If you Google ‘Targeted Individuals Europe’  TI “Symptoms” a picture of the red whites of eyes is how it looks to be cooked in your home by directed energy weapons.  Months ago a family member pointed out my own red eyes that look like the picture.  Caption beside it… ‘The most visible and common TI-symptom, especially in the first stages when the attacks are uncontrollable and the body has not coped with them yet, are the red eyes.’   I sleep under a table lined with sheets of metal, and on top pots and pans which sometimes shake, clanging together all night under the attack from my roof where men dressed in invisibility suits target me.   See the Guardian Newspaper’s April 2016 article on ‘Military ‘invisibility cloaks’ could breach Geneva conventions.’  Am always pleased to know exactly what is happening to me, is the same truth in other TI’s- this helps so much.

Stomach targeted all last night, morning and day.  Makes me ill, exhausted, hurt.

Murderers are capable of great love.  There is murder by suicide, murder by accident and murder by natural causes.  Most of the gangstalkers targeting me non-stop are parents.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

At BiggerThanSnowden.com, Renee Pittman Books writes, ‘…since post 9/11 law enforcement and military practice legalized nonconsensual testing operations with extreme low frequency radio waves for covert mass, and social population control. Using highly advanced psycho-physical, psychological electronic mind invasive technology in an ongoing program.”   Pittman Books supplies a drawing of a woman’s body and the effects directed energy weapons have on various body parts.

She notes the first unclassified successful transmission of the human voice to skull was performed by Dr. Joseph Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in 1974.   Pittman Books writes that a U.S. Patent #5356368 dated Oct. 18, 1994 is a ‘Method of and Apparatus for Inducing Desired States of Consciousness.’  This device uses pre-recorded brain waves (brainwave frequency following response) that forces your mind to follow those brain wave patterns and feel what you are told to feel.

Pittman Books also writes about the ‘slow bending almost 90 degrees backwards’ of toes and fingers... (this happened to me at the FedEx Office on Glenstone Ave. in Springfield, Missouri in September 2016, when copying the reports about being targeted by my former employer- to hand out around town.)   A ‘customer’ came into the FedEx Office after I entered, and he sat at computer watching me.   Suddenly both hands started bending backwards in a position never would be consciously able to do.   Immediately clasped them together and shoved them between body and the counter- flat -so they could not move and lay flat.

Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) has been operational since the early 1990’s.    In the New York Times newspaper Dec. 11, 1984  an article by Walter Sullivan it mentions ‘spread-spectrum’ sound transmission conceals radar or communications.’   So a sound, or signal ‘distributed over a mixture of frequencies can be intercepted only by a receiver tuned to that mixture.

April of 2009, the site ‘The World Vision Portal Forum’ by Gnosty  reported that U.S. Patent #5159703 ‘Silent Subliminal Presentation System‘ was ready for use commercially in 1992.   This device ‘simply allows for the implantation of specific thoughts, emotions and prescribed physical actions into unsuspecting human beings.’    Turning humans into ‘mere puppets.’  Gnosty writes, ‘whoever controls this technology literally has the power to control the minds of… all men and women everywhere.’

All televisions across the U.S. and Canada supposedly went 100% digital as of 2009 in their signals, which Gnosty records would allow unrestricted use of the SSSS frequencies called the ‘sound of silence.’  It is ‘subliminal mind-altering technology so extreme and incomprehensible…‘ (people are) ‘...reduced to the level of compliant children and grateful to be alive in the wake of mind-wrenching experiences.’    Gnosty believes when ‘the shadow rulers’ decide to flip the switch to take over North America, they won’t need Army troops… as every radio, T.V. (computer, cell phone, iPod, tablet,) and satellite broadcast ‘will accomplish the job without a shot ever being fired.’

Last week upon arriving at Thanksgiving destination up north, unloaded my car.  Took eleven trips into a relatives apartment, up a flight of steps and down.  On the second trip see a man leave his beige truck in a hurry.  Once this man is inside adjoining apartment building foyer- his truck alarm turns on.  I take a bag inside and his truck alarm turns off.   Come outside for another bag and the truck alarm turns on.   On and off, the entire time unloading car.

