Targeted individuals who are brain computer interfaced can effectively impact  BCI mainframe computers located at military bases by gathering together to focus on sending a ‘virus’ to shut down programs associated with brain computer interfaced U.S. citizens.   Most spiritual masters throughout history, including Jesus believe that energy and spirit are amplified in gatherings of people.  “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there.”   Scientists believe and have evidence that brain waves enter and exist the ears.  It is reported that when two or more people think the same thought or believe the same thing  a subatomic particle is created of that reality or thing.

Imagine wires or energy leading to  military mainframe computers say in… Bluffdale, Utah, (being built… just off Beef Hollow Road,) or to the underground computer at Fort Meade, Maine.  Then imagine extending wires or energy from your brain directly into these computers.   All hacking done today by our government into other governments computers is done with frequencies

Humans do not have receptacles for USB drives.  Yet our physical brains run on electromagnetic frequencies unique to each of us that  can be hacked like a computer.  If targeted individuals experimentally have their brains ‘hacked’ by DEW frequencies, used in conjunction with BCI-computers in ‘neighbors’ homes, or in the white vans parked near by… then we guinea pigs can reverse the process.

Through meditation we can alter our frequency as proven in scientific laboratories. HARVARDgazette April 18, 2002  article ‘Meditation dramatically changes body temperatures,’  has Harvard assistant professor of medicine, Herbert Benson saying that, “There’s another reality we can tap into that’s unaffected by our emotions, by our everyday world…. (through) meditation.”   He reported that Buddhist monks used mind power during meditation to dry wet sheets spread over their bodies in a cold room.  In a practice called ‘g Tum-mo yoga.’

February 9, 1982 issue of New York Times in Science Watch; Heat from Meditation, authors Benson, Lehmann, Epstein, Goldman, Malhotra, and Hopkins reported in the science journal Nature, that through meditation the mind can influence the human body beyond our perceptions of ‘reality.’

New York Times article from February 18, 2016, “How Meditation Changes the Brain and Body…” by Gretchen Reynolds reports a study led by J.David Creswell of Carnegie Mellon University and published in Biological Psychiatry.  Creswell found people doing ‘mindful meditation’ everyday- change their brains for the better.

As I write this am having ‘chills‘ and ‘tingling’ around and in my skull.  Lately have had people accompany me into the library at  the same time and leave when I exit.   They want me to know who they are.  All they seem to do is sit  and look into their cell phones and occasionally punch buttons on it.  Most don’t even get on a computer.  None of them look at books.  Saw one smart phone face because the gangstalker wanted me to know how they ‘lock’ in to a target’s electromagnetic pulse.  As she moved her phone- the face always in my direction- the library was scanned and this was reflected ‘movement’ on her smart phone.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you dear God.  Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.


Forced myself to watch ‘The Stanford Prison Experiment’ 2015 DVD, by director Kyle Patrick Alvarez with IFC Films- about how Stanford professor of psychology Dr. Phil Zimbardo for six days conducted an ‘experiment’ on nineteen students- nine of whom were guards and nine their ‘prisoners.’   (One replacement prisoner.)   The students signed up for the money promised.  No drugs were used but the two week study had to be cut short because several ‘prisoners’ were expressed suicidal thoughts.   In just six days- on both sides of the bars, personalities changed.   This same psychology is used by gangstalkers.   The Network gives kids and adults illegal electromagnetic weapons (weapons most law enforcement and the free-press do not acknowledge exist…)   Making half the American public above the law.

‘Gangstalkers’ experience power they otherwise would not have due to their ability to torture innocent people with ‘non-lethal’ weapons.  The ‘persons of interest’ they subjugate feel as if they are in a prison no matter where they go.   Even in  their own homes, their own lives, because no matter where they go they are tortured.    Gangstalkers, like the ‘prison guards’ in the Stanford experiment began to act as if they ‘own’ the people they are subjugating.    Military and government personal  already a part of the ‘legitimate’ and ‘sanctioned’ national security ‘experiment’  regard this as a means, “to make America greater.”   Invisibility suited experimenters using hand held DEW’s and BCI weapons must feel ‘superhuman.’

Extreme manipulation of electromagnetic waves with metamaterials:’  was George Eleftheriades speech for Ted Talk at University of Texas, May 6, 2014.  Metametals are what make invisibility suits refract light.  They are used today to experiment on targeted individuals  from the safety and ease of rooftops.  The invisibility suits have thrusters that enable the experimenter to leap about two stories onto roofs of unsuspecting TI’s.  “Electromagnetic waves are all around us in this room,”  Eleftheriades said.

There are radio, microwave, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma ray waves everywhere.   He reported, “Metamaterials are engineered with unusual electromagnetic properties.   That can be used to make an invisibility cloak.”  Refraction of light, (light bending,)  was a “scientific fact established four hundred years ago… ”  Eleftheriades said, “Negative refraction would make something invisible…  Invisibility has aroused mankind in imagination of humans since the antiquities.”   I left a comment on the site regarding today’s invisibility suit availability, and mass production in California.   Suits used to target humans with DEWs and BCI.   Wonder if Ted Talk will allow my comment to be published this time?  Even better, when will Ted Talk allow a TI to speak?  I would be happy to speak at a Ted Talk about being a targeted individual.

The Quest To Invisibility- Metametals and Cloaking,’ by Andrea Alu at Ted Talk in Austin, February 19, 2013 was also about refraction of light between two materials.   And changes in direction of light.   Alu, spoke of a straw  in a glass of water that looks broken in it’s  interface with the water as an example.   Ilu talked about how at the University of California, San Diego scientists it took thirty-five years to figure out the composition, shape and arrangement of particles to shape light at a nano scale.   He said, the change in color of the metamaterials covering an object being hidden takes two to three seconds after placed over a visible object.  To make it invisible.   I left another comment on this Ted Talk about how invisibility suits are being used today to target ‘persons of interest’ with DEWs and BCI.

Before I could sign out of the computer, another Ted Talk popped up.  “Thoughts of perception defining who we are.”  From the May 6, 2014 NSU speech on “Recognize your habits, change your destiny” by Mike Kelly.    He says, “If you are going to do something do it right.  Stress is indicator perception isn’t working.  Meet current reality… ”   (That is how I always lived my life.)  But Kelly claims there is, “No free will.”   He says, due to environment, genetics, history and the way our brain works all make us creatures of habit.   Reporting… we only have a small collection of options.   The conscious mind knows when habits occur.   Once conscious you can change the habit.  Kelly reported you can, “Reduce stress, conflict and confusion by changing habits.”   (Began to wonder how Kelly would go about not reacting to electromagnetic targeting and brain computer interface with worry, fear and anger? How not to react to torture?)   Living life as a targeted individual and not reacting is to be a saint.   I am definitely not a saint.  No day is the same ever.  Each day I am experimented on my reactions vary.  But there is always a reaction.

Today woke up with my heart hurting like never before.  Evidently it had been targeted all night.  Wrapped some aluminum about torso and shoved a piece of copper against heart area.  Pain stopped only because the effects of electromagnetic assault were lessened.  Wore this ‘armor’ all day taking it off only to come to the library.   In the summer this armor makes a house that is not air conditioned feel ten degrees hotter.   Have never run the whole-house air conditioner unit, because don’t like to be cold in summer.

What good does it do to get angry?   A targeted individual must be OK with their own inevitable sooner-than-later death.  Otherwise you couldn’t get up out of bed in the morning.  A targeted individual knows their lives are being snuffed short  due to cowards hiding and aiming electromagnetic frequencies at their bodies.   -Usually neighbors.  Living with death every single day of  your life is something most Americans do not do.   Therefore ‘TI ‘ can mean ‘terminally ill,’  as well as targeted individual.   Electromagnetic weapons trained on someone 24/7 ‘soft kill.’

With God, the One by any name…  we are free.  No laws yet about using mind to send the electromagnetic energy directed at us–  back to the machine it originates from. With God’s assistance, it is doable.  

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you dear God.  Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.

Everything is energy.  Everything is alive.  All ancient people’s knew this.  White people especially have lost their way over time.  Distanced themselves from the beautiful creation God made.  Consider themselves to be above other life forms.  But it isn’t so.

If you create with focus, and love and God, in mind.   Then what you create is real, is alive.  If you create with evil and murder in mind, then what you loose upon the earth is pure destruction in all it’s forms.  Anti-matter.  Anti-love.

When I used to paint,  did so until the painting moved.  Until light shone in the painting.  Then I would stop.  Because the painting was alive.  To create beauty with God is to create peace on earth.  Is to create a reason to live and bring forth life.

