poinsettia So thankful for everything God.

Visited a friend in St. Louis, who always shares Thanksgiving with me.  She is unaware of my status as a targeted individual- and would not believe me if told her.

On the way to her apartment traveled east without incident on Hwy 44 until suddenly a beige vehicle tailgated three feet from my bumper for eight miles at 65 MPH.  Truckers were craning their necks to look at what was happening.  So I took a good look in side mirror and realized what I thought was a luggage rack on roof- was actually an emergency light bar on some ‘law enforcement‘ vehicle.  At 65 MPH in a marked 70-40 MPH stretch was not breaking any laws traveling in the right lane.   Interestingly when took out camera and aimed it at rearview mirror for photos below, the ‘law-enforcement’ vehicle backed off –but would not go away.   Finally put on the right blinker and moved off road.  From there got a good picture of my new friend.  Sheriff 339-SD.

rear view mirror photo tailgating cop  rearview mirror of tailgating cop  First photo did not turn out, but person saw and backed off.  By second photo about six feet away at 65 MPH.  By second photo farther back still.   Have a Virgin Mary decal on window.

sheriff tailgated over ten miles.jpg car 339-SD Pull my car over and Sheriff 339-SD speeds by.

exited couple miles away at Buckhorn sped ahead and turned off couple exits away Sheriff exits soon at Buckhorn.

exited at Buckhorn Interestingly on the return trip tired, and had to get coffee at one point.  Saw the sign for Buckhorn right about then and thought it best to continue to Stoutland, MO.   There parked at a small gas station and went inside for coffee.   Back in car, noticed the same 17 year old white boy still walking his dog in front of my car that had a big tumor on its hind leg.  Blessed them both in my mind as a prayerBut now another man was with the boy.   And both were smiling oddly.  Actually wondered WHAT they were smiling about before pulling back onto Hwy 44 west.  A mile later understood their smiles when I had to pull off the road a to fix both side mirrors.  One mirror was pulled back against vehicle and altered, the other was just aimed at the ground.   Can only adjust side mirrors manually.

Evidently Sheriff 339-SD, has good friends.

Below are photos of EMF unit readings during two days in the St. Louis apartment of my friend.  Taken while she was making a trip to the store.  Danger levels of magnetic radiation were coming from the apartments underneath and around hers:

danger levels of magnetic radiation against running furnace On Nov. 23, 2018- danger magnetic 5, set on 0-3 range.  Up against running furnace in friends apartment in St. Louis, MO …

off chart danger level of magnetic radiation on dining room table But the dangerous Magnetic 7, set on 0-3 range two points higher is registered at my friend’s dining room table.  Those ‘neighbors’ using the directed microwave, radio wave, magnetic wave weapons knew from through-wall-radar that I took photos of EMF readings…  because next day all levels were reduced.

reading paper on dining table danger level 6 Next day, Magnetic 6 at same table.

danger level 6 magnetic radiation on front door knob Magnetic 6 on door knob facing hall Nov. 23, 2018.

day later went from danger magnetic 6 to 4.5 on front door knob Next day magnetic 4.5 same door knob.

danger levels of magnetic radiation on dining room chair Magnetic 7 on 0-3 range on dining room chair Nov. 23, 2018.

day later down two danger level points on dining room chair Next day magnetic 5 on same chair.

danger levels of magnetic radiation against wall of apartment Magnetic 7 against wall on back of sofa Nov. 23, 2018.

against apartment wall magnetic danger 5 Next day magnetic 5 on back of same sofa against wall.  -FYI the towers on computers at the Springfield, MO Library Center register magnetic 1.5 in comparison.

The person putting me up for three days over Thanksgiving, drove us to join other friends at a public gardens in St. Louis.  Where two men followed everywhere.

man at botanical garden st. louis who followed wherever we went and targeted this man followed wherever we went also and sat behind us recording conversation with phone in conservation area.jpg  These two cowards used DEWs.

chemtrails at St. Louis Chemtrails above public gardens.   When friends and I left a garden dome to walk outside on a lovely day, a helicopter (from Mississippi River tourist-pad)  did two flyovers, circling repeatedly in broad daylight above where we walked:

circled repeatedly  yellow chopper from river front available for flyovers at botanical garden minute we walked outside

fly off and came back.jpg Flew off.   back again circling  Back again.

circled repeatedly and then left Then finally flew away.

Inside the garden visitor center we decided to view a special Christmas exhibit before the public gardens closed.   A big man (below) exited an ’employees only’ door to stand – as if on guard.  He never moved for almost twelve minutes.  (No one in the group of friends I was with- knows that there are any targeted individuals- or even what is done to TIs.  None of my friends know there is a program to brain computer interface U.S. citizens who understand and abide by the laws of our great nation, but who know of corporations and governments guilty of crimes.)

stepped out of employees only door and stood guard.jpg still turned away stood as if statue.jpg

This is how my eyes looked every morning waking up in friend’s apartment:

dark circles, red eye,m accentuated wrinkles   horrible night.jpg  In St. Louis, MO endured non-stop directed microwave weapons attacks (it was thirty degrees outside and had to completely open a guest bedroom window from heat, though friend keeps apartment cool.)  The directed microwave weapons attacks were specifically centered on lower stomach, causing extreme pain in organs there- for three days.   (Interestingly when visiting another friend in a southern state, the targeting is only on my skull.  After visiting with him, cannot finish sentences or remember words, due to concussive injuries to brain.  -Just like the brain concussions suffered in what our government State Department officials term ‘health attacks’ from directed microwave, radio wave and acoustic weapons used against U.S. Cuban and Chinese diplomats.)  It takes over a month to recover.

trees and more trees At Lone Elk Park outside St. Louis, MO.

friendanother friendreal good friendchiefsomeone-who-works-at-nightmanager-of-safety-and-security-operations-at-the-national-headquarters

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God. So be it.  It is so.  Amen.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. I am targeted took going through the same things you are. I want to meet, to share everything with another targeted individual. Had no luck so far, and a couple of TI’s I did contact were rude or unresponsive, telling me they were too busy.


    • Live in Springfield, MO. gmail If you are ever in the area will be glad to meet with an other TI. The only one I ever talked with about a half an hour was a fake, and there were three men sitting at adjoining tables with recording devices out and on their tables. Pretty funny actually. He came and sat by me at the library last month. Oh well. Live and learn. Would be glad to meet a genuine TI in living color for a couple hours in a public place. Let me know Barbara. God bless you. Josephine


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