Letter to Editor Aug. 11, 2019 Springfield NewsLeader

letter August 11, 2019 letter.

Letter to the Editor/Voices:  “Checks and Balances:  Every public servant goes through a screening process before being given and job.  Even meat is inspected before being sold.  Restaurants are inspected for health violations.  Gym trainers have to be recertified every year.  Well, shouldn’t a U.S. citizen being allowed the use of a gun be put to a similar effort?

Why are some Americans upset about adhering to a screening process that takes three days before being sold a gun?  And why are some of the biggest gun retailers in the U.S. being allowed to use the Brady gun law loophole to this day?

In 2015, 13 U.S. Senators took the time to write EZPawn of Texas, and Missouri-based Bass Pro Shops and Nebraska’s Cabela’s.  (Bass pro Shops acquired Cabela’s in 2017 for $4.5 billion.)  The Senators asked the retailers to voluntarily close Brady law loopholes in gun sales.  They noted that Walmart voluntarily closed the loophole in 2002.  To this day, the U.S. Senators never received a response to their letter.

What kind of gun owner does the three-day check in the Brady law attempt to block?  Firearm sales for anyone who has: spent year-plus in prison, a domestic violence conviction or restraining order, or is a fugitive from justice, known drug addict, commitment to mental institution, foreigner without documentation, soldier dishonorably discharged from military, or a felon.

Gun show loopholes and underground gun sales would still be happening.  The Brady gun law three-day safety checks sound pretty reasonable.

An NRA spokesperson believes that “what some refer to as a ‘loophole’ is actually federal law.”  If that is truly what the NRA believes, then the loophole needs to be closed.  Why would someone need a gun who does not pass a three-day waiting period?

Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s are family destinations for summer vacations.  Should parents take a stand and send these retailers a message by forgoing their stores as a vacation destination?  Would that help these giants of the sporting goods industry voluntarily close loophole gun sales like Walmart did?

The question remains: Why would one of the biggest gun retailers in the U.S. still be selling guns using the Brady Law loophole?  The only answer is greed.

Thank you for this opportunity to use the United States Freedom of Press in a  Springfield, MO newspaper- the same town where (this week) a mass-shooting was foiled… and where the No. 1 store/headquarters for Bass pro Shops resides on the same street I have owned a home for 20 years.  God bless America.”  -Thank you to the Springfield, NewsLeader newspaper for printing this letter.

mallwart friend   mallwart security   no live eye at this mallwart so camera patrolbrosnan security man  No live-eye solar facial recognition and audio device was parked at S. Campbell Market Place Wallmart on 8-19-19 and 8-20-19.   So new Brosnan Security Camera Patrol truck, SPD car, and Springfield, MO Firetruck 1 gave security presence.

Because ‘live eyes’, fire, police and security vehicles always present at Springfield Walmarts, why was a shopper able to wear a loaded AR-style rifle slung across his chest, a loaded handgun on hip, 100 rounds of ammo, and bulletproof vest into a Wallmart Market Place on Republic Rd., five days after the El Paso Walmart mass shooting left 22 dead?   Springfield, MO’s Dmitriy N. Andreychenko a Ukrainian-born, legal, permanent US resident will tell you he wanted to see whether Walmart “honored the 2nd Amendment.   

Mr. Andreychenko said,   “This is Missouri, I understand if we were somewhere else like New York or California, people would freak out,” meaning that in Springfield, MO this kind of criminal action is accepted as normal unless it gets on national news?   As a resident, home owner living decades in Springfield, MO- have seen criminals allowed free reign.    Why has SPD for a decade now been called to protect targeted individuals from organized crime and ‘gangstalkers’… but nothing  ever been done?   Did Andreychenko act above the law because he never expected reprisals?   But this time due to national media attention he must be held accountable?

From the USA TODAY newspaper of March 9, 2018.  “25 Cities Where Crime is Soaring”  By Samuel Stebbins and Evan Comen, 24/7 Wall Street:  “#11 is Springfield, Mo.   5-yr. violent crime rate change: +41.7%…   Springfield, Missouri, is one of only a dozen metro areas to report a more than a 40% spike in the violent crime rate in the last five years. Violent crime in the city increased from 426 reported incidents per 100,000 residents in 2011 to 604 per 100,000 in 2016, climbing steadily almost every year…  As is the case nationwide, aggravated assault accounted for the majority of violent crimes in the Springfield metro area. There were 1,926 reported cases of aggravated assault in the metro area in 2016, more than four times the number of robberies, the next most common violent crime…”    Springfield, MO has a population of about 170,000.   –Thank you USA TODAY and Samuel Stebbins and Evan Coment, 24/7 Wall Street.

Gangstalkers renting in the 1400-1500 block of S. Campbell Ave. in Springfield, MO stopped the U.S. Postal Service delivering mail to residential mailboxes due to unchained dogs lunging and biting US mail carriers.  To this day these dogs are seen roaming without a chain.  There is no evidence SPD attempted to enforce the chain law even after a repeated US Postal Service warnings were sent to each residence.

mike evans president of springfield police officers assoc  Mike Evans President of Springfield’s Police Officers Association.

“Missouri protects the right of people to open carry a firearm, but that right does not allow an individual to act in a reckless and criminal manner endangering other citizens,” Dan Patterson, the Greene County prosecuting attorney, said in a statement on Friday.  What allows Springfield, MO citizens involved in organized crime to use directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar weapons to harm and endanger others?  Why doesn’t our SPD, and Fire Department acknowledge DEWs (directed energy weapons) exist?  Is it because there are no laws against DEWs in Missouri?  Minnesota, Maine and Michigan have outlawed  DEWs that are ‘weapons of mass destruction.‘  Anyone using DEWs is therefore a terrorist.  

mother and son (3).jpg    growing out beard (1).jpg   8-15-19 (1).jpg   back (1).jpg  6-02-2019

Missouri spends the most money on Homeland Security enforcement in our country.  Homeland Security’s job is to stop terrorists.  Why doesn’t Missouri have laws against DEWs which are terrorist-weapons?

Wasn’t it the organized crime syndicate called the Mafia that had people pay them for protection?  And if people didn’t pay the Mafia for protection then the Mafia would kill them?

Andreychenko a couple miles from my home.jpg  judge and jury

What is the difference between those who use conventional weapons and DEWs?

Missourian Dmitriy Andreychenko who filmed himself walking through a Springfield Walmart store told SPD that he does not regret his actions.    He even talked to a Walmart manager before arriving with his loaded rifle, 100 rounds and bulletproof vest.  Dmitriy said he was allowed to openly carry a weapon in the store.  Since January 2017, Missouri has not required a permit to openly or conceal carry a firearm for those 19 years or older.  

friends (1).jpg   Many, many gun stores and security firms abound in Springfield, MO.

my mother

Thank you God for protecting, loving and guiding my family, friends our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  Thank you sweet God the One by Any Name for  everything exactly the way it is today for my family, friends our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  Awesome God bring the Network Collective into the light for justice.  And Wonderful God bring the Network Collective down to conquer them.   We thank you Dear God and love you God.  So be it.  It is so.  Amen

Cain VS DoD

untitled Professor Hugo De Garis is an artificial brain designer, now retired. He was born in Sydney, Australia in 1947.   He spent a lifetime researching sub-field artificial intelligence and evolvable hardware.  De Garis- “It would be nice to be an artilect, a god, a supremely powerful omnipotent being. I could be such a creature. It’s possible. It’s not an unattainable dream… All I can do here is attempt to convey some measure of the strength of “religious” feeling that I and others will make public this century.”     -As a targeted individual, I beg to differ with De Garis.

Transhumanism as a new way life: will never be made public until humans no longer control anything, not even their own bodies and brains via implants and microwave technologies.  Our trusting public i.e. ‘natural humans’ will be obsolete and enslaved by  the very creatures created by top secret programs our taxes have funded. 

Creatures made in secret, with our tax monies, under the guise of each ‘civilized’ government’s ‘national security’.   Synthetic DNA, nano-cybernetic machines resembling enhanced humans and uploaded with every TI’s brain wave data including intelligence, emotions and psychic abilities.  

How is all the above possible?  Free nonconsensual human experimentation makes it possible.   Millions of kind, good, law-abiding ‘natural humans’ called Targeted Individuals are being experimented on nonconsensually all over the Earth.   So who is going to win this latest ‘arms race‘ our governments are in?  Unfortunately who ever wins… this ‘race’ will make natural-humans obsolete.   This ‘arms race’ will consume and destroy millions of lives -surpassing  the death tolls in all modern wars.   These murders, will be as relevant in the eyes of nation’s leaders as those of the deaths of laboratory rats.

“All of the boundaries are up for grabs. All of the boundaries that have defined us as human beings, boundaries between a human being and an animal, and between a human being and a super human being or a god.” Leon R. Kass, former chairman of the President’s Council on Bioethics.

Above excerpts from 2010, “Forbidden Gates” by Thomas and Nita Horn subtitled, “How genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, nanotechnology and human enhancement herald the dawn of techno-dimensional spiritual warfare.

In the meantime, all the data being collected and downloaded from the EMPs of human’s known as targeted individuals are providing all the information necessary to create the One World Order of transhumans that will populate the earth.  Which is why current and past leaders have not cared about our earth’s clean waters, air and land… chemical and radioactive pollution will not bother synthetic-humans.

unbelievable img_6357 (1)friend Below are excerpts from a law suit Richard L. Cain filed in 2014 against the Department of Defense; United States Central Intelligence Agency; Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command; the United States Army Research Material Command-  and private individuals…

On July 23, 2014 Richard L. Cain filed  a lawsuit against the Department of Defense and others… Siting them “… to be in conspiracy to violate his 4th, 5th, 14th, and 8th Amendments.   For unreasonable search and seizure; violation of due process; and cruel and unusual punishment.”   

Preliminary statement #1 records that an “…evolving criminal conspiracy perpetrated by: the DoD and its components… and its defense subcontractors, who authorized, funded, conspired, and concealed the fact that the Plaintiffs are human research subjects… covertly and nonconsensually implanted with (BIONI) and (MEMS) submillimeter and millimeter prototype military grade biomedical devices… (violating) …the Bill of Rights as Amended into the Constitution of the United States.  Defendants’ devices are Radiofrequency (RF) controlled and powered… capable of data collection, human research, surveillance, behavior modification, and many other heinous crimes.”

Cain writes in the lawsuit Introduction #10 that many of the illegally implanted devices can deliver biological agents, including hormones, and can provide “visual and auditory biofeedback data.”

In Preliminary Statement: Cain and his two young children were illegally implanted with these devices; while at dental and medical facilities that receive money/grants from the DoD under written contract.   In #2 of Preliminary Statement; Cain notes the nanotechnology devices used are legally manufactured, but were illegally implanted without consent.  Cain writes these devices electrically stimulate muscles and ‘other body parts,’ for behavior modification and mind control.  Cain notes in the Introduction of his lawsuit, that National Security Letters (NSL’s) and phone calls to medical establishments  stopped the nanotechnology being removed (when they are able to be,) from the Plaintiffs bodies when Cain requests them to be taken out. 

