Moving In One Place

October 11, 2016

Have never felt so alone in my life.  Always lived alone.  Usually with a dog, cat, birds, or rabbit, mouse, frog…  Working forty plus hours a week to pay bills and coming home to garden or do art and poetry.  But this lonesomeness is caused by something so disputable, when you speak of it to a friend they look at you with pity as though you have lost your mind.  No one understands how far our technology has surpassed our hearts, our minds and for those of us using these illegal weapons on an unsuspecting public: our souls.  I say ‘us’ because our world is getting smaller daily.

A human does not have the capacity to comprehend the evil going on in the world unless they experience it. Until four months ago the words, ‘gangstalking’ and ‘directed energy weapons’ meant nothing to me… they did not exist.  Knew that I was followed, harassed and intimidated for the past four years after filing a workers compensation case for the first time in my life with an employer of twenty years. Did not know how good I had it then!  After telling a ‘friend’  I would go to the press for help with everything known about my former employer if it did not stop- I began sizzling and shaking 24/7.  My dog Roxanne died a month ago from this electronic targeting.  She has always stayed by my side and died from receiving the doses meant for me.

Within the week, called city utilities to have them check the house I live in for any loose electrical wiring.  All I told them was suddenly it felt like being electrocuted on low frequency during the day, and on high frequency at night. While checking outside lines, the man in the bucket truck and the one on the ground whose name was Russel conferred… “This sounds like what they did to that poor girl last year.” They agreed. Neither would answer questions I asked about ‘the poor girl.’

A man they suggested to ground my house with three foot rods of copper, went a step further.  He said  was probably under surveillance and that electromagnetic weapons  were being used against me.  OK.  He said there were microwave weapons, electromagnetic pulse weapons and x-ray weapons.  OK.  This is America isn’t it?  I have always voted since age eighteen.  Always volunteered even before President Bush suggested citizens become thousands of points of light.  How could this possibly be happening in the United States of America?  Land of the free and home of the brave?  I just refused to believe it, even while my body woke me up at night because my head felt like it would explode, eyes burning, heart racing and muscles charlie-horsing into the weirdest positions.  Still didn’t believe it.

Let me tell you a little about my health and who I am.  Have always been an athlete. With such great health, have the elite rate of payment on my life insurance, with  a nationally renown insurance company.  Would come home from eight hours doing the job of two people to benefit my employer… and eat dinner.  Then work out for an hour with gymnastics exercises, or garden, and paint.   Don’t own a TV to speak of getting no reception.  Instead use DVD player to watch movies.  Until ten years ago, never owned a car, always walking or riding bike to work and stores or utilizing mass transit.  Have always sold art work at local library’s gift shops, (one or two paintings might sell a year.)  Most weeks reading three to five books was not an abnormal occurrence.  Have always been ‘allergic’ to electricity and kept only the smallest refrigerator in a back room to cool food. Walking by a microwave oven cooking food in a friends home, always felt my body ‘sizzling,’ even before became ‘targeted.’  My lights are turned off when I leave a room.  Paint mermaids, Madonnas, angels and saints because they are needed in every home; no matter what you call home- on the planet.  Vegetarian usually, if I don’t succumb to chicken or fish once or twice a year.  I really do not deserve what is happening to me.

Both my neighbors moved into rental homes on either side of me about the time filed a workers compensation claim.  At the red brick house the two cars of the two parents and three children stayed put, as well as a white van in the driveway for two years, and an additional red car.   On the other side in the big two story yellow brick house one red car came and went with a solitary woman.   But when I began being followed continually in different cities as well as Springfield, Missouri, watching the world was no longer for enjoyment but to protect myself.  So when basement windows were broken into on red-brick house-side of my home;  wondered about all the cars.  Mentioned my suspicions to a ‘friend,’ and low and behold the very next day the white van disappeared from driveway never to be seen again- the red car had the license removed.  Years ago read a book written by ex-FBI and he said modern surveillance is conducted by moving married agents with 2.5 children into homes next to the ‘target.’