Creating life does not have to be a human child only.   To create life is to believe so much in what you love to do that it resonates and transforms into a being- with God’s help.   This can be a beautiful dinner that  you create with love and  invite friends too.  This can be a lovely dress you sew for your daughter.  A car you rebuild to surprise someone who doesn’t own a car.  Every single thing you create while putting love into it with focus, and with intent is alive.  Literally.

Speak to many people about using the gifts God gave them.  Most often people will conclude they are not good enough to believe in their gifts or use their gifts.   Being good has nothing to do with it.  God gives all of us gifts.  Those of us who become evil in their lifetime can use the gifts God gave them.  Just as those of us who work in their lives for good can  use the gifts God gave them.   It takes belief, trust, love and knowing thyself to create life on earth with God in all the things we love to do.

Sometimes life becomes so hard that people leave behind the beauty they once lived in.  It takes courage to exist in a world so asleep.  It takes courage to live in beauty.

Sounds ridiculous, but with the torture 24/7 one year now, (even writing the words- torture, BCI, rape, etc. is so unbelievable…)  understand why a person not  experiencing targeting could ever believe it is real.  Since coming home from month away visiting family and friends, the electrocution has been specific to my stomach, feet and head at all times at home.   When on stomach; especially all night, it causes issues with digestion, and defecation.   During feet assaults; bottom of feet burn and toes stay numb.  DEWs directed at head; have trouble sleeping at all and then tend to lay exhausted on bed until late morning.  (Early riser my whole life… 4am-6am being usual times to awaken from a  night’s sleep.)   When head fried with electric frequencies tend to nap in the middle of day for hours to awaken with whole body sizzling.   In these instance when attempt to get up, feel shaky, inflexible and stiff as if electrocuted.  Once I start walking the energy dissipates from body.  Last few days  electromagnetic frequencies specific to heart non-stop.

Now only seem to be able to create when my desire to do so outshines the pain and discomfort of the electrocution.  (Which isn’t often.)   Notice creating in homes of other people, regardless of the targeting inflicted there… is easier to accomplish.  Because the beauty in being by family and friends and the love generated outshines the pain of the electrocution.

Each of us must express through creation what we believe in order to make sense of our lives.   When our ability from God to create life in supposedly inanimate objects… no longer is practiced… how can we call ourselves children of God?  If we are created in God’s image, but do not create anything ourselves in the name of God, what good is life?

In ‘The A.I. Anxiety‘ by Joel Archenback published December 27, 2015 at,  the author wonders if the human race is in control of our technology.   BCI (brain computer interface,) functions with the help of artificial intelligence constantly programing human minds with computers.   But Achenback does not bring up BCI.

Instead, he writes that Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Elon Musk are worried about keeping artificial intelligence under control.

Archenback quotes I.J. Good- a mathematician, and code-breaker from Britain in 1965 as saying, “An ultraintelligent machine could design even better machines; there would then unquestionably be an ‘intelligence explosion,’ and the intelligence of man would be left far behind.”  Archenback reports Boris Katz, an AI researcher at MIT,  as saying “What we’re doing every day today is producing super stupid entities that make mistakes…  Machines are dangerous because we are giving them too much power, and we give them power to act in response to sensory input. But these rules are not fully thought through, and then sometimes the machine will act in the wrong way…  But not because it wants to kill you.”

It is most interesting that I am targeted with electromagnetic weapons and BCI because all my life have hated machines: cars, telephones, televisions, computers, etc. specifically because of their impact on the natural world and humans since I was age seven.   It is as if, God wants to force me to work against this threat to stop human free will.   After spending a year figuring out what is happening to me and by whom it is being done, I believe that only a miracle can save the human race now.   Only the very brains computer interfaced can send a virus back through the machine to stop it.  Only the very soul God gave each of us- can create force fields strong enough to stop the subjugation accomplished with electromagnetic frequencies.

Read recently where someone said that in the future, ‘there will be spiritual machines and soulless men.’   Only we could allow that to happen.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God.  Thank you guiding and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  I thank you God.  So be it.  Amen.


A child will be born in the future that will know intuitively how to stop what is happening with AI (artificial intelligence) and BCI (brain computer interface) on the planet now.   The military uses frequencies for years to hack into computers not connected to the internet, to copy/download their data. The human brain is a lot like an organic computer.  It too can be hacked with frequencies and brain computer interface.   The child in question will have the ability to hack back inside the mainframe of AI to erase data, and destroy programming for BCI.   (BCI should only be allowed with adult persons giving permission to have their brains downloaded into a computer.)  Each child born of targeted, BCI-humans, has the potential through genetic mutation, to exceed their parents in understanding how to destroy the computers enslaving them.    There is no more ‘science fiction.’  We are living today in a world where machines control us.

You definitely  learn who your friends are when you become a targeted individual. After the Springfield, Mo. Police Department  attempted to put me in a 96 hour hold for psychiatric evaluation for asking reports document break-ins.  They also called family in St. Louis who I never told about being targeted.   So I  began calling friends and family asking them to refuse to talk with the SPD.    Called one friend, who seemed very sad when next saw her-  she seemed afraid of me.   How would she handle being stalked, intimidated and harassed by a former employer for five years?  How would she handle electrocution for a year?   Just called her because knew she was a big prayer.   Thanked her for praying.   I have behaved beautifully.   Considering what all has been done to me in the name of ‘national security’ (anyone knowing crimes or secrets of a government are security threats…) experimentation.

A few friends refuse to speak with me anymore, same as  some family.   Am sure that this development is considered right on track with Network procedure to destroy a person’s life.  I find this natural too.  People would rather trust an authority than to think all authorities are involved in great evil in the United States.

If the United States press won’t report on something so radical as invisibility suits being mass produced and used covertly to target people, how can the average person know what is happening?   One of the last articles on the subject is by Amina Khan, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times from September 18, 2015, entitled ‘Can’t believe your eyes?  Scientists build tiny invisibility cloak.’   From UC Berkeley the thin metamaterial with nanoantennas made of minute gold blocks of different sizes refracted light with the desired invisibility effect.   Years 2015-16 are the last you hear anything about projects in public universities regarding invisibility suits or in the military. But that has nothing to do with the military’s ability to produce technology they have no wish for the U.S. public to know about.   The public sector is far behind covert military agencies scientists and their labs.

Photo below shows how the level of magnetic frequency has been lowered since turning in the Internal Affairs report to Springfield, Missouri Police Department.  Which had police scurrying to have me put under 96 hour lock down for psych evaluation.   This is danger level at kitchen sink today, on 6-19-2017 at 9:29 am.

Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God.  Thank you dear God for guiding and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.

Typed in targeted individual roof assaults on Google, and for some reason found the Washington Post blog article of January 24, 2016 regarding Ramola D’s,  “Targeted Individuals: testimony of current government covert torture & control experiments.”   Her targeting started in 2011 after she moved to Boston and wrote to Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren regarding tree damage in her neighborhood.  In her letter she also asked about ‘chemtrails’ overhead.  Ramola also voiced opposition to extra childcare fees for child care during parent-teacher conferences.   She was very involved in bettering her community.  After these legal, peaceful, exercises of free speech and press, she began being targeted with electromagnetic weapons.

Ramola D. wrote in this Washington Post article that she was targeted with directed energy weapons ‘from neighbor’s houses, low-flying airplanes,  and cars.   She was targeted with electromagnetic weapons traveling inside airplanes while in flight… on American Airlines, Southwest Air, and Qatar/Emirates Airlines.  Everywhere she went there were ‘notifications’ sent before she reached her destinations: such as a library, gym, grocery store, restaurant, etc… so she was targeted upon arrival.  Ramola notes that beach goers, mailmen, UPS drivers among others were involved.    She has been tagged with a piezoelectric microchip, as well as a cochlear implant RFID, implants,  and bio-Mems.  She writes that tracking of her assaults extends room to room with hits on the sides of her home letting her know where they originate-  at one point she wonders if a tracking devices is operating from her roof.   From satellite, antenna or drone.  The minute she lays down she is flooded with waves, pulses and buzzes of radiation.   She sites vans and trucks as pumping Extremely Low Frequencies into her home and wonders how this effects her daughter of nine, her husband and their dog.  The microwave pulse and engine pumping ELF’s are audible.

Ramola D. saw two doctors- one about insomnia for sleeping pills.  The other to engage in marital counseling.  She believes both labeled her schizoid.   The latter gave her a drug for schizoid-affective disorder she did not take.  She writes about this doctore… “However, true to the formula by which all neuroweapon-reporting individuals are dismissed and discredited as schizoid and paranoid,  she neither researched the issue nor changed her billing status, choosing instead to stand by the disinformation and lies fed to her by organized psychiatry.”