Introduction #11 sites DoD sought out neighbors to surveille Cain’s family, “… the Defendants, deputized neighbors, and rogue government agents (to) communicate with the implanted (RF) controlled device(s) in excess of 200 feet or more.” 

#12, recorded military devices found inside Cain and his two children are- “… microtransducers, transmitters, coils, transducer-telemeters, stimulating metallic electrodes, power receivers, control circuitry, digitizer, telemetry circuitry, and other unknown biomedical devices, and all of them assist in the primary purpose of data collection, tracking, and human research related surveillance.”

 Cain notes that “… Defendants’ scheme also involves labeling the (RF) devices as being lymphomas, artifacts, fatty tissue, and any other medical term that will allow them to mask their illegalities.”  All private individuals and their medical establishments are named in his lawsuit.

friendly navy Military takes care of business.  9 Line.

 In July of 2011 the Presidential Commission on Bioethics, came out publicly after the commission hearings ended; stating it will not review any of the testimonies from targeted individuals who spoke before the commission concerning medical and military bioethics violations.  Furthermore the commission stated that they will not receive testimonies from targeted individuals in the future.  

One ‘expert’ Professor Gerald Schatz can be seen speaking to the presidential commission:There is law out there.  The bioethics community has been oblivious to it.  But there is international law.  There is the international covenant on civil and political rights- the United States ratified in 1992.  And it makes conformed consent an absolute requirement.  No exceptions.  Not even in emergencies…  Additionally the Geneva Conventions…  protocols make research very, very difficult  or prohibited altogether for those individuals who are caught up in war and armed conflicts.” 

Expert and physician Dr. John Hall also spoke to the commission, stating that he had personally communicated with 1,500 targeted individuals who were being subjected non-consensual experimentation, and torture from directed energy weapons.  Hall believed the subjugation of innocent U.S. citizens with remote and implanted devices were for less medical- than weapons technology. 

15 year old stalker After leaving Springfield, MO Brentwood Library, stopped car in parking lot of a closed Community Blood Center of the Ozarks- to talk to a TI friend on phone.    A woman roller-skating down S. Brentwood Ave was looking directly at my car.   And keeps staring, as she turns on E Wayland St. heading to Glenstone.   Unfortunately enjoying conversation, didn’t think to start video.   Then a boy on a black bicycle, in black T-shirt drives down same road woman came.  He stares non-stop also.  

Instead of heading to Glenstone on his bike boy enters parking lot where I am.   The white boy circles my car a couple times while staring directly at me.  Finally stops twenty feet away to sit on his bike and stare at my car. 

After some minutes, he pedals around corner of red brick building.  Within seconds am hit with directed microwave weapons.   Stay as long as able, then exit parking lot surprised to see the boy around corner, sitting at picnic table staring into laptop.  He turned to watch me as took his photo uncaring that I did so.   Then he looked back at laptop.   -This is Springfield, MO at its finest… a mother and son DEW targeting  and stalking together.  There is no proof.  

“We have been trying to concentrate evil as humans understand it to create weaponry that attacks the information systems of the brain and body.  I didn’t know what we were fully doing at the time I served.  I regret what I did.”  A former DARPA scientist revealed.   -Below is more from author ex-CIA Robert Duncan’s 2010 book ‘Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed.’

CIA personnel are even involved in Hollywood production of films.  “While the public is stupefied about these advanced technologies and left 60 years behind reality, Hollywood has additionally science-fictionalized them.”  Duncan notes, Hollywood makes it easier to label any TI’s reporting torture to authorities to resemble popular books and movies.  The TI can be said to have had nervous breakdown or mental illness in association with reading or viewing these entertainments.  

Ancient Roman gods, and Bible names are used to head CIA programs of mind control, along with Disney movie characters; Star Trek characters and more…  Duncan writes, “…MEDUSA and GABRIEL voice of god weapons using electromagnetic induction.”   S.A.T.A.N. (Silent Assassination Through Adapting Networks) is a program the CIA uses for “behavior modification to death” used for “plausible denial mass murders and eugenics… (and) to create torturers and assassins with sociopathic behaviors.”     

Notes Duncan, “All of human pain, fear, and agony have been recorded to be played onto targets.” What are the names used in the S.A.T.A.N. program to define torture, manipulation and other actions?   “Spell, hex, demon, Medusa, siren and vampire”, etc.   IS THIS IS WHERE MOST OF OUR TAXES GO?   To a bunch of overgrown children acting like fraternity brothers inventing a world that only they can control.  Would hate to be them. 

One of the subprograms of S.A.T.A.N. is the “Voodoo Doll: No-touch torture,” Duncan writes.  It is a weapon that is categorized as “worse-than-lethal,” due to extreme “pain and mind” torture that does not kill the subject.   The above weapons Duncan writes, “… is or can be used without human operators making it illegal by the Geneva Conventions… Similarly, in the U.S. psychic warfare and silent eugenics programs there is no way to surrender as it is practiced.”   How long can TIs be exposed to these DEWs?  Reports Duncan- “Multiplying the risk factor matrix by the induction method success rates matrix will determine the probability of silent death due to behavior modification techniques applied in combination and over a time period.”  

What is the weapon called “Radio Hypnotic Intra-cerebral Control- and Electronic Dissolution of Memory, R.H.I.C.-E.D.O.M”?  Duncan writes that this weapon,  “…induces a hypnotic state from remote locations… to impart hypnotic commands, and erase the memory of the programming.” 

Duncan, “The CIA’s program in mind control utilizes behavioral science to induce detrimental behaviors and negative thoughts… Using Chatterboxes like ALICE or TAMI (that) can automate the process of talking someone to their death….  (this program includes how the CIA gets rid of their own people:)   Suicides are very common among British and U.S. computer scientists who have links to the Navy.” 

Chatterbots are artificial intelligence that keep a running conversation with TI’s or ‘chatter’ mimicking thought and the speech of the TI until mental perception is clouded.  At which time the TI is manipulated and driven “crazy.”   Records Duncan, “It is an amusing program for those that have heard them chatter.”  Perhaps Duncan needs to be on the receiving end of BCI before writing that any attempt at mind control is ‘amusing‘?  

Writes Duncan, “These chatterboxes (aka chatterbots) are used by the CIA/DoD for menticide, mental disablement, driving the target crazy with voices, brainswashing, hypnosis, but most importantly entraining the target mind.”  Duncan notes acerebral cortex clone” can make a TI slap themselves to humiliate them and let them know they are being controlledOnce bots ensure the target is thinking in words instead of pictures, mind control is easier.

Magnetic frequencies (recorded on EMF readers at Springfield, Mo. home for year in danger zone are off chart,)  are the “mode of interfacing” human brains:  ex-CIA Robert Duncan writes.

Psychic driving is “Hypnosis, subliminal suggestion and neural linguistic programming,” on targeted individuals.  “With Radio Frequency Intra-cerebral Control, there is the additional benefit that emotions can be correlated to phases and felt by the target.”  This is used to torture in keeping psychological wounds open and infected, no matter how the TI works to get over past abuses.  -Thank you Robert Duncan author of 2010 book ‘Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed.’

Sun behind clouds.jpg

 Thank you God for protecting, loving and guiding my family, friends our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  Protect our children God.  Thank you sweet God the One by Any Name for  everything exactly the way it is today for my family, friends our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  Awesome God bring the Network Collective into the light for justice.  And Wonderful God bring the Network Collective down to conquer them.   We thank you Dear God and love you God.  So be it.  It is so.  Amen 

Video Evidence of DEW Attack

on the corner of Sunshine and Campbell Corner Sunshine and Campbell, in Springfield, MO beautiful dog wearing goggles sits in sidecar of motorcycle.

judge and jury  This man is always around.  He speaks in Russian and works with two or three others (always around) in a public location.  The T-shirt he wore last week says it all.  He is the second Russian present in my life.

Starting at 57 seconds, you can hear an audio/video recording of DEW-hits to a CD player.  The CD player sits  in corner of room six feet from bed.   Directed microwave weapon ‘hits’ can be heard clearly as loud clicks on CD player.   Hear another form of EMF wave bombardment that distorts the audio book on disc.  DEW attack stops CD player completely by end of 7 minute video.   Video view is completely black due to being filmed inside 10′ X 3′ X 4′ metal Faraday box enclosure where bed located.   Lack of sleep for three days caused exhaustion heard in voice.  It is no wonder the US Cuban/Chinese Diplomats (and targeted individuals) have what investigating military and civilian doctors call ‘traumatic brain injury’ quoted as being a “… concussion without ever having received blows to their heads…”   DEW attacks are invisible…  During the day between 9:00am-5:00pm the same CD and CD player work fine when gangstalkers at day jobs.  

Listen to what directed energy weapon attacks sound like on a CD player.

Directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar weapons attacks have occurred at my home in Springfield, MO in ‘danger levels’ of recorded EMF waves since June 2016.

Below photos are two pieces of galvanized steel that were draped over body while attempting sleep.  Both hit with something so hard it felt like a man’s fist slamming down on metal.  The DEW ‘hits’ on metal in photos below caused etched burns in the steel from some kind of plasma or manufactured miniature ‘lightning’ hits that melted the metal.  On left photo there is a round etched circle inside a bloomed spread that bounces like skipping a rock on a lake’s surface.  On the second metal sheet, burning embers are etched in metal as they rolled away from DEW hit.

Mary Gregory author of the 2011 “Microwave Experiment: A story of Government Testing on a United States  Customs officer” wrote about directed energy weapons.    At home in July of 2004 Mary Gregory heard sound materialize midair in her apartment then saw sizzling and crackling.  Between her floor and ceiling several feet above Mary’s prone figure resting in bed -something like miniature lightning appeared momentarily.

plasma-impact-bounced-off-glavanized-steel-sheet untitled

The brand new audio book above listening too, is by international best selling author Deborah Harkness of the “All Souls Trilogy” a work of acclaimed historical fiction.  Includes the 2011 “A Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness.   -A graduate of Northwestern University, with Ph.D in European history from University of California.  Harkness studied abroad at Oxford University.  Harkness works with Science History Institute bringing history to life.

In the Renaissance, it is estimated over 2 million women were tortured, raped and then burned alive by the Catholic church using the accepted ‘manual on witchcraft,’  the 1487 Malleus Maleficarum by Heinrich Kramer.  -A bestselling book only to the Bible for two hundred years.

During the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries…  In Europe, if a woman was a healer.  If a woman owned land.  If a woman had money without a father, a husband or a brother.  She was suspected of being a ‘witch.’   The Catholic Inquisition carried out by the Dominican Order, asked the same question of all condemned women suspected of being witches:  “Did you have sex with the devil?” 

If the suspected witches said “No”, the women were raped, tortured -and asked the same question again and again and again.  If finally the women said, “Yes”, the torture and rape stopped.  The woman’s soul was saved, then they were put to death as reformed witches.  If the women continually said, “No”, the torture and rape also continued until finally they were burned at the stake as witches and their souls went straight to hell.   The ‘witches’ property and money was seized by the Church.

friend-out-and-about in church friend img_6930 outside catholic church man covers mouth while speaking another-friend-1

I am Catholic and a TI.  Anytime entering a church inside United State’s border to pray… am targeted with DEWs.  Also practice Native American ceremony as taught to me by a Medicine Man that honors  the beauty of this life that God the One by Any Name created.

