St. Louis art museumBelow are comments recently posted on blog.  Hacked, so cannot change the size of script right now.  Had to change computers three times at Brentwood Library in Springfield, Missouri due to hacking.  Took pictures of all on computer screen.  Was sitting alone- suddenly many people around.  Then could not access drafts.  Blog site had 3 drafts listed in bar.  Big sign below bar, noted ‘no drafts.’  Librarians saw this hacking.  Then attempted to access ‘media’ and no pictures were visible.   You do realize reader: that all this fun and games; including cars ‘parked’ in on-coming lanes facing traffic are done with our tax dollars?

Comments below concern a reader’s idea of how targeted individuals should conduct themselves.   As is their right with free press.  I have asked the person commenting to please moderate their words before writing on this site again. hackers would not allow me to access blog date that these comments came from…

sculpture   Buddha

  1.   JT

    I disagree.

    If those whose job it is to uphold the law; indeed even some of those who write the laws; if these disrepect and break the laws by attacking humans in these cowardly ways, they have freed a man to take the law into his own hands. Mere words will not destroy the enemy of God.

    “Some of you find it difficult to think of yourselves as destroyers, because you have a belief system about it.

    It is a paradigm.

    Those who get stuck within that vibration, if you do not smash those ideas,
    you will become very confined and restricted in experiencing reality.

    Yes, you are destroyers. You are definitely destroyers.

    You destroy systems where the Dark Team prevails, where ignorance prevails.

    Light goes in to destroy all systems.”

    – Barbara Marciniak


    • JT don’t know who you are, but respect freedom of speech. You said, “…freed a man to take the law into his own hands.” JT, the laws must be changed or worked within to attain justice, but never to take into our own hands or we will be just like those assaulting us with directed electromagnetic weapons.

      In your comment you quote Barbara Marciniak- “Light goes in to destroy all systems.” To be tortured daily, 24/7 with electromagnetic weapons AS I AM is horrific in and of itself as it is destroying my physical body. To be disbelieved by friend, relative, stranger or authority is hurtful to say the least. Tortured by cowards who are breaking the law calling themselves neighbors,’security’ is unbelievable. This is happening and so is my documentation. This physical world is tenuous, a neutrino can travel through earth at the speed of light… all that is real is the light within each one of us that God placed there and our imaginations- as Einstein said. We are the virus. Those of us who actually use our minds. We are brain computer interfaced and can use our brains and ‘imagination’ which is greater than knowledge like Einstein said…

      So HACK BACK into man-made physical computers. We as humans have abilities physical man-made computers do not have. The time of ‘war’ is over. History must change. ‘War’ is obsolete. Targeted individuals must think and imagine BACK AT the system. Sit in meditation which is more powerful than any DEW device. That is THE LIGHT that can change our circumstances. Reliance on God, prayer, meditation and increasing our light inside; the miracles that can be worked… far out way any ‘war’ or illegal covert assaults.

      Please never suggest ‘war’ or illegal criminal action on this site again, but I appreciate your comment and do not want to stop free speech. If you reflect on the above you will realize physical war is endless.

      BUT- Everything exists on different frequencies. We all must raise our frequencies and literally disappear from their radar. Any battles to be waged will be accomplished by the angels of God on the other side; and our focus. This is one of the greatest battles against good and evil on this planet. They have totally secured their ‘position.’

      Nothing physical can be done unless you are a muti-zillionaire. Nothing. Staying within the law is how we must conduct ourselves. They own the law.

      Using mind, and relying on God, angels and that I AM presence in all of us… this is how it will be turned around on earth, now. Using imagination to hack back, this is how we will stop what is happening. Much love. Josephine Grace



  1. Nothing in my comment said anything about war. Although I do see how the quote can be interpreted that way. Your response, though poetic and spiritual, is a bit harsh. SYSTEMS is what she talked about “destroying.” The SYSTEM of the matrix and network which abuses needs to be destroyed.

    Taking the law into ones hands when the law has been found to been voided by law enforcement and rights abused and ridiculed by others – DOES give anyone license to make their own way to respond. And they don’t require approval from anyone else. Let there be light, YES, but how to get there is the only difference between us.


  2. Dear friend, did not comment about Barbara Marciniak’s quote, other than to give examples about the ‘light’ being the only way to bring change.

    My comment, was concerning your writing in first paragraph about ‘taking the law’ into your own hands.

    If you meant spiritual law, or universal light laws, my pardon. Since we live on earth physically, believed you to mean physical, man-made law; which made clear in reply to you. JT, if you have a blog site would love to view it to become educated regarding who you are. Everything about who I am is on this site. Would love to know more about you. My apologies if you found the comment I made regarding commentary on this site ‘harsh.’ However as you stated, with those making the laws bending even their own law to suit their program, it is important for a ‘person of interest’ or targeted individual to be clear, very clear on where they stand publicly. I welcome your comments, but let you know that they need to be moderated for this site. Thank you.

    painting about a death- note angel grabbing tail of demon

    Thank you Dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  God, I love you.  Thank you Great Spirit.  So be it. Amen.


Went to St. Louis, Missouri to spend Thanksgiving with friend.  At the St. Louis Art Museum was targeted after half hour of stillness.  The guard in blue followed wherever I went.    Two more pictures from museum below.   Even though we changed floors consistently in the two hours we were viewing art, the same people were there.

striped-shirt-was-wherever-went2  friend-constantly-near1

The woman whose apartment stayed at, had no knowledge of what was happening around me or in their apartment.   This friend would not believe, if I were to tell her what was happening.  Only took pictures when this friend from highschool was working.  She is manager of a grocery store.   At her apartment levels extremely high at kitchen table and sofa where we spent all our time- where she spends 80% of her living time in home.  Took EMF reader out into the apartment building hallways when she was gone, to get readings from tenant’s doors…  Those ‘neighbors’ under; and next to my friends home registered high levels.

Inside friend’s apartment…

In bedroom and bathroom where we didn’t hang out; levels were half as low.

5 chemtrails above friends apartment house two days after Thanksgiving

Five chemtrails outside apartment building.

Extreme levels of electromagnetic radiation emanating at drivers seat area of car.    On way home from Thanksgiving visit almost wrecked car due to illness caused by electromagnetic frequencies at driver’s seat of car.   Traveled four hours.   Couldn’t figure out what was happening, used EMF reader in car and found levels in danger zone at steering wheel.


Today the 27th, skin on cheeks, chin, nose and lips turned bright red after traveling an hour around Springfield, Missouri on errands and then arriving at library, all the while feeling sizzling of electromagnetic frequencies…  Below readings from car, when turned off, lights off.

New addition to this blog on Nov. 28, 2017.  On way to Brentwood library today turned left at a major intersection and had to stop suddenly because a car was PARKED facing me in my lane of traffic.   Just sat there… another ‘accident’ averted.

When viewing this blog found two advertisements below it for Department of Motor Vehicles.  Funny…  but those same ads won’t be there when readers look.  Yesterday five photos were ‘deleted’ from site, so could not use them.  Came back specifically today to put them in blog… and presto-chango, the photos were there.  Corrected ‘spelling’ errors today that were not there yesterday.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

God's canvas

What am I grateful for?  Family and friends.  Health.  Animals who own me.  Knowing God and loving God.  Color.  Wind.  Flowers, trees.  Turtles, frogs, bears and all our other furred and scaled relatives on the planet.   Grateful for home, and car.  Libraries and librarians.  Grateful for music, dancing, singing, and art.  Snow, rain, clouds.  Grateful for the dirt, rocks, space between everything.  Privacy…  (oops never mind, don’t have any.)  Grateful for the ability to pray and think.  Grateful for ability to continue living productively and sanely while tortured, and disbelieved by authorities who do not know directed energy weapons exist.  Grateful for God’s grace for the ability to aid four car accidents that occurred  a car away from me, this month, while remaining safe.  Grateful to have real food some call organic, and clean water; to eat and drink.  Grateful to be able to walk and drive.  Grateful to write in a blog.  Grateful to be alive after 19 months of being  targeted with directed electromagnetic weapons.  Grateful to be alive and saner than ever, after five years of gangstalking.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  For letting us have another day.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today for my family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  Thank you God for watching over, guiding and protecting us this very day.  I love you dear God and thank you dear God.  So be it.  Amen.

beautiful leaves

In the New York Times March 9, 2011 article, “Researchers Show How a Car’s Electronics Can Be Taken Over Remotely,” by John Markoff, he writes that computer hackers can easily gain access to anyone’s car.  Markoff- “… and take over the vehicle’s basic functions, including control of its engine, according to a report by computer scientists from the University of California, Sand Diego and the University of Washington.”  He ads that, “… no such takeovers have been reported in the real world…”  And just how would a person know?