(In her August 13, 2015 blog…  ‘Holistic Doctors, Sudden Cardiac Arrest,’ about the covert testing of electromagnetic weapons Ramola writes…  “Note that all “Targeted Individuals,” while being assaulted in this fashion,  their complaints and reports of assault being intentionally ignored by local “authorities,” or mischaracterized as “schizoid,” “schizophrenic,” and delusional, are also made the viscous target of deadly smear, slander, and defamation campaigns, fraudulent “criminal investigations” suddenly opened on them by local Intel-NSA/FBI/DHS, and the target of local harassment by conscripted communities under the guise of Community Watch/Policing programs...   Paranoid schizophrenia, which was literally used as a weapon to disappear activists in the Soviet Union once, has made a comeback in the US and other “liberal democracies” worldwide.“) 

The author reports being harassed, intimidated, stalked, slandered and monitored.   She  lost jobs.  Stopped applying for teaching jobs at colleges, due to sabotage.  And started her blog- The Everyday Concerned Citizen in support of TI’s.

Ramola D. writes that symptoms of EMF assaults are feelings of suffocation, lung pain, heart palpitation, confusion, nausea, headaches, heat, pain, cold, stomach ache, nausea, diarrhea, migraines, sleep deprivation, all are body reactions to electromagnetic assault.  Her REM sleep is usually interrupted.  Her kidneys, liver, knees, hands and head targeted exclusively at times with electromagnetic radiation.  Some symptoms stop immediately by getting up and moving to another room.

She documents break-ins to her home when they were away.   Flowers cut or destroyed in her yard, as well as outdoor yard ornaments.  Her phone tapped and entire home monitored.

Ramola D. has contacted the FBI, CIA, DIA, DSS for Freedom of Information Requests.  Contacting the Federal Aviation Administration, Dept. of Health and Human Services, US. Air Force, Dept of Defense, among others.  Contacted journalists and news agencies…  Who is Ramola?  Her ‘Temporary Lives,’ 2008 work of fiction was awarded two prizes.  She has a string of writing accomplishments for poetry, essays and fiction.  Among them the 2005 National Endowment for the Arts fellowship in poetry.   Her work has appeared in at least 13 journals and anthologies.

Thank you Ramola D. and your ‘The EveryDay concerned Citizen‘ site.

gangstalker in cemetary targeting with DEWs  gangstalker in cemetary

Was targeted at Maple Park Cemetery in Springfield, Missouri on Mother’s Day while visiting parents grave site.  Gangstalkers constantly look for coordinates to lock in on target.  And for directions from superiors.   All assault stopped immediately upon getting in my car and driving away.  Never once did the gangstalker look at a headstone.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you dear God.  Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.

At the Springfield, MO Library on the city square yesterday a 5,’ 8″ nondescript sandy brown haired, white man- in his 30’s sat beside me at a computer.  Within minutes he pretended to need the use of my phone to make a call.  Being kindhearted gave him the phone after dialing the number, so he could supposedly apply for a job.   Even though instinct told me not too.  After handing my phone back.   He left immediately, saying loudly to a  group of street kids in their twenties standing behind me, “So you’re the NSA agents in the library,” everyone had a good laugh.   So I’m pretty stupid.  He erased one of the recordings on phone.  Perhaps he downloaded others.  Live and learn.   Reminds me of a  movie ‘Beyond Rangoon’ (1995) about Aung San Suu Kyi, a Burmese politician under house arrest for 15 years, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991. During the movie a young Burmese professor talks about his country’s people being “…too polite to resist…” (or fight… the repression of the military subjugating them.)  Won’t hand my phone over again to anyone.   How sad, I can no longer help those who actually need it.  Perhaps most U.S. citizens (including my former self,) refuse to see truth about electromagnetic frequency subjugation, targeting, and BCI, in our country because they  cannot comprehend people being so cruel or evil.

Day before at the same library.  Early.  When no one to speak of was using computers except me, a man looking all the world like FBI- ultra clean, 5’9,” white, short black hair, blue T-shirt and jeans- with a mean-spirited face…  walked around entire library (small center) intently watching me.  When he passed the front desk, the woman behind counter actually asked him if he needed help because he was so obviously being weird.  He said, ‘No’ and immediately left.  Believe his action was to intimidate me.

And finally the day before that… at the same Springfield, Missouri Library on the square… all computers were full.  A librarian scooted a kid flirting with a woman out of a seat in front of a free computer so I could log on.  So absorbed some time later… did not see all the kids leave suddenly… and then realized needed time extended on my computer.  Got up quickly to ask librarian for more computer time.   Noticed how all street kids gone.  There were  two men stationed on either side of me looking for all the world like cops.   They both jumped when I got up, staring at me.  I smiled to diffuse their obvious tension.   The one seemed ready to attack me.  The other sitting at a table with his own computer looked amused.   I asked the librarian for more time, who nodded, while keeping his eye on the two men because of their odd reactions.  Librarian kept watching the guys after I sat down.

Found the site of a wonderful TI poet, at   On her Wed. May 17, 2017 post… Sharon R. Poet writes ” Since my computers were disabled last year and I was forced to use library computers and forced to tolerate horrible levels of harassment from within the computers as well as from… other puppets who follow me into the libraries. I am not being allowed to freely write. And now it appears that some of the librarian puppets are being used to seek revenge on me for writing about what happens to me in libraries.”

(Gloria Naylor, in her book ‘1996,’ expressed that during targeting with V2K or ‘voice of God’ weapon that not only were her thoughts ‘read’ but the thoughts of her gang stalkers were projected into her brain… the library was her only ‘sanctuary.‘   Naylor did not experience targeting in her library.    Springfield, Missouri librarians know that I have been targeted with DEW’s in our libraries.  One librarian even saw my EMF unit reading at danger levels before I got up to change computers, (photos of incident on post months back.)  Can unequivocally write that without the kindness and help of Springfield librarians, my life would be a lot, lot worse.  Thank you Springfield, Missouri librarians!  The fact have experienced targeting by visitors in our libraries, like Sharon R. Poet,  does not diminish the thanks.)

Sharon R. Poet goes on to write in the same post, “… But this recent round of targeting, which also included painful vamp ups in technological tortures of my body,  went beyond the usual harassment and into what looks like a set up to provoke me and make it look like I am crazy and/or dangerous. It felt like a serious threat to what little is left of my independence, safety and freedom!   People blatantly badgering me while I am being tortured is so cruel there really are no words for it…   Libraries are not the only places where I get harassed, not nearly.    And I have never, not even in my thoughts, felt that the libraries are responsible for the computer infiltrations, because I feel that it has been being done through the new computer programs and/or the web. ”

Sharon R. Poet also writes on of May 18, 2017:  “My feeling angry when I am being tortured or harassed or badgered, or all of these things at once, is a natural human response to something that is hurtful and should be stopped.   I sometimes feel sad. I sometimes feel angry. I sometimes feel scared. And these feelings do NOT mean that I am mentally ill or dangerous or suicidal or paranoid! It just means that I am human.  Its the sadistic targeting that is wrong. ”    (Sharon’s site is one of the most loving TI sites I have seen.    The torture TI’s endure 24/7 in our homes and elsewhere causes us such pain that to go about our lives takes great,  unbelievable courage.  Sharon’s poetry is beautiful.)

The  JFK Profile in Courage Recipient from 1996-  Dr. Corkin Cherubini wrote a book, ‘Gang Stalking The Threat to Humanity,’ from 2014.   He wonders repeatedly throughout journal how many hundreds of thousands if not millions  of IRS tax dollars, manpower is spent to harass, intimidate, target and torture just him.   

Many U. S. citizens marvel at how many countries can afford such fine health care, free universities with quality education, long maternity and sick leaves, great retirement benefits to all their people- not just the wealthy.   Countries like Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Sweden rank best overall, with U.S. coming in at #7.     For the  best health care, Denmark is #1, then Sweden, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, France, Austria, and New Zealand in the top ten.

Katherine Austin Fitts was the Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at the U.S. Dept of Housing, under senior Bush in his Administration.  Fitts, is a genius at most things, especially stocks, bonds and money investment, and writes in her March 2,  2017 blog, The Solari Report-   “The deep state is expensive: secret space programs, underground bases, and invisible weaponry require both an enormous investment and ongoing overhead. How do you finance two civilizations using the budget of only one?                                                                                               Since the passage of the National Security Act in 1947, the national security infrastructure has grown dramatically, funded by a two-tier tax system. One tax is sent to the IRS every April by millions of citizens and companies.  The money is then spent without accountability – trillions have disappeared. The other tax is extracted daily by financial fraud, narcotics trafficking and other criminal activities and is combined with the profits of invisible skimming throughout the banking, brokerage, mortgage, and other financial transaction systems. That money is also spent without accountablility.”