IMG_5722 This is my state flag, and my country’s flag.

Thank you God for protecting, loving and guiding my family, friends our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  Thank you sweet God the One by Any Name for  everything exactly the way it is today for my family, friends our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  Awesome God bring the Network Collective into the light for justice.  And Wonderful God bring the Network Collective down to conquer them.   We thank you Dear God.  We love you God.  So be it.  It is so.  Amen

Gun Laws. And DEWs…

lastrodesian.com via AP Dylann Roof 21-year-old.jpg Has anything changed in four years?  Dylann Roof, a 21-year-old poses before Charleston Church mass shooting on June 17, 2015 in South Carolina.

The Springfield, MO NewsLeader newspaper ran a story by Thomas Gounley on August, 10, 2015 entitled, “13 U.S. senators sent a letter about gun sales to Bass Pro. The company hasn’t responded.”  In the article- “Springfield, Missouri is headquarters to one of the biggest retailers in firearms- that sells guns after the three day waiting period to buyers whose background check is still pending.   Bass Pro Shops was asked to stop the practice by thirteen U.S. senators in 2015 who wrote a letter requesting a change in gun sales policy- the retailer never bothered to answer the letter.”  And, “Thirteen U.S. senators, all of them Democrats, sent a letter to Bass Pro Shops and two other companies in late July, asking the retailers to change one aspect of their gun sales policy… ”  

logo3 From 2019 AMMO.COM.  All Rights Reserved.  “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”   Excerpts from article: State Gun Control in America: A Historic Guide to Major State Gun Control Laws and Acts”-  “The 2012 Aurora Massacre and Colorado’s Response”

On July 20, 2012, James Eagan Holmes fired into an Aurora, Colorado movie theater showing of The Dark Knight Rises premier, killing 12 and injuring 70 amid tear gas from grenades he’d launched. He was armed with a 12-gauge shotgun, a Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 semi-automatic rifle fitted with a 100-round magazine, and a .40-caliber Glock.   Holmes had bought all three guns legally between May 22 and July 6, from three different firearms stores – two Gander Mountains and One Bass Pro Shop.”  –Thank you 2019 AMMO.COM whose “…only requirement is that you give Ammo.com appropriate credit by linking to the original article.  Spread the word; knowledge is power!”

6-02-2019 friend new

Excerpts from the Wall Street Journal: “Meet the Billionaire Behind the New Bass Pro/Cabela’s Empire” by Imani Moise updated Oct. 3, 2016-  Copyright ©2019 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.  “John Morris started selling lures and bait out of the back of his father’s liquor store in Springfield, Mo., in the early 1970s because he was dissatisfied with the tackle sold at nearby shops…

He turned that small business into a chain of nearly 100 Bass Pro Shops megastores with roughly 20,000 workers, and made himself into one of America’s richest men along the way. According to Forbes, he has a net worth of $3.9 billion and ranked 403rd on its list of the world’s billionaires…”  

Imani-  “The company is one of the largest sellers of firearms in the country. It was in the spotlight after weapons that were legally purchased at its stores were used in the fatal Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting. After a fatal shooting at a church in Charleston, S.C., last year, 13 Democratic senators sent a letter to Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s asking them to “close a loophole” in the federal Brady law by not proceeding with a firearm sale after three days if an applicant’s background check is pending.”  -Thank you Wall Street Journal, and Imani Moise.

7-15-19 img_6357 (1)friend near DEW user

From an Editorial of August 6, 2015 “Gun Sellers Should Wait For Background Checks” in the Hartford Courant:  “Federally licensed gun dealers are supposed to wait for the results of a background check before selling a firearm. But under a porous and pointless provision of federal law, if the background check takes more than 72 hours, the dealer can go ahead and sell the gun without it…  What’s wrong with that, according to FBI research, is that when a background check takes more than three days, it is usually because the potential buyer has a complicated criminal or mental health history. In short, exactly the kind of person who should not be able to acquire a gun.”

Editor- “This month, 13 members of the U.S. Senate, including Connecticut’s Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, took a different tack and asked gun retailers to close the 72-hour background check loophole voluntarily… There is no good reason that a retailer — for that matter any gun seller, though that’s another loophole — should not wait until a potential purchaser has cleared a background check before transferring a firearm. What’s the rush? By not waiting, guns get into the wrong hands…  The FBI reports that in the last five years, failing to wait for a completed background check “has led gun retailers to proceed with 15,729 firearm sales to ‘prohibited people’ —– individuals who were deemed ineligible to purchase a firearm once their background checks were completed,” the senators wrote in their letter to the retailers.”

According to the Editorial, Wal-Mart at the time was the United States largest gun retailer not mentioned in the letter because, it “has required a completed background check to approve a sale since 2002.”  -Thank you Hartford Courant

images.png    August 16, 2015 excerpts from ‘The Day’:  “…  The letters, asking the dealers – Missouri-based Bass Pro Shops, Nebraska’s Cabela’s and EZPawn of Texas – to change their policies so that “your products do not get into the hands of dangerous individuals,” has failed to evoke any response.”  (Bass Pro Shops acquired Cabela’s for 4.5 billion Sept. 2017.)

“The loophole that needs closing seems like an easy enough fix. Federal law now requires firearms dealers to conduct background checks on would-be buyers. In nearly all cases dealers quickly complete these checks, but if questions arise the FBI or Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives take a closer look. However, a provision of the Brady Handgun Violence Act allows retailers to sell a weapon after three days if federal authorities haven’t finished their check. The checks are intended to block firearm sales to anyone who has spent a year of more in prison, has been convicted of domestic violence or who is the subject of a restraining order, is a fugitive from justice, is a drug addict, has been committed to a mental institution, is a foreigner without proper documentation or has been dishonorably discharged from the military.”  -Thank you to The Day.

sidewalk garden Suicide and Mental Illness in Police, Fire, and EMS:

“The rate of police suicides is significant when you compare it to the line of duty deaths.  So significant, in fact, that police suicide has been labeledthe other line of duty death.”  – Thank you http://www.thebalancecareers.com.

Excerpts from SAMHSA Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration government site:  “First Responders: Behavioral Health Concerns, Emergency Response and Trauma” May 2018″.  Depression is commonly reported in first responders, and rates of depression as well as severity vary across studies… Stress symptoms and posttraumatic stress symptoms in EMS personnel have been reported in a number of studies…  Suicidal ideation has been reported in first responders in a number of studies, but there is still a question as to the rates given the way data has been collected in samples of convenience versus the use of random samples. However, existing research suggests that EMS personnel may be more likely than the general population to think about and attempt suicide.”

From the FireRescue1 site: April 13, 2018, “Study: More firefighters died by suicide than in the line of duty in 2017.”  By FireRescue1 staff: USA Today reported that 103 firefighters and 140 police officers died by suicide in 2017, compared to 93 firefighter and 129 officer line-of-duty deaths, according to the Ruderman Family Foundation, a philanthropic organization that fights for the rights of people with disabilities.   The study also found that little has been done to address PTSD and depression in responders, even though they are five times more likely than civilians to suffer from symptoms.”

From http://www.psychologytoday.com and oxfordre.com/criminology… Police suicides have risen for the third straight year.  In fact military and police suicides are 1.5-3 times higher than the general population.  35% of law enforcement experience PTSD, and the general population only 6.8%.  Prevalence of mental depression in police officers is higher for women than men.”  -Thank you  http://www.psychologytoday.com and oxfordre.com/criminology.

From the USA TODAY newspaper of March 9, 2018.  “25 Cities Where Crime is Soaring”  By Samuel Stebbins and Evan Comen, 24/7 Wall Street

#11 is Springfield, Mo.

  •  5-yr. violent crime rate change: +41.7%
  • 2011 violent crime rate: 426.0 per 100,000 (total: 1,867)
  • 2016 violent crime rate: 603.6 per 100,000 (total: 2,775)
  • December unemployment rate: 3.1%
  • Poverty rate: 15.8%

Springfield, Missouri, is one of only a dozen metro areas to report a more than a 40% spike in the violent crime rate in the last five years. Violent crime in the city increased from 426 reported incidents per 100,000 residents in 2011 to 604 per 100,000 in 2016, climbing steadily almost every year…  As is the case nationwide, aggravated assault accounted for the majority of violent crimes in the Springfield metro area. There were 1,926 reported cases of aggravated assault in the metro area in 2016, more than four times the number of robberies, the next most common violent crime…”   #(7 is St. Joseph, MO.) 

Thank you USA TODAY and Samuel Stebbins and Evan Coment, 24/7 Wall Street.

g City Utilities of Springfield, MO Chad’s EMF unit reading at 60 Hertz field, 6.20 milliguass in 2017 in home.

BAE systems Inc based in London, is the world’s second biggest defense contractor.   Annual revenue (from US tax dollars?) is $10 BILLION.   There is a ‘Special Security Agreement’ that BAE operates under with US programs.   Eastlund’s patent US 4686605 is now owned by BAE Systems and is titled under ‘Classification’ as a “Directed Energy Weapons, i.e. devices that direct a beam of high energy content toward a target for incapacitating or destroying the target.” Priority date 1985.    HAARP works by transmitting radio waves into the ionosphere, between 60-90 miles in altitude.  The waves literally bounce off clouds and can be aimed anywhere on earth.  In Gakona, Alaska the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was built in 1993 by the US Air Force, Navy, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.   Auroral research?  HAARP was designed and built by BAE Advanced Technologies.

friendly untitled works-for-my-former-work-place always-around

Author and material scientist Judy Wood Ph.D. wrote 2010: “Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11”.   From RationalWiki:

“Dr Wood’s observation of the destruction of the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001 led her to the conviction that the towers did not collapse but were “dustified” by a directed energy weapon. According to her, dustification involves molecular dissociation and transmutation.

 “On 25 April 2007 Wood was Plaintiff/Relator in a qui tam petition to The United States District Court, Southern District of New York. In the nature of the Qui tam process, she was acting on behalf of the United States of America. She named a list of 23 respondents headed by Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) and Science Applications International Corp.(SAIC).

The petition claimed that the respondents acted fraudulently in giving advice to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) during their investigation of the destruction of the World Trade Center towers. The Statement of Case included these words:

“Those who performed work and received payment from NIST are alleged to have engaged in scientific fraud by petitioner, Dr. Wood, a materials engineering scientist, based upon a process of fraud documented by Dr. Wood’s original source research and findings that concluded that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed by an unconventional energy weapon that can be directed and thus is referred to as a form of what are called “directed energy weapons” (DEW).”

“Dr. Wood has demonstrated that the Twin Towers did not burn up nor did a significant portion of them crash down; they turned to powder in mid air and fire cannot turn a quarter-mile tall building to powder in 8-10 seconds. The respondents herein knew or should have known this and they therefore engaged in actionable fraud within the meaning of the False Claims Act.”

After a prolonged series of hearings, addressing the question whether Dr Wood’s status was or was not an “original source”, the District Court dismissed the petition on 26 June 2008. Wood filed an appeal which was denied by Judge George Daniels on 11 July 2008.

