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Continuing with the 1989 “Infinite Mind, the Science of Human Vibrations” by Dr. Valerie V. Hunt.   Regarding psychic phenomenon energy fields in the human brain.  “Remember that channeling occurs at a soul level, not at the level of physical beings, and we must not become emotionally dependent on a personality that doesn’t exist on this level… Remember, we decode information visually, auditorily, and olfactorily, which means that we can see, hear, or smell the information.”

How do psychics learn what they know to give advice to people seeking assistance? “Returning to telepathic knowing, psychics glean historical information from the static fields of people’s rings, clothing, and possessions with varying degrees of credibility. If the owner is present, the psychics say that reading inert objects is much easier because of his active thoughts.” 

As far as energy fields of children who are psychic?   Hunt- “When channeling information, the children seemed to emit light quanta and electrical waves that could be picked up by special biodetectors… The value lies in the clear-cut examples of the human capacity to experience higher consciousness.”

Hunt explained ‘talking’ with unborn children. “Only the thoughts are necessary- the baby understands. Communication with the unborn doesn’t make sense if the mind is in a brain that is not yet developed. But it makes perfect sense when we know that the mind is non-material, and that it is perfectly developed when the soul enters the fetus.”

A study in Africa with lions and zebras underscored silent communications for Hunt. She watched intently the interaction of animals. Lion prides -gorged on food- were sound asleep in the sun, while zebras stood grazing.   Hunt- “Suddenly, the zebra became alerted. As a group, broke into a gallop to escape. A few minutes after they had gone, the lions awoke and started their hunting prowl. According to our African naturalist, the lions had broadcast their intent to kill and eat again even before they awoke. What a subtle agreement between predator and prey!”

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What about creativity?   Creativity is telepathic Hunt believes.   Especially using  emotions. “During strong emotional states, one moves rapidly away from material things and body-self reality into higher consciousness, the consciousness of the creative process and mysticism… energy fuels creative acts and thoughts.”   Hunt- “Affective emotional disturbances… are legion among highly creative individuals.” And, “These disturbances stimulate a partial escape into an altered state. To create, opens one to the deepest levels of altered states.”

She writes,  “The remote sense of sight, hearing, and smell come closest to bridging physical reality with the creative state. Material reality dissolves into the real nature of the cosmos, a world of vibrating energy fields and resonances. Transcendent states carry experiences of worlds or tonal symbols, odors or essences, and pictures or graphic shapes. When these experiences occur, humans want to speak about them, write them, paint or compose them- to give their experiences material reality… During my years of university teaching, I was aware that our society and educational systems have helped to stifle creativity.”

The author notes, “The capacity to create remains a strong but unachieved educational goal because we have sought creativity through technique… When you think an original thought or you create a novel object, whether this sprang from an evolving idea or from sudden insight, you have manipulated old information in new ways. This is the highest level of thought. While these created ideas may be simple, the creative thought process was not. Skill in this process separates out the geniuses.”

“But the interesting thing about the creative process is that it occurs when your mind is free and your brain in on automatic pilot, idling, so to speak, doing routine reflex work… One trusts the process of higher creative thought, accepting that low level striving is not needed; involvement in routine tasks helps. The brain wave will drift into alpha, an idling state and free the mind to soar. Some people use self-hypnosis ritually to calm the brain-talk so that the mind-field can think. And, as the mind-field is activated, telepathic knowing escalates, bringing in rich, unknown information from other fields.”

Creative thought Hunt writes, comes out of increased energy fields of “strength and frequency spectra, almost to the state of chaos, before new and finer organization takes place… a no-man’s-land where chaos and stability pull in opposite directions. It can be likened to the period when an element is passing from a solid state to a gaseous one.”   Hunt quotes Lewin- “The state of being at the edge of chaos describes an eminently creative or universal consciousness where information seems to have a life of its own.”

Dr. Valerie Hunt records that, “While some gifted, creatively free individuals increase in skill with age, the shocking fact remains that statistically, creativity decreases with age… Children age five have 100% of their creative capacity. By age seven their creativity has decreased 50%. And by 40 years of age, creativity is reduced to 1% of one’s capacity.”

Hunt wonders if this is because, “… as we age, we become less tolerant of the feelings, instability and uncertainty of teetering on the creative edge of chaos.”   And IQ scores are not related to creativity.   “Descriptions of the different phases of creative states… also describe aspects of higher consciousness.”

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Hunt- “During higher consciousness, when the mind-field is in touch with other fields… The “will” sets the course, then gets out of the driver’s seat. We are continuously amazed that the “I” doesn’t seem to be involved. The creative act is somehow illuminated when personality isn’t.”

The author believes, “Creativity is a magical synthesis… we may have difficulty understanding that they happened so simply. Often we see mystical truths revealed.”