Just think if ALL our IRS tax dollars, (not just less than half,)  were spent on free health care, and free: schools, universities.  As well as helping the poor, homeless, retired, and so on… we would still have money to pay off our debt and save some.

Very grateful that Katherine Austin Fitts (who is not mentally ill, paranoid or schizophrenic,) mentioned the invisible weaponry…  because it exists.  I’ve seen the humans in their invisible suits.  Heard them walking on my roof, and speaking.  In early May, had a master roofer fix the leaking, new roof on my home.   It rained several times, directly thereafter without leaking.   However in the past two weeks, there have been more invisibility suited cowards walking and running on the roof. And yes… my roof leaks again.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God, so be it.  Amen.


Am so grateful to Joshua Hawley for assisting me.   Attorney General of Missouri Mr. Hawley, thank you for accepting my query, which made official all documented all evidence brought before you.  Thank you sir from the bottom of my heart.

All correspondence was done by hard copy letters or emails, through the Attorney General during the assistance.   This is one of the last responses I sent to Joshua Hawley Attorney General of Missouri on April 8, 2017 answering City Utilities general counsel Mr John Black over the many months of this case.   Hard copy photos accompanied it which can be seen in earlier blog posts:

#CC-2017-02-002428 with City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri

In second paragraph of March 9, 2017 response letter Mr. J.F. Black writes: “Ms. Grace’s blog references her belief that she is a target of “DEW” or Directional Electric Warfare from her previous employer.  Apparently, it was those concerns that caused Ms. Grace to call City Utilities…”

On 7-7-16, I called CU after feeling terrible electrocution for two weeks.  Wanted to find out the source of electrocution or radiation, and what kind…  The CU worker Russel talked with me at length.  He walked through my house into every room looking for frayed wires and malfunctioning appliances.  In the basement he asked me so many questions about my life, began to wonder how he could spend so much time at my address.  At one point he said, that I was very smart, but didn’t know everything.  Couldn’t figure out what he meant.  He suggested I could be surveyed.  Outside Russel noticed two wires that were a cause of concern for him, that were wrapped with electrical tape a foot away from the house, so he called a CU bucket truck for help.  One came within minutes.  Both Russel and CU bucket truck worker discussed my ‘symptoms’ of electrocution and agreed that ‘this is what they did to that poor girl last year.’  When I asked what they meant… wanted to know what happened to her, neither said a word.

Both men outside worked to put two electrical casings (small black plastic boxes about one inch square,) over the joined wires (a CU worker taped together a year or two earlier.)  I never left their side, offered to pay, but they told me ‘no charge.’  They said should have been done properly the first time.   The issue was fixed.  Before he left Russel gave a friend’s name to ‘ground’ my home.   Was so grateful for his time and help that I gave him a favorite pink round quartz rock as a gift, he thanked me and took it home.   Their efforts did not stop my electrocution.  But their conversation about the ‘poor girl’ and being ‘surveyed’ opened my mind.

While Russel’s friend grounded my home, told him what Russel said about surveillance.   He asked if I thought it could be true and told him my symptoms of electrocution.    He suggested different electromagnetic weapons can produce same effects.

Mr. J. F. Black needs to know that before Russel’s visit and his friend’s knowledge, I had no idea anything like DEW’s existed in our world.   To this day do not have a computer on the internet in my home.  Don’t own a T.V., no iPad or iPhone.   It was only in the fall of 2016 that I started leaving my home for my health and while visiting the library got on the computer.  Month after these visits stumbled on an ad by WordPress to have a free blog.  Decided documentation for posterity, a diary would be a good idea- not expecting to live very long.

Mr. J.F. Black needs to understand did not start a website until late October of 2016 only after three visits from CU.   After those visits by CU my electrocution continued.

I have no answers, no solutions and constant health debilitation…  My blog does not have anything to do with City Utilities or contacting Attorney General Joshua Hawley.   The WordPress blog does not have anything to do with whether I am being electrocuted by DEW’s, whole house energy unit, electricity in my own home structure, power lines or satellites.    The blog is a way to document the end of my life and the puny efforts to find help for the electrocution.  Period.

I initially called CU for HELP.   My health was so endangered in October 2016 just wanted help finding out where the electrocution was coming from and understanding of what kind of electricity it was.  The fourth and last visit by Russel and another CU worker did indeed happen AFTER my blog was started.  The CU EMF readers and my own all recorded three different measurements.   The intense readings of electricity seemed to be on the north side of my home.   Though no ‘source’ was found.

(My dog Roxanne died of her injuries from the electrocution on 8-20-2016.  She slept under my bed.  Months later, after praying about it, got two shelter (large dogs) that sleep and live in the fireplace-room.

And it must be noted here that after second visit by CU Russel- a call came within the hour from Bass Pro Shops head of security asking if they could be of any assistance.  Oddly enough the security manager had no idea why he was told by the head of all security at this multi-billion-dollar corporation to contact me.)

Ended up buying my own EMF reader to find out what was happening in my home and though all levels read on danger throughout over half my home, still had no idea where it was coming from or what it was.  So for a fourth time called City Utilities of Springfield to speak with a manager.  Requested of Chris Bell workers to come with EMF readers.  Both Chad and Russel showed up on 1-25-2017 with electrical equipment.   At the end of this visit, both Chad and Russel promised ALL THREE EMF reader results would be compiled by ‘experts’ and all three deciphered as too what settings meant and readings meant together.

*Differing EMF readings:

Mr. J.F. Black writes in third paragraph that, “With regard to differing meter readings, Mr. Bell points out that the readings were within the normal range…”    Below are ‘differing meter readings:’

  1. Chad’s EMF read 6.20 mGuass, 60 Hertz field- three feet to the right of my kitchen sink. My EMF read 8 milliguass (danger zone) magnetic field.    And at same location Russel’s EMF read -00.0 ACV 200.

       2. When my electric stove burner was turned on high Chad’s EMF read 5.46       mGuass on 60 Hertz field. Russel’s EMF at electric stove burner turned on high was 00.3 ACV 200.   Do not have a picture of my EMF at that location, but can turn a burner on high and send picture with a reading if you require it.

       3.  At basement windows Chad’s EMF read at 1.96, 1.76 mGuass on 60 Hertz field. Russel’s EMF read -00.0 in same location.  My EMF read at 7, 8 milliguass magnetic field- danger zone.

       4.  At the Madonna statue in front hall, four feet above floor, no electrical appliances anywhere near… Chad’s EMF read 5.68 mGuass at 60 Hertz field.  Russel’s EMF read 00.0 ACV 200 at Madonna.  And my EMF read at 8 magnetic milliguass in same location.

        5.  Outside at meter on house, Chad told me his EMF read 40 mGuass at 60 Hertz field. Russel’s EMF information lacking in this area.   Mine was off scale at meter outside. (ALL PICTURES WERE INCLUDED IN THIS RESPONSE.  Same pictures posted  in this site.)

The above ‘differing meter readings,’ as Mr. J.F. Black writes, is what Chad and Russel promised would be deciphered by ‘experts’ at CU-  so could understand what kind of electricity and what level of harm I was dealing with.  Which is why I took pictures to record and get results.   All three EMF readers may have been set on different fields as well.  Assured that ‘within days’ information regarding what all three readings meant would be forthcoming.   This is the greatest reason I went to you, Mr. Joshua Hawley because it is important to know what kind of electricity I am subjected to in my home since no ‘source’ was found.

At the end of paragraph three and in paragraph four, Mr. J.C. Black writes that, “Ms. Grace expresses concern in her complaint, and on her blog, that she is a victim of “electrocution.”  She uses that term, which ordinarily means direct contact with electric current, apparently to refer to her concerns regarding EMF and “DEW.”  … In summary, (Mr. J. C. Black goes on to write,) City Utilities technicians made four visits to Ms. Grace’s residence at her request and have found no readings related to electricity outside the normal range, and no defect in the electricity provided by City Utilities.”

Let us define electrocution….  Webster’s II New College Dictionary, ‘electrocute’ is defined as, “#1. To kill with electricity.”  In Webster’s New World Dictionary, ‘electrocute’ is defined as, “to kill with a charge of electricity.”   A person does not have to be holding a live wire to be electrocuted.   ‘Charges of electricity’ can occur under power lines in air and in currents running from defective appliances, electrical wiring and outlets in anything they touch.   It can occur in high or low frequencies in the air, the ground and water.   All my appliances, besides the stove in kitchen- are either in the basement, (washer.)  Or the fireplace-room, (dorm-room sized refrigerator.)  Don’t own a TV.  You can understand Mr. Joshua Hawley, my concern when my dogs and I began being electrocuted in my own home.  I’ve owned my home twenty years with no adverse health effects until June 2016.  As for ‘no defect’ in electricity provided by City Utilities, it is yet to be determined where the source is coming from and what the three readings mean.  Can you understand Mr. J. C. Black why I called City Utilities for help?