Because I have chosen to retain my sense of humor, it was hard not to laugh out loud, but I didn’t want to alert the gangstalker working so hard to traumatize me that I found him pathetic.  In case he would really hurt me later in the night with intense EMFs.   This gangstalker wanted me to know I would be targeted during my visit.

Got many license plate numbers of gangstalker’s.   Many skull-marked trucks, and black sedans.   Everybody working hard to earn their money from my former employer’s- CEO, former and current heads of security, founder and owner.    No photos taken as didn’t want relatives to know or endanger them.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God.  So be it, Amen.

December 9, 2014,   Dr. Daniel Lebowitz  a medical doctor   presented to a Senate Hearing,  “The State of Civil and Human Rights in the United States.”   Documenting the targeting of individuals in the U.S. ‘undergoing modern versions of COINTELPRO and MK-ULTRA combined,‘  saying these programs are torture/trauma based brainwashing and mind-control  using secret forms of ‘repression, persecution and psychological warfare’ on ‘regular people’ in the United States.  He believes the ‘political abuse of psychiatry has been carried out… as a way to torture and discredit dissidents…. in unethical non-consensual human experimentation… with advanced directed energy and psychotronic weapons systems… in the most vicious… political control of dissidents, activists, whistleblowers, agitators and so-called “undesirables” that the world has ever seen.’

Jimmy Carter was our 39th U.S. President and in 2002 won the Nobel Peace Prize.  On June 24, 2012 he wrote an article in the New York Times Newspaper entitled, ‘A Cruel and Unusual Record.’  In this article Carter wrote about the assassinations of Americans and the human right’s violations occurring in the U.S. since 9/11.  (Wonder what he would say about the targeting of individuals today?)  He goes further to claim that the U.S. can no longer address world governments with any moral authority.  In 1948 the United States adopted the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights.’  Carter wrote, ‘It is disturbing that, instead of strengthening these principles, our government’s counter terrorism policies, now clearly violate at least 10 of the declaration’s 30 articles, including the prohibition against “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”   In 2012 Carter recorded that U.S. laws were violating civil rights and human wrights:  such as the right to freedom of expression, and presumed innocence until proven guilty.  Carter noted current laws allowed  warrantless wiretapping and government electronic communications surveillance.

After meditation sometimes go outside to commune with God’s creation.  Trees always say, ‘Look up.’  See their branches reaching to the sky, note the color of heavens, feel wind and cold. And hear… “If you surround yourself with beauty nothing can touch you.’  OK.

Native American’s believe the word ‘beauty’ interchangeable with ‘God.’  In that transcendent moment understand what is needed, but then go back inside my home and the targeting is worse.  The wisdom of Tree, and in Rumi’s poems about meeting in fields beyond right and wrong are both hard to realize when tortured.  My home has become a prison cell literally.

Maximilian Kolbe, a saint transcended his torture in Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp by venerating Mother Mary.  Kolbe was interned because he fed Jewish people who came to him for help. The saint took the place of one prisoner who had a wife and children willingly, thereby becoming one of ten entering an  underground bunker to be starved to death.  According to guards he was either standing or kneeling the entire ten days and was the sole survivor.  Afterwards he did not resist when being lethally injected but offered his arm, unafraid of death.  The Nazis went ahead and killed the man with a family anyway.

It has been four years and five months of gangstalking.  Five months of directed energy weapons assault.  Keep positive, but if reflect on what my body will be like in the future, want to flee, sell my home which is paid for and ‘save’ myself.    Family and friends are in pain for me- they also are forced to question themselves when they hear what is happening.  This is the saddest part of being targeted.  It is knowing those who love me are in pain for me.  Those who believe me CANNOT DO ANYTHING TO HELP STOP WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME.

Do not blame people for fearing someone experiencing what 99.9% of people on earth do not.  