On 14 October 2009 Wood filed a petition for a writ of a certiorari (plea for judicial review) in the US Supreme Court. Briefs on behalf of two respondents were filed during December 2009. The petition was denied on 25 January 2010. “  -Thank you RationalWiki -‘Judy Wood’.

what is this cloud Strange phenomenon in yard of targeted individual.

Mary Gregory author of the 2011 “Microwave Experiment: A story of Government Testing on a United States  Customs Officer” wrote about directed energy weapons.   “… I thought that the Pentagon uses weather control in its military theater: it can achieve its desired ends and the people under attack do not even suspect that they are being targeted.” 

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Below are excerpts from an hour of recorded U.S. Pentagon teleconference- transcribed.   Proving conclusively that all US Cuban and Chinese Diplomats were injured from attacks with directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar weapons…  attacks with DEWs that do not stop at U.S. borders.  The complete hour of audio listening is at:   https://web.archive.org/web/20180915161211/https://nsiteam.com/probable-use-of-a-neuroweapon-to-affect-personnel-of-us-embassy-in-havana/

The Pentagon Teleconference was entitled: “Probable Use of a Neuroweapon to Affect Personnel of US Embassy in Havana: Findings, Pathology, Possible Causes, and Disruptive Effects”  An acute presentation of an acquired neurosensory syndrome.  Speakers:

Dr. Carey Balaban, University of Pittsburgh: Professor of Medicine in Neuro-biology and bioengineering and Director of the Center of National Preparedness.  Recent work extends implications of these models with analogous features of mild brain injury, acoustic trauma and post traumatic stress disorder.

Dr. Diane DiEuliis,  Senior research fellow in the study of weapons of mass destruction at the National Defense University.   (Weapons of mass destruction are what directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar weapons are called in United Nations law, and in the wording of laws in Michigan, Minnesota and Maine outlawing DEWs.)  Her research area is on biotechnologies and biodefense.

Dr. James Giordano, Georgetown University, D.C.: Professor in neurology and biochemistry and Chief of the Neuro-ethics Science Program.  Work focuses on international misuse and control of brain science such as bioweapons, and advancement of biotechnology.

Dr. Michael E. Hoffer, University of Miami: Professor in neuro-otolaryngology.  A clinician, scientist and practitioner of neurology with a focus on damage to inner ear and brain.

joint chiefs of staff.png    DoD seal.jpg

Date: 7 September 2018  Excerpts from the Pentagon Teltconference Audio:

Dr. Hoffer:  I got a call from the State Department in 2017, literally the call was, ‘This is the State Department, we have a problem.”  Regarding 2016 reports of pressure phenomenon, ear pain, ringing in the ear, hearing loss, dizziness, low incident of headaches, low respective level of verbal fluency, and memory, cognitive fog causing irritability, and attention issues.  All from members of the U.S. Havana, Cuba diplomats and their families who experienced a loud noise or pressure phenomenon before and during symptoms.  “Sound was localized and followed individuals…  If they moved, it would move.  If they opened front door the sound would go away.”   Dr. Hoffer notes all the neuroweapon attacks occurred in “… their domiciles… and hotel rooms, not at work.”   In all 35 individuals were seen at University of Miami- those affected were “acute.”   Hoffer said these individuals were “pure” in the effect that the next group of people researched after news got out- would know what they are “supposed to feel.” 

Dr. Hoffer:  Due to inner ear abnormalities from neuroweapon waves of energy, these individuals had a high degree of ‘subjective, visual, vertical abnormalities.’  A  majority had abnormalities in their body’s gravity organs which takes “a lot of mental energy and attention to staying upright… that results in less energy available for cognitive tasks, and increases fatigue.

The four doctors did not useclinically abnormal‘ in their research.  Instead they used a “… much more stringent”  level of abnormality than in most studies.  “This level of abnormality… is not seen unless you actually have a pathology.”   What is causing this pathology?  Dr. Hoffer:It could be ultrasonic, it could be microwave…  We know that directed energy of some sort can produce cavitation bubbles.  And that bubble formation and bursting can produce damage… exactly where we are seeing the abnormalities…  the inner ear…  Is this mild traumatic brain injury?  Well, we have a definition of mild traumatic brain injury established by the military several years ago.   And the findings don’t match… Military definitions of MTBI does not fit these individuals.”  Yet the individuals seen show “other abnormalities of MTBI…  What is this?  It is probably an acquired neuro … dysfunction.”  Dr. Hoffer said the “… point of entry could be limited to the inner ear.”   From this point of entry cognitive effects can occur.  The “worried-well”  individuals were screened out immediately with tests.   Dr. Hoffer stops speaking.

Dr. Giordano,If the prompt to Dr. Hoffer was ‘we’ve got a problem’.  The prompt to me was “We’ve got some questions.”  As you heard in the previous briefing clearly what had happened here was some type of sensory damage and some type of central damage.”  

Otopathology and ototoxicity of the ear, can produce visual and hearing features, tinnitus, ringing in the ear, dizziness, and headache.   “Might technology… be able to produce this?  Absolutely.  subsonic stimulation,  ultrasonic stimulation… at 4,000-4,500 Hertz certainly can do this thing…  electromagnetic pulse stimulation along the same frequency might be microwave stimulation.”    What would the pathology be if you saw this? … You’d see inflammation in and around the inner ear… membrane scarring… and you’d see neurologic damage. “   Neuroweapon waves blast the nerves causing a change in the calcium metabolism, and eventual toxicity.  “High frequency stimulation would then overstimulate the base of the cochlea… displacing sound, then causing fluid movement by the cochlea…   Cognitive overload can appear with positional reestablishment.”   For neuropathological and neurocognitive changes “… we would have to look at the balance organ…  Well what types of things could in fact do this?”    From the ear to the central nervous system- “There may be damage communicated to the brain.”  Again Dr. Girdano asks, what technologies could do this?   “There is some  information to the effect that sonic generator and electromagnetic pulse generator and even things like nano particulates could in fact could be vectored  through the ear, through the sinuses, through the eyes,  and have centralized affect by virtue of harmonic frequencies that would then disrupt the stabilization of structures and functions of the brain.  Well how might we do this?   … The inner ear is nestled next to and atomically nestled next to the intimate lining of the brain and actually communicates with the fluid medium of the brain.  …Obviously if we are looking at something like an ultrasonic stimulating device, or an electromagnetic pulse device the idea of focused cavitation and fluid media certainly is conducted within the ear.

Dr. Girodano– “The fluid of the inner ear, (perilymph extracellular fluid) … directly communicates with the fluid that bathes the brain.”  In the vestibule where the balance organs are… “it’s a fairly large space and if you then induce cavitation changes within that space  and you then communicate the cavitation into a smaller space you getting a Venturi pipe effect… increasing the speed and the force of the bubbles…  up into the brain space… and it is possible… directly onto brain tissue.”  This harmonic frequency can possibly “…create cavitation in the blood space.”   Cavitation can also be induced into the vasculature.   Effecting the basilar artery which is the blood supply system for the brain and central nervous system.  Then the lacunar arteries of the brain are affected- where a fifth of all strokes originate.

Dr. Giordano–  Even spinal fluids are affected by inner ear cavitation.  The further the cavitation travels from the inner ear, there is increased levels of cavitation.  Giordano uses abductive forensics which uses simple logic for probability. “Is it possible and probable that ultrasonics could do this?  Yes it is very possible and it is probable. Is it possible and probable that electromagnetic pulse devices that would then be propagated either directly or vectored could do this?  Yes it is very, very possible and very probable. What about a combinatory approach? Sonic endaural (incision) electromagnetic pulse generation… (and) perhaps even… toxins could be given to increase the disposition to this?  It’s quite possible, with a strongly positive explanatory value.“   Drugs, or neuropathologic microbs are ruled out as “not probable,”  due to no traces left behind in the human body.  He concludes therefore that, “This is most likely induced by some device that is ultrasonic, electromagnetic pulse or some combination.”  End of Dr. Giodano’s talk.

Dr. Carey Balaban:  “There’s been a program in Office Naval research dealing with one form of directed energy, and that is acoustic energy.”  Noted is research by Officer Kurt Yankaskas out of Code 34 at the ONR regarding auditory neuroscience, performance and “hypersonic sound… (Long Range Acoustic Device) LRAD, pulsed radio frequency, pulsed laser sources and there are ultrasound devices that can do this.”

Dr. Balaban- “… the receiver characteristics of the human head …” make neuroweapons attacks possible.  “From literature much supported by the DoD… I’ll then list, show some coch devices that are out there, available now for ultrasound and pulsed RF emissions, to show us that the technology is already out there.”

Dr. Balaban notes in chart 7, that “… eye movements and pupil coordination,” distinguish individuals affected by directed energy.  “We already have information on the biological effects of directed energy.”  Chart 8 shows directed energy “wave guide resonance to cavitation” affects all areas of the body from the inner ear, to the cranium, and spinal fluids…  “All of which can be affected by directed energy modalities that we are speaking about.”

In slide 9, Dr. Balaban reveals the effects of pressure wave and blast wave applications to the head.  Slide 10 shows the response of these energy pressure waves in spinal fluid and fluid surrounding the brain.  These responses are noted as a ‘spot’ by the ear and in the temporal region.  “Energy transmuted in can very regularly move, and easily move these-“  cochlea and semicircular canals of the inner ear.   “We can calculate if we move to slide fifteen, that basically if you take a look at the existing data, cavitation inside these systems are highly plausible.”

Dr. Balaban refers to Allan H. Frey’s work with microwaves on auditory effects to the human body in slides 18 & 19:  “I spoke with him… about how they heard the radar emissions.  They pointed the radar at him and he could hear clicks.”   Frey, then held pieces of screening up on either side of his head and this shielded the radar, so he could not hear it.   Slide 21 sites audiograms done in the former Soviet Union in the 1970’s repeated pulsed microwaves on humans, with the result that, “We hear microwaves!”   Slide 22, data from the Office of Navy Research 1989 found that “the auditory system and the brain responds to microwave pulses…”    Slide 23 shows that  “… mixed kinds of energy, whether it is acoustic energy, or radio frequency energy, or in fact we can speak of the of the fact that laser energy can product cavitation could be a common mechanism for the susceptibility or vulnerability to… directed energy weaponry.   Of slide 25, Dr. Balaban says “Right here off the internet, and you can say, “Oh my Pandora’s box is opened” … Here is something you can buy from ‘myskunkworks.net…’   In slide 29 there is a parametric speaker… in the ultrasound range…  and you can produce a cone of audible sound… and you can  get confined sound exposure in a cone… at forty feet away.”   Balaban talks about how eye movement is altered by directed energy waves, as is eye lens curvature; pupil response is altered as well.  End of Dr. Balaban’s talk.

myskunkworks.net (2) myskunkworks.net Photos of the devices Dr. Balaban  mentioned from website myskunkworks.net that can be modified or used as is.