Bring this up because after reviewing the ‘Blackwater‘ book this month by Jeremy Scahill, have been horribly fried because of it.   The targeting with DEW assaults at home since reviewing “Blackwater,” is so unbelievable will not print descriptions here.   While driving to and from errands and library;  in the same month have been one car away from three vehicular accidents.   Don’t believe in coincidences.

It was great to see that there were Springfield, Missouri Police, or Sheriff’s vehicles waiting at the corner nearest each accident when all three happened.  The officers just put on their emergency lights and glided on into the ‘accident’ scene.

I had just switched out of the right lane into the left on the last accident two days ago when the car crashing into things seemed to have the accelerator ‘pressed to the metal’ and came out of no where. 

Now being a targeted individual, just like the U.S. diplomats in Cuba… (but without the authority to be believed- like they are…) tend to watch everything carefully now.  In the road right in front of me these cars appeared to be acting on their own.   (Always stop to see if anyone injured.)   While caring for and talking to those who were in the crashes- all the drivers ‘responsible’ for the ‘accidents’ kept exclaiming that they did not to have any knowledge of what happened.    None could literally remember anything.  In the one ‘accident’ the car was upside down in a 40MPH stretch, flat surface and no broken glass anywhere.  When the young, sober woman crawled out a window, she claimed to have no idea how it happened.    If the cars were not hacked perhaps their drivers were brain computer interfaced?  They occurred on S. Campbell Ave. and  Kansas Expressway.   Many TI’s call this ‘street theater.”  Many TI’s and their family members have died in car accidents.

The Network kills their subjects by ‘accidents’,  ‘natural causes’ and by ‘suicide.’

Two days ago  took out photos from media storage on blog to make space to write.  Two very important photos are gone today.    The week before, went through first year  (October-December 2016) to remove photos from all blogs.   It was these first three months that producers of classified this site as a ‘long read.’  What I found were much shorter versions of what had been written.  Lot of facts taken out.  Today the first three months of could never be qualified as a ‘long read.’

Above left is reading of a healthy electromagnetic pulse in human being.   On right is the ‘disturbed’ reading of the EMP of a human being.

Went to seminar that a healer gave at the end of that part of her career.  She appeared on Oprah and other talk shows, has books out and is an incredible, charismatic, international healer.  Her motto is, “You are what you love.”   

When I work to bring credibility to ‘invisibility suits’ and directed electromagnetic weapons; to defend TIs and expose the Network’s gangstalkers, experimenters, scientists using brain computer interface and invisibility suited cowards targeted with directed energy weapons…  this is all taking precedence over what I really want to do.  Would rather paint pictures of angels, Madonnas, mermaids; and be able to exercise even if sizzling.  Rather be by family and friends without needing their help, even if sizzling.  Instead am spending so much time working to stop the Network: and these efforts unfortunately resemble a fly buzzing around the head of a grizzly.

Told a friend my dilemma and she said that if a person didn’t have a voice they could get lost in the mind games and the physical pain dealt out by the Network.   Especially the 70% of single older women that are targeted individuals in the United States.  Truer words were never spoken.  Yet, “You are what you love,” is even truer.   How could I just do what I love: and face myself in them mirror thinking of the generations to come being targeted with DEWs and brain computer interfaced?  They claim it could take just one person’s happiness bringing the light to earth to help break the darkness here.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for the guidance, protection and love you give family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  We love you dear God.  We thank you dear God.  So be it.  Amen.

God's grace

Please note this blog is hacked to alter spelling, and change sentence structure to make it appear as if the author does not know how to write.  Have to go back in and change blogs sometimes over and over to correct hacking.

The electrical and magnetic fields of the human body are complex and dynamic and are associated with dynamical processes such as heart and brain function, blood and lymph flow, ion transport across cell membranes, and many other biologic processes on many different scales.”  These phenomena are the bio-field.  The electromagnetic pulse (EMP) of the human body.  -Written by Dr. Valerie Virginia Hunt, who spent her life researching the EMPs of humans for forty years as a professor in the Electromyographic Laboratory in the Physiological Science at the University of California, Los Angeles.  Recording electromagnetic vibrations not previously known. Hunt worked diversely in hundreds of research areas- just two were among scientists from NASA; and participation in an acupuncture conference at Stanford University.   Information in this blog is from Dr. Hunt’s article about “Transformational Breakthroughs on Human Bio Energy.”

Hunt writes, ” The peak intensity of the electromagnetic radiation of the human bio-field is in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, in the range of 4 to 20 microns in wavelength.”  Below you can see on the left the recorded healthy EMP of a human.  On the right is the disturbed EMP of a human.  Hunt found that individuals whose energy fields were disrupted or  had “missing frequencies” could eventually heal themselves.  Hunt’s research also noted when the EMP is disrupted, it effects the physical body.

Dr. Hunt became famous for her work with energy, when most  scientist’s were preoccupied with the molecular revolution; which culminated in the Human Genome Project.   She was one of a small number of scientists working worldwide researching energy fields of the human body and measuring the bio-field.

Dr. Hunt used telemetry instruments similar to those used to record brain, heart, and muscle waves of NASA astronauts in space.   Analysis of the astronauts data provided uniform informational patterns of frequency spectra, sequential wave trains and amplitudes unique to each subject.  “At any moment in time, a person’s state of consciousness and his level of awareness is predictable from his mind-field frequency pattern.”  Dr. Hunt writes.  Network experimenters use different projected mind-field frequencies to control the ‘persons of interest’ they are targeting with directed energy weapons.

When in ordinary reality and focused on the material world, Hunt found a person’s energies are at lower frequencies up to 250 Hz  taken from nerve and brain activity.

The scientist Hunt, found that if a person is in an altered state, “… with a psychic, hypnotic or metaphysical reality, the frequencies are extended above 400 Hz. These are the beginning frequencies of the mind-field.”   Hunt noted that when a person’s EMP is above 400 Hz  they tend to “channel” and predict the future.

When interrogated and ‘taken down’ into levels of subconscious by hypnosis as  lay in own bed….  When tiny alternating lights of white and red come through ceiling/walls effecting eyes to entrain…  this form of brain computer interface (done remotely from a garage or occupied/vacant rental homes next door) is at least the 400 Hz frequency Dr. Hunt researched.   With a human wearing an invisibility suit on roof- hypnosis and frequency entrainment are easy to achieve with through wall technology.   A targeted individual gets tired and exhausted at some point and literally gives in to sleep.  That is when most torture with electromagnetic frequencies is done on them.  At that point one becomes a ‘witness’ to what is done.   During these times of deep hypnosis at 400 Hz or more, an angel is found inside who speaks.  When this happens the scientist or experimenter always says, “Who are you?”

“Cursed is he who strikes his neighbor in secret.” – Deuteronomy 27:24. From the Christian Bible.

The last time this occurred was on Sunday, October 22, 2017.  Was targeted with directed energy weapons so badly unable to move feeling quite ill, and had to lay down mid-morning in enclosed metal bed.   Immediately mesmerized.  For the tenth time, interrogated.  Coward in charge of  experimentation went lower into subconscious than ever before.   Am present as a ‘being’ without body, in complete ‘blackness.’  And can hear those doing remote torture as they talk about what they are doing while questioning me.

On October 22, an angel spoke for- and about a targeted individual at one point during their interrogation, saying;  “You will never, ever be able to take the light of God from inside of her.”   (This angel was a woman.)  Echoing what a warrior angel declared months earlier.  That it didn’t matter if the experimenters, “… were demon or human- they would all be required to justify their actions in front of God.”  Saying those involved in taking God’s greatest gift from humankind, “free will” were “doomed for eternity in hell.”   The angel then said to “… get up.”   Did so with ease.  Usually under the effects of frequencies not able to move.  Will repeat below what Dr. Hunt said of persons entrained at certain frequencies:

But Dr. Hunt found that if a person is in an altered state, “… with a psychic, hypnotic or metaphysical reality, the frequencies are extended above 400 Hz. These are the beginning frequencies of the mind-field.”   Hunt noted that when a person’s EMP is above 400 Hz  they tend to “channel” and predict the future.

