dogwood leaves and roses  Front yard.

Sept. 12, 2016, Geoff Brady’s WBAI New York radio show found at is an interview with author Robert Guffey concerning  surveillance,  DEW’s and the life of one Targeted Individual.   Brady explains that a  TI is the “…surveillance and harassment of a person who has been designated as a target by someone often associated with America’s security industry.”

Brady has also interview Dr. John Hall, Karissa Conte and Richard Bruce, all targeted individuals.  Brady knows that targeting individuals “… can be traced back to the breaches of human rights and civil liberties documented in the research of attorney Brian Glick who wrote ‘War at Home Covert Action Against US Activists and What We Can Do About It.” 

Brady also mentions that,  “In January 1988 news of a secret nationwide FBI campaign against domestic opponents of the U.S. policy in Central America are some of the earliest reports made public.”  

“In recent news the Richmond City Council passed a resolution supporting a ban on space-based weapons after a lengthy discussion over whether individuals are being psychologically and physically harmed by exotic government patented attacks from directed energy weapons.  And at Redwood, California there’s another proposed ban.”

Brady introduces Robert Guffey as the author of the non-fiction book ‘Chameleo.’  About Guffey’s friend- Damian who lived in San Diego, near Pacific Beach, California in 2003.   Robert Guffey is a lecturer in the Department of English at California State University at Long Beach.  And a graduate of the famed Clarion Writers Workshop in Seattle, Washington…

Geoff Brady (B)-  “… This happened in 2003 before as you say most people knew about gangstalking.  Although it had different names. This harassment tactic and its features existed before that year.  Targeted Individuals as you know range from drug addicts, social outcasts, activists, but also people who are at the wrong place at the wrong time…”

Robert Guffey (G)-  “… Those terms that you mentioned ‘targeted individual, gangstalking- they didn’t even exist in 2003 when this all started for me and my friend.  In the book I call him Dion Fuller… I changed all the names in the book except for those people who were public figures… But he told me he didn’t mind if I used his real name which is Damian.  And I’ve known Damian since my 16th birthday. On July 12, 2003… that was the day that I was initiated into the third degree of Freemasonry… I got home from being initiated and called my friend Damian to tell him… he didn’t answer so I left a message.  And he never called back which was unusual… A whole week went by without him calling me.”

Guffey relates how Damian finally called Guffey and told him an unbelievable story of his incarceration at the San Diego jail and being interrogated there by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) and eventual released:   Damian’s apartment was a “party house,” where people could visit day or night.  A man appeared asking if he could crash, and Damian said ‘OK.’

Guffey said that this man Lee Doyle had gone AWOL from the US Marine Corp’s Camp Pendleton nearby.   Unbeknownst to Damian- Doyle had stolen “… a 9-millimeter Iraqi gun, 23 night-vision-goggles, a DoD laptop computer, and an entire truck.”  He brought the laptop into Damian’s apartment.  A couple nights later Doyle opened the computer and the DoD logo appeared, Damian told him to “get the hell out” of his house.

Within minutes the computer was tracked.  A woman, that author Guffey re-names ‘Johnson,’ who is a special agent working for the NCIS  knocked at the front door.  The San Diego police were there too, to search for drugs.  But Johnson was only interested in the 23 pair of night-vision-goggles.  In the book ‘Chameleo’ Guffey speculates the ‘night-goggles’ which can be bought at any tactical supply store, may actually be high-tech goggles that can alter the refracted light of invisibility suits, so the invisibility suits can be seen through the goggle lens.  The SAIC worked on Damian.

G- “… For seven days they gave Damian the Abu Ghraib treatment.  They are constantly interrogating him… They assume that Damian is somehow a part of this ring of people who are selling stolen military equipment to like Al-Qaeda…   This is a very Kafkaesque situation… Damian refused to cooperate in any way because after all he didn’t know anything.”

Damian calls Guffey the minute he is released without charges.  Guffey hears for the first time what is going on and both men believe this is the end of a bad situation.  But a couple days later Damian calls to say he is being followed all around Pacific Beach by what he calls,  ‘jar-heads.’   Seven men followed him into a 7-eleven on Garnett Avenue.  Guffey says it was not a covert ‘parade of people.

G- “It was being done in such a way that he would know that he’s being followed.    

B- “Normally when somebody is being targeted like this they’ll try to make them kind of go crazy.  But it was so overt it was almost laughable?”

G- “Well, yeah… They wanted him to see them.”

At first Damian’s descriptions over the phone of stalking and new groups of people being changed out each day- were so “improbable.”   Guffey thought Damian was hallucinating.

G-  “There were these cars parked outside his apartment.  They were shining halogen lights into his window at 3:00 a.m. blaring music out in the parking lot…  So I said okay if that’s happening, why don’t you take photographs of the license plates… And he actually did that and he sent me  the photographs of these license plates. And a list of the license plate numbers. So it just so happened that I had a friend who worked up in Seattle, Washington at the DMV there.  So he ran all the plate numbers and it turned out that every single one of them didn’t officially exist in the system. In the DMV system… The list of the plate numbers are in the book, around page 50 or so.  It seemed to me that the only possible explanation for that is that they were government vehicles.”

B- “… Yes, government vehicles don’t have their license plates listed within the DMV.”

Guffey noted that if Damian was just being ‘paranoid’ or making up license plates, or even if some “normal citizen was following him, the plate number would have come up in the system.”   Which is when Guffey realizes that this could be happening to Damian!   “At that point, that’s when I started thinking that maybe there was actually some reality to this.”

Guffey then starts to Google similar situations and came across a website.  “There was this woman who called herself ‘Raven One’ and she had written a little essay called, ‘All About Street Theater’ and at that time that was the closest phrase that existed for what is now called gangstalking…  They were calling it Street Theater simply because of the theatrical way that they go about surveilling you and harassing you.”  Guffey noted that every  bullet point in the article matched Damian’s on-going experiences.

Guffey mentions not being able to find the website anymore.   But Brady says he has seen it.

B- “I know what it is, I know what you’re referring to… You can find that website archived.”

G-  “OK.  Everything starts escalating.”  Guffey talks about  how during the day Damian would ‘see’ a totally bizarre landscape out one window, but then would open his front door and see regular time and space.  The window in question faced a parking lot. “It’s important to point out that in that same exact area where Damian was living at the time are these corporations: SAIC, (Science Application International Corporation moved headquarters from San Diego to Virginia in 1999,) and ATC American Technology Corporation.  -They were within walking distance of Damian’s apartment.  And their specialties at that time was developing these exotic weapons… Like acoustic bullets for example- directed energy weapons.  These exotic weapons can be used to create phenomena that if you didn’t know any better you would think that your house was haunted.”  

Guffey related how Damian does not scare easily.  However once he was on the phone with Damian who was terrified.  “... he was frightened because objects on this mantle, were suddenly shattering as if there were a poltergeist haunting the room.”   Guffey thought they were using projectiles of sound to do this- which ATC was specializing in at that time.   Guffey notes ATC moved from the area since then.

Guffey says of Damian, “For example he started describing people in his house who he could not see.  People who were physically interacting with him who were not visible to him. One time he was in the bathroom and he was moving the mirrored medicine cabinet… he suddenly caught sight of them in the mirror, but only as the mirror was in motion.”  

G- “I started thinking about, okay let’s say that there was invisibility technology and they were using it on Damian.  If it’s light bending technology maybe it would make sense that you could see the person in the mirror… So I started thinking  about this along those lines and started wondering how much of this could in fact be true… In the midst of all this, periodically- the special agent who I mentioned earlier, Johnson would show up at the door.”

Damian reported that when Johnson showed up all the other cars and their occupants parked around the apartment harassing him, would suddenly leave.   Johnson would appear during these technologically bizarre incidents, knock at the door and always ask Damian about the goggles,  “Have you changed your mind, would you like to give us any information?”  Damian didn’t know anything about the stolen goods and would always say, ‘no.’   At which time Johnson always gave her card and said, “If you change your mind call the number…”  Then she would get back in her car and leave.  Guffey noted, “Then all the other cars would pull back in and the harassment would start up all over again.”

B- “They made it real obvious.

G- “They made it very obvious, yes.  Now it’s important to point out that Damian had been addicted to heroin for a very long time up to this point.  Heroin is a non-hallucinogen. But also as I said, I’ve known him since I was 16. So I kind of know his unique brand of craziness and how it manifests in his mind.  And it would not normally manifest in making up whole people in situations like this.”  Guffey decides to ask Damian for the number of Johnson from SAIC.

G- “I call her.  I had a whole conversation with her (transcript of conversation in Chameleo)  and she was very disturbed that I was called her.  Be that anyone was asking her questions about any of this… I said, ‘Are you following my friend?’    And she then launched into a kind of CYA language to try to back out of the conversation.  She would say, ‘Oh, no one in my organization is currently following your friend…”

B- “However another agency is actually contracted.”

G- “Exactly.  She was probably literally telling the truth… They contracted out to either another agency or even to- they recruit civilians.  During that conversation I asked her, ‘Is it OK for my friend to leave town?’ She said, ‘I would not advise that, no.’ And I said… ‘Why couldn’t he leave town?’     (Johnson replied,) ‘It just wouldn’t be a good idea for him to leave town.’  

Damian’s harassment from gangstalkers and high-tech holographic and directed energy weapons continued from July 2003 to February 2004.  Damian began exhibiting physical deterioration from being exposed to high levels of microwave and magnetic wave radiation from directed energy weapons.

G- “It got worse and worse to the point where Damian was urinating blood, he was losing weight, he had a constant metallic taste in his mouth -which I soon learned was a symptom of electromagnetic radiation poisoning.”

Damian is desperate to leave San Diego, California and buys a black van for $500, with Guffey’s financial help.  Guffey wires the $500 through Western Union. But everytime he called Damian to give the code word to pick up the money the phone instantly disconnects.  Before the password could be given. The phone cut off eight times in a row just when Guffey was about to say the password.

This was the first time Guffey experienced anything like the technical phenomena Damian endured.   Guffey’s wits were about him and he called ‘collect’ to Damian. While the operator was still talking, Guffey yelled a clue for a password only both of them would know.  Sadly, at that time Guffey notes that both men assumed erroneously if Damian left the area the harassment would stop.  Guffey says that the minute Damian bought the van and started traveling, new phenomena started.

G-  “The second he takes off, he calls me from the road from a payphone on the side of the road to tell me that there were these little flying saucer-like drones following him.  Now at the time in 2003 there were not drones just filling up the sky. -As you know now there are people shooting them out of the sky over Dodger Stadium. The drones were not ubiquitous at all… He goes all the way to Minnesota. ”

At one point in a bathroom of a Minnesota filling station, a man walks in and says in a pleading tone to Damian, “Listen if you just give the stuff back all this ends.”   The man was tired of following Damian around.  Then another man comes in the same bathroom. Grabs the collar of the guy who spoke to Damian and drags him away.  It was obvious the gangstalker was not supposed to be talking to Damian.

G- “The first guy had broken protocol in some serious way.”

At which point Damian spooks and starts driving towards Kansas.  Damian’s van breaks down on the side of the road and at about 10 p.m. two guys show up and Damian tells them his story.  The men give Damian trouble, so he gives them Guffey’s phone number.