In paragraph two Mr. J.C. Black writes, “City Utilities does not possess any tool that takes readings for DEW’s.”  City Utilities EMF readers DID register electrical frequency in my home (Chad’s-  as did mine,) where there was no appliance or electricity running.  It is unknown where this electrical frequency comes from.   Or what it is. 

However, EMF readers like CU Russel’s METREX 3800 record many frequencies of electricity:  Alternating Current Amperes (ACA), Direct Current Amperes (DCA,) Alternating Current Volts (ACV), Direct Current Volts (DCV), Resistance Measuring (OHM), and HFE.

Mr. J. F. Black why was Russel’s meter, “not set on the correct setting to read the EMF readings…” as Mr. Chris Bell wrote 3-6-2017?   Does a City Utility worker of decades not know how to use an EMF reader or did he not register frequencies on purpose?  Why were Chad’s EMF readings not mentioned in Mr. Chris Bell’s letter?   Chris Bell stated that ‘We did not find any readings that were out of normal range.’  But Chad’s EMF reader registered 1.76 and 1.92 mGauss on 60 Hertz Field at the basement windows where there is no electrical appliance.  Three feet left of kitchen sink where there is no electrical appliance running Chad’s EMF reader registered 6.20 mGauss on 60 Hertz Field.  At the front hall Madonna where there is no electrical appliance running Chad’s meter registered 1.72 mGauss on 60 Hertz Field.  When my kitchen burner was turned on high Chad’s EMF reader registered 5.46 mGauss on 60 Hertz Field.  And at the outside meter Chad said he registered 40 mGauss on 60 Hertz Field.   He promised to let me know what his readings meant along with mine and Russel’s.   

Why is City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri is not helping me understand the EMF readings taken in my home as promised?  It doesn’t matter if the readings are from an electrical appliance, or a DEW; CU employees promised to tell me what they meant.  AT THIS TIME NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THE ELECTRICITY IS COMING FROM THAT IS ELECTROCUTING ME.  Why is a lawyer answering my queries is it not easy for CU electricians to decipher the three EMF units, set on different electrical frequencies?

Does the withholding of information by Russel regarding what happened to the ‘poor girl’ in 2015 have anything to do with City Utilities of Springfield not telling me what all the EMF readers registered?   That doesn’t make sense, why would CU protect Russel from not revealing some form of weird, ‘normal’ electrocution occurring to ‘that poor girl?’   It is not my belief that City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri is protecting Russel who knows about something criminal happening to that poor girl.   That would be a crime. It makes no sense why CU is not revealing what all EMF reader recordings meant as promised.

In Mr. J. F. Black’s second paragraph he writes, “On her October 25, 2016 blog, Ms. Grace details her belief that she has been targeted by a former employer with electronic and electromagnetic non-lethal weapons, apparently in retaliation for her communication with her former employer, (NOT City Utilities.)”  This is a ploy in my opinion to divert attention from the issue at hand.

I called CU for help.  IF what is happening in my home is from DEW’s (directed energy weapons or whole house energy unit,) then interpretation of EMF readers could only help deciding this.   Since source was never found by CU employees, if frequencies are indeed “…within the normal range…” (as Mr. J.F. Black writes “…Mr. Bell points out…”) the source of electrocution could still be caused by something related to regular electrical use or CU outside power lines, etc.    However, if Chad’s and my EMF readers were deciphered as promised and the readings were found to be abnormal and not due to regular appliance or electrical use (even though nothing was ‘on’ in my home during readings…) then the electrocution occurring could point only to DEW assault.   I contacted CU for help.  I contacted Attorney General for help encouraging CU to decipher the readings taken in my home by CU as promised.  The readings are already taken Mr. J.F. Black.  They exist in photos along with CU employees holding the readers.  The promise was for CU to tell me what the recordings meant: ALL THREE.

Any other issue is not pertinent to that Mr. J.F. Black.  The readings exist.  All three need to be explained.  Thank you.  I need help.  I have paid over $24 grand to CU since 1995 when I purchased my home.  My home is paid off.  I don’t want to have to move.  There is only one issue here I’m being electrocuted in my home of twenty years, did not know why, called City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri for help finding out where electricity was coming from and what frequency it is.  What do the three EMF reader recordings mean?  Please answer as promised by the CU employees who ‘helped’ their customer.


Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  Thank you Dear God, Love you Dear God, so be it.  Amen.

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Evidently the local authorities in Springfield, Missouri do not want any of their citizens or local police… to know that electromagnetic weapons and BCI exist and are being illegally used in a covert crime ‘Network’ keeping residents who stand up for their rightsunder control.

In the 1940’s-50’s when the Nazi’s from Europe were invited to the United States to continue their human experiments- the U.S. government was very interested in honing a perfect society and creating perfect human weapons.  Cape Canaveral was a place where many of the nearly 1,000 German experimenters landed and were given U.S. citizenship in 1955.   In exchange the Gestapo, and Nazi party members who did human experimentation in German concentration camps on the Jewish people were given the go ahead to experiment covertly on the U.S. public, under the heading of ‘national security.’  

Linda Hunt, a former CNN reporter wrote a 1991 book called, the ‘Secret Agenda: The United States Government, Nazi Scientists, and Project Paperclip, 1945-1990.’   Fast forward to 2017.   In creating the perfect human weapon U.S. scientists start young with the unlimited energy of children.   There is evidence to show our youth are being subjugated by remote electromagnetic rape, and BCI.   As one experimenter put it… ‘For the betterment of the nation.

From Ramola D’s ‘The EveryDay Concerned Citizen,’ of June 6, 2017 “Truth Warrior and Activist Targeted with DEW/Neuro Torture, in America…”  interview with Omnisense.   At one point they talk about sexual abuse of children.   “I think they attack certain targets from a young age with sexual abuse. It’s just another heinous methodology in their arsenal of perverse subversion. The real kicker is that I later learned there are very likely pedophile sources inside the electronic telepathy…  In other words there are war criminals who can electromagnetically scan the bodies and minds during molestations and rapes, and interface it all with BCI tech (Brain-Computer Interfacing) and end-game virtual reality technologies. They can actually feel what another person is feeling with advanced BCI tech connected to brain wave analysis (neural monitoring).”  In essence, ‘neuro-slavery’ is a reality.

Dr. Paul Batcho was a DARPA Senior Scientist, graduated from Princeton University with a Ph.D. in Philosophy and Computational, Applied Mathematics.  Worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory with top secret clearance, and as a Research Associate at Howard Hughes Medical Institute.  On April 8, 2016 he notified Homeland Security that: U.S. citizens were under assault from cell towers, microwave and radio wave transmissions.  He said that, “The verified measurement and existence of these RF band transmissions constitutes a terrorist act...”  Then he wrote to DARPA Security and Intelligence about their “… technology clearly being used by a non US government group with lethal intentions on civilians.”  The  DARPA patents concerning his allegations are: US Patent #5,123,844 June 23, 1992 and US Patent #5,289,438 February 22, 1994.   Since 2016, Batcho has been targeted with electromagnetic weapons.

From Ramola D’s website, “The EveryDay Concerned Citizen,” of December 26, 2016 she writes in a letter of support for physicist Dr. Katherine Horton… “Please take the time to research this subject (targeting with electromagnetic weapons…) carefully to understand that there is a deliberate cover-up in action here: governments and Intelligence agencies are taking great care to cover the inhumanity of their abuses by working with Psychiatry to get all complaining victims diagnosed as schizoid, paranoid, and delusional, and in some cases, committed.    …I too have been sharp-shot with RFID chips, subjected to pulsed microwave radiation and Doppler radar assaults from satellites and drones… non-stop surveillance and tracking and high-powered electromagnetic weapon assault in my own neighborhood  (-with my neighbors persuaded,) with my neighbors persuaded by Homeland Security to assist in this homicidal assault on my person–and a vile defamation campaign run by these so-called “counter-terrorism” personnel in my own community.   My attempts to gain information and redress by appealing to various Government agencies, federal and local, have met with stonewalling and obfuscation… ” -physicist Dr. Horton.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God.  Thank you God for guiding and protecting family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.

Received a letter from Springfield, Missouri Internal Affairs unit.   But have not yet received three of the five police reports I paid money to have copied in May.  Three reports were ‘investigated’ only after I asked for them to be copied.  Below- the letter shoving under the rug all the discrimination, harassment and intimidation the Springfield, Missouri Police Department handed out to a citizen legally documenting physical assaults which brought to light the thriving Network of crime in our town.