All I have to say about that is ‘too cool.’   The Network and its employees have tortured, raped and are slowly murdering every targeted individual, but according to God’s angels a line has been drawn in the universe.   They have spoken on behalf of all humans being put through this horror- as Albert Einstein said, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our humanity.”  It has happened Albert.   Even God, our faithful, forgiving omnipotent God has taken note of it…  The Network and its cowards are doomed.

Hunt goes on to write that, “There is another group of persons we describe as mystics, who display the broadest awareness with a complete range of uninterrupted frequencies… We recorded their field frequencies to 200 kHz, as high as our instruments could record.  In their presence one sees or senses powerful white light.”  So that is why some people have halos or really beautiful auras… their EMPs are off the charts.

What is it Network cowards?   You want to map ‘God’ in people?  Is your end goal to capture all psychic gifts brought up defensively while a person is entrained and tortured?  Is the goal of the Network to download souls so artificial intelligence is the next evolutionary process on earth for humans?   So the government can effectively map the greatest weapon on earth, which is spirit, guiding entities and God’s image inside us?  Just how small are you Network cowards?  How ignorant?  God is God.  No amount of technology, no amount of money, computers, weapons and people will ever make the Network or artificial intelligence anything like God.  How arrogant.

Only God can do what God can do.  Must get out of the way, let God do it.

Am told lately that if I love those assaulting TIs, there would be nothing for them to harm.  That TIs would be out of their frequency.   Would not exist for them.  “If you love them and let God do the work, they cannot harm you.”  OK.   But the nature of being human is to fight those harming us physically.   As it would be for anyone, unless a saint.   Those who are law abiding can only ‘fight’ mentally and spiritually.   And with words in a blog.

Each of us has an electromagnetic pulse.  Ancients from around the Earth and modern healers know about the body’s ‘chakra’ energy centers.  Those using directed energy weapons have technology to isolate individual EMPs in a crowd.   The U.S. government can use EMP for identification seen by satellite.  The same holds true for computers and cell phones on ground that can isolate and home in on an individual’s EMP.   The Network can then shoot away at a target with DEW’s; never harming another human.  This is what makes electromagnetic frequencies the perfect weapon- and the fact they are invisible.

In the Quran, 24:24 it says;  “The day will come when their own tongues, hands, and feet will bear witness to everything they had done.”

Grace is a gift from God given to those of us when we let God do the work requested in prayer.  Since we all make mistakes, (sin) supposedly none of us deserve grace.   It is assumed in most man-made religions, only through non-judgment, forgiveness, unconditional love; acts of charity and prayer are we given grace from God.

With grace we can love those that do not deserve our love… like those who are torturing, soft-killing, computer interfacing and raping.  OK.  It is hard to get out of the way so God can take care of whatever needs doing.  To forgive is to free the self from an energy grip consuming us.  Everything is energy.

God is our greatest protection and security.  God is faithful to those who love God and God is faithful to those who do not know he exists.

Supposedly.  The real enemy is not the Network or their gangstalkers, experimenters, or any multidimensional being… only satan is the enemy.  Satan by any name.  Evil- the (devil) steals, kills and destroys.  It says in the Bible to get your heart right with God.  Then, “… submit to God.  And resist the devil and the devil will flee.”  -James 4:7-9.

Is the devil only in Christianity?   In the book of Enoch a Watcher Angel is called Satanael.   There is a Buddhist demon Mara.  A Zoroastrian  evil spirit called Angra Mainyu.   In Islam there is Azazel, and the Shaytan.  In Sufism the concept of the opposite of love is seen as demonic.   The Baha’i faith the ‘lower self’ and insistent self’ is defined as ‘Evil One.’  A pre-Islamic religion Yazidism refers to a being named Melek Taus as representing evil.   In Hinduism, ‘Garuda’ is the closest god in common with satan.  In Judism the ‘adversary’ is Hasatan.  In Sikhism they believe there are evil entities, but not necessarily a devil.   Seventh Day Adventists believe Lucifer fell from heaven.  And Mormons believe Satan was the brother of Jesus.

Most people believe evil is the opposite of God, opposite of  ‘good’, and evil  can influence humans for the worse.   There are religions like Scientology that believe demons and satan; are aliens from another planet that have come to earth for centuries to subjugate mankind.  Traveling here quickly through wormholes.  Minister Christopher Macklin, who works and lives in Branson, Missouri believes demons can access earth in minutes through worm holes from other planets.

All I know a single individual can try to stop the Network from torturing, raping and soft-kill-murdering to no avail.  One TI said they worked 24/7, a year and a half, to expose the Network but to no avail.   How can someone love those physically assaulting them?  Have to learn to hunker down and allow God to conquer them.   While loving them.

With extreme feelings of fatigue every single day, and physically feeling like death is near during torture… to love the targeter–  is extreme.   One woman in public literally tilted her phone face smiling,  while showing the vivid green computer program she  monitored of the physical space we were in.  Odd geometric shapes visible, connected by lines denoted everyone sitting in the public area.  We were part of a ‘program,’ in her phone.  Saw configurations of  tables and single individuals alone as a diagram on her phone.  Her boyfriend on his computer voiced loudly an opinion that he wished I would leave, so they could get on with their day.  Guess when a government paid gangstalker is called to do ‘a job’ in their vicinity sometimes it interferes with their regular life…  am so sorry about that.

Notice that around 9-10am in the morning  usually fried awake, so assaulter can leave and go about their normal lives.  Used to wake up every day at 5am.

What do I believe?  Humans are multi-dimensional beings.    Inside each of us created in God’s image there are universes.  And layers and layers of ‘energy bodies’ surrounding our physical body.  They are similar to subconscious levels of the mind, but are bodies of different electrical frequencies/dimensions.

All that has happened since June of 2017 makes it easier to understand  the unseen world around us more.    Never realized just how real and protective our angels are.   And believe in angels more than most.  Angels support each and every one of us on earth every single day of our lives.   What must angels think of their wards who are targeting innocent people?  We all deserve a chance, but God seems to have decided ‘no more.’

Also on October 22, met a friend as scheduled  in the afternoon.   Never said a word of what had gone on all night and morning.   Had to get out of the house, needed to do something different.   Pretend everything was good, everything was OK.  Going through the pretense helps.  Met friend at Springfield, Missouri Art Museum to see the Dale Chihuly glass chandelier reception.  An acquisition permanently hung in the museum’s entrance.

Usually being in a room full of strangers is daunting when you are a targeted individual.  Putting cookies on a plastic plate and filling a plastic cup with water to sit in the Art Museum gift shop at a table and talk with friends was lovely.  It is so strange and wonderful to do something civilized when you are tortured.

During two hours inside the Springfield, Missouri Art Museum was targeted by a young, white, dark-haired woman, between 15-20 years of age wearing shorts and T-shirt… whenever the woman walked by.

A very large, tall, old white man in beige suit bumped against spine- but did not apologize.  Ten feet of space all around so the bumping done on purpose.  He then stood and listened in to conversation from four feet away, smiling.

Once two white male security guards hurried to the entrance of the room, heads together, talking while they stared.  After looking pointedly in their direction, they turned away.

And finally upon exiting the building into a grey environment of low hanging clouds and rain:  Looked across the crowd to see a large-girthed, short, white woman in her sixties standing against the Art Museum wearing huge sunglasses in the rain.  The woman smiled like a Cheshire cat while following my progress to a friend’s car.

But nothing could bother me, after a horrid night and morning it was wonderful to be with friends…  Jubilant to have fun for the first time in a long time.   Nothing could have dampened that evening, not even the rain.

friend1   another friend

Wrote this at the Library Station in Springfield, Missouri.  A young man sat across from me as he usually does when go there.  He targeted legs harshly, so moved.  Then at new location a white, old women sat across and it began again.  My eyes were ‘hit’ with frequencies so disturbing it caused vision to become blurred or completely obscured.   Grateful for the kind librarians.  Thank you.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

photo with refraction of light on something cannot 'see' with eyes, light going in all directions

This is second picture heading a blog site in days- containing refracted light moving in different directions.    The photo above is capturing the presence of something that is refracting light.   Decided to experiment and attempt to produce similar effect by moving camera during shooting.   Showing all light reflecting in direction of movement.

A former Springfield resident who fled this city, and also a targeted individual noted that if his cat stared intently at nothing… he got a camera and took pictures of the nothing.   Then he said that interesting objects, lights were visible in photos.  Below are chemtrails visible to anyone’s eyes.  Seven, photographed same day above my home within an hours time.  Two at top days earlier.  Six “X’ configurations.  Pictures dated November 11th taken when northwest wind moved so fast trails out of sight in five minutes.   No chemtrail photo was duplicated- all different trails.