Dr. Diane DiEuliis-  “Neuroscience and technology as potential neuroweapons.  And just get you thinking a little bit more in the context of this.  On my side too… I’ve borrowed this actually from Jim, Jim alluded to this in the very specific case in what we think might have gone on in Cuba.  But if we take a step back and look in a broader context we can look at neurweapons in kind of two large categories. The soft and hard weapons. (Non-lethal and lethal)   And typically in the case of hard weapons… we tend to think mostly of chemicals and biologicals… (but) also include in this neurotechnologies in the form of devices.  Or potential hybrid devices… it’s unlikely in this case, but something we might be looking at in the future.”

Dr. Diane DiEuliis-  “… I just want to kind of point out the diversity of this threat… in terms of the targets: people and or war fighters could be targeted.  And there could be a wide variety of users. S o just not state actors, but potentially terrorists, or individual criminals or lone actors… at least we’ve seen this in other areas of neurotechnologies.  A growing DIY community…  (i.e. the empowerment of individuals and communities achieving their objectives with neuroweapons.)  interested in using… neurotechnologies…”  

Dr. DiEuliis:  “There could be very focused targeting of individuals or more indiscriminate effects in targeting larger groups of people…  These neurotechnologies are being developed…   So that legitimate programs for creating these neurotechnologies could mask very illegitimate ones.”  

Dr. DiEuliis:  “What might be goals on using these… (directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar weapons) we can speculate…  Adversaries may want to affect human activities on various levels, or affect human relations… and affect our postures on National Security…   Certainly using these types of technologies as a weapon of mass destruction is possible.  I think what we would be more likely to see this as is a weapon of mass disruption…    Adversaries… could use them covertly (and) it would be very difficult to attribute crimes with neuroweapons.”   End of the report by Dr. Diane DiEuliis.  -Thank you Pentagon Teleconference.

at Library Center today My nation’s flag.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

CIA Remote EMF Rape

4-18-2019 by the New York Times https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUUqd8myXBU

As is true for mind control experimentation, physicians must be involved in non-lethal weapons programs.  Non-lethal weapons programs therefore pose a problem in medical ethics and require official policies and guidelines from the American Medical Association and the American psychiatric Association.  To date, organized academic medicine has acted as if non-lethal weapons do not exist.” -Dr. Colin A. Ross 2006, ‘The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations By American Psychiatrists’.

Dr. Ross notes, “I am not criticizing the CIA or the military in this book, because I am not an expert on intelligence matter…  My focus in ‘The CIA Doctors’ is on the psychiatrists, not on the CIA. It is the psychiatrists who violated the Hippocratic Oath, and it is the psychiatrist who betrayed their patients’ trust for career advancement funding and academic promotions… The main purposes of this book are:   1. To document extensive human rights violations by American psychiatrist over the last 70 years.   2. To prove that these violations were pervasive, systematic and involved leading psychiatrists and medical schools.   3. To counter claims that the violations happened in an earlier time with different ethical standards- they violated the Hippocratic Oath and the Nuremberg Code.   4. To call for a systematic review of these violations by government and the profession of psychiatry.”

Dr. Ross believes the CIA’s MKULTRA non-consensual human experimentation for mind-control was “Unethical practice by physicians and the direct involvement of pharmaceutical companies… These facts have never been subject to ethical review or any policy or position statement by any medical organization…   CIA’s Dr. Michael Persinger’s used “… 10-milligauss (1 microTesla magnetic fields…) applied through the temporal plane,” for mind control.    Dr. Colin A. Ross 2006, ‘The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations By American Psychiatrists’.


Physicist Dr. Horton lives in Europe, became a physicist at Oxford, got a PhD from Harvard, and is targeted with directed energy weapons today.  In her research 70% of all targeted individuals are single women or mothers.  91% of people enduring directed energy weapon, remote rape and sexual assaults are women.

Dr. Horton made a public request to the head of German Intelligence Dr. Bruno Kahl.  She writes in paragraph 3-5 of letter, “Then from January 2016, I have been overtly and brutally microwaved non-stop where ever I went. I have been repeatedly bruised up in my sleep at night.  I had my head cooked and my brain systematically damaged in PREMEDITATED attacks.  Such attacks occurred everyday in 2016.  It appears that your agency started a trauma-based mind-mapping program on me, most likely for the Human Brain Project or some such endeavor.  For the past few months, your agents have amused themselves with jolting or moving my limbs remotely.  This comes after several months where I was also repeatedly sexually assaulted with painful microwave shots or microwave burning of my genitals if I tried to protect myself from the assaults with metal shielding.”    -Thank you Dr. Horton and Romola D, The Everyday Concerned Citizen.

The Human Brain Project (HBP) is a large ten-year scientific research project that aims to build a collaborative ICT-based scientific research infrastructure to allow researchers across the globe to advance knowledge in the fields of neuroscience, computing, and brain-related medicine. The Project, which started on 1 October 2013, is a European Commission Future and Emerging Technologies Flagship. – Thank you Wikipedia

Ex-CIA agent Robert Duncan in his “Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed” from 2010  interviewed targeted individuals for his book.  Duncan noted that from the ‘thousand interviews of no-touch torture...’  many TIs reported there are ‘… electric shocks and stings,’ to various body parts producing pain.   Then there is remote directed energy weapons rape.   Duncan wrote,  ‘EEG-heterodyningachieves molestation of genitals on men and women being experimented on.  (Heterodyning is a radio signal processing technique.)  Microwave weapons like the ‘Hand of God,’ can be employed.  Duncan- ‘…shocking the testicles and nipples are most common due to their sensitivity…’ while no-touch-torture and rape causes ‘…sexual humiliation,’ as well as fear and subjugation.   With through-wall radar the subject’s ‘remote EMF rape’ can be watched.  Though with mapping and mining the brain a subject’s entire physical body is viewed by it’s own electromagnetic pulse.

Duncan in ‘Project Soul Catcher‘ documents an interview of a CIA targeted individual:  “Side notes-  Simulated rape and sexual humiliation techniques:  A sweet young woman of Asian descent described her ordeal in this way. I’ll be lying in bed after a day of psychological abuse coupled with physical pains…  The pulsing tinnitus like a phasor sound will become silent and then I can hear a man’s voice speaking to me.  I then can feel him on top of me like a ghost.  He then violates me over and over while telling me that there is no way to stop him…” 

maintained natural habitate environment 

Ex-CIA Dr. Robert Duncan’s Executive Summary: Neuropsychological and electronic No-Touch Torture Report of 2015,  based on Senate Intelligence committee’s Declassified “Torture Report,” and “The Torture Memos”  further chronicles  CIA program documentation to:  “Disorient, confuse the target.  Use them for our purposes, and then dispose of them in any way possible.”   Duncan documents TI’s in their homes will experience:  *’Voice transformation and morphing is an interesting technology during wireless interrogations.’   *’Obvious spoofing of emails and internet forums used in this manner too.’  *’Psychological and perceived physical pain in no-touch torture involves scripts, ‘mind games if you will to walk target to murder or suicide.  Called “Hyper Game Theory” used on governments, individuals and in propaganda to alter cultures.”  And Duncan asserts:  “All efforts by the targeted to stop directed energy weapon, and brain/computer interface torture helps military designers improve system.”  At the end of his report Duncan writes:  “Subterfuge by the CIA hacking in to the senate oversight committee’s computers is a big deal: a rogue agency has been formed. Data fusion centers, Homeland Security Data Fusion Centers, NSA and FBI collect data on Americans. This data in turn is used during torture and interrogation of Americans in no-touch torture.”

January of 2007, Washington Post cover storyMind Gameswritten by journalist Sharon Weinberger reported that electromagnetic weapons caused people to hear voices.  She interviewed TI Harlan Girard, explaining at length in the beginning that  Girard was “sane and well behaved“.

Weinberger wrote that one Targeted Individual dropped out of seminary due to constant electromagnetic weapons assault on his sex organs.  And in San Diego, California she met ‘many women’ too embarrassed to talk about their remote EMF-rape, and sexual assault with electromagnetic weapons.  When Girard was asked about remote electromagnetic weapons attack on sexual organs he said, “My testicles became so sore I could barely walk.”   

Targeted individual Girard, told reporter Weinberger, that he will die one day by the hands of his experimenters as a victim of mind control.  Still, he is confident they haven’t managed yet to conquer his consciousness or intellect.  Girard also said, the government did not yet have his soul.

Weinberger writes in the same article about Gloria Naylor, a successful African American writer.  Who is the winner of a National Book Award;  acclaimed for the novel  ‘The Women of Brewster Place;‘ and the autobiographical novel ‘1996′  which is labeled ‘fiction.  ‘1996’ is about a targeted individual named Gloria Naylor.   In the book,  Naylor wrote, “I am in a battle for my mind.  If I stop now, they’ll have won, and I will lose myself.” Naylor- “I would observe myself.  I would lie in bed while the conversations were going on…” in her brain.  She also describes being set up with street theater by gangstalkers.   -Thank you Sharon Weinberger for the January of 2007, Washington Post cover story ‘Mind Games‘.

All targeted individuals are involuntary subjects of HUMAN TRAFFICKING and live  under INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE.  Which is obtaining a person(s) through
recruitment, harboring, transportation, or provision, and subjecting such persons by force, fraud, or coercion into involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery.  Brain computer interface is human trafficking and involuntary servitude.

Dr. Jose Delgado, an MKULTRA experimenter and Director of Neuropsychiatry, at Yale Medical School is recorded on Congressional Record No. 26, Vol. 118, February 24, 1974 to have stated:  “We need a program of psycho-surgery and political control of our society.  The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated… The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view.  This lacks historical perspective… Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal.  We must electrically control the brain.  Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain.”

sherri-m-guarnieri-on-left-with-her-grandmother-christine.jpg Sherri Guarnieri with her grandmother Christine.

From Ramola D.’s post 8-21-2017,  The EveryDay Concerned Citizen… Targeted Individual Sherri M Guarnieri: The sexual assault was daily and for hours and days on end… No, no one cared. I was being forcefully burned on my rectal, vagina, abdominal area with abusive frequency hitting my ears…The Secret Service visit came a year after me living in New Mexico. They came making accusations and misleading my neighbors and employer with on-the-spot interviews. My neighbors rejected their false accusations…”  Guarnieri- “So when a high ranking department gives zero response to a person, then they are participating in the assault and not protecting our Constitutional Rights as Americans. And when high ranking departments then try to sabotage your life so you do not disclose your evidence, then this means millions of dollars are at play.” 

What are psychotronic weapons?  They are defined in dictionary as:  “Electronic harassment: The use of radio frequency, sonic, laser and other types of devices to remotely inflict a variety of effects on the mind and/or body.   Many humans today unknowingly suffer the effects of electronic harassment: remote electronic assaults, gangstalking, organized stalking, cause stalking, brain computer interface, synthetic telepathy, voice to skull, hand of God, cloaking with invisibility devices and suits.”  Just ask the U.S. Psychotronics Association what directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar weapons can do.

