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I will be writing this post while in its ‘published’ form because after four days of work the first post ‘Community Effort’ was hacked into oblivion when I pushed ‘publish’ on This is my second post by that name finished at 4:10pm. Acclaimed author and poet Gloria Naylor wrote in her book ‘1996’ about the great criminal “community participation”.   Such an extreme effort made by an entire community that she had, ‘…practically become a prisoner in her own home.’   -Which many TIs mention also.

The day after publishing ‘Standing Up’ in targetedartist 6-24-2022 was in my front yard when a south neighbor came out to sit on his porch. A south neighbor was featured in YouTube video in ‘Standing Up’ that showed them harm, steal, smash and return a camera back into my yard. So, it wasn’t a surprise when ten minutes later a new white SUV stopped in the middle of Portland St. and a woman jumped out the drivers seat to yell loudly at him, “I LOVE YOU!”, to which he replied from his porch chair, “Thank you.” At which time this community member got back into her car and drove away.

Wow, did someone just become a hero lauded by the community?

Weeks before publishing ‘Standing Up’ was asked by a south neighbor hours after arriving home from visiting a friend, to get a ball out of my backyard. Had just taken a photo of a newly broken fence vandalized when someone stood on it for entry into my back property. Walked past the vandalized privacy fence and threw the ball back into ‘neighbors’ yard.

Later that day went to side yard checking for any destruction and found a south neighbor outside. Being a social person, asked conversationally, “How come I am expected to be kind, when only meanness is directed back?” A south neighbor said “We are even now.” Didn’t understand what he meant. So asked, “Did you know the camera cost $60 with batteries and card, that is a Felony?” The man said, “So you are saying a ball costs $60?” Didn’t know what he meant. Watched him start to walk away and asked, “I’m standing behind a 5′ fence please talk to me? Are you afraid to talk to me?” He said, “I’m not afraid of you.” I asked, “What about the fence?” He replied proudly, “I fixed the fence!” Below is photo of privacy fence, dogeared six foot section as it was found broken off the 4′ by 4′ -vandalized in June 2022. (When I went to repair this section two days ago, had to break three dogears off due to having been screwed on six inches below the others, and remove a metal strip -all this made my work so much harder.)

Did someone just admit to breaking a fence, then ‘fixing’ it: while a ‘no trespassing’ sign has hung on that same fence-line since May 2021? He began to walk away.

“Please let us talk, why are you afraid to talk to me?” I needed to understand why some neighbors went out of their way to make themselves known to me… He said, “I’m not afraid of you, I’m afraid of the devil. YOU ARE THE DEVIL.” The last sentence was said loudly. Changed the subject, “What about the video evidence of you taking the camera?” He said, “I don’t care about that video, or your show.” I supposed ‘show’ meant ‘blog’. He said, “I could prosecute you. I’m working with police.” I hadn’t published the video then, or taken it to police, not wanting crime to escalate at my home more than it already had. But after hearing someone didn’t care if a video was published, decided to publish it in near future. Said to the neighbor, “Could have prosecuted, but didn’t.” He said, “I’ll show you how not afraid of you I am.” And proceeded to dial a number and speak into his phone, then start up a loud machine making conversation impossible.

That night ALL DANGER LEVELS OF RADIATION BLESSEDLY STOPPED FOR TEN MINUTES and then started up at much higher dangerous level and was PULSED after laid down. Was up till morning.

Where I live you have to be sane, intelligent, reasonable and adaptable to put up with a criminal community involved in 2 breaking and enterings, home burglary, murder of one pet, vandalism, theft of property, harm to new pets and homeowner.

Why have three different perps I’ve talked with, said they are “working with police?” One has to take into account that Springfield, MO is ranked #11 in US cities for violent personal and property crime. St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield make Missouri the only state in the nation that has three cities in the top 25 violent crime ridden places to live. What a distinction.

You have to take into account a 20 year old Ukranian that strapped ammo and assault rifle to his body before walking into a Springfield, MO Walmart Marketplace in 2019… to test MO. gun-carry law. What happened to this white man? He was given a slap on the hand and gun training lessons. Man arrested after walking into Missouri Walmart armed with a rifle and wearing body armor – ABC News ( Wow.