Last week had to pull over in traffic on a busy road in Springfield, Missouri to help my dog in backseat of car.   Pulled to a side road by restaurant and freed him.  Then turned into the restaurant’s parking lot to get back onto main road.  Saw a worker come out back door and motion with his arms for someone to get away from the restaurant.   Looked all over the parking lot, wondered who the man was alerting  not to come near… but only my slow moving car was in his eye sight.   There were parked cars and mine moving with me in it.  The worker vigorously kept waving me away… guess he thought I was going in?   Was he letting me know that if I entered would be targeted harshly?  Was he the gangstalker required to target in that vicinity- and he didn’t want to hurt me?

It is my belief that each targeted individual is known by all the gangstalkers in their communities- some targeted individuals are probably seen as “good; others as bad.”   Well… good or bad is not reason to immorally and illegally slow-kill, torture and rape anyone to death.    The Network labels, slanders and ruins every targeted individual’s reputation.  At work places, churches, stores… everywhere a TI goes.  Before we get where we are going, alerts sent out on cell phones about TIs approach.

Was treated to lunch last month by a friend.   At Golden Corral; an old white man stared at me openly,  laughing out loud while watching me fill a plate.   Seemed he got a ‘kick’ out of seeing me in person.  Before then, perhaps he was only able to watch live broadcasts on Network internet site of through-wall-radar while I was being tortured with directed energy weapons.  Have learned to take the reaction of strangers in stride- their warnings, visible anger, and visible delight.  Learn to ignore when complete strangers act as if they know me. 

Targeting has changed everything.   Since childhood have awakened at 5am each morning.  As an early riser.  Enjoying solitude, birds singing, drinking coffee or hot tea outside in fresh air- often went jogging, then always to work afterwards to make employers lots and lots of money.   In my apartments or home, have always kept windows opened inches at the bottom, no matter what the weather… but after the Urich’s sprayed pesticides on me outside several times from their rental to the south, have since kept windows shut always.

Experimentation; torture, brain computer interface and rape with DEW’s has been perpetrated criminally no less than thirty times in the past 18 months by rental neighbors, and invisibility suited cowards.   Have learned to immediately distance from whatever happens by shelving their violence into compartments mentally.

new metal bed put together all pieces of metal with duct tape... doesn't work

New, improved metal sheets with duct tape enclose bed in center of home.   Slept like a baby first two nights in.   Third night, targeting levels increased so harsh made me quite ill; could not get out of bed until ten o’clock in the morning following day.   Guess the targeters were mad bed enclosure built?    Wanted to show me who was boss?  God is the boss!   Gradually these  hand-held DEW electrocution rates lowered to ‘regular’ sizzling levels that have occurred since June 2016.  Below is whole house directed energy coming from north rental, displayed on EMF reader in home: no electricity running near unit.

In 1948, CIA’s Dr. Paul Hoch (a New York State Commissioner of Mental Hygiene,) said of his mind-control experiments “It is possible that a certain amount of brain damage is of therapeutic value.”    Have had headaches in the last three days.  During conversation on the phone with family have to think of words to say instead of having ability to automatically speak.

“Cursed is he who strikes his neighbor in secret.”  – Deuteronomy 27:24.  From the Christian Bible.

Symptoms reported by the New York Times Cuban U.S. Diplomats are, “mild traumatic brain injury, permanent hearing loss… brain swelling, dizziness, nausea, severe headaches, balance problems, tinnitus and prolonged ringing in ears.”  Amen.  -According to the New York Times Sept. 16, 2017 article, “Cuba Mystery Grows: New Details on What Befell US Diplomats…” from Associated Press.  The U.S. government first admitted to directed electromagnetic assaults nine months after embassy officials submitted documentation of them.

“The attacks seemed to come at night.” said a U.S. Diplomat.  -In the Guardian newspaper of Sept. 14, 2017, “Mystery of sonic weapon attacks at US embassy in Cuba deepens…”  Some victims now have problems concentrating or recalling specific words, several officials said, the latest signs of more serious damage than the US government initially realized. “    Does a targeted individual have to be a diplomat, PhD, or government/military person to have symptoms of DEW targeting believed?  Why?

While writing have been assaulted at Brentwood library, legs shaking. Took off shoes to ground self.  It now takes three days to a week, to write a blog.  Used to be able to accomplish writing one blog each day.   Thank you librarians for being so kind.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.


Something causing circular radiating effect is in front of privacy fence, (or second tree from left in photo.)  At far left horizontal lines of light.   And at far right of photo- ‘L’ shaped lines of light go in opposite direction from circling radiation.   What might be causing this refraction of light?   Refraction of light off invisibility suits?  Above image taken on drive to north outside my home.  Privacy fence in middle of adjoined drive.

Below are a few of the hundreds of published U.S. patents for invisibility or “chameleon” suit materials, invisibility cloaking for devices, and invisibility detection devices.

In 1994 US Patent 5307162 By Richard Schowengerdt.

In 2006 US Patent 20060131478 By Ray Alden…

In 2007 US Patent 7206131 By Ray Alden with the US Army…

In 2008 US Patents- 200801654412 By Wenshan Cai with the US Army… 20080165442 A1 By Cai, Shalaev, Chettiar, and Kildishev with the US Navy…

In 2010 US Patents- 20100156556 by Nathan Cohen… 7795596 By Aref Chowdhury awarded by US Air Force… 20100156573 By David Smith with the US Army… 20100110559 By Wenshan Cai with the US Army…

In 2011 US Patents- WO2010021736A9 By David Smith for U.S. Air Force… CA2832795A1 by David Kaplan awarded by US Air Force… 20110085229 By Oleg Lavrentovich with the US Navy…

In 2012 US Patents- 8,253,639 B2; 20120319798 A1 both by Nathan Cohen… 8195244 by Clinton Smoyer… 8094378 By Alexander Kildishev with the US Army…

In 2013 US Patents- 20130010346 By Steven Risser… CN103181025A By 大卫·卡普兰 – ‎塔夫茨大学 Contracted by US Air Force… 8490035 By Anthony Grbic awarded by US Air Force… 8509578 By Igor Smolyaninov with US Navy… 20130017348 By Atsushi Sanada with the US Navy…

In 2014 US Patents- 8867121 By Oleg Lavrentovich… WO2014182398A1 By Andrea Alu grant from US Air Force…

In 2015 US Patents- 893757; 20150130563, 9134465 B1 all by Nathan Cohan… WO2015195286A1 By Andrea Alu awarded by US Air Force… 9140444 By Robert Connor…

In 2016 US Patents- 20160320531 By Seyedeh Mahsa with the US Army … 9482474 By Nathan Cohen…

In 2017 US Patents- 9659297 By David Russell… 9677824 By Nathan Cohen… 9557547 B2 By Joseph Choi with the US Army… 9677856 By John Pendry with the US Navy…

Below photo of perfectly good window literally torn out of neighbors garage year ago for easy entry.   Twenty feet from my home.  Table placed inside couple months ago in garage, put on wood over rocks to stabilize it.  No light fixtures are visible in this garage.  Trash under table is new.


Continuing with the Springfield, Missouri Library Center MOBIUS loan of 2008 Jeremy Scahill’s “Blackwater: The rise of the world’s most powerful mercenary army.

In 2002 former CIA agent, Jamie Smith told Blackwater’s Erik Prince that government contracts were akin to a “metastasis of a cancer… So if you get in that pipeline, then everywhere that they’ve got a problem and an office, there’s an opportunity.” 

One of Blackwater’s first “cancers” was at the CIA’s Kabul, Afghanistan station.  They garnered $5.4 million in a six-month no-bid contract for protection provided by twenty security guards.   Blackwater President career-Navy Seal Gary Jackson was at the center of the ‘metastasis,’ when boasting of his company’s top secret ratings.  Scahill writes Blackwater’s secrecy clearance was at the apex of black contracts so high they “… couldn’t tell one federal agency about the business it was doing with another agency.”

In the New York Times the “Case Ends Against Ex-Blackwater Officials,” from Feb. 21, 2013 by Risen and Mazzetti regarding, “The federal government’s three-year prosecution of five former officials of Blackwater Worldwide virtually collapsed on Thursday after charges against three of the officials were dismissed and the other two agreed to plead guilty to reduced misdemeanor charges with no jail time…  ($5000 fines.) The charges stemmed from a raid in 2008 by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms of Blackwater’s sprawling headquarters complex in Moyock, N.C. Agents seized 22 weapons, including 17 AK-47s.  (Soviet Union assault rifles.) The former employees were charged with trying to hide the company’s purchases of the weapons by making it appear that a North Carolina sheriff’s office had bought them.  In addition, federal prosecutors charged that Blackwater tried to avoid export regulations in illegally shipping a cache of short-barrel rifles overseas.

