this cap was hanging off, as was black wire casing, wires out

The CIA Snow White mind-control program is documented in many books.  The latest book reviewed from 2006, “The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations By American Psychiatrists” by Dr. Colin A. Ross.   Dr. Ross explains that under FOI, the CIA and DIA “… has yielded denial that (SLEEPING BEAUTY) exists.”  Author Jim Schnabel in his 1997 book on “Remote Viewers” mentions the cryptonym.  Psychiatrist Ross writes, “Schnabel states… “As one of the Pentagon’s top scientists, Vorona was privy to some of the strangest, most secret research projects ever conceived.  Grill Flame was just one. Another was code-named Sleeping Beauty; it was a Defense Department study of remote microwave mind-influencing techniques.”  

In ex-CIA Robert Duncan’s 2010 “Project Soul Catcher” he explains that mind-control programs, sub-programs and code words, are usually named after popular books and movies and their characters.  Duncan reported this was done by the CIA, so if a non-consensual experimental subject recovered their memory and talked to ‘authorities’… it would sound like the victim was having a ‘nervous breakdown’ due to the influence of a popular book or movie.

Snow White The three foot tall Snow White statue of painted cement, came to grace the front porch of a rental house.  When a 25 year old, tall, dark haired, Caucasian man moved inside as the sole occupant.  Why would a single man without children want a Snow White statue?   In 2013, the man placed a chair out in the middle of his tiny front lawn.  And sat in that chair in broad daylight for everyone to see with his head in his hands- sobbing uncontrollably.  Guilt permeated him and the entire area he was sitting in.  What was he guilty of, that he cried publicly in anguish?  Hoping to be forgiven?

Or did he want someone to come and arrest him?  Perhaps gangstalkers never believe they will be the one locked on and targeting their involuntary experimental subject- when the TI dies suddenly?  After years of inhuman torture, BCI, V2K and DEW attacks…  the murder, became ‘attempted murder’ when the victim actually survived.

Why was the man weeping?  The night before: a TI across the street- who had been mind-controlled since before 2011, died.   But ended up surviving, broken and subjugated.

friend Went to the Arkansas ‘dollar’ store again to buy used-clothing.  -Something try to do every time I visit this friend who lives in a small town.  A town I have never named in this blog.  At the store today was targeted so badly could not see.  Eyes were jiggling in  sockets.   But the minute left store, ‘health attack’ effects were gone.

My friend who lives for decades in this small town in Arkansas rarely goes anywhere.  He only walks at a local fitness gym for exercise since becoming a targeted individual decades ago..  And has enjoyed this activity for years.  Last week after I sent off the UN letter posted December 7, 2018, he said over the phone that he endured an acoustic weapon ‘health attack,’ to his body for the first time in public.  He has endured acoustic and microwave weapons ‘health attacks’ in his home.   The excruciating sound pierced through his ears and went down his neck to resonate in his jaw.  He immediately stopped working out and left the gym.  My friend has never been back to the gym to work out since.  He does not know anything about my blog, or the letter to the UN.

My friend says will not renew his yearly membership next month at the nation-wide gym chain.  ‘Neighbors’  have caused horrific pain and subjugation to my friend for over a decade now.  Then on 12-10-2018 the front door of my friend’s van was found open in the dark.

12-10-2018 front door of van open in dark these glasses left behind on-floor-of-friends-van  The next day in the sunlight I left the ‘dollar’ used-clothing store first to check out my friend’s van.   There on the floor under the driver’s seat where I had found a  bright green tinted pair of glasses earlier was an opened package for a ‘compatible powered device...”.   This device was placed inside or used to alter the operation of my friend’s van to cause him harm.

-The 3M green tinted  safety glasses (not my friend’s) are used for “precision purposes” according to literature.  And for “good contrast for low-light conditions”.

data link cap off, casing I had just reattached to wires this cap was hanging off, as was black wire casing, wires out Since my friend had not yet exited the ‘dollar’ used-clothing store in this small town in Arkansas.   I looked under the dashboard under the steering wheel.  The van’s Data Link Collector cap was missing, so I took a picture of the sabotage and then put the cap back on.   Then saw a thin plastic casing cut open, that should have covered about twenty colorful tiny wires connected to the back of the Data Link Connector.  The casing had been pulled off and was hanging still attached down to the floor, wires exposed.   Evidently the person sabotaging the van was interrupted.

Did not have time to take a photo because my friend was coming back to van.  They have been so harmed by the constant harassment, intimidation and ‘health attacks’ did not want to worry them.  So  slid the casing back over the wires.   (I had already asked if the ‘sunglasses’ found earlier were theirs and my friend’s spirits fell knowing that someone had been in his van.  He has said that he accepts whatever is done to him now.  So when I asked if we could please stop and have the van looked at- he refused.   My good, kind and loving friend is tired of all the targeting and all the physical and mental pain he has had done to him.   He has complied with all the limitations those attacking him have manipulated him into.  Believing if he complies they will leave him alone.

Whoever sabotaged my friend’s van last night and probably again at the ‘dollar’ used-clothing store- put tape over the end of the cut casing to hold it together.  See below:

Casing cut wires out, put back casing before friend saw plastic black casing cut and wires hanging out, replaced casing and took picture

His van is totally electric, a digital product of modern technology and has now  been manipulated so that an ‘accident’ can be triggered remotely by the sabotage done in this small Arkansas town.   A town that I have never named in this blog.

Am I to ascertain that the sabotage done while I am here is to cause harm to my friend as a lesson to me for writing a letter to the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights Michelle Bachelet?  

