The Soul as EMF frequency

archangel-michael-ready-for-battle Archangel Michael is said to battle without anger. Scientist Dr. Hunt wrote, “… the human mind is envisioned as an energy field organized by emotion, where emotion is an agitation, a disturbance in the quality of flow of energy occurring as a result of field transaction.  Physiological phenomena are secondary responses.  -All human experiences are created by , stem from and are embedded in the energetic part of the energy field we describe as emotions.  Emotion is aroused energy, A HUMAN POWER SOURCE.”  (Please note due to hacking spell-check is not working today while writing this post.)

In Valerie V. Hunt’s 1989 “Infinite Mind,” chapter 8 is entitled “Emotions and the Mystical Experience.”  “Mystical experience comes first in  all creative endeavors, for here we not only join the divine, but we access extremely high levels of information.” 

God's beauty Einstein- “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.  Recognition of the mystery of the universe is the source of all true science.  He to whom emotions are a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is a good as dead; his eyes are closed.”

Hunt- “Nowhere in the scientific literature is there a comprehensive model of the role of human emotions in higher consciousness.  There have been no systematic studies of human emotion connected with mystical states.”  Hunt reveals that she ‘believes‘ emotions to be “mystical qualities of the human psyche, the soul.”  Quoting William James  “… psychology is not a science, it is only the hope of a science, and someday when we find the answers these will probably be metaphysical in nature.”

Hunt- “To probe these sources, on must personally tap into awarenesses of the nonrational nature of human beings. Too often, even today, mystical experiences are considered emotional aberrations primarily because they are divorced from ordinary reality.”  The scientist writes, “Although great philosophers have always affirmed our mystical nature, at a practical level many of us either mistrust or spontaneously deny our personal contacts with it.”

good friendreal good friendgood-friend-still-works-for-my-former-work-placesomeone who works at nightanother friend

Anyone who tries to direct his life toward divinity would agree, I think, that to evolve is a seemingly impossible struggle.  -But I do know that evolution would be easier if we were firmly in touch with our mystical nature.”   At Harvard Research Center for Creative Altruism, the Russian born sociologist Pitirim Sorokin’s ‘Social and Cultural Dynamics,’ classified societies.  Sorokin’s ‘cultural mentality‘ incorporated two aspects of thought.  One “ideational” (reality is spiritual), and the other as “sensate” (reality is material).  By combining the two Sorokin stated was to be “idealistic.”   Sorokin concluded usually major civilizations evolve from spiritual ones: into material ones, the older they become.  In the United States medical agencies today are in total denial of psychic power residing in humans.  These same agencies label any ‘phenomenon’ experienced as hallucination.  Why?  

The military is targeting individuals who are psychic.  Uploading psychic defense  abilities in brain wave data into government computers.  Will psychic defense information downloaded in troop BCI helmets turn human brains into weapons?

friendmanager-of-safety-and-security-operations-at-the-national-headquartersmr. jones and friend ten minutes after moving into rental house across street point to my home.pngfriendly

Hunt- “Fear of death is both material and metaphysical, but remember it is the self which cares whether you physically live or die; the soul is not involved.  The soul is forever.”   The author reports that many humans accessing super-consciousness undergo drastic rearrangement of their ego when plunged into mystical knowing and magnificent manifestations.   They become afraid.  Hunt- “… thinking that they were going to die.

She writes that the ideas we as individuals and societies accept about the world are, “… more significant than others because they help to explain ourselves on levels that we can accept.”  Hunt notes the Freudian superego, controlling and manipulating all right and wrong action with power over emotion- is an absolute for our material world.  “All these emotional concepts are time-space dimensions of reality and do not help explain other realities.”  Whereas Hunt’s human-EMF research came to the conclusion that, emotions are high or low vibrations of experience.

Hunt explains that mystical thoughts are of high vibration.  Unrepressed emotions concerned with material life are recorded as increased electromagnetic energy without the same increase in frequency.  The strongest emotions coming from “unresolved problems and attitudes at a soul level”  triggered by spiritual thoughts.  Hunt warns of messages of enlightenment that contain “so much symbolism” that they “encourage ungrounded states.”   Hunt- “Universal mystical truths are also disclosed in archetypal images that symbolically encourage many interpretations.  From my experience, archetypal symbolism is frequently used to explain irrational emotions.  It is so easy when working with archetypal images… to become ungrounded.”