The only investigation conducted was to prove ‘mental illness.’  Not one officer came to ask me any questions in their investigation of assault to property, animals and person.  None of the investigating officers of the SPD wanted to look at evidence.   Including paperwork documenting  Attorney General of Missouri assisting for answers- concerning high levels of electromagnetic frequencies causing damage to property, animals and self.

To a former work place of twenty years heads of security, CEO, owner, president?

You have hundreds of people at your disposal to stalk, harass, intimidate, and assault property, animals and people.   Dozens of lawyers to control unemployment hearing outcomes, hack state computers to change hearing CDs for legally acceptable speech from your HR person.  Police chiefs in your pocket, as well as their officers.  You share information with FBI to make sure all bases are covered…   security persons  in restaurants, businesses, stores and national chains linked to your security and Network websites to follow and harass the ‘person of interest’ everywhere they go.

You have funds to buy illegal weapons to burn, rape, BCI people in their own homes.  When all else fails, if the ‘person of interest’ just keeps living…  after they get a settlement and  disability for work injuries… you pursue them with a vengeance.  

If the person of interest perseveres to lead a normal life through all the heinous, monumental evil you inflict on them…  then you make sure assault levels are raised.  You make sure assaults begin to their property, person and pets until the person of interest contacts police.   Then presto… change-o… the person of interest goes down in police records as mentally ill.   How handy.  It opens your playing field even wider.  You must feel like gods.  But you are not.  You are men and women.  You have a lot of power, a lot of resources, wealth, technology, and unlimited covert aid at your disposal.  Good for you.

My family contacted by Springfield Police- in St. Louis is now under assault.  After they were contacted by police, their bicycle was totaled on a bike path by ‘something, that wasn’t there.’   People walking by, who saw the bike suddenly crumple did not understand what happened either.   Path was free and clear.   Directed energy weapons can disable a car engine instantly.  Think what it can do to a moving bike?   And my family in St. Louis is suddenly being awakened every ten minutes , all night…    The family that  Springfield Police contacted knows nothing of what is going on in my life.  Nothing.  To keep them safe.  Now they are being assaulted?  Electromagnetic weapons can stop a truck in an instant, with a bike- the ‘hand of god,’ might do it.

God is watching all of you.   You destroy innocent lives in your zeal to cover up the atrocious crimes you commit.

When I worked as a chiropractor’s receptionist in Arkansas, many clients waiting for their appointment would talk to me.  One old woman pulled up a chair and sat in front of my desk to relate her story.   Said she used to be a nun and lived in a convent most of her adult life near Kansas City, Missouri.  After she left the convent she married in her late 60’s.  She was in her eighties she said and her husband just died.   Said I was sorry he was gone.   She had no qualms and said “God is taking care of my husband now.”  This woman who seemed so alive and intelligent told me that in the convent where she was a nun, many wealthy families sent their daughters to live there when they had no inclination to marry and were an embarrassment socially.   She went to the convent because her family was so poor, they could no longer afford to feed her and she volunteered to become a nun.  Each family gave money to the upkeep of the convent.    In the 1930’s-50’s there wasn’t a lot that women could do in the work force.  Secretaries, shop clerks and teachers were about the extent of the woman’s place in public.   She said that the Catholic priest presiding over the convent would have his way with the young nuns.   And if any dared to speak up,  the priest declared them ‘mentally ill.’    The women who were sent to the ‘insane asylum’ in St. Louis, Missouri on Arsenal St., always came back in a pine box a month later.   She said when the nuns would open the box and take the young dead women to wash and dress them for burial it was obvious that they died of their bruises, beatings and sexually assault.    When it became noticeable to one wealthy family that women at the convent were disappearing, the family complained and the convent was closed.  The nuns were gathered together by the priest before they left.  He told them that if any spoke up, he would kill them and their families.

For centuries on this good earth, single women especially who spoke up for themselves about injustice, were regarded as insane.   As for me last month, I just wanted a police report to document breaking and entering at my home.  The officer instead so intimidated, harassed and discriminated against me by repeatedly calling me ‘paranoid,’ that I paid to have copies of all reports made…

Upon payment, a report seven months old was immediately opened for investigation; then two others followed suit.   The police  investigated to find grounds to put me in a 96 hour hold for publishing the verbatim transcript of Officer Helmes.

I filed an IA report.  The same day filing the IA report, the Attorney General of Missouri stopped assisting  me. The assistance corresponded directly to the reason Fire Chief of Springfield, Missouri David Pennington contacted police saying I was a ‘person of interest,’ and ‘mentally ill.’   Because I asked for a safety inspection of my home with a Geiger counter and EMF reader.  

Pennington claimed the Fire Department did not own.    Two police then came to my gate (four days after I filed an IA report,) saying I was ‘mentally ill, paranoid and schizophrenic.’   They left promising to ‘hotline’ my mental ‘crisis,’ (I was in my backyard attempting to plant seeds,) to Area Council on Aging.

When the Area Council on Aging told the police they had no grounds to hold me… the police started calling my family in St. Louis, Missouri.   And finally a woman without credentials or card was brought to my home (accompanied by a plainclothes cop hiding behind a privacy fence, and uniformed cop hiding behind bushes on the drive) to say I was ‘delusional’ because none of the things she said that I called police to report and document: screens broken into, door broken into, laser hit to the eye actually exists.   She said none of the assaults to property, person or animals were real.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the network into the light for justice and bringing the network down to conquer them.  I love you God.  I thank you God.  So be it.  Amen.


June 7, 2017 dog barking, go to front door to see body builder type in white T-shirt with a woman carrying clip board in driveway.  Ask if they need help?  The huge sandy haired man hides behind privacy fence, as woman approaches saying the Springfield, Missouri Police Department asked her to talk with me.  I said ‘OK’ if  recorded.  (Didn’t the mental health experts in Springfield, Missouri have phones to make an appointments to see the people they want put into 96 hour lock down?)   Invited her to front porch to sit down.   Look up and see another man, an SPD officer in uniform hiding behind bushes by drive.   OK.  Two grown men hiding.

My comments will be labeled JG.   Visitor’s comments labeled SPD.   Parenthesis denotes unrecognizable conversation on recorder.  Parenthesis also notes my own commentary regarding June 7th conversation.   Recorder started after we sit down.   Cassette copies of SPD ‘liaison’ recording available, and provided verbatim in the transcript below.

But first... did you know that Missouri citizen’s mental health needs are ranked 16th in the U.S.,  according to 24/  To quote Thomas Frohlich and Samuel Stebbins, April 22, 2016 article- ‘12 States Struggling With Mental Illness:’ “Nearly one in every 20 adults in Missouri report serious mental illness… Like most states struggling the most with serious mental illness, Missourians are more likely than adults nationwide to report at least one depressive episode or thoughts of suicide within the past year.”  Does certain huge corporations and wealthy individuals in Missouri and their illegal methods of retribution against whistle blowers, activists, and ‘person of interest,’ for decades now...  coincide with the high rate of ‘reports’ and misdiagnosis (of covert targeting) as ‘mental illness?’

Also:  At the article ‘10 Most Depressing States in the U.S.’-  data from federal health agencies records the ten states with highest rates of depression, and  psychological distress.   Poor mental health of Missourians shows up.   And Michigan is also included in the top ten… (where laws against covert, illegal electromagnetic weapons targeting exist because of their proliferation.  The laws in Michigan against electromagnetic weapons, also exist because of the courage and intelligence of their law makers and state citizens.)

The following is verbatim:

JG-  All right.


Jg- So, you came by today, so what is your name?

636089351269793111-tcit-home-visit00082  Melissa Dauggherty

SPD-  Melissa Daugherty.  I’m a community mental health liaison for law enforcement, (never offering a card or credentials…) and when they have issues with individuals who may be experiencing some mental health symptoms they call me.  And I check on those individuals.

JG- So, um, I wondered if you had read my IA report?  (Internal Affairs report.)

SPD- I don’t need to read your IA report.  They, they don’t need for me to read that.  So that’s not important for me to read.

JG-  I know.  But the first question however, that you asked me (out in the driveway) was about things going on.  And I told you everything was in my IA report, so I did not know why you did not read it.