After turning to all appropriate ‘authorities’ on state and local levels for assistance, (which was denied,) wrote to two relative who were in the military- as most of my large and patriotic family has been in the military at one time or another.  One cousin graduated from West Point, the other was in nuclear Navy.  Hoped they could somehow stop what was happening to me.  Instead, both sent condolences on my ‘stress’ and that was that.   Later learned ‘old friends’ from their time in the military- whom they had not seen in twenty or thirty years were visiting them suddenly as best buddies.   Perhaps these ‘friends’ were making sure my relatives remained ignorant of current covert EMF programs.

Gangstalkers are so sure of themselves and have great pride in their anger, hatred and destruction of me.  Their killing of me will be termed a ‘soft death.’  The whole situation  is improbably to say the least.  Even as they are slowly murdering me,  am interested in how millions of Americans are asleep as to what is happening under their noses.  -Myself being asleep, until targeted.  Am interested in how our press does not report on and investigate this real news.  Five months ago was so distressed over the harassment, intimidation and fear of being followed four years,  told a friend would go to the press for help and immediately became targeted with directed energy weapons.  That week prayed to God about what I thought then was my imminent death and said ‘God if I have to die young, let it be for others, let it be a good death that means something.”   

The conspiracy to harm millions of innocent U.S. citizens encompasses a group of co-citizens so large that it comprises half of our country’s population.  People working to soft-kill, who covertly, remotely torture and rape… are so numerous, no one will ever be ‘found guilty’ and charged with the murder of a TI.

They say God never gives us anything harder than we can handle.  The German saying, ‘What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,’ goes along with that idea.    Everything is for a reason, this I know.  And life is not a destination but a journey…  very true.  After going around town and giving my report about gangstalking to people- there is now extra security around me in any store shopping in… I’ve been slandered since the beginning.   Haven’t gone yet to the Springfield Police Department to file a report about gangstalking and DEW’s, as they would probably detain me for psych evaluation; according to other targeted individuals this has happened to.  

Barry Trower has a degree in physics specializing in microwaves.  He is an outspoken critic of,  ‘…abuses carried out with electromagnetic weapons.’   His revelations are based on science.   Yet, the media is not reporting anything he says.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

Had a good Thanksgiving with relatives up north.  Back home last night man runs onto roof to let me know they are there at 8 pm.   My stomach was fried so hard it hurt all night, felt like I would vomit…     Days before leaving to visit relatives, if you recall, the directed energy weapon used two nights in a row, made the space around me about 20 degrees, exhaling breathe blew out white in plumes, in home.   Got up, turned on light, and thin white film of frost could be seen on parts of metal sheets around bed.

Smelled same as frosty cold CO2 in the canisters used in BB-gun when removed and spew remaining gas.   When these freezing directed energy weapon used, what felt like ‘pins’ went like needles deep into tissue of stomach, center top of head, on arms and legs.  At the time thought the CO2 was forcing microwaves into my body… didn’t understand.   But believe after some research that nano particles containing receivers or transmitters were injected into me with the CO2- which could be what felt like needles.

Woke this morning having been told in sleep…   “Just as human ‘eggs’ are frozen in liquid nitrogen- whatever was ‘frozen’ in the microwave weapon they dragged heavily on the roof that night was ‘injected’ via CO2 propulsion via directed energy weapons. ”  How much fun is that?

The three days visiting friends at Thanksgiving, had directed energy weapons used against me entire time.  Sitting in living room in large apartment complex,  my friend facing away towards TV-  raised the third finger on right hand directly to wall behind me where electromagnetic waves originated.  Heard expletives through wall and discussion about how I knew they were gangstalkers living next door to friend..

Asked  friend next day, who lived in apartment next door?  They said many young men and women come and go.  OK.   Saw two of them coming into building.  A very tall, bearded man and a tiny woman.  The look she gave when I said, ‘Happy Thanksgiving…’ was one of superiority and pity.   The man tried to smile but failed.