What do Blackwater mercenaries look like?  Scahill describes them writing they were, “… chiseled like bodybuilders and wore tacky, wraparound sunglasses.  Many wore goatees and dressed in all-khaki uniforms with ammo vests or Blackwater T-shirts… sleeves rolled up.  Some of them looked like caricatures, real-life action figures, or professional wrestlers.  Their haircuts were short, and they sported security earpieces and lightweight machine guns.”

Anytime Blackwater mercenaries traveled in Iraq- company policy demanded they have three men in each vehicle: one holding a machine gun.   Blackwater armored vehicles would rather slam into an Iraqi civilian’s car than slow down and wait for cars to get out of the way of one of their convoys.  Because they operated above the law, they never stopped for ‘fender-benders’ Scahill wrote.   On November 28, 2005 a convoy struck eighteen Iraqi citizens cars round trip from a meeting at the Iraqi Ministry of Oil.

Noted Scahill, “They bossed around journalists...” grabbing at  cameras, because they didn’t want their faces in the news.

While guarding someone Blackwater troops would rather aim their gun in your face, to get you to step aside as their clients walked past- than ask you to move.  -Scahill quotes U.S. senior military and government officials as saying sometimes they felt threatened.

Paul Bremer was appointed by President Bush to lead the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq.  Protected by Blackwater security.   Bremer replaced General Jay Garner.   ‘Hawkish’ Bremer is a right wing politically conservative Christian… converted to Catholicism- like Erik Prince.   Scahill refers to Bremer as the viceroy of Iraq.  When Bush appointed Bremer as head of the CPA over Iraq in May 2003- Bremer moved into Saddam Hussein’s Republican Palace compound on the Tigris River.   Journalist Naomi Klein of The Nation is quoted by author Scahill as saying about Bremer that he was like a computer hacker who, “… cripples corporate websites then sells himself as a Network security specialist.” 

Below is dog who owns me, that is targeted a lot.


Fallujah, has long been seen by the U.S. military as the most “rebellious” city in Iraq where the greatest massacres of women and children occurred.   Rebellious especially when foreign governments have their city under siege; to ‘liberate’ them?

In April 2003 the Al Qaed School (meaning Leaders School) on Hay Nazzal Streeet in Fallujah was turned into a U.S. occupation headquarters.  The massacre of thirteen residents, six of them children happened soon after.  U.S. troops claimed the Fallujahns shot first, but there were no bullet holes in the school, only in the buildings opposite the school.  After this attack Iraqi sentiment turned against U.S. occupiers, Scahill notes.

Bush also made Bremer- Director of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance in 2003.  How Bremer could do this job from his palace is unknown.   Scahill writes that when touring a looted Iraqi art museum viewing a collection of ancient gold bracelets, Time magazine quoted Bremer as having said “Which one can I take home for my wife?”   Looting of national treasure was attributed to the U.S. occupation; its embedded journalists; it’s contractors and it’s mercenaries. -Scahill.

A former senior State Department official said of Bremer, “What he knows about Iraq could not fill a thimble.” Scahill noted.

Just two weeks at his new post Bremer announced to the world Iraq was, “… Open for business.”  Two month after this declaration the ‘viceroy’ considering himself a citizen of Iraq said, “We are eventually going to be a rich countryWe’ve got oil, we’ve got water, we’ve got fertile land, we’ve got wonderful people.”

Writes Scahill, “Blackwater’s men brought a singularly Yankee flair to the Bremer job and, by most accounts, embodied the ugly American persona to a tee.”  U.S. Col. Thomas X. Hammes who oversaw the ‘new’ Iraqi military spoke regarding the effect Blackwater mercenaries had while guarding Bremer, “They made enemies everywhere… (and were) hurting our counterinsurgency effort.”  Hammes also said, “… they were doing their job, exactly what they were paid to do in the way they were paid to do it, and they were making enemies on every single pass out of town.”

Blackwater mercenaries earned $600 a day in Iraq.  When Bremer disbanded the Iraqi military in his de-Baathification efforts- 400,000 Iraqi troops and police lost their jobs.  Their families forced into poverty.   These men were paid about $50 a month.  Only a few got ‘severance’ of one month’s pay.   Bremer served in Iraq for less than a year.  During his tenure $9 billion in reconstruction funds were never accounted for.  That is $9 billion in U.S. tax dollars.  By October 2003 Blackwater was contracted as exclusive protection for U.S. Department of State and most U.S. officials, Scahill notes.

When U.S. Embassy spokesman Robert J. Callahan’s rode on his last tour of duty with a Blackwater convoy.   Blackwater fired into a Iraqi taxi that began slowing fifty feet from the convoy, killing a nineteen-year old passenger.  The two Blackwater men responsible lost their jobs and were sent home.  In May of 2004 Los Angeles Times, Christian Miller wrote that Blackwater, “… opened fire prematurely.” – Scahill.

Iraq was referred to by U.S. contractors and mercenaries as the “wild west.

One Blackwater mercenary ex-U.S. Navy Seal Ben Thomas used experimental bullets from a San Antonio company RBCD which were armor-piercing with limited penetration.   Inches inside a human body they shattered, creating untreatable wounds.  Thomas got the bullets from Arkansas based distributor Le Mas- writes Scahill.  After killing an Iraqi with one of the illegal cartridges, Thomas stated enthusiastically, “I’m taking Le Mas ammo with me when I return to Iraq, and I’ve already promised lots of this ammo to my buddies who were there that day and to their friends… I wouldn’t carry anything else.”  He then posted on his MySpace Web page:  “OSAMA BIN LADEN IS MY BITCH. And here is why (story of his use of illegal bullets,) Fu*ker wants me dead now.” 

Near the end of Bremer’s reconstructive year in Iraq, the country lay in ruins, but  mercenary companies reported “business was booming”  Scahill writes, “When a guy can make more money in one month than he can make all year in the military or in a civilian job, it’s hard to turn it down,” ex-Seal Dale McClellan a founder of Blackwater asserted.

Scahill emphasized, “The privatization of the occupation also offered a chance for many combat enthusiasts… stuck in the ennui of everyday existence, to return to their glory days on the battlefield under the banner of the international fight against terrorism.”   Many ex-military and police complained they had never gotten to shoot their guns during tours of duty; and were eager to have the  opportunity to use weapons in Iraq.   Dan Boelens, a fifty-five year old police officer said of his stint with Blackwater in Iraq that it was, “… the last chance in my life to do something exciting… I like the stress and adrenaline push it gives me.

Ex-U.S. Navy Seal and Hollywood stuntman Scott Helvenston, thought working for Blackwater there would be a possibility to finally see ‘action.’   Unfortunately Helvenston got upset that during classes at the Blackwater U.S. facility his instructor was giving out erroneous information.  When the ‘student’ spoke to his teacher about it, the Blackwater educator intimidated him; so Helvenston wrote an Email to Blackwater’s “President and Upper Management,” about unprofessionalism at their school.   Scahill writes, “It was the last e-mail Scott Helvenston would ever send.

Very soon thereafter he and three other ‘new’ Blackwater mercenaries were taking orders from the very same teacher in Iraq.  They were told to take sink fixtures to a Blackwater site.  On the way the four men were ambushed.  Against Blackwater policy the men were told to ride in two non-armored jeeps that did not have a proverbial third mercenary holding the machine gun, Scahill notes.

The picture of the bodies of four Blackwater mercenaries hanging from telephone poles on U.S. television; prompted radio news; and mainstream papers like the Chicago Tribune to lead with headlines proclaiming, “U.S. Civilians Mutilated in Iraq Attack.”   Which allowed the U.S. military to invade Iraq a second time.   The four men, God bless their mercenary souls… were hardly ‘civilians.’   Despite the two invasions no weapons of ‘mass destruction’ were ever found in Iraq.   Scahill writes the country was decimated.

Scahill- After the four mercenaries were killed, Chaplain D. R. Staton in his regular column of ‘Blackwater Tactical Weekly’  wrote:  “Make the enemy pay dearly for every action brought against us as we stand for liberty and justice!!!”   But whose liberty and justice?   (On January 5, 2005 families of the four mercenaries filed a wrongful death suit against Blackwater.)

