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In Walter H. Bowart’s 1994 revised edition of “Operation Mind Control” chapter 14, he writes about the worst form of mind-control subjugation involving children.   For governments to make slaves of grown adults… especially sex-slaves of humans is horrible.   But to do this to children is beyond evil.

Bowart writes, “John DeCamp was a Republican Nebraska state Senator for 16 years, during which time he was one of the most effective legislators in Nebraska history. A highly decorated Vietnam War veteran, a practicing lawyer, he’s taken time from his demanding practice to write a book… “The Franklin cover-up, Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska… (about) Omaha Nebraska’s Franklin community Federal Credit Union which was raided by federal agents in November 1988. The raid sent shock waves all the way to Washington, D.C. when it was learned that $40 million was missing.   The credit union’s manager was Republican Party activist Lawrence E. Larry King, Jr. Behind him stood George Bush and other powerful figures in local politics and business, and in the nation’s capital.”  -Bowart

W. J. Bowart notes, “DeCamp used public records to tell the story. In the face of opposition from local and state law enforcement, from the FBI and powerful Omaha World-Herald newspaper… What at first looked like just another savings and loan swindle, soon exploded into a tale of drugs, Iran-Contra money-laundering, a nationwide child abuse ring, and ritual murder”, DeCamp said.”

In 1973 Richard Helms then CIA Director had all MKUltra files destroyed. The Monarch trauma-based mind control project within the CIA’s MKUltra program?  Both are alive and well under different aliases today.

Writes Bowart- about the Franklin cover-up; “Monarch produced a cadre of child spies who were directed to prey upon high placed military, government and high society paedophiles, sometimes hauling them into blackmail situations… There is mounting evidence that the directors of Project Monarch were former Nazis, and that, like Nazism, the Monarch program was interlaced with satanism.”

Bowart- “After the Nebraska Senate investigating committee found that over 100 children could testify to an international child abuse ring… Franklin’s chief executive, the FBI, Nebraska officials, and the news media attacked the legislative committee and its witnesses in an atmosphere of rising violence and intimidation. In the course of this terror, the committee’s chief investigator, Gary Caradori, was killed when his airplane unexplainably disintegrated.”

On July 11, 1990 Caradori and his eight year old son were murdered when their plane blew apart in the air. The precious cargo Caradori had in his plane besides his son and himself? Pornograhic-pedophile photographs of high government officials -connected to the Franklin-scandal. Many of the children used were from the Nebraska Boys Town orphanage and from across the southern U.S. border.

Bowart writes that former CIA director William Colby who was a Vietnam War buddy of Senator John DeCamp, was going public with the CIA’s involvement in employing child prostitutes for political blackmail.   -At which time Colby suddenly died in an accident 1996.   A record amount of murders in the guise of accidents happened to those who dared to testify in the Franklin-scandal.  As for the witnesses who were not murdered?  A judge  sentenced the witnesses to jail for perjury.

As if they had not suffered enough through childhood in the Monarch program, those witnesses sentenced for perjury also had family members end up dead.

Troy B. was used as a child prostitute and filmed during testimony.  Bowart notes, “In late 1993 a key Franklin S&L witness, Troy B., admitted that the Federal Bureau of Investigation terrorized and forced him to lie for the protection of the criminal perpetrators.”  His brother Bowart writes was “… shot to death at Offut Air force Base.  Alisha Owen’s brother was found hanged in jail.”   Troy B. swore never again to lie for the government no matter what they did to him.

With everyone dying, Bowart writes of Republican Senator of Nebraska, “DeCamp couldn’t see how he could just lay the issue down and walk away from it.”  DeCamp filed suit for Paul Bonacci, in the U.S. court in Nebraska.  Bowart notes that, “The suit asked damages from: the Catholic archdiocese of Omaha… (and 5 men Bowart names,) “for sex crimes, slavery, beatings and burnings… (and) Omaha police officers for harassment in an attempt to prevent Bonacci from testifying… (and) the corrupt Douglas County Grand Jury, its foreman… and its special prosecutor…”  

DeCamp’s claims his case was the first against the Catholic church.  And that he won.

Bowart in “Operation Mind Control“, writes that Paul Bonacci gave testimony in the Franklin-scandal and was jailed for perjury. “Paul Bonacci described in detail being dragged to Washington for use as a sex toy… (and) told investigators he was in one of the private White House tours for young male prostitutes conducted by lobbyist Craig Spence. (Spence) turned up dead in a Boston hotel room in 1989.”