G- “As I’m talking to them- one of the guys goes over to the front porch.  Because they had driven Damian back home with them.“  (The man starts) “… describing to me this little circular drone-like-thing that’s hovering outside.  So it was completely verified for them, in real time. I was able to convince them to give my friend some gas… and let Damian go.  He ends up in Wynonna, Kansas. There’s about a hundred and one people living in Wynonna, Kansas and for some reasons when he got to Wynonna, Kansas the harassment stopped or paused…  Perhaps it’s because there’s so few people in the town. That if a black van drives in and there’s like a parade of jar-heads following him around the town, that would kind of stick out, you know.  Also a lot of people in Wynonna, Kansas own guns. And no matter how advanced your invisibility technology is it doesn’t prevent you from being shot by lead projectiles.”

Stop at 26.11 of hour long radio broadcast from Sept. 12, 2016, Geoff Brady’s WBAI in New York- radio show ‘   YouTube Jedi Society published 9-13-2016.

last nights magnetic radiation up from morning on 5-30-2018  last night's microwave radiation in home without microwave oven up from morning on 5-30-2018

Last nights whole house directed energy weapon measurements up from that morning.   And targeting with hand-held DEW’s bad, 10 a.m. this morning.

Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice. And bringing the Network down to conquer them. Thank you God for blessing my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. We love you God. We thank you God. It is so. Amen

front yard heirloom rose

Cerebral hacking is what brain computer interface should be called.  Are governments and their medical, military, scientific, intelligence agencies looking to use human minds to create a living computer network?  Ex-CIA author Robert Duncan clearly relates that the ‘hive mind‘ is already in use among their own agents to work on and subjugate certain targeted individuals.  A hive mind usually consists of five members who are connected with each other via implants or nano devices.

If cerebral hacking continues into the general populace eventually free-thinkers will be thought of as a virus- if they are not already.  A virus to be defined as any information leaders do not want circulating in the mass mind.   Leaders can lie about truth and designate any virus as terrorist programing, i.e. anything that sheds light on the crimes of a nation, or it’s leaders and wealthy corporations.

on way to library  second police on way to library  On way to library two police.

Noticed, am fried all night with hand-held devices, above and beyond the whole house DEW units.   The hand-held DEW frequencies are increased in morning when gangstalkers in rental homes or outside on roof want leave.    Inevitably I am literally shaken and baked until I rise.  Whether it be at 10am or at 6am like today.  Once up- immediately hear the loud revving of neighbors car or loud motorcycle.  These gangstalkers want me to know they are going to their ‘day job.’

It is as if the residential gangstalker’s work-shift overnight is not finished- until the subject is vertical.  No longer in a supine or parallel. One gangstalker-neighbor works at an orthopedic clinic-  what happens to the patients who get mad at her?

center of tulip tree flower  A tulip tree blossom.

Recently read a book that wasn’t to further education about the millions of Americans who are targeted individuals.  This book was transcribed by Francisco Candido Xavier and called NOSSO LAR-  it is about ‘Life in the Spirit World.’

Most near-death-experiencers claim life in the world beyond our third dimensional one is much like our own, resonating at a higher frequency.  Learning never stops, nor does the work.  Author Xavier, assembled more puzzle pieces waiting years to fit together.  This book will not become a new belief, but will ad to the overall picture of a puzzle almost finished.

Yin and yang- and it’s transcendence both resonate beyond Earth life.  Souls go where they fit in after our spirit is free of this flesh.  If we need to look clearly at our transgressions in life we go where we can see them.  There are the ‘higher realms’ a soul can go to and the ‘dark veils.’  Xavier describes the ‘Umbral’ as a frequency right under the crust of the earth that contains persons not willing to look honestly at their life-actions on earth or in the afterlife.   There they stay until they can see what they have done with their time here and change.

Right above the earth are settlements, outposts so to speak below the higher realms.  Where courageous and hard working souls along with the Supreme Being, created a living space for those directly coming from the planet who want to heal, progress and even attempt other lifetimes on Earth. 

An explanation was given for the structure of life on the other side being quite as diverse as that of our own.  No two colonies are alike:  “As on earth, individuals here are identified according to common sources of origin and the greatness of the purposes they must fulfill.  But we must remember that each colony- like each entity- stands at a different degree of the great ascent.”  Ascent as in raising oneself to a higher frequency resonating closer and clearer to love, and truth.

The colony residents abide by the following in their advancement: “Worthwhile achievement requires three fundamental prerequisites: first, desire it; second, know how to desire it; third, deserve it.  In other words, an active will, persevering work and justifiable merit.” 

Xavier writes that some humans experience the Umbral for a few weeks, many more for decades or centuries.  But souls are always ‘worked with‘ and ‘cared for‘ until they can honestly look at themselves and what they have done.   The way Umbral is described is horrific, but a piece of cake compared to the darker regions of lower frequency.  When each soul in the Umbral or lower, shows improvement or requests the help of the One God by any name; they are aided by healers, listened to and treated as brothers and sisters.  They ascend as they change.

(Just a note 74 years after this books publication…  With the technology we have today on earth do our governments and their medical/military researchers desire to ‘crack’ (or have they already cracked) the natural balance of frequencies making it possible for humans to ascend or descend at will without physical death as technological masters but without enlightenment?)

Regarding religions Xavier noted- “An educated intelligence is not enough for human kind.  It is necessary to enlighten their thoughts about eternal life.”  Churches and their political pastorate can “… never quench the spiritual thirst of civilization.  Without the divine breath, religious personalities may inspire respect and admiration, but neither faith nor trust.”  

Spirituality as defined by those souls on the colony whose job it is to communicate with humans, “… is our great hope and in every respect it is the Consoler of incarnate humankind, but its progress is still very slow.  It is a sublime gift, which most people do not yet have the ‘eyes to see.’  An overwhelming percentage of new adherents approach this divine resource still under the copy of old religious vices.  They want to reap its benefits, but are unwilling to give anything of themselves.  They invoke its truth, but don’t go in search of it.  While many scholars reduce mediums (psychics) to mere human guinea pigs, many believers act like certain patients, who though healed, believe more in sickness than in health, and never come to stand on their own two feet.  Generally on the planet, they are looking for materialized spirits to perform transitory phenomena, whereas here we are spending our time looking for spiritualized human beings to perform serious labor…  We cannot forget that every person is a seed of divinity.”

There is talk of ‘fluids,’ on the other side that can be seen and felt that are emitted as poison, that heal, or provide nutrition from souls.    H2O or water is the physical substance most divine, here… so that makes sense.   (Perhaps this is what manifests but psychics see only as ‘smoke’ or ‘cloud’ on earth?)

And spirits, Xavier noted talked of individual freedoms on Earth and the other side.  “As for unrestricted freedom, the soul can only claim that right after understanding its duty and performing it.  Besides, it is necessary to understand that the debtor is a slave to what he has committed himself.  God created free will; we ourselves created fatalism.  Therefore, we have to break the chains we have forged for ourselves.”   Each soul accumulates debts that “… transform our brothers and sisters into adversaries along the road.  Never take any loans from evil.”

The book was written in 1944 when World War II was raging and more innocent were dying than was usual and coming into the colonies.

Xavier wrote, “We classify fear as one of an individual’s worst enemies because it settles in the citadel of the soul and attacks its deepest forces.”

Aggressor nations are not regarded as enemies the author writes, “But as hooligans who criminal activity must be stopped.   Unfortunate are the nations that get drunk on the wine of evil, although they may achieve temporary victories, such victories will only serve to lead them to their ruin, making their final defeat even more remarkable.  When a nation starts a war, it is introducing disorder into the Supreme Being’s House, and it will pay a terrible price for it…  Aggressor countries naturally turn themselves into powerful nucleuses of centralization for the forces of evil.  Without being aware of the immense dangers to which they are exposing themselves, such peoples- except for the noble and wise spirits in their midst- become intoxicated by their contact with the perverse elements that they have summoned from the dark realms.  Once-productive groups of individuals become automatons of crime.  Infernal legions descent upon the great centers of collective progress, transforming them into the arias of perversity and horror.  But while the forces of darkness take hold of the aggressors’ minds- spirit groups with noble intentions help the victims.”

Xavier- “If we should feel sorry for one individual that opposes the law of the good, so much the more should we pity an entire nation that has forgotten justice”. 

This morning’s whole house directed energy weapon units beamed no electric waves (as usual.)   The magnetic waves, microwaves were lower and are registered where no electricity is in use.   Do not own a microwave oven.

Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice. And bringing the Network down to conquer them. Thank you God for blessing my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. We love you God. We thank you God. It is so. Amen

night sky

“The price of apathy is to be ruled by evil men.”  -Plato

Dr. Barrie Trower British citizen, ex-military Royal Navy and MI5 UK Intelligence Services Agent is now a proponent of bringing the plight of targeted individuals into the light.  After years of his life spent working in industry subjugating civilians, Trower now speaks truth about technologies covertly used on millions of unsuspecting and non-consensual people around the globe.

Trower speaks on, in a video entitled ‘Microwave Frequency Warfare, the Real Co.’   Below are some excerpts…

Trower brought up is how magnetic waves go inside a human body to entrain the brain of a TI.  At the same time, Trower notes that electric waves go around the surface of the skin.  (My home of 22 years has had a whole-house magnetic wave weapons assault continually running in danger levels on EMF reader 24/7 since June of 2016. )

Trower says, governments all over the world have been lying to their citizens about the existence and effects of microwave weapons, and microwave towers for fear of law suits and reprisals.  Dr. Trower believes that the “World Health Organization is complicit with world governments in keeping people ignorant about health effects of different electromagnetic wave frequencies.”  He believes what is happening today covertly is as horrendous as the outcome of a global war. ( Perhaps that is why in the U.S. states of Minnesota, Michigan and Maine where laws against directed electromagnetic weapons denote their reality and make them illegal- they are described as ‘weapons of mass destruction?’)

Dr. Trower said of the U.S. government, military, medical institutes and scientists that they have “used their own people as guinea pigs.”   Trower notes that publications have documented children who use a regular cell phone for two minutes, encounter frequencies that cause the child’s brain to have to recoup itself for two hours before it returns to normal.   However when a child makes a phone call every couple hours the child’s brain will be entrained permanently.  He worries about the microwave towers around schools entraining children’s brains early in life.

Dr. Trower said different physical or mental illness can be caused in ‘ordinary, sane, (healthy) persons’ by (covert agents or gangstalkers) using an infrared device to follow a person with a pencil thin microwave source to target a gland, eye, brain, heart, etc… to cause different issues.

*He noted during this experimentation that when a subject or targeted individual  became incarcerated or institutionalized for criminal behavior or insanity,  Trower watched as researchers consider their work  a ‘success.’

He said people have been driven to insanity and death by the thousands in experimentation in the United States.  

Trower smiled when reporting that ‘voices’ in the brain ‘are the easiest thing to do,’ and the fastest way to drive a person to doubt themselves,  and to eventual mental instability, or insanity.

Other ways that DEWs are used is to facilitate genetic change in virus and bacteria, said Dr. Trower.  By placing a live virus inside a dormant bacteria, you can literally spread this new creation in a public place, or a forest.  Then activate it with electromagnetic pulse such as HAARP.  Trower said this new life form can wreck havoc -after the perpetrators are far gone.

one chemtrail among others  Chemtrail among clouds over Springfield, MO.

Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice. And bringing the Network down to conquer them. Thank you God for blessing my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. We love you God. We thank you God. It is so. Amen

Invisibility Suits

light posts holding up the sky  Street lights holding up the sky.

Below photos of Electromagnetic Frequency Meter (EMF) set on microwave radiation– without microwave-oven in home.   Levels recorded are way above ‘safety’ levels issued by the EPA.   Microwaves in home at .1 mW/cm2 range on April 13, 2018 for 24 hours.   The same high level was also recorded outside  home at vacant rental house porch to south.   Night of April 13, 2018 microwaves  throughout home, as well as aimed on specific body parts with hand-held DEW from roof, causing burns to body.  Both dogs and I hear footfalls on roof often, though no ladders by home.