What our culture believes is important, all the factual information and rational logical thinking Hunt documents actually skirts the “mind-field where creativity resides.”   Emotions are most important to live a creative life, or a life of higher consciousness, she notes.   Though society holds in high esteem people exhibiting robot, or machine-like qualities of non-emotion.

Hunt found it interesting that, “When the normal brain wave frequency lowered to alpha or theta, imagination catapulted… The mind-field data became stronger with a wider frequency range, as a repository of the soul’s learnings flooded the awareness.”

“When studies attribute creative thought to the increased alpha waves that do in fact occur during creativity, they are in error. The alpha state coexists with creativity, but is not its cause. The alpha state means that the brain is quiet, out of the way, so that the mind-field can… provide a broader vision.”

Hunt writes that, “... creative people under ordinary circumstances create fewer alpha waves than non-creative people, but when assigned a creative task, they produce more than the non-creative ones. They move into higher consciousness states and are more disturbed by strong sensory stimuli like loud noises, bright lights or strong odors… The brain is basically not a creative, thinking machine; that is the mind-field which scans for new information connections and does the lateral thinking.”

Hunt- “When intense creative urges have taken their course, one generally wishes to return to material reality. Unfortunately, we have accepted the limitations of mind and body set forth by psychology, physiology and medicine, and by experience we have innately confirmed these norms of human capacity. Let us not confuse the limitations of material flesh with the infinite aspects of the mind. Conscious transferring and decoding of thought- what has occurred, what occurs, and what is to occur, I believe is the capacity of all people who choose to be truly human. Such an explanation of the creative nature of man describes his ascent, his evolution.”  -Amen sister.

Thank you to Dr. Valerie V. Hunt.  Will continue with “Infinite Mind” in another post.

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Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and for bringing the Network Collective down to conquer them.  God bless my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  Thank you dear God, we love you dear God.  It is so, so be it.  Amen.

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4 thoughts on “We are energy

  1. Hello, My knowledge on TIs and Gangstalking is admittedly very limited. The things that you describe are very scary. I am sure you can imagine that an outsider would rather believe that these things of which you speak are just coincidences rather than believe that there are people out there capable of this evil. Have you ever gone or considered going to a psychologist to if anything seek advice? Also, you seem to take a lot of pictures, do you have the capability of taking videos? That would probably be a more effective way to provide proof of these things.


    • Dear J, thank you so much for your comment. Glad you are reading something you admit to knowing nothing about. You need to educate yourself. In the two posts leading up to the Oct. 14, 2018 post reviewed a book by psychiatrist Dr. Colin A. Ross, “The CIA Doctors, Military Mind Control and Project Bluebird” from 2006. His greatest contribution to science- Wikipedia claims- was in 1989, when, “Ross developed the Dissociative Disorders Interview Schedule (DDIS), a standardized test used as a tool in diagnosing Dissociative Disorders.” -This is one intelligent man who has authored 27 books, mostly on ‘mental illness’. However the “CIA Doctors” review on Oct. 14, 2018 is about his documentation of psychiatrists, doctors and psychologists breaking their hypocritic oath by participating in CIA mind-control programs. You should read it J.
      These same CIA psychiatrists, doctors and psychologists have their work being read by college students and published in modern medical magazines … and are lauded around the world as ‘leaders’ in their respective research. According to Dr. Ross these doctors get paid lots of money by the CIA to experiment on involuntarily human subjects called US citizens for mind-control. Mind-control is TOP SECRET is so it can be above the law. Once TOP SECRET the programs are under ‘national security.’
      Any crime committed by wealthy people and their governments- their militaries and their medical agencies on earth use ‘national security’ as the excuse. National security is above the law, J.

      The CIA programs involved in the current torture, remote EMF rape and murder by brain computer interface (cerebral hacking), using directed ‘non-lethal’ microwave, radio wave and acoustic weapons “health attacks” -as our government State Department calls them- are paid for with US tax dollars. And documented in ex-CIA agent Robert Duncan’s book, “Program Soul Catcher.” The CIA programs all started after WWII.

      What targeted individuals experience is called the ‘silent holocaust.’ Hitler supposedly said, “If you tell a big enough lie, everyone will believe you.” Do you really want to believe a lie J?

      At the back of Dr. Ross’ book “CIA Doctors” are three chapters of case histories that make my life look like a walk in the park. But then the really bad “health attacks” experienced are not put in this blog.

      No, I have no money to buy expensive video cameras, employ security or pin hole camera detection devices.

      Perhaps you should get on Tommy Nerd’s public Face Book page of Oct. 14 2018. To see a public video of the same invisibility suits I see with eyes in my own yard. In Tommy Nerd’s FB, he also has an affidavit he shows publicly from the inventor -a scientist- Richard Schowengerdt. Who supports Tommy Nerd by writing that the videos he recorded and what Tommy Nerd has seen are definitely invisibility suits and invisible devices.
      Thank you for commenting. J.