You also have to take into account that thirteen US Senators wrote a letter to the $multibillion Bass Pro Shops corporation, headquartered in Springfield, MO asking them to stop selling semiautomatic weapons or any weapons using the ‘Brady Law loophole’: After 9 black churchgoers in 2015 invited an unknown man into their church to join them in Bible study, but instead of worshiping the white supremacist Dylann Roof, killed nine of the churchgoers (leaving one he said to ‘tell the story’) in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. Bass Pro Shops is a tourist attraction, family oriented national retail chain, that is referred to by its top brass as, “The poor-man’s Disney World.” Senator Chris Murphy said on August 3, 2015, “Listen, I don’t think people should be shopping in these stores unless they make a commitment to require background checks before they sell guns.”

-That same month Springfield News-Leader article reported, “The issue at the center of the senators’ request is this: A provision of the Brady Handgun Violence Act allows gun retailers to proceed with a firearms sale after three days if an applicant’s background check is still pending. The senators see this “default to proceed” as a loophole, and the letter asks Bass Pro Shops and the two other retailers (Cabela’s and EZPawn) to stop selling guns when the background check is still pending but three days have passed.” (In 2017, BPS acquisitioned Cabela’s). –13 U.S. senators sent a letter about gun sales to Bass Pro. The company hasn’t responded. ( Walmart made a decision to stop selling assault weapons and using the ‘Brady Law loophole’ decades ago. Why haven’t the Springfield NewsLeader or KSMU Radio NPR news investigated if BPS and their acquisitions have ever complied with the US Senators 2015 request?

You have to take into account the question: Is Springfield, MO a city where any business, or any person with the right connections and desire: can be ABOVE THE LAW?

I was surprised when yesterday out working in my yard a city man came up to me and let me know that I had a ‘yard complaint’. Because, “Your front yard has ivy growing over 7” tall.” Am working with the city of Springfield to certify my yard as a xeriscape, organic, natural habitat. Below is what my yard looked in drought conditions on 7-15-22: The bottom photo is from driveway same day where peony leaves and phlox visible above groundcover before told to cut ‘ivy’ in drought conditions, and in this photo you can see the expanse of burnt yellow lawn at the rental house next door:

The ‘ivy’ pointed to in question was in fact a flowering vine called ‘vinca’ that was bought 15 years ago in a bucket in the flower area of Lowes on East Primrose. But does the city take into account that anonymous calls referring to yard ‘complaints’ being made particularly against me are a further extension of criminal community efforts to discredit, slander, harass, intimidate, and further harm, considering all previous efforts already made? No yard complaint should be allowed to be made without a name associated with it especially in this day and age of higher temps and contested global warming. Below is a photo of the vinca flower.

Education is the key to cooling temps. Massive damage can be seen on burnt lawns all over Springfield, MO as drought conditions that have persisted for two months now. The cracked earth and now white-green limp vegetation under shade trees in my yard must be seen as aberrations to grass lovers, (even burnt grass lovers,) but after a rain the vegetation would perk right back up. Just so as not to further assault the minds a criminal community in Springfield, Mo. Or that of a neighbor who religiously drives at a half mile an hour down their drive rubbernecking to frown at a xeriscape, naturally shaded front yard: I will go the extra mile and cut down ALL phlox, and peony foliage and flowers, as well as the few single stems of vinca standing so they can be pleased my yard is more like theirs- LEVEL.

So when will the city of Springfield, MO put a stop to criminal communities here? Below are photos of my front xeriscape, organic, natural habitat yard on July 15, 2022 after cutting down ivy and vinca in a drought. Half of the groundcover leaves are gone now leaving just stems:

Last week outside, a neighbor talked loudly enough to be heard. “Little by little, we will get her.” Why are 70% of all targeted individuals single women? Please watch targeted individual Mariana Maritato express herself beautifully in 2018 to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse: Why after her perfect testimony was the first question out of a doctors’ mouth, “Are you in a relationship now?” -In the past, the same question was asked repeatedly in courtrooms to women who had been physically-raped. God bless Mariana Maritato.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away Your greatest gift to humankind. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters to justice. We love you, Amen.

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