Under Bush, Bremer put “… tens of thousands of Iraqi men of fighting age out of work and into resistance.”  While U.S. corporations’ in Iraq reaped “enormous profit;”  Iraqi citizens lived in poverty; “in squalor and insecurity.”

Religious leader Muqtada al-Sadr had always addressed his countrymen’s plight, under Saddam Hussein, and under U.S.’s Bremer.   Sadr provided food and education to two million residents in a Baghdad slum.  Sadr’s militia in August 2003 was five hundred Iraqi men.  In Bremer’s year in Iraq guarded by Blackwater, Sadr’s militia grew to ten thousand members by April 2004, Scahill writes.

On March 28, 2004, Bremer acted on his “Order 14” issuing commands from  Hussein’s Republican Palace compound, that allowed U.S. troops to kill the Al Hawza newspaper named for “… a thousand-year-old seminary…” noted Scahill.   Then Bremer had Sadr’s top deputy arrested; Sheikh Mustafa Yaqubi.

Five days later in Najaf, when eight Blackwater mercenaries commanded commanded a few U.S. Marines; a handful of their Blackwater troops from El Salvador on the roof of the U.S. Coalition Provisional Authority headquarters.    Scahill documents that Bush was now on record as having outsourced a ‘war.’   It was April 4, 2004 when all hell broke loose-  Twenty-five year old U.S. Marine Cpl. Lonnie Young noticed “… a small group of protesters out in the streets… (and) numerous coalition soldiers in ‘riot gear’ near the front gate.”   Young, had a M249 Squad Automatic Weapon.  Said Young, “Finally, the Blackwater Security guys gave the call (to) commence firing.” 


Scahill-  U.S. Marine Young, and Blackwater mercenaries insisted the Iraqis began the battle.  But journalists wrote that those guarding the U.S. headquarters fired as protesters assembled.  One Blackwater contractor videotaped the event. Here are Blackwater excerpts from that video:

“Fu*kin’ ni**ers.”  Video camera pans to a Blackwater contractor smiling…  then cameraman asks a U.S. troop if his weapon feels hot from firing so many rounds into Iraqis in the street below: “That shit fu*kin hot, dude?”  Another voice remarks, “Hey, all these fu*kers right here…’  Someone responds, “Yeah, Mahdi ass!”  Scahill writes, someone yells, “Hey, get some!”  Minutes later… “We got a group of three.  They’re all runnin’ now… Wow, we’ve got lots of- see the guy in white?  He’s goin’ too fast- now they’re haulin’ ass…”  Then, “We got a big group comin’.  On the wall, squeezin’ off…” says man calmly… then someone says, “Wow, you got a whole group of ‘em.”  Minutes later voice alerts Blackwater that fifteen “bad guys” were “on the run;” Then: “He cleaned ‘em all out,” when fifteen Iraqis were hit.

Scahill-  When it was all over, Young stated, “I gazed over the streets with straining eyes, only to see hundreds of dead Iraqis lying all over the ground… Emptying magazine after magazine, I watched the people dressed in white and black robes drop to the ground as my sights passed by them.” 

“Blackwater later said that throughout the battle, its men tried to make contact with U.S. military commanders but were unsuccessful.”  –Writes Scahill.   On April 5, 2004 Bremer, “… officially labeled Mugtada al-Sadr an outlaw.

Days later a peace delegation that included medical doctors entered Baghdad.  One doctor stated, “Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw in Fallujah… There is no law on earth that can justify what the Americans have done to innocent people.”  U.S. journalists Dahr Jamail and Rahl Mahajan went to Fallujah with a humanitarian convoy.   Scahill records-  “Jamail said he saw one victim after another brought into the clinic, “nearly all of them women and children.”  Jamail called Fallujah “Sarajevo on the Euphrates.”

In the Mother Jones article of Oct. 9, 2007 “Making a Killing: A Blackwater Timeline” by Bruce Falconer:  The immunity Homeland Security gave Blackwater insured that the worst punishment any mercenary suffered was a slap on the hand.  “Even Andrew Moonen, the Blackwater operator who got drunk in the Green Zone last Christmas Eve and murdered one of the Iraqi vice president’s security guards, found a new job with Combat Support Services Associates, which put him back to work in Kuwait just two months after the shooting.  In the same article it was reported that on September 16, 2007,  “Seventeen Iraqis are killed and 24 wounded when Blackwater operators open fire in a traffic circle in central Baghdad.”

In The Nation, by Jeremy Scahill dated Sept. 15, 2010, “Blackwater’s Black Ops;” outlines the wealthy clients that “… Blackwater have provided intelligence, training and security services to … several multinational corporations, including Monsanto, Chevron, the Walt Disney Company, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and banking giants Deutsche Bank and Barclays… Blackwater’s work for corporations and government agencies was contracted using two companies … Total Intelligence Solutions and the Terrorism Research Center, (TRC.)”   Do wealthy clients and their corporations (not  publicly mentioned,) use Blackwater security for services deemed even less legal than those mentioned in these published articles? 

In an AirForceTimes article of August 2, 2017 by Shawn Snow and Mackenzie Wolf, “Blackwater founder wants to boost the Afghan air war with his private air force,” Blackwater is referred to as- “the private military company.”   That the White House had considered as replacement for U.S. troops and equipment.

In October of 2017 the New York Times, NBC News, Fox News, and CNN reported  Erik Prince was asked to run for a U.S. Senate seat in Wyoming by Stephen K. Bannon.  If he does, Prince will be financially aided by billionaire Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah.   Prince is from Michigan, but had an address in Wapiti, Wyoming.

Like Trump…   Maybe Erik Prince will become a president one day.

Wonder if these two are employed by a security agency?


Working on Blackwater review, targeting extremely painful.  Around home constant debilitating electrocution without a break.  At the library during past week legs shook from electrocution upon sitting down at computer before turning it on.   Had to remove shoes to ‘ground’ feet on the floor in public place.  Never  encountered non-stop harsh targeting in public before.   In my home, yes.  Not out in public.

Sunday arrived early at Library Center in Springfield, Mo.  Targeted waiting in car for library to open.  On dead-end road.  By person in vehicle on top of hill.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

flowers that are elf height

In 2007 Blackwater received over $1 billion in U.S. tax dollars for government contracts, not including tax monies allocated for ‘black’ operations done in secret in the U.S. and globally.

From the Springfield, Missouri Library Center Mobius loan 2007, “Blackwater; The rise of the world’s most powerful mercenary army,” by Jeremy Scahill: is a well-documented story of how U.S. tax dollars have funded the largest mercenary army in modern history.  During the Gulf War in 1991, “One in ten people deployed in the war zone at that time was a private contractor…”   Scahill notes that Rumsfeld and Cheney were instrumental in creating Blackwater by funding it with U.S. tax dollars; through their desire to privatize not only the military but U.S. government as well.

Scahill notes Dan Briody in his book “The Halliburton Agenda:” “Year after year, from 1989 to 1993, the military budget shrank under Cheney.”   Cheney paid Brown and Root, (KBR) $3.9 million tax dollars, just to report on how to expand the Pentagon’s Logistics Civil Augmentation Program- thereby increasing Halliburtons and KBR’s own profits.   In 2001 Rumsfeld outlined at the Department of Defense a “road map for change,” and by 2003 when the U.S. invaded Baghdad there were 100,000 private contractors in Iraq.

Author Scahill, wonders if U.S. citizens have forgotten the wisdom of President Eisenhower when he said there were “grave implications” in the future for the escalation of a “military-industrial complex.”

What single man has profited $ billions from U.S. tax dollars?  Blackwater is owned by Erik Prince, a converted Catholic with right wing religious and political beliefs.  His company has an intelligence division and employs executives from ex-military and intelligence agencies administrators.  Scahill writes that, Prince got his break after 9-11 with Bush’s “global war on terror,” campaign.

Erik Prince and Alvin Krongard “…were good buddies,” a Blackwater executive is recorded as saying.   Author Scahill notes, Krongard headed the bank until 1998 that was “…allegedly responsible for the unusually high number of put options on United Airlines stock placed just before 9/11, options that were never collected.”  (No one has evidence of Krongard’s prior knowledge of the attacks, Scahill writes.)   It was Jamie Smith a former CIA agent who gave Prince the vision for Blackwater Security Consulting in 2002.   It was Krongard who suggested Blackwater be funded $5.4 million in U.S. tax dollars in a “… no-bid contract to provide twenty security guards for the Kabul (Afghanistan) CIA station…” in 2002.