What CIA’s psychiatrists, medical doctors and psychologists would do well to learn… Hunt explains- “Except in the case of disease, animals in the wild are not insane and apparently experience no mental illness.  Man can parry “madness” by developing realistic ways of handling his overwhelming visionary, illusionary, and spiritual experiences.” 

“In amnesia, an altered state, when one leaves the time-space reality, the brain no longer records the experience.  It is idling with a theta wave.  The mind-field… is in massive fluctuation.  This is where memories of these mystical experiences are stored, where they constantly influence our material behavior without giving us access to the so-called files.”    (All of these states of ‘being’ can now be produced with man-made brain computer interface machines that cerebrally hack involuntary experimental subjects called targeted individuals.)

Hunt notes that the recovery of memories can be done by hypnotherapy, “although most hypnotherapists interpret findings on a material body-ego level, not on a soul level.”  (Perhaps Hunt was not aware of internationally acclaimed Psychiatrist Dr. Brian L. Weiss’s 1988 “Many Lives, Many Masters” where it is documented how he  used hypnotherapy as a last resort with patients.  Weiss studied at Columbia and Yale Universities and was a dyed in the wool clinical psychiatrist.  Until what he called ‘entities’ or ‘beings‘ started speaking through his hypnotized patients relaying information the patient could not possibly know about Earth.)

waterMany targeted individuals speak of being hypnotized and immobilized with a mu-wave, or with alternating lights in each eye through their eyelids, during the night while attempting sleep.  When hypnosis is used with directed microwave, radio wave weapons ‘health attacks’ and brain computer interface -then states of higher consciousness can be manipulated to emerge in involuntary experimental subjects during interrogation… sometimes visiting ‘entities’ as well. 

In the beginning of Hunt’s book “Infinite Mind” she also  documented entities speaking through her voluntary human subjects when the human electromagnetic field reaches a certain frequency.

Hunt is specific when writing about mystical and altered states.  “Altered, to me, means ungrounded, not Earth-oriented; it does not imply connection to the soul level.  Generally, it means adrift and floating somewhere in between…  during altered states the sensory threshold to subliminal or marginal stimuli is lowered.  Individuals respond more strongly to minimal intensity stimulation during altered states… (and) may not experience pain.  Thinking is generally subjective, egocentric, with strong precepts and no concepts.”  And not necessarily rational, or ‘materially mannered.’   But Hunt ads, “This is not true with mystical, flowing, complex states where information is quickly integrated.”   

Hunt, like Dr. Brian Weiss was also a dyed in the wool clinical researcher. My basic information about emotion comes from graduate academic training in  psychology and from a long and “successful” psychoanalysis by a member of the American Psychoanalytic Society.  Neither of these prepared me for mystical things…  Because I am a teacher and counselor, I believe that information alone will not bring change...”

Hunt notes that mysticism is a soul level of change connected to emotion.  “What is emotion, anyway?  Academic definitions of emotion have yielded two approaches: emotion as experience, and emotion as physiological process.  Neither description fits the discussion of emotions in higher awareness or mystical states.  You may wonder, if one does not experience emotion, does it exist?  My answer is, if there is a field disturbance which one experiences with feelings, there is emotion.  But emotional energy can activate behavior and create bodily happenings without feelings.  THIS IS THE COMMON STATE WITH MYSTICAL DENIAL.”

Hunt records that Wilhelm Reich did not understand emotions, therefore he classified them as ‘irrational.’  “Actually, there are no irrational emotions; it is only how we use them that is sometimes irrational.”  To summarize: “… emotion is an energetic agitation or condition, first in the field, and then in the body and awareness.  -If focused in the time-space domain, the concern is with body and self.  If out of time and in a  mystical state, its concern is the soul.” 