Mary Gregory author of the 2011 “Microwave Experiment: A story of Government Testing on a United States  Customs OfficerAt the office, Mary Gregory wondered if the electrical shocks from DEWs were behavior modification?  “Does the method used consist of first tearing down the subject with shocks and then building him up into something different?”  … At home in July of 2004  Mary Gregory heard sound materialize midair in her apartment then saw sizzling and crackling.  Between her floor and ceiling several feet above Mary’s prone figure resting in bed -something like miniature lightning appeared momentarily.  -Thank you author Mary Gregory.

my country My country’s flag.

Once again will reprint physician Dr. John R. Hall, D.O. excerpts from an open letter regarding:


I am writing you on the behalf of victims both in the United States and abroad. As you are aware, many revelations surrounding the National Security Agency’s extensive electronic dragnet have recently come to light through released records by the intelligence insider Mr. Edward Snowden. During the course of the LIBE Committee hearings even more first-hand testimony was heard from other former NSA insiders regarding the extent of NSA privacy invasion and lack of oversight regarding their methods of data collection. Their statements begin to come very close to an issue that those of us in the medical community in the United States and abroad have been keenly watching for several years now.

Over the last decade we have seen a sharp rise in the number of people coming forward with complaints of non-consensual experimentation with electromagnetic weapons designed to target both electronic hardware and the human central nervous system. While this was typically disregarded as mental illness in the past, the total global population voicing these identical complaints has exponentially grown to numbers that can no longer be attributed to delusional disorder, schizophrenia or any other described mental illness. You may be unaware that the safeguards against experimenting on the public without their consent in the United States are very lax and are included in legislation referred to as The Common Rule which is the Federal Policy regarding human subjects protection. It is written with several loopholes for the allowance of non-consensual experimentation, mostly by intelligence agencies. Hence, we have seen the necessity for the Bioethics Commission hearings in the United States after it was brought to light that Guatemalan prisoners were experimented on with contagions by the National Institutes of Health. During the course of the Bioethics Hearings, their directive was to determine if any other non-consensual experimentation was ongoing in the United States or abroad. At each of the four meetings there was included a public forum for the committee to address concerns by the public at large. Over one hundred individuals were in attendance at each of the four meetings voicing complaints of exposure and experimentation with electromagnetic weapons technologies. The effects of these technologies on the human body can only be described as torture.

Several years ago another National Security Agency insider, John St. Clair Akwei, described in detail the frequencies used by the NSA and other intelligence agencies to access and influence the human body and nervous system in his civil action against the NSA. His descriptions of technologies used to track, monitor and alter a subject’s perceptions, moods and motor control are similar to the complaints we are hearing today from victims alleging non-consensual experimentation and torture. Moreover, Vladimir Putin, in a speech in 2012, admitted that Russia is following suit in funding development of weapons that will attack the human central nervous system. His defense minister, Anatoly Serdyukov, described the weapons as directed energy weapons, wave energy weapons, genetic weapons and psychotronic weapons based upon new physics principles. Obviously, Russia intends to go down the same path of directed energy weapons research that the United States has long been on. The unfortunate truth regarding this type of technology is the ease with which it can be used remotely and non-consensually on the public without the recommended safeguards of an Institutional Review Board or any appreciable ethical oversight. In the United States this research is typically done clandestinely under the guise of national security concerns just as the NSA electronic data mining was done which is currently being covered in the LIBE Committee.

Over the last decade I have consulted with thousands of people in the United States complaining of exposure and experimentation with electromagnetic weapons technologies which include, but are not limited to, complaints of mood alteration, heart palpitations, involuntary body movements, severe headaches, blurred vision, burns to the skin, non-consensual micro-chipping and neurocognitive perturbation. It is my belief, based upon former and current publically released government research documents as well as victims complaints of torture, that this technology is being used in a non-consensual manner on the global public.

… On behalf of the whole of humanity, I sincerely hope that these technologies will eventually be addressed… as the use of these currently can only be described as torture and dehumanizing.

Thank You,  Dr. John R. Hall, D.O.

works-for-my-former-work-place img_6357 (1)friend DEW user 7-11-19 another friend friend-12

In an article from Sept. 2008 by Bryan Farrell entitled “PSU’s weapons research tests the limits; it is noted that one device from Penn State called the Light Emitting Diode Incapacitator or the “puke-ray” caused dizziness, vertigo and nausea.  -That was in 2008.  Think of the devices invented, produced and used on unsuspecting U.S. citizens today… and their symptoms.  -Thank you Bryan Farrell.

branden stephanie

How easy is it to confine a ‘person of interest’ (targeted individual) to 96 hour evaluation hold in Missouri?

The state of Missouri is one of 37 states within the US to have involuntary commitment laws, a person can be put on a 96-hour hold in two ways:

-A law enforcement officer fills out an application saying a person presents an imminent threat. The officer fills out an affidavit and takes the person to the hospital where doctors evaluate the person and decide whether the person merits being held for up to 96 hours.

-A citizen files an application in probate court to have a person held. If the probate judge finds probable cause for a 96-hour hold, the judge will order law enforcement to transport the person to a hospital, and the hospital then has the option to admit that person for a 96-hour hold based on a doctor’s evaluation.

Missouri Statutes, Chapter 632 RSMo, provide the statutory authority to allow involuntary treatment under certain conditions with appropriate due process. This process is called Civil Involuntary Detention.   Any adult person may file for detention of another person by calling the toll-free 24-hour Access Crisis Intervention (ACI) crisis hotline. You will be able to speak to a mental health counselor who will evaluate the current situation and assist you with the appropriate response.  Detention is an initial period of up to 96 hours, excluding weekends and certain holidays. After the initial period, the person’s treating physician will decide if further detention, evaluation and treatment are needed. If so, the treating psychiatrist may initiate a court hearing for the appropriate time frame, 21 days, 90 days or one year.  -EASY.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

Mental Health Mind Control Weapons

celebrate USA

The 2019 ‘outlook’ for National Institute of Health (NIH) is $34.8 billion.  According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) website,  “NIMH is one of the 27 Institutes and Centers that make up the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  It is the largest biomedical research agency in the world.  NIH is in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).”

The first director of NIMH was Robert Hanna Felix, who got his start in the Springfield, MO United States Medical Center for Federal Prisoners, less than a mile from my home.   (The USMCFP has held high profile prisoners such as Mafia Bosses,  wartime  political prisoners, Nazis and spies for ‘medical treatment’.)

Springfield, MO United States Medical Center for Federal Prisoners.jpg

In WWII Dr. Felix was a military psychiatrist and senior health officer at the US Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut.  After WWII Dr. Felix received funding from the Rockefeller Fellowship and went to Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  Psychiatrist Felix became the first director of NIMH.  Was U.S. Assistant Surgeon General.  And a member of the World Health Organization.  Felix retired as a professor of psychiatry and a dean of St. Louis University Medical School after ten years in 1975.  Then Dr. Robert H. Felix spent the next ten years as Research Director of the Scottish Rite Psychophrenic Research Program in Lexington, Massachusetts.  He died in Arizona 1990. -Wikipedia

According to the New York Times Newspaper from April 3, 1990 an article by Alfonso A. Narvaez entitled, “Dr. Robert H. Felix is Dead at 85; Mental Health Unit’s First Chief” the author writes,  “Dr. Felix was given the Rockefeller Public Service Award in 1961 and won awards for distinguished service of the American Public Health Association and the American Psychiatric Association.  He was a member of numerous professional organizations and served on the editorial boards of The Psychiatric Bulletin, The American Journal of Psychiatry and The Quarterly Journal of Studies of Alcohol.”

But according to the 2017 book, “Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism” by Leo Lyon Zagami, on page 204, the author writes that in 1935 a pro-Nazi eugenicist Franz Kallmann, “… began his research in Germany under the eugenicist of the Third Reich Ernst Ruedin, but in 1935, he was identified… (as Jewish) and had to emigrate to the USA to avoid persecution.  Here he found employment at the New York Psychiatric Institute, whose director (was) Nolan D.C. Lewis…”  Zagami reports that Kallmann worked with Dr. Felix.   “Robert Hanna Felix… the founder of the National Institute of Mental Health, was involved in some of the scandalous experiments into “brainwashing” conducted by MK-Ultra…  However since 1961, Robert H. Felix assembled the leading researchers of MK-Ultra under the umbrella of a new institution with the more respectable name: The American College of Psychopharmacology.”

– Thank you Leo Lyon Zagami author of 2017 book, “Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism.”

art on sidewalk

The average psychiatrists diagnose psychics who can see, hear, talk with and photograph spirits…  as schizophrenic, delusional, and having audio and visual hallucinations.  Better known, internationally acclaimed doctors, like psychotherapist Dr. Brian Weiss in his 1988 book, “Many Lives, Many Masters” report true cases of patients (who agree to be recorded under hypnosis) having past life memories surface, and divine entities speak through them.  ”   Or Scientist Valerie V. Hunt author of “Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness” recorded exactly the same.  That when the human body is barraged with high frequencies it acts as a doorway for divine entities to open and make themselves known. 

photographed spirit of dog photographed spirit of woman Just some of hundreds of photos documenting psychic phenomena called ‘spirit’.

Do Christian psychiatrists, psychologists and physicians believe in their Bible where key figures in Christianity see burning bushes, parted seas, are visited by angels and talk to God?    Today, FOX News lawyer Mark Anthony author of 2011 book, “Never Letting Go” reports  having dead people walk up to his table at restaurants to give him messages for  surviving family members.   A gift he was born with that runs through his family.

Why are police departments all across the United States today asking psychics for assistance in their work?

In scientist Richard Dawkins’ 2008 best seller, “The God Delusion” – a book I am reading now, he asserts that God ‘does not exist,‘ and that any person who thinks God exists is psychologically delusional.  In fact that most of humanity is psychologically delusional for believing there is a God.   I’m enjoying this man’s book.  God bless Dawkins.

attacked-by-what  A photograph of moving object in October 2018.  Someone emailed “It looks not unlike a flying octopus,” in same yard where DEWs and invisibility materials are used to targeted innocent civilians.

Phoenix_Blue_Billboard_Cropped (2)

What if psychic ability is only classified as insanity when humans are born with it?

What if psychic ability is condoned and applauded as super wonderful phenomenon when uploaded into virtual, brain computer interface helmets as weapons for soldiers?  A thinking person would then ask, where did the brain wave frequency data come from that is inside BCI military helmets?  Where indeed…

Whistle Blower Station Poster Burrard Oc

Way, way back on January 10, 1984  the New York Times  journalist William J. Broad wrote “PENTAGON IS SAID TO FOCUS ON ESP FOR WARTIME USE.’  (Capitals in NYTs title.)  Broad- “THE Pentagon has spent millions of dollars, according to three new reports, on secret projects to investigate extrasensory phenomena and to see if the sheer power of the human mind can be harnessed to perform various acts of espionage and war…”

“Further, one of the reports says concern about a psychic arms gap has reached as high as the White House in at least one instance. In 1977, by this account, President Carter ordered the Central Intelligence Agency to conduct a high-level review of psychic research behind the Iron Curtain in an attempt to assess a possible Soviet threat…  The Pentagon denies that it is spending money on psychic research…”

Broad- “What emerges is a picture of both superpowers trying to master such esoteric arts as ESP (extrasensory perception), telepathy (thought transfer), clairvoyance (seeing things that are out of sight), and psychokinesis (mental influence over objects or events) – all in the name of the national defense…  Dr. Targ, a physicist with expertise in lasers, optics and microwaves, worked for a decade at SRI International on what he calls a ”multimillion-dollar” program of psychic research financed by the Defense Department and intelligence agencies.”