Interestingly when families are targeted, they are picked for genetic experimentation.   In some families, psychic ability is shared.  Most people don’t want to have anything to do with their gifts from God, choosing not to believe in them…  So why would the powers that be, want to harm psychics?  Artificial intelligence (AI) does not have psychic ability.    Artificial intelligence cannot love either.  If psychic ability and love capacity is mapped and downloaded into AI,  it will still not make AI immortally human.

The nanotechnology used today is on the scale of atoms and molecules.  The head of a pin is a million nanometers wide.  Ten hydrogen atoms end to end, span one nanometer.  A strand of human hair is about 100,000 nanometers in diameter. Nanotechnology is the research of anything under 100 nanometers big- or one billionth of a meter.  In 2015 nanotechnology was a $1 trillion industry.   This is quantum mechanics.  On November 26-28 2016 in Tezpur, India there was an International Conference on Light and Light based Technologies dealing with nanophotonic, plasmonic and metamaterials.  This technology is not only used in the ‘invisibility suits’ but medical research and other areas as well.   India is a nation most advanced in their research and production of directed energy weapons.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

During WWI radio signals were jammed with success by France and Great Britain.   Today jamming with electromagnetic frequencies is illegal in the U.S.  The good news is there is jamming for individuals targeted with directed energy weapons.   These jammers not only de-program your brain from the artificial intelligence in computer interface, but interfere indirectly with the directed energy weapons being used against targeted individuals.

What targeted individuals  and myself have not understood is that the only protection needed comes from our brains, not products for sale.   If this sounds like science fiction, it isn’t.  I don’t read books about or watch science fiction movies.  Just know that God have us the power within ourselves- of dominion over all evil; if we chose to have authority to use it!

Tinnitus is a medical condition where high pitched ringing or buzzing occurs in your ears.   Unless you have hit your head severely or endured an explosion going off in your vicinity impacting ears, tinnitus is a symptom of brain computer interface.   One day woke up with this affliction when 23 years old.

For thirty-six years have I been programmed by the U.S. government?

Interestingly enough that year in 1980 tinnitus started, (after Three Mile Island nuclear reactor melted down) along with a large group,  I peacefully protested the construction of the Calloway, Missouri  Nuclear Power Unit.  Because the U.S. did not have (and still does not have) a high level radioactive waste repository (or dump) to place radioactive waste from all our nuclear power plants.  We, at Missourians for Safe Energy didn’t think radioactive waste should be manufactured without a national, high-level radioactive repository to place it in.

By November 21, 2016 my brain was so computer interfaced could barely think or concentrate.  Wanted to sleep all the time or give in and rest while they interfaced brain.  This entrainment was peaceful.  That is how brain interface feels when they want to addict you while damaging brain cells and turning you into a ‘zombie.’   Mind you, I do not take drugs or drink alcohol.  Entrainment done with EMF frequencies.

Brain computer interface initially hurts your head like pressure under water, vibrations or headache when they first  begin it.    As God would have it, was sent an email from ‘The EveryDay Concerned Citizen,’ by Ramola D posted 11-9-2016.   In this posting Dave Case was reported to have invented an electronic counter measure for Tinnitus and was offering it free.  Ramola D. wrote, “To contact Dave Case for more information or for a free copy of his CD to counter tinnitus, please send him a text message with your name and mailing address at 573-300-1579.”

Contacted him and received the CD yesterday morning in the mail.  Went out before the stores closed and bought a 24,000 kHz pair of earphones made by Sony at Best Buy in Springfield, Missouri on Glenstone Avenue.   Listened to the CD for tinnitus all night on repeat during horrendous directed energy assault (with the ‘freezing’ energy waves for the second time which really, really hurt.)   Slept through some of it, woke freezing and shaking once.   But continued listening all night to the CD and in the morning did a crossword puzzle for the first time in my life!   Have never been able to do a crossword puzzle before or even wanted to do one!

The CD sounds like scratching.  Or it sounds like telephone or radio static- it is not pleasant audio.  But as a heavily targeted individual,  to me it sounds like the sweetest music of all time.   The day I sent away for this ‘jammer’ started rereading ‘The Wrinkle In Time’ by Madeleine L’Engle published in l963.