Is what the CIA is after?  The power and energy of the soul?  Is the image of God we are all created in, to be absorbed by Artificial Intelligence?  Ex-CIA agent Robert Duncan who authored the book “Project Soul Catcher,”  admits millions of unsuspecting U.S. citizen’s have had their brain waves downloaded.  

Scientist Hunt notes, “Psychologists frequently allude to the dark places, the demons of the human soul.  It is unfortunate to run from these…”  Rage and anger beget fear Hunt writes about evolution.  “Some psychics believe that the incidence of black magic and Satan worship is increasing.”  (Many books written by ex-CIA agents confirm the same.)

The Satanists that Hunt studied believed God abandoned them, so they “were out to get God” and “Satan was a weapon” against God.  “How strange it is to employ evil thought to protect us from our greatness, to keep ourselves from the knowledge of God within us.  When people decide to give up these defenses, the change they experience is a true metamorphosis.”   UCLA tenured, scientist Hunt writes that people who have suffered greatly “... and then manifested their gifts on the grandest scale,” evolve.  “But to reach the level of vibration where one experiences  their divine simultaneously with their mortal nature is a goal of evolution…  I believe that each soul yearns and has the capacity for such ascendance.  All truly “sainted” and “Christed” beings have come to these experiences and have incorporated them into their lives, allowing acts of greatness.  You are in motion, vibrating, with few physical barriers.  Your sensory acuity is so heightened, that you can touch all thought to know all things.”  

Scientist Hunt defines hallucinations as playing an “... intermediary role between normal sensory perception and mystical knowing.  From an expanded awareness of full consciousness, most of these so-called hallucinations will become normal, routine experiences.”

cool sun Anti-psychotic drugs of today, stop hallucinations.   If a psychic does not have evidence of their perceptions, they are said by medical doctors to be people who hallucinate.   Are authorities making sure working psychics are contained?   Are authorities putting the divine into machines?   –I personally know a psychologist who  worked exclusively with Vietnam Vets.  She also worked on the side with abused children inside ‘mental institutions.’  Many if not all patients she claimed were so psychically open that they had no definition of self.  

Some Native American tribes in America would isolate any child they saw had powerful psychic abilities in a tepee or lodge separate from the rest of the tribe to teach them the Medicine Way.  Native Americans knew that children with special divine abilities would need to be encouraged and taught how to handle these gifts.   -As have many cultures on earth.  For some reason the white people on this planet define psychic abilities as evil, or as psychosis.

  dog's umbilibcal  attacked by what asked God to see spirit of angel painting To be able to photograph different electromagnetic frequencies is a welcome psychic gift.  Giving evidence to not only animal energy fields, man-made energy phenomenon, and spirits, but to the validity of a human being testifying to God-given-gifts that most humans do not want use.

If all psychics are contained by drugs or in ‘mental institutions’ who will use their God-given gifts?  The mind, and image of God we are created in, is more powerful than any machine.   Humans are divine electromagnetic energy beings, as documented in the research of scientists like Dr. Hunt.  The human mind field of a targeted individual that has been cerebrally-hacked with BCI can hack-back through the same streaming frequencies into the artificial intelligence that violated their human privacy.    

Hunt speaks of the evolution of human energy fields- “We must no longer rely on external teachers to tell us what to do and think.  Our evolutionary work is to develop our higher plane of knowing and the techniques to access and use it…. To recognize that we  can do almost anything, that we have command, that we are larger, stronger, higher, and greater than we have ever known… We still have not comprehended that part of self which is so luminescent, so grandly spiritual.”

Thank you Dr. Hunt.  Will continue to “Infinite Mind” on another post.

yellow-mushroom  Some favorite reading:   “God is our light and our salvation; whom shall we fear? God is the strength of our life; of whom shall we be afraid?”  Ps. 46:1 and 27:1.    “Perfect love casteth out fear.”  I John 4:18.   “The kingdom of God is within us and all around us.  Not in buildings of wood and stone.  Turn over a stone and I am there.  Split a piece of wood and you will find me.” -Gospel of Thomas.  “With God all things are possible…” Matthew 19:26.  “Glorify God in your body…” I Corinthians 6:20.

lace mushroom

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

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