5-7-2018 photo in middle shows .04 lowered microwave level for whole house.  On 5-20-2018 microwave level on whole house at .03 level.

on-kitchen-counter-do-not-own-microwave    microwave-radiation-dropped-at-kitchen-table-from-six-to-three-though-no-microwave-oven-in-home.jpg    though never owned a microwave oven- microwaves started April 2018 at .1 level of radio-microwave decreased to .03 but steady now

Whole-house DEW microwaves aimed into entire home April 13, 2018 at danger level after sending hard-copy report to federal agency regarding behavior of public servants in Springfield, MO.  Microwave radiation became lower after posting danger levels from April on blog.

Left photo shows the always dangerous levels of magnetic radiation in home for two years now, (usually off-scale.)  Right photo registers nothing on electric radiation -which has never gone past ‘1’ in home since targeting  began in 2016.  Magnetic, acoustic and microwave radiation have been used to target property, pets and person since 2016.

at kitchen sink not off charts always, but usually at 3 magnetic range or higher this photo shows 4.5 high  at kitchen sink as in whole house never ever registered electric frequency

Below are a few of the hundreds of published U.S. patents for invisibility and chameleon suit materials, invisibility cloaking for devices, and invisibility detection devices.  It is the use of these invisibility suits equipped with jet-packs that insures delivery of remote-torture and rape with DEWs to TI’s.  The grown men doing this are cowards and bullies.

In 1994 US Patent 5307162 By Richard Schowengerdt.

In 2006 US Patent 20060131478 By Ray Alden…

In 2007 US Patent 7206131 By Ray Alden with the US Army…

In 2008 US Patents-  200801654412 By Wenshan Cai with the US Army…   20080165442 A1 By Cai, Shalaev, Chettiar, and Kildishev with the US Navy…

In 2010 US Patents- 20100156556 by Nathan Cohen…  7795596 By Aref Chowdhury awarded by US Air Force…  20100156573 By David Smith with the US Army…  20100110559 By Wenshan Cai with the US Army…

In 2011 US Patents-  WO2010021736A9 By David Smith for U.S. Air Force…  CA2832795A1 by David Kaplan awarded by US Air Force…   20110085229 By Oleg Lavrentovich with the US Navy…

In 2012 US Patents- 8,253,639 B2; 20120319798 A1 both by Nathan Cohen… 8195244 by Clinton Smoyer…  8094378 By Alexander Kildishev with the US Army…

In 2013 US Patents- 20130010346 By Steven Risser… CN103181025A  By 大卫·卡普兰 – ‎塔夫茨大学 Contracted by US Air Force…  8490035 By Anthony Grbic awarded by US Air Force…   8509578 By Igor Smolyaninov with US Navy…   20130017348 By Atsushi Sanada with the US Navy…

In 2014 US Patents- 8867121 By Oleg Lavrentovich…  WO2014182398A1 By Andrea Alu grant from US Air Force…

In 2015 US Patents- 893757; 20150130563, 9134465 B1 all by Nathan Cohan… WO2015195286A1 By Andrea Alu awarded by US Air Force…  9140444 By Robert Connor…

In 2016 US Patents- 20160320531 By Seyedeh Mahsa with the US Army … 9482474 By Nathan Cohen…

In 2017 US Patents- 9659297 By David Russell…  9677824 By Nathan Cohen…   9557547 B2 By Joseph Choi with the US Army…   9677856 By John Pendry with the US Navy…

Photos of bizarre looking clouds on property are no more than fifteen feet tall and near ground… detected with flash on camera.   On left- cloud in shape of hand and forearm with pattern of sensors on suit at wrist area, circled.  Is light from flash camera reflecting off light refracted by invisibility suits in photos below?     Bizarre lights on vacant house porch during flash, reflecting off what?

looks like round magnetic cells of some kind on forearm of invisibility suit with hand up at camera lens with fingers open to stop photo    light reflecting off invisiblity suit

From 2017 photos- streaks of light in flash.  One in upper right corner of garage used by gangstalkers.  Other two on same night against backyard privacy fence.  Denoting movement when invisibility suited person gets out of way of camera?

Schowengerdt held the first patent for an invisibility suit in the U.S.

Richard Neal Schowengerdt is an engineer from Liege, Missouri.   He served in the National Guard and entered the U.S. Navy studying at their school of electronics in San Francisco, California graduating in 1951.  Went to Japan, set up a communication station for the U.S. Navy.   Returned to U.S. in 1957.  Settled in St. Louis, Missouri.  Studied at St. Louis University.

Richard N. Schowengerdt has worked at McDonnell Aircraft.  Wrote a communication system for the Project Mercury Space Capsule.  Moved to California in 1961.  Worked at U.S. Naval Station, Seal Beach.  Had a son.  Promoted to Guided Missile Branch head.   Consulted at Logimetric Engineering.  Elected President of Orange County Engineering Council 1967.   1968 started work at the Naval Missiles Systems Engineering Station at Port Hueneme.   Branch head at Navy Metrology Engineering Center in Pomona.   1971 Test Engineer at Naval Sea Systems Command Technical Office in Pomona.   Chief Warrant Officer Two with Naval Reserve.   Graduated from California State University in 1976, working at Northrop, Rockwell and McDonnell Douglas.  In 1988 worked with Defense Contract Management Agency.

This man’s accomplishments go on and on… have left out many.  Oct. 2014, Schowengerdt retired.  52 years with government and military.   Worked for Northrop Grumman Corporation at El Segundo.   In his spare time Schowengerdt experimented with electro-optical camouflage.  In 1993 he invented Project Chameleo with Dr. Felix Schweizer.  Project Chameleo is the first patented invisibility suit.

Above left picture of Richard Neal Schowengerdt.   Summer 2016 ran outside home with camera photographed above right picture.   Could see outlines of invisibility suited people in daylight and at night on the ground- and wanted to photograph them.  Heard walking and running on roof while targeted by cowards using hand-held directed energy weapons.  Was very puzzled since no  ladder anywhere outside or against house.  Then remembered seeing, jet-packs invented in the 1960’s and demonstrated on Johnny Carson’s Tonight show.  If invisibility suits are used to hide cowardly men targeting with DEWs,  a jet pack built in to the suit is probably how roof tops are accessed.

Twice in day time… with own eyes saw body hugging ‘suits’ with black outline- of man’s body that was see-throughnot there- but obviously in invisible suit.   When heard audible cussing from roof top…  knew then, just a cowardly human hiding in some kind of cloaking material.   One night ran out to see a shiny outline highlighting a man’s physically fit body.    A ‘body’ that also wasn’t there- but reflected off radiance from porch light and street lights showing outline only.

With my own eyes have also seen two very dark black, non-see-through shadows moving at what I would call a ‘hyper speed.’   One shadow of a man moved extremely fast across the large draped windows of a friends house visible because the light of a front porch silhouetted them.   The other shadow was less explainable.  Seen in broad day light running through north rental neighbor’s yard.  Had gone out front door when DEW  targeting too painful, attempting to see if anyone was outside.  Yet only this dark black opaque ‘shadow’ of a man was visible moving away from me.  The north rental yard is not enclosed in shade.  Anyone’s clothing and faces are visible in that yard from my home and property.  This ‘shadow-man’ had no features, no defining anything, as if the invisibility suit they wore was in  ‘shadow-mode’ at that moment.

Then I remembered that Schowengerdt mentioned in his interview with journalist Robert Guffey, that there are different kinds of ‘invisibility’ suits being produced now.  One of them has appearance of a ‘shadow’ and not refracted light causing invisibility.

Have also seen in yard during day, ‘shimmers’ exactly the size of physically fit human bodies without outlines.  Just human bodies composed of ‘shimmers.’  Like the shimmer above a really hot paved road in the summer.   Scientist Schowengerdt says that this happens when refracted light suits are malfunctioning.

Once in the dead of winter, saw exact shape of a human head ‘shimmering’ about six feet off the ground, that peered around corner of house.  Told the invisibility suited coward to ‘go jump in a lake.’  Without getting up from a sitting position.  Then heard clink on metal of chain link fence right next to my face.  Whoever was targeting that day wanted to show how powerful they were to get that close.  Am not afraid of these cowards.

Cowards will not be standing in their invisibility suits when they arrive before God upon their natural deaths.

Early 2017 spread tarps on the roof of home because leaks started due to constant use of roof as a gymnasium from which targeting with hand-held DEW’s could be achieved by cowards.   It was not my intention, but the ropes on the roof began tripping up the cowards in invisibility suits who are grown human men.  A couple cowards fell so hard in all out ‘body slams’ on roof- that it sounded like the full weight of a man would crash into my home from the roof.

One invisibility suited man fell off the roof onto the ground outside the backyard privacy fence and it took that coward almost five minutes to get up.  Much thrashing in fall leaves on the ground.  Evidently the invisibility suits are like the knight’s of old metal armor.  If you fall down wearing an invisibility suit, it weighs so much or is so cumbersome you have a difficult time getting up!  These cowards may be wearing the latest technology but they are flesh and blood.

Journalist Robert Guffey wrote an article entitled, “To See The Invisible Man,” about invisibility-suit technology in March of 2007.

Guffey interviewed Schowengerdt about the first U.S. patent dated April 26, 1994  #5307162 for invisible cloaking.   Guffey quotes Schowengerdt:  “Project Chameleo was conceived with the idea that we could take a background and present it on a surface surrounding an object or in front of an object and portray the background on this image giving you the same effect as if you were looking through the object, seeing the background behind it.”   (Schowengerdt said some suits would need a power source placed hundreds of feet away for them to work… placed in parked cars?)

Jeep below always placed in front of home when targeting occurs… though four houses away plenty of room to park at owner’s home.  Or the red car.  Who leaves a hood of a car open for a year in all kinds of weather in front yard of rental house- the hood would be closed.     Is the power source for invisibility suits inside the trunk of this red car?

jeep placed four houses away from owners home directly in front of friends house when targeting occurrs  another-texas-friend-used-as-power-source-hood-opened-today-for-effect Texas plates HRG-5760

When Guffey asked who might be interested in his invisibility suit project, Schowengerdt replied, “The Navy has shown some intense interest.”  Guffey reports that Schowengerdt spoke 45 minutes at a military symposium and the Air Force, Army and Navy were present.  The Army gave Schowengerdt clearance to be there.  During Schowengerdt’s speech, he was told that he made a ‘stop secret’ revelation to the public.   (Schowengerdt had top-secret clearance during his entire career.)   But notes Guffey;  Schowengerdt proved immediately after his speech that the information came from a brochure released to the public from NATEC regarding the Future Soldier program.

Guffey quotes Schowengerdt as saying that his idea to create Project Chameleo came from WWII camouflage:  “… in Russia, many times they would camouflage railway trains by painting on the roof.  They would paint the railroad tracks on the roof of the train so if you’re looking down from above, all you see is the railroad tracks.”  

Guffey asks if Project Chameleo could be used “in the psychological warfare arena as well?” 

Schowengerdt answered …Yeah, it could be used for psychological warfare.  You could create a situation where a person thinks he’s not seeing what he really should be seeing…. And, right, you could do things that would greatly disturb the psyche of a group of people.” 

Guffey then asked, “...could you target a particular person?

Schowengerdt replied to Guffey; …”To target one person is very difficult because of the optics of the situation.  You would have to know exactly where the person is you want to deceive.   You’d have to know the coordinates exactly in order to do that, and that may be very difficult to achieve… I think in the future we’ll be able to do a lot of those things.   We’ll be able to pinpoint where people are by geographical coordinates, … select those people to be targeted…”   (I’ve lived in the same place 22 years.)