SPD- Yes.  I don’t, because I don’t need to read that.  That’s not my concern because I’m not a police.  What I am is a mental health professional and I know that your brother cares about you.  And I was wondering if you have a diagnosis of a mental illness… because what it sounds like… what it sounds like you’re experiencing is… some  symptoms of…

(For them to contact and scare my brother is disgraceful.   Talked with my brother the day after Daugherty told me he had been contacted.  The Springfield Police Department’s Officer Welch called my brother a week earlier.  Was Welsh trying to find evidence of mental health issues after the Area Council on Aging refused to put me in a 96 hour lock down for diagnosis?   Does Welsh want me to have a diagnosis of mental illness to discount the four police reports I asked to be made?   Does Welsh’s sudden interest in my mental health coincide with my legal request to have these reports copied and documented with IA?  I have never told my brother anything going on here in Springfield, Mo., so as not to worry him.   Was my brother’s phone number and name taken from the side of his truck when he visited me a week earlier to help me around the house?   Did the  very neighbor responsible for at least two of the reports take my brother’s name and number from the side of his truck while it was parked in the adjoined drive for an hour?  Is the neighbor who assaulted me working hand in hand with area authorities to have me declared mentally unstable?)

JG-  Not to my knowledge, I do not.

SPD- You’ve never been diagnosed with a mental health disorder?

JG- Not to my knowledge.  However you brought up something (upon meeting in drive,) about lasers being on the roof?  And I’ve never said that at all.


JG-  Yeh.   So that’s what I’m saying, when you write things down, and when you record things everything is above… above board.  But when you get things second hand like you are doing instead of reading my report that I submitted… (Daugherty interrupts…)  Excuse me, I’m speaking…  You get ideas from other people that may not be correct.


JG- What I did tell officers when they came to my house, because I asked them to write a report.   If you had read my IA report.   Is that I was up on the roof spreading a tarp with a friend, I saw someone in the second floor window next door.  And then my eye was shot with a laser beam. (Everything in IA report already noted in blog months back and condensed to specifics of reports.)


JG- I called them that night.  And it (my eye) was extremely bright red, and if it hit my cornea, I would probably be blind today.  In my left eye.


JG- Now what about that sounds like it is mental health?  Because they sell…  They sell laser beam guns right up here at the police supply store on Sunshine- that the public can go into and buy things.  So what…  What sounds odd about that mam?

SPD- Um, some of the other things that you have been doing like going to the post office and…   and getting I guess…  And going to the post office and having confrontations about…(indistinguishable word.)  What was that about?  Your brother mentioned something about the post office.  What happened at the post office?

(Told my brother when a package of three cards to friends was mailed a week before Easter and first delivered two weeks after Easter–  something was wrong.  This was second package arriving two weeks after delivery date, when I paid extra postage for fast delivery.)  Went in to visit because the secretary suggested on phone that I come in.  To the post masters office at the Chestnut Expressway station.  I never confronted anyone.  Was Daugherty attempting to bait me into anger?  I just sat and talked with a secretary about my mail, like I was sitting talking with Daugherty.  Is our Springfield tax money being spent on two, or more grown men hiding in the drive, and a woman trying to bait me into anger so they can haul me away for 96 hour lock down and diagnosis?)

JG-  Nothing happened at the post office mam. I went to talk with my post master down here. Her secretary.  Because my mail is not being delivered correctly.  Is that a mental health issue?

SPD- That is what I am wanting to hear from you…

JG-  Well then you might need to call ________ in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She sent me a five page letter that was sent back to her.  As being undeliverable with the correct address.  And name.


JG- So I think that if you want to get things second hand.  You go right ahead.

SPD- I want to get things from you… that’s why I’m here.

JG- Ah huh.

SPD-  So I’m asking you first hand to tell me what’s going on because what’s happening…

JF- Everything that’s going on is in my IA report.

SPD-  They’re asking me to investigate things that aren’t… aren’t there.  And what, what it sounds like from a mental health perspective is that you are having some delusions and I want to make sure that you get those treated.

JG-  Well the Attorney General… (she interrupts…)

SPD-  You are calling the police…

JG- … took my ‘delusions’ as you call them, which are actually high levels of electro… (elec)tricity noted in my home.  And they assisted me in finding out what they were.  From the City Utilities, that never answered my questions.


JG-  And after two attempts to get them to answer my question, they told me that I needed to drop… to drop… they told me that they were going to drop it.  And that I needed to contact an attorney and follow up.

(All correspondence done with Attorney General was writing, never verbal– when I get upset have trouble speaking.  May 31, 2017 blog shows Attorney General’s closing letter advising me to pursue answers with an attorney.  The Attorney General ended assistance the same day I filed the IA report at Springfield, Mo. Police Headquarters.)

SPD- OK.  And the police are finding the same thing. That there is nothing to go… there is nothing founded with your reports.

JG-  With the Attorney General?

SPD-  No, no, no with the police.  Your IA report…

JG-  No, no the Attorney General did not drop assisting because, because there was nothing founded.  (Letter in post May 31, 2017 documents ‘facts’ on both sides with no resolution.)


JG- They dropped it because the City Utilities…

SPD- The police did not find anything and so you need to stop making those reports because they’re not… They are going to refer to me.  Because it is a mental health issue.   It is not a police issue.  (My electrocution and being assisted by Attorney General never reported to police.)

JG-  Would you like to see the Attorney General’s… (SPD interrupts.)

SPD-  No…

JG-  No?  You don’t want to see the Attorney General’s… (SPD interrupts.)

SPD- I’m going to encourage you to go get a checked out at a doctor.  Because the more reports you make to the police based on what you are claiming, they are going to refer it to mental health.  (Made four reports in past year because of constant assaults on property, animals and person.)

JG-  The last time that I made a report is when I came home after a month …


JG-  And if you had read my IA report, you would be better equipped to talk to me.

SPD- I don’t understand why you can’t tell me yourself what is going on…

JG-  In Michigan they have a law…

SPD- I’m here right now.

JG- In Michigan they have a law against weapons like laser beam guns and other guns that are out on the market now that people are using.


JG-  We don’t have that law here in Missouri.  If you had read my IA report you would know that the effects of these guns are the same effects that a lot of people suffer when they are used on them.

(Electrocution being primary effect of these weapons.  My mentioning ‘electrocution’ to Fire Dept. Capt. Pennington days after it started in June 2016, is the only reason ‘authorities’ label me “mentally ill.”  City Utilities workers suggested what was happening to me, was ‘What they did to that poor girl last year.’   And why are people who know about crimes not speaking up?   Could being labeled ‘mentally ill’ be a factor in the lack of reporting these crimes?)

SPD- OK, so I’m trying to get information first hand from  you and I don’t want to read that report, I want to hear it from you.  I don’t need to read your report.

JG-  I don’t speak as well as I can..   To tell you about a Michigan law…  I can’t tell you all the input on that law mam.  (Michigan law posted in this site.)


JG-  So for me to have to try to talk about a Michigan law… or for that matter a State of Missouri Representative Jim Guest who supported a man in 2008 because the same thing was happening to him that is happening to me. (Guest’s documentation noted in this site…)

SPD- Did you know that we had a State Representative named Jim Guest who spoke up for a man who was also going through the same thing that I am going through?


JG-  Did you know that?

SPD- No! No…

JG- No?

SPD- I didn’t know any of that.

JG-  Well it’s true and that’s in my IA report too.  If you had read it before coming over to talk to me.

SPD-  I don’t need to read the report.  They don’t give me IA reports at the police.  Do you understand that?  Do you understand I am not a police officer?  They don’t give me IA reports and its not appropriate for them to do so.  What they do, is they find that there is nothing going on that’s le… that’s a legal issue with them and it (electrocution) is recognized in the mental health field as a mental health issue.

JG- OK. You see this right here on my door, does this look like it’s been taken off? (Showing her padlock hinge with new nails….)  I colored these nails for future reference.   I’ve documented the colors.  And I have also put this on a website that I have.  Now do you see how the nails are put in there?  Those nails were not like that before I left.  Do you see this mam?  Do you see these black screws?

SPD-  (Indiscernible speech.) I don’t investigate robberies… and I don’t…

JG-  No, no, this isn’t a robbery…  This was the breaking and entering…


JG-  This was one of the reports that I called for.  Do you think that…  Do you think that’s paranoid to report that your padlock was taken off, when you were gone  a month?

SPD-  I think some of  the behaviors you’re exhibiting is signs of a mental health issue.   And I was wondering if you’ve been diagnosed by a doctor before?  Or have gone to counseling having dealt with any of these symptoms?

JG- I went to counseling when I was fired from ________ after twenty years for work injuries. Because it was quite…

SPD- Do you have a doctor now?

JG- (Thinking she meant psychologist) Um, no I don’t.  No I don’t.

SPD-  Why… why do you not have a doctor?

JG-  I… I’m…

SPD- Do you have a primary care doctor?

JG- ( Realizing she meant medical doctor…) I’m going to a doctor… yes I am.