12-8-2018 (2) friend out and about 12-8-2018 friendly neighbor-in-drive1 hacker attempting to cover face

mr. jones and friend ten minutes after moving into rental house across street point to my home real-good-friend good-friend-still-works-for-my-former-work-place too close

I started this blog three months after being targeted with directed microwave, radio wave and acoustic weapons.  The same third month of targeting that caused my dog to die of the ‘health attacks’ –as our U.S. State Department calls them. 

This blog is actually a result of the DEW attacks to my property, pets and person.  This blog is a result of the DEW attacks to several of my friends property, pets and person.  This blog is a direct result of the violence done to innocent, good, U.S. citizens in their own country.  Most of my friends are unaware of this site and its contents. 

The friend I’m visiting today in a small Arkansas town has never, ever read or attempted to access  this site.   

heloicopter flyover about time van tampered with

The cowards that harm my friend are his neighbors.   They shoot off their guns with lead bullets into the air around his home.  Play loud music at night until morning -so he has to run an air-conditioner for noise just to sleep spring, summer, fall and winter.   My friend has been followed by ambulances who blare sirens as he drives by and stop sirens the minute passes.   (I am personally  followed for a decade to within inches from the bumper of my car in this small town by local police, sheriff and state troopers… and have also experienced the ambulances blaring sirens as I drive by and stopping after I drive a block down the road.)

How much time do cowards have on their hands?  How much U.S. tax payer monies do they steal from our schools, universities, health care and public service programs?   What is happening to small town governments that they can use tax payer money to harm innocent and good people?

prsence-of-spirit-in-front-of-woman (1) dogs-umbilibcal (3) Dr. Valerie V. Hunt in her 1989 book, “Infinite Mind” writes about how ‘entities’ can speak through humans under hypnosis and during high levels of electromagnetic frequencies following through their bodies.  In fact all physicists today believe we humans are nothing but energy at our source.  Hunt speaks of the evolution of human energy fields- “We must no longer rely on external teachers to tell us what to do and think.  Our evolutionary work is to develop our higher plane of knowing and the techniques to access and use it…. To recognize that we  can do almost anything, that we have command, that we are larger, stronger, higher, and greater than we have ever known… We still have not comprehended that part of self which is so luminescent, so grandly spiritual.”  

“The kingdom of God is within us and all around us.  Not in buildings of wood and stone.  Turn over a stone and I am there.  Split a piece of wood and you will find me.” -Gospel of Thomas.  “With God all things are possible…” Matthew 19:26.

To all the cowards of the world-  a Psychiatrist Dr. Brian L. Weiss writes in his 1988 “Many Lives, Many Masters”  how hypnotherapy is used as a last resort with his patients.  Weiss studied at Columbia and Yale Universities and is a hard core clinical psychiatrist.  What he called ‘entities’ or ‘beings‘ started speaking through his hypnotized patients who were being recorded (with their permission.)  So the good psychiatrist has this all on tape.  The entities relayed information his patients could not possibly know about Earth.

To all the cowards of the world hiding inside invisibility suits feeling like gods… here is what a targeted individual told me.  -During TI entrainment under mu wave.  With DEW ‘health attacks’ occurring a ‘being’ or entity emerged from them during intense interrogation.    The interrogators asked the ‘being’ many times… “Who are you?”  A voice spoke-  “I’m a Great Warrior Angel for God.”  This angel laughed as he talked with those harming the involuntary targeted individual/subject he was speaking through.   The angel said, “God has turned God’s face away from all of you who are taking free will away from humans.  Free will is God’s greatest gift to mankind.  You are doomed.  Upon your deaths you will be shown no compassion or mercy.  Upon your deaths you will be cast into hell for eternity for taking free will away from humans.”

unnamed A billboard in California in 2018.

big-brother-bill-board1 Another billboard.

To the cowards in the United States making extra money -who think they are ‘gods’ harming innocent Americans with DEW’s, brain computer interface and more… if you do live your life without detection of the horrific crimes you are committing- (‘soft-kill’ murder by ‘accident’, murder by ‘natural causes’, and murder by ‘suicide’…)  upon your natural-born deaths you will face God.   Try sitting in a chair, completely still: looking at a clock for an hour.  It seems to take forever.  According to the ‘Great Warrior Angel for God’ those taking free will away from humans will go to “hell for eternity.” 

To the people in the cars with their engines running due to the 20 degree temps at night in Arkansas who are watching my friend’s home while I am visiting… I just want you know that you are never alone.  Sitting in the dark in your car you are being watched by God, the angels and saints and all your dead relatives.

archangel-michael-ready-for-battle Archangel Michael

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

4 thoughts on “Sabotage

  1. Hello and thank you so much for all the info I vould like to asked you if you or I be able to put on the face book to educated lot more people about our torture,please let me know ,thanksall the best denise


    • Dear Denise,
      Anything on is all rights reserved: copyright. As long as you put the site name above, and ‘by Josephine Grace:’ all is well. Please get the word out. God bless you. Josephine Grace


    • Katherine Austin Fitts is president of Solari, Inc. She worked under senior President Bush as head of HUD. In her Solari Report she writes, “The deep state is expensive: secret space programs, underground bases, and invisible weaponry require both an enormous investment and ongoing overhead.” Then she asks, “How do you finance two civilizations using the budget of only one?” In other words probably half our nation is involved in this targeting of innocent people.
      She said to ‘follow the money.’ We have none for our schools and health care, but plenty for walls and weapons. Sorry it took so long to find her name again. She is one of the smartest money-minds alive today. Thank you for your patience J. God bless you. Josephine


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