The story is about three children. A physicist/father of two of the children traveled through the universe by wrinkling time through a tesseract or fifth dimensional space.   (The dictionary describes ‘tesseract’ as a four-dimensional hypercube, having sixteen corners and defying space and time. )

The children’s father becomes trapped on a planet that is exactly like the United States is today.  On this planet, a giant computer in the ‘Central Intelligence Building’ controls everything.  But in the Central-Central Intelligence Building’ a grotesque disembodied brain controls the computer.   People living there are subjugated through electric shock/frequency assault to reprogram them when they make mistakes.  Eventually pain and brain computer interface conforms each inhabitant into a perfect citizen melded with everyone else in a mass mind that is controlled by the master brain.  No one is different, everyone the same, controlled, not thinking outside the lines.  This homogenization creates an unquestionably ‘normal’ living environment where everything is perfect.

So why has Hollywood been allowed to create movies like the Matrix which refer to brain computer interface?   No clearer warning can be made to the sleeping American public.  Do our subjugators want us to think these realities are ‘science fiction’ instead of science fact?   According to Ex-CIA Robert Duncans’ book, ‘Project Soul Catcher;’ the CIA works closely with Hollywood to turn  science reality into science fiction to keep the U.S. public unaware of technological advances being covertly and remotely used against them.

We also need to question why Hollywood makes so many zombie movies.  Yet it is with much factual evidence sleeping Americans still refuse to acknowledge 9/11 was orchestrated by the Bush/Cheney administration.    N.Y.P.D. and N.Y. Fire Department were told when the three buildings would fall.  The city planned an emergency drill the same time the three buildings were demolished.   Some saw the molten steel running down the massive I-beams even though the airplane jet fuel fires were extinguished and people could be seen waving from the giant gaping holes in the towers by the planes.  Three buildings fell into their footprints, (without wavering side to side or falling over) as happens when expertly detonated from the top down.   The third building fell hours after the two towers did, and was not hit by the planes.  Perhaps Hollywood is attempting to wake us up before all of us are completely brain computer interfaced zombies?   According to Robert Duncan, Hollywood works with the CIA to bring disinformation to U.S. citizens.

Do not have internet on my personal computer and go to the library to blog, hope to continue after Thanksgiving.   It is just my opinion… but believe when listening to David Case’s CD the computer interfaced to brain cannot access thoughts or send thoughts.   Wonderful.

God bless you readers and Happy Thanksgiving.   Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.   Thank you God for David Case.  I love you God.

Last night a different directed energy weapon was used.  Never experienced this ‘freezing,  pin-poking’ electrocution energy before.   Targeting feet and hip joints. Pretty specific.  Up all night with it.   Usually feel overheated when they start targeting at night with microwave weapons.

Whatever weapon was used could hear it being dragged around on roof.  Evidently heavier, made of metal.  Needing to be put down often.  Do these people not have lives?  That they must destroy the lives of others?   Why are our tax dollars spent devising bizarre energy weapons?  Weapons used illegally on citizens, when our schools barely scrap by?

Two nights earlier during prayer stopped to address the coward on the roof asking why he didn’t ‘have anything better to do with his time?‘   Sometimes they make it hard to keep attention on prayer without getting frustrated and angry.  Looking up at ceiling saw dime-sized concentric circles of transparent  blue with red edges move towards me and dissipating.   OK.  Understood was actually ‘seeing’ the electromagnetic energy hit cornea and cause damage.   Quickly looked away.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

If you Google, ‘What is Gang Stalking,’ the author writes that it has nothing to do with gangs.  It is official domestic counterintelligence, by federal and intelligence agents, contractors and sometimes supported by state and local law enforcement. Unofficial gangstalking is conducted by private investigators and vigilantes, on behalf of corporate clients and the security industry, (my former employer’s CEO, owner, founder and head of security.)  Their goal?  The ‘disruption’ of the individual’s life by severe psychological, social and financial efforts.  In East Germany the process is referred to as Zersetzung- (decomposition or corrosion of the victim.)  Author writes, ‘American and British victims describe the process as ‘no-touch torture’- a phrase which also captures the nature of the crime: cowardly, unethical (and often illegal), but difficult to prove legally, because it generates minimal forensic evidence.’  My sentiments exactly!  