Guffey writes that Schowengerdt was approached in 2002 by Science Applications International Corporation, (SAIC) of San Diego, California.   Schowengerdt told Guffey, … I think they were picking my brain… I agreed to meet with this guy from SAIC… He was amazed that Dr. Schwizer and I… had come up with the same thing they had been working on in isolation… He was telling me a lot about what they were doing, that they had a contract with the Army and that they were doing things with the Army.”  

Schowengerdt believed SAIC was producing the invisibility suit for the Army right then in 2007.   He told Guffey, “..I came to the conclusion that these people were already doing it.”

Guffey voices an opinion that Schowengerdt’s patent and ideas may have been used by others without him getting the credit.   Schowengerdt responded, “… You can have a secret patent pending, but when you file and release it, it’s put in a public book.   The patent office issues a book, and so it cannot be classified at that point in time.  So if the military is using things, they can do it in a clandestine atmosphere that’s protected by U.S. patent laws.  …The military is allowed to use anything they want.

Guffey asked what would happen next with Project Chameleo?   Schowengerdt said, his collaborator wants, “… something small and hand-held so that you can move around with.”    Schowengerdt had never gotten a contract to produce his Project Chameleo from the Army or the Navy-  even though his patent was one of the first.

Robert Guffey has a master of Fine Arts from California State University at Long Beach.   His short stories have appeared in many magazines.  Guffey wrote at length about his friend Dion Fuller in 2003, who experienced  and saw the invisibility suited people  targeting him with directed energy weapons.  He was gangstalked as well.   Please note all this was going on in 2003 in San Diego, California!

Guffey went on to write an excellent factual book on Dion Fuller called, “Chameleo,” published in 2015.  Really enjoyed reading it.  Also enjoyed, targeted individual- Gloria Naylor’s book, “1996.” Another favorite TI book is Dr. Cherubini’s, “Gangstalking: The Threat to Humanity.

Dion Fuller, is only the second targeted person I know of, to see with his own eyes invisibly suited cowards targeting him.  What is happening to targeted individuals is illegal, and evil.    What is happening to targeted individuals is insane.  -Thank you journalist and author Robert Guffey.

If Ti’s were being shot with metal bullets, we would be protected by our law enforcement and justice system; because the bullets would be evidence.   People would be climbing all over themselves to help us.  TI’s relating their DEW attacks are not insane… what is happening to them- the reality- is insane.

Why are TI’s not protected- when we are targeted by the same directed energy weapons that the 21 diplomats in Cuba were attacked and harmed with?  It took the U.S. government nine months to make public the Cuban diplomats cries for help.  (Good thing Springfield, Missouri Police Officers Helms, Welsh, Lilly and liaison Daugherty did not answer their calls.  The diplomats would have been asked to sign into iPads for counseling.)

In the 1950-1970’s the hundreds of U.S. Diplomats in Moscow Embassy were targeted with microwaves.  Two U.S. presidents wrote Soviet Union leaders demanding these attacks be stopped.  See blog post of May 20, 2018 “U.S. Moscow Embassy Microwaved.”  This form of murder by natural causes, murder by accident and murder by suicide is not new.

1959-u_s_-moscow-embassy-1  U.S. Embassy Moscow 1959

How long will it take for the U.S. government at the federal, state and local level to acknowledge that there are millions of targeted individuals seeking justice as victims of remote DEW crime and torture in the U.S?   In Springfield, Missouri and elsewhere?   Again, Targeted Individual’s relating their DEW attacks are not insane… what is happening to them, what they report as happening is insane.

In Japan, Professor Susumu Tachi’s “retro-reflective projection technology” (RPT) publicized 2012 possible as “active camouflage” is only semi-invisible with use of cameras projecting backgrounds onto fabric…  but is not invisible.  The suits I saw were not Professor Tachi’s.  The suits I saw were totally invisible except for an outline (could hear movements, footfalls and audible cussing from roof, coming from coward’s mouths when I got out of bed and moved around making DEW targeting impossible.)

Where Richard Schowengerdt was born.  Liege, Missouri at top of map.  Springfield, Missouri three hours away.

Liege, Missouri is where the inventer and patent holder of the invisibility suit was born- Richard Schowengerdt.png

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

‘Zapping of America’

God's love for us

Finishing the book review of 1977 ‘Zapping of America’ by Paul Brodeur, the author documents EMF radiation exposure in U.S. military-industrial complex:

In 1954 Dr. John T. McLaughlin, a surgeon in Glendale, California treated a patient exposed to workplace microwave radiation.   He wrote an article “Tissue Destruction and Death from Microwave Radiation (Radar,)” which was published in California Medicine, May 1957.  In the article Dr. McLaughlin proclaimed his patients death to be from tissue destruction from microwave frequency.  “In the case here, reported, the sudden onset, with sensation of unbearable heat, the cooked and hemorrhagic appearance of the small bowel and the pathological reports all point to the local absorption of heat in the (abdomen) …with some generalized whole body radiation effect appearing in the heart muscles, liver and spleen…

And while testing some 115 persons working in microwave machine plants abnormal ‘capillary fragility’ was common.  Dr. McLaughlin wrote, “… since some of the undesirable effects of microwave exposure are from the heat created, there will be different safety levels for different organs, since the capacity for cooling varies in different parts of the body; muscle and bone can obviously be heated with a greater margin of safety than the brain or the lens of the eye.”

The doctor went on to note that outside industry levels of EMF’s:  “Today the average human is exposed to a multiplicity of frequencies of electromagnetic spectrum which were undreamed of two decades ago.  Infrared and ultraviolet modalities are common accessories in the average home, school and place of business… (and) until further information is available, (microwave frequencies) -this energy should be afforded the same respect as other energetic radiation such as x-rays, gamma rays and neutrons.”

The U.S. government, military, and industry totally disregarded Dr. McLaughlin’s documentation and research.  As with Dr. Zaret earlier.  –Brodeur writes, “And in this manner were two early prophets (Zaret and McLaughlin) of the biological hazards of microwaves NEUTRALIZED by the military-electronics industry complex.  They had dared to suggest that microwaves- the radiation that the military conceived of an indispensable to the nation security, and that the electronic industry conceived of traveling at the speed of light in a straight line to immense corporation profits- MIGHT BE HAZARDOUS TO HUMAN HEALTH.”

In 1963 the author noted- an ELF or extremely-low-frequency of radio waves was used in a “109-mile-long antenna in the Appalachian Mountains radiating half a watt of ELF power, to send a message to a submerged submarine 2,500 miles away.”  The metal fences, power lines and telephone lines parallel to the ELF antenna had sufficient voltage interference from the ELF antenna, to pose a hazard to human health.  Brodeur wrote that the results of two studies done showing rises in triglycerides in humans and animals “were suppressed by the Navy for two years.”

And as time went on microwave frequencies and their uses fell more and more under the umbrella of secrecy under the United States national security laws.   To a point in time that military personnel affected by exposure to microwaves could never file suit against the U.S. government; military;  or their contracted industries. Clearly upset by national security policy, Brodeur reported in once case, “The Army’s claim that no information can be given out about (plaintiff’s) exposure to microwave radiation because of national security is patently false.  Indeed, it constitutes a gross misuse of national security by the Army.”

The author also notes that both U.S. industry watchdog agencies- OSHA and NIOSH in 1974 often used any Catch-22 so they would not have to carry out independent research and safety implementation for U.S. workers- especially when a union brought forward concerns about the lack of  radiation standards, and EMF radiation exposure: affecting employee health.

The author writes that sometimes the military “…did themselves in…  No doubt the Navy would dearly love to forget Military Handbook 238, issued in August of 1973, for on page 18 of that document can be found the following paragraph:”

“Non-thermal effects.  While the full significance of these effects to human hazard has not been established… an awareness of their existence should be assumed.  Some recorded non-thermal effects are listed:

  • Minor changes in human blood properties upon exposure to EM energy of proper frequency and intensity.
  • Auditory response.  (U.S. Cuban diplomats included hearing clicking and chirps in their symptoms:) Certain people can hear a buzz when exposed to microwave radiation.  The sensation of sound is probably not the microwave frequency but response to the pulse repetition frequency.
  • Abnormalities of the chromosome structure occurring upon exposure have been detected.
  • Movement, orientation and polarization of protein molecules in pulsed radio-frequency fields.
  • Unexplained response of man to radar.  Epigastric distress, emotional upsets, and nausea amy occasionally occur at as low as five to ten milliwatts per square centimeter…”   (Microwave oven ‘safety’ is at five milliwatts.)

Brodeur notes that the ‘NATO Standardization Agreements’ of 1975 proposed “... one milliwatt per square centimeter power density limit to demark where personnel radiation control procedures are initiated.”   

In 1976 the U.S. Department of Defense military-industrial complex consisted mainly of firms like McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, Northrop corporation, General Electric, United Technologies, Boeing, General Dynamics, Grumman, Litton Industries, Rockwell International, Hughes Aircraft and Raytheon.  Many of the latter; and RCA, TRW and Westinghouse were among the Pentagon’s top research and development contractors receiving hundreds of millions of dollars back in the 1970’s for EMF research and manufacture of products.

(From NPR’s STAFF of Morning Edition of 1-17-2011; “On Jan. 17, 1961, President Dwight Eisenhower gave the U.S. nation a dire warning about what he described as a threat to democratic government. He called it the military-industrial complex, a formidable union of defense contractors and the armed forces…  Here’s an excerpt:”)

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.” -President Eisenhower

(Today at, Military&AerospaceElectronics: ‘Air Force wants ideas for high-power directed-energy weapons’  published June 11, 2015:  by Kirkland Air Force Base, N.M.    “U.S. Air Force researchers are asking for industry’s help in advancing the state of the art in high-power electromagnetics technologies for directed-energy weapons and a variety of other aerospace and defense uses.  Air Force Research Laboratory officials at Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M., released a broad agency announcement (BAA-RVKD-2014-0003) for the High-Powered Electromagnetics (HPEM) Research Program, which seeks to develop HPEM technology for directed-energy weapons, cyber warfare, electronic warfare, electronics-killing weapons, power electronics, and antennas.  Air Force researchers want industry ideas on developing high-power microwave and other directed-energy weapons. The program, sponsored by the High-Powered Electromagnetics Division of the AFRL Directed Energy Directorate at Kirtland Air Force Base, will be open for five years and will be worth about $140 million.”)

Brodeur writes in ‘The Zapping of America’  chapter ‘Money Trail’, “…President Eisenhower’s chilling prophecy about the military-industrial complex,” came true. When the House and Senate Defense Appropriations Committee hearings rubber-stamped by House Representative Mahon of Texas; Senate committee’s Senator McClellan of Arkansas; and members of Congress never asked “a single question… about the possible health hazards posed by the military’s vast electronic arsenal.”  Only Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin objected to Navy’s ‘Project Seafarer’ until biological and environmental impact was determined- Brodeur wrote.

Brodeur noted the Department of Labor in 1974 wanted to create some guidelines for electromagnetic pulse (EMP) standards of exposure to human workers.  Concerning the U.S. Air Force’s “… highly classified directed-energy weapons system known as HEP…” (High Energy Pulse) was listed as one of the special military products submitted for regulation by the Boeing Company.

