Invisibility Documentation

img_47682 Below is a rather large link that can be pressed, to see a video of men dragging a large panel of invisibility material to hide behind while spying on Tommy Nerd’s property.  Shown with permission from Tommy Nerd’s Facebook page.

See post on from Dec. 7, 2018 to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet with Tommy Nerd’s info attached.  Post from May 25, 2018 has info on invisibility suits.

tommy-nerds 47575227_298999244066427_4667160554756898816_n tommy nerds Two photos from Tommy Nerd…  In left photo yellow lines drawn show where man in invisibility suit with ear phones is sitting.  Surveillance man looking into some kind of laptop device.

tommy-nerd.png Tommy Nerd is a stage name.  Nerd is a musician, and has held a successful media career for 37 years.  Tommy Nerd, has contacted the FBI about the invisibility-suited humans and invisibility materials videotaped in his yard, and the U.S. FBI has documented his evidence.   He has also contacted the inventor and patent holder of invisibility suits, Richard Schowengerd- who reviewed all written, video and photo evidence and actually wrote an affidavit swearing to the validity of evidence of invisibility materials used in and around Tommy Nerds private property in the public sector.  Anyone can contact Tommy Nerd at his Facebook page.  Thank you Tommy Nerd for your documentation of invisibility technologies being used today in secret.

unnamed  One of many billboards in California letting the public know about targeted individuals who are ‘health attacked’ 24/7 with microwave, radio wave and acoustic weapons by cowards.  Most of the ‘health attacks’ (as our U.S. State Department calls what happened to U.S. Cuban, Chinese and Russian Diplomats since the 1950’s) are deployed by invisibility suited humans.

Invisibility suited humans are the worst cowards since time began.  God bless their souls.


Was visiting friends in Arkansas and California for the holidays.  From Arkansas visit have photos of constant surveillance from a car running in cold weather in a ‘neighbors’ yard which will post soon.  All times night and day.  In California camera suddenly broke.  But in California, had the gift of seeing an invisibility suited coward walking down a sidewalk between my friend’s home and their ‘neighbor.’   The ‘neighbor’s home is six feet away with windows lining the side, beginning about five feet above ground.

The friend I was visiting left an hour earlier to grocery shop, and I was alone in his home.  He does not know about DEW targeting of innocent people.  From his kitchen window saw in reflection of ‘neighbor’s window a man’s head moving down sidewalk outside.  Moving toward where I was standing in kitchen inside… less than five feet away.   The man’s skull in question was average size and in the reflection totally in shadow color of dark grayish black with no definition of invisibility suit covering same skull.  (When light is refracted on invisibility suits an echo of the physical thing cloaked in invisibility, can be seen in reflections of mirrors and windows or any shiny object like glass or metal.)  I just started started laughing so hard and continued cleaning the kitchen while looking outside kitchen window both ways up and down sidewalk, and below window.  Outside… could not see anyone visibly by outline at that time.

What else can a targeted individual do with cowards who hide, except laugh?   But note, an invisibility suited coward who is using DEWs to harm and eventually murder their targets for money: can still be held down and secured.   Just like any person harming or murdering someone can be held down and secured.  It is legal to defend one’s self against physical, murderous attack.

Just because a human is wearing an invisibility suit does not mean that they cannot be stopped physically.   They are still very solid.   I have been so physically burned by directed microwave energy weapons, have at times run outside into privacy-fenced back yard.  Upon entering backyard heard two invisibility suited cowards on roof DEW ‘health attacking’ me run up the roof.   Cowards, that I saw the outlines of in their invisibility suits, in light shining from porch light at 2am.  I have seen a dark outline around invisibility suits in the middle of the day.

friendly8-30-2018-friendmr. jones and friend ten minutes after moving into rental house across street point to my homemanager-of-safety-and-security-operations-at-the-national-headquarterssuch a good friendneighbor

man12friendly friendanother-neighbor1someone2friendgood friendfriend on 7-26-2018friend

scarey-man3img_47682neighbor122-16-2018-time-330-pmreal good friend12-8-2018 (2)

good-friend.jpg  In California last week of December 2018, in public place  where only three computer terminals for public use…  Same man, same seat, same computer.   These people must have fun.  A man always present every single time -night or day no matter what hour  I went to  post in blog during summer of 2018 was there.   Last week just waved to him and said, “Hello.”   Waited to post until  arrived home.

good-friend-still-works-for-my-former-work-placetoo closesomeone in charge

From of February 1, 2018 the editor Patrick Tucker writes-  “ The long-awaited report about the mysterious attack on U.S. diplomatic workers in Cuba…   describe the persistent and crippling effects of weapons that target the brain — and foreshadow a terrifying future…  one researcher called (the symptoms)… a concussion without a concussion, and they persisted for months…  Many of the victims were shaken awake… The effects were long and tortuous.   The study offers a terrifying glimpse of the future of non-lethal weapons that target the human brain.”    -Thank you DefenseOne’s Patrick Tucker.


archangel michael ready for battle Archangel Michael- my friend.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

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