Scahill writes, the Bush administration saw the mercenary market and privatization of the military as an “Alaskan Gold Rush.”   In that same vein, Paul Bremer, American diplomat in Iraq created “Order 17;” which immunized contractors from prosecution.   A private company like Blackwater, Scahill notes, is mostly unaccountable to U.S. taxpayers who totally fund them.  That means when massacres occur in the Middle East, or murders in the U.S. – by Blackwater associates there is no law that can touch them.


Wrote Scahill, “Blackwater has openly declared its forces above the law… (and) claimed immunity from civilian litigation in the United States, saying its forces are a part of the U.S. Total Force.   (Claiming,) … its forces operate under the legally impotent and unenforceable code of conduct written by its own trade association, ironically named the International Peace Operations Association.”    This immunity is the Pentagon’s failure to enforce laws over their new war machine.

In 2004 Prince created Greystone Limited a division of Blackstone on Barbados in the Caribbean- a tax exempt entity.  Greystone is known to draw recruits from countries where human rights violations are rampant; in Iraq, Chilean mercenaries fought for the U.S. government- some trained in Augusto Pinochet’s army.  Scahill notes qualifications for Blackwater employment include (among others) having skills of a sniper, explosive ordinance; and owning weapons such as an AK-47; M-4 carbine rifle; machine gun or shoulder-fired weapons, etc.

In 2005 Scahill writes, Prince required all Blackwater employees to solemnly state an “oath of loyalty”  supporting the U.S. Constitution, and to protect Blackwater’s national security-related clients- “…against all enemies, foreign and domestic… So help me God.”

During the 2005 Hurricane Katrina, Homeland Security hired each Blackwater mercenary at $950 a day to aid law enforcement.   ($950 U.S. tax dollars for each Blackwater associate, every day.)   Scahill makes it clear that Blackwater received $70 million in federal contracts involving Katrina.    How could those U.S. tax dollars have been spent among U.S. citizens effected by the devastation

At one point Scahill writes that he thinks it irresponsible of the free-press to refer to Blackwater associates as “civilian contractors or foreign reconstruction workers…”   Scahill believes Blackwater employees should be called what they are, “mercenaries.”  Interestingly Blackwater is supported religiously by the Pro Christian right.

In 2006 the Government Accountability Office determined that the U.S. Army and Air Force could not determine how many contractors worked for them, establishing once and for all the lack of authority over Blackwater mercenaries.

Scahill notes that Erik Prince sees himself heading the “armed wing” of the conservative, political right movement in the United States.  Regarding his U.S. and global reconstruction efforts for democracy and Christianity, Prince once said, “Everybody carries guns, just like Jeremiah rebuilding the temple in Israel- a sword in one hand and a trowel in the other.”   Prince knows there could be a confrontation between “church and state” in the U.S. in a “morally justified revolution.”   Scahill- Erik Prince has stockpiled the largest private collection of weapons in the United States.

Prince defines Blackwater as the best global security force today.   Security being the operative word.   Prince believes his company specifically frees up U.S. defense forces for combat.   Blackwater’s 7,000 acre Moyock, North Carolina headquarters, Scahill writes is, “… the world’s largest private military facility,” training law enforcement and government troops by the tens of thousands each year.   Including troops from ‘friendly’ nations.

In 2007 Blackwater had 2,300 mercenaries working for the U.S. government in nine countries… including the United States.  And Scahill notes, a “… database of 21,000 former Special Forces troops, soldiers, and retired law enforcement agents whom it could call at a moment’s notice.”   Will continue book review from page 109 in next blog.

Got to thinking about that $950 a day of U.S. federal tax dollars….   After working forty years, over forty hours each week and doing the work of 2-3 people each day.  After working for my former employer twenty years and being let go for work injuries.

To be stalked starting in 2012 and targeted starting in 2016 for standing up for myself…  In comparison to the $950; receive $38 dollars a day for all the good work done in life, for which am sincerely and eternally grateful for the Social Security benefits I paid for with federal taxes put in.  This time I have now is precious to recover and heal, so it is ironic to be soft-killed each and every moment with directed energy weapons.

Today the targeting with directed electromagnetic weapons on stomach and lower back has caused excessive bleeding from rectum.   Eat plenty of organic vegetables and whole grains- the only cause of the bleeding would be the constant assaults with hand-held DEWs by gangstalkers.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

friend secured area with chicken wire

After a friend put up chicken wire on opening in privacy fence- whole-house-directed energy weapons assault from north began again.   (The whole-house DEW unit causing magnetic frequency danger ratings had plummeted by half and stayed down since the night before the October 3, 2017 Civilian Police Review Board hearing- for the first time since June 2016. )    However on October 31, 2017 chicken wire obscured easy access to target me in north side of home with hand-held DEW’s outside home,   And that night danger levels from whole-house-energy unit to started up again.   In guest bedroom where helpful friend was sleeping and in kitchen levels highest.   But dangerous magnetic frequencies ran along entire north side of home as in past.  Photos above.

Whole house directed energy weapons unit assault began on the south side of  home in June of 2016.  This consistently 24/7 high dangerous rate of magnetic frequencies in home environment along with the targeting at night outside on roof by gangstalkers in invisibility suits using hand-held DEW’s burned my good health into failing.

Was so ill, had to move bed to the north of home in 2016, and stop living in the south rooms.  Still was targeted in north rooms by hand-held DEW’s many times during the day, and always at night.   Both whole-house-DEW-unit and hand-held DEW’s  have been used together since the beginning of targeting in June of 2016.  It is from the whole-house-unit that I believe danger readings have always been able to be recorded.

When the Urichs had moved out of the south rental; their equipment was given to north ‘neighbor.’  Saw the Urich’s in their car in the north drive; for the first time- and after they had ‘moved away.’  Then a large truck delivered Urich’s machinery and the north rental’s basement windows papered over same day.   After that- the ability to use my kitchen as living space stopped.   Sizzled each time entering kitchen and dreaded going in to make meals.  The minute food cooked on stove- left kitchen to eat in center hall of home.   Food is stored in other rooms since, so as not to get ‘cooked’ inside cans and boxes in kitchen.   Once whole house unit was moved into north rental; put my bed in middle of the house.

After twelve months of inability to use kitchen as living space- the night before October 3, 2017 Civilian Police Review Board hearing the magnetic frequency on EMF reader dropped by half.    Instantly targeting with hand-held DEW’s stepped up- and with it torture, rape and interrogation.    My whole body no longer sizzles going into kitchen, but specific body parts; as I prepare meals.   The targeting occuring since the whole-house unit’s blanketing delivery of magnetic energy lowered by half-  is in it’s own way worse.   Because episodes of head pain, constant heart palpitations, left arm pain, knee assaults, stomach pain and rape increased tenfold since Oct. 3, 2017 due to humans targeting.

After north area outside home on October 31, 2017 was secured from easy access by gangstalkers using hand-held DEW’s gangstalkers will now have to walk around privacy fence to target.  Guess they don’t like walking around fence… could get photographed.


Woody Norris the multi-billionaire of American Technology Corporation or ATC; renamed his corporation Long Range Acoustic Device or LRAD in 2010.  Norris is the inventor of  hypersonic and sonic sound devices that are being used today by gangstalkers in the Network to assault targeted individuals around the globe; specifically in Cuba in 2017.   LRAD is based in San Diego, California- like most of the corporations  developing and producing directed energy weapons, and invisibility suits used to experiment on nonconsensual U.S. citizens, (and diplomats.)

LRAD receives millions of tax payer dollars each year in government and military contracts in the United States.   Which makes it interesting that our Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) funded by U.S. tax dollars; is ‘confused’ as reported in main stream newspapers as to what effected the health of our U.S. diplomats in Cuba.   The FBI claims not to know of any weapon in existence that could be cause the assaults to the health of U.S. citizens; like those used to harm diplomats in Cuba.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

‘Invisibility’ in Photos


Many of my photos turn up quite a lot of  abnormal light configurations all over yard during DEW attacks.  ‘Neighbor’s’ gutted garage window for easy access to DEW target from, has new, wooden chair at table- on plywood placed over gravel floor (a few feet  from where a TI sleeps.)  Same photo taken to show chair revealed streak of energy in upper right corner of photo.   The glass of window was removed completely year ago leaving space big enough for human to get in and out of.