Cancers had developed in Boeing workers, Brodeur notes.   Still, the President’s Office of Telecommunications Policy, (OTP’s) W. Dean, Jr. wrote in a letter:  “It is our view that at this time there is not sufficient evidence to justify establishing an EMP standard.”  W. Dean, Jr., attached an IRAC document as proof, that if existing safety standards for EMP’s was followed ‘nothing bad’ would happen to employees.  But if they were not followed? Inside the IRAC document under Side Effects of Working Group: Exposure to EMP’s, workers were diagnosed with “…abnormal cellular proliferations (cancer)… increases of bilirubin and uric acid (gout)… lymphatic leukemia, myeloid leukemia, and skin carcinoma…”

Back in 1976, the U.S. citizenry knew little of the link between secrecy and national security pertaining to all electromagnetic frequency and pulse machines, and  directed energy weapons.  “Congressmen have received secret briefings, the CIA has been moved to issue one of its infrequent statements and there has ever been a presidential assurance that the nation is not in jeopardy.”  (And) “... the new game of gap (is) played in 1976-1977 in newspapers and magazines all across the country.  By and large, the writers and publications were being used as unwitting mouthpieces for the catch-up campaign orchestrated by the Department of Defense officials who strummed the news media as it it were a guitar.”   

Brodeur reports that the lax laws regarding EMF frequencies and pulses is due in large part to the military-industrial complex.  Just one letter he uses for example is by the Bureau of Radiological Health’s- Captain Tyler, who in 1977 wrote a letter directing the Navy that- “The flat statement that electromagnetic radiation in harmful to biological organisms if very misleading.”  Brodeur noted that; TV’s were allowed to be sold to the public even though the Federal Communications Commission said, “ had issued no regulations governing television-broadcast radiation … because the health hazard from such radiations has not been defined.”  Which included microwave ovens– “…are still allowed by federal regulations to leak as much as five milliwatts of radiation after purchase… No one knows what constitutes a safe level of exposure to microwave radiation, and the average house(holder) cannot have the vaguest notions of how much or how little radiation (their)  microwave oven may be leaking.”

Brodeur’s chapter entitled “The Mind-Control Connection,” records how Allan Frey (of General Electric’s Advanced Electronics Center at Cornell University) was financed by the Office of Naval Research documented, “Soviet scientists are fully aware of the biological effects of low-level microwave radiation which might have offensive weapons application.  Their internal sound perception research (reading of thoughts; brain computer interface and V2K) has great potential for development into a system for disorienting or disrupting the behavior of patterns of military or diplomatic personnel: it could be used equally well as an interrogation tool… One physiological effect which has been demonstrated is heart seizure… Another possibility is alternation of the permeability of the blood-brain barrier… (whereby) severe neuropathological symptoms…” death or impairment; Fray wrote, can also occur.

Brodeur noted how a Defense Intelligence Agency report documented how  microwaves and radio waves cause mind control.  DIA- “Sounds and possibly even words which appear to be originating intracranially can be induced by signal modulation at very low average power densities.”

And the ever-honest Dr. Zaret who the U.S. military ousted from their payroll for documenting how EMF’s cause health hazards?   Zaret suggested in the 1960’s that the Russians at least were working on non-thermal irradiation of humans with EMF’s repeatedly or continually that would increase “ …excitability (leading) to a state of exhaustion of the cells of the cerebral cortex, …(manifesting) in elimination of positive conditioned reflexes or behavior,”  making mind-control possible.

Robert L. Gilliat- an Assistant General Counsel for the Department of Defense, wrote regarding a letter he received in 1976 “...from the Advanced Research Projects Agency… (about) the so-called “brain wave” machine…(that it)  is not capable of reading brain waves of anyone other than a willing participant in the laboratory efforts to develop that particular device.”

In October 30, 1976 Brodeur quoted the New York Times reporting on a ‘mysterious broadband, shortwave radio signal broadcast intermittently’  from the Soviet Union to the United States as a land mass.   Later, Dr. Zaret stated “This broadband signal is being pulsed at an on-off rate of ten times per second… could have a central-nervous-system effect.”  With an effect as well on “...the brain’s inherent alpha rhythm.”  Zaret said, “...the potential effect in human beings from altering their alpha rhythm cannot be discounted.”  End of report on the 1977 ‘The Zapping of America’ by Paul Brodeur.  Thank you Brodeur for your bravery, honesty, and for being a true American Patriot!

On the way to Catholic church ‘Immaculate Conception‘ last weekend saw multiple flags lining the Mercy Hospital parking lot, denoting extreme American patriotism.   And by the way who spends time during church mass looking into iPhone?  Afterwards, entering the drive of the Library Center in Springfield, MO, a bill board and its website encourage a zealot-type of patriotism-  At VIDOLAmerica.Org.  A sight that espouses how Alt-Right Christians including Catholics want to make Christianity the U.S. State-Religion. 

I am just one of millions of targeted individual- never incarcerated, never institutionalized, law-abiding, honest, sincere, hard-working, an artist, gardener, practicing Catholic (among other religious beliefs,) and a truth-seeking U.S. citizen labeled by public authorities as ‘a person of interest,‘ for reporting to the Springfield, MO Fire Department that ‘electric current’ is running through my home.

No local, state or federal authority contacted thus far or news agency; is willing to assist in stopping, or bringing to light the 24/7 assault of EMF’s to property, pets and person all targeted individuals endure in silence.


Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen

‘Zapping of America’- Moscow Embassy

inside an iris  In the heart of an Iris.

Resuming the book report- 1977 ‘Zapping of America’ by Paul Brodeur-  The author repeatedly lists conclusions of researchers (Russian & U.S. scientists and doctors) regarding their findings of the health effects of microwave radiation-  “… neurological complaints, such as heaviness in the head, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, and partial loss of memory… cardiovascular symptoms and nervous system symptoms… including crises of cerebral and coronary insufficiency… gastrointestinal problems, insomnia, and decreased libido.

In 1976 U.S. Dr. Milton  Zaret (who had lost funding from the U.S. military for publishing  findings of adverse health effects of microwave radiation) also agreed with the scientific conclusions that many persons exposed to microwave radiation on a regular basis suffered from “cardiovascular disease at an early age.”  Including children exposed in their living environments- who suffered heart attacks.

Zaret found, “… the linings of the heart and its major blood vessels are contained within an internal elastic membrane… However, following excessive EMF irradiation, the elasticity of this membrane could also eventually undergo mechanical fatigue and this would ultimately lead to degradation of the elastic membrane integrity and result in cardiovascular disease.”

Paul Brodeur-  The Russians microwaved the U.S. embassy in Moscow from the 1950’s-1970’s.  Though Russia stopped bombarding the American Embassy with microwaves after a request from President Lyndon Johnson in June of 1967.  By February of 1976 Russia began once again to beam microwaves into the U.S. Embassy, on Tchaikovsky Street. But U.S. State Department officials still denied that the Russians were beaming microwaves into the embassy.  

Then the Los Angeles Times ran a story that quoted U.S. Ambassador Walter J. Stoessel, Jr. as telling his 125 member embassy staff that the; “Russians were using microwave beams to listen in on conversations inside the embassy, and that the radiation could be hazardous to their health.”   Stoessel told his staff all the way back in 1976 that the health dangers of microwave radiation included “...leukemia, skin cancer, psoriasis, cataracts…”  and more.

1959 U_S_ Moscow embassy-1 1950’s U.S. Moscow Embassy

Paul Brodeur-  Stoessel, himself was suffering from a “mysterious blood ailment.” And of the three ambassadors before Stoessel?  Two died of cancer and all three had lodged protests with the Russians and the U.S. government concerning the microwave radiation being beamed into the embassy…   But somehow the three ambassadors neglected to tell their staff of the dangers.

The Los Angeles Times speculated that the U.S. government wished to keep the microwave radiation of the embassy a secret out of fear, because revealing the attack on U.S. diplomats in Russia might cause harm to the U.S.- Russia relationship in 1976.  The Russians however leaked a statement to the American press- that microwaving the U.S. embassy in Moscow was done not to listen in, but to jam the “American listening devices” on the roof of the building.

After which the New York Times did a story reporting that “American officials said they accepted the Soviet contention that the microwaves were aimed at the Embassy to disable the sophisticated monitoring equipment and not the bug the Embassy or to harm American personnel.”  Embassy children were in a nursery in the basement of the ten story embassy.

Brodeur writes that the U.S. government was keeping the technology of microwave weaponry a secret for… “Whatever the reason, there was little doubt that an official lid had been placed on the story,” in U.S. newspapers.  (THERE IS STILL A NEWS BLACKOUT.)

The day after the Los Angeles Times had published their story, President Ford was asked by reporters about microwave weapons being used on U.S. diplomats at the Moscow Embassy.   President Ford replied, “I do not think it it is a matter that should be discussed at this time.  If it is true, it is a very serious situation.”  Oddly, President Ford forgot to mention that months earlier in the winter of 1975 he wrote a letter to Chairman Leonid I. Brezhnev of Russia- protesting the radiation being beamed into the American Embassy.  

As an act of concern and for a measure of safety the U.S. installed double windows throughout the U.S. Moscow embassy building and aluminum screens on the outside of the windows… all approved by Secretary of State Kissinger.

Paul Brodeur-  However 19 members of the American Foreign Service Association, (AFSA)- which had 6,000 members world wide; insisted Henry Kissinger issue “an unclassified written statement” that would show no evidence that “former or present employees at the embassy, encountered health problems linked to the microwave radiation… (and) when State Department management officials had first become aware of the ‘potentially harmful effects’ of microwave radiation; and to say whether any previous medical tests conducted on embassy employees had played a part in the decision to inform them of the possible hazard.”  They also wondered why aluminum screens had not been put on embassy windows earlier, if the screeens stopped radiation entering the building.

Paul Brodeur-  The U.S. State Department replied publicly to the ASFA telegram in March 1976. Saying a full scale medical investigation of past and present employees of the embassy would be conducted.  (Sounds familiar in 2018- evidently the U.S. FBI and State Department has been investigating directed energy weapons without any conclusion since the 1950’s.)   At the closed briefings with embassy personnel the State Department released papers that one reporter from the Washington bureau of the Associated Press got his hands on.  (Wish that level of interest in honest and true reporting still existed today.)  2018’s State Department officials below answering to their behavior regarding the microwave attacks on the U.S. Havana, Cuba Embassy:

Rosenfarb, Brown and Palmieri

During the 9176 U.S. Moscow embassy microwave attacks, the confidential documents exposed by the AP,  showed between October of 1975 and January of 1976 microwave levels reached “…eighteen microwatts per square centimeter in certain heavily irradiated areas of the embassy.”  The fact sheet also documented the aluminum screens just installed had reduced the “...current microwave signals to a point well below one microwatt per square centimeter…”

(Googling microwatts to milliwatts found conversion chart.   21 microwatts x10-2,milliwatts = 2.100 milliwatts.  5 milliwatts is the average microwave oven output 2 inches from oven surface.  -Courtesy of Microwave Ovens- HyperPhysics Concepts.)

The 1976 State Department further noted that embassy employees were not informed of the microwave dangers earlier because, “…until last fall, none of the experts who had studied the problem believed that it presented health hazards… (and that if embassy employees knew of the microwave radiation that this)  “… would cause unwarranted apprehension..”   Brodeur noted that the U.S. State Department fact sheet concluded with assurances to the embassy employees, “…no cause-and-effect relationship has been established between disorders contracted by those in Moscow and their exposure to the electromagnetic field.”  