Bowart records victims being told their manufactured multiple-personality disorder (MPD), was for ‘national security.‘  “This phenomenon was identified by Paul Bonacci by his tormentors, and to other victims and witnesses, as the ‘Monarch’ project.   At Offutt Airbase, Bonacci was told that what he and other children were being subjected to was in the interests of ‘national security.’”

Bowart documents the Monarch trauma-based project caused MPD in most of its nonconsensual experimental subjects… “Psychiatrists who have treated a growing number of MPD cases, victims of Satanic ritual abuse, report an alarming pattern of findings in many of their child patients,” Chaitkin wrote. “There is a structure to the personalities, conforming to what is evidently a deliberate breaking and reshaping of the mind.”

sage one leaf with boiled water in tea cup aids memory traditionally Webster G. Tarpley and Anton Chaikin wrote the 1992, “George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography.”  Tarpley graduated summa cum laude from Princeton 1966 and is a 9/11 truth activist now. Co-author Chaikin worked to “expose the ties of Prescott Bush and W. Averell Harriman with the Nazi Party of Germany.” -from wikipedia… Chaikin’s father Jacob Chaitkin was legal counsel in the 1930’s American Jewish Congress, against Nazi Germany.

Bowart sites how “Paul Bonacci reported the following “Monarch” -related activities, often involving his “Commander” (or handler) at Offutt AFB…Picking up cash in exchange for drugs at various Tennessee locations identifying several country music personalities as his contacts. Trips on behalf of the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)…”

ILGA the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender organization expelled U.S. NAMBLA in 1994, saying their “predominant aim is to support or promote pedophilia.” Consequently ILGA was allowed once again, in 2006 to have consultative status with the United Nations.

Bowart wrote, “Bonacci said that there were two groups of Project Monarch slaves. “Some were put into society,” Bonacci said, “They were the ones that went into entertainment, and a lot of them were used for transporting drugs…. they used the entertainment industry because they could input their messages for the future… If they wanted to start a revolution,” Bonacci said, “they’d put it right in the music and it would go out over the air waves…”

front page news in 1989 June 29, 1989 Washington Times.

Bowart- “Professionals probing the child victims of ‘Monarch’ say there are clearly two responsible elements at work: the government/military, and cooperating satanic… cults. These are multi-generational groups, where parents donate their own children- who are proudly called “bloodline” or simply “blood” cultists- to be smashed with drugs and electric shock and shaped…” Chaikin wrote. “Other children are kidnapped and sold into this hell, or are brought in gradually through day-care situations.”

Bowart notes that Bonacci was trained to read people’s minds. Bowart- “Andy Boehm interviewed Paul Bonacci with DeCamp’s assistant Denise Meyer in 1993.”  In the interview -Bonacci said children who were psychic were, “The ones they used for that (extrasensory perception) were the ones they trained in Satanism… this is going to sound even crazier- when they trained us we could actually do it, because there are spiritual forces and they do teach you… how to get demons to do stuff for you. I can’t say control, because those demons are going to turn on you someday… It’s spiritual rather than scientific…”

Boehm asked… “Was it a demon rather than God or an angel…?” Bonacci said, “It was always on the demonic side… I was able to do a lot of things… which I can’t do now because I don’t have demons… I don’t want them… We could make tires go flat on people’s cars, and we could make them so they couldn’t start…”

Bowart writes in ‘Operation Mind Control…’ “… it sounds like there’s an army of zombies being trained from a very early age in Satanism, magic and certain skills of psychoscience.  That was surprising enough, but it was infuriating to hear that at a very early age Bonacci was trained to hate black people.”

In Boehm’s interview Bonacci says, “They trained me to hate black people.”

“The Aryan Nations did?” Boehm asked.  “No. The government program.”  Bowart notes Bonacci stated “… his Monarch programming started when he was five and continued until he was 22.”

Bowart- “One is advised to take Bonacci’s testimony as that of a non-integrated MPD.” But writes Bowart in defense of Bonacci, “One should not be asked to identify with one’s own behavior, unless one has made free choice of that behavior.   Apparently the U.S. legal system would not agree.   Such is the legal and judicial ignorance of the capability of mind control.”

Tim Tate’s Discovery Channel documentary “Conspiracy of Silence” featuring Republican Senator John DeCamp about the Franklin scandal, scheduled to air May 1994 was pulled from TV viewing.    Never to be seen on TV.

In chapter 14, Bowart writes- “John DeCamp… couldn’t see how anybody would want to live in a country where children were being sexually abused and killed by the nation’s most respected citizens and business leaders who were also involved in drug dealing and official corruption.”

1975 “Operation Baby Lift” created by DeCamp to evacuate 2,800 Vietnamese orphaned children- was a success.

Bowart writes in the revised 1994 edition of “Operation Mind Control,” how Republican Senator DeCamp never wavered when seeking justice for children in the Franklin Case.   DeCamp- “Every bone in my body tells me that evil is triumphing and everybody who is anybody is scared beanless to do something about it, for fear of one thing or another?”

Bowart quotes DeCamp- “If I, or someone like me, do not keep pursuing this, than who will? And if we quit now, then when, if ever, will the truth come out and something be done about this evil and this corruption?”    Thank you Walter H. Bowart for writing “Operation Mind Control.”

eyes got pinker as morning wore on targeted all morning, eyes got worse Have been targeted so horribly 24/7 since reviewing “Operation Mind Control’ by Walter H. Bowart this past week, that my eye-whites are pink upon waking and stay pink during entire time at home.  Was bedridden all yesterday.  -Eyes were much worse when first targeted with DEWs in June 2016.

Readers may want to know that in 2014 the same former Senator of Nebraska John DeCamp from above, was the lawyer defending Mark Taylor who was the first student shot at Columbine.  Taylor is the survivor who forgave his shooters.   (Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold shot 15 students to death at Columbine High School in Colorado on April 20, 1999, then committed suicide.) Then Mark Taylor found out Harris and Klebold were allegedly sodomized by law enforcement and given drugs before the shooting.

When Mark Taylor spoke publicly on Harris and Klebold’s behalf, he got in trouble for being a whistleblower.  Police arrested Taylor, then institutionalized him as being mentally ill.  Taylor was forced to take anti-psychotic drugs.  John DeCamp was hired to defend Taylor.

On January 2013 John DeCamp was interviewed on the Dr. Stan Monteith Radio Show. The title of the show is “John DeCamp: columbine Shooters Victims of Sexual Predator Cops.” Here is a transcript of excerpts from the show I listened to…

Dr. Monteith asks DeCamp if he is still working to get Mark Taylor released from detention? “… I am indeed doing that, and if there’s a God above I think we’ll finish the story and get it done.” DeCamp speaks of Taylor’s thirteen gunshots around his heart at Columbine and Taylor’s miraculous survival.

Dr. Monteith asks DeCamp about defending Taylor.   Former-Senator John DeCamp: “I’m going to summarize it… as I was doing investigation to represent him… one of the first things I discovered… talking to him and checking on things, and starting to do depositions… questioning potential witnesses…”   DeCamp continued, “Strange, strange, strange bizarre things started showing up in my depositions and information I was gathering.”  As a result DeCamp insisted his team look deeper.

At http://www.activist.com- Dr. Stan Monteith Radio Show January 2013, DeCamp said- “There was testimony I had under sworn oath… that at least one or both of these boys (shooters) had been picked up several times previously…” DeCamp continues, “But then they were kind of ‘taken care of’ so to speak in a way by certain law enforcement people who used the boys themselves for their sexual needs and purposes.   The boys got put… on antidepressant drugs.”   

In a Columbine High School yearbook one of the shooters wrote they wanted to “kill, blow up stuff and kill cops.”   DeCamp sued Solvay Pharmaceutical company that manufactured the anti-depressant Eric Harris was prescribed.   Attorneys for Solvay alleged their drug Luvox was not to blame,  rather the boys alleged rapes by sheriffs caused their rage.

John DeCamp died July 27, 2017 in Norfolk, Nebraska at the age of 76. -God bless you DeCamp, you are a true U.S. patriot, a hero, a spiritual and Godly leader of men. Thank you John DeCamp.

Dr. Stan Monteith show January 2013 with former Republican Senator John DeCamp at-  https://www.activistpost.com/2017/08/john-decamp-defender-franklin-scandal-child-sex-abuse-victims-dead-76.html

sheriff across street one of two sheriffs across street at friend's rental Today, two sheriffs vehicles across street from my home.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

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