Went out around midnight to take pictures due to extreme assaults with electromagnetic energy four days in a row.  Caused extreme physically ill from danger level radiation attacks by DEWs.   Below left early morning see light ‘movement’ in front of privacy fence- believe is light reflecting off invisibility-suited-coward running away.  Another shows bright light reflected off what?  Bricks?   Photo far right, is an umbilical shown in right upper corner.  Reader needs to push on picture to see them properly.

In part of yard where photos taken- my big dog suddenly and uncharacteristically became highly aggressive protecting area where she has was coerced with food.  Probably raw meat.  She attacked her smaller life-mate at the throat.  Never did that before.  Went to take night photos after letting them both out for a potty break and she refused to come back inside.  Invisibility suited people inside my fenced in yard, are still vulnerable so they fed her in the dark for twenty minutes out of fear of her attack.  This dog hates the dark and comes in fast at night.  Her stomach was so engorged with food given to her by those DEW attacking me, that she also did not eat her morning bowl of food.   And lay around all next day unable to move.


Below is photo of bag placed in yard night before last.   Picked drawstring bag from around a yucca plant without seeing writing.   Half way to trash can read the bag.   “Infectious Waste; BIOHAZARD.”   Any effort to intimidate, harass and attack a targeted individual’s way of life in Springfield, Missouri…   Many cowardly people with nothing to do but get paid to destroy the good life of one person.   Gangstalkers are given homes, or cars as gifts for a job well done


The Urich’s got a home.  Others cars…

One targeted individual wrote me in an email… “The fight for globalization in brain computer interfaced societies today is an effort to erase or delete computer viruses.   Human brains are organic computers that can have ‘viruses.’  What constitutes a virus in a human brain?   THINKING the wrong thoughts.  Knowing truth.  A person is a virus who is not in the program.”

Free thinkers who can read and speak or write the facts are all at risk.   And some are stalked, intimidated, harassed, have their privacy invaded by any number of colleagues, friends and strangers.   When their world tightens around them, they begin to question, “Why is this happening… how can so many people be watching and following me?”  If their behavior is not modified by ‘gangstalking’ then the person becomes targeted with directed energy weapons.

The Springfield, Missouri Police Department does not believe DEW’s exist.   What would the U.S. diplomats stationed in Cuban who are targeted individuals think about the SPDs ignorance of the facts?  When will SPD Chief Paul Williams, and Captain Pennington of the Springfield, Mo. Fire department educate themselves and their associates to the technological advancements in weapons today?

Someone knowing of crimes such as gangstalking, electromagnetic targeting and not reporting it… Or involved in a conspiracy to harm a human being… is regarded as committing the same crime- even if just ‘watching’ a Targeted Individual.   Laws in every city, state and nation regarding conspiracy to harm a human being by torture are severe.

Red car directly across the street from front door.  Hood up on a car at the side of a road denotes ‘trouble,’ needing help.   But hood up on a car in own yard through rain, sleet, snow and shine can be an excessive pretense.

Positioned appropriately any vessel can have a power source placed inside it.  Devices providing energy supply, information, coordinates for targeting weapons- and invisibility suits can be placed anywhere.

another-texas-friend-used-as-power-source-hood-opened-today-for-effect Texas plates HRG-5760

From Guffey’s book “Chameleo;”  Richard N. Schowengerdt submitted first patents in 1994 for invisibility suits #US5307162 and US9557547.   The inventor remarked about a concealed power source, “ If you’re further than seven hundred feet you can do a very decent job of camouflage, even on a moving target…”   Guffey and Schowengerdt spoke of the Army’s Future Soldier program, where they publicize invisibility suits as having a “… skin that will blend into the background in a chameleon fashion…”    Schowengerdt noted of the Army’s suit,  “I can only assume that it’s related to some kind of a sensor that would sense the background and then display it on the skin, on the uniform… you regenerate a signal or some kind of a deception- deceptive signal…”  Schowengerdt worked at Defense Contract Management Agency in El Segundo, California for seventeen years at time of interview.  In his words DCMA watches military contractors globally and in U.S.

Regarding assaulting U.S. citizens with invisibility suits and DEW’s?   Schowengerdt said, “To target one person… you would have to know exactly where the person is that you want to deceive.  You’d have to know their coordinates exactly in order to do that… to pin-point where people are by geographical coordinates, and then we can, in the simulation system, screen those people, or select those people to be targeted….”  He further noted, “True invisibility would give someone great power.” 

Guffey, Schowengerdt and Fuller believe the company SAIC in San Diego, California-probably produced invisibility suits.  Regarding when produced?  One needs look no further than Hollywood the three men agreed.   Colonel Corso, of the U.S Army was Special Assistant to Lt. General Arthur Trudeau who headed Army Research and Development in 1947 during Roswell cover-up in New Mexico.  “Colonel Corso said, “The disclosure is the cover-up, and the cover-up is the disclosure.”   In other words you release the truth in the form of fiction.” – Thank you author Robert Guffey.

Ex-CIA Robert Duncan reported in “Project: Soul Catcher, that CIA authorities and Hollywood have worked hand in hand to feed U.S. citizens what the government wants them to know, when they want them to know it; through movies.   By labeling a movie as science fiction, you disinform the viewer.  There is only science fact.   Duncan said CIA’s mind-control programs named after movies and books to confuse targeted victims, and if they tell authorities what is happening to them, using a movie to describe events: the TI is suffering mental break down and is locked away.  

The children’s book used to describe what is happening in our world today- is the awarded 1962 “A Wrinkle in Time,” by Madeleine L’Engle.   This acclaimed story is ranked number 22 in American Library Association’s 100 most banned books for 1990-2000.  In 2010 Disney bought rights to this book for a movie due out in 2018.   Work began on the movie,  “A Winkle in Time” in November 2016 in Los Angeles, California.  Will the movie discredit the book enough to take a child’s interest from the prophetic written work?

In Robert Guffey’s book “Chameleo,” he notes that friend Dion Fuller was assaulted by invisibility suited cowards, “… if somebody does know something, says something publicly, people will think, “Oh, he got that from The Outer Limits.”    Schowengerdt (inventor of invisibility suit) replied, “Yeah, right, right.”    Guffey said the movie Predator (showing an invisible attacker) came out around 1987, (as a time line for when invisibility suits might have been first produced.)   To date no military agency has funded Schowengerdt’s patents, but the Army admitted to testing invisibility suits on battlefields in the past decade and the Navy works with SAIC on cloaking suits.    Before U.S. News blackout on invisibility suits… journalists and reporters described cloaking using movies Predator and Harry Potter to make science-reality understandable.

photo-of-eyes-on-wall-in-springfield-mo-home-of-targeted-individual-sent-to-me-not-visible-without-camera-picture Photo taken by TI and former resident of Springfield, MO.  TI was DEW targeted and physically attacked in his home on west side of Springfield, MO before she fled in 2016, and moved to Maine.  In Maine there are laws against DEWs.  His photo shows holographic image of eyes on wall above his religious icons on table in TIs home.   This TI felt gangstalkers wanted him to know they were always watching.  He said, All the ‘neighbors’ in surrounding homes,”  suddenly began stalking and targeting him after he was placed on federal disability.   This TI notified Springfield Police Department immediately of the crimes committed, but remarked in bitterness that the SPD, “Never did a thing.

Guffey and Schowengerdt talked about holographic photographic projections some TI’s like Dion Fuller endured.  Schowengerdt said,  “You could actually create things that are so goofy that they (TI) would begin to wonder what’s going on…”  Saying there was a “…psychological warfare aspect” of targeting.   Schowengerdt confirmed to TI- Dion Fuller present during the interview- “You could have been used as a test subject or something.” 


At Chili’s Restaurant on Glenstone, and Entertainmart next door…  Do their employees know a great deal about electromagnetic weapons?

And how to use them?

One TI told me yesterday… “Past two weeks targeting outside home by gangstalkers with hand-held DEW’s localized on heart and head of TI in home.  Left arm numb, in pain after laying down at night.  Heart RACES for hours when sleep even attempted.  Last night tortured none stop, was finally able to rise at 3pm in afternoon so injured and exhausted.   Also long needle-like-pain into right knee one night and left knee last night.   Nano particles injected via C02 propulsion?  Smell of CO2 in air.  And cold.”

hacking  This week a librarian told me they never saw the page brought up when tried to access WordPress.  It took us ten minutes to find and locate ‘sign in’ page.  

Thank goodness for Springfield, Missouri librarians.  

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you dear God.  Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.