Paul Brodeur-  U.S.  Associated Press reporter Barton Reppert reported on U.S. Project Pandora in May of 1976 writing that, “U.S. scientists felt low-intensity microwave radiation produced aberrant behavior…”  And in an Associated Press article Reppert dared reveal on July 26, 1976 that doctors and nurses took buccal smears from the U.S. embassy staff by saying, the smears were for bacterial checks.  However that was a lie- which the medical staff supposedly laughed about.

The buccal smears were to detect chromosomal abnormalities in the U.S. diplomats and their families exposed to microwave radiation.   Dr. Cecil B. Jacobson did the testing at the George Washington University Medical School.   Dr. Jacobson revealed the smears showed “funny results- lots of chromosome breaks…” Jacobson said he was looking for, “…chromosome breaks in the returning employees, and that he was finding them in significant numbers.”     The Moscow embassy employees had  genetic damage from the microwave attacks they were exposed to.

Paul Brodeur-  On December 20, 1976 The New Yorker did an article on the embassy in Moscow quoting a  U.S. State Department official as saying: “… we have stated repeatedly that we have found no evidence that these signals at recorded levels now or any levels in the past have adversely affected the health of our employees.”   Another question was: Isn’t the State Department knuckling under to pressures from military and industrial interests to downplay or even cover up the significance of microwave effects on health?”  To which State Department official replied, “No.”

my good white-hatted friend.jpg

Brodeur writes in the ‘Zapping of America’ that in 1976 the U.S. Moscow embassy staffer’s children began showing blood anomalies.  The author also notes that doctors seeing U.S. embassy employees from all over the Soviet Union heard similar “hypochondriacal” complaints.  (Headache, dimming of eyesight, nausea, memory loss, dizziness, etc.)  One doctor in particular, a Dr. Johnson referred all the recurring symptoms of embassy patients to his ‘psychic stress theory.’  Brodeur noted that Dr. Johnson was unaware hypochondria itself, is a symptom caused by nervous system damage in microwave patients.

Paul Brodeur-   December 15, 1976 Dr. William M. Leach the chief of the Experimental Studies Branch of the Bureau of Radiological Health Division of Biological Effects gave a lecture at the ERMAC, (Electromagnetic Radiation Management Advisory Council) meeting in Washington.  Brodeur documents that Dr. Leach told his audience microwave radiation caused cancer.  In essence any repeated dose of microwave radiation was a “genetic time bomb,” in humans and other animals. Microwave radiation also had “mutagenic effects.”   THIS WAS IN 1976.

Will continue in next post.  -Thank you Paul Brodeur… 1977 ‘Zapping of America.’

dressed for beauty

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen

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Targeted individuals the following is by Medgadget–  “Superman Vision” Gets a Boost from Vayyar’s Next Generation Chip: Interview with CEO Raviv Melamed  May 16th, 2018

Michael Batista Diagnostics, Exclusive, Informatics, Radiology-  Earlier this month, Vayyar Imaging, a firm based in Yehud, Israel, announced the launch of its next generation CMOS System on a Chip (SOC), strengthening the company’s position as a global leader in 3D imaging technology. The new chip covers imaging and RADAR bands from 3 GHz to 81 GHz and, compared to many similar chips with three transmitters and three receivers, integrates more antennas than ever before with 72 transmitters and 72 receivers.  (Israel is the nation producing the most advanced technology in our world at this time.)

The upgrade allows for longer range and higher quality imaging in real-time without compromising size. Commenting on the announcement, Co-Founder and CEO Raviv Melamed explained that, “Radio wave imaging is a powerful technology, which was dormant for many decades. Vayyar’s new sensor is finally unleashing its potential.”

To learn more about Vayyar’s new chip technology and how the company’s technology has and will be used in healthcare-related applications, Medgadget posed some questions for Raviv Melamed.

Michael Batista, Medgadget: Vayyar’s new technology has really pushed the bounds of what can be built onto a single chip with 72 transmitters and 72 receivers, greatly exceeding the 3 transmitters and 3 receivers seen on other chips. What led to such a significant step forward with Vayyar’s latest RF sensors?

Raviv Melamed: An increased number of channels is instrumental in seeing finer details and in increasing the sensitivity of the system by collecting the received energy from a larger area.  In view of this benefit, Vayyar made a significant architectural rethinking of the design to shrink the electronics of each transmitter and receiver, and their interconnect routes, in order to accommodate 72 channels on a single chip. 

Medgadget: What exactly do these new sensors “sense?” What technology allows them to do so?

Melamed: The new sensors are miniature “RADARs” – they illuminate the area with low-power radio waves and sense the waves reflected off of objects in the vicinity. By measuring the direction of the waves received and the distance to the objects by measuring the time it takes for the waves propagate to and from the object, a three-dimensional map of the environment is built. By measuring variations in signal, moving objects can be discriminated from the stationary background allowing for applications such as detecting an individual’s breathing, movement and more.

Medgadget: Vayyar uses the term “Superman vision” when describing the sensor’s capabilities. Can you tell us more what that means and how this new generation of sensors achieves it?

Melamed: Radio frequencies can penetrate certain materials, effectively “seeing through walls”. This enables Vayyar’s sensors to be able to “see” in complete darkness and in any weather condition. The new generation of chips provides us with higher resolution so that we can create a more precise image. Previously, RF technology could identify that there was an object but we are now able to create a 3D image of that object.

Medgadget: What are some medical applications that Vayyar has previously had its sensors used in?

Melamed: Vayyar’s technology has been used in clinical trials for breast cancer screening. Vayyar is now working on remote monitoring of breathing and heartbeat and may explore additional health-related applications in the future.

Medgadget: Where do you see Vayyar’s technology roadmap taking the company over the next few years?

Melamed: Vayyar’s team is making great strides in RF imaging technology and we look forward to improving image resolution, object classification and penetration for subsurface imaging. We envision the RF imaging technology to be adopted by additional markets and applications such as AR/VR, autonomous vehicles, smart retail, smart home and robotics.  Link: Vayyar Imaging

Medgadget: At Medgadget we report on the latest medical technology news, interview leaders in the field, and file dispatches from medical events from around the world.

Thank you to- © Medgadget, LLC. 2004-2018. All rights reserved. | The Medical Revolution Will Be Blogged.  And to H.

in well lit building with sunglasses, earbuds, iPhone and computer good friend  always-around-and-on-5-8-2018  good, good friend  always around friend

Received another wonderful email 5-18-2018 full of information from a targeted individual:   “What can miniature ‘RADAR’ sensors – low-power radio waves w 72 transmitters + 72 receivers @ 3 GHz to 81 GHz do?  Using RF in the microwave and millimeter wave range of the EMF / EMR spectrum, the miniaturized, remote controlled, through-wall RADAR — radiolocator & intentional radiator — device, can detect your breath rate, heart rate and what you are saying in the privacy of your own home, and can detect much, much more, wirelessly. 

RADAR, using radio waves, is the only technology that can ‘lock’ onto a target and then ‘track’ that target.  EXAMPLES OF TARGET LOCKING + TRACKING:  How Does A Fighter Jet Lock Onto And Keep Track Of An Enemy Aircraft?  Jul 17, 2013.

AND Using UWB (ultra wide band) RADAR:  NEON® location solutions geolocate sensor data and track personnel indoors, underground and anywhere GPS is not available using TRX’s patented sensor fusion, ranging and mapping technologies.

The definition of the acronym RADAR is, ‘radio detection and ranging’ AND ‘radio direction and ranging’. 

We are experiencing the misuse of these through-wall RADAR devices.

When this TTWS, RADAR, radio wave beaming computer is reprogrammed to emit higher powered radio waves (still the same low frequency but now higher powered pulses); it becomes a low frequency high powered microwave, that can burn, vibrate, deliver bee-sting-type sensations that feel like electrocution, that can disorient, make you feel nauseous, sleepy, lethargic, stimulate your bladder, stimulate your colon, stimulate your esophagus and gag reflex by precisely pulsing it, etc.

Although this technology has been around for a long time; it is being perfected to greater precision and with greater detection capabilities.  The U.S. Embassy in Moscow was beamed using MW RF as espionage surveillance in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s. 

DARPA engaged LLNL (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)   to perfect this MW RF technology to sense and ‘see’ through the rubble of the WTC Towers for any signs of life, for the slightest of motion like breath rate, heart rate and speech — 2002 and 2017 reports attached. 

From H.-  Feel free to post, forward, cut + past, share, etc.”  Thank you H.!

When I emailed a thank you back to H. this morning from Library Center computers in Springfield, MO by pushing on ‘reply to all’- this came up on screen, “Your email was bounced… because something went wrong between you an recipient.  Ugh!”  Copied exact wording:

Your email was bounced…  … because something went wrong between you and your recipient. Ugh!

What to do next?

Well, your specific problem was a 5.1.2 error.  Which means you should: Check the “” part of “” for misspellings or missing letters. If you find an error, correct it in your contacts list or address book for next time.  Or further: It is possible that the domain is temporarily inactive. If the spelling looks correct, contact your mail provider and if necessary, contact your recipient another way (e.g., phone or text message).   -End of computer’s Gmail message.

front yard  Front yard with highway beyond cedar trees.  Cedars, I planted twenty years ago.   Cedars were the first trees to populate earth- because they can withstand most forms of radiation other plants cannot.  -Which is why I planted them.  The ginkgo tree was the first deciduous tree to populate earth for same reason.  Because have two giant tulip trees, could not plant ginkgo.  Otherwise yard full of herbs, ornament bushes, plants and trees, two apple, one plum, grape vine, blackberries and more.  On public lot 50-100 including home.  It is from this location that I am being electrocuted 24/7.

The Network murders- by natural causes; murders- by accident; and murders- by suicide.  Each Network/Collective member in the conspiracy to harm, will be responsible for every minuscule EMF frequency they have personally delivered in every murder.  And will one day have to stand before God upon their own natural deaths.  Stand before God, as a murderer.

Unless before then some of us targeted individuals –being created in God’s image…  are able to transcend our ingrained belief patterns about life on earth and ourselves, to transform physical life around us, including our own bodies to higher frequencies.

sage  Sage in front yard.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen


If you want God to laugh tell God your plans.  Started reading some history on subjugation methods by governments in recent history.   Seems as if every government needs a scape-goat to make their wealthy more money.  Usually the wealthy control governments.  Governments and their wealthy get away with their crimes by telling untruths.  Untruths about innocent civilians who their government’s attack, imprison and put into institutions to ‘save’ the ideals of, (hide the crimes of) nations.   Today in the U.S. scape-goats are targeted individuals.

Sometime a couple months ago was asked via email or text if I was a communist.  This surprised me.   Never studied in school, and ever honest, was embarrassed to admit- “I don’t know what being a ‘communist’ is.”  While researching the history of scape-goating found that upstanding U.S. citizens who were members of the communist party and who bravely fought for their country the United States in WWII- were labeled ‘enemies’ of our nation to help create the ‘cold war.‘   The Cold War ensured lots of wealthy families and their corporations- especially in the military industrial complex got richer.

The U.S. House Un-American Activities Committee investigated U.S. citizens from the 1940’s to 1975!  Essentially destroying every aspect of their lives.  During the 1940’s the subjugation of good U.S. citizens who were members of the communist party- teachers, soldiers, government workers and their families suffered from lack of work, bankruptcies, divorce and suicide.  Hundred of people were blacklisted in Hollywood and thousands more targeted in the United States.

Dalton Trumbo is one of greatest peaceful activists in the U.S. who was blacklisted and sent to jail for doing nothing more than writing some of the best movies made in America and being a member of the communist party after WWII.   It is odd how the House Un-American Activities Committee used ‘communist’ exactly like today’s Department of Homeland Security uses the word ‘terrorist.’   Trumbo endured decades of blacklisting like today’s targeted individuals do- but without the directed energy weapons.

