrific torture with DEWs and drained/slow moving today. 

The right side of stomach hurting from target hits all week.  If  touch stomach after rising it is piping hot, but rest of body cool.  Once moving around house it is harder to be targeted, then stomach cools like rest of body temperature.  Urine still smells as if in a urine bag attached to terminally ill person.   

At stop light by Library Center in Springfield, MO 3 towers visible:

at stop light three towers visible.jpg three towers visible at stop light.jpg radio tower is #3 at stop light.jpg

A fourth tower is seen from library parking lot to the south:

fourth tower from library parking lot.jpg  Just what are all these towers for in Springfield, MO?

yesterday's work on tower across from library

Close-up above of 3 men visible on tower across from Library Center yesterday.  Adding new equipment.  Do all these towers help with national security?  If WE THE PEOPLE are our government,  are all these towers that affect our health adversely really helping our security?

What are the biggest security firms in the world?

Eric Prince founder of  Blackwater.jpg  Ex-US Navy SEAL Erik Prince founded Blackwater USA, in 1997.   With help of private investors  the company changed hands and became ACADEMI in 2011.  It offers “stability and protection to people and locations experiencing turmoil...”. working with, “federal, state and local government clients, global commercial customers, numerous law enforcement and intelligence organizations and agencies and allied governments worldwide.”  Today ACADEMI maintains headquarters in Reston, VA.  A 4,000-acre training facility in Moyock, NC.  With, “… training facilities in Salem, CT, and San Diego, CA, and a 10-acre forward operating base in Kabul, Afghanistan.”  ACADEMI’s San Diego, CA location has a 61,000 square foot training facility indoors- with an indoor 25 yard firing range supports pistols, shotgun and carbine ammunition to 7.62mm X 51mm.  “All ammunition must be non-incendiary (no tracer.)”  ACADEMI SW is located at 7685 Siempre Viva Rd. San Deigo, CA 92154.   Blackwater’s new name ACADEMI sounds academic.  But the fact is they made their name as mercenaries and made $millions off the backs of US tax payers.  *ACADEMI received $15 Billion of tax payer funds from Department of Defense Counter-Narcotics Technology Program Office.  Annual figures not available.

Here are some other big name security firms:

*ICTS International N.V. (former Israel Security Agency and El Al Israel Airlines.)  $98.8 Million annually.

*Northbridge Services Group from Dominican Republic with offices in Kentucky.  $50.5 Million annually.

*Triple Canopy from Reston, Virginia and Chicago, Illinois. $1.5 Billion annually.

*Prosegur of Europe, Asia, Oceania and Latin America.  $233 Million annually.

*Aegis Defense Services a British firm $497 Million annually.

GK.jpg *GK Sierra of Washington, D.C. and Portland, Oregon employs Mossad operatives.  No figures available.

*KBR from Houston, Texas $540 Million annually.

*Corps Security, from Britain no figures available.

*Defion Internacional of Lima, Peru.  No figures available.

*ICTS Europe, $479 Million annually.

*Chubb Fire and Security out of England.  No figures available.

*Andrews International at Los Angeles, California $44 Million annually.

*Asia Security Group of Afghanistan and US.  No figures available.

*Erinys International of Britain, no figures available.

*TSU Protection Services of South Africa no figures available.

*International Intelligence Limited of Britain no figures available.

*Unity Resources Group of Dubai, UAE, no figures available.

*Senaca Group, of Ireland no figures available.

*Pinkerton Government Services, of Chicago, Illinois no figures available.

*The Brinks Company, of Virginia $3.9 Billion annually.

*CACI International,  from Santa Monica, CA $3.8 Billion annually.

*Booz Allen Hamilton of Virginia, $5.8 Billion annually.

*Control Risks of London, England $223 Million annually.

*GardaWorld of Montreal, Quebec $399 Million annually.

*CynCorp of Annandale, Virginia $3 Billion annually.

*AlliedBarton of Pennsylvania $1.9 Billion annually.

*ADT Corporation of Boca Ranton, Florida $3.1 Billion annually.

*Seuritas AB, of Helsingborg, Sweden $10 Billion annually.

*G4S, of London, England $12 Billion annually.

wild morning glory Wild Morning Glory outside Library Center on cloudy day.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God. So be it.  It is so.  Amen.

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