SPD- Who do you go  see for primary care?

JG- I’m going to a doctor in the area for… I go every year for a wellness visit.

SPD-  OK.  Who’s your doctor?

JG- And why do you want to know his name?

SPD- I’m just curious.

JG- You going to go and talk with him too?  With all this second hand information?

SPD- No.  But I need to tell him that I visited you.

JG- Mam, I want to tell you something.  As a mental health expert- when you look at the nails on the door that have been removed from my padlock.  And you say that, that’s not a mental health issue.  And that, that has nothing to do with you…   That is why I called to make a report.  (A report for law enforcement, not for counseling.) Let’s go over here and you can look at the screens on the side of my house-  where I made another report…

SPD- No, I’m not… I’m not…

JG- You are not going to?

SPD- But I’m not going to…

JG- Mam I’m going to tell you something… I want to tell you something.  The other report I filed was because they broke into the screens on the south side of my house.

SPD- Who did that?

JG- Who did that? Um well I don’t know.  Because I wasn’t here  when they tried to break into the side of my house.

SPD- OK. All right.

JG- I assumed it was the neighbors on that side.  (The neighbor on ‘that side’ also verbally threatened family members to my face, if I were to go to the press about what was happening.   Documentation of threat in first blogs on this site.)

SPD- Yeh. OK.  And I hear what you’re saying.  And I… I’m going to encourage you to talk to your doctor about the things that, that are going on with you.

JG- Well I’m going to…

SPD- And that’s all I can say…

JG-   Do not contact any more of my friends or relatives.

SPD- You can request that… all you want.

JG- Because I think what you are doing is extending your lack of knowledge.  First hand lack of knowledge- which you can get from the IA report as to what’s happening… (Not making sense.  Upset, over family and friends being scared by  “crisis prevention” members of the Springfield, Mo. Police Department and their ‘liaison’ contacting them.   Can this treatment be ‘harassment?’)

SPD- Again, I don’t get IA reports, at the Springfield police.  They don’t give those to the mental health professionals.  And there is no need for me to get those.  I get information from…

JG- So you are not with the Area Council on Aging?

SPD- No…I’m not.

JG-  (Laughing.)  Well I guess they just didn’t want to handle this because it’s too dumb.  You know why?  Because all my reports were factual.  A laser beam hit to the eye.  The front door being tampered with…

SPD- Did you go get that checked out when that happened?

JG- There is nothing they can do from a laser beam hit to the eye.  (Called local area emergency staff to ask.)

SPD- (Indistintuishable words…)  from your neighbor…

JG- When you see a silhouette on the second floor, I think it’s a fact.  But you weren’t up on my roof, and you didn’t see the silhouette on the second floor.

SPD- No, no.

JG-  You didn’t see the man run out of his truck.  I have his license plate and I have his truck and I put it in the IA report.  (All in this site from months back.)

SPD-   OK if you continue doing IA reports, they will continue contacting me.  (I’ve done one IA report in the sixty years I’m alive.Do you understand that?  So I need you to stop making IA reports.  Unless it’s an emergency and you’re getting harmed.    Because they will consider it… it is recognized as a mental health issue.  (Since when is filing an IA report a mental health issue?)

JG- Do you do not think a laser beam to the eye is being harmed?

SPD- I’m not going to argue about it.  I’m telling you I need you to stop making reports to the police… about these same types of issues…

JG- So the documentation…

SPD-  Josephine listen to me…

JG- So this documentation that I’ve asked for, simply because in the past year I’ve had:  all my ornaments stolen out of my yard; I have had flowers cut down that were growing and thrown onto the sidewalk;  I’ve had that screen broken into;  this door broken into;  I was shot with a laser beam on my roof…   That’s all paranoia?’ (Never reported the ornaments stolen from yard or the flower destruction.)

SPD- Yes… that’s what they’re recognizing it as.  Yes mam.  So they will continue to give it to me.  So I’m just letting you know…

JG- You can rest assured I will never call the Springfield police department again. Even if someone is being murdered right outside of my house.   And you can rest assured… because that might be seen as paranoia on my part.  And you can rest assured that I will never contact the Springfield police department, if someone comes into my home and  is attempting to murder me.

SPD- That’s not what I… that’s not what I said.

JG-  You can rest assured they will never be bothered again.  But I do want my IA report answered by the IA committee.

SPD- They’ll handle that. (Indistinguishable speech.)

JG-  I really enjoyed your visit with me.

SPD- OK, all right.  If there’s an emergency?  Yes.  If you are being harmed… yes.

JG-  I was harmed by the laser beam to the eye from a man on the second floor of my neighbor’s window.  I have his license plates, I have his truck and I submitted it to IA. He ran out of his truck.  Ran into the house.   Within minutes I saw his silhouette from the second floor window.  And I was shot with a laser beam to my eye.

SPD- (Indistinguishable speech…) I heard that multiple times.  OK?   I’ve heard that.

JG-  I think the reason why people tend to repeat things is because sometimes people just… don’t… hear… them.

SPD- And I feel like you are not hearing me.

JG-  I hear you.


JG- I’ve all ready told you that I…

SPD- (interrupts…. indistinguisable speech…)We’ve already agreed to disagree.  You don’t need to stop calling the police if there is a true emergency but they are not finding these as emergencies.

JG- Ah huh.

SPD- So please understand for these same type issues they are going to call me.  Period.

JG- And what was your name again?

SPD- Melissa Daugherty is my name. (Still no offer of card or credentials.  Is she a psychologist or psychiatrist?  Is Daugherty able to diagnose mentally illness in the ten minutes on my porch- making all documentation of assault to property, animals and myself invalid?)

(More importantly are the ‘mentally ill’ of Springfield, Missouri  excluded from the same protection by Springfield, Mo. Police Department  as the ‘mental healthy’ proper, animals and person are assaulted?)

JG- It was a pleasure meeting you.

Spd- It was a pleasure meeting you too mam.

JG- You’re a very nice woman.

SPD- You too.  Have a nice day.

JG-  You too mam.


Before Daugherty’s visit.  Earlier on May 30-2017 there was another visit.  In backyard, hear my name being yelled loudly over and over.  Get up from planting seeds, to see two men in the uniform of Springfield, Missouri Police at my gate. Comments by Officer Welch will be labeled- SPD.   My comments- JG.

JG-  OK, so what are your names?

SPD- Officer Welsh and Officer Lilly.

636089333730288679-tcop000071.jpg Officer Welsh

JG- Why are you here today?

SPD- We came because we are worried about you and think you need help.

JG-  Is this because I filed an IA report three days ago?  Help with what?

SPD-  If you write into my iPad, we can get you scheduled to see a counselor at Burrell.

JG-  And why do I need counseling?

SPD- Your behavior at the Police station the other day.  You are exhibiting signs of ‘mental illness.’   You keep contacting the police department.

JG-  I went in to pick up copies of reports.  I also called to see if reports ready.

SPD- Some thing you said are delusional.

JG-  What is delusional?

SPD-  Captain Pennington with the Fire Department contacted us (in summer 2016) because he believed you needed mental assistance.

JG-  Because I asked him for a Geiger counter and an EMF reader?

SPD- What is an EMF reader?  (Lilly asking.)

JG- It is a device to measure electronic frequency.

SPD-  That is what you stated at the Police department… (being electrocuted.)

JG-  I never asked for a report to be made concerning being electrocuted.

SPD-  You told Captain Pennington.

JG-  And for the first time, (volunteering information,) I mentioned Thursday to SPD employees at the reception window that I was being electrocuted.  How is that delusional?

SPD- Feeling electrocution, is schizophrenic.

JG- The Attorney General is assisting me with the high levels of electricity in my home, would  you like me to show you the paperwork?

SPD- No. We don’t want to see any paperwork.

JG- Who sent you today… is it because I just filed an IA report on Friday?

SPD-  No one sent me, I thought of it myself.  If you could please just answer some questions on the iPad here… to make an appointment with a counselor at Burrell Mental health…

JG- No, I won’t.  When I need a counselor I go to one.  I just filed an IA report… are you here to put me in a 96 lock-down?

SPD- No,  we just want you to write in the iPad to contact a counselor for an appointment.  You need help.

JG-  I called for reports because I needed law enforcement, not counselors.  My home was broken into, my dog died, I’ve been assaulted physically is that paranoid?

SPD- Yes.  You are delusional.  (Bringing iPad forward.) If you would just write into this iPad…

JG- No, I won’t.

SPD- Then you leave me no choice but to hotline the Area Council on Aging.  (The Area Council on Aging told Mr. Welsh they didn’t have a case against me.)

End of conversation.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God.  So be it.  Amen.