The author of the site Fight”Gang Stalking,” writes the tactics include… ‘slander, blacklisting, “mobbing” (intense, organized harassment in the workplace), “black bag jobs” (residential break-ins), abusive phone calls, computer hacking, framing, threats, blackmail, vandalism, “street theater” (staged physical and verbal interactions with minions of the people who orchestrate the stalking), harassment by noises, and other forms of bullying.’  Personal and corporate vendettas common. It is psychological terrorism, the author writes. Gang stalking is essentially a form of extrajudicial punishment.    Violating the Fourth Amendment prohibiting unwarranted searches, the Sixth Amendment guaranteeing right to trial, and prohibited by criminal codes in every state.    In the URbanDICTIONARY under the definition of ‘gang stalking’ the word was used in a sentence…   ‘To get some revenge we had Joe stalked, mobbed and harassed 24/7, the gang stalking never stopped.  We had him followed, cut off, we bugged his house, made the guy think he was going loco, crazy.  We really messed with him till he was broken.’  (I love someone this happened too. )                                        

My former employer hired gang stalkers the past four and half years to do the same, but they haven’t broken me yet thanks to God.

All yesterday spent cleaning my home which is rare; the trauma and pain of targeting is something you don’t want to be around- and it happens most often at home.  Targeted all day while cleaning but did it anyway.

Left house to grocery shop at night fall. Targeted in store by a man who kept walking past.  Then he stops ten feet from me, to show that he has his jacket up and over a  holstered gun -making sure I see gun.  OK.  The guy was so obvious, it was funny.   I will laugh until they kill me.  As for going home, did not want to go home after being targeted there all day.     Drove around for a while.

(I used to run in my car and sometimes sleep in my car all night for months in the beginning of targeting- thinking could get away from these cowards.)

It was nice to get out of the house.  Then saw that two cars kept following.  Stopped to park for a while and instantly the two black-windowed, black cars drove by couple times.   One an SUV, the other sedan.   No matter where I drove the cars arrived after parking.   Just smiled.  You have to have a good attitude to put up with these cowards who hide in cars, and cowards in ‘neighbors’ rental houses, and cowards in grocery stores hiding behind their illegal directed energy weapons in their pockets, and their visible handguns.

Once home, spent entire night shaking from heavy targeting, at one point thought I would die.   (When think I’m going to die just immediately talk to God and feel at peace even though still shaking and sizzling.)   They stopped half way through morning meditation.   Spent the morning praying and cleaned a little more. Will keep writing until brain damaged or murdered.  Attitude is everything.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

Since being targeted, have noticed every aspect of life with renewed interest.   My previous ‘open mind’ has enlarged ten fold to encompass the horror of directed energy weapons assault.  The ‘horror’ stems from physical pain. Never being believed.

Can say this one hundred times but do not blame anyone for not comprehending the evil existing in our NSA, CIA and FBI that is perpetrated on an unsuspecting public (with our own tax dollars.)    Few believe who are not targeted.  

There is horror  in having my body stripped of its good health 24/7…  Found that any rooted exterior part of the human body- hair, teeth or eyes is extremely sensitive to electromagnetic/microwave bombardment, due to their fragile appendage.   Hair began thinning right away- probably similar to electrolysis.  Teeth have started aching and feeling numb.   Eyes have been assaulted on all levels.  Have woken many times to find the whites bright red in the morning.   (Guess it wasn’t good for my eyes to have seen invisibility suited cowards on roof.  Have found only one other targeted individual who has seen these ‘stealth cloaks’ as well.)    After writing about meditating last two days: was targeted specifically on face and neck while  meditating this morning.  OM-ing diminished from vocal chords attacked,  teeth became achy, and eyes felt swollen from vibration of electromagnetic waves.  Will I stop writing, stop thinking, and stop talking about what is happening?  Not as long as I’m alive.