Trumbo_1947.jpg  Dalton Trumbo great American writer sitting before the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Trumbo accepted one of the only awards (Screen Writers Guild Laurel Award) that he was able to receive under his own name in 1970.  After Trumbo and his family suffered decades of blacklisting -this is what he said after accepting the award:

The blacklist was a time of evil, and no one on either side who survived it came through untouched by evil. Caught in a situation that had passed beyond the control of mere individuals, each person reacted as his nature, his needs, his convictions, and his particular circumstances compelled him to. There was bad faith and good, honesty and dishonesty, courage and cowardice, selflessness and opportunism, wisdom and stupidity, good and bad on both sides.”

“When you who are in your 40s or younger look back with curiosity on that dark time, as I think occasionally you should.  It will do no good to search for villains or heroes or saints or devils because there were none; there were only victims.”

“Some suffered less than others, some grew and some diminished, but in the final tally we were all victims because almost without exception each of us felt compelled to say things he did not want to say, to do things that he did not want to do, to deliver and receive wounds he truly did not want to exchange. That is why none of us–right, left, or center–emerged from that long nightmare without sin.”    A wise man who suffered greatly, and who never experienced targeting with directed energy weapons.  

The writer Hemingway committed suicide over the targeting he endured for years by the FBI under the direction of Hoover.

Last night above photo on left, captured yet another bizarre ‘cloud’ image.   Take photos outside when targeted by gangstalkers with hand-held DEWs.  Trees and fence in background visible through ‘cloud’ with odd shapes in it.   After waking three hours later, review camera images.  See the ‘cloud’ and run out to take another photo in dark.  Nothing but night.  Decided to enhance  ‘cloud’ photo and circle only two of the objects in ‘cloud’ below.

enhanced photo to show image highlighted  enhanced photo to show square objects in 'cloud' circled.jpg

Following photos of ‘clouds’ on property last year.   The picture below is not enhanced.  It is duplicated to show (circled) two columns of what could be magnetic cells or sensor cells on forearm and hand inside an invisibility suit.  Palm open, fingers spread to stop photo image being taken?  Bright ‘cloud’ in photo on bottom right so ‘solid’ when took flash at night exploded in my face.

Most targeted individuals may not be aware that they are assaulted with directed energy weapons by humans wearing invisibility suits.  Have seen the outlines of these suits in the day and at night.  Invisibility suited humans can be heard walking on roof at night from where they target with directed energy weapons.  Below patents just a few of the hundreds published for meta-metals and nano-ceramic fabrics which are used to make invisibility suits.  Notice the dates.

In 1994 US Patent 5307162 By Richard Schowengerdt.

In 2006 US Patent 20060131478 By Ray Alden…

In 2007 US Patent 7206131 By Ray Alden with the US Army…

In 2008 US Patents- 200801654412 By Wenshan Cai with the US Army… 20080165442 A1 By Cai, Shalaev, Chettiar, and Kildishev with the US Navy…

In 2010 US Patents- 20100156556 by Nathan Cohen… 7795596 By Aref Chowdhury awarded by US Air Force… 20100156573 By David Smith with the US Army… 20100110559 By Wenshan Cai with the US Army…

In 2011 US Patents- WO2010021736A9 By David Smith for U.S. Air Force… CA2832795A1 by David Kaplan awarded by US Air Force… 20110085229 By Oleg Lavrentovich with the US Navy…

In 2012 US Patents- 8,253,639 B2; 20120319798 A1 both by Nathan Cohen… 8195244 by Clinton Smoyer… 8094378 By Alexander Kildishev with the US Army…

In 2013 US Patents- 20130010346 By Steven Risser… CN103181025A By 大卫·卡普兰 – ‎塔夫茨大学 Contracted by US Air Force… 8490035 By Anthony Grbic awarded by US Air Force… 8509578 By Igor Smolyaninov with US Navy… 20130017348 By Atsushi Sanada with the US Navy…

In 2014 US Patents- 8867121 By Oleg Lavrentovich… WO2014182398A1 By Andrea Alu grant from US Air Force…

In 2015 US Patents- 893757; 20150130563, 9134465 B1 all by Nathan Cohan… WO2015195286A1 By Andrea Alu awarded by US Air Force… 9140444 By Robert Connor…

In 2016 US Patents- 20160320531 By Seyedeh Mahsa with the US Army … 9482474 By Nathan Cohen…

In 2017 US Patents- 9659297 By David Russell… 9677824 By Nathan Cohen… 9557547 B2 By Joseph Choi with the US Army… 9677856 By John Pendry with the US Navy…

Bill Gates owns the most patents for meta-metals than any other private individual.

men surveilling

While unlocking car in driveway this morning noticed white van on street north of my home.  Two men inside sitting, waiting for something.  Was drawn visually to their vehicle three houses away through two yards because they appeared to be on surveillance?   Heavily targeted all morning.  Stood watching.  Once in car drive in opposite direction of library.  Immediately van starts moving.   Driver re-positions van on a street south of my home.  Again both men sit.  After ten minutes they left.

Wonder what happens to my home when I am gone.

in well lit building with sunglasses, earbuds, iPhone and computer   good friend

YouTube’s End International Criminality dated April 2, 2018: has an interview with an exgangstalker.  This is her comment:  “Ex-Gangstalker (S.O.) posting this anonymously. Please not ask for my name or address. This video was shot at the Gangstalkers Headquarters in Highlandville, Missouri, USA. The quality is not very good as I had to shoot it on my phone. I had to smuggle my own phone into the mansion as they only give you locked down mobiles with their finder app on them. The Gangstalkers (called the collective) KILL PEOPLE using EM transmissions. I used to be in the collective as an SO but got out and went on the run when I found out that they don’t target criminals like they say but innocent people. DON’T fall for their big money its a trap and if you try to get out they hunt you down and add your family to the list.”  -Posted below YouTube’s End International Criminality dated on April 2, 2018.

Springfield, MO is 31 minutes; or 19.8 miles from Highlandville which is noted as the little round circle in an upside-down-teardrop, at the bottom of the map below from MapQuest.  It is no wonder gangstalking and DEW targeting is horrific in Springfield Missouri.

Highlandville is very close to where I live in Springfield, Missouri

MapQuests description of Highlandville, Missouri is as follows:  “Highlandville is a city in Christian County, Missouri, United States. The population was 872 at the 2000 census. It is part of the Springfield, Missouri Metropolitan Statistical Area…   According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 5.0 square miles (12.9 km²), of which, 5.0 square miles (12.9 km²) of it is land and 0.20% is water.”  Unfortunately there is no mention in MapQuests description of Highlandville, Missouri as being one of the headquarters for recruitment of gangstalkers in the Collective.

From YouTube’s End International Criminality published on April 2, 2018.  All highlighted titles below are from video:

Other information from gangstalkers calls the organization they work for the Network.  But in this video, the group targeting individuals is calling itself “THE COLLECTIVE” stating that the Collective is “A PROFESSIONAL GOVERNMENTAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY.”  The Collective is “OPERATING IN 47 COUNTRIES.”  (Capital letters from video.)    The Collective boasts that it operates “WITH OVER 130,000 HIGHLY TRAINED LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENTS.”   The Collective has“AN ANNUAL BUDGET OF OVER $270 BILLION.”   And shows members of the Collective following what they call a ‘person of interest.’   Each member of the Collective receives at least, “A SALARY STARTING AT $45 P/H (USA / EUROPE) FOR AN S.O. (SURVEILLANCE OPERATIVE.)”  Furthermore the Collective claims “HANDLERS (S.O. MANAGEMENT) CAN MAKE UP TO $140 P/H (USA / EUROPE.)”  The recruitment video states that“TARGETS ARE CRIMINALS WORKING OUTSIDE OF STANDARD INTERNATIONAL LAW.”   Then the Collective video notes they have “CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY-  GENERATION 7 D.E.M.P.G.’s (directed electromagnetic pulse generators;) H.A.R.M. (high amplitude radio media;)” and a“BIO-COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK.”   While the above was printed over a real-time video showing people following a targeted woman…

Following is transcript of voice of Collective member on video explaining what is expected from associates working for the Collective:  “Teamwork is the foundation of my job.  We rely on each other to insure our goals are met and our operations are successful.   My work day involves physically following the target- a person of interest without he or she knowing that they are being observed,  Surveillance is not for everyone.  It is not a nine to five job.   It takes natural ability and training to be able to blend into the background.   My work is unique and exciting.   It has stretches of long idle moments and bursts of adrenaline.   A surveillant’s greatest skill is to be attentive to detail…”  End of supposedly genuine and anonymous video leaked out from a recruitment meeting at a Cooperative headquarters in Highlandville, Missouri. 

Below reflections this morning from car window superimposed over meeting house- sometimes there are many more cars; parked on lawn, sidewalk, and street as well.

In 2002 Duke University did brain to brain interface with rats.  Researchers networked one hundred rats as one mind.  The rats thought and worked as a unit.  In 2015 in San Diego, California a neuroscientist did the same experiment on humans.  Covertly similar experiments are being done on millions of Americans in their own homes today.

The goal of the Network (Collective) is to perfect the greatest weapon and to perfect a society where no one questions authority.  Any free thinker would be a virus.

iris leaves in sun after rain Sunlight inside a blade of Iris.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen

God's love

In the fascinating 1977 book, ‘The Zapping of America- Microwaves, Their Deadly Risk, and the Cover-Up” by Paul Brodeur writes that “By the late 1950’s, virtually all the investigations into the biological effects of microwaves were being either conducted or financed by the Department of Defense, which had assigned the Air Force the responsibility of developing a program of coordinated research in the three branches of the armed forces.”  The program was called “Tri-Service Program”.   During that time the U.S. Naval Medical Research Institutes reported that testicular damage from microwaves was occurring.   -This finding however- as well as those regarding possible damage to central nervous system, and blood never raised “… any doubt” about the safety of microwaves.  And even then the “military-industrial complex had developed almost complete immunity to any information…” that placed the use of microwaves in question.

On the other hand, Soviet scientists did research on the health effects of microwaves on their countrymen after WWII by the scores.  Not just test subjects in laboratories mind you.  But REAL TIME exposures from all manner of work related EMF injuries , symptoms and complaints.  Their extensive microwave research was totally discounted by U.S. scientists until decades later.  During which the Russians placed severe restrictions on the use and levels of EMFs in their own country.  While the U.S. continued putting its citizens at risk as guinea pigs- that worked and lived with dangerous EMF levels.   AND IF the United States gave any assistance to multiple complaints of microwave workers, they only did so by documenting that all microwave injuries were “subjective symptoms,” only.

Brodeur writes, “The Russians had recognized unusual effects of radio-frequency energy on the human central nervous system as early as 1933 and had been studying the problem ever since.” In the 1950’s …”the Soviets found the following symptoms to be the result of low-intensity micrcrowave radiation on human beings… (and) on fur-bearing test animals…  (causing) headache, eye pain, and weariness… prolonged exposure to microwaves (caused) stabbing pains in the heart, dizziness, irritability, diminished intellectual capacity, partial loss of memory, loss of hair… (and) the formation of cataracts… changes in the protein composition of the blood … and shifts in white-blood-cell counts, ocular pain, eye strain and eyelid tremor… changes in cardiovascular functions including- slowing of the heart rate and changes in blood pressure… changes in central nervous system and alterations in then normal rhythm of brain waves recorded in electroencephalogram patterns.”  The endocrine responses to radio-frequency radiation included “…increased thyroid activity, enlargement of thyroid gland, sterility, as well as decreased lactation in nursing mothers…” and an unusually high number of female children born to those men and women exposed to microwave frequencies.