NYT’s journalist Broad writes that New York’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency computers were involved in psychic experiments being conducted in California in 1976.   One Pentagon experiment would have cost $40 billion to research psychics guessing positions of MX Missile targets.  But the Reagan Administration scrapped the Pentagon’s missile “shell-game“.

Broad reported Ronald M. McRae author of 1984, “Mind Wars: The True Story of Government Research into the Military Potential of Psychic Weapons” said, that for thirty years the United States Defense Intelligence Agency, the CIA, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and NASA spent “… $6 million annually on psychic research in recent years, including studies of whether the human mind can send and receive radio waves of extremely low frequency.”  McRae notes that a private institution with CIA funding for psychic research warned in a memorandum that CIA funding should, “carry no identification and raise no questions.”   

Broad- “Specialists from the Central Intelligence Agency are said to have recently visited one of the nation’s top parapsychologists to elicit information on whether psychics could jam computers.”   (Personally, this is what I believe we, humans can do to override the brain computer interface and other IA machines subjugating us!)

Martin Ebon author of ”Psychic Warfare,” wrote about an analysis by the American Defense Intelligence Agency in 1972 that, the major impetus behind the Soviet drive to harness the possible capabilities of telepathic communication, telekinetics and bionics are said to come from the Soviet military and the K.G.B.”   -Again, telepathic communication would be seen as ‘mental illness’ in a mere human, but in a soldier it is lauded as top secret and for national security.  What name does the military and their psychiatrists give psychic ability used as weapon?  “Application of Anomalous Phenomena.”  -Thank you William J. Broad  for your January 10, 1984 “PENTAGON IS SAID TO FOCUS ON ESP FOR WARTIME USE.’

my country's flag My country’s flag.

Dr. Steven Greer is a retired medical doctor, a physician who after receiving his medical license in 1989 became a member of the Honor Medical Society.   Dr. Greer believes, “All modern technology is wired into consciousness.  Consciousness is a cosmic internet.”  At a conference in France in 2010, Greer was quoted as saying, “An army of consciousness… will overwhelm the covert forces.”   -A man after my own heart.

celebrate 4th of July 2019

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God. So be it.  It is so.  Amen.

What is up?

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When sign in to WordPress.com to edit past blogs it is impossible.   The photos in my blog, especially in 2017-2018 have been so enlarged without my consent, that the space taken up is a huge amount.  I pay money for my space on this sight.  Always drop individual photos into a post without using WordPress photo ‘layout’.   That way each individual photo can be deleted, enlarged or made smaller- without interfering with any other photos in same post.

The interesting thing about editing past blogs is when I go to delete, enlarge or reduce a single photo it suddenly appears in WordPress photo ‘layout’ program, and cannot be reduced or enlarged.  Have also pressed on a singular photo in a post and suddenly all the photos around it are clumped together in a WordPress ‘layout’ format so that individual photos cannot be reduced in size.

None of the photos in any of targetedartist posts were dropped in as a group using WordPress ‘layout’ format.

Why is this happening?

As a paying customer at WordPress.com for three years would like to go back through and edit blog posts, reducing single posted photos.  Photographs that someone has enlarged to full page status -and their size takes up lots and lots and lots of space which costs money…  either someone is hacking my blog site or WordPress does not allow editing of old posts and photos?

Who at WordPress.com has the authority to assist with this issue?  How can they be reached?

Thank You Mr. Schowengerdt

inventor-of-chameleo-cloak-richard-neal-schowengerdt Mr. Schowengerdt is a true patriot. He is also a very intelligent man. But Richard Schowengerdt is first and foremost an inventor.   The following are some of his exceptional career highlights- worked at McDonnell Aircraft. Wrote communication system for the Project Mercury Space Capsule. Moved to California in 1961. Worked at U.S. Naval Station, Seal Beach. Promoted to Guided Missile Branch head. Consulted at Logimetric Engineering.   Elected President of Orange County Engineering Council 1967.   1968 worked at Naval Missiles Systems Engineering Station at Port Hueneme. Then branch head at Navy Metrology Engineering Center in Pomona.   1971 Test Engineer at Naval Sea Systems Command Technical Office in Pomona.   Then Chief Warrant Officer Two with Naval Reserve.   Graduated from California State University in 1976.   Employed for decades by Northrop, Rockwell and McDonnell Douglas.   In 1988 with Defense Contract Management Agency.   1994 Richard Schowengerdt held the first US Patent 5307162 for an invisibility Cloaking System.  

license of invisibility suit inventor schowengerdt

In June 2019 Mr. Schowengerdt agreed to meet me in San Diego, California to review the evidence I had already sent to him of photos of invisibility suits worn by humans who surveille, stalk and target ‘person’s of interest’ with directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar weapons.  Included were photos and videos of stalkers surveilling and targeting with DEWs wearing regular clothes.

The nationally known inventor wrote and signed the following report.

support by Richard Schowengerdt

The ‘attachment’ photos can be seen in targetedartist post “Expert Support’ July 3, 2019.

See targetedartist December 7, 2018 post about radio personality Tommy Nerd’s evidence of video from rooftop cameras.  Showing two surveillance men dragging invisibility material, presumed to be used for hiding behind.  In the same blog post is Mr. Schowengerdt’s affidavit for Tommy Nerd.

December 9, 2014,   Dr. Daniel Lebowitz  a medical doctor   presented to a Senate Hearing,  “The State of Civil and Human Rights in the United States.”   Documenting the targeting of individuals in the U.S.undergoing modern versions of COINTELPRO and MK-ULTRA combined,’ saying these programs are torture/trauma based brainwashing and mind-control  using secret forms of ‘repression, persecution and psychological warfare’ on ‘regular people’ in the United States.  He believes the ‘political abuse of psychiatry has been carried out… as a way to torture and discredit dissidents…. in unethical non-consensual human experimentation… with advanced directed energy and psychotronic weapons systems… in the most vicious… political control of dissidents, activists, whistleblowers, agitators and so-called “undesirables” that the world has ever seen.’

When directed energy targeting first began in June 2016 did everything I could to find where this energy was coming from.  Finally contacted Captain Pennington of the Springfield, MO fire department for a ‘free home safety inspection.’  After asking for this service twice -and if a Geiger Counter and EMF reader could be brought along… Pennington called SPD to come out and investigate me.  Below is SPD incident report generated after asking Springfield, MO fire department for a free home safety inspection.

categorized as 'person of interest' in state data bases.jpg

Was categorized in the SPD incident report above as a ‘person of interest‘ in a 2016.  Why?  Had told Captain Pennington, “an electric current was running through my home of twenty years”- or another form of radiation.   But when Pennington heard this he immediately called Springfield, MO Police to investigate me.  No home safety inspection ever occurred.  In 2017 after asking 3 times and being told City Utility EMF readers were ‘broken’, CU finally found two different EMF readers and came into my home to ascertain if there were high levels of EMFs to record.  And there were.

russel-and-chad-from-city-utility  City Utility ‘Chad and Russel,’ EMF reading outside of home.

chads-meter-by-madonna-in-kitchen Inside home January of 2017 CU Chad’s EMF reader  recorded danger level of 6.23 at 60 Hertz in kitchen.  His meter also registered +5 at 60 Hertz in front hall.  Anything over 1-1.5 at 60 Hertz is considered by EPA as not safe.

duck-at-sink The EMF reader I bought during this same CU visit recorded only ‘danger’ levels of 0-3 magnetic radiation.  Here a month later in Feb of 2017 danger 7-8 magnetic is still being recorded in kitchen at sink.

magnetic radiation coming from house across the street at coffee shop in springfield mo targeted with DEWs In 2019, in May danger levels of magnetic radiation at home still persist as photo on left shows…   And when out and about around town, photo on left shows danger level radiation from someone  with a hand-held DEW within line of sight.

Dr. Steven Greer is a retired medical doctor, a physician who after receiving his medical license in 1989 became a member of the Honor Medical Society.   Dr. Greer believes, “All modern technology is wired into consciousness.  Consciousness is a cosmic internet.”  At a conference in France in 2010, Greer was quoted as saying, “An army of consciousness… will overwhelm the covert forces.”   -A man after my own heart. 

followed me around entire store 7-1-19 at 322 pm northwestern friend 7-1-19 at 312pm on northwestern flight tarmack on northwestern  People who made themselves known  on Northwest Airlines flights and on the ground, in June 2019.

“How you and your friends can play a video together using only your minds,” July 1, 2019 by Sarah Mcquate, “University of Washington researchers created a method for two people helping a third person solve a task using only their minds.  Heather Wessel, a recent UW graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and Savannah Cassis, a UW undergraduate in psychology sent information about a Tetris-like game from their brains over the internet to UW psychology graduate student Theodros Haile’s brain.   Haile could then manipulate the game with his mind…  Telepathic communication might be one step closer to reality thanks to new research from the University of Washington.   A team created a method that allows three people to work together to solve a problem using only their minds.”   Credit: Mark Stone/University of Washington.

chair set up facing location desired Chair facing home where hand-held devices used.

From ‘The Guardian’ medical research, ‘Brain implant restores partial vision to blind people.’ by Press Association July 13, 2019.  -“Medical experts hail ‘paradigm shift’ of implant that transmits video images directly to the visual cortex, bypassing the eye and optic nerve.  Partial sight has been restored to six blind people via an implant that transmits video images directly to the brain… (with)  a video camera attached to glasses which sent footage to electrodes implanted in the visual cortex of the brain.”  Past research into creating bionic eyes “focused on implanting into the eye itself,” required a working optic nerve.”  Neuroscience and neurotechnology in civilian realm is always 50 years behind the U.S. military/medical industrial complex. 

things never made again

It is said that the ‘targeting’ of ‘persons of interest’ in the US is simply illegal, unpaid, nonconsensual human experimentation validating research and insuring licensing of the latest military/medical industrial complex neuroscience and neurotechnology today.   Is this program of ‘targeting’ based on retribution handed down from the wealthy: their corporations, their governments and their military/medical agencies to control whistleblowers, activists and anyone standing up for their rights.

beauty in sidewalk 

With all due respect to  Honorable MO Attorney General Eric Schmitt please note my questions to  you below:

Do the SPD and FPD their Chief and Captain not know that directed microwave, radio wave and radar and acoustic weapons exist; or that there are laws against these same weapons in UN conventions; and in the United States- in Michigan, Minnesota and Maine?

Question: Do our MO public servants seek to intimidate, harass and illegally medically diagnose law-abiding, voting, home-owning, tax paying Missourians enduring “health attacks” with directed energy weapons instead of protecting and serving them, even if they are older, single women?