Started this blog in October, to help targeted individuals.   My art and photos have been deleted to be able to keep writing, but were initially a way to encourage interest of readers who otherwise would not want to read about torture.

Recently went out back one night with a baseball bat and invited the cowards on roof, in invisibility suits to come down, and heard two people run up roof afraid of a sixty year old woman.    They are criminals who are not working to protect national security.   Instead use illegal military weapons, to protect the money of owner, CEO, head of security and founder of former work place of 20 years.  These cowards work for their own money, and power, expanding experimental torture data through brain computer interface.

Took out a $2,000 loan today to cover costs to repair sabotage of car. Do not want to take car back to the large auto shop where six mechanics stared with hostility as I walked into the garage as they stood talking in a huddle under my raised vehicle. The car has a warranty there, but don’t want to take chance. Was targeted with directed energy weapons the two hours in their shop.

We all leave energy trails.  Dogs can track the smells of the odor molecules we leave all around us.  Spirits can track energy trails people leave throughout time and space.   Archangel Michael can track any gangstalker’s energy through time and space for the crime of taking free will from mankind.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

There has always been a war against good and evil on this planet.  Sounds very old fashioned but true.  We survive after our flesh dies.  Those who physically die and are brought back to ‘life’ with modern technology,  talk about feeling ‘solid’ on the other side, even though they can walk through our walls and send thought messages directly into the minds of living family members without speaking.  Some see demons and angels on the other side and once back in their bodies- while they are still in their state of higher frequency.

If a human’s electromagnetic pulse emitted a high enough frequency while they were living in their physical body,  it would stop any directed energy weapons targeting by removing that human from the level of existence they were formerly living on.

Egyptian kings were not allowed to rule unless first placed into a sealed sarcophagus for a certain amount of time.  They died and were ‘brought back.’   Many slaves died before ancient priests found the exact time of resurrection after death was assured.  These Pharaoh’s other-worldly knowledge benefited the masses they ruled.

In ‘Closer to the Light” by Melvin Morse and Paul Perry, a great book about modern day near death experiences.  The cult of Osiris is briefly mentioned as the purposeful practice of near death experiences in ancient Egypt. The priests and Pharaohs performing this ritual were told, ‘No man escapes death… you go into the tomb alive and you will learn of the light.’  With free will being the law of our planet, good and evil  battle for control over each human at all times.   Knowledge of the divine is precious. The ability to alter ones state of being with a higher frequency is priceless.

Last night was so bad, ended up staggering to sit in meditation this morning to control the terrible energy waves debilitating me all night into dawn.   Shaking and sizzling none stop from the moment I went to bed- until pronouncing OM out loud and in repetition, sitting crossed legged facing east at my front door.

When desperately searching high and low for assistance five months ago at the start of being targeted with directed energy weapons found none from ‘authorities.’.  No help anywhere in Springfield, Missouri..  Not from Russel the electrician, at Springfield Missouri City Utility who knew of a ‘poor girl’ undergoing the same thing last year... and who immediately called the head of security at my former work place of twenty years to warn him that I was circulating a report around town about what was happening to me.  No help from  the Springfield Missouri Fire Department Captain Pennington who sent someone to my house to say the Hazmat team did not have  a Geiger counter or recording EMF device.   No help from former  Missouri State Representative Jim Guest who said his involvement in successfully helping a targeted individual in 1982 was ‘a mistake.‘  He sounds scared.  Yet he wrote a great support letter once-  and for that he is a brave man.