      TIs have to always be careful. One time found out that a man who pretended to be a friend, was actually involved in the conspiracy to harm involuntary experimental subjects with directed microwave, radio wave and acoustic weapons and comment… and he was paid specifically to get reactions from TIs. He was paid to do this. When I questioned him, never saw him again… he was just another coward trying to discredit a TI.

      Then some true friends ‘don’t want to know what is happening’ and they are not involved in the conspiracy, but prefer to remain ignorant of what is happening with all our tax dollars in the US. -They are cowards too. But I still love my friends who cover their heads in the sand because standing on the outside looking in and not being targeted with DEWs does look scary.

      Brave TIs all over the world stand up for themselves in the face of ignorance because the pain from ‘health attacks’ is so real -that facing an ignorant public is not so hard… and by standing up for ourselves we are standing up for you J.

      My hope is that people who are scared of what is in a TIs blog – will educate themselves and never get involved in the conspiracy to harm another with DEWs and BCI… Because to be above the law and get paid to be a coward as an employee in a ‘reality video’ of invisible weapons must be a rush to really sad people. To remotely rape and torture someone is cowardly to the extreme.

      TIs work bravely to educate others about what is happening with all our tax dollars.

      All I know is that God sees everything J.

      God bless you J for your good comments. Josephine


      • That is actually how I found your blog, I listen to his radio show. While I find his evidence compelling, I still struggle to fully believe without seeing evidence myself. I see that there are a lot of whistleblowers who tell stories of these government committed horrors, somehow I just can’t bring myself to fully believe them. Perhaps the thought that we are in such a tyrannical government is too much for me to stomach. I will keep reading your posts and pray for you to find peace through all this.



      • Thank you again J for your comments. One gift from God practiced for a decade was psychic healing which was born with. Some healers can see ‘objects’, energies or colors that represent dis-ease in people’s bodies and remove them. Did not hang out a sign, people heard and came for assistance. Never got a dime.

        Telling you this because one thing in my nature is to never believe in illness. Never. Perhaps not believing was the ability or gift to remove whatever was in people’s bodies?

        Consequently when targeting with directed microwave, radio wave and acoustic weapons began 24/7 in June 2016. Even though body shock, vibrated, heated up and swelled from attacks until it felt like skull, legs or stomach would burst. Even though was so ill asked friends to take me to a hospital… still never actually believed that what was happening was real. Never. If I had probably would have finished me off.

        Still don’t believe what is happening even with all the evidence collected- but have accepted that I must bring what is learned and what I know, to whoever wants to read about it and educate themselves. That is part of what is living in this world- but not of it… have never quite believed in anything that happens on Earth. And oddly enough if you believe in something it becomes real physically… so say the physicists.

        Your write that you struggle to believe a program designed by the wealthy – their governments, military/medical agencies surveillance; who use stalking, invisibility suits, mind-control… Your lack of belief, is what encouraged me to share this. It is good not to believe in any of this. Believe in God or yourself, but nothing else. KNOW about what is happening instead.

        Just one person can perform the miracle to stop all this. And it will take a miracle. One person will have to KNOW without a doubt that this tyrannical, torturous, murderous, psychotic, cowardly program exists, and then that person in one sheer thought… will make it go away. In other words, delete it. Our minds and spirits are so much more powerful than any machine.

        I found peace when heard of a targeted individual who had an ‘entity’ speak through them during interrogation under brain computer interface, while cerebrally hacked by extremely high frequencies. An angel spoke through them. Since knowing about this, have complete peace.

        The angel that came through, said to those committing the crime of conspiracy to harm… “God has turned God’s face away from all of you taking free will away from humans. Free will is God’s greatest gift to mankind. Upon your deaths God will show you no compassion or mercy. You are doomed. Upon your deaths, those taking free will from humanity will be cast into hell for eternity.” -Scientist Dr. Valerie Hunt in her 1989 book “Infinite Mind” wrote that when she used EMF devices to ‘read’ voluntary human subjects electromagnetic frequencies at the higher levels, it was not uncommon for what she called ‘entities’ to speak through. And Psychiatrist Brian L. Weiss noted the same thing in his office when as a last resort he put his patients under hypnosis in his 1988 book, “Many Lives, Many Masters.”

        That is the peace I needed to continue working to educate others. About what is happening to targeted individuals, J.

        Missing the hippy era and growing up in the New Age era, as a Catholic- many people around me spoke only of God’s forgiving nature; saying there was no hell -only heaven.

        So to hear an angel speak through someone and say God had drawn a line in the universe… was news to me. Gave great peace. Because no matter what the Network Collective employees get paid, no matter how much power they have, no matter how much fun they get spying on, manipulating and hacking their involuntary subjects… upon their natural born deaths they will have to face the One God by Any Name.

        Thank you for reading and for the prayer. God bless you J. Josephine


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