Questions: With all the hoopla regarding labeling targeted individuals (even the US Cuban and Chinese Diplomats were labeled ‘mentally ill,’ at first… )  If a mentally ill person were also a targeted individual, how does that change the way crimes are investigated. by public servants in law enforcement and in the fire department who are to protect and serve Missourians?   Are the ‘mentally ill’ not guaranteed the same rights as the ‘mentally sane?’

Question: Can the Honorable MO Attorney General Eric Schmitt change the profound ignorance Missouri public servants have about directed microwave, radio wave and acoustic weapons?    -These directed energy weapons are named as “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” by the United Nations, and in the U.S. laws in Minnesota, Michigan and Maine that forbid their use.

Perhaps the MO Attorney General Eric Schmitt will note that this blog existed long before the US diplomats spoke to the international press about  being targeted with directed microwave, radio wave and acoustic weapons.  MO AG Eric Schmitt please read and listen to what all targeted individuals and US Cuban, Chinese Diplomats suffer with DEW attacks, as confirmed by the March 16, 2019 targetedartist “Pentagon Teleconference Transcript” and audiohttps://web.archive.org/web/20180915161211/https://nsiteam.com/probable-use-of-a-neuroweapon-to-affect-personnel-of-us-embassy-in-Havana/

Everyone in this state deserves to feel safe,” -Eric Schmitt, Missouri Attorney General. 

flag  Honorable Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt- this is my country’s flag and my state flag.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God. So be it.  It is so.  Amen.

Life in Springfield, MO

Springfield, MO Police Department Headquarters.jpg Springfield MO Police Department Headquarters.

Submitted in an envelope a Freedom of Information Act letter to Chief Paul Williams on 3-15-2019, never heard a word back though contact information of phone number and address written in letter twice.

Chief Paul Williams Chief Paul Williams

Yesterday went and submitted a second Freedom of Information Act letter to Chief Paul Williams.  This time it was not enclosed in an envelope.  Wanted to be sure everyone knew the letter existed.  Video recorded visit to police station.

At the reception counter was cordially greeted by a kind receptionist and asked her if the letter could be given to Chief Paul Williams?  Was hoping for a yes or no answer to the question, so I could leave the station as quickly as possible.  (My reluctance in having anything to do with the Springfield, MO public servants who are law enforcement, stems from the behavior of five SPD officers responding to: a request for  free home safety inspection by the Fire Department; 3 home break-ins, and a laser point injury to left eye.  After filing an Internal Affairs report on these officers behavior- SPD liaison Melissa Daugherty conducted an unannounced visit with an undercover officer hiding behind a privacy fence, and a uniformed SPD officer hiding behind a bush in the driveway.  Daugherty made it clear on the audio recording she authorized, (transcribed in a post on targetedartist,) that any more interaction with public servants i.e. law enforcement would be scrutinized and result in another visit by her to my home.)

Started up the video recorder a second time when the same kind receptionist emerged to say that a supervisor was checking on the first 3-15-2019 FOI letter.  Suddenly camera video recorder stopped playing.    An hour earlier had put in a charged battery and the new camera card inside- a card which worked beautifully for two days.

When the receptionist who assisted me had to leave the police station, waited ten minutes for her supervisor.  The gentleman in the first video seen standing on the right had sat down by that time.  Went to his window and respectfully said, “Sir, I’m going to leave now.”  The SPD man said, “You just wanted the letter given to Chief Paul Williams, didn’t you?” I said “Yes.”   Mentioned not having signed the new letter, then thanked him and left.   It must be noted again, that the second video recording was literally stopped by means other than myself, and camera did not work again till leaving SPD station.  Thank you to Springfield MO police receptionists for your kind assistance on 7-10-2019.

On August 25, 2017 former Chief of U.S. Interests Section in Cuba told National Public Radio that not only directed electromagnetic weapons (DEWs) were used on the U.S. diplomats: “There were more in-your-face kind of activities by the intelligence services, things like going into your homes and emptying your water tanks, turning off your electricity, rearranging things inside your house, your clothing- these reminders that we are here; we are looking at you- and a way to – you know, would get at your morale.”

good-friend-still-works-for-my-former-work-place iPhone friend parking lot

In Mary Gregory’s 2011 book “Microwave Experiment: Story of Government Testing on a United States Customs Officer,”   burn marks began to appear on her body in“tiny saucer-shaped craters… to my arms and legs.”  Gregory notes, “I distinctly remember that the pinpricks and burn marks started… at my new work site.”  

In Mary Gregory’s book, she notes this “EMF phenomenon” (from lasers or condensed microwave ‘bullets’?) was the same high level as was at the World Trade Center office (WTC.)  Coworkers noticed electrostatic pings and cracks of electricity bouncing from metal cabinets to metal desks as before.

Brought up Mary’s book again because for the past three nights DEW targeting has been so heavy that sleep is impossible.  Then two nights ago was attempting to sleep on a cot in back room away from usual bed, when heard ‘pings’ against metal sheets around my cot.  This continued for about fifteen minutes.  The ‘hits’ occurring against metal sheets ‘pinged’.  The ‘hits’ occurring against wood or other objects in the room ‘thudded’ and actually caused these objects to move slightly or fall down.  One ‘hit’ struck under my right eye, at which time I immediately got up.  This DEW attack left tiny blood vessels under the skin ruptured near the hit which was bright red.  Below see first day photo of injury caused by directed microwave weapon or laser weapon.  Dark circles from lack of sleep three nights is evident as well.

laser shot to face at night.jpg First day photo inside house, of DEW injury.

by second day injury from DEW appears more defined and saucer shaped.jpg Second day close-up photo outside home today shows  swollen face from another night of DEW attacks on skull, feet and abdomen.  The healing DEW injury in this same photo is more defined and saucer shaped on the second day.  I had looked up Mary’s observation of the ‘pinging’ wanting to ad credibility to mine.   But then read in next paragraph of  her ‘saucer-shaped’ DEW injuries, and understand now whatever directed energy weapon was used in the World Trade Center US Custom’s Office; their new office, and in Mary Gregory’s home was the same  type of directed energy weapon used in my home two nights ago.


A relative bought me a ‘smart living’ device the size of TV remote control on a stand.  The device had four differently colored large buttons that matched four quarter-sized alert devices that were clipped onto key rings, cell phones or other important items.  If something were ‘lost’ by pushing the smart device it could be located by an alert sound.  I had to stop using the device.   Because, even when NOT PUSHING any buttons to locate a ‘lost’ object: the levels of dangerous EMFs from whole house directed energy weapon units aimed from ‘neighbor’s’ rental homes, and hand-held DEWs outside the home used by cowards, caused the smart device to sound ‘alerts’ at all times.   The only reason why this smart device was needed is because the intense DEW targeting to skull causes mild traumatic brain injury known as concussion.  Similar to the brain injury suffered by DEW attacks on US Cuban and Chinese Diplomats.   Brain injury can cause temporary memory deficiency.


On August 4, 2018 Ramola D, in her blog ‘The EveryDay Concerned Citizen’ interviewed the inventor, scientist Dave Case.   (Article was rerun from November 10, 2016 and is entitled “Dave Case, Electronic Engineer, Invents an Electronic Counter-Measure for High-Frequency Ringing in Ears or Tinnitus”  by Ramola D, posted 11/9/2016.)   Ramola D. includes his contact information.  David Case created a CD which physically aids in countering tinnitus.   When injured from skull BCI and directed energy weapon injuries, now play a CD.  Thank you Ramola D.    David Case, I credit you with saving my life many times over.


U.S. Patent #5159703, Oct. 27, 1992 called Silent Subliminal Presentation System can be used in the following manner according to Dr. Steven Metz Director of Research at the Strategic Studies Institute.  Metz said in 1994 this patent would “electronically scramble or erase” people’s minds if this mind control technology was used during regular TV broadcasts.   In 1994 Metz was an associate research professor of National Security Affairs in SSI.   He specializes in US national military strategy.      https://ssi.armywarcollege.edu/pubs/people.cfm?authorID=22


Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God the One by Any Name.   So be it.  It is so.  Amen.


‘In Other News Radio’ New York

letter for Paul Williams taken by SPD officer at headquarters Today is second time will hand-deliver and video/audio tape a Freedom of Information Act and Sunshine Law request in hard-copy to the Sringfield, MO Police Headquarters for Chief Paul Williams.

close-up of letter with Paul Williams written on front of envelope

Have had no response to the 3-15-2019 letter to date.   In Missouri notification must be made within 30 days by law regarding what will be done with the request.


Geoff Brady is a New York radio journalist documenting the stories of Targeted Individuals in the United States and in other countries.  In one of his latest shows aired on July 8, 2019 is a compilation of the voices of several TIs, a medical doctor and scientist/inventor to personify common injuries and understandings among those who are involuntary human experimental subjects being targeted with brain computer interface (BCI) and directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar weapons (DEWs) and their supporters.  –Thank you Geoff Brady of “In Other News Radio”.  Access the one hour show ‘Gangstalkers’ below:

In Other News July 8, 2019

friend img_6357 (1)friend 6-02-2019 friendly man at privacy fence friend near

In the New York Times of 3-23-2003 journalist Marshall Sella interviews San Diego, California resident and inventor Woody Norris about the production of millions of his hand-held DEWs under contract by the US military industrial complex.  “The Sound of Things to Come” is a great article for anyone to read who  believes these weapons are used only outside US borders.  The truth is that DEWs  are also being produced for some decades now in the United States ‘generically’ and sold today on major shopping sites on the internet.  Oddly police and fire departments like the ones in Springfield, MO have officers, Chief and Captain who claim these weapons do not exist.   Any victim of directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar weapons in Springfield, MO asking for assistance is usually placed in a 96 hour evaluation hold, intimidated and harassed.

myskunkworks.net (2)

Why is it that factual books on psychic people and fictional books like Harry Potter series are idolized?   Why that only  popular psychics (like FOX news lawyer Mark Anthony whose book ‘Never Letting Go‘ documents ghosts walking up to him while he is in restaurants eating:) are taking seriously?  Is it really that easy to lock women away who say  they are stalked and targeted with BCI and DEW?  What if these same women can see or hear divine creatures, and have physical evidence to support both phenomenon and organized crime?

Below is ten second video of military helicopter so low over friend’s home hoovering that the sound was deafening.  Occurring 6-30-2019 last day out west, after watching  friend’s dogs. We had just sat down to eat dinner at his home.  Got up from table and went to find camera. Finally found camera.  Helicopter still hoovering.  Moved to a window at back of home where  helicopter filmed against screen.  Radar always used to show TI movement.  By the time got to window, helicopter began moving very slowly over house, sat back down to eat.  Total absolute intimidation and harassment, interrupting peaceful dinner with friend before my leaving next morning to return home.  Posted on YouTube by targetedartist.wordpress.com

photographed spirit of woman photographed spirit of dog at-coffee-shop-in-springfield-mo-targeted-with-dews man-in-car-613pm-2-24-19

friend   another-strange-cloud-1 11-3-2018-particularly-bad-night

IMG_5722 These are the flags of my country and my state.  The entire time I have been typing -directed microwave weapons were used to harm me in a public location.  good-friend1 And the public computer used was hacked making it very hard to post this blog.  God sees all these humans.

sidewalk garden

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God. So be it.  It is so.  Amen.