Have systematically searched high and low for product to help and authorities to pursue gangstalkers using directed energy weapons… and come up empty handed. Statuary stolen from yard front and back in the past five months.  Eye hit with a laser point by gangstalker ‘neighbor.’   Attempts to break into basement windows and targeting with whole house equipment did not force me to move away.   Have had family threatened.  Car has been sabotaged twice.  The latest at a large auto repair shop in Springfield, Missouri.   After a $399 ‘tune up’ my car has required nine quarts of oil since September of this year.  This vehicle never before lost oil. When mechanics changed oil bi-yearly, they reported oil levels normal.   And the two hours waiting in this auto shop in Springfield, MO was hit heavily with directed energy weapons.   

Never been able to read the Bible through, but have heard of Job.  A couple friends believe what is happening to me.    If the wealthy destroy those standing up to them, the way is paved to do the same to others.  Once realized no authority would assist, have never stopped living beyond the limitations placed on me with illegal weapons and gangstalking.  It is easy to destroy a car, an environment, a nation.   A TI can be murdered by accident, murdered by suicide and murdered by natural causes, but it is so much harder to destroy their spirit.  It is much harder and takes a lot longer to work to bring about change for the better.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

Went out after meditation today to sit in backyard.  Tulip tree was bathed in morning sunlight.  Trunk tall and brown against blue sky. “ This is all you need to know,” Tree offered.  Looking up strength and joy radiated from branches. Magnificence touching sky.  “Never give up,” Tree said.    But… sometimes want to sell home which is paid for and leave remaining possessions with relative.  And run. Back to Israel to talk with God in the Wailing Wall boulders with other seekers. Want to walk across the United States like former Navy Officer and targeted individual David Voigts to bring the reality of directed energy weapons and Targeted Individuals to American citizens.

Russian physicist Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, said “He who controls the entire electromagnetic spectrum will dominate the world.”  He died in 1945.   Most people who know me would rather believe I am crazy, than to believe our government agencies- the FBI, NSA and CIA are experimenting on women and minorities, whistle blowers and  ‘witches,’ since the 1950’s, (-quoted from a ‘Gangstalker Confesses.’)

Mind wave technology began in the 1970’s,  V2K  (P300,)     Paul F. Batcho,  Ph.D   from Princeton knows.  He has numerous engineering degrees and has written about his time at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. In the spring of  2016 Batcho became ‘targeted with electromagnetic torture’ (his words) ‘for the purpose of subjugation.‘   Directed energy weapons, and brain computer interface are what he is warning people about today.  Batcho worked three years at Los Alamos where he had top secret Q clearance, and did computational physics.  He also worked with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) on emerging technologies research projects.   Batcho, claims the frequency signals used in targeting individuals today  is in the lethal range of 450 MHz.     He sent an email to Homeland Security on April 8, 2016 about what he believes is ‘synthetic telepathy’ from cellular towers transmitting illegal signals being used on civilians of the U.S.   This technology allows “open communication of human mind to mind bridges.”   Writing that RF bands around   450 MHz and microwave transmission induce highly damaging bio-effects in the human brain and body.   –Read more on BiggerThanSnowden.com.

At citizensaht.org  found a ‘Testimony of an Electronic Rape Victim.‘  Reading her story had me reliving the nightmare of when it first started happening. Now put these ‘occurrences’ in a compartment in brain for later dissection.

A highly intelligent friend said I can find anything to support what is happening to me on the internet.  Yes… but if what this woman writes and feels- her desperation, sadness and disbelief- pain and torture is exactly what is  happening in my own home, then at some profound level just reading her words, knowing thousands of women are not alone in this… is worth everything.  Do not blame friends for disbelieving what our government does to millions of unsuspecting Americans.  Love friends regardless.  What is happening is so evil few citizens can dare to think about, much less believe it.   Again thank a disciplined upbringing for making me strong, there is a reason for everything.

The head of security where I used to work, the CEO, owner, founder of where I used to work for twenty years, former bosses and ‘neighbors’-  need to go to the citizensaht.org and read the ‘testimony of an electronic rape victim‘ so they can more easily fall asleep at night.  Oh wait, it is at night they target the hardest.  So they can more easily fall asleep during the day…  knowing exactly how remote electronic rape feels.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.