The above researched in the 1950’s in Russia and collaborated by private U.S. doctors and scientists all of whose work was discounted in the United States.  The only test done on actual U.S. workers suffering from dangerous levels of EMFs was conducted with 370  Lockheed workers whose eyes were damaged.  And nothing came of it.

In 1965… “the Institute for Defense Analyses- a think tank that does work for the Department of Defense- convened a special task force to assess the problem (of microwave radiation effects on humans,) …to duplicate some of the Russian experiments.  In addition, the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA)- a highly secret organization with the DoD, which was engaged in developing a wide variety of electromagnetic weaponry… set up a special laboratory at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, in Washington, D.D., where… the results of these experiments were called inconclusive..” (and) “…the Department of Defense classified them as secret.”

Brodeur notes that in June of 1967,  President Lyndon Johnson asked  Premier Alexei N. Kosygin at a summit meeting to stopthe irradiation of the U.S. embassy in Moscow.”   (The same month a bill was introduced in Congress after General Electric company recalled ninety thousand color TV sets that were) “… found to be emitting X-rays in excessive amounts.”  

Documents Brodeur-  In 1961 Dr. Allan H. Frey, a biophysicist working for Randomline, (a research firm in Hungdon Valley, Pennsylvania) published his findings of the effects of microwaves on the nervous system in  Aerospace Medicine and the Journal of Applied Physiology.  

Frey had found that human beings can hear pulsed microwaves at different frequencies and “… depending upon the width of the pulse and its rate of repetition, radio-frequency sound was perceived as buzzing, ticking, hissing, or knocking; from several hundred feet away… (from source) and could be perceived by people who were deaf.”  He was literally laughed at by his peers.

Frey stated, “It was as if none of them was prepared to accept or even listen to what I had hit upon.”  And he said, “After I published my findings, I got some pretty strange letters…”  One ‘fellow’ from Chicago, who had served in the Air Force reported to his commanding officers that he had heard radar signals.  The military medical personnel-   “…hospitalized him for psychiatric examination.  Finally, after a series of exhaustive tests, they told him that his skull must be some kind of resonating cavity, and let him go.”   OK, Air Force.

Dr. Frey also found microwaves could cause a… “heart to stop beating altogether.”  Other doctors in Brodeur’s book who worked for corporations or were privately found that microwave patients thirty years of age protracted cataracts often from repeated exposures of microwave radiation.  Never before in U.S. history were the kinds and locations of eye cataracts ever seen before- until EMFs were prevalent in work places and in our homes.

The ‘microwave cataractogenesis’ cases seen by Dr. Milton M Zaret, an ophthalmologist practicing in Scarsdale, New York beginning in 1959-  were from the U.S. Air Force and private companies; and many were legal in nature.   Zaret published his findings five years later, in 1964 noting that microwaves were responsible for eye damage.  He is quoted as saying the “… Air Force was apparently unimpressed by the information…”  

And in fact Zaret soon began receiving patients from the still supposed, “true cross-section of people exposed to microwave radiation,” who did not have cataracts.  Zaret documented, “Was something funny going on in the selection process, because of worries over public disclosure and possible legal problems?”  Soon after, the military terminated all financial support of Zaret’s microwave studies.

In 1969 U.S. civilian households with microwave ovens in use- “were reported to be anywhere from one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand.”  In 1971 controversy over the biological effects of microwaves in the United States began among civilians.

Journalist Les Whitten was who was investigated and arrested by the FBI and spied on by the CIA had championed Dr. Zaret’s research.  “And in May 1972 they (Les Whitten and Jack Anderson,) broke the ten-year-old story of how the Russians had beamed microwave radiation into the American Embassy in Moscow in the early sixties…  As might be expected, Anderson and Whitten came under heavy attack from representatives of both the military and industry…”  –Many of the U.S. embassy family members, staff, and their children died of and contracting cancer during that same time period.   More on this great 1977 book “The Zapping of America,” by Paul Brodeur in next blog.

As might be expected, Anderson and Whitten came under heavy attack from representatives of both he military and industry…”  More on this great 1977 book “The Zapping of America,” by Paul Brodeur in next blog.

such tiny tendrals on dandelions

WALLAH! Viola! Wallah!  Wow!  In just one day, after getting a receipt of email from a phone employee answering at the U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division.  After waiting three months, sending three email reports; being told by a USDJCD worker that a report was in their computer; then a week later that the my email report had disappeared from their computer; and then sending a certified hard-copy received on April 16, 2018 that was never entered into their computer…  WALLAH!  VIOLA! WALLAH! WOW!   Was notified by the USDJCD after FOUR MONTHS: that any resident of Springfield, Missouri notifying law enforcement and fire department of organized crime efforts with directed energy weapons can only be prosecuted by the USDJCD if federal criminal laws have been violated.  At which time the FBI then takes over.

The United Stated Department of Justice Criminal Division writes in their email to me; “DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A FEDERAL CRIME.”


Let us talk about the FBI.  The FBI who came out in the international press for stating that the directed energy weapons attacks on the U.S. diplomats in Cuba was most probably some kind of “viral poison.”  Really?

The FBI has a record of putting every targeted individual seeking their assistance (about assault with directed energy weapons) into mental health evaluations.   Even though the U.S. and Canadian military and civilian doctors and scientists in both Canada and U.S. discounted ANY viral or psychological aspects of the Havana embassy attacks as such.  

Directed energy weapons are labeled by the United Nations (and three states in the U.S. with laws against DEW’s) as ‘weapons of mass destruction.”   

So just WHY cannot the FBI assist targeted individuals with THE FEDERAL CRIME of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ being used against them?    The FBI cannot assist any targeted individual in the U.S. because…  TIs are experimental military and medical subjects in a secret and covert program to BENEFIT the U.S. government weapons research programs.   And any secret project is above the law and cannot be acknowledged because of NATIONAL SECURITY -even by the FBI.

Below is the letter that in e-mailbox found this morning at Library Center in Springfield, Missouri.


Inbox Gmail: May 15 (1 day ago).                                                                                                 Division, Criminal (CRM) to

Dear Ms. Grace:

Thank you for writing the Criminal Division. We have been asked to respond to you on their behalf regarding your concern about corruption in your community. 

The Department of Justice prosecutes cases against public officials who violate the federal criminal laws. Before an investigation can be initiated, there has to be specific and credible evidence that a public official may have committed a crime. If such evidence exists, an investigative agency, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), commences an investigation. If the investigation turns up sufficient evidence, the Public Integrity Section of the Department of Justice, or the United States Attorney’s Office in the District, prosecutes the case. 

We appreciate your concern about corruption in your community, and you having taken the time to communicate these concerns to us. However, based on your letter, the events you describe do not appear to constitute a federal crime. If you believe that you have specific evidence that a federal crime has been committed, we suggest that you contact the local office of the FBI.

Again, thank you for writing the Criminal Division. We hope this information is helpful. 


Correspondence Management Staff

Office of Administration Reference Number: JL300667647.   []
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2018 1:43 PM
To: Division, Criminal (CRM) <Criminal.Division@CRM.USDOJ.GOV>
Subject: Fwd: From Josephine Grace- fourth time sending report to please notify immediately received

BEAUTY  Luckily there are roses in my garden.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen

such love

Below find a few of the emails recorded as ‘sent’ to the U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division on February 9, 2018.   First email report regarding rights violations in Springfield, Missouri-  never responded too.   Sent query letter to USDJCD on March 12, 2018 to please send acknowledgement of receipt of report, and received no response.  Called the USDJCD week later and reached a woman who said email report in computer, wait a week to get notice of email report.  Asked if she could send receipt letter to which she replied could not do so.  Called back week later man answering phone said “There is no letter or report in USDJCD computer from you.”

Sent second email report on March 30, 2018 to the United States Department of Justice Criminal Division.  Waited a week and phoned. No email in computer.

Concerned, hard-copied report and took to U.S. Postal Service.  Took out certified mail insurance on the package sent 4-11-2018 to the United States Department of Justice Criminal Division (USDJCD.).

U.S. Postal Service receipt with tracking number.  Call for tracking confirms that a certified hard copy report was sent through the mail on 4-11-2018, received and signed for on April 17, 2018 at the address of 950 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington, DC 20530; at 5:32am.   Again… never received a response in writing or through email of hard-copy report sent to USDJCD.


Today 5-14-2018 almost a month later; called USDJCD in the morning and spoke to a man who said hard-copy report not noted in computer.  He asserted that if re-sending report by email to include ‘sent’ files of e-mailbox showing earlier correspondence- to prove there were two attempts since February of 2018- if issue is timely matter.   Asked if I were to send report today -could he do immediate email receipt reply while on phone at library computer?  He said yes.

An hour later at the Springfield, MO Library Center called back while on computer and a woman answered phone, saying the man I spoke with was not there.  While she was on phone sent third email report to USDJCD with all previous ‘sent’ reports from email files:

From Josephine Grace- fourth time sending report to please notify immediately received

Inbox from 12:42 5-14-2018 to Criminal.Divis.

Below email correspondence does not reflect hard-copy report sent certified mail and signed as received April 16, 2018 at physical address for U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division.  Please notify at once have received this email.  Thank you.  Josephine Grace.   There were four attachments in email.

The woman at USDJCD saw email report come into computer, but would not send a reply to that fact stating that she saw the email in computer and ‘told’ me she saw it in the computer.  I asked several times, in different ways for an immediate response acknowledging email report in writing, but to no avail.

Called back again hour later to have the man (talked with this morning) once again answer the USDJCD phone.   Asked if he could find my email report in their computer, after searching he did find it.   Asked if he would do as he told me earlier, and send an email reply acknowledging its receipt.  He got off phone two times to check and then said that he could indeed send a reply.  This is the letter I have in e-mailbox today three months after sending initial report:


Inbox- Division, Criminal (CRM) 15:08 (one hour ago) to Ms. Josephine Grace at

Dear Ms. Grace:

Your correspondence to the U.S. Department of Justice has been referred to the Criminal Division (CRM) for review and response.

A Controlled Tracking System number, JL300667647, has been assigned to your correspondence for future reference.  For any further information regarding your correspondence, you can telephone us at (202) 353-4641.  You can also find general information about the Department of Justice online at

Please be aware that the standard response time for most inquiries is 60 days.  If you requested assistance with a personal legal matter, you should be aware that there are time limits called statutes of limitations that establish deadlines after which criminal prosecutions and private civil lawsuits can no longer be filed.  The Department of Justice cannot provide legal advice to you regarding your rights or whether there may be time limits that apply to your situation. Therefore, you may want to consult with an attorney promptly for legal advice.  If you do not have an attorney, or if you cannot afford an attorney, you may wish to contact the lawyer bar association for your state to request an attorney referral or to obtain information on whether free or reduced-fee legal services are available to you.  


Correspondence Management Staff

Office of Administration

Reference Number: JL300667647



From a fire fighter’s jeep:

                                     this professional fire fighter sends his message in more ways than one


Since being targeted with directed energy weapons and recording magnetic frequency readings off scale since 2016- and microwave frequencies since April 2018.   At which time the magnetic readings were lowered to middle of danger level.  As well as hand held devices for two years targeting face/head, feet, stomach, genitals, and heart for months at a time…  Below find pictures of shaken and baked, dried and fried flesh as it appears on arms, feet, wrist and and face.  Skin never before exhibiting odd bumps underneath, hardened epidermis layer, and strange lines ingrained in the cells across across flat areas of flesh.


Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen