Bits and pieces

Attacked with DEWs outside take flash photo  same place ten minutes later

Photo at top shows light refraction on something moving.  Second photo eight minutes later  shows nothing there.   Metal chain from old swing hangs in upper left of  both photos, in a yard of friend.  When Robert Guffey author of 2015 “Chameleo,” interviewed scientist Richard Schowengerdt (who holds the first patent for an invisibility suit,) about his invention.  Schowengerdt said that NASA in 2015 had the ability to display whatever it wanted from sensors, or cells with pixels.   -The pixels have the ability to project minute illumination onto a display screen to create any image, projected onto an invisibility material.   Schowengerdt claimed that Army personnel told him that by 2025 this technology will be publicly known.   Both original pictures above are enhanced below.

attacked by what  same-place-ten-minutes-later

Was attacked with directed microwave, and radio wave weapons, so went outside and took flash photos in friend’s back yard.  Same photo enhanced now has many rainbow colored ‘orbs’ of refracted light coinciding with the running phenomenon in photo.

someone behind fence feeding my dogs chocolate to kill them  Survived attempted murder Dog.

Earlier that day at fence line where phenomena-pictures would be taken that night, two giant-size candy bar wrappers lay on the ground.  Night before, one of my dogs was wagging tail with nose to fence and did not want to come inside after being called.  Did gangstalkers attempt to poison a dog with chocolate?  Found a letter on front porch after arriving home.  The letter contained sympathetic notes regarding death of a dog.

letter on porch

letter on porch when arrived home letter about loss of dog.jpg

more comments in letter.jpg more in letter

The morning I found candy bar wrappers, also ran into sawed-off limbs on bushes cleared for ease of  movement outside perimeter of fence at night.

sawed limbs for ease in attacks at night without running into bushes

Last year when visiting same friend took a flash photo outside during DEW attacked.  A coward, clad in an invisibility suit had their hand  up close and personal in front of camera.  Note pattern of circles or swirls on what looks like a wrist below the hand with fingers spread.  Cowards using the most advanced technology of invisibility suits must enjoy having fun with their torture victims.

 smoke-like-cloud-with-pattern-and-structure-visible-2'-4' above ground measuring 6'-10' big in-yard-while-assaulted-with-directed-energy-weapons  Photo not enhanced.  -What appears to be sensor cells embedded in an invisibility suit are visible on the wrist of a hand.  Below are a few patents for invisibility suits and invisibility materials:

*In 1994 US Patent 5307162 By Richard Schowengerdt.
*In 2006 US Patent 20060131478 By Ray Alden.
*In 2007 US Patent 7206131 By Ray Alden with the US Army.
*In 2008 US Patents- 200801654412 By Wenshan Cai with the US Army.        20080165442 A1 By Cai, Shalaev, Chettiar, and Kildishev with the US Navy.
*In 2010 US Patents- 20100156556 by Nathan Cohen… 7795596 By Aref Chowdhury awarded by US Air Force… 20100156573 By David Smith with the US Army… 20100110559 By Wenshan Cai with the US Army.
*In 2011 US Patents- WO2010021736A9 By David Smith for U.S. Air Force… CA2832795A1 by David Kaplan awarded by US Air Force… 20110085229 By Oleg Lavrentovich with the US Navy.
*In 2012 US Patents- 8,253,639 B2; 20120319798 A1 both by Nathan Cohen… 8195244 by Clinton Smoyer… 8094378 By Alexander Kildishev with the US Army.
*In 2013 US Patents- 20130010346 By Steven Risser… CN103181025A By 大卫·卡普兰 – ‎塔夫茨大学 Contracted by US Air Force… 8490035 By Anthony Grbic awarded by US Air Force… 8509578 By Igor Smolyaninov with US Navy… 20130017348 By Atsushi Sanada with the US Navy.                                            * 2014 US Patents- 8867121 By Oleg Lavrentovich… WO2014182398A1 By Andrea Alu grant from US Air Force.
*In 2015 US Patents- 893757; 20150130563, 9134465 B1 all by Nathan Cohan… WO2015195286A1 By Andrea Alu awarded by US Air Force… 9140444 By Robert Connor.
*In 2016 US Patents- 20160320531 By Seyedeh Mahsa with the US Army … 9482474 By Nathan Cohen.
*In 2017 US Patents- 9659297 By David Russell… 9677824 By Nathan Cohen… 9557547 B2 By Joseph Choi with the US Army… 9677856 By John Pendry with the US Navy.

in store when attacked with DEW friend  Friend.  

Was at peace for an hour in a used-clothing store, until attacked with DEWs.    Turned to find a man staring at me.

green   A year ago, I was watching the dogs of some friends while they were away.  Watering flowers outside when targeting began with DEWs through a hedgerow fence.  So I bent down to look under the bushes and plain as day –there were black socks and running shoes attached to a coward, on the other side.  I straightened back up; turned the nozzle of hose on full force and aimed it at the hedgerow pretending to water it.   The coward was drenched for a full five minutes.   But just stood still.  Pretending not to be there…  Got tired of hosing the coward down, and turned away to water more flowers.   Heard running, and looked under the hedgerow  the man was gone.   Turned off the water to listen.  The ‘neighbor’ whose yard was on the other side of the ten foot tall evergreen bushes, was loudly berating the gangstalker who was paid to attack me with DEWs.  The neighbor yelled, “I told you NOT TO BE SEEN!  You were not to be noticed!”  Gangstalkers are trained never to react.

Snow White.jpg  A three foot tall Snow White statue of painted cement, came to grace the front porch of a rental house.  When a 25 year old, tall, dark haired, Caucasian man moved inside as the sole occupant.  Why would a single man without children want a Snow White statue?   In 2013, the man placed a chair out in the middle of his tiny front lawn.  And sat in that chair in broad daylight for everyone to see with his head in his hands- sobbing uncontrollably.  Guilt permeated him and the entire area he was sitting in.  What was he guilty of, that he cried publicly in anguish?  Hoping to be forgiven? 

Or did he want someone to come and arrest him?  Perhaps gangstalkers never believe they will be the one locked on and targeting their involuntary experimental subject- when the TI dies suddenly?  After years of inhuman torture, BCI, V2K and DEW attacks…  the murder, became ‘attempted murder’ when the victim actually survived.  

Why was the man weeping?  The night before: a TI across the street- who had been mind-controlled since before 2011, died.   But ended up surviving, broken and subjugated.   


The CIA Snow White mind-control program is documented in many books.  The latest book reviewed from 2006, “The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations By American Psychiatrists” by Dr. Colin A. Ross.   Dr. Ross explains that under FOI, the CIA and DIA “… has yielded denial that (SLEEPING BEAUTY) exists.”  Author Jim Schnabel in his 1997 book on “Remote Viewers” mentions the cryptonym.  Psychiatrist Ross writes, “Schnabel states… “As one of the Pentagon’s top scientists, Vorona was privy to some of the strangest, most secret research projects ever conceived.  Grill Flame was just one. Another was code-named Sleeping Beauty; it was a Defense Department study of remote microwave mind-influencing techniques.”  

In ex-CIA Robert Duncan’s 2010 “Project Soul Catcher” he explains that mind-control programs, sub-programs and code words, are usually named after popular books and movies and their characters.  Duncan reported this was done by the CIA, so if a non-consensual experimental subject recovered their memory and talked to ‘authorities’… it would sound like the victim was having a ‘nervous breakdown’ due to the influence of a popular book or movie.

friend of a friend friend-out-and-about Did a man that goes to a Catholic Church, in Springfield, Missouri also visit a rental house to the south on one of the worst nights since DEW targeting began in June 2016? 

Or do all the people involved in involuntary DEW experimentation on US citizens look alike?

In church am targeted.  (In stores, parks, airplanes, etc.)   And at home.   On a particularly horrible night Sept. 11, 2018 -a man visited a rental neighbor to the south.  The man came and went in a huge white truck that had it’s license removed for the visit. 

Remotely raped with DEW’s all night. 


-This month suddenly have trouble speaking and writing, due to constant directed microwave, and radio wave weapons attacks to skull.  During the same thirty days continual remote DEW/BCI rape, has caused uterus to constantly cramp as if during menstruation, even though went through menopause ten years ago.   Urine smells like it comes from urine-bag of terminally-ill patient in a hospital no matter how much filtered water taken.  Right leg swollen, right toes numb for year now, and veins in right calf, suddenly varicose.

quite the fellow friend friendly2

friend-on-job new Jones on Campbell drives car for friends

… They do all look alike.

yellow mushroom

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God. So be it.  It is so.  Amen.

2 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

  1. JosephineI still do not see any comments made by other people so if you could tell me about it please do.thanks

    30. Oct 2018 21:15 by :

    > > > targetedartistpoet posted: ”  Photos show light refraction on something moving.  Second photo eight minutes later nothing there.   Metal chain from old swing hangs in upper left of photos, in a yard of friend.Was attacked with directed microwave, and radio wave weapons, so wen” > > >


    • Dear Resillience,
      Well. Invisibility suits have been around now for a couple decades at least and are being mass produced by many companies. Last year a newspaper in Canada reported some firm got DoD US tax payer monies for a ‘stealth suit.’ -There are several kinds of invisibility suits being used today on the unsuspecting public.
      They are made of metametals and nano-ceramics with antennas.
      The man who had the first patent for an invisibility suit knows that his idea was stolen by a company out in San Diego in the 90’s. Nothing he can do about it. The government can ‘take over’ any patent it wants for ‘national security.’
      The photo in post shows a moving object of ‘light’ and many other photos in my blog show invisibility suit light configurations (or refraction of light) caused by movement of invisibility suits and humans wearing them.
      The sad thing about US citizens is that we are by nature set in our ways. Though most people love watching sci-‘fiction’ movies and reading books of the same… it has been documented that the CIA works closely with Hollywood to get REAL topics out to the public branding them science fiction. As a tool of disinformation.
      And since people are set in their ways… even targeted individuals are slow to realize that much of their DEW targeting is done by humans in invisibility suits on roofs, in their homes and outside their homes. -When there is no other way to target someone. Otherwise moving neighbors in to adjoining homes and apartments has been something the FBI has done for decades to do surveillance on a ‘person of interest.’
      Invisibility is a hard subject to understand and accept especially as most TIs are horribly set upon by authorities for being ‘mentally ill’ for bringing up feelings of sizzling or ‘electricity-like’ pain, much less hearing someone who isn’t there run on your roof continually until your roof leaks.
      The FACT remains however that invisibility is not a science fiction, it is pure, real science. And one of the greatest of ‘powers’ on earth is to be invisible.
      The private person owning the most patents for invisibility products is Bill Gates. Hope I answered your question, if not please let me know. -God bless you. Josephine


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